The New York Times from New York, New York on December 16, 1910 · Page 11
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
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Friday, December 16, 1910
Page 11
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1TEV7- YOKK TIMES. FRIDAY. DECEMBEB 10. 1010. 33 DANCE AT SHERRY'S FOR" MISSES PYLE i ...... i r?fi . . . gMr. and Mrs. James loifpan Pyla Entertain for Their Two Daughters. ST- DANCE AT THE COLONY CLUB First f a Series of Four Arranged O" ....... by Mrs. nowiana uavis and Mr. R. R. Llvfngston. tH$tr. and Mrs. James Tolman Prle grave a dance last night at Sherry's for their debutante daughter, Mlsa Sara McAJpla pyle, and aUo for their elder daughter, VUi Adella McAlpln Pyle. "The dance was an early one, the arueets hems asked for 0 o'clock, and Mrs. r-'pyie and the Misses Pyla. assisted by rmtii Dorothy Merle-Smith, the fiances of '''David II. MoAlpln Pyle, received at the fl''inf.rence of the small ballroom, where Tha dancing;, which was general, took - yraoe. 3ii-At midnight the dancing- stopped and V supper was served at small tables In the adjoining- suite of rooms. ,.Tb guests asked, mors than 200, ln-r'Vluded most of the season's debutantes, .mo4 among- them were the Misses Agnes s.-Xe Roy Edgar. Dorothy Dennis. Rosalie yiiCoe. Msrjorle Dodd, Mary Chapman Ed--u:ar. Anita Merle-Smith, Caro Brown. ? AUeen Osborn, Susan Colgate, Joanna irAuerbaeh, Harriet Ferry, Alice Damrosch, Katharine Shaw. Dorothea Van Dyck. Julia Dick, and Lilla, Gilbert. Also, the Jtfjues Julia Newbold. Ag-nes and Edith -rLsndon. Ollda de Apertegula, Eleanor Itlias tings. Rosetta Ford. Emily Coo, Dor-,.loy Potter, Ethel Roosevelt. Jean Roose-f-elt. Josephine Osborn, Beatrice Flagg. Ruth Welsh. Elinor Lee, Nina. Chlaholm. ...Bamela Poor, Catherine Hamersley, III--Ab. French, Mildred Fetor, and Clara oFargo. x t. -Also Frederick Frellnjthuysen. Richard ..Xnunsbury, Jr.. Alfred Macy, John Vhlt-eiOty, George Greer, Jr.. Coster Wllmer- ;&". Courtlandt Dixon. Seymour Johnson, Malcolm Sloane, Walter P. Ander-.n.JWi. Van Santvoord Merle-Bmlth.ReBrI- - nld Waterbury. jj'rederlc de Rham, XT-Vred GreenouKh. Alfred Ely, Jr., F. W. ""Kobb. William Dick. Walbrldge Taft. lvld McAlpin Pyle, J. G. Hoffstot, Tar-,.yu Van Dyke, Charles Dana. Allen Fox. "'Latham Read. John R. Buydam, Oliver ""Wagrstaff, Harrison Tweed. Montague -i.erecr. Jr., Musgrave Hyde. Oroon Munn, -.:;t J. & White, and Rutherford Lawrenc. COLONY CLUB DANCE. u'Jjftr' Davis and Airs. Livingston Re ceive at First of a Series. f tn. The first of a aeries of four small sub-?i,"v?-IpUon dances, arranged by Mrs. How-fand Davis nnd Mrs. Robert R- Llvings- -ami. was' given last night at the Colony ;t,L.u.Th9 dances are designed to be small oaud early, and to. Include only those who ajf aclHaIntod. so that they will bo mors .inja a private dance than the usual aub-t'.'scrlptlon dances are. The ruests were asked for 9:30 and the 'tM&ndng stopped at midnight, when a sup- "per was served. (I llrm T liHnrnn and Xrm Davli r ved last niirrit. The dancing was gen- VWf'ujd. Informal, and those who are i, member of the dances and those Invited 'Included he Misses Leonle Alexandre. Kathryn and Helen Auerbach. Madeline .ook. Bessie Claflln, " Crsula Wolcott Brown, Caro Brown, Kathryn Chapln. , mlly and Rosalie Coe, Lisa Stillman, . Margaret Sloan. Eleanor Townsend Com-tort and Dorothy Tiffany, Cornelia and : Isabel Hoyt. .Cornelia Landon. Mary Meyer. Anita Itrle-Srnlth. Kathryn Motley. Julia Nw-",llold. AUeen Osborn. Helen Peabody. il.Wlxabeth Read. Hester and Ruth Davis, .J.aura Livingston. Rosalie Elllman, Ro- iulte Ford. Harriet Ferry, Dorothy Hur-n.iy, Elizabeth Hoyt. Dorothy Hyde. Leila nl Haven. ?n .Also Noel Armstrong. Edward Burnett. William B. Boulton, Jr.. Edward Blag-,"..'$. Alden Batrd; Thomas Barnes. Will-!un Brwce Brown. William Bnylis. Jr.. ,..ravld Conrad. Howland Davis. Frank Danfortli. David Ely, Richard Egleston. Jr.. Oeorge Franklin. John Farr. Jr.. Al-,..Jaji Fok. Albert Greenough, Dawson Glov-. Vr. Sidney Henshaw. Horace Hill. J. Hor- ton IJams. Arkley King. Charles King, ""Frederick Kohbe. Robert R. Livingston, .. Sshuyler Meyer. Peabody Montgomery. t-harle Townsend, Howard Turner. V111-"',ln Wendell. Jefferson Newbold. Freder-, Oahorn. Frank Pane. John Peabody. Harford ' Powell. Johnston Redmond. . .uhn Sloann. George Roosevelt. Amos ''"Bchennerhorn. and Dr. Francis Sloan. The dates of thn three remaining dances 4 j.fe Jan. 12 and Feb. 2 and 16. FIRST 'CHANSONS EN CRINOLINE' a - a ' " Seciety Women Oat In Force at Plaxa 17 to Hear Old French Music. large and fashionable assembly at-erutsnded the first of the morning series of " Chansons en Crinoline " yesterday at 8atlie Plasa. The programme was made ea'taP essentially of French music of the (fifteenth. sixteenth. and seventeenth '-.'Centuries, which was rendered by M. VjOment. tenor; Miss Elena Klrmes. so-p. prano, and Arnold Dolmetsch. clavecin. ,r,Thls sort of entertainment nas been In voeua In Tarls for vears. and the pre- mler yesterday was an Innovation to ninr. standlns room was at a premium and the boxes were filled with prominent v" socletv wnmea 'The stage was set In the style of the lit f at tier nerlrxl. Th walls were (1UI1K pntn vi tapestries, ths Louis XV. furniture and, curtains being of Nattier blue ernbrold-"ed tn silver roses. Every detail of ths J-.ualnt style of Louis XV. was carrUd ..out. and those who participated appeared , in th. costumes of that ueri OQ. i- ?"MThere will be two more la the mornlnr .:: series. Jan 5 and 1 Adeline Gene will ...lOancs on Jan. ft and Miss 0raJdin ?ar i nr will slr.a; at the third and lasU' Ths entertainment waa arranged and la being- .nvenaced hv Mrs. R. W. HawKeswortn . Those occupying-. boxes yesterday with viotheir f rlend wera ' Mrs. Hermann Oel- .i.lch. Mrs Htuvvcunt Fish. Mrs.. Charles -9i. Harkness. Mnf. Dudley jR Bavlies. Mrs. Harry Te ?5jw Nichols, Mrs, H. P. ' Sftlw. Seward Webb, Mrs. C -. Harkness. Mnf. Dudley Olcott. Mrs, H. loenc, J aits. 'Uieaeon. Mrs. George RSCax. j mthint. Mra. jonn j. h. nmey. .Mrs. H. Krouahton. Hr., aorr C. Risgs. vSArn. Von li- Phelps. Mrs, O. Everltt Hal- v fty. Mrs. Moses xayior rrop. ana airs. Aj.Ajries B. carpenter. . : it Albert E. Oalitftlrv's Dinner, AlbeticE. OalIta entertained at dlnnet ..-.last eveniiwt at the erenlnK f ths Hotel . Kits. Those Invti-ed 1nlnded Mr. and Mrs. a Albert Z. ray. Mr. and Mrs. lawrence "Jllnua.. Mr. and Mrs Newell Tllton. Mr. ,u s- Aiaunseii Bcrieneiui (.touji " , end Mrs. Newbold Morris. Miss Mabel t v.-.- . . i i n..h.r r HA ni Gift Books of" various styles from the inexpensive and dainty to the choice editions bound by European Artists. Dut ton's Vim 1.0 . if.-.. :-., M. 1 W t, I - - M VI, .a, w as-a ssm MVa wws w w a y v J ' SOCIAL NOTES. ?54J'r nenry P. Perry QCss fOJ""b?nr ars tlut eonsrratolatea on thexa? a eoo. the soad bora te . Mr-,Ibntp Lydlg has Invitations oat for a small dinner and theatre party a. Dec Mfn- Lionel Goest and Mrs. Otiest MUs Flora Bite-low Dodge hre taken a houne la Montreal for the Winter, but they go back to their Island home for the wk-nds. Lord Allister Graham, younger brother f the Marquis of Graham, wbe It "'ationed on ths Nioba. will apend the holidays with them. Mra. Frederick Nellsoa has returned rrpm Virginia Hot Springs and Is at the J Frank Tllford and Mlsa Tll- Plasa Lk,wood N. J., axe also at the Frederick Townssnd Martin gare a dln-f r Sherrye last night. His guests were Mr. and Mrs. James bpeyer. Mrs. William P. iHniglas. Mr. and Mra. Archer M. Huntington, and Frederick Weekes. The dance which Mra William Church Osborn will give for her debutante daughter. Miss Alleen Osborn. will be held at the residence of her slstsr. Miss Grace Iodg. 2U2 Madison Avenue, on Deo. 22. , Mr- and Mrs. Stanley Mortimer of Roe-L. I., axe at the Hotel Gotham for a abort visit. Mrs. Woodbury Kane Is returning shortly from Europe with hor sons, who have been abroad for several years. Mr. and Mrs. A. Holland Forbes, who are at their country place at Fairfield, Conn., will return to town Immediately after the holidaya. Miss Marlon Van Rensselaer Kennedy will make her debut at a dance to be given by her mother, Mrs. H. V. H Kennedy, to-night at Sherry's. Mrs. Samuel Frederick Streit will give a reception to-day at her resldenoe, 56J Park Avenue. Mrs. Cornelius O. KcJff of Concord. B. I., will give a luncheon to-day In honor of the debutantes of this season. Mrs. John Claflln gavs a luncheon yesterday at Sherry's complimentary to Miss Dorothy Tiffany, a debutante of this season. Mrs. Ellsha Dver. who has recovered from her recent Illness, Is expected to arrive here to-morrow with Mr. Dyer from Newport. Mra. Lorillard Boencer la Chairman of tho committee that Is arranging a benefit performance at the Metro Doll tan Opera House, Jan. 14, for the benefit of the Society for the Protection or Italian immigrants. Miss Doane Is the Secretary and William B. Howland is the Treasurer. Some of the members of the committee are Mrs. W. B. Osgood Fltld, Mrs. J. Hopkins Smith, and Mrs. Cadwalader Jones. . The Entertainment Committee of the Crstume Ball to be held at Sherry's on Jan. 3 la sending out invitations. Ths ucuets, at id eacn, may tie naa irora an. Avsten Gray and Mrs. Arthur- Iselln, and the proceeds of the bsll will go to the Lylng--ln Hospital. Mrs. Hermann Oel- rtens win Rive a ainner or nearly -cw covers at Sherry's before tne win, ana there is a long list of fashionable patronesses for the ball. MISS DOROTHY LAWSON WEDS T. W. Lawson'a .Daughter Married to Henry McCall Xmas Festivities. EOTPT, Mass., Dec 15. A Ufht snow storm added a finishing touch to the snow wedding of Miss Dorothy Law- son, daughter of Thomas W. Lawsoa, and Henry McCall, son of Congressman Samuel W. McCall. at Mr. Lawson'a estate. Dream wold, late to-day. Miss Dorothy was the third of Mr. Law son'a daughters to leave Dreamwold, and tne weddins-. like the two before, was a large one, and combined many original features. Following old English customs, the day was a holiday In Egypt, and the farm people joined with 'the invited guests from tne citv in tne wedding dance, A. btg unnstmas tree rurnisned the entertainment for the younger generation. 1 he ceremony was performed by the of the Epiphany. Winchester, in an Inclosed veranda, which had been turned Into a floral and green bower. miss iawson waa accompanied by her vounger sisier. miss jean or uunnie Lawson. while Mr. McCall chose as his best man, 8. Uacre Bush, id. The -ushers were ail cutis mates at Harvard oi Mr. McCall. MISS VIOLET WARD A BRIDE. Daughter of Late Eugene Ward Mar ried to Francis U. Johnstone. The marriage of Miss Vlelet Floyd Ward, daughter of the late Eugene and Susan F. P. Ward of St. Paul. Minn.. and Francis Cpton Johnstone of 22 West Twenty-fifth Street, took place yesterday at mo residence or Airs, uaniei tf. ou John Roosa. 20 East Thirtieth Street. The Rev. George B. Hopaon, D. D.. officiated. On account of mourning the wedding was a small one, only the immediate fam ily being present. The bride comes from an old New York family. Her grandfather owned Ward's Island, from whom It derived its name. Mr. Johnstone Is the son of Mrs. Francis U. Johnstone, (Miss .Margaret A. naococK) IvUSER MITCHELL. The wedding of Miss Lulu Mitchell, niece of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mitchell of 1 West Seventieth Street, to Peter DoeJger Kuser, took place yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament In West Seventy-first Street. The bride waa attended br Miss Theresa Kuser, sister of the bridegroom. The best man waa Frank Doelger and the ushers were Robert Hunt. Jr., A. Bass-ford, and H. W. Henls of New York, and Sackett M. Dickinson of Trenton, N. J. Tho ceremony was performed by the Rev. M. A. Tavlor. naator of tha Church of the Blessed Sacrament. The weaaing was rouowea y a reception at tne ttoiei bl negis. Mr. Kuser Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kuser and a arantlson of Peter Doelger af this city. He Is a graduate or column! a university.. The bride was educated at the Veltln School. She ts an accomplished horse- woBkaa ua ev goix aria tennis player. ' i ; LATHROPE MECABE. The .wedding sf Miss Elisabeth Mecabe of Orange, N. J., and Dr. George H. La thrope ef Morrlstown. N. J., took place last nlgbt at the Mecabe home in New KntrUad Terrace. Orange. The ceremony, which was attended by only relatives and Intimate friends of the couple, was ter- fonnetf by the Rev. Dr. Stanley White of this rtty. formerly pastor of the Hillside Presbyterian Church. Orange, and was lOMoweq Dy a larpo reception. The bride was attended by M!s Edith Danforth of Wilmington, Del. The. best man was Dr. Joseph G. Yocum of this city, and the ushers were Dr. Albert Vender Veer, Jr.. also of thla city, and Ernest 'W. Mecabe of Orange, brother of the bride. Dr. and Mrs. Lathrope will make their borne in Morristown. Miss Parmelee to Wed J. A. Mllllgan. The engagement Is announced of Mlaa May Arthur Parmelee. daughter of Mrs. Mary C. Parmelee of Stamford. Conn., to James Alexander Mllllgan of the same place. Miss Parmelee has a large circle of friend In New Haven and In this city. Mr. Mllllgan is the son of Alexander Hugh MllMpan. who has spent the last two years anroan witn nis aaugnter. Mr. Milltgan will first hear of his son's en. cagement vhen he arrives here shortly to pend the holidays. The wedding will probably take place next June. SALOMON SHI VERTS. Cards are out announcing the engagement of Miss Etta II. Shlverts and Harold E. Salomon. Miss Shlverts Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Shlverts. and Is well-knowa !n old Greenwich Vil lage. The marriage date has not been set. out it wui P'ace eariy m tne opnng. Luncheon for Debutantes. Mlsa Gladys Bobbins of MS Madison Avenue, gave a luncheon yesterday for debutantes. The guests were seated at one large table, decorated with pink roee- buds. and tnose invnea mciuaea tne Misses Lexe Pell Wright. Carol Brown. Helen Johnson. Henrietta Thaw, Katharine Oakley. Margaret Kemp. Katharine Shaw. Sara stcAipm r-yie. t-va inirersou Brown. Marjorle Dodd. Tbelma Violet. Jeanntte McAlpin. Anita Merle-Smith. Katharine and Madeleine Force. Elolse Talcott, Helen Hoffatot, . Alice Guernsey, and Julia, iWCJfc . MAJOR HMSOH DEAD; WIFE AT POINT LQHA Quarreli Due to Her Conversion to Theosophy Led to Her Seeking a Divorce.' SUIT IS STILL PENDING Ho Was One of tho First Republicans of His State and Was President of tha Central Railroad. Sfitial 10 TW Nrw Ytm Tim. ATLANTA, Ga. Dec, 15. Major John F. Hanson. President of the Central of Georgia Railroad Company, died here thla morning of heart failure. He was being sued for divorce by his wife on acoount of differences, which. bee-en with the conversion of his wife and bis children, except his daughter, Mrs. Garrett, to Theosophy. Mr. Hanson waa a bard-headed business man and had no sympathy with Mme. Blavataky and the other leaders of the cult. He de scribed them as frauds and Mrs. Hanson r resented his attitude so bitterly that, with her son. Waiter Hanson, and one of her daughters. Mrs. White, and her children, went to live in the Theosophist colony at Point Loma, Deserted by his family. Major Han son plunged Into society at Atlanta and was often seen with Mrs. T. Mitchell Horner, daughter of Isaao Emerson of Baltimore, who was then living here. She was at the time suing her husband for divorce and, when the decree was granted, married J. It. MoVlckar of New Xork. . Mra. Hanson, in her suit against her husband for divorce, accused him not only of great cruelty, but of having humiliated her by his attentions to Mrs. McVlckar. However, she did not name her as a co-respondent or charge her with any wrongdoing. Major Hanson, In his reply. Indignantly char act erlxed the mention of Mrs. McVlckar as " preposterous " and declared that It was part of the campaign " waged against him by the Tbeosophlsts of the family, because they could not force him to bow his neck to the yoke of Theosophy." " The tbeosophlsts of the defendant's family," his answer also stated. " soon added to the seal of new converts the arrogance. Intolerance, aggression, and big otry of fanatics, and sought to lead or drive Into theosophy every one around them." While the suit was In progress Major Hanson's son died and was burled in New York. The Major was not, however. Invited to be present. In his business life Major Hanson was one of the most prominent men in Georgia as a manufacturer, a railroad official, and a politician. The son of a Methodist minister, e had himself been a preacher for a short time in his youth. He routcht In the Confederate army, but as he progressed In the manufacturing field, his desire for the protection of the rising Industries of the South made him a Re publican. He ceased to vote the Demo cratic ticket after President Cleveland's message of 1887. and became - bo prominent in the Republican party that he headed the ticket of that party In Georgia In the two McKinley years. President McKinley offered him a place In his Cabinet, but he declined It. In 1891 he was selected to deliver the Federal Memorial Address at Anderson- vllle, the first ex-Confederate soldier who had ever been so honored. At the time of his death he was a Director tn many Southern roads and steamshlD lines, be sides the Central of Georgia. The bodv win be taken to tne iianson heme at Macon. Ga.. to-morrow, but the funeral arrangements will depend on the arrival of his daughter, Mrs. R. T. Garrett, from Baltimore. GIVE "ROMEO AND JULIET." Sothern and Marlowa In Their Third Shakespearian Revival. ROMBO AN'D JTHL1ET. a traretfT In six acta. oy wimam snairaapears. uroaaway i nea- TCeealus Mils no TIMen Albert 8. Howton Malcolm Bradley Paris Montas-ae Capulet , John Taylor Charles Howson 15. H. Bothers Frederick Lewis Erie RUnd An old man Romeo Mnrcutlo Benrollo Tybalt... Pvdnay Mather Friar Xaurence Thimas Cnlcmtn Belthasar .Frlerlrk Roland Fampson. Franra t)en'lTn ;reory P. J. Kellev Feter kowum BurKtone Abraham Err-nt Rrno'alr An Apothecary Malcolm Brartlrj- T-ady Montamie Leon ore Chippendale Idy Capulet Alma Krurer Juliet Julia Marlowe Nurse Kurenla Woodward Page Katharine Wilson Sothern and Marlowe appeared last night In the third Shakespearean revival of their present engagement at the Broad way Theatre, presenting " Romeo and Juliet." This play has long been among the most popular of their repertoire, and the well-Informed production that they gave last night was received with much pproval. The work of Mr. Sothern and Miss Mar lowe In the rflles of Romeo and Juliet has been described many times. The principal members of the company are the same that have supported the stars for several seasons. Last night Albert w. Howron piavea Paris, Frederick Lewis was seen as Mer-cutlo, Eric Blind as Benvollo. Sydney Mather as Tybalt, Thomas Coleman as Friar Laurence, and Mrs. Eusrenla Woodward as the Nurse. 'The staging, especially In the early acta, was bright and full or action. ROBIN COOPER MARRIED. Weds Daughter of President Smith of Louisville & Nashville Railroad. LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Dec 13. Robin Cooper, who, with his father. Col. Duncan B. Cooper, was charged with the murder of ex-United States Senator Edward W. Carmack. in Nashville, Tenn., In the Fall of 1908, was married this evening- to Miss Eva Lee Smith, daughter of President Milton H. Smith of the Louisville Nashville Railroad. The wwidinr took nlace at the home of the bride's parents in this city. Later In the evening BAT. ana xars. uwpr ion tor New Orleans, where they will sail for Panama on Deo. 17. The case of youn Cooper was recently dismissed and a petition to set aside this dismissal was denied by the court. CoL Coorer. who was convicted, was pardoned bv Gov. Patterson DO YOUR SAVINGS EARN TTO At 1 the earn ins power ef year savtnrs Invested with this Compear la 15 srester than If Invested at 4 42 greater than at IH and sreeter than at t. Th security back of your deposits is tJ beat obtainable selected mertcsge on New York aad Suburban Seal Estate aad other re-ourees nf the Company tcmnUnr over S3.3M.00O. Established 11 Y-sra. Coder epervlslea ef N. T. Banking EM-pr. vur rworo is open to fubllo examination In their lies, also at oar of business. Accounts may be opened at any time and withdrawn noon any date. Earnings credited for every day funds are left with oa. Call, write, or 'rbone 07 Hrysat) .for Booklet. INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS and LOAN C0 UH Times Bid tA It. IT way, K. T. REMEMBER THE PICKANINNIES They're In Danger of Being Crowded Out of White Folks' Christmas Charity Those who feel an Interest In colored children protest that. In aU the flood of Christmas charity, everybody seeme to forget the little ones of the city's dusky poor. There la to be a " pickaninny cTirletmas tree." just the same, and a Christmas dinner, too. To help theae along subscriptions may be sent to Kosalie M. Jonas of 63 East Fifty-sixth Street. Her verses, printed under the title " Crowded Out.'- are being circulated to arouse Christmas sympathy for the neglected pickaninnies. Here they are: Nobody ain't Christmas ahoopln Fur his stock In.' Nobody sln't cotch no turkey. Nobody ain't bake so pie. Nobody's laid nathln' by. Santa Claua don't cut no flssar Pur his mammy's lit He nlgser. Beams lak everybody's ruahlsT An 'er cruchln' Crow din' shops and Jammin trolleys, Buyln' shoes an shirts an' toys Fur de white folks' slrU and boys. But no hobby horse alnt rocktn' Fur his little wore out atockin'. He sln't quarlin, recollee; He don't aoeo Nuthln.: hit's his not expectm' Makes his mammy wish O Uawsl Fur er nlcsr Bantv Claua Totln' Jus' er toy balloon Fur his mammy's tittle coon. Subscriptions to the tree, and dinner may also be sent to the Rev. Q. H. Sims, pastor of tlie Union Baptist Church, at aw West Sixty-third Street. COLUMBIA STUDENTS IN PLAY Sophomores Amusingly Present A Paper Chase" at the Waldorf. Columbia sophomores displayed their histrionic ability in the Astor Gallery of the Waldorf-Astoria last night when they acted before a large audience the amusing comedy, " A Papier Chase." The most delicate creature was Mrs. Pomfret. and she. or rather he, made a clever divorcee. The other ' girls." Nellie and Mrs. Baskervllle. were almost equally petite. F. J. Latenser. as Mr. Baskervllle, was the leading man. The cast: Mr. Bushy R. S. Boustb Mr. P&skervllle F. J. Lateuser Captain Klrby N. B. Ward Mr. Wsgstaff n. M. moss Inspector Glimmer R. V. Chapman Dixon S. P. Houghton Mrs. Baskervllle A. A. Coates Mrs. Pomfret ...L 8. Gary Nellie W. V. Saxs Pedder J. K. McCormlck Before the curtain rose and between the acts the Columbia Glee Club sang some selections. " A Paper Chase " will be repeated to-night and to-morrow night, with a matinee to-morrow afternoon. MRS. WALKER FEARN ENOAQED. Mother of Mrs. Seth B. French to Marry Arthur Inkersley, a Journalist. The engagement has been announced abroad of Mrs. Walker Fearn. who la well known socially In New York, and Arthur Inkersley, an English Journalist and Oxford graduate who has made his home In San Francisco for many years. Mrs. Fearn Is the mother of Mrs. Seth Barton French, and Mr. Inkersley is said to be a comparatively young man. The report of the engagement reached thla side by letter, and the wedding. It Is ald, will either take place In Paris, where Mrs. Fearn Is at present with her daughter, or at Salisbury, England, early In January. Mrs. Fearn'i late husband was at one time American Minister to Greece, and came from a well known Mobile. Ala., family. The bride-elect has long ben interested In work to help the blind, and has lectured frequently and written much In their behalf. HOT SPR1NQS ACTIVITIES. Sptcial to Tkt Nrw York Timti. HOT SPRINGS. Va., Dec. 15. Mrs. J. Randolph Coolldge and Miss Webb arrived frord Boston this morning and will be Joined bv a party of friends for the holidays. They are at the Homestead. Mrs. David Dunlop entertained at tea this afternoon at Barton Lodge, when members of the villa colony and guests In the hotel were among the invited. At Benvue Mrs. Edgar A. Pole was at home to a larfte company of callers. Mrs. Guv Hinsdale has gone to Philadelphia with her sister. Miss Jessie K. Graham, and has closed Edmonstone Lodge. Dr. Hinsdale will remain at the Homestead several weeks longer. St. Christopher League Dance To-nlght The first dance of the newly organised St. Christopher League will be held at Delmonlco's to-night. The cotillion will be led by David Ddws and E. Kirk Haskell. There will be three more dances during the Winter. The patronesses are Mrs. Henry Clay Adams. Mrs. Francis S." Bangs, Mrs. William Hubert Burr, Mrs. John S. Ualrd, Mrs. George S. Butter-worth. Mrs. G. Morgan Browne, Mrs. Ashton Crosby Clarkson. Mrs. Albert T. Frost. Mrs. James Glover, Mrs. Joseph R. Guernsey, Mrs. Wllilam H. Harris, Mrs. Mavo-Smlth. Mr.". William H. Par sons, Mrs. Alfred Todd. Mrs. Silas Wo-dell, and Mrs. Walter Emerson Woodford. Queen Victoria's Baby Cap Exhibited. A tiny cap of fine lawn, which was wtirn by Queen Victoria when a baby Is being shown by the Franciscan Mission aries of Mary, who are holding their annual exhibition of needlework at the Plaza. This little cap is said to be one of the most perfect specimens of Flemish needlework now In existence. The cap Is entirely covered with open-work designs j in more than a hundred different pat terns, the details of wnich are so rine that to see them properly a magnifying glass must be used. Miss Maud Morgan's Concert. Miss Maud Morgan gave a concert in Mendelssohn Hall last night assisted by Andrea Sarto, baritone; William C. Carl, organist; George Barrere, flutist; R. A. Ouerrlre. flutist: a chorus of men's voices, and the following harpists: Mrs. lelgh. Mlas Grace Homan. Miss Theresa taner. aiiss marjory .vicluiiiocx, ana MlkS Eleanor Morgan Neely. Bernhardt Invites 8avago Company. As a courtesy to Henry W. Savage. Mme. Bernhardt has Invited the members of Mr. Savage's " Madame X " company now playing in Philadelphia to attend the special matlnfe performance of this play at the Globe Theatre this afternoon. Dor-othv Donnelly and the members of her company will leave Philadelphia by special train this morning and will return immediately after tho Bernhardt matlnte, arriving in Philadelphia in time for their evening performance. QIHette's Final Week Repertoire. William Gillette announced the Veper-toire for his final week at the Empire Theatre yesterday. He will begin with a Chrlstrras matinee of "The Private Secretary." which will also be given Christmas night. On Tuesday he will appear in " Too Much Johnson, on Wednesday, matins and night, the bill will be " Secret Service," and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and Saturday matinee will be devoted to " Sherlock Holmes." " La Gloconda Sung Again. La Gioconda " was sung again at the Metropolitan Opera House last night with a cast which Included Miss Dertlnn. Mrs. Homer, and Mme. Claessens; and Messrs. Caruso'. Amato, and de Segurola, Mr. Toscaninl conducted. The audience was large. THEATRICAL NOTES. Tj,s first performance of Hears- Arthur Jones's. latest play, "We Can't Be as Bad as AU That," will be given at Nasimova's Thirty-ninth Street Theatre on Jan. 2- Arranxetnents are being- made between Sir Charles Wyndhsm and Klaw & Erlaaer and Joseoh Brooks for a london production of " Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," with the com-pH,y that is now playing at the Republic Theatre. Jda Bernard, an Australian actress, has oeen rnsared by LJebr A Co for the role of Primrose in C. M. S. .McLellan s musical com-ear " Marrlare a la Carte.' Hen'V Elsworth's Pictorial reproduction ef the Obersmmerrsu Passion Play will bpn it the Lyric Theatre on Sunday. Ie. 25. Zfteraoon and e-enlnr- Mr. Eltawortb tells the itory of the Village of Oberammercau and of ?he Patn P"? "hl -xhlbltln, a series of views snowing the people and surroundings oi t&e Savarlaa viuage. A JOINT RECITAL. Mlsa Thompson, Pianist, and Mis 8ko!off Play Together. A joint recital was glreo m Mandela, sobs Hall yesterday by Nikolai Sokoloff. violinist, and Edith Thompson, pianist. They played together two sonatas, one by OuUIaume Lekeu. one by Orteahlesoo-ond for'tbe two Instruments fh 5T Leffeu was a young French composer ef rare promise, who died at the untimely age of twenty-four, some seventeen years ago. too early to have had any appreciable Influence on the modern French school, as he may have had. If he had lived. He was a pupil of Cesar Pranck and of Vincent d'Indy; and there is suggestion of their influence In this must a in Its her-monio daring. But tha clearness, order liness and loglo of his first teacher are woefully lacking In thla sonata, which la very diffuse, especially the slow movement. There are- glimpses of beauty In the lost movement. The two concert givers played it with great devotion and enthusiasm and gave a true acoount of it in their performance. M. SokolofS ia a player of no mean powers, with a powerful tone which now and again has moments of harshness, though generally It is of good Quality, lie has, too, a good technique with the bow and with the fingers, and bis feeling Is musical. He played some four shorter violin solos, two of which were paraphrases from Paula Ssailt and Henry Ketten; this seems like searching minutely for material for publlo performance. Miss Thompson's solos were two etudes by Chopin and his Fan falsi e. Her conception of rhythm In Chopin needs fundamental revision. She has a serviceable technique upon the Instrument, and' a feeling for tonal resonance and quality: but she did not penetrate deeply into Chopin's music. CONGRESSMAN COOK DEAD, Philadelphia Repressnstlvs Was Correspondent In Civil War. Sf trial f Tkt Nrm Yrk Tim. PHILADELPHIA, Dec 15. Joel Cook. Congressman from the Second Philadelphia District, died early this morning at his home at 843 North Broad Street. He was stricken a week ago with apoplexy. Joel Cook., who was the son of a Recorder and Alderman of this city of the r.ame name, was born Marcn so, 1842. During the war Mr. Cook was at the front as correspondent for Forney's Press and for The Publlo Ledger, for he bad abandoned law for journalism. At the time the late George W. Childs purchased The Publlo Ledger Mr. Cook came upon the staff as editorial writer and dramatic critic. He was also at one time financial editor. It was about this time that he received his appointed as correspondent of The London Times. During the Civil War Mr. Cook became Interested financially In shipping, having a share of the ownership of three clipper ships, the Adam Simpson, the City of Philadelphia, and the Jacob G. Ridgway. He was a laro-e holder In schooners, but Intely had relinquished all his Interest of this character. From his knowledge of maritime affairs he was elected on the Hoard of Port Wardens, of which body he was for years President, i In 18fl8, partly on business connected with his position -as American col-respondent of The London Times. Mr. Cook went anroad ana trnveiea extensively, in 1S78 he made another trip, largely for pleasure, and the outcome of this tour was a largely read book of travels. MAJOR C. C. MOORE DEAD. Prominent In Society In This City, Newport, and Paris. Major Clement Clarke Moore, son of the late Benjamin Moore, died yesterday at his apartments In the Hotel Belmont. Park Avenue and Forty-second Street. He was of an old Colonial family, wealthy, and held a prominent position socially In this city, Newport, and Paris. Major Moore's Paris residence waa 82 Avenue Marceau. Mr. Moore is survived by his wife, who had been seriously 111 from a stroke of paralysis which sne suffered on Nov. 1. and three sons. William 8. Moore. Bar-rlngton Moore, and Benjamin Moore. Bar-rington Moore Is engasred to Muriel Barnes, daughter of Thurlow Weed Barnes, and the marriage Is to take place Dec. 'M. Barring-ton Moore Is connected with the United States Forestry Department, with offices at Silver City, N. M. Benjamin Moore, the youngest son. Is confined to the Presbyterian Hospital by a serious illness. Major Moore was named after his famous grandfather. Bishop Clement Clarke Moore, author of " The Night Before Christmas." The Bishop's children held his great estate Intact, but In 1901 it was divided among the grandchildren. Major Moore served with distinction during the civil war. His wife, before marriage was Miss Laura M. Williams. For a number of years they had divided their time between this country and Paris. Manuel do J. Qalvan. Manuel de J. Galvan. a well-known figure In the literary and political life of Spanish-America and Spain, died at his home In San Juan. 'Porto Rice, in his seventy-ninth year. He waa born in Ban- to Domingo, and twice was that country's Minister at Washington. iir. uaivan served five terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, was Justice of the Supreme Court, and Dean i of the Professional Institute. He was a I large land owner in Santo Domingo, but ' had spent the last few vears away from ! his native land. During the Spanish regime he was Treasurer General of Por-i to HJco. He leaves five sons Manuel de J.. Louis. Rafael O.. Enrique, and Antonio, who runs tne tspamsn newspaper Las Novedades In this city, and one riaiia-hter. Mrs. Antonio Baralt Alfau or San Sebastian. Spain, whose husband la a member of the House oi xeputiea. Obituary Notes. WALTER W. HALL, seed el, Btate dairy instructor of Cornell University, died at his home In Qouverneur. N. Y.. yesterday of anemia. Mr. Hall was elected President ot the Btate Dslrymen's Association in 19U7. MOSES DWIOHT WEU.8. pioneer Chtcaso shoe merchant, died Wednesday. Mr. VeM. mhn wa, 7:1 vears old. recently returned from his Summer home at Laaeville, Conn. He owned Urge shoe factories in Chicago. Ford IHi Lac. and Watertawn. Wis., and lie Kalb, III. ALEXANDER DATMOND. and old time act-tor, is dead at his home in Jamaica Plain. Mass. Daymond under th, stace name of Sydney Alexander, waa a member of Edwin Booth's company, and supported Kate Ciazton in " The Two Orphans." He was born in St. John's, N. F.. In 1647. CHARLES B. O'BRIEJf. who was for some years In the employ of the Standard Oil Com- Siny died at his home, 623 Fifty-ninth Street, rootlyn. on Wednesday. He was bora la Manhattan thirty-nine years ago. WILLIAM H. BRIODT died at his home. 201 Bergen Street. Brooklyn, on Tuesday. He was born tn Brooklyn forty-three years age end had been for many years in the employ of W. K. Wynn. in Maiden Lane. Manhattan. IJ.s wife and a son survive him. MICHAEL McNALLT, one of the oldest members of the Jersey City Exempt Firemen's Association, dted on Wednesday In the New Jersey .State Firemen's Home at Boonton and was burled yesterday in Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City. Mr. McNaliy was an inmate of the home for ten years. He was TO years old and a bachelor. JOSEPH S. CHE.VKAT, a retired merchant of Cincinnati, died on Wednesday at the Osborne Apartment House, Fifty-seventh Street and Seventh Avenue, after a twelve months' Illness, in his dshty-seventh year. He had lived there for the last four yaora. A sister and a nleco survive him. Mrs. LUCRETTA HA WEB Is dead at the Pea-body Horns for Aged Women, In Boston Road, the Bronx, of acute paswmonli in her seventy-sixth year. Mrs. Hewes was known to all the keepers at Bronx Park as a dally visitor, aad used to feed the biros with pieces of bread and la in pa of sugar. Bhe bad oeea In the bom, (or elsbt yora. Mrs. WILLIAM HARRISOM. formerly Miss Rose Myers, who was married on Thanksgiving Day died at her home In West Orange. N. J.. Wednesday night of pneumonia, after an Illness of two days. Books for Christmas Presents mmenae Stock EndUm Variety Intelligent Attention Prompt Detutery. The requirement of aO taste and pU pmreee can be easily met in our store. "All Befit $f all PtiU therj." Putnams-S Kwateri W.2W U MswTerk ESTABLISHED THEODORE LV Jeweler and Silversmiths .- .. , ;; .-,. u X . i ' i-' " ' FINE PEARLS AND RARE GEMSi? FOR FORTY- EIGHT YEARS WE HAVE MAIN- ' TAINED THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF QUALITY MADISON SQUARE ' itorriagu and tfeeta seMert intended for easertiois a rXs A" no Fork Times evoy os felspaoned te 1000 Bryant. Cnrjasrrj. MTLLIOAN PARMELEB. Mrs. Mary C Parsneies of New Tortt and Stamford. Conn., announces the encasement of hsr daushtsr. May Arthur, to Mr. James Alexander Mllllgan ef Stamford. 2?arrfrD. BATCeOE CHASE. Dr. Ira Car-let ea Cnaee of Fort Worth. Texas, to Miss Helena Irene Keatlnse of New Terfc City, at Chureh ot the Holy Name, by the Rv Edward J. Tleroay. Deo. 10. IBIO, T P. M. TAX-FORDB A. STABLE. William Myron Baa-table ef New Tor It City to Miss Helen Margaret Telford of New Tork City. t Church of the Holy Name, by tha r.v. Edward J. Tterney. Deo. IS. 1610. T P. M. JOHNSTONE WARD. On Thursday, Dee. Iff, fn New Tork City, by the Rev. Oeorge B. Hopeon. D. D.. Violet Floyd Ward, daugh-- tar of the late Eugene and Susan Foster Parker Ward ef St. Paul, Minn., te Era note Upton Johnstone of New Tork. JORDAN ITNX Deo. 14. Adeline J. Flak ft Jfew Jersey. BOTNTON STORY. Deo, IS, Beywlde, Ethel a. niory to rnni dothmhi. BODINB. At her residence. Far Rookawev, . w t uniiu. in li 7Rt h vear. Funeral aervlce Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Interment oaiurumT minima, vi.iilw nmlt f Inw.ra BRAINERD. Thursdsy, Dee. IS. 1010. at Ills residence, 80 West eOth St., Cebhas Bralnere. m the Wth year of his age-Notice of funeral hereafter. BRUBNINO.-At Lakewood. N. J.. Dee. '14, 1010. William Bruenlns. In his 6tst year. Funeral will be held at the Now Tork and New Jersey Crematory, Huaion uouievera. North Beriren, N. J., Saturday morning at in m a Vf BRUOOERHOF. In New Tork City. Tuesday. lec. iO, OI Dntiunw., v ' Brusgerhof. wife of Frederick W. Brurer-' hof. In the 7flth year of her are. Funeral services at her late home. Noroton. Conn., on Friday, Dec. 1ft. at 11 :SO A. M. Car-rlas,s will meet train at Stamford leavlne New Tork at 10:02 A. M. Interment pri- CHAPIN. Frederick Wilcox Chapln. suddenly. . . . i . m. u1 Cwaa. Rnrin.. I nia rmiaanco, . . , . , - , - - t.ii x'. Kntlca of funeral hereafter. CLE NEAT. On Wednesday. Deo. 14. 1010, at tn noma or nis niece, ir. . v,. stone. The Osboros, 87th St. snd 7th Av., Joseph 8. Cleneay, Esq., of Cincinnati. In the seth year of his age. tntsranent st Cincinnati. DEPPELER. At East Oransa. N J., Dee. IS. 1910. Margaret Cathorln, widow of John Deppelrr, in ner otn year, r un.i.i Icea will be held at the residence of her son. John J. Depneler, f7 Chestnut Bt.. Friday mornlns. Deo. 10. 10:80 o'clock. FOOTE. On Thursday mornlns;. at hr Jl-dence. 4 West Srtth Bt.. Julia Northam. daughter of the late Addison O. and Julia Oould Jerome and wife of Thomas M. Foots. Funeral from Bt. Iimatlus"e Church. B7th Bt and West End Av.. on Baturdsy. nee 17. at 10:45 A. M. Kindly omit flowers. ORINBAUM. At Meran, Austria Dee. IS. M. S. Grlnbaum of Ban Francisco, beloved husband of Julie Ortnbaum. Ban Francisco papers plrase copy. HAIGHT. At P. M., on Dee. IS 1910, at Massapequa. L. I . Hiram Hal j (it in his 72d year, beloved husband of Marrarot Halsbt. Funeral services will be held Bun-day Dc. 18. at 1 P. M. Interment Plne-lawn Cemetery. L. L Cleveland papers please copy. HATm.-Suddenly. on Thursday. Deo. IB, 1910. at her home. BIT West Katie H- wife of Joseph W. Hatch. Funeral private. Poushkeepsle papers please copy. HENDERSON. Madam May. Thurdv Deo. 15 at 121 Cbrystle fit. Funeral Sunday. Out of town papers please copy. HERMAN. On Thursday, Dec. IB. ,a910ATr' Goldstein, wife of the late M 8. Herman, In hsr TSth year. Funeral Sunday. DJ. JS. frS r Temple Emanu-El. 43d St. and Bth Av.. at 0 A. M. JACOF.PKN Carl, on Wl ne.d, y tec 1 4th Carl Jacobean the loved husband of Annie, and lather of Harriet and F.nnla. Funeral Friday. Dee. 10 at 10 A. M., st his late residence. tt Kelly Ft.; k ndly oV It fiowsrs. Baltimore papers please copy. MeORANE. Suddenly, at Montlcello. N. T.. on Dec. 14. Louis T McGrane "VYork end Mrs John J. McGrane of Nsw Tork. Funeral at Troy. N. T. UeklLLIN. James A., on Dec. 14. ass 1 " Sv',, st FUNERAL CHURCH 541 Weat 23d Bt.. FRANK E. CAM P BEI.L BUILDING. Frldsy evenln. st 8 o clock. The interment Saturday mornlns. MOORE- Clement Clarke Moore, son of the lite Benjamin and Elisabeth Moore, suddenly. Dec. IS. In the City of New York. Funeral at 10 o'clock Saturday mornlnj?. Deo 17, at St. Bartholomew's Church Madison A v. and 44 th St ,In,"n.:t JL convenience of family. It Is kindly requested thst no flowers be sent. Paris papers please copy. KUNN. William E.. Deo. 14. 110 J"' from his residence, 81 West 104 th 8t on Saturday mornlns, Dec. 17, ". at 10 M thence to Church of the Ascension, lv7th'Bt.. near Broadway, where a i requiem mass will be said for ths repose of his soul. Hofy Name Society of Ascension Chureh, Balvadore Council, Knlshts of Columbus. Csthollo Mutual Benefit Association .m'i.vhm1 to attend. RING At Red Hook, N. T., Oeorss Lewis Rinc son of late Moses snd Anna Hook Ring. Funeral services Red Hook. Is. T. RIGNET -On Wednesday. Dec. 14. 1910, Joseph m7 Rlmey. Funeral from his late riJldence 24 St. Francis Plsee. Brooklyn. SnFrtdar. Dee" 1. at :SO A. M., thence to St Tere.a-s Church, corn .r of Clesaon Av and Btsrllns- Place, Brooklyn. VAN BLTKE- At iis H. T. Dee. IB. 1010 John Garnsey Van Blyka. v. v.. in hJ eoi X-' nVVraUBu"aaVDE&h 5lnS?-ternJn lli River papers please copy. WRIGHT On Thursdsy, Dsn. IS, Elisabeth D. Wrtsht. widow of the late John J. Wright and beloved mother of Dr. C. D. 'Wright Funeral services at her late residence 57 Wert 50th Bt.. on Saturday evening. Dec. IT at 8 o clock, m. jono. ... v. - Canada, and Frederlcton papers please copy. BASS.-I.ouH. US West 121st Bt.. To. 14. aged 7l. Funeral to-day. BEDFORD Alice. CO Barrow St.. Deo. 13, BCR.18.-Ellen. 183 West 10M St.. Deo. 14. F-jneral to-day. 10 A. M. CARSON.-Jamee. 307 West 145th St.. Dee. 14. Funeral to-morrow. V. Vt. COUZEN8 Elisabeth C German Hospital. Dec 14. Funeral private. COVERT. Charles C. 1.T7S Madleoa At. Dwj. IS. Funeral to-day, X P. M. DWTER. Mary, 432 East 10th St.. Dm -4. Funeral notice later. FISCHER. Barbara. 2,00 Bth Av., Dee. 14. riSliBOURVE. Jsmes. 464 Hudson St.. Dec 13 Funeral to-day. 0:30 A. M-FOOTE- Julia N.. 204 West etl St., Deo. 13. Funeral to-morrow. 10:48 A. M. 7LE13CH HA I'ER. LI axle. 240 East Tith St.. Dec.' 14. Funeral to-day. 10 A. M. FRAME. Mary, 769 2d Av.. Dec U. aged 48. Funeral to-day. OLTNN. John J.. 153 West 132d St.. Tee. 18. Funeral to-morrow, 0 3O A. M. OLTNN. Rose. 165 Christopher Bt.. Dee. 14. sged 10. GORMAN. Mary. X41S Valentine At., Dee. 14- Funeral notice later. -HENDRICKS Edward A.. 220 East 68th St.. Dee. 14. EZRWIG. George, B02 Brook Av., Bronx. Dee. 13. axed 77. HOUBMAN. Jotm, 811 East 88th St., Dee. 14. Funeral to-day. 2 P. M. JONES. Rose. 424 East 174ta St.. Dee. IS. Funeral to-day. 5 P M. LEWIS. Robert, l2 East 824 St.. Des. 13. Funeral to-day. 2 P. M. McCUH. Bridget. 412 Pleaaant Av.. Dee. 12. Funeral to-morrow. McMAION Julia. 2.131 Reesment Af.. Dee. 13. Funeral la-da r, S A. M. REINHART. Sa.-a. 23 West Oth Dee. 14. Funeral prlvata STANFORD. Mamie. T West I02d St Iec 13. Ftmeral to-dsy, A. M. rrmv Am 272 Wear 112th St.. Dee. IX. 1 Funeral to-day. 10 A. M ' THOMPSON. Marie. 43S Wast 20th 8C Dec Ui ro&aral te-da. 9X9 A, U. STARR . BreeaJyn, BARBER. Laura A-. 1W1 Berkeley Place. Peat IS aged OS. FaasraJ to-morrow. BRINK. Henry F.. St. Mary s Hospital, Dee - 14. agad 3.1. Funeral to-morrow. BRIODT. Wllilam H.. SOI ftergen St., Dee Ue Funeral to-day. 9 -HO a. M. BURN. Charlotta, 143 Lincoln Place. Dee. 14b Funeral to-day, S P. M. CAPES. Kebert, 540 Bid St.. Dee. IS. FuiMSafl private. CAB8ION. Michael L., 13 Monitor St.. Dea 14. Funeral te-day, 80 A. M. CON WAT John J.. 443 Hicks St.. Dee. ssg aged 41. Funeral to-morrow. CORNELL. Cells, Kings County HospteaS. Io. 14. aged 42, Fuaeral to-morrow, P M. CURTIS. a?ve C. l.egfl East 15th St., 14. Funeral to-day. a P. M. DEVIXB Margaret C.. 041 Albany Av.. 14. mneral to-day, 10 A. 1L DCCIC Anna, 109 Bchenck Av., Dee. 14. S3. FEELKT. William, 090 Getes Av, Dee. teV Funeral to-morrow. P. M. OAVAOHAN. Honora, 017 Baltte SL, Dee. Sj Funeral to-morrow, 3 P. M- HAGBTROM. Charles, 0,020 Bth Av Dee. m aged 24. ' BAN LON. Annie, M Herbert St.. Dee. We Funeral Deo. IB. 2 SO P. M. ' KICKS. Wlllet, 400 12th St.. Dee. 14. aged SSs Tiiriart-at 1 atssr-vlrtsa tea rlst HOWARD. Walter J., 182 Marion St., Dea, 3s agsa so. r-unerai to-oay. Fttneral to-day. -Mlehaal. 106 Of n point Av., Dees 19. Fenaral to-morrow, S:SO A. M MELLBTT.- 14. aaed 4. MO RAN. Mary. 142 Oold St., Dee. 14. runerei lo-aay. a r, M. MCRPHT. Elisabeth. 202 Hoyt St Dee, 14a Funeral to-day. 2 P. M. O'BRIEN.-Charlsa B., 023 40th St.. Dee. 14a rd so. O" B RI EN .Honora, 210 Jackson St., Deo. He aged OS. Funeral to-morrow, 2 P. M. OAKKH. Jamea. 778 Grand 8t.. Deo. 13. PL1.IUH John F., i.VO Hancoak St., Pee. 14s Kunerai stvics to-day. PUTNAM Adlns II.. 131 Congress St., Dee. IB Funeral private. REIH8 Cams. 210 tlton Bt.. Dee. 14. FW Tier, I to-morrow, 1 P. M. SIM MoNDS. Anna E . Dfti South 1st St., Des. 14. aired 13. mnerai to-nMjrrow. SITT. George. 1.74'J Green, Av.. Dee. IS. Sg4 4l. Funeral to-morrow, DA M. WILSON. Arthur C. 74) 4th Av.. Deo. 12. ZOBEL. Hsns K . Jr . R2I th Bt.. Deo. 14, sged 9. Funeral notice Istcr. -Connecticut. CROCKER. Chsrles II., Oranby. Ded.- la sged UK. Funeral to-day, 2 f. M. DAN IS. Mary B . New Haven. Deo. 13. l"ur- neral to-day. Jil A. M. DRl'KN. Bernard U.. New Haven. Dee. It. aARLE. J Ames, West Haven, Dec. 1U. a gaol 11. HEN DEE. Lucius J., New Haven, Dec. IB, aged IS. INGHAM. Mary A., Bridgeport, Dee. 14. PEASE Kdward T.. North Bloomfleld. Dee. 13. Funeral to-day. EILVF.RTHAC. Frederick, New Haven, Des. l.H, ased A. BPENCEH Hnt C, Bloomfleld. Dee. 14. BTANFORO. "Ihon.s, W , New Haven. Dee. 13. Funeral to-day. h net A. f. THOMAS.-Finnle, Hrtiiaeport. Ilea. 14. ag4 OO Funi-rsl to.dav. 2 P. M. WAONER. PhllMpsno. New Haven, Dec. 14. WOLF. Frederick A.. Hartford, Dec 13, ags4 04. Funeral to-day. 2:S) P. M. IxmbS Island. BAARS Frank. Ixms Island City, Dso. 13. sged K3. BAGLKT. Charlotte A.. 287 Radde St., LonSJ Island City. Iec. 13. BOUItNK Ucnjamln A.. Evergreen, Dee. 13, aged eo. BRA I IN John D., Esst Wllllsmskurg. DeS. 18, ard Funeral to-day. 2 V. M. CALLAHAN. Peter P., Pan-rogue, Deo. 18. HAYES Ellxabeth. Whltrstone. Dec. 14. ags4 05. Funeral to-day. KING. Mary, J Douglas St., Jamaica, Dees 13. ' ORR Joseph K.. Cedarhurst. Dec. 14, aged Tim Funeral notice later. THUNEL- EJsle 8., Osons Park. Deo. la aged . WILLIAMS Catherine, Long Island City, Dee 13. aged B2. New Jersey. APPLEGATE. John B. Hoboken, Dee. IBs aval 1 BEDNALL. John. Newark.' Dec. 4. aged BO. Blwl-U-Samuel L. , Weatrield. Dec- la, a BRA UN. Lotilsa V., 73 Westrott St.. NswaTBs Deo. 18, aged 05. ' CALDWELL. Alma, Elizabeth. Dee. 13, ageSj M. CARl.IX. Mary. DO Camden St.. Newark. Dee 14. CAHR. Patrick, Elisabeth. Dea. 14. aged B2. CRONIN. Eusene. Rutherford. Deo. 14. , Few neral to-day. 12:45 A. M. CRULTZ. Jscob. Belvjdsre. Dee. IS. aged 78, CULLEN. HenTv, Bayonne, Iec. 13, aged 84, DOD WELL Phebe C.. Orange, Deo. 14, aaed . Funeral to-day, 2 P. M. DONOVAN. Margaret, 400 Grand SC. Jsrsejf City, Dec. i3. aed 47. DUNN. Margaret, 87 Willow Av.. HobekeS- Deo.-13. DWTER Wllllsm P., 803 Elm St., Newsri, Dec. 13. Kun.ral to-day. H A. M. FIT7.PATIHCK. Msrssrst. 1.087 Clinton Bt Hoboken. Lee. 14 TOMZZ(i.-!inin,i. fnlon Kill. Dec. 1. H OS FORD. Jcnett, H.. Patersoa. D, IB axed UI. KLETT. Gottlieb II.. Elisabeth, Dee. 13, agea) f3. Funeral to-dsv. 2 I. M. KOFF Peter W., 1.314 Hudson St, Hobokeag A -S AA XJi . . I aA A u KRET8CHMAR. Johanna. 57 Jones St., New ark. Dec. 18. Funeral to-dsy. LINK. Mary. Bloomfleld, Dec. 13. aged (2, Funeral to-day, 11 A. M. MAIER. Martina, Union Hill. Dee. 13. ageal 07. . MATHEWS. MeselL Orange. Dee. 12. aged tlm MEASET. William F. Burlington. Dec, 14g as;ed 3 months. RULE. C'hsrles R., New Brunswick. Dae. It. 8CHULTHEI33- Frederick. 32 Fsirvlew Ae Newark, Dec. 13, aged 44. Funeral te-dar 2 P. M. SNEDAKER. Elisabeth A.. Edaswater Park, Dec. 13. Funeral to-day. 1 :3o P. M. SSnTH James F.. Monteialr. Dec. 13, ssd 7S BNTDKR. Mrs. Jacob. Changswatsr, le. 14a sged 71. VAN WTCK. John W., Patersoa. Dee. lag Sed 31. WETTER LINO Josephine. Hoboken. Des, 14, WHFRI.FR John Psterson. Dec. 13. f WIGLER. Philip I... 152 Spruce St..' Newarks Dec. IS. seed ZO. 'ew York State. ALLEN. WHaelmtna. Hudson. Dee. IX g4 eJi. CRAIG. Xargaret. Poughksepsle. Dee. , Its a red 70. Funeral to-dsy. KING Lodleea B.. Ardsley, Dee. 14. sged Tfe Funeral service to-day. KRAUSE Florence A., 83 Caroline Av.. TonhM ers, Iec 13. Funeral to-day. LA MABNET. Margaret. East Jrvmgton,- Des IS Funeral to-dsy. 1J A. M. LIM nr-John. Klnaston. Dee. 13. sged T5. i MKiRANK -T."1" T- Montl.-ello. Dec. 14. HCHMiMAALn. juua ... roiiKaMcpne Dec 13. seed H i.. . i . d r..nitin tt n.t,etiee r,ne ri r 13. aged n2. Funeral to-day. 2 .W P..M, Jrt 9?tmoiiam. THE LIBEP.TT NATIONAL BANK Or NEW TORK. -New Tork. December 13th. 1014. MAXWELL. At a meeting of the Board ef Directors held this day announcement wss made of the death on December 11th. 1910. of John Rogers Maxwell, e Director of the Bank. The following Mlruta and Rewole ttou were prtntad and on motion enaai m'rualy adopted: Mr. Maxwell Wss one of the Incorporators) m it m iwiwi v. .. . . . . . and maintained his active Interest until the time of hu death. Hie sterling charaeter. wld experience great ebmty. end genial personality made him hlshly raKied as a tHiBsellor and honured as a friend. His death Is a distinct om to the .flank. Its friends, and to tha community la which he wss so Widely known. Therefore. P.esolved. That la the death of John Peg. ers Maxwell tnl Bank has lost a valued Director, snd tee members of the Board a personal friend whom they held la algnesS "i.- . . eondolmce be tendered to the members ox his family and that a copy of this Minnie be sent to them. .r . uw ...t.e rxf fh. Waara. CHARLES W. RXEC3LB. Caehter. COLEMAN. Jamea 8., mass.. V. Vtseest . ear's Cbnrch. to-day. -4 A. M. FRANK B. CAMPBELL. B4I-S4S West tie. IHssHS i Asntee Tvl 1134 .hal.. CBSTRTB RTBSw " THE WOOCUWI CEMcURY. Is easily areesslble by HerVss trtas fresa Grsed Centra; Stattee. Webstar Waese Avesue trelieva. and hy carriage. Lees Slis en. Telephowe (41.4 Ore merer 'tet IssSei ef trtewa, aw representative. . Hirwa we euutf saw st, a. va A I 1 iter i t

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