The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT WFWRDinirTi i-,» n^nmm.n^, -^^^m f j r*mf VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 21C. BlylhevIHe Courier Blythevllle Herald THE DOMIRANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHIHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOOTHEACT MISSOURI BlyUicvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader -niWILLR, ARKANSA^SATUKlMy^^ 2 7, 1987 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^ft ^M M ^^M ^^^^ ^— - ' ——-, „ _j _ ^ ^^ ^ «,,* .*jfcj A- * T i'j \J.i>l> 10 WARNS AGfllNST EXPENSIVE FARM PROGRAM fllllttl 0 r r t H 0 "S At^Lon! ^'ass-Nosed Plane Built for Aerial MamJers WIN rvnnroPrp'No chan.e in TV* n7"*PIVP nm nimrn ID J. L Walnut Ridge Publisher . May Succeed J.F. Wells .As Governor's Secretary LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 27 (UP) — Gov. Carl E. Bnlley today asked James L. Bland, Walnut Ridge publisher, lo become his secretary replacing John P. Wells. It was the fourllt in a series of moves that have resulted In several changes In governmental positions within the past few days. Bland said lie would make his decision on the offer by Tuesday Before asking Bland to take Wells' place Gov. Bailey wrote Dismissal letters to cprporatlon commission members M. J. sinister of Huntsvllle and W. H chil- ders of Little Hock. Ford to Change Posts The governor then announced that Revenue Commissioner D. L. Ford would take one of the vacated posts on the corporation commission, while the second place would be, filled by Wells, who has served as Bailey's secretary since the governor took office. Reliable sources indicated that Z. M. Mccarroll of Walnut Ridge the third member of the corporation commission, would succeed Ford as revenue commissioner. It was also believed thai c. T Ryan, assistant secretary to Gov Bailey, who has been handling patronage problems, would be moved to another department and Eli Collins, former Jonesboro newspaper man, would be offered his place. Collins now is serving as publicity director for the unemployment compensation division of the state labor department ^6ee"T« Adjustment" Jt .was, the,, general opinion at •the-cfipilol that Governor Baile'y w,a s preparing to maVe a determined effort to adjust uilities and corporation assessments. In an address December 5 193C he said that "with a strong, capable alert and vigilant commission, and with capable assistants, the ' WASHINGTON, Theodore A, _ v assistant secretary of the Interior" died at naval hospital today of pneumonia. Walters, who had served throughout the New Deal, contracted pneumonia yesterday and his condition became Steadily worse <>I«ss-Nosed Plane Built for Aerial Mappers ^ISffi ••; ~ Judf*e Indicates He May Grant Priority Demand In Future However .. ...... _.„ federal court, at Jon esboro yester- above diii'lny Initial tests at Mnr- day refused to grant the petition issues to give priority to "payments on their bonds over the city park bond payments but indicated he Judge Trimble ordered the Dr. William McClung, 50, Succumbs To Pneumonia to make payments to replenish the general fund more ago during the admin'istra- tion of Harry Brown as n It is extremely doubtful if the city will be able to meet the payments required before the next term of federal court at Jonesboro. No action was taken yesterday in the Frisco rallroad-Citv of Blytheville litigation over ' crossings over the railroad rlghi of wnv wilh „,„ , With Ihe hope of exceeding a Because a reorganization plan for cuTn',if Jn?™', "^ BI T Ul tUber " the railroad L, now being con-1 •,"'^rtssl ™ ^ sidered bv the (wi,.™! „„.„, _.!!'• Mlsslisl l Goal Of $(,500 Set For County In Tuberculosis Stamp Drive subdivisions taxing is can be saved many thousands of dollars which : tt re now. escaping and'which are justly due.' -J the state , Commission and ,the Cor- poratlon Commission, he pointed ™L,i c ' d - sparity between «*»<««* valuation., aiu i ^ok values O f the Arkansas Power and' Light Company and other utilities First news that the political "ax" was. being swung HI the statehouse came shortly before noon """"--lay when Mr. siiuster made .» letter in which the gov- mformed him of his dis- Was Campaign Contributor The letter, dated November 24 and delivered yesterday by an f the governor ' s ^Theres no use beating around the stump in this thing, I've just been fired," Mr. Shuster said "I know of no reason why this happened. I've been as loyal to Carl Bailey as a father could be to his ton, "I have no regrets for what, I have done in trying to assist Mr. Bailey in his campaigns for eovef- n.or and for United States senator My contributions to the governor's campaign funds In the two elections amounted to $791.25. About «00 of this was contributed for his senatorial campaign—and this amount does' not Include nearly !™ I",. 1 * 150 " 31 e *P«n«s such as hotel Kn ' and bills during the campaign " Food Given To 23,110 Families In October LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 27. (UP>The slate department of public welfare, in cooperation with the Federal Surplus Commodity corporation, distributed food and , household commoditlees, valued at S60.000, during October to 23110 families, according to a report released today. Pood amounting to 1,269296 pounds was distributed. liquor Doesn't Flow So Freely Over Holiday Public drunkenness has definitely been on the wane In Btythe- vllle this week. Neither city police nor constables have made an arrest for this offense since Tuesday, including Thanksgiving Day. Municipal court, which usually has several public drunkenness cases after each holiday, yesterday was devoted to minor civil cases siderec.""b7 the' ™ ccfurt at \%-"™«W •»»"* "' »" ««c St. Louts, where the railroad is in * WPre "'' fllr """ h receivership, it i s doubtful if the molten, will proceed to determination within the near future. Colton Seed Truck And Car In Road Accident A large cotton seed track and a car, pulling &• trailer loaded with ' cotton, figured in a highway accident north of town on Highway 61 this morning abo'ut nine o'clock. No one was injured in the accident which ; occui-red in front of c. H. Whittle's house near Yarbro. The .seed Iruck smashed into the approaching car and trailer after pulling onto ihe left side of the highway to pass another car. The machines, both of which bore Missouri licenses, were'" damaged to some extent. Negro Is Given Death Sentence At Lonoke I.ONOKE. Ark., Nov. 27 (UP) -Circuit Judge W. J. Waggoner today sentenced Duncan Plgue, 26- year-old negro, who was convicted of slaying Night Marshal Robert Bcniift lo be electrocute! Friday, Jan. 21. Pigue was convicted last Thursday. Poison Slayer To Die In Chair On March 10 CINCINNATI. Nov| 27. (UP) — Anna Marie Hahn, 31. convicted of the poison murder of 78-year- old Jacob Wagner, today was sentenced by Judge Charles S. Bell to die in tiie electric chair March 10. YOW BY — I BCB — BURNS It's funny how a habit can get a'hold of us and finally get to be second-nature. That's the reason it's a good idea for a person to get away once In a while and change his mode of living. » I knew of a fella who was arrested and convicted of bigamy one time anoV when the judge as kcd him how in the world, he happened to do a- thing like that the fella said "Weil, they sold me a two-car garage, two tele- Phones and so many two-pants suits and two of this and two of th»t, I just got in the Irabltl" were started through- county chairman, is confident that the quota will be exceeded Lost year mor.e. than $1.200 .was trlbuted. in this county.--V Stamps were distributed tod.iy to the rural schools whose puuils will sell them ^ tlicll . pttrt ' jn the campaign. Also started today was the sale of "milk bottle /collars' to dairymen throughout the county. These "collars" which sell LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 27. (UP) —Dr. William McClung, SO, Baptist pastor here, died today fror double pneumonia. lie had been ill ten days. Dr. McClung was an outstanding leader In the Southern Baptist church. for one cent each as does a stamp. will be used by the dairy owners In the distribution of their milk, one of the most important items In the fight against tuberculosis. Tuberculosis bonds and stamps will be placed on sale in all towns of the county and students of town schools will' purchase anil sell stamps, beginning Monday . It has been 30 years since the first Christmas seal was sold for the fight against tuberculosis and since that time the from this disease in Stales has dropped from 179 per IBO.OCfl population to 54. Although much progress has been made In reducing tuberculosis from first lo seventh as a cause of death, this disease is still the foe of youth, it has been pointed out. The death rate readies its peak between the ages of 20 and 24 and to reduce this is the foremost aim of those In cliarge of (he campaign this year. death rate the United Stock Prices NEW YORfcTW 27 (UP)J The stock market advanced one to more than five points in active trading today and, carried the list above the lefl-Is of a week ago Sears Roebuck was up four point.? and 'Montgomery Ward gained more than two points. -lLps Angeles Hill Collapse^'.,, "" Thousands Oi Spectators Look On LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21 (UP) — The "moving hill" of Elyslnn Park collapsed today with the force and noise of an earthquake to the delight of a swarm of spectators, who stayed up all night to watch the thrilling scene. ^ Despite nil the perils of the avalanche, and the night's bedlam that it, created throughout the city, nobody appnrenly wos hurl and the damage was confined to :i buckled and burieel stretch oi highway njid a bridge approach, The hill was two blocks long and 400 feet high before it began to sway and sink a month ago with spasmodic Jerks from some mysterious subterranean disturbance. Last night, In n prelude to Its big upheave), the hill began shedding great boulders as large as automobiles which crashed down across Riverside Drive and threatened to destroy a dozen small houses and slopes between the hill and the Los Angeles river valley. down which the debris fell. Then at 9:15. p.m. one huge section ,of the hill came tumbling jdown. Workers and residents scur- i rieel for their lives, sirens shrieked, police and ambulances came from all directions, a power line snapped and the whole area was plunged Into darkness. Spectators tugged at the police lines, a block from the danger, while rumors were afloat of crews of men burieel alive. A. T. & T. 147 1-2 Anaconda Cop 301-4 Assoc. D. G 81-2 ''''''''' 50 5-8 24 5-8 59 1-8 2 1-4 Steel Boeing. Air Chrysler . Cities Serv. Coca Cola Gen. Elec. Gen. Mot ..... 351-2 Int. Harvest g4 Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central ... mm T. i. Health Department's Mo, : bile X-Ray Equipment Is Sent Here For the first time In the history of Mississippi county, free X-ray pictures are to be made of persons In Ihe county who ^rc "contacts" or "suspects" of tuberculosis. This free clinic will be held next week, beginning Tuesday at the ofTlce-of Ihe; Mississippi County Health-Unit, n.4.fcjfeii- .ture of the annual tuberculosis seal sale In which the health unit is cooperating. All persons w ho have previously been given the tuberculin test nne who have been found to be positive, may have the pictures made "Contacts" are persons showing IJOsItive after having lived neat a tuberculosis patient and "suspects", are persons showing positive In their lest after having ijj- •come run-down physically. There possibilly Uiat a person showing n positive lest doe.s not have the disease, hence Ihe X-ray pictures are needed, but if ihe test showed negative, there Is no need of having the pictures made. Students of schools in the county and other Individuals, who have shown positive reactions to the tuberculin ,lests, have been sent forms, which are to be signed by the family physician. A schedule has bren announced for the first several days with the Lanjc school students to be X-rayed Tuesday, at one o'clock, and the Siidbiiry students at 2:30 o'clock. On Wednesday, the Central school students will be present at eight o'clock and the junior high slu- denls at 10 o'clock. The students of the Armorel negro school will be X-rayed Thursday at eight o'clock, the students ot the Bly- thevillc negro school at 10 o'clock. Conveys His Interest In'jj Chinese Customs System' I To Japanese No Change In TV A Or j "Yardstick^ Is Sought I WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 <U|>)_ 'lU'prc.sonliittvu John Hmikln (l)cm,, Miss.) declared today, after conferring with President Hoosevolt, I Hint !»• could my definitely " will be no change In the Tennessee Valley Authority or It.s yardstick policies." WASHINGTON. Nov. 21. (UP) - Eemtury of state Corclell Hull mid today the United stales lias made representations to Japan expressing American concern over possible Interference will! tin. Chinese cuslosm system, Amoricnn concern W ns expressed .specifically over any changes which might interim; with the present system of collecting and distributing the customs revenue- pledged In large part lo payments on China's foreign debt obligation. Hull declared thni nt Irnst l.ivo or three other foreign counlru>.i were making similar rcprescnla- lloas lo Tokyo. The United stnte.s acting with ihe oilier declared. powers R«»uy for Final |j| ow TOKYO. Nov. 21.— Tim Amerl can and other nmbns.mdor.-i <•* pressed their governments' | n fr cst In Japan's Intentions In China while Premier Prince Konaye said that Japan was ready to deal China "a talal blow" If she did not yield. The premier assorted that Japan was prepared, however, to accept any pence move from Chl- "- provided china "shows concrete evidence she Is reiuly lo the Armorel white school stu- Brinkley Man Director Of Farm Credit Board ST. LOUIS. Nov. 27.—B. E. Short of Brinkley, Ark., has been elected director of the Farm Crcd- _ It Board of the SI. Louis district.' assigned lo Mississippi county. dents ai one o'clock, and the Dtll school students at two o'clock. Individuals have been given their "time" throughout these three days. A similar clinic will be held at Osceola. tor the southern district of the county, beginning Monday, Dec. 6. The mobile X-ray machine, which' is lo be used, was recently purchased by, the state elo- parlmenl of health, to travel over the state In a trailer. It was tlrst 36 3-8 1-2 according to an announcement today by F. W.. Niemeyer, general agent and chairman of Board of the Farm Credit Administration of Packard 5 18 7-8 40 3-4 7 3-8 28 5-8 24 3-3 Phillips Pel, Radio Schenly Dist. Simmons . Socony Vac Std. Oil N. J .[[[ 45 Texas Corp 591-4 U. S. Smell 56 1.2 55 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high low close 901-2 911-2 90 903-8 May 903.4 911.3 893-4 897-8 Dec. Chicago Corn . open high low close 'Dec. 533-4 541-8 S31-2 635-8 I May 5Q1-8 57 . - SG1-2 561.-> St. Louis. Mr. Short has been director and vice-president of the Brinkley Production Credit Association since it was organized in December. 1933, Is president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, a director of the American Farm Bureau Federation, a director of the National Cooperative Council, vice-president of the Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association and a member of the Marianna National Farm Loan Association. He was elected Farm Credit director i n an election held by 59 production credit associations operating in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 21 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 80-i 809 8!3 810 821 821 809 812 819 824 825 821 803 804 810 813 816 819 807 810 813 820 822 826 Spots closed steady at 822, up 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 27 (UP)— All months on the New Orleans cotton exchange had advanced beyond the eight-cent level today Ion continued rises for gains of G | to 9 points at the close. Steamship Bctfns 84th Vfnr MELBOURNE (Up)_The Edna, one of the oldest steamships in Dec. Jan. the world, has "jusTTbeguiT its' 1 May 84th ^year of service on Port Phil-'Jul. lip bay. It served as a troop ship Oct. n the Crimean war. open 820 319 825 828 828 829 high low close 827 819 831 831 331 834 820 819 824 825 827 820 820b 825 829 830 831 1 — ~* , W6B OiJT OiV QOl Spots closed steady at 826, up 7. "i I VIMIJf HJ abandon her policy of opposition to Japan." He rejected Ihe p'.' blllly of outside Intervention tin: conflict, which he said must be settled by direct negotiation between Japan and china alone. 1 He hinted Japan might advaiicc as for as Hankowa If neccssaij to impose, her will on China and strongly Intimated an "Independent" regime would appear In March, 1938. In North China, now almost completely , conquered by Japan's army. Claims ; Strike Effort To Cripple Bus Line In Railroads' Favor CLEVELAND, Nov. 27 (UPI— Greyhound Bus line officials today nicd, m federal court, sulks against Ihe Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, asking 57,500.000 damages and charging thai the union was attempting to cripple Ihe bus industry In favor of railroads. The rail brotherhood \s spo'nsor of n walkout of Greyhound drivers which has curtailed bus service hi 16 states. The suits cited alleged antl-lriist law violations and accused the brotherhold of Insincerity in Its demand for wage increases and a closed shop for Greyhound —the Issue of the strike. Chose Committees From Which Counly Board Will Be Chosen Community commlllecs from which ci comity•cuinmlltec will l» named lo assist in administering Ihe lo:w agricultural pronrnm were named In 12 communities of north Mississippi cmmty diwliijj this week. J'lic llnul meeting for the Chlckasawba district will ho held nl 1'awhcen Tuesday nli mid the election or the county Bi-oiip will follow later m-xl we All Fanners, bfllh landowners and tenants, in (he m-ouram tills year or who plan to be In the program next year, , v erc Invlti-rt lo vote. Tlirci- comiullloeiiien nu! mi altmmk'. with few exceptions from each community were iinma: and tills i;roup llun elecled o chairman, who will become u member of ihc county board. The board chouses the county commll- tee. The community committerincn named are as follows: Half Moon — Wllllo Richardson, chairman; Claud Duncan, vice chairman; Lcalon Hodge, with It. c. Alexander as alternate. BlyUicvllIc— J. H. Smothcrmnn, chnlnnan; A, T Cloar, vice chairman; B. F. Fllz- ccrald, Leachviile— Jnlui Bearrien chairman; L. C. ijlerce, vice president.; M. D. Hced,\ with Tom Hit! ns nllcrnntc. lx>st Cniw— A. ,r, l/nv- 1s, clinlnnnu; M. I. stiitls. vice ohnlrman; W. D. Vnstbluder, with B. A, Lnwson us alternate. WliLsp— Frn»k i. net, chulrnmu, S. II. Carter, vice chnlnnan; Jerry N. I'oc. with J. M. Johnson as nl- tcnmti'. Bowou— O. C. 1 Wa<lley, chairman; Cl. w. Poltfr, vice chairman; M. E. cook. Yi>rbro-C. C. LiiiiBskm. chllr- iniin; Mose Sinllli, vice clmirmnn; J. E. I'niTlsh. Armorel— C. E. Crlggci 1 , clinlrnmii; J. 0. Uobbs. vice clinlniuin; A. H. Kiirshman. with Uerl noss ns nltcmnle. Big Lake— L. T. Uroom, chiilrmnii; Homer Roberbon, vice eliairman; Bill Davidson, with ri. T. White ns alternate. Hlckman— W. B. Loirin. chairman; w, E .Hagnn, vice, chairman; E. C. Aclklsson, with T. E. Tale as alternate. Clear Ijike— H. E. l/mg, chairman; Charles Lutes, vice chairman; J. V. Pierce, with J. M. Aycock ns alternale. Dell— Tom Mnr- lln, chairman; a M. Woodarel, vice chairman; Sam Smothcrmnn, with J. A. Hnrdln as alteniaie. A new type c.nlnire'tor nir filter issued for us5 on Iruck maters<! !o be :•.•.:- (o collect about iiir jxiunds .jf dust without. U'- :iiMig clogged Roosevelt Takes Issue WitK Senators Offer Amount Available WASHINGTON, NOV. 27. (UP)~ 1'ixsidenl llooscvcll toelay advised Senate Majority Lcaeter Alben W Hnrklpy i Dem., Ky.) (hat expdti- _ elllures for Ihe new farm program must be kept within $MO,000,000 or iieiv revenues provided for additional amounU needed. 'flu; president, • In n letter to Barkley, snld that the $500,000000 now allocated to agricultural pra- Biams Is the only amount available In the budget structure for fnriu |)ur]«ses. in Ills statement that farm bill expenditure* must be kept within ' $fiOO,oao,000 Uio president quoted from senate debate on the measure In which the majority leader and Chairman Ellison D Smith (Dem., B, o.), of the agrl- «i'!i 1 ",J ! co " lllllt !' ; «. "breed tlat $025.000,000 was available lo Mn- iincc Hie prouram. "I M.Hime tlmt the continuent iKUhllomil sum of $125,00,000 ••<.'- omul to by you," said Mr noosovoll, "i, the permanent, anei elennile appropriation of an innount eciual lo 39 per centum of Ihe grora receipts f rom duties collected ceding piii'liosi. customs tluvlnif the pre- calendar year for the of encouraging exporta- - tion and domestic consiijiipllon of. ngrlcultural commodities by Se-- tlon 33 of (he act of August 24, IMS. ame.idlng UVo Ae.icijltnral Aeljiislmeiil net. Is Added Burden ' "It should be nppnrent that this appropriation hap. nddcd n burden at expenditure to the 'budget wllhoiit aliyjVpvlVjoli-Tof-nTT- elllloiml rwemics to inecl "it "ft is obvious that n constant increase of cxpcnilltures lylthout an equally constant Increase • In levciuie can only result In a con- llnuHtlon of denclts. "Wo- can not hope to contlmto on a sound busls of financial expenditures are brought within tiio revenues. "I reel that every effort should be made lo keep the farm pro- Tenant Loan Applications Must Await Board Action Farm tenants in this county Interested t n seeking loans under the provisions of the Bankhcad- Jones farm tenancy measure will be wasting their time in making application for such loans unlil after the slate advisory committee, named last week by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, selects the counties in the state that will participate in the program this year, according to an announcement received this <veek from regional headquarters of the Farm Security Administration by county Rehabilitation Supervisor Harold Spiccr. Arkansas has been allotted $487.556. .According lo estimates, (lib sum will provide loans for about 139 qualified tenants in the state. Mr. Spicer hns been advised that the state committee will select counties In Ihe stale 1n which the loans are to be made during tills .'car. Not less than five loans nor more than 10 will be made in each county. It has been esti- Tiated that about 28 counties Jn -he state will be selected the first ''ear, in which the minimum of rive loins will be made. "Until the state committee has determined whether or not this county will participate In the loan program this year," says Supervisor Spiccr, "prospective applicants Mil be wasting their tlm'o o make applications." Tells President Power 'Deal' OK per annum. If Ihh Is not possible r then :e that steps be* taken to provide tl,o necessary Increase in revenue lo meet any cxpend(tur»s under the new farm program in excess of this sum ." Lfaves Washington Tonight President Rooscvcll complei-d two messages to congress today ami prepared to leave for a llsn- Ing trip off the cowl or'Florida Mr. Roosevelt's special-train wili leave here about u „. m , on]g , f for Miami. There Ihe presided and a small paily of friends will bonrd Uie presidential yacht Po- lomnc. The messages will be delivered to congress on Monday and Tuesday of next week. One will rev ommend amendments to the present housing act and the. other will advise changes In the hlghwJV alel Kiw to permit reductions lii federal expenditures. It was expected that Mr. Roosevelt would cruise In the vicinity of the Bahama Islands, his favorite ashing' grounds of years. previous Prominent St. Louis Criminal Lawyer Disbarred ST. LOUIS, Nov. 27.-Verne Lacy, St. Lonls No. One criminal lawyer, was disbarred from tho practice of law in Missouri by the St. Louts court of appeals yesterday on recommendation of its special commissioner, A. if. Sprsd- hng of Cape "Oirardeau. Spradllng, who heard evidence last March on four charges filed against Lacy, by the St. Louis bar disciplinary committee, submitted a. report last September in which he held the lawyer had failed to "maintain the dignily. honor and tnisHvorlhiiicss due his profession." Floyd E. Carlisle, chairman ot Consolidated Edison Company o( New York, is shown above as he left the White House a£t«r agree. ing to consider a $100,000,000 expansion program for his company ond to "go along" with President Roosevelt's effort to obtain lower private electric rates in return for lessened gov* ^ernment competition, . WEATHER I Arkansas—Generally .fair tonight, i preceded by rain this afternoon, rain early tonight In extreme east portion; cold wave with freezing or somewhat lower temperatures tonight; Sunday generally fair and colder. ' Memphis and vicinity-Rain and colder tonight;:: lowest .temperature, 36 to .46; Sunday fair and colder; Ihuc^colder,Sunday night. The tnaximurfi .temperature here yesterday '.was"' 59,' ' minimum 47 cloudy, "Recording ;to Samuel P Ndrrls, official weather observer.

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