The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on May 5, 1973 · 3
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 3

London, Greater London, England
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Saturday, May 5, 1973
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THE GUARDIAN Saturday May 5 1973 Soviet call to the land, by order SOVIET authorities have decreed that all able-bodied persons, including city-dwellers, may be recruited for farm work between May and September to help bring in the harvest and prevent losses, Pravda said yesterday. The newspaper announced that the Communist Party central committee and Government Council of Ministers had decided to grant such authority to councils of Ministers in every republic of the Soviet Union. THE SPANISH Government announced it was speeding up plans to strengthen and re-equip the police forces, following May Day incidents in Madrid in which one policeman was killed and several others injured. It said the incidents were the result of "minority action, but this cannot make us ignore its dangers." It reiterated "its firm decision to continue guaranteeing public order." TELEVISION viewers throughout the world will be able to see a six-and-a-half-minute total eclipse of the sun on June 30, televised from the shores of Lake Rudolph, in Northern Kenya, and relayed by satellite, the European Broadcasting Union announced in Geneva. THE prospective Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Dr Joopden Uyl, a 53-year-old Socialist, said at The Hague that he expected a hew Dutch Cabinet to be sworn in by the middle of next week. This would end five months of protracted negotiations : the longest political crisis the country has known. IN WELLINGTON the Leader of the Opposition, Mr John Marshall, gave a warning that a protest voyage by a New Zealand warship into the French nuclear testing zone in the Pacific could force a confrontation with France: an exercise that would be "pointless or dangerous." PATRIARCH Amba Shenouda, the leader of more than 18 million Coptic Orthodox Christians, arrived in Rome on the first official visit to the Vatican by a Coptic Pope for 16 centuries. He is to be received by Pope Paul for a private audience today. THE BODY of a 64-year-old American Senator, Mr Edward Long, who died in November, was exhumed at Hannibal, Missouri, for examination after claims that he might have died from eating poisoned sweets. CZECHO S LOVAKIA announced an immediate ban on all private air and overland travel between Czechoslovakia and Austria, because of foot-and-mouth disease. Train passengers in transit will be allowed through. SUNDAY TELEVISION A NEW ONE from David Mercer, Leo Mckern leading as the film director trying to work out his life in his films and not quite winning, with strong support (An Afternoon At The Festival, ITV, 10 15). Amadeus celebrates the 25th anniversary of the lauded string quartet, who play, rehearse, talk (BBC-2, 8 45). Elsewhere, Omnibus looks at the Royal Academy (BBC-1, 10 20) : Foreign Eye continues to show how others see us (ITV, 11 15). ITV recalls the Cup Final (afternoon, times vary). Early, Weekend World (ITV, 11 30). BBC-1 9 0 Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan. 9 30 Repondez s'il vous plait. 10 30 Morning Service. 11 35 Don't Just Sit There. 12 0 Training for Work. 12 25 Picture Making. 12 50 Farming. 1 15 Made in Britain. 1 30 Parents and Children: The Young Offender. 1 55 News, Weather. 2 0 Along the Seashore. 2 15 The French Way : Desastre, Catastrophe, Cataclysme, Apocalypse. 2 45 Lancer. 3 30 Cartoon. 3 4 0 Film : "A Certain - Smile," starring Rossano Brazzi, Joai. Fontaine, Bradford DiUman w ith Christine Carere. 5 20 Wives and Daughters: 1, The Widower. 6 5 News, Weather. 6 15 A Place called Loppiano. 6 50 Glory, Glory. 7.25 Owen, MD. 8 15 Film: "The Birds." starring Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pie-shette, and introducing " Tippi " Hedren. 10 10 News, Weather. 10 20 That's My Little Masterpiece :' the Royal Academy. - 11 0 Ireland : Some Episodes i from her Past, part 1, ill 50 Weather, Close. NEXT MONDAY'S twenty-fifth anniversary parade through Jerusalem has spawned some curious alignments. Moshe Dayan, the symbol of Israeli militarism, has confirmed that he opposed the whole idea in Cabinet. He thought it too wasteful of money and manpower. Now he contents himself by saying that it is being held to please Israelis rather than to impress Arabs. "I prefer it to having our independenc e'celebrations dominated by boredom or plastic hammers on our heads." Ebba Eban, dove and diplomat, on the other hand has come out wholeheartedly in favour of the parade. It would be a forgery, he told a press conference last week, to present Israel's accomplishment without showing " our youth in its willingness for defence and in its capacity for action." Nothing, he added, was more peaceful than a military parade : " The only time that an army cannot really do anything at all is when it is presenting itself ceremonially." The Arabs would be wise not to bank on it. Among those who will not be present on Monday will be Yit-shak Ben-Aharon, the secretary-general of the trade union federation, Histadrut. Dick Crossman, who is here working on his biography of Weizrnann, remembers Ben-Aharon speaking on Bevanite platforms 20 years ago and getting into Nixon foresees limited nuclear warfare There are signs, which some will regard as frightening, that America is now formally abandoning the basic strateigc doctrine of nuclear deterrents founded on the idea that the only type of nuclear war is an all-out world destroying conflict. In his "state of the world" message yesterday Mr Nixon called for a " different doctrine " with increased " flexibility," and analysts believe that the US is now in the process of adopting the idea of limited nuclear battle into its main war-fighting philosophy. The shift from all-out to limited nuclear war doctrine is one which America has been contemplating for the past five years. The manner in which Mr Nixon phrased ' his remarks yesterday, however, suggests that the necessary technological development and subtle alter-1 ing of war plans have reached a point where the doctrine will;, soon become a fact. The President said that while'" the spectre of unacceptable Police open fire Lisbon, May 4 Four students were reported to have been injured, one seriously, when police opened fire to disperse a demonstration here over the attendance of plain-clothes police in classrooms. UPI. Antonio Fiaueiredo adds : There is anxiety among Portuguese exiles abroad over the implications of a new wave of arrests in Portugal since May 1. The number of those detained under the 180-day " no charge " detention law has not yet been disclosed officially, but fragmentary reports of the arrest and disappearance of well- WALES. 12 50-1 13 pm Farming In Walu. 3 30 Yn ol Idwal: Idwal Jones in Talysarn. 4 5 Rugby Union: Snelllng Sevens. 4 55- 5 30 Top oi The Form. 11 52 News ot Wales. Close. SCOTLAND. 12 50-1 IS pm Farm Forum. 2 15-2 45 The Scottish Nation- Part 7. 6 15-7 25 The David Livingstone- Centenary. 11 52 News. Weather. Close. NORTHERN IRELAND. 12 50-1 13 Farming. 2 1S-2 45 Portrait ol a Musician: Eric Hinds. 11 52 Northern Ireland News. Weather. Close. BBC-2 8 55 Open University. 1 30 Cricket : The John Player League Kent v Middlesex. 6 45 News ; Weather. 7 25 The World About Us : Death of a Legend about wolves. 8 15 Seven of One : starring Ronnie Barker and Emrys James. 8 45 "Amadeus": Norbert B r a i n i n , Siegmund Nissel, Peter Schidlof and Martin Lovett 9 50 Away From It AM : " The Summer House " with Constance Cummings as Lady Grania. 10 40 The John Denver Show. 11 25 News; Weather. 11 30 Up Sunday. 11 55 Close. Granada 9 30 Morning Service. 10 35 Farmhouse Kitchen. 11 0 The Addams Family. 11 30 Weekend Woria. 12 55 The Saint. 1 55 On the Line Harold Soref, MP. 2 25 How the Cup -Was Won, ERIC SILVER : Letter Not all in step for the big parade hot water with the Israeli Labour establishment for thus interfering in the conflicts of a fraternal party. The Histadrut secretary has remained more of a Bevanite than some. He says that the 1.3 millions the parade is reputed to be costing would be better spent narrowing social divisions. ' Less demonstratively, the Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek, is also planning to stay away. His record is rather more military than Ben-Aharon's. He was one of Israel's chief gunrunners in 1948, and is identified with the activist (Ben-Gurion, Dayan) wing' of the Labour Party. As a man who has to wrestle for every penny he needs to develop his city, he too is distressed by the parade's cost. Even the bonus of two new roads for Jerusalem, built by army engineers so that the tanks won't have to manoeuvre round too many tight corners, has turned out to be two-edged. The city will have to pay ahout 25,000 in compensation to Arab landowners if it wants to keep them. JERUSALEM itself will be in a state of siege for 22 hours "From SIMON WINCHESTER, Washington, May 4 response was fundamental to deterrence, the ability to kill tens of millions of people was not the only or necessarily the most effective deterrent for every challenge. Such a drastic course could be credibly reserved only for the most overwhelming threats to national survival. He continued : " A different strategic doctrine is required in this decade when potential adversaries possess large and more flexible nuclear forces. The threat of an all-out nuclear response involving the cities of both sides might not be as credible a deterrent as it was in the nineteen-sixties.An aggressor might choose to employ muclear weapons selectively and in limited numbers or for limited objectives ... No President should ever be in the position where his only option in meeting such agrression is an all-out nuclear response." Mr Nixon said the fundamental aim of America's military forces remained deterrence. But there could be cases in which a limited nuclear response was called for. known artists, journalists, and professional people seem to indicate a new wae of repression of cultural activities, and protests against labour conditions and the colonial wars. The arrests appear to have been prompted by a programme of lectures, meetings and concerts to celebrate May Day, which is not an official holiday in Portugal. Among those arrested are the popular singer-composer, Zeca Afonso, and the Lisbon journalists. Nuno Vasco and Jorge Letria. Afonso, some of whose records have been banned, is a leading figure in the protest movement. 3 20 The Ealing Comedies " Meet Mr Lucifer," with Stanley Holloway and Peggy Cummins. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On the Buses. 7 55 Sylvester. 8 0 Movie Premiere " Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole ," with Susan Hayward and Darren McGavin. 9 30 Our Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play "An Afternoon at the Festival," with Leo M c K e r n and Adrienne Corri. 11 15 Foreign Eye. 12 10 Close. Yorkshire 9 20 Chess Masterpieces. 9 30 Morning Service. 10 30 Pipet and his Friends. 10 35 Untamed World " Penguins." 11 0 The Odd Couple. 11 30 Weekend World. 1 0 Farming Outlook. 1 25 Calendar Sunday. 1 55 How the Cup Was Won. 2 50 Film : Michael Caine, Nanette Newman. Peter Cook, Dudley Moor, Peter Sellers, John Mills, Ralph Richardson, and Tony Hancock in "The Wrong Box." 4 45 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. G 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On the Buses. 7 55 Film : Anhe Bancroft, Sue Lyon, Margaret Leighton, and Flora Robsoh in Seven Women." 9 30 Our Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play: Leo McKern in " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 20 Calendar Special The Cod War. ' 12 5 Foreign Eye. 12 50 Close. Tyne Tees 9 20 Chess Masterpieces. 9 30 Morning Service. 10 30 Jobs-around the House: Wood-sculpture. from Jerusalem before the parade. All roads into the city will be closed to, unauthorised private vehicles. The traffic was so had last time, in 1968, that it took almost a full day to unravel it. Police are hoping that 95 per cent of the 300,000 guests expected to pour into the capital will come by bus, train, or taxi. Jerusalemites will have almost as much difficulty getting out. Only two roads will be open for them one towards Bethlehem, the other towards Jericho. As a tactful gesture, the 430 tanks and armoured cars, followed by 2,000 marching troops, will skirt the Arab areas but not pass through the main East Jerusalem streets. The wooden grandstands lining the route, topped by replicas of campaign medals, are reserved for 55,000 invited guests (Vns, war invalids,- families of fallen soldiers, new immigrants, and tourists). The other quarter of a million willvhave to do the best they can along the narrow pavements. By the end of the parade the gap between the motorised units and the marching soldiers will have stretched to 35 minutes. The time lag .will be filled by piped music. The object is essentially humanitarian. The idea is that America's inflexible strategic position in which it would fire off virtually all its Polaris, Poseidon and Minuteman missiles if one solitary Russian missile happened to land in America leaves it open to blackmail by an aggressor. The strategists like to portray America as an intelligent and benevolent elephant, who would restrain himself from stamping on an ants' nest if a single ant kept biting him on the leg. Knowing this, the ant would keep on biting or blackmailing the hapless'giant. But with the ability to make a limited response, to kill the annoying ant without obliterating the whole nest, President Nixon believes that the risk of blackmail would be less and that America's position thereby be strengthened. Critics, though, will say that since any use of any nuclear weapon is bad news, this new philosophy is a bad one. Nuclear deterrence in its present form is therefore now under attack from two sides. British doctor on US charges New York, May 4 Dr Morris Fraser, a child psychiatrist of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, and seven other men have been charged here with sexual offences against young boys, alleged to have taken place in a house on Long Island. Dr Fraser (37), who has pleaded not guilty, was said by officials to have returned to the US for the hearing " willingly and at his own expense." After the indictment he was released to return to Britain. Reuter. 11 0 Sandy Duncan. II 30 Weekend World. 1 0 Farming Outlook. 1 25 World War I. 1 50 Where the Jobs are. 1 55 Cup Final. 2 55 Film ' The Wrong Box,-' with Michael Caine and Nanette Newman. 4 45 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On The Buses. 7 55 Film " Gunn," starring Craig Stevens and Laura Devon. Our Kid. News. Play "An afternoon at the Festival," starring Adrienne Corri. Operation Barbarossa. Dr Simon Locke. Lectern. Close. 9 30 10 0 10 15 11 15 12 5 12 35 12 40 BORDER. 9 30 am Morning Service. 10 30 Gardening Today. 11 0 The Odd Couple. 11 30 Weekend World. 1 0 pm The Exploring Mind : Lavoisier. 1 30 Take Better Photographs. 2 0 Farming Outlook. 2 25 How the Cup Was Won. 3 20 Nichols 4 15 The Sound of . . The Settlers. 4 30 Border Diary. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On the Buses. 7 55 Film : "The Alphabet Murders." starring Tony Randall, Anita Ekberg, and Robert- Morley. 9 30 Our Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play : " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 15 Operation Barbarossa 12 5 am Epilogue: Close. SCOTTISH. 10 5 am World War 1 The Day the Guns Stopped Firing. 10 35 Women Only. 11 5 Clapperboard. 11 30 Weekend World. 1 0 pm The Champions. 2 0 Cup Final Scot-sport 3 30 Film : " Crossroads to Crime," starring Anthony Oliver, Miriam Karlin. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 No Easy Answer. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 Doctor in Charge. 7 55 Film : " T,he Oscar," starring Stephen Boyd. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play: "An Afternoon at the Festival." 11'20 Late Call. 11 25 Mannix. 12 20 am Close. GRAMPIAN. 11 0 am Farm Progress. 11 30 Weekend World. 1 0 pm The Exploring Mind "Lavoisier" 1 30 Take, Better Photographs. 2 ' 0 Scots- JUST HOW militaristic is Israel after 25 years? A couple of weeks' ago the Deputy Prime Minister, Yigal Allon, took a party of local and foreign journalists on a tour of the occupied Jordan valley: We were shepherded by General Rehavam Ze'evy, GoC Central Command, a dark, bespectacled man who has filled out a little since he was nicknamed Gandhi. Ze'evy is no champion of passive resistance. He is the nearest Israel has to a George F. Patton arrogant, assertive, impatient;" loved, and feared by his soldiers. Allon was his old commander before J 948. But Ze'evy evidently has little time for' Alton's territorial designs. During one stop, on a vantage point high above the Jordan, the general briefed us on the topography. Allon was sitting discreetly on a sandbag, explaining his ideas to a foreign reporter. "Come on Yigal," Ze'evy called out after he had finished his exposition. "It's time to withdraw." "Only the army withdraws, Gandhi," Allon replied. ." Maybe," Ze'evy countered, "but it's the politicians that 53 stand trial for 'plot' From SAM COHEN Istanbul, May 4 A new trial of 53 defendants accused of terrorist activities, including the planning of an attempt to blow up the new Bosporus bridge, started in a military court here today. The prosecutor demanded the death sentence for 12 of the defendants. Two of them are retired officers, and the others include students, lawyers, and a doctor. Prison sentences of from 5 to 43 years have been demanded for the other defendants. The indictment accuses the defendants of trying to abrogate the Constitution and dissolve. Parliament by force, and being involved in bomb attacks, robberies, and other acts of violence. One of the defendants who appeared in court today is Ibrahim Cenel, a student who lost both arms and a leg during a bomb attack The only girl among the defendants, Miss Ayfer Akdeniz. is an admiral's daughter. Some of the defendants objected to the martial law court and the judges. A retired lieutenant-colonel, Talat Turan, said there could be no justice under the shadow of the bayonets and he asked for the military guards with fixed bayonets to be removed from the courtroom. His request was rejected. In another development 10 foreigners, nine of them students and members of the secret " Islamic Liberation Party " have been arrested after a security operation in Istanbul, Ankara, and Trabzon Eight of those detained are Jordanians, one is a Lebanese, and one an Afghan. They are expected to stand trial soon on charges of attempting to instal a theocratic Islamic regime in Turkey. sport. 3 30 Film : ' The Forty-Ninth Man," starring John Ireland, Richard Denning and Suzanne Dalbert. 4 40 T he Golden Shot. 5 35 flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On The Buses. 7 55 Film: "The Helicopter Spies." starring Robert Vaughn. David McCallum. Carol Lynley and Bradford Dillman. 9 30 Our Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play : " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 15 Foreign Eye. 12 7 am Close. HTV (Cymru). 9 30 am Morning Service. 10 35 Fanning Diary. 11 0 Angling Today. 11 30 Weekend- World. 1 0 pm University Challenge, 1 30 In Tune. 2 0 Bugs Bunny. 2 15 How The Cup Was Won. 3 15 Film : James Cagney in "A. Lion in the Streets.'' 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 No Small Change. 6 40 Llustern. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On The Buses. 7 55 Film : Frank Sinatra in "The Naked Runner." 10 0 News. 10 15 Play: Leo McKern in " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 15 The Charlton Brothers. 12 0 Close. ATV. 9 30' am The Morning Service. 10 30 Camping and Caravanning. 11 0 Citizen's Rights. 11 30 Weekend World. 1 0 pm Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). 2 0 Soccer: How the Cup Was Won. 3 0 Film: " Cowboy," starring Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon. 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On the Buses 7 55 Film : " From Here to Eternity," starring Burt Lancaster. Frank Sinatra, Montgomery Clift, Ernest Borgnine, Deborah Kerr, and Donna Reed. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play : " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 15 Foreign Eye. 12 0 Close. ANGLIA. 9 30 am Morning Service. 10 30 Circus. 10 55 The Doris Day Show. 11 20 Cartoons. 11 30 Weekend World: 1 0 pm The Champions. 1 50 Weather. 1 55 Farming Diary. 2 25 Film : " Great Guns," starring Laurel and Hardy. 3 45 Football. 4 40 The Golden Shot 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News. 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sundav. 7 25 On the Buses. 7 55 Film : " A Lion in the Streets," starring James Cagney and Barbara Hale. 9 30 Our Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play : " An Afternoon at the Festival." 11 15 Denartment S. 12 10 am The Bible for Today: Close. give the orders. That's the tragedy about our democracy." "No," capped Allon, "It's only because of our democracy that we. can afford generals like you, Gandhi." MY FAVOURITE unheroic tale af May 1948 was told over the lunch table by Gideon Raphael, policy adviser to Abba Eban. Twenty-five years ago Raphael was political secretary to Moshe Sharett, Israel's first Foreign Minister. He went with Sharett to the Tel-Aviv museum on May 14 to hear David Ben-Gurion read the 'declaration of statehood. Then they returned to the makeshift Foreign Ministry to inform the world and request recognition. With the aid of an out-of-date Statesman's Yearbook, the two men drew up a list of countries, capitals and Foreign Ministers (some no doubt already dead or deposed). Sharett drafted a florid telegram : Raphael edited it to a manageable length. Sharett, an ex-journalist, typed it. (His woman secretary had dropped exhausted and gone home to sleep). At about two in the morning Rhodesia liberal urges dialogue From HENRY MILLER, Salisbury, May 4 Mr Pat Bashford, leader of the liberal Centre Party, told the Rhodesia National Affairs Association today that to pretend that a settlement could come about "as some sort of a by-pass deal between the Rho-desian and British Government " was " either naive or just plain dishonest." Rhodesians were deluding themselves if thev believed the Government was "on the point of convincing Bntain that the majority of Rhodesian Africans now accepted the 1971 settlement proposals, he said. No matter how much Mr Smith equivocated, sooner or later the settlement must be his "nemesis." "The Rhodesian Front may have the effective power to govern, but so long as the African National Council retains the power to veto any Constitution it has not agreed to, it is obviouslv in the national interest to get a dialogue going to bring the dispute to finality, one way or the other." Only with a . dialogue between the RF and the ANC could a start be made to loosen the log-jam." Mr Bashford alleged that Resigns after 'leak' Helsinki, May 4 Finland's Minister of Trade. Mr Jussi Linnamo, resigned today, two weeks after he was accused with two other Social Democrats of giving secret Government documents to unauthorised people. In his letter of resignation, he said : " Even though I deny charges raised against me, it is evident that I would not be able to run my duties in the Government." The Justice Chancellor had aharged Linnamo, Antero Jyraenkd, chief of the President's staff, and Seppo Lindb-lom, former Minister of ULSTER. U 30 pm Weekend World. 1 0 pm Exploring Minds. 1 30 Take Better Photographs. 1 55 Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. 2 15 The Big Match. 3 15 Women Only 3 45 Tarzan RADIO RADIO 1. 6 55 am As Radio 2. 8 3 Barry Alldis : part 2. 9 2 Ed Stewart with Junior Choice. 10 0 Lulu's Top 12. 11 0 Noel Edmonds. 1 0 pm Kenny Everett. 2 0 Jimmy Savile (2 0 Savile's Travels, 3 0 Speak-Easy). 4 0 Solid Gold Sixty. 7 0 Sunday Sport. 7 30 As Radio 2. 10 2 Sounds of Jazz (10 2 Humphrey Lyttelton and Jazz Club. 11 0 Peter Clayton with news, reviews and comments from the world of jazz). 12 midnight As Radio 2 2 2 am Close. (RADIO 12 V'HF 10 2-12 0 pm Sounds of Jazz). News 7 O am, 7 30, - 0. b 30, . O, 9 30. 10 30. 11 30, 12 30 pm. 2 30. 4 30, 5 30, 9 O. 10 O. 12 midnight, i 0 am, 2 0. RADIO 2.-6 55 am First Day of the Week : Resurrection. 7 0 News, Weather. 7 3 Barry Alldis : part 1 (part 2 at 8 3 am Rl). 8 3 Reginald Dixon plays music you've requested on the BBC Theatre Organ (S). 8 32 With Heart and Voice. 9 2 As Radio 1 10 2 Sam Costa introduces Melodies for You (S). 11 30 People's Service. 12 2 pm Family Favourites: (S). 2 2 Mostly Monkhouse. 2 30 Bins Crosby part 5 3 30 Frank Chacksfield conducts The Radio Orchestra. (S). 4 2 Charlie Chester. 6 0 The Top Twenty with Tom Browne : as Radio 1 (S). 7 3 Sing Something Simple (S). 7 30 Viennese Night: Concert from Bristol (S). 8 30 Sunday Half-Hour (S). 9 2 Your 100 Best Tunes: records (S). 10 2 Music to Midnight (1500m). 12 0 Newsroom. 12 5 am Night Ride (S). 2 0 News. Weather. 2 2 Close. Radio 12 VHF: 10 2-12 0 pm Sounds of Jazz. NEWS. 7 O am. 7 30. 8 O, S 30. 9 O, 9 30, 10 o then every hour on the hour until 2 0 pm. 4 o. 5 O. 7 o. 9 o, lO 0. 11 O. 12-midnight. 1 r am. 2 o. RADIO 3.-8 0 am News, Weather. 8 5 Le Grand Siecle : French Church Music. Charpen-tier, Delalande, Couperin (records) (S). 9 0 News, Weather. 9 5 Your Concert Choice. 11 0 Music Weekly (S). 11 45. Proms 72 : Concert, part 1, Bach (S). 12 35 pm. Words a . i Marghanita Laski. 12 40 Two who refuse to celebrate unionist (left;, and Mr Teddy Kollek, the Mayor of Raphael was dispatched to the cable office to transmit the messages. He .found a solitary duty clerk, who took one look at the stack of telegrams and denied all knowledge of a State of Israel or its Foreign Ministry. As far as he was concerned he was still employed by the British Mandatory Government. Raphael could send his bumper bundle, provided he paid on the nail. The clerk was a Jew, but all appeals to patriotism were of no avail. He had heard, however, that a certain M Ze'ev rank-and-file opinion in the ANC had become so hardened by Mr Smith's actions since the Pearce Commission that " even if the mild and peace-loving Bishop Muzorewa did manage to come to a compromise arrangement, his colleagues would immediately disown him." The Centre Party .believed that the Opposition "parties had a duty to the nation to collaborate in trying to work out a constitutional formula which would be accepted by the majority of people before the next general election. " Neither the lifting of sanctions nor de jure recognition will be any good to us if we fail to put our house in order voluntarily," Mr Bashford . said. " Without an internal accommodation Rhodesia will never be really independent, de jure or otherwise." Mr Bashford said he believed that implementing the settlement proposals would create an entirely new and more friendly atmosphere. " If we continue to behave like a depraved species of Sicilian bandits, prepared to hold a pistol to the heads of our own black wards then we deserve the chop." Industry, with distributing Presidential documents to unauthorised people. The documents, parts of which appeared in several newspapers, said the Russians had warned President Kekkonen not to sign a special trade agreement with the Common Market. Jyraenki and Lindblom will be tried in the Helsinki City Court, but Linnamo. because he was a Minister, might have had to appear before a special sitting of the Court of Appeals. A Government source said the resignation might preclude the President from calling the court into session. UPI. "Village of Fire." 4 40 The Golden Shot. 5 35 The Flaxton Boys. 6 5 News 6 15 Argument. 7 0 Stars on Sunday. 7 25 On The Buses. 7 53 Sports Results. 7 55 Film : " Yho"s Got the Proms 72 Concert (S) part 2, Vivaldi. 1 35 Debussy and Ravel: Piano recital (S). 2 15 Opera "The Duenna," by Roberto Gerhard (S). - 4 20 Talking About Music (S). 4 50 The Duenna " Act 3 (S). 5 20 The Fascist (story)- 5 50 Daniel Chorzempa : organ recital, part 1 Bach (S). 6 50 In Short. 7 0 Daniel Chorzempa part 2, Liszt, Vierne, Dupre (S) 7 40 Play: "The Cold Country " (S) 9 0 Schubert Choral Music (S). 10 45 Piano Trios series containing a work by Mozart and a 19th-century composer Mozart, Brahms (S). 11 55 News, Weather. 12 0 Close. RADIO 4.-7 15 Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye. 7 45 Bells, programme News. 7 50 Sunday Reading. 7 55 Weather, programme news. 8 0 News. 8 10 Sunday Papers. 8 20 Sunday: religious news, views. 8 50 Programme News. 8 55 Weather. 9 0 News. 9 5 Sunday Papers. 9 5-10 30 Open University (VHF). 9 15 Letter From America. 9 30 The Archers. 10 30 Morning Service. 11 10 Appeal. 1T15 Motoring and the Motorist: 11 43 Traffic report. 11 45 From The Grass Roots. 12 15 pm Whatever You Think. 12 55 Weather, programme news. 1 0 The World This Weekend. 2 0 Gardeners' Question Time. 2 30 Afternoon Theatre: Book I Foundation, programme 1. 2 30 Study on 4: Starting German: Reiseburo Atlas, 3 0 Introduction to Arabic: part 6, 3 30 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: part 5. 3 30 Kipling's English History: part 1. 4 0 The- Changing Past. 4 30 The Living World: Talking Point. 5 0 In Touch: macazine for the blind listener 5 15 Down Your Way. 5 55 Weather, programme news. 6 0 News. 6 15 Assassinations 6: Gandhi. 7 0 Round Britain Quiz: Round 1 London v. Wales. 7 30 In Praise of God : for the Simplicity of Childhood. 8 0 Music To Remember: Mendelssohn. Wagner and Beethoven. 9 0 The Portrait of a -Lady 4, : Mr Ben-Aharon, trade Sharef had been assigned to set up a civil service. If Raphael Could get a chit from this Sharef, the clerk would send the telegrams. Raphael crossed Tel-Aviv and woke Sharef (now Golda MeiS Minister of Housing) from his sleep. He showed no surprise, although it was by then after three, Raphael got his chit, drove back to the cable office and sent Israel's first diplomatic message. Happy Birthday. Israel. Happy Birthday, Israeli bureaucracy. Student's Insulting cartoons' Johannesburg, May 4 The editor and cartoonist of Witwatersrand University's student newspaper were today suspended from the university for the rest of the year for misconduct and Dublishins " eo'n- i temptuous material." ! The offending items included a drawing of the Prime I Minister, John Vorster, as -a " Sharpeville butcher Fogstar reminisces.'' A photograph of the Prime Minister seated between two African women with a caption which a university disciplinary committee found " scurrilous and insulting ''; and a cartoon of a spider with the head r-f Opposition leader, Sir de Villiers Graaff. The editor, Derek Louw, and the cartoonist, Franco Fresaira, may resume their studies next year without any loss of credits. A year ago Mark Douglas-Home, a previous editor of the magazine, Wits Student, was told to leave the country after producing an edition with a photograph and caption directed at the Prime Minister. Mr Fresaira told reporters : " I know I have been crude at times, but the morality of showing sexual organs is far better than the deplorable morality of apartheid." The University Division of the National Union of South Afriran Students said it rejected the disciplinary committee's findings, and the staff of the magazine said they would continue to regard Mr Louw as editor. Reuter. Near harbour Durban, May 4 The crippled British cargo ship Bencruachan, with 58 people on board, was towed into Durban roads today after being hit by a huge wave in stormy seas early yesterday. Action," starring Dean Martin and Lana Turner 9 30 Out Kid. 10 0 News. 10 15 Play: " An Afternoon at the Festival.!" 11 30 Foreign Eye. 12 15 am Close. 9 58 Weather. 10 0 News. 10 10 This Island Now. 10 55. Epilogue: Ye are my friends, 11 4 Weather. 11 5 News. 11 20 Close. MIDLANDS (VHF) 7 20-7 50 am Make Yourself at Home. SCOTLAND 371m VHF). 8 50- 8 55 am Programme news. 8 589 -o Programme trail. 9 30 Church News and Views. 9 SO Word For Living: from the Church of 5t Michael and. All Angels Blantyre. Malawi. 10 29 Appeal. 10 30 Studio One Rectlal -Berg and Webem. 10 45-11 IS Twenty Questions. 12 55-1 O pm Weather, programme news, 2 0-2 30 The Sono Reivers: part 5. 4 O Dean-amald Adhradh: Gaelic Service. 4 45- 5 O Victorians In Italy: talk. 5 55-6 O Weather, programme news. 11 20 News from Scotland, forecast , lor Inshore waters- 11 25 Music Of Scotland 11 55 Close WALES (341m. VHF) 8 50-8 55 am Programme news 11 15 Sunday lest: Topical weekend magazine. 11 45 Oedfa'r Bore: Morning Service. 12 25 pm Wvthnos l's Chofio: Review of the Week. 12 54 Newvd-dlon: News In Welsh. 12 55 Weather, programme news. 12 59-1 O News ot Wales. 4 30-5 O Canladaeth Y Cvsegr: Welsh Hymn singing. 5 55 Nawvddlon: Newt In Welsh. S 55 News of Wales. 5 57-S O Weather, programme news. 8 O Awr Girdd. J 0-9 58 Rhwng Gwyl a CwaltM Between rest and work. 11 45-11 4 Inshore waters forecast. NORTHERN IRELAND (224m, VHF). 7 S5- O am Northern Ireland News, Weather. 55-9 O Northern Ireland News, Weather. 10 30-11 10 Morning Service. 12 55-1 O pm Northern Ireland News. Weather. s 5S-6 O Northern Ireland News. Weather. 11 20 Sunday Night Music: Campion. Morley and others, 11 45 Northern Ireland News. Inshore Waters Forecast. Close. OPEN UNIVERSITY BBC-2. 8 55 am Problems of Philosophy: Moral Philosophy. 9 20 System Behaviour: A Local Government System: Critical Areas. 9 45 Biological Bates of Behaviour: Emotion: Its Physiology and Psychology. 10 10 Linear Mathematics: Quadratic Forms.' 10 35 New Trends In Geography: Location of Industry: A Case Study of 011 Refining In Western Europe. 11 o Decision Making In Britain: Ministerial Power. 11 25 War and Society Organisations, of Peace. 11 SO An Introduction to the Chemistry of Carbon Compounds! Conjugation, Aromaclttty and the Reaction erf Benzcnold Compounds. 12 15 em Elementary Mathematics for Sclanca and Technology: Integration. 1 S Methods of Educational InejUlrv: Aa Empirical Approach IntenrlewfnB. RADIO S (VHF Additional Pre. grammes for North Scotland and Parts of Wales). G 20 am Problems of Philosophy: Morality and Reason.. 6 40 National Income and Economic Policy: Types of Unemployment and the Regional Problem. 7 O Topics In Pure Mathematics: Comparison at. Topologies. 7 20 Computing and Computers: Revision. 7 40 The Ago of Revolutions: Wordsworth In that West Country. RADIO 4 (VHP). 5 am Dtctilan: Making in Britain: British Agriculture In the European Economic Community. 9 25 Methods of Educational Inauiryi An Empirical Approach Research Ideology II. t 45 Elementary Mathematics for Science and. Technology: The Definite Integral and The Funis, mental Theorem of Calculus, f Selene Foundation Count! Recaluai. Uont ky Sir Hang Krtba.

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