The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on March 11, 1967 · 5
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 5

London, Greater London, England
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Saturday, March 11, 1967
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THE GUARDIAN Saturday March U 1967 5 TELEVISION by Stanley Reynolds Vl1 2J Radio AN a day when the "New Statesman" reaches the provinces with Malcolm Muggeridge asking " Am I a Christian 1 " it is perhaps too bad of the BBC to pipe him out at night as well. At the rising o the sun we have M.M., making the now almost ceremonial references to "sanctified playmates," Mr Hefner, and the " Three Panaceas for all Matrimonial Ills " (divorce, contraception, abortion), and at the sun's setting he collared Leonard Woolf in the first of two programmes on this founding member of the Bloomsbury Set. Shot in high summer (presumably) on the 'Sussex Downs, we had an opening shot of Muggeridge, Woolf, and a dog wandering through glorious scenery. Here perhaps we had hope for Woolf, albeit 87 but on his own home ground, being able to keep Muggeridge's personality at bay. But then M.M. sprawled on the grass carelessly and the elder man sat gingerly beside him. We might just as well have been back in the studio with the downs a mere back projection: Muggeridge is self-assured, all projecting, completely master of -the television camera. Perhaps it is because, like Burt and Kirk and Lollo -and Brigitte, he simply has star quality. You can't keep your eyes off him when he is in focus. Many critics have taken Muggeridge to task for not being a serious writer or a man of intellectual action. But in front of a camera, he is one of those interviewers who people say upstages his subject. I don't think he can help it. Certainly he is a bad reporter. The programme was called "An Unredeemed Intellectual"; Woolf stated this at the onset, but that was the last we heard of ideas or intellect. Muggeridge questioned him gracefully about Virginia Woolf, and for a moment it was grand listening to a man who had gone up to Cambridge in 1894, had been chums with Lytton Strachey and Clive Bell, and who had met Virginia Woolf when "fierce and silent" she came up to visit her brother. The camera faded graciously to a long shot as Woolf spoke of his wife's suicide in 1941 in the very garden he and Muggeridge now sat in. But for the rest it was very much a display of Muggeridge's supreme lack of curiosity. Woolf started saying something about " a way of life " getting killed in 1914-18, but Muggeridge just nodded sagely and brought the conversation around to his own pet topic. "And how do you feel, Leonard, about dying ? " Leonard said he didn't feel too keen about it really, and M.M. nodded his head sagely again, almost as if he were going to try to get Leonard dismissed from the call-up. Then they walked off' into the leafy distance. Next week Muggeridge will be talking with Leonard Woolf more fully about Virginia Woolf. THE LONDON MOZART PLAYERS at the Manchester Cathedral Arts Festival by Gerald Lamer TVHE LONDON MOZART PLAYERS gave X a delightful concert for the Manchester Cathedral Arts Festival last night It was conducted by Harry Blech who, in charge of 6uch an expert chamber orchestra as this, is relieved of some of the conductor's more routine duties and can afford to stop beating time whenever he needs to concentrate on other, less-basic matters. The general result is that their performances of. eighteenth-century music are stylish without being precious, precise without being inexpressive, respectful of convention and so all the more communicative of the innovations which thrilled the composer's contemporaries but which now tend to pass unnoticed in less-understanding performances. Mr Blech is perhaps not ' the most elegant conductor to be ' seen on the platform today ; he sometimes looks as if he directing Bruckner rather than Mozart ; but bis gestures produce reactions within the scale of the interpretation, the phrases he shapes emerging with elegance as well 'as emotion. - . GyBrgy Pauk, the soloist in Mozart's Violin Concerto in D, K.218, was the ideally chosen partner for the conductor and orchestra. His qualities are very much the same, but .more 'SO, and it was noticeable that his first entry raised the temperature of the interpretation but did not contradict the spirit of it (even though, at this early stage, he was playing not quite in tune). Because of the absence of exaggeration in the execution, and because of the consistent clarity, the originality of Mozart's writing made an unusually thrilling effect : . the curiously strong and' oddly placed dynamic contrasts in the; main- theme of the slow movement, for example, the unconventional tempo changes in the last movement, and the .rustic instrumentation intone of, the episodes. The programme was 'well chosen, too, for Haydn's Ninety-first Symphony in E flat is not often heard, lovely work though it was proved to be ; and there was also a little known work from a later period, Dvorak's early and lush Nocturne for Strings, to vary the texture. The one comparatively unsuccessful performance was of Schuberfs Fifth Symphony-in B flat, D.48S, which suffered a loss of life from time to time and some rhythmic distortion. THE VICTORIA DB LOS ANGELES RECITAL at .the Central Hall by Philip Hope-Wallace rpHE second (Spanish) half of Victoria de Los "Angeles' -recital had the packed audience in the Festival Hall in such transports of enthusiasm that ' they- even split up, with deafening applause, the (three ongs known s "La Maja dolorosa," the third of which found the singer at the very considerable, pinnacle .of .her. art ; -hardly less wonderful-was "El Majo discrete" (also one of Granados's Tonadillas). If ever there were an' example of a " smile in the voice " ! In, the Spanish- group, Vives's " The portrait of Isabella," a jota by Gundi . and a most beautiful song about the child Jesus '.'Pastordto Santo," sung on a diminishing, thread of sustained. tone, were among .the most perfectly enjoyable. Here is a lovely artist, reminding us that no music is more unique than that which issues from a human throat (though precisely it is of a thrush singing carefree in the sunshine that she can also remind us). Having long loved her art, it vexes me to have to report that she seemed out of voice in the first part Enough of an actress to make the audience, rise to V Erlkonlg," she was 'still uncertain and brittle on some sustained notes-in her Schubert group (in "An die Musik" the rise at "in eine bessere Welt EntrOckt," for example). And she. can still get about in agile style in " Oh, had I Jubal's lyre " even if the voice now seems to have lost volume and some overtones. Geoffrey Parsons was accompanist and helpful. by ANNE DUCHENE THERE was an Irishman told by the . Blessed Mother that his home was under a rose bush ; a man from Birmingham convinced that Indians are putting crocodiles in all our canals ; a woman deeply and sorely confused by her evident desire to murder her husband ; a young woman who was feeding the baby one morning when through the window she saw little pearls in the sky and, down among the petrol-blue leaves, dinosaurs wandering. There was an angry young woman, full of contempt" Why worship sanity ? I think sanity's the biggest insanity of the whole bloody lot "; and a very calm one, who said, " I'm not sure whether I should be cured, or whether madness is an experience one should face." There was a young man, with whom one sympathised, worried because if he takes two red pills a day he counts as "sane," but if he stops taking them he becomes " mad " again : was this the right treatment, he wondered, and how could such things be ? There were 12 schizophrenics in Anne Owen's programme about their condition, "Things Fall Apart" (Home, Wednesday), and three doctors, who differed appreciably about their treatment. One could quite see why : the term seems to cover a vast range of mental divergence; and there is no agreement as to whether it is an organic condition, a malfunctioning of the brain, or the reaction of a normal brain to abnormal stresses, (There seems a strong link between many schizoid delusions and the beliefs of the' outside world, and one doctor quoted a Russian woman who, after the Second Party Congress, declared herself the mother of Lenin and Khrushchev hut not of Stalin.) The programme should, I think, have made these difficulties plainer. Probably it would have done, given an hour ; in 45 minutes one could hardly hear all the doctors might have said, as well as a sufficient part of all that the patients were prepared to explaia Or should one, perhaps, not attempt any vulgarisation of a subject, so delicate, indecisive, and yet (nowadays) highly technical ? Surely we should. This very sober programme was fascinating, partly because of these difficulties. Also, of course, because it in some degree related to all of us, if we acknowledge that our own minds sometimes feel pretty fissionable., And radio seems a very decent medium for such excursions. It would be painful and needless to see on film the faces of the confused, for example, whereas it is a moving experiment in human sympathy to hear them talking ; a salutary discipline for those of us who, -as Dr Anton-Stephens put it early in the programme, are able to maintain " a fairly clear boundary around what we consider ourselves to be." This programme was not scheduled for repeat, hut-deserves a second hearing; its imperfections were chiefly Inherent in its subject It came, incidentally, from the " Topical Unit " in the Birmingham studios, which often put out robust, social matter in various forms I much regretted having no space here at the time to praise Helen Fry's admirable, militant programme about cervical cancer from there last year. Another point of human urgency that might easily be encompassed is the sonic boom, I militantly feel, and I was not surprised to be appalled last week when the South-west regional news carried an interview with a bureaucratic-sounding Concord expert, who, when obliged to. said there really was, yes, a need for research into what he called "the effects of annoyance and startle." Indeed: even the Americans have turned down their thumb on this particular "progress "shall we not ultimately have to put our beautiful Concord into a museum ? Or do we really want to jeopardise our peace of mind with " annoyance, and sta,rtle".? It seems -.remarkable that- radio, which can -allow itself the luxury of lost causes, doesn't have a minatory programme about this bang and all at least once a month. May I also draw delighted attention to -the editor of "Modern Railways'," who said in a programme last Friday, that some of our railways were now the best " anywhere in the Western world, apart from Japan " ? A shrinking world indeed. MANCHESTER CONCERTS yllHI? BOLTON HAYDNSCHUBERT 52 4th ApriUnd May FESTIVAL CENTRAL LIBRARY, CIVIC CENTRE , LOEWENQUTU STRING UUABTET with TEBEr.CE WEIL, rtola Sll Recitals on 11th, tttb, 15Ul, 18th. 20th and 22nd April it 7.30 am. Season Ticket : 36- Slosle Ticket: Adults 71, student! ay- Central Library, Civic Centre Sat.. Bttl April at 7.30 cm. MAUREEN LK11ANE. contralto PAUL HAMBURGER, piano ProxTamme Includes Im Fruhllax; c Musensohn: Ganytned. Der Elnsaroe: 1 Abcndroth: who is Sylvia ? Tickets : Adult 678. students 38 Victoria Hall, Knowsley Street Sit., 2Mb April at 7.13 pjn. ANNIE P1SCUEB. planD Variation. Id F minor Sonata lo E minor Baydn G4H.-.U in a nit; tour ixnpnxnptui M2 Schubert TldteB: 876, 7-. 58. 40. SV- Ttcketa rrom Bulltmeh's. Knorele Street (Tel. Bolton 2S383I Free Festt? Brochure available front Entertainments Department, l Newport St.. Bolton (Enclose postage please) OPEBA BOUSE BLA ITS! F1T4AL WEEK Evenings at G and 8 35. Mat Sat. at 2.15 Season must end March 11. Please book now. Your last chance to see THE FABULOUS " BACHELORS " in "THE BACHELORS SHOW" An Ail-Stir Comedy Revue. NORTHERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC THE SPEECH AND DRAMA DEPARTMENT PRESENTS FOUR PERFORMANCES OF A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM tti THE MANCHESTER COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN BY BHD PERMISSION OF THE PRINCIPAL, ON WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY, MARCH 15 TO 18, AT 7 30 CN ASSOCIATION WITH THE UNITED MANCHESTER COLLEGES ARTS FESTIVAL ADMISSION - l Free Trade Hall Tomorjov nlahl u i Dra MAURICE HANDFORD BERLIOZ Overture, Cotsau- ELGAR , Serenade lor strings C1NASTERA CoDcertAMe Variations R1H5KY-KOKSAKOV Scheherazade Tickets: a-, 70 10-. tzo. 15-, 178. Box Office : 8 St Petcra Sq . 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S and Hh a. ucs s at otx rwsters HOWARDS END "Don't mua the finest acted play In Town.' B. Brjome. Evi. News. AMBABSADOstS. ITera. 1171.) Evas. 8. Mats. Tuea, MS Sat. 5 4 8 Aiatha Christie'! TUA MOUSETRAP, istn unashamed year. APOLLO (Gerrard 2&fc3.i 8 0 Thur. sat and Easter Man 60 and 8.40 Second year ALFRED MARKS. RUTH DUNNING in SPRING Si PORT WINE By BUI Naushton. ' EoefaaoUm." 3. Tmi Wow bocfclai until July. - GAMTIMPQE (Tern. 60M.) Eyp. at 8J Sata. 520 aad rso. Mats -num. 3A& Patrick Wrmai. Patience Collier tu magnificent." Guardian in THE JUDGE " Jobn Mortimer most aktlitd and pro-rooaUre otu". D.B. GRIPPING. An abaartlDg erenint.--Suia. at, OLD VI 0.' THE NATIONAL THEATRE. Aawice twocinx tor pm w uay by aped form only open Mai. 11 to la. Foma aTiUablt tree tram boat offlce. COMEDY. 4Whl 2578 830 W & FIWELU FIELDING. HUGH PADDICK LET'S GET A DIVORCE I " 1 came out with my stomach aching nan lamnter. buimsj Jiapress CBITEHON. IWbL 3HS) Eic 815. Thur. Bat, 6 8.4S " London's tTroat liuah." Kim ot tbe World. Mlcbssl Bales In LOOT Erentttf Staodard Drama Awara Beat Play of tbe Year. DAUBY LANE Tem. 1106) 7 30 Wed. and ' Oft l. A.M 3ND YEAR SMASH BIT MUSICAL DORA BRYAN, in HELLO, DOLLY ! Dora' coununy comedy snouid keep Drurj Lane pactad for monthi and months. People DUOBEBS Tem 243.) Now comm. Mem. next at 7 3o, then 8 0 Sats IS 0 & S30 FOR FOUR WEEKS ONLY Nlcol Williams In Goiol'i THE DIARY PP A MADMAN DDKS OF YORK'S (Tem 5122 ) 6.0. Sat. ojo, bju i out zju Gjaoyi uooper, Wendy Hitler. Leo Genu. Lana Mo nil m Somerset Maarhaua's THE SACRED FLAME "Hllh-ctasi " D Tel. Lit S wta Et BO Bat S IS, S 30 Judf DfUCb. Ian THE PROMISE " SO GOOD SO TRUE. A SO MOVING.1 Harold Hobson. Sunday Times. " A pnsinre tieinnt." owener. GJLBEICK. I Tern 4601.) Today 5 0 and BZO. Leo McKera, ZI& Mohyeddln, Leonard Ranter m Ben Jonwn'a Comedy VOLPONE ' It makes you liutf. ruaUly u they QIU U' -l was LI, mill, GARRICK. (Tem 4C01.1 The BRIAN RTX Ta:re of Laughter STAND B mmmu ivum DtiwuLn i jviarcn is. tzo wTin Subs Evenlnes 11. Mat WMinMiii W 245, Saturday 5 45 and 830 GLOBE. GeM 1592) Evgj 815. Wed 2.30 aiiiuniB7 no vu d.iu uonaia suiaen Barbara Ferris, Jon Pert wee THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP Tbe Comedy success by Terence Frlsby BAYMARKET THEATRE. fWttl 9632.) &rr v uu su mL, VVCG. 4. JU THE RIVALS Bj Ricnard Brltuter Sherlrlan. "RALPH RICHARDSON. MARGARET RITTHER- t-yiuj a muss idt me qerotee p. Exp UFE HAJESTT'S. IWnl COOS 1 Erentnjs in 'the World's Most Acclaimed 'Musical a Fiddler on the Roof -n, win Miriam Karlln Dlrccifrt and T choreotraphed by Je-ome Robblns, ts iKitjwirn. evening siandard aananr Express EXTRA MATINEE EASTEK Ko 3.30. MERMAID (at. 7fSS) Restusiast 2S35 4 ti 8 111 It Tu. 8,40 oolll BENITO CEBENO Dlr iyj Jonathan Miller. OLD VIC. THE NATIONAL THEATRE Toaay. U 7 JO THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUN Tue. & Wed. 7 JO: , A rlea la Uer Eai. Ttuir. 3JS St 130: Dane el Oealb. Seals available tain Mat. Wat. 761a. PALAOK. ICer. 8834.) Ells t.O Sat. SIS. ow. woo. aoa auier uoo., IZgl Srrenaoa, stepcien Doailas. ITDr Emanuel 110 IN THE SHADE "Best miuflcal we haw." Sunday Time. PALLADIUM (Gcr. 7373). Dally 2 45 & 30 tuuuuui inc. oriAiAjwa, TERRV SCOTT HUGH LLOYD LN Tb IritgnlAcent piLntomun CINDERELLA PHOENIX ITem mU I U.U Sat. 5.30. 8 30 JE.'-NS. DOUCLAS BYNG. RONALD L3.1TS. JULIET MILLS m Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan Directed Or Antbo--r Quayle. LAST TWO H--BK.3 PIOCAD1LLV IGer. 4508 I Eveslnu at 7 45. MA at 0 30 & SJU. Stuart DamoD, Judttb Bruce stubbr Sare HUUU1M1. MAN Ui- MACslC Great New Comedy MuatcaL Orer 100 perts. rniNCE or wales, iwni Suoi ) Evis b.o iycu.. inula., oc atu ai o iir, FRANK1E CILLA HOWERD BLACK WAY OUT IN PICCADILLY PRESS ACCUUM. SMASH HIT. QUEEN'S (Ret. 1166.) Evenlnts at 8.0. mac mursoar -J aaturoaTS Q.u Be so. JACK KLUGMAN VICTOR SPIMETTI THE, ODD COUPLE "The luanteH play in London." D. Em HOXAL COURT. SIo. 1746.) Last two perls. A aniJAJ l 4LUU ItOU WeUtefe ROOTS , " Freabtiess, vlcour, passion, and seneraslly of spirit." Kreumer. Dally Express. Thur. SAVILLE (Tem. 40U.) Ltd. Seas. 8.0 Sat Dk3u ee aw. wea. ,wt xsl urns m umoon AXricca Dancing cd Spectacular MusicsJ DJOLIBA 0'i. Uninhibited enthusiasm." D, Mir. a major pleuiim" B. St. " Stunnlni." P.E. SAVOY. (Tem. USB. Bvgs at 8, Wed. 3.30. ou, 3di o, a lie mi uuuieay ANDREW CRUICKSHANK " He Js superb." Times. ALIBI FOR A JUDGE " Perfect entertainment." Dally Sketch, London's tonic Runnltm Comedy Hit. SHAFTEbBUBVi (Tem. 959G.) Monday to ERIC JIMMY SYKES EDWARDS BIO HAD HOUSE " A SIZEABLE HIT. A HILARIOUS TWO STKAND. i1tn. 2S60 1 Man. in FH inn Matinees Thurs. 3.0. Sat. 5 30 and 830. WAIT UNTIL DARK " A first-rate thriller by Frederick Knott, author ol Dial M for Murder i TeteRmph! ST MAKTINS. (Tem. 1443) Ew 8, Sata and Easter Mot. 5 30, 8 30. Mat I, Tiles. 3. Michael Denlson. Dulcle Gray, ana Robert FlemynjE In two contraatliiR cctnedlea : CElea cooper's ' HAPPY FAMILY Until Mar, 25 and alternate weeks from iffiUv3.r Lonsdale'a on AtppJtOVAL piyi ttitemate weeks from VAUDEVILLE. (Tem. 4871.1 Tccilrht d t 8.45 SIAN PHILLIPS. JDioALS, GERALD FLOOD. JAMES VILL1ERS THE BURGLAR An excellent comedy." Hew Statesman. Musi End Tonight. VlCTOftlA PALACE. (Vic. 1317.) Nlchtly at THE BLACK A WRITE M1NSTRLL -HOW World Record-BreoklDfl Muslaai No lo 5th year Book Lag mull Jan. 1KB WESTMINSTER (Vic 0283.-, EVES, at 7.45. JUAU WCU. aVW SMI. dSQ fClCZ UOWaTOS S HAPPY DEATHDAY Most darlnc theme in West End." Theatre Restaurant Vic. 7781. WHITEHALL WBI 6692.) Evg & Wed- Sat. am M3. mon. D & B-JU (Ml cvru l "THE FUNNIEST MUSICAL IN YEARS" Starrlna Danny La Rue Gary Miller an Eidiard wattis COME SPY WITH ME "Hill tilt bnllsere." Oteerver WMnHIAMIS. (Tem. 3028.1 Eva 8. Sal. & Aiai wen s. 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LA BELLK HELKNE. Wed. EOMANI. inur. next la uoiiejie. DRAMA COURSES SIX-DAY ACTING COURSE. Easter and summer lea th tnuiUAU kefektoky THEATRE. Surrey and CHEPSTOW THEATRE. London W.U Syllabua from Mlu M. Wells. 39 Rookfli'ld Avenue, London N.10, Tel, Inq. to Director LONDON CLUBS EDM UNDO BOS' CLUR for dinner & dancing iiu 0uwi aim aiutifii WAUO ttcs DO. lu twaioi a.L j-l p.m. uq I.U tWli itUl-TSK LONDON CINEMAS AiiBisuu iui aTivj,, o.iv, a.m. ACAJJKMV TWO. rnnr. MM 1 t. n... Tn nil? rv uinnfn 111 o ?Tr Ttie Picasso Mystery (U)." L5.' 4 4sT 7 S3 ASTORIA, Char. X Bd. (Ger. 5366.) JuUr nuuicna, run oja&n, nlCQIra BatTU imttau ini uiiLir. at J,M. 7.40. Sunday at 3.45, 7.45. All seats bookable CAMEO -POLY. (Lin. 1744.) (1 mln. Oxford urcaj. itiouxra tHinon. Euzioetn Taylor. WHO'S afbaid of vibgima WOOLF t IX). 1.0. 350. 56. 8.20 OsMEO ItOJfAL, cnarlttt croas Road J"LU WW. DMJULtlJ Met bUIHUl (XI. MX SISTER MY LOVE (X) CAMEO VICTORIA trtnn l1nAmrT,A Qt (ihw! uftag5ier innuer, samiiD OABLTON. (Wht -Vnt i Anrhn Onlnn uua utoi (Hi. stain UUUU (A) Vol. rroaa, n.4a, 8,15i Sat U.15 pjn. CASINO CJNEBAMA (Ger. 68T7.) (Lie. bar. wwinw rtitjk iaj mi ana 1.40 Sats at 3 0. 50 8.40, and midnight. Suns at 3 30 and 70 All Bookable. OLASSlOj Balcec Slreet (Wei. 8830.1 Auorer nDOnm. nut nttnr bthrv mi Film. Froerammes LB, 4.15, 7.40. and Sat. UJ15 pjn. CLASSIC, llampstead (Swl. 4000.) Gepm -sti skssi. s aj a jusur.A-a. I r 1 llTJinjJUial IAJ 1.10, 5.0, i.O. Hodt H0dD, PlLLOSf CLASSIC, FlecadaiT arena. (Ger. 2S50.I m hi, mi. uuu ui rivnu ip, usa GOAL! (UJ. 1.0. ISO. .B0. 6JSS, 56 ami Sat. 11.15 pjn. COLISKOI CLtEBAMA . (Tem. S151.) int. iswus . . . in in. beslnnJiir (U) Suodan at 3.30 u 1.30. All seats bootabls. COLUMBIA. (Re,. 5414 ) Elizabeth Tajlor. SUBEW lU). Sep ?c-ls bookaole. 20. a 30. Sun. 4 30. 8.30. sal Ute NlEbf snow U.M. see alio tbe iWity ciSemaT COMPTON (Ger. 45130.) 1SLB OF DESIBE, dub members 10-. Join now. CUBZON. (Cro. 3737.) Un Homme Et Vat iruiucf. i.v, b-oo. d m. ana sats. .11. D1LLY. !CT. 63SA.i TMR Tniif-w wi f a bEX. Club memberi 10-. Join Now llOMINION, Tolt, Ct. fid. (Mtii. 2176 and 'iw-i duu auarcm, uormotuier Plummet Ui Rodiers & Hammc-rstCkln s THE SOUND OF MUSIC (U) tn Todd-AO and Col. Sen, oerfs. a.30, K Sun. 40. 8- AU okiw EMF1BE. (Ger. 1E34) DOCTOB ZUIVAGO n.i. w taic pen. sat. 11.30. Sun. 3 & 7.30. AU ai.m kV.k,. k' JACEY P1LM TIIEATIl. H-.hi. l7lW-T,aii' VrrU.U.',V tTin Fross. UO, 130. 4.35, 7.40. .id lF a. Tonlxla Ule Show at 11.0. Tel: 030.S253 LONDON PAVILION. IGer. 2983 1 Idc. Bar. Marlljn Uimroe, Tooj CurtlsT jidi Prosramniea at 11.50, 2.S. s.10 and So Sunday: Pro,, at 2ii. 5.10 ajm no UETUOPOLK SOLOMON AND SUEBA (A) In Technicolor. At 3.0, so. San 4..30. 5 0. Sookablo (Vie. 0208. SSOO. 4ST3). ODLO.N, Ilarmark.t. (Wti JT38,) Peler Brook's aitUATSADE IX) to' Coi'a'. Swarate Performances 2. J4J. sat UO. 4.45. s.o, sun. 430. s6. BookabTe. ODON, Lelc. Sq. Peter O'Tooie, Omar Sr' T?B0UnSE' 111 11,0 IW ol J.45. Tonliht Lale Sbovr U.O. Tel. 83o'Ill ?S9N' MrU Arth. (Pad. 201L) A Funnj Thlui lUppcnM on the War lo the Forum ,l c 'vi, at .u o.u jjar in, a 8 0. sun 4 30. 8 0. All booSSe. FARIS.PULLMAN Dragon Riln. 17.. VLSTtBUAV OIBi IX) Alio Tiro In uuru i v i .aij Lsaacuiui atLT IAJ IrrOGS commence at 230. 550. a m PLAZA Micbacl calne ! In Harry Saltman'i vajAcauAiLi f. ufaiuiui iai Tecnnicoior. Prois 1.0, 3 20 50. 8 20 Late Show Sit at U15pm.p sun Prois. 3o. 530. PBlNCE CBAKLLS. The BoultlnA Brothers' THE FAMILY WAV X. Col Pro, l.iL B1TZ. Ger 1234 Elisabeth Taylor. Laurence .ai.i rv; . u-u aa."a sudaxbj ai jar 1.711 3 45. 458 6 92. g062 Sat 1L.15 pjS Rtnhurrl RllrTliri -Th a i. ml. a Shrew (U) Tech Sep pcrfa Bookable 11.30, Sun. 4 30 9.30 i All Mon -Frl Mat tickets honoured at the Columbia STUDIO ONE Oxford CJreeu. Ends Mar 23 All liar Ciist In THE YF.LLnw nnric. ItOYCL (A). 12 30. 4 to, 9.0 And t Taylor R Durtoo In THE V.I.P.'i (A) 2.35. G.50 WABNFn. 437-3423. HOTEL (Al. Colour. Bod Ta)or. Cotherlae SpsiJt Karl Maiden Programmes: 1.30. 3 20. 5,50, 8 20 Lale WINUMII.f. ICer ?4irt t Vium.i Rrnvii David Warner. Morpin a Soluble Case for Treatment (A). 1 25 I 4 0. 0 35. 5 LO A NORTHERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC tVZllNESDAZ, IIABCH IS at one o'clock MIDDAI RECITAL NORTHERN BRASS ENSEMBLE Directed trj Malcolm Holland ADMISSION 18 IN AJW fYTI ATT ON TCTTH TTTR ITKrTETi UAKCHESTEB COLLEGES ARTS FESTIVAL FORSYTH BROS. LTD. tKvrra ?ou to hear thb month's iVEW CLASSICAL RECORDS in THS1 CONCERT HALL. fiMTtti Bros Ltd., 133 oeansEate. Mc a. on rUSDA7 f'HXT. MABCH 14. at SO pja Admission Pres. Tickets Arallabte UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER WUITWUBTH BALL. ITJESDAl UABCB 14 1901. at 1 90 qjo. Aossinc OTertuje, Tne luilan Girl in Algiers. Mozart; Piano Concerto tn D major, T"Tht Coronation" KJi37 rssthleei tlmi. (diMl Parn: Blest Pair of sirens. Lambert The Bio Grand (Maarica Aiusun pianoi. dolst: The Hymn oj Jesm Univenity Choruf, and Orcbettri Cooductors: , Dinah Hendrie Keith Btcombe uQiMwxnm intui ix oi musK, uenma ra tuk. auc io (utuwics &xr Kin aoa una uniTersiTj unaon. LXSSEB FBEE TBADB HALL MANCHESTER SUNDAY KCXT 7 30 pJO. Redcal by ANNE AYER Mezzo Soprano MARTIN sMll-B AT THE PIANO Procramme Includes works by MOZART. BRABUS, SCHUBI3tT. htjssorgsky. and FAims. TlclieU; 76, S-. 3IS FOHSYTH'S. U Peansiate. ttanofaejlei 8. BLA 7301 MANCHESTER INSTITUTB OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS . SCmCS TO MEMBERS 'runs;, atarth n. 1-15 o.m COLLBCTOB'S CBT-MI Da VI - LONG DAY'S JOUBNS? INTO KIGHT " at 33 Geotse street, Manoneater L . Admission bj ticket tralj tram . Sec '4 DoveleTB RoaC, saUord Q. Uemoera im. their mests 4a. Stampes envelope please. MICA MANCHESTER INSTITUTE OP CONTEMPORARY ARTS ppssesla as part of MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL ARTS FESTIVAL Poetrj reading by ' KAREN GE RSHON 1 Q p.m. Tlinreda', March 16. Uancoester Catliedral artmiiw. yrea. MICA - ftLANCHKBTKK INSTITUTB 01 CONTRSIPTIRART ARTH On wadoesday Marcn 15tn at 7.4S pjn. In the toacaetter Collei. of Art sad Dealm, Osvendlan BtreeL All Saints. Kucsmn la ' KAKEN OEBSBON will read and discuss her ocetns. Scarry will he served, tickets tram Secretary. 4 Dorelen Road.' SalfoM A. Pen. VKS. Members &-: non-memDerp oo biampea envelope psease. . M.I.C.A. Central -Library, Bolton Satardaj. loarcb It. at 7 SO P.m. Prague' String Quartet (Czedioalortlciel 1 Quartet In D major. Op a) No 4 Rarda Qnartet In O msjoi. K 337 .... Mozart Quartet in a minor. Op 29 . . Schubert Admission and Procrsmma a-. (fuINUme students 3.). Tickets tram Bttlluutti's, Knowslev Street I Tel. BoltfiO 38333) MANCHESTER CINEMAS ABO AEUW1CK OltllEN ABD 11U ins rAuit.s uai iaj Wr. 3.48, 5 ii. 8 3D Sun. 2.35. 510. JO. ABO DEANSQATE. DEA. 1112. weeanus 2 de 7 pjn. sun. ajo u o.aa. David Lean a DOCTOB ZHIVAOO IA1. C1NEFUONE, Uarli.t Slrtet. DBA 4111. LONDON IN MIK RAW IX) 2 DJa-jS S, t&O WHITE SLAVLK3 CXI l 3 20. US) STARTS TOMORROW : Vvea Uoatand, Slmcoc stxnoret THE SLEEPING CAB MUKDEB (X) Sunday at 4 IS and ? 45 Weekdays at L45. 5 15. 9 43 BrlxHIe Bardot A OAVIS1IINO IDIOT IU) undji. nl 1 30 ud 5 55 Weeidayi at 13.0, 3.26. 6 CLASSIC Ozrord Bead Station CEN HU. Sua: Loo d est Whtoper X). .1Q. 76. DAVENPOBT fitwknort. (L 7 40) George Pepoard (Mat. Sat 3 p.m.1 im. uijue. nuta iai at a pjn. ana i ao OAUMONT, Oxford Street. CENtral 1323. weeuavs ami sunemjs, a jo ana y ia Mardi 21 No Erenliig Fcrtonaance Julie Andrews, Chrl&tophei Plummer. THE SOUND OF MU8IO Ui TODD-AO DE LUXE COLOUR lU Seats U6. 106 B0, 08 .Bookable) Reduced prices ChUdren and OAF Monday to Friday Matlnres Only Box OftVe open ID 30 Id S Sun a to & BALE CINEMA ALTriocbara UI8 George 5ta Aiec CLUnoess QtllLLEB HEMORAKDIiM (At 3 30 St 5 J6 STARTS TOMORROW Shlrlev MacLaine .Ml duel Calne .TCAMmT (tn Tvhnlffalftr Sundaj B p m . 7 SC. Weekdays 6 pro, 8 90. NKW nXFnitn. nvford Rl CEN 1)BZ. Fontern &,t5urejev, Borneo b Jaliet lU). Sat. 8t Bun, a.45 Jk B p.m. Mon. ft P m only. ODEON, Oxford Street. CRN 611 ACCIDENT (A) at Ito. H 40. Sun.: Mght ct tbe General 3 to. 7 IS. IEX, Wlimslov. "TUB BLUE MAX" lA) COI TONIGHT AT 0 ana S STUDIO 1, Oxford Ilaad CEN 2137. Retained I Retained 1 I Hayto Mills. Kywel Bennett TH, FAMILY WAV (X). Eastman Colour. Wttkflayc H 13 25. 3 5. 5 40. 5.20. SPBCIAI. LATE SHOW TONIGHT AT U , PJd. spiu niiiutran meets joe crown iui Weekdays at 3-45, 60 7 55. aunany iw mia t a STUDIO 2. Oxford Bond. CEN 2137. uaua ix). iw, nj a js. FANNY HILL (X) at 3.65. 6 15 Starts Sunday : Lana Turner. Dians Vara) PEYTON PLACE (Al. Colour Sun 3,25. p,m Wfc 1.40, I AO. 7.40. TATTON. Oatly GATtey 21SS msi loony j p to Evening i a pm a r, George Pcppard. The Dlue Mat f Al rilFATRP ROVAL CINERAMA BlaA 836C Weekdays nnd Sunday at 2 30 and 7.15 Dino De Lauren tils Production of Tin itlBLE . . In the Dcrlnnlnc ("UI. Filmed m D-1S0 and Technicolor 13o, l0, S6. 66 AU bookable. CHESTER CINEMA CLASSIC, ForrraU Street. CHESTER tlSH ninu nunu a; at n pjn.. a au. o to LEEDS CINEMA CLASSIC Cllr Square. Letd. 22H LOUD OP THE FLIES IX). 1.10. 3.30 8.10 Sen.: Nan's Starr IU) at 3 55. 6 55 EXHIBITION Recent Work b, too En GODFREY, 7 Nicholas Street Manchester 1, 7 30 p.m. till 10 30 njn. Finishes Match 31. ROYAL MANCHESTER COLLEGE OF MUSIC In the Whltnorlh Hall fb? Hail pennlsskm d Uie uulvertlt authorities) Ttrandaj. Harcta IS, 13E7 at 7,311 p.m. CONCERT riven by Ut R.M.C.M. TRAINING ORCHESTRA AND WIND ENSEMBLE Conductor : GEOFFREY GILBERT Orerture " Roslan and Ludmlla " H CUnka csympntray no. ilh iiionoon) tuycin aiuuc ior tue uojai nreworjcs .... oanao Bum Botit Ballet Suit " HlUr thy RU ' nonltuul Admission Free The Public are oordlall; lnrlted MANCHESTER INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS CONCERT on Monday, Mardi 13 at 7,30 pjn. Royal Manchester College of Uu4c Devai Street Manchester 15 CATRIONA GORDON (soorano) JAMES 6REGSON (clarinet) JOHN McCABE (piano) jjBncenreauie3 ior ciannet and mano r Trrwif-jVTORKi Three stairs schonbebg xnree oots ca innocence aknold cooks snano t?iatA AjirntKiY gllbebt Three pieces for clarinet and piano jyUN flaCCABB "Tbii Worlde'a J ale" (soprano and Dlano) .. RICHARD RaODNE? BENNTTT urei ooorEensrcni Licoer i soprano ano clarinet) .... SE ThrM Polkamua far soorami. clarinet. one piano arr. Jiraw mccahb " First Mancn ester pmormcDces Admlsslcin try programme obtainable at tne door, members and students 9a. non-nrmnberi tja. MICA NORTHERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC n OXFORD ROAD UAKCHESTEB 1 EASTER CONCERT Bonlrfsworth Ball rrtdaj March 17 al J The proframma will tnclud solo lad ensemhle Items tor nteej and utitnuQents ADMISSION FREE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER FACULTY OF MUSIC DENMARK ROID. THE AD SOLEM ENSEMBLE JAMES DAVIS IT101U) BARR5T GRIFFITHS (TIDlla) PAUL CROPPER ITinla) CHARLES UEERT IcellO) UAURICB arrCHISON piano On FRIDAT UARCB 17. 10B7 at 7 30 ojn Pmnnniii.! BEETHOVEN a trim Quartet. Op. IS. So. t In B flat . major. BEZTTH07EN 8tnni Ourtet, Op US Id t BRAHMS Piano Quarter, Op ZS, la A Slain Tickets 13a) from ttie Secretary. DepL of vuale, Denmark Road. Mancfaester is, TeirphortE ARDwlck 3333 Est 357. MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL - ARTS FESTIVAL UO.VDAT. MABCH 13. TDESDAT. MARCH It at 7 IS pan. THE EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE CLUB THE VISIONS OF SIMONE MACHARD BEKTOLT BBBCBT Tickets: I-. Ts. no 1DS. LECTURES & MEETINGS UMIST EE NOLO BUILDING, Altnncnvn St, HUartiin-wiusuN Ann BRITISHOVIET FRIENDSHIP TREATY Speaker. N. MAKAROV. USSR EMBASSY. TUESDAY, MtRCH It, at S.0. Admission free. CoUectlon. Brlttsa Sonet Frlendsnlp Society. THEATRES Manchester Harrogate OFEHA HOUSE. Uanotate 21X8, ITUl Mar 11 I Mirrwaie Lnmiaw auw tiii7 nivnpkTiKP MA UK I AGE Carriole A Colman Cvza ' 45. Sat. G & B. easier aiunnr Openinx ol New RrtorySeaspiL VEED1CT by Antna ChrUtJe. Openinc Tuesday. March H Eves 7.30. Sat. 5 dc 8 Wed Mat. at 3 SQ. IAN CARMICHAEL ALEC CLUNES RAYMOND HUNTLEY DAVID HUTCBESON ESMOND KNIGHT MOIRA LISTER PERLTTA N2ILSOS MARGARET RAWL1NGS UUUH WILLIAMS UOUUl WriHEKS In Bernard Shaw's tanou comedy "GETTING MARRIED" Openlnfe Strand Theatre, London, April IB Prices: 176. 136. 76. 47 Weil. Mat 15-. 12CC. 16. ve. A lew '.eats still available for errs. pers Good seals available tor mats. PLAYHOUSE, li.erpool EOIal Ktt. Erenlnrt 7.30. SaturdsT t6 PJa. ABOUMJ THE WORLD IN tO DAYS , Uarcb 21 to April 8: Jaeko-tfct-G. For Six Weeks from Monday, Uarcb 20, Evts. 7 30. Mats Wed. & sit. at 130. D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY n a season of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas Hcnff booUnc Please apply to Box Offlce for repertoire. PALACE. (Ceo. OIK.) Terminates Sat., joaren ic i p.m , auo m... wcos.. eai pri ItIKE 3c BERNIE WWTEBB In BAUIB 11. TUB WOOD with JOHN HANSON. Reduced Mailnee prices auo Kanr fnoes u. exej. jnarco it Sorneraet Mautbam's TUE CONSTANT WIPE. April 3 SPIKE UILUCAN in THE BED-SITTING BOOM. Mar 2 t Kts.) Tbe Ice Snectamlar TUE BLEEPING BEAUTY from the Empire FooL TBE MANCHESTER MUSE OH. TUE UNIVERSITY. PUBLIC LECTURE. Bulldlna Brunswick Street "Manchester and the Repeal of tbe Corn Laws 18JS-1 84.9" bj Dr W H. CHALONER. II A Today 3 0 PJn. Adrolaaion Pre. - Saturday next : " KAP.I3A and tbe ZUIDER ZEE Fluns,M by J. Forde-Johnston. Esq.. MA F3jl. MANCHESTER LITERARY AND raiLuswuiuAi, bouisrx President's Lecture t THE LIT. AND PHIL.": ITS PAST AND ITS FUTURE by H HAYBURST, M.Sc CEoc FR.l.c, AUI.Cnem.En PJLES. MONDAY, MARCH 13, 10SI. at 6 15 p.m. 59 GEORGE STREET. MANCHESTER 1. LONDON CONCERTS ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC PATRON'S FUND The Queen'i Prizes for Singer Bntt&ti aitwn, under as oo Mar I. 1367. wHlcb U tilt cluadni date far entry, are eliaibie Prize moaer totau 300 entrance fee 3 23- Od. The oompeiktion will lata place in October 19S7 Particular! and Entry Form from The Reelstrar, Trie Floyil Collff of Music PtTpcj C"oaort Road London, 9 W.7 SALOMON ORCHESTRA Conductor i NICHOLAS DBAITHWAITE Soloist: FRANCES MASON Tomorrow (Sunday) at S SO pan. Benate Uonsa. CambridEe. Tneaday next, at 8.15 pja. Commonwealth Initltnte, Senslnetou HIcti St. Orerture Leonora No. a Beetboren irkacda Four for vloltn and orchestra . Peter Sculthorce (1st performance in tbU oountrj) STmpltoQlc Poem ' Orpheus " Llsrt Ooncerto- for Orchtstra n M Bartok s CITS MUSIC SOCIETY BEETHOVEN WEEK Mar. 13 DENIS MATTHEWS Dlabelli Variations. Op. m 14 ALLAN SCHILLER Op. 109 32 Variation. Op. 491 U MARIA DONSKA Op. 106 (HammerklftTlerl 16 CEIJA AB1EL1 Op, UO Rondo in G. S BacateUea 17 DAVID WILDE OP. 111. Op. DO All next week 1.5 to 10 sjl (2i5 at Ball) BISHOPSGATS BALL, 33o Blsbopasate. E C. 2, s ST PAUL'S CHURCH Wilton Place. Kmghtibnclie. SWJ SATURDAY. MARCH 11. at pjn ST JOHN PASSION-J. S. BACH St Paul's FeailTU Choir and Orchestra 53iiy it sme Geoffrey Snaw Ceourey CcieUy PerclOD Liittr Beronrd Btboulene rvsn fMnttnun. Ninhnii. ntnin Earpfkbord Contlnuo: Derek Stevens CONDUCTOR: RICHARD LATHAM Admlst.oD by Proxramme. Five S&Ulinx OPERA and BALLET WALES UTLbll NATIONAL OPERA COMPANY. GRAND THEATRE. SWANSEA EveoLua It?.? m5- 13th, WKl a- N GIOVANNI Tuei 14(h, Sat. ItiU). LA wnwjui, iimi a. mui, LnJZi rAatriajU ALLS. BEX WLlmilow S2ZC NEXT WEEK. AHARCH u v I. East Cbesblre A.O.S. PINK CHAMPAGNE EvgS T.15 Mai. Sat 2A5 UNIVERSITY THEATRE. ABD MIC. Emenmga at 70 pjn. Royal Moncbeater Collete ol Music Today, ralilatt b? Verdi. Mtrch 13 Sc M at 230 & 730 M M tTJiTna nraao- Inlfm CieslT (lold ant) March IS & IS. 730 March 17. 230 tc 7.30 Marcb 16. 17 IS Late Show at 10.45 pjn Poetry and Jiu Openlmt ManSi 28 Century Tneatre presenti Antoo Rodxera TreroT Peacock Becker Waiting for Godot HRLLK VHP znn PARK. Onen Dallf lOajn AVIARIES. AQUARIUM. REPTlXaTinjl Sea Lion Pertormiccw DANCING NIGHTLY In tbe New EUsabethaD BaUroom. TOP TEH club laaemDen). euotuy t pan, TBN-m BOWLING DAILY 10 a.m wiuaiufiii zhww oKu. anaviui ic, at 7 pjn. PASSION PLAT NtEOtly 7.30 to Uarca 13 rExd Sun.t, Mat Today a JO BOOK NOW I MANCHESTER CHAM PIONSHIP DOG SHOW WED & Til UK., MARCH IS A- 1A mVPlXTR BAHOUST. KG SBRV1CS PacUltle for luxe or fmeJ) Dinner Dancea Partlea, Brjeptloiu. MstetliiB. canlenaicexi Tbtre Dinners. Luxurious New Suites zm3 Room arallaUe ior trruays ana saiuraay m ucc ana tat Chesterfield CIVIC THEATRE. Chntcrtteld SML Everuncs ? w saturaay s p-m, a o pjn. WHERE THB BRASS BANDS PLAT o$ Colin Mclntyre. Tuesday next: Dandy Dick. Coventry BELGRADE THEATRE. OOTENTBT. Box Offlce tel. 20206. 10 sum. to S pjn. Restaurant teafffeoat atiOB. Ens 73o Hat. Wefl 230 Sat 5 & I pjn. I until WMica aoj THE KNACK As Hilarious modem OaocO by Aim jelltooe. Taesdar, Marcn 21 tor two ireefcs (Ninth BlrtMaj Prntaetlcn) A TEIP TO. BdABBOBOCOB Liverpool Nottingham NOTTINGHAM PLAYHOUSE. Tel IMIi. evenings 7 so iaturaaya sjq am da TolaT. lue. & Mar. 20. U BEWARE OF THE DOO alun. it alar 21. 23. 29. 30. H DEATH OF A SALESMAN wed & Thur (last perls I DUE STOOPS TO CONQUER 1 Prt , Next Sat. liar 23. 23 BTOr IT WHOEVER TO LI ARE Newcastle upon Tyne NEWCASTLE PLAYHOUSE. TeL 811231. Evenings 7.3Q. -sa-urnay 3 p.m. & s pjn. TONIGHT AND UNTIL MARCH li JOHN NEVILLE'S Controversial production ol MEASURE FOR MEASURE larch 21 ARMS AND THE MAW. SAVE 1- A SEAT WITH A SEASON TICKET ' Detail, from the Box tifoee. Restaurant open lor luncheon ana dinner. THEATRE ROYAL. Newcastle 23061. next weex cauy errs. as, a ana a. London'a bag cacnedr success Nicholas Parsons, Prunella Scales. Peter Gray and GUUaxn Barre In SAY WHO YOU i ARE by Keith Wateniouse and Willis HaO. " Endless fun." Hen or the World. Oldham OLDHAM COLISEUM. MA In ttf. urauna ijo. tsaturoiy pjn. A jjo WORLD THEATRE SEASON KING'S MARE .France). Adult Comedy 1 Openinx Tuesday Crom Italy. BCC CEIABACTERS IN SLUBCS OF AN AUTBOB 1 by luIkI Ptrandeno Oxford NEW THEATRE. Oxford 4454C Hon. next & crxi. 7J5, Bat 5 & 8. One week ooly Cell Johcsoa Mlcbael Bordera. Richard Brier. Jeaaller Huary In RELATIVELY SPEAKING A new comedy by Also Ayrxbonm. Directed V Hire) raoick CvenlsE In landon. March 29. Rotherham ris. antra theatrk. FINAL DAY TODAY At English rtuntstiB prate I I I LIB ht jasMa Jovoa. Enraoetri Seal asd Lincoln Thaacra Cav, Sheffield PLAYHOUSE. SkaAVtl 22M. Until llsrcti 18: i BrenlnEs 70 Saturday 4 pa A 7 JO. AS YOU LIKE IT March 29: Jahn wary as aha Boa reaxaa. LYCEUM. (Sheffleld 22SU.I Etn. 7JQ. EaL BXt and 8j0 week orur. Cella Johnson, atlchael Hordem. Rlchanl Briers. Jennller HOary tn RELATIVELY SPEAKING A new comedy by Alan Ayekbocm. DUected by Nlcd Fatrkk. Opmlni la London, March 3. Derby PLAYHOUSE. DERBY (712V. Marcn 14 to alarob 29. (No performaace on Good Friday). Strlnnoert's EASTER translated by Peter Watta at 7 Jo iThore S pjn.1, Sat 4.46, ,o pjn. Stoke-on-Trent nCTOKIA THEATRS lassxi) Jslua. Omr by Wllltao SJiakeapaare. Today al t I. Sunderland EMPIRE THEATU giMeaiinl AtM. A Nortrjast Thaacra FJttfral PTOdnarJaa jmnla Uneven and Jobs .Woodrlni Today at 723 am. ptoMAuoir . Marco M and weak EwlnajiM 730rm. Tue.. TbOrJSaL: D IK FLED ERAIAUA. Wed. and Frlj UL2SKK. by McotrwcU. LONDON ROYAL ALBERT HALL liAXACDtrKAKXAituNDY Kensington, SSf.7. ' TCHAIKOVSKY FESTIVAL ROZHDESTVENSKV LONDON SYMPHONY JOHN OGLXN SUNDAY. MARCH IS Symphonic Ifoa. and TUESDAY. MARCH Zl " Maoirad " Srausfeoov THURSDAY. MARCH U .. Symphimles Mas. t ami Saturday, uabch u symBhonlas Nas. s arm a ALL COXCEB1S BZODI AT 1 M M. rOTCLAR PRICKS CjmpAooy. aa Ptaw Dawisiii Ra, 1 (-. li-. UV-. Sorjecrlptlon Tlcketa tor an fonr oaoeeita: CO-, 40-. Tickets an on aal. at Bag (KEN (213) tag ASXC4S. . SUNDAY. APRIL St, at 7 St P.D. LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA LORIN MAAZEL Drorak . SJllAjlluuy Ito, t RMW Wofld) TchalksTCky ...M .... Romeo aad . Juliet Debnssy M .. L'Aprea-iadl -dim Fauna Baael ,vi ' ROlan Tickets: 36V 78. 108. 15.. 178 Zl- now on aal. at DaA CES1.E2UI and Acenta. ROYAL ALBERT HALL UANAS9: nUOt IUVHB1 Kensington, S.W.7. VICTOR HOCUHAUSEa presenla TOMORROW at 730 A NIGHT IN VIENNA orerture. Die Piedennaus .. Jobaon smmsa Music of tie Sphere ..M Josd straoai Unflnialied Syropbooy M..Scbubeit Tales from th Vienna Woodi Johann straoia Radetaxy March nM..Jotianri straua Waltt: GaU aad surer Lataar eina Kleme NutUmoaUc ........tlnrart Plrricatto PoDta .ft....,,.Hjobaoa 8tanM Walts : Blue Daoobe J6bsa Straoac CITY OF BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conductor: VILEM TAUSKY Tlcketa: 36, 76. 108. 157- UJ- (KEK. SZ121. Open tomorrow from U sm. WIGM0RE HALL W.l. TICKETS : 10-. 71-. v- (except when otherwise stated) aaanattr; wtlhain Lyna aoa oaot: WEL 2141 and Adwatt1 TODAY, at I RAUL ROSA Arsenttna Pianist, choyeaux lAatvafenumt TUESDAY NEXT, at IM DE WARRENNE-GREEN , DUO Recital ol uulc Ior Two Pianos. Variations on Haydn theme, Op. SGo Brahms Concerto tur 2 solo pianos Stravinsky Mozart iSona'a K MS) Rarel I La Valsel. etc Uanazement : Ibba Tlllett ud. WEDNESDAY NEXT, at J J0 Dutch Planifl JOHAN VAN BEEK Uoeart, BeethoTta Schubert, Chopin. OrtheL Choreaux Manatement SaUorda. RedhlU. Sumy. IHorley 439L) TOMORROW AFTERNOON, at X LONDON PIANOFORTE SERIES RICHARD GOODB Sonaa la D, Op. 63 ..H Sdiabtct Sooata m A majv, op. ICQ ... Beethorea Otvlddnndlertliut, Op. I ...... SciwmiJin alawecicnL Tbta A TUktt Ltd. tATUUllAT NEXT, mi GOEBEL TRIO Piano Tnoa tureitxmn, Braama. Ilemlehaohn Manacemenr ; ibU TUleU Ud. TUESDAY, UABCB lh M ?J Ajnertran Placln EUGENE LIST Bach. Beathoveh Biahma, schumans. Cboola Chore lux atanaaxcoenL SaUordt, BedtuU Surrey. (Horlej am.) ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL South Bank of the Thames General Uanaier: John Denlson C- a FRIDAY NEXT, t 8 p.m. Pianoforte Recital by ROSALYN TURECK BACH PROGRAM MB tncludlni lb. first Complete parlorcxanos lo tbe Royal Fattln) Ball at The Fifteen Two-Part Inventions Tlcketa: 25-, Wl- 15-. 10-, TS ' NOW ON SALE from Ball. Aaenta. and BBS St TILLETT LTD., U4 Wlnnora Street W 1 tWEL U1S1 AN EASTER CONCEBT WEDNESDAY, alAKCQ U, at I LONDON MOZART PLAYERS Conductor: HARRY BLECH Bern lut worts on lb Cross H movetnenb) Pima Concerto la 8 Oat. K SK lUMnir Fvneral Koala, K.417 MM- Haaart Sympbaa Km. 4 la O miMvu IcaiiVtcri DENIS MATTHEWS Tlcketa: 17s. li-. u9, lo- 75. 5-. from Ban iwat an) and Areata, LECTURES & MEETINGS CAMDEN CLC EI factions Monday, March 13 S prru Central Library, Swlu Cottaee ' What Camden and the worlfl neeil SKlalLat Party of Great Brltatn cantUdaiea QiieiUcua, ducusalon. RESTAURANTS CHINA GABOEN-LOTdon' mott elecant Chlntle Heatanrani lervea Chfutie food from coon to l a m. tn the mut romantic atmosphere with dancing to DlawUitit, 62 Brewer Street. WO, Ger.

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