The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 193U BLYTHBVILLE. (AM.) OOUMgl FAGB KVfc CLASSIFIED SECTION - s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily ra,lc per line lor consccii- ihe Insertions: (Five average words lo n line) Ono Urns per linn 10c Two limes |V>r line per day .. 08e •1 ni-cc ttnics per linn per day .. 06c bix times per line per day .... 05c Molith rale per line CTc Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for Ihrec or six limes and slopped before expiration v.ill be charger, for the number or times Ire ad appeared and aajcblmcnl of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy tut milled by persons residing outbids of the city must, be accom- 1 anled by cash. Hates ma> be I'afily computed from above table No responsibility will l>e inkei [or more thmi one incorrect in scilion of anv clasbiflcd ad. Advertising entered lor irrcEU Ini- insertions take Uic one tun laic. I'lione 306 or .307. Sco K. A. Fisher Before Buying Good Coal. llcuitl & Whole-sale Oul of CM' On Truck Between Ash & Mum It kli!-7 "They Shall Not Pass" Farm Strike Slogan 101) IMioncs 123 No Price Advance Yd On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hoi As the Uesorl Sands" K C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Me kll-2l) Ve are exclusive agents for orlt- ii»l Genuine Montcvallo Cual iul Slpsy, Arkansas Anthracite and Kentucky Coals. liiune 477 K. F. »'ry Wonder City Coal Cumpany ac kii-u FOll SALE AUSTIN 'COUPE, perfect running coiidllion. O. M. .Morgan, Phone M3-J 30c kll-23 •1\VU JEHSIiY Milk Coivs with tirsl calf. Cail 211 or inquire al . Unyncs Men's Shop. 7c kill Pure bred Sloncvil'e number 4 Cot- lun Stfd S2fi ion. See McDcrmoll or Blaev. al Hlythcville Gin. 2ck!> POULTRY & KGGS Pay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid daily. PICK- 1 ARC'S STORE, 1044 CHIC. AVE One Mm in Ten Found Color Blind by British LONDON iUP> — Ono mim 1» en Is color blltirl, British imvy examiners discovered Iho fuel lifter cxlwusllvc I MM on British gobs lo decide • hlch were trustworthy as signalmen. There arc. three types. "Mono- tirc those who illslln- meii have. (rouble with lllilr reds or greens. "Trichromatic" ones recount™ the llirec primary colors In vlvrt hues, but ctmnoi easily lell llieui ul a distance or mixed wlih 1'ncli oilier. Ohio Man Owns One of First Books Ever Printed cnrumuuc -lire inoau wuu <uo*..,- HANESVILLK, O. (.Ill 1 )—A Bible Biilsh no colors. "Dichromatic" I which is believed lo bo one of the Irst. books' ever' pflnled, Is In the possession ol • Olurk Sliirlz,- bicycle repair man. The. book Is. «.massive volume, and \VM printed In 1664. H Is t'lw story of the' New Tcslament as told by MarllYi Uilhcr, and Is printed In flic German 'Itngutge. ' • One In every five of the 640 slu- 0:ul5 at exclusive Phillips Academy, AndoVcr, Muss, 'works hU way through the school. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheni — i i\ [\L/ a O i \ji\fi, iun \jiii\jt i*-* «- iiUSlNiiSS D1UECTOR\ |o-: lOO yds ofl pavement on North — • null Street. 2p k!2-2 New and Used Furniture Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Alvin Hardy SU W. Asli. REAL ESTATE Rca<l blockades, defended by resolulc bands of tarmers. face drivers of milk, prodcc: and hveslocr. Irucks as they seek to reach markets in the farm strike one. . Above Is shown a determined group, stationed at a barrier on lH<T outskirts of Bloux City, la. Trains have been halted, livestock freed and milk dumped In the -outbreak, In which two m en have been killed and several injured. Troop; " .' may be called in sonic sections. EXPERT Typewriting and Adding Machine Ucpalrliiij. U. S. Btank- cnship, HG E. Rose. Call l(ib-J. 21ckll-2l Come in, list your real estate See wliat we have to sell . M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-Worthlngton Title Co. ISIj Ihcville L. G. MI»S Bljtiimllc's Cut Kate Undertaker 10p-kH-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made lo order, any sue, 0'4"xl2' S4.10 up 9'4"xl5' faiu up. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. Blytneville, Ark . 23pkll-23 CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME—S3.000 farm for S8UO with terms. 160 crcs. 135 fenced, DO cultivation C bottom. 4-room house with or- hard. 2 mil:s from sood OzarK nwn See J. C. Chapin. Manila Arkkansas. ?1> k "> FOR RENT CLEANERS. TAILORS r Quality Cleaning jrhonc 160 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 12ckll-l It Pars to Look Nice Send Your Wotlen Dresses lo Unique CU-sning Service Wiont 171 20c kll-2 . AJJIO-VOTIVE .. Phone 611. 23ckll-23. B1UCK STORE room 25x140, located West Main Street. Available Jan. 1. Address Box 86, Bly- •iblc liEht on a. period of Russian History which has teen Ireatccl lalher skclchily In the pas. Mechanic Builds Wooden Clock in Spare Time PLATTEV1LLE. Wis. (UP) — Walter Atkinson, garagcnum here, is ll'.c owner of a wooden clock, a perfect linickcepcr, whleli he carved with a penknife last winter. The timepiece is composer! of 32 wheels, each wheel being made with H different pieces of wood sections would ends into slands four feel high, and is Iwo and u iHilf feet wide. Rather Ihnu . . ;v,Lville. . 6ckl3 2-Room Unfurnished Apartment, 411-Franklin Sheet. Innuire Rite Price Grocery. Cherry & Franklin. 6pklO This was necessary so that Ihe bring cogs. the groin The c-.ise ...„ ailcpl In killing coyotes »m ntlicr animals, Including uccr, v\ltl tile primitive weapon. IJcccnlly one of She men slio -. iiave any metal 1 nthc clock, At- i,| OW n a coyote en the 6666 ranc klnson used ti heavy wooden weight | („ carson county, the lo furnish motive power. , Ishnfl piercing Ihc unlmnl's henr [ and pinning the coyclc lo 11 I ground. The arrow was shot ffo Bow and Arrow Hunters j a distance ol 50 yards. Become Adept in Texas PAMPA -and arrow »re stnging a comeback in the Canadian River eounlry.-,- C. J. Willianu, L. S. Young and Jack White of Pampa arc becom- lie said. Mo'squttocs as Fish Food ORAND RAPIDS,' Mich. (UP) Lloyd G: Marshall breeds mosqu Iocs as food lor his tropical fls The larvae . make excellent tood YES, I SHAVEDTH" MOUSTACHE OFF 9—LOOWSJ'' L\K& VOLi IS TO\SON, \N THI& TOWH ^ • TWO !^S YOU, NN' TWtY SPt^Rr: ^ FOR # 12 TWAT YOU OWED'EM, BtSVDES "3IVIN' rVNY EYE A -BLACK-OUT! •SO.US'EN.YOU => tSETOUR—PAY rvME"TrV$\2 $#\O TOR MY 6WINER, OR\\ YVU1NG. NDUR NECK SO YOU'LL HUtVi, UWE TOR A MERE BLACK IWEY'RE A COMMOM OCCURRENCE WITH YOU J ---YOU 'DON'T. LOOK NATURAl- ONEj, X ONTWttYE ^°^. ti-1? WANTED Day A: Night Service Station Complete Line Shell Producls Repair Work at Any Time Milton Hternbcrg Phone 605 19c kll-1 UxiKi-ienccd Salesmen and Salesladies. Apply Thursday, Friday or Saturday, fcuperior Goal and Mining Co.," 304 W. Walnut St. 4c kfl Call 308-Ued's Place-118 E. Main For Aulo Pair.lins Ilixly aril Pcnilcr Service Formerly wilh Sliousc-l.ttHc Co^ CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 POSITION WANTED Good Colored .Man modern cook, can 75C. wants job please Ca! fipklO LARGEST STOCK IJSKD PAKTS BctT.-:en Memphis and St. Louis 'Also A"lo Glass—t'hone CO JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2CKl2~i Allfb" GJASS" INSTALLED We mslall glass in your car \vhilc you wait. Call us for belter service Phone 033. Shousc-Liltli! Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 LOST S:).(ill HKWARI) Ri-luni six Engineer 1-it-Id Book in le»lher CMC, lost near As riiiri Unilroad shcels. Leather cas is marked "R. S. CuUimi". Fi^l Ijneks No. SCO Tvinity Farm Con •:ln;clion Co. Finder return lo Courier olTicc lor Reward. 7p klO TOOKlO -OV CAU&ffC ffiVSEV. ^OONO Of Call Us When In Need (II Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Batteries - Replacement Paris HUBISAKU HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. Icklo TAN' .mil WHITE English Setter nan-.ed "Mauri". Reward for re• •i - n or iuformi»!ion Joe H. Kcuter. 7c klO Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-llo Lumber Co. ;0c 1:11-10 WRECKER SERVICE A , Call us when you need a wrecker, ™- " uay and Night Service. Cail 033 Shousc-IJttlc Crcvrolct Co. 10ckll-10 Time for Cold Gi:l Your Car i Weather. Wml. Giinrantcrd. RUSSELL ANIJEHSON Dtris; k Plymouth Garage I'huHf BBS. Gckl2- ANNOUNCKMRNTS SS Sciier Tax in Distrid No. 3 nnw due and payable. Delinquent tors, if paid Immcdialely, will be accepted without penalty. W. U. WILLIAMS, Collector 107 N'orlh Second Street. 2cM . VJORO. ORTHE OEWJS OFF. RE5TO 8A«t AN KVK WITNESS! f I'LL SNEPiK IIJ \JJHILE WD6OD-J'sA AP.OUHD (XM'GET M^( SHftRE OP'THE C-/3UO. j=^^r=^'\ J/iiMM , . •^- By Cran NOTICE TO METHODIST CHURCH MF.MBERS Help your chuvch by saving Can- ovn Collce Cnn Keys. Drop them in Ihc l;ox a'. McMullin's Cash Grocery or Liiri'ly Cash Grocery. Gc k!3 -/7V IT WNt HONE O' MM . EBS^t«, BUT SlUtE SOUTCH.O ME. TO VKSf AH ESE ON THE CftBlM VM^ERE VOU ML KEEPS MER OOST- \Wht, I HGGERED n W« MS OOOTY, M.AVBE. OHEARTU ARE SOU WKIMQ ABOUT, .Trs MR.IUBBS. MA'M. i \A^,TOR6tt SEEN 'IH GO IN .THERE. HE \ VT, DL6 . 5NUCK IN. THAT'S WOT '& fTlMER.VJIN, t, Mft'M. HE. -SHUCK WASH ISM POWERFUL SUSPICIOUS /riOMESTKi LIKE, . ^' ^ I'KRSONAT, SALESMAN SAM J5A'ITKRIKS Hatlery i- Itartiatnr Srrvlre We KJiaianlce you bctlcr haLlcry or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Gel our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call G33. Shousc-Lilllc Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-ID New I'ord tintterirs lielilal - KcrhursiliB - liep^irirp 777 TIRE & BATIEKY STATION DOGS, PETS For Healthy Dogs feed Miller's Ration i Onirk Lunch HfBBARl) HARDWARE CO. llckll-11 Fhit-.s Cleaned, repaired. Inspcclcd Work ciiarai-.lced. W. \v. Book- r. Call 100. 13p kll-13 T.KGAI, NOTICES ___S1'ORT!NG GOODS You will find a complete line nf NEW MODEL I1ICYCLES at Hulibard Hardware Company. lCckll-16 W.\RX1N<! OKDER :<•_'< s R.iliha: James P.. Sallba; Mrs. Jair^ 3. Haliha: Charles Sari: Mr:-. Charles Saliba; and Sally Rsliha. aro warned lo appear in the Chancrry Courl for Ihc Cliick- v,-bT Ifrlricl of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within three months, lo answer a complaint filed n^ainst their, in said co:irt by Really Purchase Corpor.ilion. and Dnvle Hender;o:i. as siibstlluted trustee. D;>led Ihis Tth riay of November, 1933. R. L OAINES. Clrrk. Reid. Evrard i-.Henderson. Attorneys for PbinliHs. 7-14-21-28 A SH.KNT PAUTNEU! By SMALL COAL & WOOD BRILLIANT fc KENTUCKY COAL Qiuilitv t\: Quantity Guaranteed HARTNICK'S COAT. YARD R. H. A: Ash St. Phor.c TO oocontb wr/ SHOP wVTU &ooo ^&,*<^ ' iTttO U. «. »«T. Off . KRECKI-ES Yale Press Prints Godunoff Biography N'EW HAVEN. C;nn. (UP)—The rM American biography of Boris Gotimiof. the commoner who bc- c;,n;e TVnr of R'.issia in Ihc I6lh . , -. Century, rccenlly has been issued 3e!t ' 2 _ [by The Yale L'uiversily Press. TI ritONE 1D7 BUCEIANAN "Our Coal Is ninck Bnl We Trcal Yon White." . Hie work cf Stephen Graham.. Tile book i!- a sequel to "Ivan Terrible." which \vns publish Oc kll-0 c<l last year. ;.r.d throws consider .SUDDENLY CLICK. '.'. IUK.WG PASSES eECW-ESSLY, W!FIK!<j TWIWJ6H TACl<tES,'-MO SV.'IMSISS EHDS poa GOO? BOYS MOVE DOWM TO 2OVOLIHI"' AND HIS FRIENDS ^^"X U'r 1 ^ (• ,,-fe BLOSSEI V/MTH'SECONDS LEfrro w*v, MJD AWANCE TO TIE WE SCOPE w,rn J \ TOUCWOOWM WCP WIN WITH A W(NT AFTER TOUCHDOWN, CPASH WOPR1SK EVEt?YBOO/BV ATTEMPnNS A DROTKCK. IT'S SOpD--- OUT IT LEAVES SHADyfilDE TRAILING BY I THPEE PQiNTS ft #, SHAOYSIOE LOSES.' FINAL S£02E F«;tJeLE 13 SHAOYSIPE '10. THE BALL ON THAT LAST PLAY? IT

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