The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 1931 W/YTI1EV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOB THREh Income Tax High? Just See What Others Pay Huiwitr OUT5IOE0.51 Descendants of Frenchmen Who Fought for Confederacy Am Members. 11V .M.MIV KNICHT I'nUrd PITS:, Sloff (lorrcspciiiduit :-.\::iS. Mai. H 'UP)—The -mlv laughters of the Confederacy in •'.. '..-::r;.l !i ;;i I'-ins '-'-ith a meni- ttc:- 1 -.:-.! c' se'.'r.i. all cf v.'ljcmi rut 1 (.',- rv-n?'.! dr-u'ent. II ts el":"J the -['resident Maj•i: i •••iic-ral t'e I'-iRiisc Ch:ia'.;r" :.;i i 'f. :"" i'i-'.l i? the Miiuiiisi- dv C;c<i'.ii M-iifoit tie ruuiti'.ri'ii. Hi % on first S-IOOO. 3 % on next HOOD. 0 % on balance. Cmniilc Armani) JulK Maria de I'iM' 1 "'I't off'.Tv::! his Kt-rvkis to l v o C>j:!ff;Ura'e (lovermnrnt. P:'nce :'• JV'h'in'. 1 . :i-j hr w.r; ctilk-d. ('.trended from tlie J.VT'Ts.s "f I hit tnmc v:lu) wa^- 1 favo:il« i'f Marie A>rt::mr!te He •''T. t.rrn i'.i Fi.ii'.ic. l r [>bvnary fi. 1R32, and «'(••» til A'nfiii-a n: JB'il ta'ir/ri 1 hi.; wrvice in tlv? Confed- ' ci^te -;imy were- accepted and he wa^ sttuc'"'d tn the Avmv of Ten- nt-^rc.o. He was transferred to L'.uifianr. by General E. Kirby, Kii'i'.r and Richard Tavlor. He led H! M-A Sermv his n-uups in the battles cf Mans-' Americans who make !'r!d and Pleasant Hill, bin before! income las returns !o Finding Pleasure in Work (Called Secret ol : Success r. s. A. I'KRBOXAf, EXEMPTION ?15iiO Einelo mnii. J3500 married man. $ 400 u<li]Uloiial for each J licndent. N011M.1I/ TAX first MOOO ovtr $10,000, 1% and so on un lo V)% ou lu- comes over ?90,000. BRITAIN liXOI t'TION' fe $ SOO Elnsle man. ^1^T& ninrrled man. £250-$300 aililllional for each child. One-Kind! of incline tax fice if Unit Is not over ?15UO. X'JUMAI. TAX 10 % OH first 5125U. 2-'.'j'.i on next, and so on up into surtax class. S'Jll'f.AXKS Flint ?2000 over $10,000, 27%. Next 52DOO, 2'J7 0 . Next ?DOOO, 327o, a;id so on to &OS 0 . GERMANY VKIISOXAI, KXOU'TIOX ?i'SO le man. rie<l man. In addition for cacti jlieinlini; on number. .\01iM.U, TAX l^'.r nn next ?1600. 11M mi next, and so on nt; lo -Ju^b on all over $16,000. Sl'HT.lXKS Xone as inch, itioij';h refi'il.u' rates amount lo the same tllil!!!. AlBD a 10 tu 10% lav oil dividends, excni|)t iu u. K. A. j D. A. Bromley mul ,)ini ncnvnmu. j -ill uf Jcincr. :n - ? liohl In roniu-r-| lion with the Uit'Il of two snlcs at j ! Jolnrr lain Nov/Mnlwr. The snlo.s | 1 ivoi'p [;ikon uii seiMrnlc nUilHs ' I from tUr I. O. A. More nml Ihc : i Sallba MOIO nt Joluor, nml nlxm- doiHHl in a colion Held near llu- ! '. le\or alit't 1 ihcir contents. Inchuiiiii; j ilSbc-i'.y iKtiuls atul rnsh iinioiintlii^ I ' to $LOCa li:ul bt'cu looted. ' ! It. J. ]'iL!ms- and Win. 13. l.niu> 1 ley. uliliL 1 on paioJe Iroin tho Muti- : I pfn-U'tHiaiy wln-ir they woi ? :-rrv- j i ing lime tor burglnry nml Rtnnd into Mores owned by Dan liurchrll • • Lnxoia and stealing merchandise i . >n-i v. l 1 Jiminlc Jones. Monk HiilledKe, ! Fc.-i-.. .:'i:hum' nnd W. E Or.iK i are biumd over from Justice fcilloU I Wlll::i:::'/ i-Mirt ill l.uxora. chained v.'lth IjvMkinL! intti tlie Frisco railroad cii pot at Luvora In December and i' :n:i in January and su-alin^ . iiiv.iniiik'.s uf expiess. | Honur Rcetl and Jess I'iUinan. 1 bound over after trial heic yesU'i-i .day, arc alleged lo Imv? broken •, into H. U. Moore's slore nt ICeiscr, | cu', llieii n ac;"jrn- the defeal of Ihe Conf'derate gov- i lianiincnt of groans and wails about eminent he returned io France the hi;;h ceil cf government litsral- '.••hciv, diiriiiK the Franco- I'l u«iaii ', ly "ain't seen nothin' yet." V.'nr he fon-;ht for Prance. Me la(:?r! JnM consider the tax burden* of |S!ate.i. engaged in journalism and civil en-i Ihe English or the Gcriniins. An; In Germany, even comparatively cenl among Ihe wealthier. T: • his income lax deducted and lor-.| M[lrc]l ' 5 ' am | ' 5 (oi c n to the s'. "Mr. I'li'Mdrnl." In IhK Instance, tsn'l Cjlviu to the British government $345.. nt anywhere from 10 to 40 per cenl j j which is at least 15 times as much nt the source. There is also a would pay in the United heavy capilal lax on lands, houses and intangible capital. , charm i rab- • lrr i " sun!lln ' I" «hlch Mr. tlrftl b>-rame a dln-e- , - j, M g lv |rt store on Little ll ' r sllor " v ;irl '' r lravl "K tllr WlilU- Itunsc. Tln-y :irr plrliin-d ilurliig bing lhc Rivrr t-.l practically nn entire stock ! i of i;oods on the night of Febnmiy j twice to each operation, and the liot gases In the cylinders, before tr/ty are ready for It, will escape through the slight opening made during (he bounce, or resulting from [he delayed valve action. This leakfng of usable explosive gn.s will sliow if.elf In bacXflrlns mid In loss of ixr.ver. u v;ill bum tlio valves and the valve scats, resulting In n poor nt even when llirre is no surge of the springs. It ulll alsu produce exccsflve wear on th'.' entire vnlvc nnchantsni and quick brcukitown of the parts. Engineers have tried to n.-evo:)t vr.lve surge by dctlr.nlni; ri Ijpc if tlinl. or mill 11 n'.: fining, cue Inilds the other, and one spring acting 115 u sort of check on the other. li'.it after about 10.CM miles of use, even lliese double fiprliiujj M-)!l weaken and l)!-;[ik down under 111: i j-lriiin of extremely fnfil and heavy ! Impact. The cure, therefore, Is :•{.•• j pl-icenii'iit. i Tills Is a mechanic's Jot), but It h ! well worth tl;,? outlay. In fact, ! son:e service men advise, vaivo 1 sjirines should be replaced ".w' time Hie rarlxm Is scraped on;l I tlie vaHos ground, 'f h&i I;f 0' 1 U; j extji'nn\ IKI'. it signifies the ir.i- I i'.c.itance of having poo<l stvn 1 ; S ^ id workable ivprlngs In tile valve ' The 0,'ilek. hard work In v/hlch i Ihe valve springs lire put cv.:nlu- ' ully irducc-s llii;!r siirln-jness anJ I •tnvifclh. Thr- metal of wlilch tho i r.'rlncs r.H 1 made Is r.ald lo be! come fatlu'i'. 1 :] and It breaks eoslly. | This deficiency will result. l:i. Io"s | of power, cverhritinf of the en' Kine and backfiring. Worse yet, (he liming n't tlie valves will bo- conv; Inaccurate, both valves will be held op^n at the same; time. 1 and had charge of sev- j Englishman (lorsn't have to have j low-salaried folk pay from 10 to 20. ™'e>i comparison of income The accompanying chart gives a , w " T11[> . walvct , prc u m i, nry h «nr'-' «)' NKA Srrvlo- L'1-.d 3iuveyir.!< expeditions In Al- in the three countries as nearly as j thev may lie shown allowing for lax 'much of an Income to be paying 1 ,per cent tax. and the wealthy pay '"""' Keeps U|> Traditions l1 -'- l» r ccn! ol il ln income tax, ^40 per cenl on practically all their \ ditferences in currencies His rt,iui:hler, the Marquise (ie anc! this rate iiuickly mounls to 50 income. The salaried worker ha? systems. Creqni Mon'ort de Ccuriivren. is,! iheri-fore, one of Ihe most uromin-' cut Ilai;ghtcrs of the Coufc-i'-?racy j and as president of the Paris chap-1 ler is keeping the traditions and i ai:ns of the nrsanl/il'-on very muelij ali^-e in Europe. Wil!> rcf^rcnre lo tiic woik the French Dnnshters: are doii'.K. the .Mlirqnisc said: i "Our objects are the same asi these of i!^ G-inernl Organ!^atiop..j historical, benevolent, social and. cducnlionnl. We wipii to I'.onor vhrl memory of those who served thcj Confedevjcy and '>ur inemi'jrs arr all French dcpcendQiiU of first, Slide!!. Ccnfedcratc commis- siiner in France whose arrest on] the British steair.^r. 'Trent,' and, so-vices to the Confederate Cause later in France are historical, and secondly, oi Prince Camille de Pol- innac. who ^av? his j:rv!ccs to the Confederate Slates and rose tc Ihej .'•MIX of Major General in the Con-j .^hlL-rate army. 1 The rust work of our chanter. | wth the help of llw General or-1 ijtiniv.itloi). was to erect a marker en the battle field cf Mansfield. lAiiisiam, where, during the Red niver Cainpaisn, General Moutonl f ill. and General Prince C.imil^ <!e i Polignnc succeeding him in com- ; ir.r.nd led his troops to victory. At n/cicnt we are trying to gather in- fcrmntion respDC'.iua Judah 1'. Benjamin's stay in Paris after the ivii" bctivcon th? States, and are making that cur study. Confederate Flag "We are also awaiting instructions from the General Organize-1 tion as lo the m-esc!Hr.tio:\ cf a • Confcdcra:•: n^f: lo th: I'nlversltv I i-t Louva:n in Uc&ium where the United Daiuhtcrs of the Oonfcdcr- through their committre i. Hl ine as Silk! icr-, on I and were bound over n few j conference- tn New 1 York. | tei-inclon broker, walking out tor a Trillion of a second, and a i;reat loss of valuable fuel and i power will result. 1° I Sinning of the valve springs and NEW VOHK—'IhLs town I.', step-] Iho cu'ire of Independence amlj delayed valvo operation due tc weakened springs will also reduce Ihe time durliiB which the vnlve llself is 'held llvjhlly lo lhc c=al days ngo after sheriff's deputies re- ' e(l hi thi 1 tradillons of mnrvrlonsj nmkliis cash deals for loads of turned them lo Osccoln lollowlng \ opportunity, but, it always thrills) inclcm on their way to the public their arr-sl In Toxarknna with B | Iu _talca _ul^ Alscr-llka siifcei.s._Kol.: sijume. Ills retail rales plan then txirtlon of the goods in their automobile. whei.> It is cooled while resting before Its next lift. The vfsult H a the Lord's best had many scoundrels in the ranks. Guerilla bands, little better than ordinary bandits, ravage the countryside. All is confusion. meanness and chaos. Ami tiu':i. after Appomallox, comes the reconstruction era. Here the picture is bitterest. Tlie north- Lin ruK-rs Mi. Strtbllnij presenls arc conupt ant! malicious; but the scntl.eit::rs <_ r ci an even worse Interpretation. "They suffer, not. only because of the war and tlie ferocious rcconslriiciicn regime, but because The ImporUnce o. the rUjht d.H Ihcv lUeiiuelves lack the wisdom > i' 8 "?' ° E lhc «>- cl " 1 « 1 chil - :.nd the stuinina tu solve their. own I Cell's diseases too often s d sre- prob!i-ir. 5 . They cannot admit tlie:ga«lcd by mothers of sina 1 sufler- dc]>arture ol slavery; they cannot lo". Dllferenl Illnesses ailect dif- deu..:e a means of adapting them- ferent parls of the boJy. so m plan- SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN 11 few of Ms yieat men lose from' wan tn clmrr.e It) cent. 1 ! for a melon I lowljl beginnings, but y.isl, llu-.same'IT the customer setfclcd It. but •New York was naively stirred the: only . r > rents If he- allowed Tern (o j quickly overheated valve causing cilhiT day when Tlnnnas A. Duck--pick II out. If any wcrn left nn- prc-liiiilllon, noise nml. other de- ncr, one-time ollice boy, U'cmiie jdld at lhc end of the (lay he nnd j fcctlve operation. the president of a billion-dollar] his bro'.lirrs nlc them; ai'.othcr; ... company. I romblnalion of business and picas-; H Is Good nraclici?, therefore, to Miu-h les:, surprised was Imlf-i ""•. | renew Ihe valve sprhiBs each year, liciuleiicc Mo., Tom liutkucr's ultl, Tl'.e rider Biicknrr. once tlie B ' clvrs to tl:e new conditions. 'I In: i 1 ; ths picture "The Forje" ning meals the necessity of seivinr foods that will be the least Irrltal- s u- It is Mr. sirlbling's most 'ng lo the tissues or organs atfect- ambitlous work to date— anrt prob-,^ Is ^ "rst consideratm ;-L:V his brsl. If suffers in many m whooping cough, all the mu- i-ir,"cos irosn a nmltiplicity of people, cons membrane.'; seem to be invplv- au-j incidents. There is obscurity :«1. In severe cases, many ch Idren ivrc and there, and some of the' cannot eat solid food without dts- .•:-.iriCY3 r,re uourty diMwu. But I res sin n is an absorbing novel, and there coughins attacks followc.1 vomiting. This Inability to r=- , , great deal of flrst-rntc stulf tain food, of course, weakens Ins >IIi. TFLLEGEN TELLS US Till: COMPLETE TRUTH child. Consequently, the diet for a c'r.lld who has the whooping cough should ^ ............. _______ consist, of foods which are easilj iV'vvo'jid'hardiy rlo'tMfc'belng the' digested, nourishing and not ivrl- diab affair that it l,s) to let any Inline to tlie throat. Dry. Imd mo'o time go by without making j bulky materials are liable to start some sort of mention o[ "Women an attack of coughing Home tcv/n. [liere one y.iti 1 / encc would havi apiuilnted if Tin any lesser hclE •s still liy the riparls from: principal of » privulc school ol '-'l!vit"inilei)»n-l- Birls. became agency mannaer for In size mid BtrciiBth na IK--ovifln- ., lll.ll iliuii].ii.i & D i o , . .. n ., clr ot ni\ nf Ihd vMvri or about every 10.000 miles. The springs should be exactly the rame In «I re K-h f U recall his early For -cn fieatlv Jii- ! "'0 New York Llle Insurance Com-l »'s. or the operation of the valves " "" ' '' pany when Tom was 10. Tom lie- j *'» be somewhat different from *omo of Hie wine mi office boy there nt 520 a! that- for which the engine has bean month, nnd Sir, of this amount' 'I"'"!'""I The exhaust vulvcs particularly lion, because It Is ho!- Kaser T )is--. and BSJr,£rs. ,,,j!™'T=^"=i;s~- ~ genius for orgnni/alion and sales- was paid for his-board and room j 'JJ^ u ™| ^, C * U | manshlp. They knew he would so j »l home. I here'tint the ho' r,, r ! His boss was a Scotchman who ncrc , lllnl .,'P 11D " weed-cutting cJnb. isj -work needlessly lonj hours at more than a little prcn;! of thai I olTicc ilnllej;, which lhc latter icm- early venture. It illustratvs a prln-! «> tal °'»V by completely rcorgan- clple he has been |,,cachh, a ever' ™»S «"-' b " sl1 "-'^ Q(llct Huffman Ncicft Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Perrv ol LIUIL IIL lia.1 wi;.ii i/,ii\m,ii.; LVL, ,,„,; i i ,i , \ , ' ••--• — •-— .--.-. ~j since-'-ilmt work will us u dri,d v - | w , iai '"c ihnc thus saml lit Ifnrn-j . Tyll > r> Mo .. were thl v guests of Mrs cry or a pleasure, (lerK-ndlng 01J«' to 5C " " 5 "™ clc '- , ,. , ' R - l " Aclklssoh, Wednesday, how you go about it. 11 ! At 21 llc dcc!lM W kncw l Hulon Hobnci of Mfmphls ani tasks." he recalled, and splitting wood "\vas sawing fur the one it Brtn Kind," which is the title of the memoirs of Lou Telleaeh, oflerai by ;hu Vanguard Press at Mr. Tcllcgen here sets out to tell r;]. v.-i'.h one eye on Ihe flapper Your doctor must, of course, acl- vise you about the proper diet for a sick child. Tiny babies are given their usual diet, but the child from one to two years should be very carefully pvin.cti silk: have a v.ay of declaring by their very design and Southern Literature for home awl j color Aether Uiey prefer to go into tiie making of jaunty daytime lifl> - fro: . 11 . h , is CX! J, tm-nitm l ; !,rTrii'-, have ('o-wlert . • st s luoucl down thn books rcli'ting to the Southern '"° rts thln B s - W*m afternoon costumes or formal evening gowns. ; , ,,, HS in pllgiUfm . St">es This committee has pr.i- Two colors cr tnree are the preferences, and Ihe choice of these gambling and what node. He traces Ihe story of his | fed. from his experiences as art-| Time for Liquid Diet rough his rlab-i Children under two years of rented many volumes, yearlv lo the American library in Paris." Tiie Polignac family derived its name orieinallv from a cas:!e—the rinrient "Apnlliniacum"- ill I!:.? de- jvutmcn'. of Ilaiitc-Loirc. and which since Ihc aih Century pcs- hack-driving.i*" 1 " nil d * liquid diet best for o not. until at I few days while the coughing Is at colors reflccls spring's flair for vividness. Big. formalized floral designs last he reached fame on the stage.'.its worst. This diet includes milk aeainn black, brown or other dark bounds carry with Ihein Ihe : ** ^™^°™^^'\ ^n^^'"to ^""nd formality of the occasions they will grace. Unusual color combination 1 ;: Bm JJr Tc n,,^ en i s famous chief-• plenty of waler. Be sure plenty of in smaller designs call for unique cut. of costumes they will make, often - j., ns .J "g rpa t lover"—and Iherc is milk is lakcn (o keep the cliild trimmed with rich furs. ; the litle of Die book lo live up to. nourished. At -lie buiefit for the Girls' Service Club, two of the costumes dinal JIflchior do Poiienac. who was employed in diplomatic mis- fions in Polr,:i;l and at Heir-, and !Lt-ft> For evening, big white flowirs. with black centers, i):i:ited on a luscious raspberry red background, and the gown are So v-c get just about what we might j Older children, unless the attack exp"ct Alter all. Mr. Telcgen was!is unusually .severe, can hnva quit; the rucipicnt of considerable kind- a varied diet of plain soft foods, ness from the fair sex, and if hc| The following list of foods nny received a cardinal'? inc as p'.enipcto.nli XIV nt the peace hat r.ftrr iry cl of Utrccl'.t Architects Praise Mode! o Church '•"« matie chooses to tell about it all in con- j suggest otiiers of (he same Iyp3 lo ivi:h cof!!v sweeping lines lo show the print lo advantage Tl-cr" is -i siderable detail, who can blame. 1'ou. j rouble low hip peplnm. bolow which Ihe ^rt i, cu, verJ fuli a'ud ion^. 1|^ -- «»?;,« ^ '^1^"*^ S ^ne^ and above it, the gcwn is molded to the fisni'S, with just enough fullness Hmhorlvvell.what do you expccl? : , sifted slewed dried apricots, s-IIIrJ to give it grace and ease. . '» * . > apple sauce, soft well cooked ce- iRight) For a formal afternoon occasion, a Kattie Carnegie en- WHEREIN" MIJfinER BECOMES, real with plenty of thin cream. rcmbie is n Chin::" reil print in a small design, with the three-tiuarters KEI.ATSVEIiY nnr. .r ,„„ ,, „=. ,nc,,,^nnhii. ;cnollBh nbo " 1 5cl """ to bccomel Miss Mildred Kay, Preston Pcrrv One of my jiiost Disagreeable,,__.. mv] , nRClU Durlllj , ,,_,. nrsl . nn( , j^,.,, Mn( . ^ }a]&tuS motor( , ( , year—mid thai was' In Ifleti—he| to j onc£ b3r= Sunday afternoon, pried the fanners nround Ottum-j Ltssie Perry Iho gues; a'. «n. la., loase from SmOCO worth. Bessie Ca.ssiday. Thursday night. , of policies. , M rs . n. nr. Dawes and children ! Then in qtiiift succession came! O r chancl La who are hero for : various executive jobs, In Wichita,!,, months visit with relatives are ; Kansas City, Chicago and Newl spending a week in CaruthersviMe. , Vcrk. In 1003 he became vice. Mrs . Emma Perry en terlainni a plnns ' I president in full charge of the en- 1 number of Ihe younger set with a "Then I organized the wood-cut-' tire agency forces of the New York j party nt her home Monday cvtfn- tlng clubs. We worked nifh'.s :>'| Life Insurance Company. Under j i n? v ~ slovo we had iu oun home. I don't believe I tvcr had more Iliun li.df a dozen sticks of w;]rii1 nhrad of j the c n 'ne at one lime. My friends: were similarly alfllctcd. The job: interfered with our play and cur ns not to interfere with our picas- Ills leadership its annual produc- I'res. V/e hung lanterns around: ticn grew from some $2,000,000 the woodpiles and went to It with! to nearly OIO.COO.OOO a year, axes, taws and bucks. We had n ' So the oilier day, when Darwin Mr. nnd Mrs. W. W. Hughes xit- tendcd the .funeral of the lattero brolher-ln-law Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. T. W. Snecd and son, of O, • - - - ccola, Mrs. Annie Casslday. Mrs. L-orhood ami were ycllins for more.; aside to act t~, chairman of Ihe .\[ E Wilson and children of Car- Thai taught me ii lol abcu; Hie'beard of directors. H was Duchner, uthersville were dinner gulls'of crnncl lime. Pretty roon we i! P. Kingsley, prcririenl of the corn- sawed all thr wood in (lie neljh- : pany lor tho inst 24 years, stepped proper altitude toward wor!:. 1 Every summer he becatr.r ! liu- form;r clfice bay. who succeed- yrcnt difficulty ciiFin?crs CHICAGO. (UP) — Robert .1 Schultz. 15. hap constructed a aiod- cl of St. Cecilia's church, cinr'iii- nali. which architects declare r umarkab!" for its fa it!-, fulness te detail. It was built exactly to scilr frcni architect's drawings of th? building and is constructed Inrjflv from a preyed wootl The windows nre mica painted in oil. the window frames arc of tal- sam wood, hand rarverl wilh safety rnzor blades: toe arches are o' white pine: and ll,c planter rn !l" inside v.-alls is a ccmp-vsiticn c' flour and salt. Trie interior of thr church, with its altnrs. slatur? psws anrt dccoraUd windows In 1 been reproduced faithfully In Echultz's model. STUD1FS EN'GUSH OX JOB HARTFORD. Conn.. (UP!—Frank Mirnbello lost his job as a snow certer when lhc "OOFS" found him Immersed in a book en the driver's seat, but he eot il back when it turned out (n he the First Reader. Mirabclln explained he was learning English In order to became a citizen. BREWERY l'?F.S VIOLET RAY f]> MILWAUKEE. Wis. iUP>—Ultra- U Violet ray processing of mall syrur ft 'has been introduced by the Scliilt/ Brewing coinpany here. at Ihcir pton ot "* trimmed. «-«« ^ »«« «* the collar of the jack, | Tiie frocks sleeves look like the coat's until the short: UNEXCITING r fo,^,ove, Jy | milk least, cocoa mane \vllh milk. ;lce\ed coat is removed. The hat of this ensemble Is also made of Ihe urintiri silk. ' _J glv j, s thc 1ifc 5 t or i cs of an as- Luncheons: Green vegetable soup. „..„ hslf do7Cn ladies who have meat broths, plain and with stroln- ccmmitt-d. as the author so neatly |cd vegetables, Jellird boislllon and -if il murder lor love; among' consomme, riced vegetables serve; •lirm arc Ruth Snydcr, Clara Smith: with plenty of liquid. ' • Hamon and Grace Lusk. nrds, bread or cereal custard pud- It would be hard, of course, toj dings, gelalines. Spanish cream ! turn out anything very enduring W l,^"."™ 0 "IS 0 "^'™ 11 ^ the way of literature in a book ol. i this kind: even so. this book falls j ! short of what one might reasonably expect. It seems to be aimed di"The Forjc." by T. S. Slrlblin*. Is : Doran & Co. at KM}, which man- Bilter, Ironic ami Merciless a«,es to escape from this influence. sifted, stewed fruit,';, milk juice. Dinners: The same as luncheons BY ISKAKI, KI.F.IN On Science Editor. NK.\ Srtvire 1-ave siiccceded In Of extreme imiwrlance in the late has teen what is called "valve '.•roper ope.atlnn of your a'liomo- bile are the valves ^:i:l th.-ir ar- coinpaiiylng parts. For it Is in Ihr-ir txact timing; and filnv-i that full ljos\-cr and economy C:I:T be had Mr. and Mrs. McKay, Wednesday. Charles Brasher of Steel? spent Wednesday with Huddle Cassidny. Miss Margaret Perry formerly of Dlythevllle Is making her home with her sister, Mrs. R. L. Adkisson. She is assistant teacher at 40 and 8 school. The 40 and 8 P. T. A. held Us monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon. Hessle Casslday Is seriously ill from the engine. EiiRtn^ers have been pulth'g a sreat d?al of research into the construction of these important parts, and have . r o far .succeedua in nrciiu?::!.; a iivoduct that is (hir tre- incc.^san'. capable ol wiihstar.dini; mendous heal anil tho correclinj of j with flu at her home here. 1 called " Villvo Agnes McKay returned to Osce- 8 - | ola Monday after spending three A valvff fprlng. like any olher j weeks with her parents : ' t: " r " ll \\?r,,M 1 ,e t c7m 'th^on' ! JIiMrCti Ray sp3 ' U Mona ^ n '<* h „,!.'. ".! c .5;. l . m ./A nt ,°i!- v.-lth Louise Chandler. Mr. w. W. Pepper returned Su:ii day from Llttlo Rock whew ha Icrl. the spring will Ixgin to vibrate ' lm bcen for " lc P ast tcn days, nr siirjTc. j Mlis Dcvoth.v Dawss spent Tucs- III; i ;G;IU of this surging is a | da y at- the McKay home. She was bounding; motion which eilher dc-1 enronle from Baton Rouge. La.. lays the closing of the valve cr: l ° her home nt Brookings, S. D. ir>i:Fi'S Ihc vnlve tu bcuncvj out ofj ; •.ia-.v.ion erAtcs the valve mechanism happens to be turning at a speed that coincides ivuii this vibration pcr- with the addition of minced nnd has creamed meat or fish which bccn brcllc ' c! nr roastEd The de.sserU should not be made (00 sweet. Honey is an exeeliTtH nuence. r '" cd *"" 1 1 Ntvel cf fhe Old Sontb =n,l the It is a novel" of the old south and awi thought that always char Civil War, I'nlike Other fairs, ihe war. but it has no trailing ' iz« ai>i>:als to tha.. bo rty of rf . Which Lend Romance to Tl«t clouds of .sentiment. It is bitter. Tl \° book is publlsned b> Covicl. nMnra , swect s(>urc(; and „., t , Conflict' ' ironic and !iicrcil:s>. .Fried. Inc.. and costs S2.30. 1 used for sweetening all sorts of The scene Is a crossroads hamlet in northern Alabama! the charac- '.,?£ ern. high .•ninpr: i .-fi3n and speed .aijine. So cure fill rm:-t they be in the •Jesign of valves that they have gnr.? Into a clo^c sluciy of £ucli a valve mechanism a* the .^^rin'j. ar.d they have prnibircd a \\\r\ ihut h;»s lielpod corsidcrnbly in the cpera- tlon of the motor. iii''h- il: K " lt ' T ' HIS " 1C V -I I;TS *'"' "I 1011 ! Courier News Want Ads Pay. 666 BY RRVCK C.VTTON NKA Service Writer A nimbus of romance, hnzy and. :rrs chiefly members of an out- other-worldly like Ihe Ihln al-the-e'.bows aristocracy. Mr. Stnb- :moke o] an Ir.cilan summer after- ling jives us, first, his conception SAN nd White Rat _ Are Staunch Friends .desirable food. BENITO. (UP) — Strange B ___ _ _ LIQUID OR TABLETS j desserts. Since de.«erts made with i Cure Colds, He;tilnchcs, Fcv; milk and eggs can supply a targe! per CAS Uj7 ! amount of nourishment, they ore a j uou ort1 -'* 1 ' {'HITS H.iliv's ("nlil COAL and FEED KenUicky :ind AI;ib»mn Hay, Ear Corn, Oats, Red Ash Co;i1s. Mixed Foctl. Special Di'livcred Anywhere. 1'riccs on Car Lois. C. L. Bennett & Co. Phono 61 icon, persists in clinging to tales l nf the pr:-war south, and It is not ! friendship of n cat and n white rat of the Civil War. Th; llrcd lines • nppea'.ing. Occasionallv nne meets '"hf> livn nt the home of Mrs. J. R of gray and blue, diminshcd by dls-' (he stoiieti culture and gentility of. Collins here is causing n great deal: ..ince. move like figures in a pag- j plantation life, but more often the or comment. i n:it. culture is sterile, and the ccntility The animals are on the best of The American novelist who lets • is baroly skin-rterp. The edifies : terms nnd frequently curl up to- 18(31 get into his manuscript is apt! built on slavery is shown lo h.ive 8"ther to siecp. ! to find hlnuell. no niail.-r how he chipped plaster, uneven floors and But w 'hen tabby gets hungry she! brgan. writin? as if the war be- a cracked base , scours the neighborhood ir.rtuslri-1 -.vcrii -he states v.irc a legend of i Then conic? We war. The ham- ' °" S 'J' " nd usually returns with prey; old chivalry: and realism gels inj lies in the path of Ihe invading . ~ a huge r B'- I f frcm hi:n to the end of Ihe union armies. Blue-coaled hordes book. MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For till -wcpp e'0'.vn to piihip and loct. Ne- forlu n a iD girls: secluded, private ^er- av-prars now. however, a r ,«.s inn to join (hem. chaining of r;llcs reasonable, ror mformalloi book called 'The Forge.' by T. S. the armies of the Lord, and dh-, Nir j t( , rairmount Hosnital 4911 Eas SU-ibllng (Diiblishr.d by Donbledny. cover, to Ihelr bewilderment, that' 271)1, Kansas City. Missouri. Free Brake Testing On our modern Rnybcstos Drake Tcslinp; Machine, under (he expert supervision of Roy Willis. Tho finest brake service between Memphis nnd S(. I.rmi.3. Dixie Service Station Fhonc 313 Chicago Mill ^. Lumber Corporation

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