The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on June 3, 1972 · 3
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 3

London, Greater London, England
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Saturday, June 3, 1972
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THE GUARDIAN Saturday June , 3 1972, 3 '1972 the . year the people fooled the politicians" said the SJrd-held up by ' a young cGovern supporter. An exaggeration, perhaps, but It is hard tp resist the (eeling that a new day in American politics is dawning here in California. .Propelled by a tide of antiwar sentiment and an awei aomely efficient grass-roots organisation staffed by 0.000 volunteers. Senator McGovern is headed for a decisive victory in Tuesday's primary. A statewide poll conducted by the Mer-vin Field Organisation, published here yesterday, shows him, to be 20 points ahead of Hubert Humphrey, which by California standards- is approaching a landslide. Senator Humphrey neverthe-. less said he was carrying on the fight. "There is no such lead for Mr McGovern, and everyone knows it. Just take my word for it: there's no such lead. If I thought that that was the case, I would quit and go and have dinner," he said. McGovern, confident of victory here, is now claiming that he will win the nomination on the first ballot in Miami, which a big victory both in California and New York would make a distinct possibility. McGovern's staff has already begun to put out tentative feelers to Senator Muskie, Mayor Lindsay, and other fallen Democratic con- Concorde pollution risk will be Stockholm issue From MALCOLM STUART, Stockholm, June 2 The potential pollution of the atmosphere by supersonic aircraft like Concorde is certain to be discussed by the important committee on the identification and control of pollutants at the United Nations conference on the human environment which opens here on Monday. Mr Peter Thatcher, the American programme director for the committee, said yesterday that the matter would almost certainly be raised when there was a discussion on pollutants of international aigmficance "We are concerned about the indirect effect which cojild inadvertently cause climatic changes," Mr Thatcher said. "The main theme of this aection of our committee's programme is that man needs a much better understanding of the present and future harmful effects caused by scientific developments such as SST aircraft. ""What we are saying about SST is that nobody knows what, if any, harm they will cause. There is widespread concern Letter from Tokyo By NICHOLAS DALLMAN j SUNDAY TELEVISION"! BBC-l 0 Nai Zindagi Naya jeevan: Magazine for Asian viewers. . 9 30 Wie bitte t 10 30 Morning Service. 11 30 Boomph with Becker. 11 45 Mistress of Hardwick : Part 9. 12 10 Bellamy on Botany. 12 35 Profit by Control. 1.-25 Farming. 1 50- Hammer It Home. 2 15. Made in Britain: 2 24 News. 2 25 Going for a Song. 2 55 Laurel and Hardy in " Men o'War." , 3 15 Film : " Man's Favourite Sport," starring Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss with Maria Perschy, Charlene Holt. 5 10 The British . Empire : Programme 11.- 6 5 News ; Weather. 6 15 The Origins of Christianity : St Paul and the Letter Writers. 6 ,50 Songs of Praise. , 7 25 The Good Old Days. 8 15 Film : ".The Roots of Heaven," starring Trevor ' Howard, Juliette Greco, Enrol Flynn, Eddie 'Albert, Orson .Welles. - 10 15 News ; Weather: 10 30 Omnibus. r 11 20 Kenneth , Harris - Inter- , views James Gulliver. 12 10 Weather ; Close, .WALIS. 1 2S-1 SO pm Parmln., a sis, aw Trw. Vi Talavlslon Top of tlit 'orm. 45 Laural- nd -Hardy. -25.5 .10-.Tha UrSd JublU. Ilttaddlod. S 1S-6 SO Han Allorau olacej ol worship. 13 12 am Nwt of Walea-and Clost. SCOTLAND1. 6 15 Behind the Maitiut: a-comrhn trtiopl. -4 5-S SO Appeal an behalf of Telephone Samarlunl. S 50-7' 25 3onm of PrilM. .12 12 am Scottish New. Headline!. Weather. , NORTHIRN IRILAND 12 12 am Northern Inland N.w. Htadtlntil Weather. ADAM RA!PAL The senator with a new mew ieai tenders in an attempt to. avoid a convention struggle. Some Southern conservative Democrats are hoping to launch a " stop McGovern " campaign, which- appears a forlorn effort. The South Dakota senator is now expected to arrive at the Miami convention in July with 1,300 pledged delegates, -needing only just over 200 to win on the first ballot. Much is at stake, and the atmosphere reflects it. Not since Robert Kennedy was on the stumps here four years ago has California seen such emotional rallies. All week, the crowds at the McGovern campaign stops have been building up in numbers and intensity, matching a growing horde of television teams, photographers, and reporters But last night the med.a men were totally swamped in a 3,000strong crowd of Mexican Americans in the small town square of San Bernardino, lust outside" Los Angeles. Chanting and waving placards saying "McGovern for truth .and honesty," the crowd grew about possible effects but tio 6ncdrVI will need to"fiy:jj it is positive knowledge of what.1o;.be anything more tjjan-a these effects might be." transatlantic aircraft. ' ; Publicity about the unknown effects of Concorde will be an embarrassment for the, manufacturers now that they are seeking firm orders. Britain and France have attempted to have the subject kept off the agenda. They are hardly likely to be happy with a draft recommendation for action which will be considered by Mr Thatcher's committee. This reads: "It is recommended that Governments be especially mindful of activities in which there is an appreciable risk of effect on climate and " carefully evaluate the likelihood and magnitude of climatic effects and disseminate their findings before embarking on such activities. " consult fully other interested States when activities carrying a risk of such effects are being contemplated or implemented." It is considered in Stockholm that this last clause may well influence the African and Asian nations over whose countries AT FIRST glance Tokyo is like any European city that arose from the rubble of the last war: the buildings are tall, functional, nondescript, identifiable more by the neon signs than by any architectural distinction. The fresh arrival may jusifiably wonder if any of the "real" Japan is lurking behind the concrete facade. Then a gust from the bay sweeps the sound of a shrilly musical siren up the avenue. A police car races by and oblivious to traffic, squeals into a swift U-turn while its loudspeaker ominously blares out instructions. A truck draws up and the meticulous ritual of " blocking" begins. When it is over, one would expect the disgruntled driver to disappear into his cab to nurse his grievance out of sight of the gathering passers-by Instead, he manfully acknowledges his guilt by three deep, deferential bows to the policeman. One is reassured : this must be Japan. Europeans are ready to BBC-2 a 5 Open University'. 1 50 Cricket: Sussex v. Glamorgan. (4 10 Profile of a Cricketer: John Snow). 7 0 News Review; Weather. 7 25 Music on 2 : The Bran-, denburgs. 8 20 The World About Us. 9 10 Night Club. 10 10 Tutankhamun's Egypt: programme 10: 10 30 The Lotus Eaters. 11 20 News Summary; Weather. 11 25 Up Sunday. Granada 11 0 Morning Service. 12. 0 Intermission. 12 5 Music In The Round: The percussion player. 12 30 Something To Sing About: Songs of Child Labourers. 12 50 Farmhouse Kitchen: How to make a prize-winning pie. 1 20 All Our Yesterdays. 1 50 Mad Movies. 2 15 Sportsworld '72. 3 15 Film: "The Canadians" ' wfth Rotifert'Rva'n. 4 40 5 35 6 ,5 6 15 The 'Golden Shot Follyfoot News Private Views, with P. 'SrtowY. ' - 6 55 Stars On Sunday: with James Mason and Anita Harris. 7 25 Doctor In Charge. 7 55 Film : " Funeral In Berlin " with Michael Caine and Eva Renzi. 9 50 Cartoon Time. 10 0 News. , 10 15 Play: "' Ben Spray " with John Alderton and Meg Wynn Owen. 11 15 'Man In A Suitcase. 12 10 Close. xepirts from Los increasingly excited as a Mexican mariarchi band serenaded the Senator's arrival. Finally it. burst into frenzied shouts of " Que viva McGovern ! " as he promised to end the inequalities of American society and the indignities suffered by minorities. "I believe we are offering a new politic." McGovern.shouted over the crowd's cheers. " I think we have opened up the Democratic Partv to citizens who-have never before participated. I think we have demonstrated, it is possible to nominate any person for the Presidency of the'United States without the prior approval of the great political bosses of this land." The enifchus-lasm eventually touched those who are normally professionally immune. "I get a lift in spdrits, as an American, when something like this happens," said the correspondent of a Detroit newspaper. As the rally ended, a vast crowd swarmed round McGovern, trying to touch him in the way they used to try with . Mr Thatcher gave a pointer in this direction yesterday when he spoke of a change, of attitude by African countries toward problems of the environment. When the conference was first proposed the Africans said that environmental pollution was merely a problem for industrialised nations. Now, Mr Thatcher said, they were keenly aware that nowhere in the world could be entirely free from other nations' pollutants. The committee on the identification and control of pollutants, officially Committee No. 3, may be the most immediately effective of the three committees that will report to the plenary session. It will spend much of its time discussing ocean dumping and the fouling of oceans by rivers. There is a general assumption that some delegations will attempt to initiate discussions on the Vietnam war and possibly apartheid with the claim that these are producing environmental consequences accept many forms of greeting with equanimity from the cold nod and the Prussian-style clicked heel to the blood-vessel-bursting grip and the bearhug and kisses from which Mr Nixon was lucky enough to escape on his arrival in Moscow. They are puzzled, however, by the often almost rectangular bow of the Japanese, to which the self-conscious Westerner is at a loss to know how to respond. Bowing is both an expression of respect and an act of courtesy. Until this duality is recognised it is easy to confuse it with obsequiousness. Uninitiated members of Women's Lib would be particularly infuriated by the sight of office girls doubling up with an apparent onrush of stomach pains at the sight of their boss. But here is a scene in an hotel lobby, which provides something of an explanation. Enter a lady in a handprinted, expensive kimono (which is saying a lot, for the price on even the cheaper Yorkshire 10 45 Talking Hands. 11 0 Morning Service. 12 5 Music in the Round. 12 30 Camping and Caravanning. 1 0 Farmhouse Kitchen. 1 25 Farming Outlook. 1 55 Calendar Sunday. - 2 20 World Snooker, 3 15 Sunday Cinema. Film : "The Cool Mikado, with Frankie Howerd, Stubby Kaye, Tommy Cooper and Mike and Bermie Winters. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 Follyfoot 6 5 News. 6 15 Billy Graham in Ulster. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 Doctor in Charge. . 7 55 Film : " Roman Holiday," with Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert. 10 0 News ; Weather. 10 15 Play : " Ben Spray," with John Alderton, Meg Wynn Owen, Gwen C h e r r e 1 1 and Clive Francis. 11 15 Division 4. 12 15 Weather; Close. Tyne Tees 10 20 Farming Outlook. " 10 45 Talking Hands. 11 0 The Morning Service. 12 5 Music in the Round The Tinkling Cymbal. 12 30 Camping and Caravanning Camping in Spain. 12 55 Farmhouse . .Kitcher . Dairy Produce.' 1 25 Farming Outlook. 1 55 Out of Town. - 2 15 -Where the. Jobs Are. . 2.20 World Snooker., 3 15 Film: "Jazzboat," star ring Anthony Newley, James Booth. 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 35 Follyfoot. 6 5 News. 6 15 . Private Views. Cecil King. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. , 7 25 Doctor in Charge.- -l 7 55 Film : " Roman Holiday," starring Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn. Angeles on George Bobby and Jack; practically lifting him off bis feet The scene was the more remarkable because even his most passionate supporters can see that McGovern has nothing of the Kennedy charisma or physical appeal ; he's not even in the same class as a stump campaigner as either Wallace or Humphrey. He Is a preacher's son from South Dakota", and his speeches often have the earnest dullness of a Sunday afternoon sermon. Yet what McGovern lacks in personal magnetism he makes up for in the sincerity and concern that he projects in his speeches. "This one oi the most hopeful things we've seen in America for many years," one of his aides said after another enthusiastic rally at Covlna, Southern California. "Let us hope and pray some nut doesn't shoot him." The McGovern campaign has been built up on the one central theme of opposition to the Vietnam war. If he is elected he declares .repeatedly that he will Cow at large in Spain Fronr; our Correspondent Madrid, June 2 Police are today searching for a dangerous cow, believed to be hiding in the countryside near Seville. The fugitive cow is the sole survivor of 10 which made a daring escape from a cattle truck on the way to, the Seville slaughterhouse yesterday. The animals had been rejected for breeding for the bullring because they showed a lack of aggression. But they caused a sensational panic when they broke out of the truck and charged through the streets of Seville. Police killed eight with pistol shots, and one was dispatched with a dagger. One infuriated animal charged an engaged couple sitting by the river bank. The young man ran away, but his girl friend was tossed into the river. She was rescued, wet, angry but unharmed, by a boatman who also tried to grapple with the cow. Then the cow fell into the river. kimonos would put Western " model " dresses to shame). Then a smile of recognition directed towards an elderly woman sitting at a table in the company of a little girl of about eight. The smile is a sign for them to rise. There follows an exchange of bows, the bow for the little girl in no way less decorous than the one for her older companion. Yet the obvious pleasure at their meeting gives the whole performance an air of informality. In Western terms, that bow the little girl received was no more than a hug or a tender pat on the head. A formality at first equally puzzling is the "trial by business card " an ordeal from which only the bona fide tourist is exempt Visitors with official calls to make enter Japan without a stock of such cards at their peril. These should be in English on one side, in Japanese on the other, and most important should carry the bearer's full title. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play : " Ben Spray." 11 15 Randal! and Hopkirk (Deceased). ,12 15 "The Love Unfeigned," bv Geoffrey Chaucer. Close. BORDER. 11 0 am Morning Service. 12 5 pm Music in the Round. 12 30 Something to Sing About. 12 55 Farmhouse Kitchen. 1 40 Border Diary. 1 45 Farming Outlook. 2 15 Sports World '72. 3 15 Film: "Dual Alibi," with Herbert Lorn and Phillis Dixey. 4 45 The Golden Shot. 5 35 Follyfoot. 6 5 News. 6 15 Billy Graham in Ulster. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 55 Film: "Crash Dive," starring Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter, and Dana Andrews. - 9 40 The Sound of Roger Whittaker. 10 0 News at Ten: Border Weather. 10 15 Play : " Ben Spray." 11 15 The Stuart Gillies Ceilidh. 11 45 Epilogue. 11 50 Close. SCOTTISH. 110 am Morning Service. 12 5 Music in the Round. 12 30 Something to . Sing About 12 55 Farmhouse Kitchen. 1 25 All Our Yester-tlavs. 1 55 Seven Seas. 2 55 Zingalong. 3 5 Film : " Three Men in a Boat." starring Laurence Harvey, Jimmy Edwards. David Tomlinsnn. 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 35 Follyfoot. 6 5 News 6 15 Class of -'72 7-0 -Star. on Sunday 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 55 Film: "The Wild and the Willing" starring Virginia Maskell. Paul Rogers, Samantha Edgar, Ian McShane 10 O News. 10 15 Play: "Ben Spray ""ll' 15 Late Call. 1120 Randall-arid Hopkirk (Deceased) 12 15 am Close.' GRAMPIAN. 12 5 pm Music in the; Round. 12 30 Something to Sing About 12 55 Farmhouse Kitchen. 1 20 AU Our Yesterdays. 1 55 Farm Progress. 2 25 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'. 3 15 Film : "Family Doctor " starring , Rick Jason, Martus Goring and Lisa Gas-toni, 4 40 The Golden' Shqt; 5 35 Follyfoot, 'Weather. 6 5 News. 6 Id Billy-Graham. 7 0 Stars on Sunday.7 25 Doctor in Charge. . 7-55- Film-: "Destroyer," starring Edward G. Robinson and McGovern's policies and the intensity withdraw all American tro&fls. and cut off aid to the Thieu Government within 90 days action he claims will end the war and bring American prisoners back home. "Never again will we send the precious young lifeblood of this country to die on behalf of a corrupt military dictatorship 10.000 miles away." It is a pledge that never fails to find its echo, whether it be to a black, Mexican, or white suburban middle-class audience. Mr Nixon's belief, expressed two months ago, that the war was not an election issue, couldn't be more off beam in California. The other themes sounded by McGovern in this campaign his proposals for tax reform and to cut the defence budget by 40 per cent, and his determination to scrap the present welfare system with its mass of red tape are less understood. To reporters covering him, their details are so complicated, the figures so uncertain, and the sum total so unwritable, that as a result they tend Smith flies to South Africa for talks with Vorster From PETER NIESEWAND, Salisbury, June 2 Important discussions between the Rhodesian leader, Mr Ian , Smith,' ' and ' the' South African Prime Minister, Mr John Vorster, will take place this weekend. Mr Smith flew to Johannesburg today officially to watch the rugby international between England and South Africa. But, political sources said, he will have unofficial talks with Mr Vorster which could affect Rhodesia's course over the next few months. The two leaders will discuss the Pearce Commission's rejection of the Anglo-Rhodesian settlement proposals, and future handling of the issue. It is expected that Mr Vorster, who would like to see an independence settlement, will advise Mr Smith to tread warily and avoid, for a few months at least, action which would severely strain relations with Britain. So far, apart from confirming that his Government will continue to "rule firmly" under the 1969 Republican Constitution, Mr Smith has kept his options open. President Clifford Dupont's It Is not enough to hand a card to the receptionist to herald one's arrival. Every time the visitor is introduced to a new member of the staff, his hand will automatically move to his breast pocket like that of a suspicious bodyguard. He will whip out his card and the visitor is expected to do the same. The cards are then scrutinised and the nature of the welcome from the depth of the bow to perhaps the strength of the coffee and the size of the cake that may follow will be proportionate to the visitors rank In spite of my pretended indifference to this strange ceremony, I was pleased to find on one such visit that after these cumbersome introductions the British and Japanese flags suddenly materialised on the table. Here is status for you. JAPAN'S car population rose from around 500,000 in i960 to almost eight million by 1970 and the majority of these appear to be fighting for road space in Tokyo. .The broad Glenn Ford. 9 30 1'he Odd Couple 10 O News; Weather 10 15 Play. "Ben Spray ' with John Alderton. 11 la His and Hers. H 40 A Kind of Living. 12 0 Job Look 12 6 am Close. HTV (Cymru). -1111 Morning Service. 12 5 pn Dan Sylw. 12 40 Llusern. 1 45 University Challenge. 2 15 International Show Jumping. 315 Film, starring Betty Grable, Dale Robertson and Thelma Ritter in "The Farmer Takes A Wife." 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 30 Llusern. 6 5 News. 6 15 Private Views. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 55 Film, starring. Jean Simmons, Paul Newman and Joan Fontaine m " Until They Sad." 9 30 Mr and Mrs. 10 O News 10 15 Play : ' Ben Spray." 11 15 The Avengers 12 15 am Close AT V. 11 O am The Morning Service. 12 5 pm Music In The Round: The Tinkling Cymbal. 12 30 Something to Stag About: Suffer Little Children. . 12 '55 Farmhouse Kitchen. 1 22 Interval. 1 40 Tomorrow's Horoscope. 145 All Our Yesterdays, "2 15 Sport' From The Midlands. 3 15' Film: "The Mouse'That Roared." stars Peter - Sellers. 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 35 Follvfoot. 6 5 News 6 15 Billy Oaham in Ulsler. 7 0 Stars on Sundnv. 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 55 Film: 'The VIPs, starrlna Elizabeth Taylor ard .Richard Burton. 10 O News. 10 15 Play: "Ben Spray." 11 15 Spyforce: Close. ANGUA. 11 0 tm Morning Service from Canongate Kirk. (The .Kirk of;Holyrood House). 12 f pm Music in- the Round " The Tinkling .-Cymbal" .12 80 Something" to Sing" About : "Suffer. Little Children' 12 55 Farmhouse Kitchen: -Dairy Produce." 1 20 'University' Challenge with Bamber Gascolgne. 150 Weather. 1 55 Farming Diary.- 2 30 Film: "Call Me Bwana." starring Bob Hope and Anita Ekbcrg; A capsule, con-tabling (vital secrets of ' the1 moon's surface, goes off course-op its return flight and lands, in' an .unchartered region iof Africa, peopled by the , savage Ekele -tribe: - "4-10' Dr1 Simon Lock : " Death ia" a Wanderer," to be dismissed as pipe dreams that would never be approved by Congress. To voters, the proposals are probably even less understood, which is perhaps just as well, for if they seem' radical to British eyes they are almost revolutionary in terms of American politics. The welfare reform plan, which would give a $1,000 welfare supplement across the board to every jobless citizen, represents a total break with the old American ethic that it is shameful to be unemployed.' McGovern's tax proposals (which would increase corporate income tax by $17,000 millions by repealing tax loopholes, and would impose an inheritance tax of 77 per cent on fortunes above $500,000), although mild by British standards, are also a radical departure in American fiscal policy. Finally, his proposal to cut defence spending by 40 per cent by halving American troops in Europe, stopping all construction of Polaris' and Poseidon the official opening of Parliament here this morning underlined this. He. announced plans for forthcoming legislation but did not indicate an immediate major swing to the Right There was one " racial " item on the agenda. Mr Dupont said Parliament would be invited to consider an Urban Councils Bill which would permit local authorities to segregate swimming pools, cinemas, buses, and public parks. Observers do not think this legislation has a high priority at present, and say it could be postponed. , , Sources say that although Mr Smith is under pressure from his Right wing to " go it alone and reject any thought of further independence settlement negotiations with Britain, he has not yet firmly committed himself to this course. A report in today's Rhodesian Financial Gazette says the Rhodesians this week sent a "very stiff" message to the British Government, giving their views on the breakdown of the November proposals and on the Pearce Commission report. avenues, wide enough for five vehicles abreast in each direction, carry a swift flowing acid lava of traffic, halted momentarily bv the lights to surge out again unpredictably along the lines of least resistance. Pollution is said to be the worst m the world, but one suspects that for this claim the exhaust fumes and the Japanese craving for records are equally responsible. A Londoner or Mancunian could be forgiven for not noticing the difference But the Japanese are fastidious, health-conscious people and smog masks are seen even during the midnight hours when traffic is reduced to a trickle They appear to be the road-sweepers' standard equipment and badge of office. And roadsweepers, both municipal and private, are everywhere. No cigarette butt is allowed to disgrace the pavement for long. Not to thwart the Japanese ambition to dust away their idle moments, cars for the home market are provided not only with a jack and spanner but the starring Sam Groom and Jack Albertson. 4 40 The Golden Shot with Norman Vaughan and Christopher Neil. 5 35 Follyfoot: "The Debt." Dora and Steve are both having problems. Dora with the owner of the horse she looks after, Steve- with a debt; weather. 6 5 News' 6 15 Billy Graham in Ulster. 7 0 Stars on Sunday : with James Mason. Anita Harris, Robert Young, The Beverly Sisters, Bobby Bennett, and Gillian Humphries. '7 25 Doctor in Charge: "Face 1 RADIO RADIO 1.U 55-8 0 am As Radio 2. 8 3 Barry Alldis. 9 2 Junior Choice. 10 0 Noel Edmonds. 12 0 As Radio 2. 2 0 pm Savile's Travels. 3 0 Speak-Easy. 4 0 Pick of the Pops. 5 0 The Beatles Story, part 3. 5 55 Alan Freeman, part 2. 7 0 Sunday Sport. 7 30 As Radio 2. 2 2 am Close. 1 NEWS : 7 O am 7 30. 8 O. 5 30. S O. S 10. .0 30. 11 30. 12 noon. I O fm 2 30. 30. 9 O. 10 0. II o l-J 1 O am. 2.0. RADIO 6 55 .First Day of The Week. 7 0 News ; Weather. '7 3 Barry Alldis. 3 3 With Heart and Voice. 9 2 Junior Choice. 10 2 Melodies For You. ,11; .30 People's Service.-12 2-pm Family. Favourites. . 2,2 The NaVy: LarJc 2 30 The .CUtheroe KM. ,'8,2' Radio' 2 . Music Club., 4 2 Cricket' Scoreboard. 4 .3 . Folk on Sunday. 5 0 As Radio. 1. 7. 3 Sing Something Simple.-7 30 .Grand Hotel .8 30 Sunday, Hatfhour. 9 2 Your 100 Best i Tunes. 10 t The -Mitchell Minstrel, Show. 11 2 Peter Clayton's f Japnotes" - 12 0 MMnigbt ' Newsroom. " 12 5 am Jazz Club. .12 Night Ride. 2 0 'News: Weather, 2. 2 Close. - N,tWS-"7 7 30. 8 O. 8 SO.' O. SO- 10 0. and tv.rv hour on .'tha hour-.-untll 4 0 Pm. -7 0.' 9 o. 10 0. 11 Oi- 12 .mlilnhrht.' I 0 am. A 2-;0. - -RADIO - 3.-8 0 - am News, Weather. 8 5 Showcase: Han of his following aura submarines, and by severely -cutting America's surface naval power, is a problematical commitment at a time when the US is already severely troubled by the difficulties of transition from a wartime to a peacetime economy. The remarkable thing, though, about the McGovern campaign is that it has so far been sustained less by particular issues than by the conviction that it represents a commitment to change. It is this feeling that has rallied a vast army of volunteers many of whom worked before in the McCarthy and Kennedy campaigns of 1968 to work all hours, canvassing precincts on foot, manning telephones, and all the other hard drudgery of getting out the votes on polling day. By next Tuesday, McGovern volunteers will have personally visited 80 per cent of the homes of 5,000,000 Democrats in California : a task that most professional politicians had previously declared to be impossible". The paper said : " The text of the message, approved at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, also outlined the Rhodesian Government's viewpoint on future relations between the two countries." It said the message was in line with the publiclv expressed views of Mr Smith that Rhodesia would make no more concessions. The Rhodesian Parliament will debate the Pearce Commission's report early in its present session. Mr Smith has tabled a "take note" motion in the House. In his speech today. President Dupont said the Commission's " no " verdict had come as a disappointment to " all responsible and fair-minded people in Rhodesia." He declared : " Nevertheless, we have overcome similar disappointments in the past, and it is my firm belief that, in spite of the British Government's decision not to implement the agreement, the determination and resourcefulness of the people of Rhodesia will ensure the future wellbeing and prosperity of our country." accessories include a yard-long feather duster. Chauffeur-driven cars have two, and each time the driver is left alone with his Datsun President or prestigious American sedan he will . dexterously flick away those invisible specks. A consoling note for environmentalists. If atmospheric pollution is indeed worst in Tokyo, the inhabitants thrive on it. The Japanese generally are getting taller fast. It is not at all unusual to see elderly women of well under five feet, accompanied by daughters or granddaughters who tower over them by head and shoulders. In this race to gain height Tokyo is well in the lead. With only five square metres of green space per inhabitant, what Tokyo needs most is more parks and playing-fields. It is not surprising that the country's best athletes come from the smaller but sturdier stock of the provinces. As it is, Tokyo life is lived mostly indoors; in offices which each evening release their the Music " starring Kobin Ned-well A game of golf brings disaster to Dr Waring 7 55 Film : " D-day, the sixth of June" starring Robert Taylor, Richard Todd & Dana Wynter 100 News, weather 10 15 Play: " Ben Spray," starring John Alderton, Meg- Wynn Owen. Gwen Cherrell and Clive Francis. 11 15 The Saint 12 15 Reflection; close. ULSTER 12 5 pm Music in the Round. 12 30 Something to Sing About 12 55 Farm del, Schumann, Mendelssohn Janacek. Dvorak (Si. 9 0 News; Weather. 9 5 Bach Cantatas (part S). 10 0 Your Concert Choice : 'Vaughan Williams. Tippett Delius (S). U 0 Music Magazine. 12 0 Mozart, Hinde-mith and Brahms: Concert, part 1 : Mozart, Hindemith (S). 12 50 pm Interval. Discussion. 1 10 Concert; part 2: Brahms (S). 2 0 Shostakovich : Chamber Music. 2 40 Orpheus und Eurydlke:. Opera in three acts, music by Krenek (S). 4 40 Talking about. Music (S). 5 10 Bath Festival : Concert, part 1 : Scheldt, Bach (S). 5 50 The First . a All That Fall ": play. 6 10 Bath Festival : Concert part 2: Stravinsky, PurceU (S). 7 20 Schubert : Chamber Music (S. 8 0 All That FaU (S). 9 20 Chopin ' (S). 9 55 Ideas to Science .Fiction, part 1. 10 25 New Choral Pieces: Cerha, HolUger (S). 11 0 Beethovens Violin Sonatas, Op. 30 : programme 2. 11 30 News; Weather. 11.35 Close. RADIO 4.-7 50 am Sunday Reading. 7 55 Weather; preview. 8 0 News; 8 10 Papers. 8 20 Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye : (medium wave) for Asian listeners. 8 20 Sunday: .(series) religious news and views. 8 50 Programme News. 8 55 Weathar. 9 -0-10 30 Open University-(VHF), . 9 0 News , (medium wave). ' 9 5 "Sunday Papers (medium wave). 9 15 Letter II1S Senator McGovern It is this kind of enthusiasm, this depth of commitment, this determination to chart a fresh course, that is at the heart of McGovern's success. A new deal in American politics; a reordering of priorities to rival that of Franklyn Roosevelt's fai the nineteen-thirties, may be premature in 1972 but the mood of California Indicates that it cannot be far away. Duty-free bonus in EEC From RICHARD NORTON TAYLOR Brussels, June 2 The Six have agreed to increase allowances of duty-free goods for travellers from one Community country to another. But their decision has not pleased the British Government, and Whitehall is seeking consultations with the Six as soon as possible in an attempt to change their minds. British officials say it is all very well gradually abolishing frontier checks, but they are concerned about the possibilities of fraud and losses for the Inland Revenue that increased allowances would entail. In addition, Britain wants the Community to make a firm commitment to abolish dutv-free shops. The Common Market Governments have agreed to increase the value of duty-free goods that travellers are allowed to take out of a Community country from about $80 to $135 30 to 50). The present British allowance is 10. throng of dark-suited captives who disappear underground , iu squeeze into overcrowded trains where it is too hot m summer and even more unbearable in winter because the overcoats take up extra space ; in ice cream parlours or sushi bars that smell of raw flsh and sake. For the rich, there are always the geisha houses. When at home, the Japanese are ardent televiewers. The average Japanese watches the box for six hours a day (another record) and in Tokyo has six programmes from which to choose. American, French, and British films all have their share. I have never suspected that David Niven's Japanese was so fluent. One programme is devoted to education and weary workers can refresh themselves by memorising such sentences as " Hier ist ein Messer. Das Messer ist sharf." Those who are really eager, can have it all over again in Spanish as well as in French. The Japanese are nothing if not eager house Kitchen 1 45 University Challenge 2 15 Sportsworld '72. 3 15 Film: "The Seventh Voyage of Stnbad " starring Kerum Matthews and Kathryn Grant. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 Follyfoot 6 5 News 6 15 Billy Graham in Ulster ,7 O Stars on Sunday 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 53 Sports Results. 7 55 Film: "State Fair" star-ring Pat Boone, Ann-.Margret, Bobby Darin and Alice Faye. 10 0 News, to 15 Play : " Ben Spray." 11 15 Kyung-Wna Chung. 12 0 Close. from America (medium wave). 9. 30 The Archers (medium wave). 10 30 Morning Service. 11 10 Week's Good Cause Appeal. 11 . 15 Motoring and the Motorists. 11 43 Traffic report 11 45 From the Grass Roots. 12 15 Whatever You Think. 12 55 Weather ; preview. 1 0 The World This Weekend. 2 0 Gardeners' Question Time. 2 30 The Liberators: part ,4. 3 30 Roy Hudd's Vintage Music- . Hall. 4 30 The Living World. 5 0 In Touch. 5 15 Down Your Way. 5 55 Weather; preview. 6 0 News. 6 15 The Double-Dealers. 7 0 Many a Slip. 7 30 Questions of Belief. 8 0 Music To Remember. 9 0 Far, Far the Mountain Peak. 9 58 Weather. 10 0 News. 10 10 Jack De Manio Requests- the Pleasure. 10 50 Epilogue. 10 59 Weather. 11 0 News. 11 15 Close. SCOTLAND. 30 m Churc Naw. and Vlam. 45 Parish Maa. 10 25 Wtak'a Good Cauta. .10 SO M title for Piano: tfuih Macdonald, Alkan. 10 4S-11 IS Twantv Quai-tlonsi 2 0-2 45 pm Salrbhli Ghaldhllai Guile Sarvlca. 2- 45-3 SO Aflald (sarlaa) Scottish W"d Ufi. 1 11 20 Nim: FUMna Kami Waathtr. 11 20-11 50 Tha Musician In acot- land: Handal arr. Dart. Brahma. WALES. 8 20-8 SO am Saaday Maiailna (a. VHP). 11 10 Wa.k'a Good Causa Appaat. 11 IS Sunday Bait. 11 45-12 25 pm Oadfa'r Bora: Morning Sarvlca froni Glvndvlrdwy. 12 25 Wythnos I'w Chonoi Ralw of tha Waak. A 30-3 O Canladaath y Cviaori Walih hvmn-ilnglnl from Ulanaman. 9 0-9 58 Rhwvn Gwvl a Gwalth: Btwet nut and Work. NORTHtAN IRILAND. 8 20-8 SO am Sunday, (at VHP)l Rallflous Maiaalna. 10 30 Sunday Maaa Iram Edinburgh. 11 10-11 13 WmK'i gl Cauia Appeal. 11 IS' Sunday - Ntlht Mutlc. 11 45 Northarn Iraland Naw. HaadlMHi foraca.t fair coa.tal vatar.

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