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BRUNJES (United Press Staff Correspondent) NEW YORK. Nov. 4. The i 1 stock market declined to the lowest level since June 4 last week (Soerial to The Advertiser WAHIAWA Nov. 3 The first meeting of the recently or and volume shrank on a long list Musical note: Vrne Waldo ganized Rural Oahu High school association was held yes Thompson of the Punahou Music of bearish items which was climaxed by the sinking of the U.

S. Destroyer Reuben James, the majority of them falling to new lows for the year. Airlines declined on selling, induced by two major accidents Many individual stocks, however, were sustained by favorable dividend declarations. Electricity production totaled 3,299,120,000 kilowatt hours compared with 3,273,184,000 last week and 2,865,827,000 a year ago. Freight car loadings totalled 913605 cars compared with last week and 837,657 a year terday at Leilehua High school.

frooiems that confront rural Oahu schools were discussed. Conservatory is quite enthusiastic about the Filipino students who are registered the music school. The prominent Honolulu musician has had success with Tobaccos were heavy losers, A. T. Longley.

assistant man NOTICE All items for clubs, organizations and society must be at the society desk no later than Thursday noon to make the Sunday society section. All clubs, art, music stories and programs must be typed and must also be in no later than Thursday noon. Articles coming in later than Thursday noon will not appear in the Sunday society. Leilehua. Delegates included: Hideo Fukeda, Ken Katan, Doris Arakawa, Toshi Uesato, Hirichi Chinen, Isayas Santa Ana, and Katsumi Onishi, adviser, from Waipahu high school.

Soichi Miota, Felix Duhaylon-sod, Esmenia Agpaiua, Sakae Kaya, Katsuto Ono and W. Sievers, adviser, from Kahuku high school. Eleano" Kanahele, Kiyomasu Ikehara, Takeichi Tomei, Harry Lau, Ralph Ajifu and Mrs. Ruby Baker, adviser, from Benjamin Parker high school, Kaneohe. Frank Kim, Teruo Masatsugu, ager of he Hawaiian Pineapple and R.

W. Taylor, director of industrial relations for the Wa one of the local community's pi Honolulu Stock Exchange anists, Carmen Gavmo, also a 1 1 of Peggy Hitchcock in ialua Agricultural guest speakers. voice, who is at present attend ago. Just why the temperate zone food crops craved by the immigrant population, in other words, the white residents of these Islands, cannot become commercially successful has been explained by Harold L.Xyon, head of the HSPA experiment jtation. It is "agin nater, for the simple and satisfying reason that Hawaii is within the tropics.

The transfer of temperate zone plants to the tropics is too violent a disturbance of their normal habits of growth. They are not acclimated and it would take many generations, perhaps a hundred years of scientific acclimitization to breed strains of tfcese food plants which equal like produce shipped here from the tempefate zone. The only food crops to be depended on in an emergency are those hich originate in other tropical lands. To accustom our people to their use would be the difficulty. I well remember the account of a -eat famine in India among races of people who lived on pulses or beans.

Shiploads of corn were shipped from the United States as a donation to relieve the famine but the people still starved to death. They had never eaten corn, did not know how1 to cook it and were too suspicious of the new food to risk trying it even in their After lurchon a musical pro Domestic copper remained un The Dividend rates as riven below ing the Chicago College of Music. Miss Gavino's sister. Perla is are those declared for payment in changed throughout the week at 1941, monthly or quarterly. 12 cents a pound while export also studying piano at the school.

gram was presented. Numbers included a violin solo by Henry Song, a piano solo by Ruth Val-derrama and selections by the Leilehua high school orchestra. copper was unchanged at 11.25 Dr. Takata Others are Melodie Cabalona November 4, 1941 aid Asked cents. Betty Saito.

Hiroshi Abe and Al who has chosen the violin for her instrument; Lydia Runes who is $2.50 Alexander Baldwin 155 Domestic futures on the sugar Entertained Presiding officers were James 22' 170 market were virtually dormant .10 American actors .50 Brewer Sc Co 160 bert Tyau, adviser, from Waialua high school. James Anderson, Masayoshi studying voice; and Evelyn Anderson, president; Yvonne and ended the week unchanged Weatherby, vice president; Ma- to three higher as operators Dr. H. E. Takata of Hilo, adviser ta, Prima Mandac, Yolanda Pasrdilao, Lourdes Briones.

Martina Domingo, and Violet Celiz, sayoshi Nishimura, treasurer, awaited enactment of price con Nishimura, Harold Lee, Eppie Chung, Yvonne Weatherby and Mrs. Rose Bortfeld, adviser, of the Honomu Asahi club, was complimented at dinner given by and Eppie Chung, secretary. All trol legislation which will lift all prospective concert pianists. are student body officers of 3 21, 23i 31 "4i sugar, on the basis of ll.o per from Leilenua high schol. Last year Paulina Carino, Mr.

Edwin lee last Sunday evening at the Waikiki Lau Yee Chai. cent parity, to a ceiling price of Mrs. Ines Cayaban, Mrs Chris SUGAR .30 Bogo MedaUea Cebu Sugar .50 Ewa 21 .19 Haw'h Agric .50 Haw'n Com'l Sugar 21 Haw'n Sufjar 5 Honokaa Sugar 4 .30 Honomu Sugar 1V Hutchinson Sugar Kahuku Plantation .25 Kekaha Sugar .11 Koloa Susar 4,,4. .30 Maui Agricultural 15Va about 3.85 cents duty paid New Insect pests of vegetables and fruits can be controlled, if we make it our business to do so. The sugar and pineapple growers have Present were Miss Dorothy Senior Dance tina Sison, Mrs.

Dolores Quinto Korol, Speaker York. Sunn, Miss Katherine Luke. Miss de Veyra and Theodore Estrella World sugar futures were one Lena Chung, Miss Bertha Mun, were all taking vocal studies. to 10 points higher in quiet trad 12 At Waliiawa proved that. Nematodes can be eliminated by chemical means, as pineapple growers have demonstrated.

What is beyond any possibility of control is the difference in sea-ions the fact that in the temperate zones germination begins when bed is cold and the subsequent growth is accomplished by This year Miss Francisca Suel- Miss Jennie Luke, Mr. Thomas Wong, Mr. George Chu, Mr. Edmund Lee and Mr. Stanley Lee.

At Leilehua November 14 to of Kona, Hawaii has been ing. President Roosevelt's statement that the "shooting has begun" caused a brief flurry but McBrycie Sugar 3V 17 .30 Uahu Sugar IB Rotary Club given a scholarship voice, theory and piano by the school. Miss Suelto's voice has a range enthusiasm waned and the trade Mr. Thomas Wong gave a lunch iteady rise in soil and air temperatures until at the peak there are 18 ct more hours of sunlight and day temperatures are far higher than In the tropics, although the actinic rays are less potent. Ripening appeared Inclined to await devel Sugp.r J'i .10 Onomea fcupar 17 .15 Paauhau Sugar 6 .30 Pepeekeo Sugar 14'i liV similar to that of Deanna Dur- eon Tuesday at Sun Yin Wo in honor of Dr.

Takata, who left that opments in connection with the proposei joint Anglo-United (Special to The Advertiser) bin. She is building up a re Pioneer Mill comes about through snorteiung of tne hours cf sunlight, and progres cooling of soil and air until growth ceases. afternoon for his home. WAHIAWA, Nov. 3 Guest pertoire of the famous starlet States purchase of Cuban and 7 27 -4 6' 26 13 (Special to ih Advertiser) WAHIAWA, Nov.

3 fancy "rug cuttin," "jivin," "waltzing" will be shown by the senior "hep-cats" at their comin' Members of the Pirates Chinese .20 San Carlo! .80 Waialua .30 Wailuku Sugar Waimanalo Sugar other western hemisphere crops. speaker at the weekly Wahiawa- songs The petroleum market was Waialua Rotary club luncheon club, accompanied by Mr. Thomas We cannot duplicate or Imitate these conditions anywhere in the tropics; and plants which have developed Under temperate zone con-jltions cannot change their life habits. 4 Here lies the insurmountable obstacle. Nature will not grow po Federation note: All branches Wong, adviser, and Mr.

Edwin, firm. Heating oil improved substantially with the advent of cool Thursday in Kemoo Farm will PtNEAFPLES and near approachin' class dance of the Filipino Federation of Yee, president, will tour Lanai, be Alex Korol, general manager er weather. Gasoline was firm America in the Territory have tatoes corn, wheat or the long list of vegetables and deciduous iruits Maui and Hawaii next month. The group will leave Honolulu Decem of the Hawaiian Tuna Packers, organized their own local S. D.

and lubricating oils were steady Clubs which are under the while fuel oil also was firm en which our people aepena lor weir sustenance can Droduce the tropical food plants taro. bananas, sweet po ber 18. who will tell members about the third largest industry to be held November 14 at the school auditorium. Alumni are cordially invited to this gala semi-formal affair. Followin are persons plannin this here shindig: James Deacon, general chairman; Finance, Ji- jurisdiction of the Second Decen Many supplies reportedly quiried On Lanai they will be enter nial Convention Club of the FFA, Washington regarding the pos in Hawau.

tained by Mr. and Mrs. Yan Sing organized in January of this Last week a most interesting year. paper was read by Dr. Edwin E.

sibility of obtaining additional supplies for the east coast trade' by larger tanker shipments either from South America or Haw'n Canneries .25 Haw'n Pmeapple 1314 18 RUBBER .20 Haw'n Sumatra 3'4 4 .10 Pahang Rubber 2a 27i .20 Selama Din dings 2', UTILITY Hawaii Ky A 314 Hawaii Ry Hawaii Ry com .45 Haw'n Electric 35 39 .25 Haw'n Eltc PfdU 24 Hilo Electric 27 .45 Hon Gas 31 4 324 .45 Hon Rapid Transit 12 125 .25 Inter-Island Co 18 .20 Mutual Telephone 18 .10 Oahu Railway Pac GiE PId The general purpose of the S. McNiel, territorial director of tatoes, pumpkins, rice, certain beans, bread fruit, coconuts and sugar eane and undoubtedly could sustain life for a good many months on theje alone. Being civilized, we would eat things we didn't like in-iead of turning up our noses and starving to death because there Vas neither bread nor cake. Unless we plant peanuts and olives we would lack Tor protein food! we would have to depend on fish and home grown meats. tvi.

4a factual rresentation of the emersenev food nroblem ro Yamane, chairman; Francis Martinez. Daisy Kim, Margaret Ching, Mr. Hitoshi Sakai of Lanai high school and Capt. J. M.

Calhau. On Maui they will be the guests of Mr. Ernest L. Hood, principal of the Kahului Vocational school, Mr. Dee John Shehtanian and others.

The club members will spend the the mental hygiene clinic. D. C. Club is to establish the popularity contest and benefit California. Lee, Margaret Yang and Betty Visiting' Rotarians included R.

The grain market was steady Choy. social boxes dances among the S. Wooley of Honolulu. witn wheat -vi to or a cent FFA members. A Miss Terri Publicity, Florence Ichloka, a bushel lower, corn 1 to 1 rhlch must be given Its due consideration.

tory Queen of the Second Decen nial Convention Club of the Fed Ruth Tanji, Margaret Tanji, Mil dred Murao and Gladys Mizuno. higher, oats 1 to 1 higher and Christmas holidays on Hawaii and they will visit Mauna Kea, Kohala, Kona and other scenic places. Dr. LEGAL NOTICES rye to lower. eration will be chesen for the 1 Waliiawa Lions Meet Thursday JO Pac JI com Wheat was lower early in the conclave in 1945.

But there is Program and Orchestra, Harry Kong, chairman; Robert Chun, Audrey Kim, Lai Yung Choy, IN THE MATTER OF THE PETI week on reports that the Presi also an Anniversary Queen for TION OF CHUN MING FOR 13'i which honor several Federation dent would veto the 100 per cent parity loan should the measure H. E. Takata and members of ths Honomu Asahi club will entertain the group. The Pirates will be the guests of the Honomu plantation, the Asahi club and friends. They will return to Honolulu the day CHANGE OF NAME DECREE Evelyn Choi, Ellen Kim.

Decoration and cleanup, Mi girls are now vieing. OIL .25 Hon Oil .15 North American Oil. .40 Shell Unicn of .25 Standard Oil of .25 Union Oil be enacted by Congress. Serious (Special to "Ihe Advertiser) Executive officers of the Sec chael Chun, chairman; Donald Upon consideration of the peti ness of the Japanese situation WAHIAWA Nov. 4 It will be ond Decennial Convention Club Lee, SaraU Kim.

Wesley Swain, tion of CHUN MING for a decree contributed to the decline. before rew Year Eve. Ladies Night for the North Oahu are differentiated from the local Paul Sung, Masayoshi Nishimu MISCELLANEOUS STOCKS changing his name to LAWRENCE Wheat rallied sharply In mid ra, Joyce Dingley, Wing Chow RAMOS GALLAZE. and there ap week on a report that Repub 2614. Kong, Nishimura, S.

D. C. Club. They are Bernardino Arado, president; Pedro 3. Valdei, vice president; Ray- Hostess League Lions club in Kemoo Farm next Thursday night at 7:00 and the speaker will be W.

B. Sievers, bandmaster at Kuhuku High Bearing to me to be good reasons lican members of the House Banking committee did not favor 1.50-Chrysler Corp 50 Cona. Amuse. Co. .60 Cobs.

Amuse. Pfd. J2'4c Cream, of Amer .60 Home Insurance .60 .30 Hon Fin Thrift for granting the same: Yvonne Weatherby Tadato Ta naka. Daniel Nakashima, Clar NOW. THEREFORE, by virtue a price ceiling on farm products ence Helenihi, James Sanbei, To- school who announces as his subject "The ways and means of of the authority In me by law vest It declined fractionally Thursday Is Organized A hostess league of the USO monao Quiniones, secretary; Angel Pingpong, treasurer; and Benny Escobido, director Public Affairs.

shihiro Nakagawa. Larry Kim, ed and thereunto enabling. I. J. B.

under professional pressure but Community MISCELLANEOUS BONDS Kiyoshi Yoshiura, and George POINDEXTER, Governor of the resumed the uptrend Friday on has been organized by the Jew Territory of Hawaii, do hereby or Davies 4s 101 Haw'n Elec 4s 10414 Haw'n Elec 4s 108 1091 THZ CIRCUIT COURT OF FIRST JUDICIAL CIR-i COT TERRITORY OF HA- wAn. AT COAMSZRS IN EQUITY fee Matter of the Determination and Declaration of Heirs of 1X2 SIIEE YOUNG, Deceased, Intestate. ORDER OF PUBLICATION AND HEARING A petition for the determination declaration of heirs of LEZ HTS YOUNG, deceased, inte-jtatt. having been filed in this Court on October 27, 1941. and food cause appearing therefor, it Is hereby ordered that a hearing en said petition be and the same Is hereby set down for Monday.

December 15, 1941. at 2 o'clock p. of said day in the Courtroom of the undersigned Judge of the above entitled Court, sitting at chambers, in equity in the Judiciary Building, Honolulu, City y-4- County of Honolulu, Terrl-a)rv of Hawaii. Hahn. Refreshment.

Teiko Ogawa strength in soybeans coupled Club representatives have just returned from Washington, D.C., Athletic note: The Lihue Fili der and decree that the name of with speculation and shortcover Pioneer Mill 411it chairman; Nora Kanno, Haruko with a ruling of the Dept. of In ing. CHUN MING be and is hereby changed to LAWRENCE RAMOS Nakama, Adaline Furukawa ternal Revenue that the Federal Hon Gas 5s Mutual Telephone 4s Hides were firm and quiet in pino tennis team members from the Garden Isle are still remembering the exchange net matches with the Waialua and Kawailoa Tax of 11 per cent on all dues and sales a.m. GALLAZE. and that a copy of this Helen Komori, Sarah Kogachi, Kimiko Shimabukuro, Dora 100 Sumatra.

100, 20. 80. 20, 15, 50 featureless trading and futures ended the week four to five fees in excess of $10.00 per year ish Welfare board under ths chairmanship of Mrs. A. E.

Linc-zer and Mrs. Mark D. Port Weekly meetings are held at the JWB headquarters. 1541 Young street every Wednesday evening at 8. Programs of interest will be presented.

All service men and defense workers are Mutual lfl'i: 15, 15 O. JK. Fil netsters last Sundav at Kawai does not apply to Lions Clubs 23; 100 Pahanst. ZV- points higher. Ma li a.m.

Fertilizers were featured by a $1000 H. Elec. 4s 105; 10 Mutual decree be published once a week in each of three consecutive weeks in the "HONOLULU ADVERTISER," a newspaper of general circulation in the Territory of Hawaii, published at Honolulu, in the stronger tone in organic ammo 164: 10. 10 Amer. Factors, Wahiawa YBA loa.

They have invited the Ka-wailoans and Waialuans for matches in Lihue ometime at the end of the month. The Kauai tennisters were Marcos Calder- 10. 50. 50. 175 Honomu.

7V: 25 re Leilehua Hi Council Named peekeo, 15; 100 Honolulu lias, jz'a; za niates. Mixers began to order out good quantities of ammonium sulphate, potash salts and other Honolulu Gas, said Territory. Social Held on, Carlos Qniduian, Pedro So BATED at Honolulu. T. this materials iu rther im SAN FRANCISCO STOCK EXCHANGE Banquet Plans riano, Mariano Sana, Simeon provement was expected as mix Sardo, Ilermosrenes Campos.

Kel zoth day of October. A. D. 1941. (Seal of the T.

of (S) JOSEPH B. POINDEXTER ing operations attain capacity. Are Completed ly Cabatin. Benedlcto Derit and Dated at Honolulu. T.

this (Special to The AdverUspr WAHIAWA Nov. 4 The High school Student Council (Special to The Advertiser) WAHIAWA, Oahu, Nov. 4 With a Halloween social, the Wa Ldnseed oil was quiet with tank car oU unchanged at 9.5 cents Juan Cabacaangr. The home Governor of Hawaii. JTth day of October.

1941. (Sean FRANCIS M. BROOKS, (Adv. Oct. 22, 29, Nov.

5) a rjound. representatives and their alter The Order of Business Efficien hiawa Junior YB began its ac Wool was higher and active IS nates vere elected recently in Uudge of the above entitled Court NOTICE TO CREDITORS tivities for the current club year. team roster consisted of Engrenio Soriano, Roy Ocampo, Lorenio Soriano, Paul Ladao, Inocentes Arancon, I. Ladao and B. Fer-nandes.

The visitors were en 29. Novra. 12, 1) sales this week were estimated at over 30,000,000 pounds on new A speech was given by the Rev. social study classes. The student receiving the highest number of L' TIIE MATTER OF THE PETI government orders.

votes in each class became rep CIRCUIT COURT, FIRST" CIRCUIT, TERRITORY OF HAWAII 26s; TION OF MARY LEINANI SWAN. FOR CHANGE OF Yoshio Hmo, games were played and refreshments served. Committee chairmen for the social were Yasuko Uchiyama, refreshments; Harry Hayakawa, trans resentative and the one receiving the second highest became cy club of the Honolulu Business college will hold a banquet at the Waikiki Lau Yee Chai Friday evening at 7. Chairman Is Tommy Chee. assisted by Masaru Shimada.

SeijI. Nago, Gladys Iwasaki and Cheonar Lum. Invitations have been sent to faculty members and hostesses will receive tli eusts. tertained by the Waialua Filipino Civic Association and were taken around the island on a sightseeing trip. Estate of FRANCES I.

CREHORE QUOTATIONS Aircraft Accessor fl.SSA. 1.00 Byron Jackson Co. 1014 .75 Calif. Packing 21T'SA 2.00 Caterpillar Co 40 .46 Central Eureka 214 .50 Creameries ef Amer S14A 1.25 Crown Zellerbach 13 1.40 Emporium Capwell 19A 4.00 Fireman's Fund 113 Gladdine IIc3 Sc 8'A .80 Golden State Co -10'i 1.00 Toumeu 2714 Menasco Co. $1.60 .25 Mountain City Cod 21A 2.00 Oliver Filters 19A 1.00 Pacific Can 134 Pacific Coast $1.45 2.00 Pacific Gas Elec.

234 1.50 Pae Elec Pfd. 3H4 2.25 Parpffine Co 29A 1.50 So. Calif. Kdt Pfd 30iA 1.90 So. Calif.

Edison 23 1.00 Standard Oil of Calif. 24'i 2.75 Super Mold Core 16'4 .50 Transamerica Corp 4 .08 TJ. S. Petrol .50 Universal Conso! Oil 74 Victor Equinment 314A Vultee Aircraft 9'iA NAME DECREE. ITnnn rsn si deration of the netl On the cotton market, prices held well on support encouraged by indications that the House Banking committee either would provide ceiling prices for farm Droducts above 11.0 per cent Deceased.

Probate No. 12,004. portation; a Yanagida, Those elected are: Senior Representatives Wing All creditors of said Frances I. Crehore, deceased, are hereby no decorations; Martha Akagi, From a Filipino Bluejacket: 32 Chow Kong, Evelyn Choi, Koji Tony Banznclo of the USS tified to present their claims, with parity or completely eliminate Iwasa, James Deacon and Dorothy Hinrichsen. proper vouchers or duly authenti anv reference thereto.

Zinc, lead, tin and silver prices Honolulu, who was given personality recognition at the Tagalog Class Club shindig recently, is Chi Omegas 247', ton of MARY LEINANI SWAN for a decree changing her name to MARY LEINANI WOND, and there appearing to me to be good reasons for granting the same: NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue tt the authority in me by law tested and thereunto enabling, I. B. POINDEXTER, Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, do hereby erder and decree that the name cated copies thereof, even if the claim is secured by mortgage on real estate, to the undersigned at were unchanged. Wahiawa Baptists Hold Meeting Senior Alternates Dorothj-Lee, Francis Balacke. and Jirc Yamane.

Junior Representatives Lila To Hold Tea its office, 120 South King Street, me autnor of a poem, "A Sailor's Wish," dedicated to Miss An-geline Regala who read a Tagalog dedication for the gentlemen that evening. o-n 1 1 T. within four Lee, Paul Fike, Henry Song, Ponciano Medina and Lloyd Kim. Members of Chi Omega sorority months from the date of the first STOCKS ON HOVOLI'LtT AND publication of this notice, or they SAN FRANCISCO EXCHANGES Junior Alternates Lorraine will meet for tea at the home of Mrs. Russell Fozzy, 3143 Alani drive, tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.

win D9 iorever Darrea. Sugar Markets Rubber, Silk, Cotton, Grain, Metals And Money Montgomery, Chester Johnson, Fred Moon, Gilbert Hayashi, Dated: Honolulu, T. October Mew 23, 1941. Clara Fukushima and Joan Stid- HAWAIIAN TRUST COMPA ham. 1.20 American Factors 1.20 Ewa 1.50 Hawaiian Pin .60 Hawaiian Suear Honokaa 5jear .50 Honolulu Oil 1.00 North American Oil 1.00 Oahu Olaa Sugar 1.20 Onomea Suear.

Pioneer Mill 1.60 Waialua NEW YOHK BANK 2014 15 4s'iA 13 8'4 16A 4A 18A 11 A 274A STocki Sophomore Representatives-Paul Lee, Larry Solin, Lois NY, LIMITED, Executor under the Will and of the Estate of Frances I. Crehore, Deceased. Smith, Roland Kim and Harold Lee. SUGAR PRICES ef MARY LEINANI SWAN be inj is hereby changed to MARY LEINANI WOND, and that a copy cf this decree be published once a week in each of three consecutive eeks in the "HONOLULU ADVERTISER, a newspaper of gen-tral circulation in the Territory ef Hawaii, published at Honolulu, tn the said Territory. DATED at Honolulu, T.

H. this 13th day of October, A. Hn 1941. JOSEPH B. POIND EXTER, Governor of Hawaii.

Seal cf the T. of Hawaii. (Adv. Oct. 29, Nov.

5. 12) ANDERSON, WRENN JENKS, New York Raws 3.57 At the St. Francis Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Go- Sophomore Alternates Wil Attorneys for Executor.

(Adv. Oct. 23, Nov. 5, 12, 19) WAHIAWA, Oahu, Nov. 4 Sunday school teachers and officers of the Wayside Baptist chapel were invited to an informal supper followed by a meeting at the home of the Rev.

and Mrs. James Belote. Plans were made for the enlargement of the Sunday school, the attendance of which has in? treased during recent months. Present were Mrs. Ulous Ryan, Margaret Oda, Irene Oda, Helen Oda, Aileen Lau, Ayako Saito, Dorothy Kong, Caroline Wong, Beatrice Nosse, Ethel Chong, C.

K. Tom and James Worrell. Pre-Armistice Dance Planned 39siA 2 40 Bank of America eas, 1666-A Karaamalu Avenue. (Hawaiian basis) C4II Fine Granulated Net Cash liam Welch, Larry Nishimura, James Shiroma, Lei Manley and 1.40 Chase Natl Bank 30HA All local members and visiting-Chi Omegas are invited to attend. Telephone Mrs, Fozzy for reservations.

Honorary Member The board of governors of the Pacific club voted to extend honorary membership to Mr. Henry R. Macfarlane, now a resident of Molokai, at their last regular meeting. He has been a member for more than 30 vars. OES Chapter PTRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT 1.00 Natl City Bank 27A Evelyn Tara.

Points LEGAL NOTICES nrv. Vn. 22202 Grain at 2:00 p.m., Nov. 3, a girl, 6 pounds 9V4 ounces. The father is in the National Guard.

To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chock, 538 Panui Street, at 5:08 p.m., Nov. 3, a boy. 7 pounds ounce.

JtXIA M. MTTCIIELL vs. FRED- Chinese Club Of Waliiawa Elects CHICAGO. v. 4 (UP) FIRST CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE Wheat closed today e.t to THE TERRITORY OF HAWAII a bushel lower.

FIRST CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE Estate of MARY NAMANU KA-NAE, formerly Mary Namanu Paoa, deceased. No. 11643. Mr. Chock is with the Honolulu to FREDERICK MITCHEJ-JLt GREETING: Vnn am vrebv notified that (Special to The Advertiser) Rapid Transit Company Estate EMIT, JOHANSEX ABRE-IIAMSEN, Deceased.

P. No. 11412. Final Account of ELIZABETH TRASK ABREHAMSEN. Execu Dec.

Wheat f. Kl fnv nivnrpe filed in this WAHIAWA, Oahu, Nov. 4 Officers of the Wahiawa Chinese To Mr. and Mrs. Moses Col Court against you by your wife High Low Close bert, 1822 Lanakila Street, at 3:20 club were elected Tuesday at a meeting held at the home of Mr.

trix and Petition for allowance of will be heard before tne Jtionor- K1 TP H.T Rrnnts. Judffe of the a.m., Nov. 4, a girl, '7 pounds 3 Members of the Maria Clar: club will be hostesses at their pre same, determination of heirs en and Mrs. F. T.

Yap. Elected above entitled Court, in his court titled to real estate and distribu Tues. Mon. l.UVk 1.15V 1.13.a 1.13 1.13?4 1.1414 1.194 1.1914 .83 .8314 .494 51T4 -52V4 9.72 9.70 9.92 9.90 11.75X 11J5X ounces. At the Japanese Hospital: Armistice dance Saturday eveninc were George Ching, president; Joseph Wong, vice president; May Wheat Dec.

Corn May Corn Dec. Oats tion of the estate having been Final Account of J. F. CARREI-KO. administrator and Petition for lilowance of same, determination a heirs entitled to real estate and -tribution of the estate having fcn filed, all persons interested notified that Monday, November 17, 1941, at 2 o'clock P.M., wfore the Presiding Judge, in Prorate, ili nnui-trnom room.

Judiciary Buiiamji. nono-T rm TiiPsdav. the 23rd at Farrington cafeteria. Mrs. Juan filfd.

all Dersons interested are K. Tom, secretary; Harry Kong, To Rev. and Mrs. Kenji Oto. day of December.

1941, at 2:00 notified that treasurer; L. P. Young, mem May mo, 1640 Houghtailing Road, at o'clock in the afternoon oi saia 1 a.m., Nov. 4, a girl, 7 pounds ber at large, and Tom Clung, sergeant at arms. day.

Dec. Lard Jan. Lard Cash Bellies Dated: Honolulu, T. Novem Lei Aloha Chanter No. 3.

OS will celebrate thirty sixth birthday and past officers nibt Sr'-- day evening at 7:30 at the Masonic temple. Mrs. Iva Thompson p.m. and Mr. James Kent, p.iw will preside.

A special invitation is extended to all past matrons snd pattens to attend as well as to visiting members. Sailing Friday Mrs. Walter G. Potter will sail Friday for the Mainland for a visit on the west coast, returning December 3. Monday.

December 8th. 1941 at 2 o'clock p. before the Presiding Judge, in Probate, in his courtroom. Judiciary Building. Honolulu.

T. is appointed the time and place for the hearing of Building. Honolulu. T. H- is ap 8 ounces.

At the Kapiolani Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ta ber 4. 1941. Actress Mother By the court JAMES K.

TRASK. Nominal pointed the time and place for the tearing Of said Pptition. vares, 1339 Kam IV Road, at Clerk Dated: Honolulu, T. Oct 14, 3:02 a.m Nov. 4, a boy.

Mr LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4. (TP) Stocks Held Firm 5. 12. 19.

1941) ita Demain is chairman. Proceeds will go towards the club's fund which will enable the societv to send delegates to the convention of women's clubs in Manila next year. Library of Hawaii Readers who are interested in examining new additions to the Library of Hawaii, will be able to browse through the books ir the main lobby of the library. All new books will be on display every week from Tuesday through Friday. Tavares is employed at the Ship Singer Mary Martin and her husband, film writer Richard Hal- VOTTCE OF SALE OF REAL ES said Petition.

Dated: Honolulu, T. H-, November 4th, 1941. Bv the Court JAMES K. TRASK. Service Laundry at Pearl Har ti.

By the Court M. W. KIM Clerk. lOct. 15, 22, 29.

Nov. 5. 1941) TATE OWNED BY Tilts tux Tuesday's trading on the Hono AND COUNTY OF in lulu stock exchange resulted bor. At the Queen's Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs.

Alfred Clerk liday. received congratulations today on the birth of a daughter. The infant weighed seven pounds To Be Invited LU. Notice to rnvTRACTORS 3. 12.

19. 26. 1941) sale of 980 shares of eight stocks in 20 lots at firm prices: these SEALED BIDS vill be received Kntirp is hereby Eiven that ap being American Factors, 285 Ho nomu, Pepeekeo, Pahang, Haw. FIRST CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE Estate of ELIZABETH SCIIAE-FER. also known as ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, SCIIAE- praisal having been made as by law provided, the Treasurer of the City and County of Honolulu SYDNEY.

Nov. 4 (TP). Plans Sumatra, Gas, 395 Mut. Tel. and to and opened at 2 p.m., 7, 1941, at the office of PURCHASING AGENT of the ty and County of Honolulu, for: were announced today to invite' Oahu and $1,000 Haw.

Elec FER, deceased. P. No. 11553. trie 4s at 105.

is holding for sale ixx io. of Improvement District No. 29 Ex-dividend: Mut. TeL subscrip For Your Annual Inveniory We offer the Service of oar Licensed Felt Tarrant Comptometer Inventory Figurine Department. Mrs.

Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit Australia to open the Pacific Youth Congress at Melbourne next Easter. Tyinis Tract, the minimum Final Account of BISHOP tion warrants, P.G.&E. Union TRUST COMPANY. LIMITED.

Oil and Cons. Amuse, stock div. Young, 228 Kiilawe Street, at 3:36 p.m.. Nov. 3, a boy, 7 pounds 8 ounces.

The' father is a painter at the US navy yard. To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mat-son 3rd, Kahaluu. Oahu.

at 5:56 p.m., Nov. 3, a boy, 6 pounds 14 ounces. The father is a roller operator with the General Construction Company. To Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley Palmer, 712 10th Avenue, at 6:41 p.m., Nov. 3, a boy, 7 pounds 9. ounces. Mr. Palmer is an engineer with American Factors.

price being $1.347 av D. L. CONKLING, Treasurer. Executor and Petition for allow and subscription rights. a girl, 6 pounds 11 (REVISED) SPALLATION OF FLUORESCENT LIGHTING SYSTEM IN THE DRAFTING ROOM OF THE BUREAU OF PLANS, DEPARTMENT OF fbBUC WORK HONOLULU HALE (CITY HALL), HONOLULU.

OAHU. T. H. Nov. 4, ounces.

ance of same, determination of heirs entitled to real estate and City and County of Honolulu ORIENTAL EXCHANGE BANK OF HAWAII distribution of the estate having Honolulu. Hawaii. November 4, 1941. 5. 1941) November 4 Sellin been filed, all persons interested To Sgt.

and Mrs. John J. Mar-cinko, 3944 Pahoa avenue, at a.m., Nov. 4, a boy, 7 pounds 10 ounces. I Hong Kong (tel) 25.9 are notified that Monday.

Novem Invoice Checked. Inlereit Fleured. Fir tire and Statistical. Calculation work done. Estimates furnished.

Hong Kong 25.85 ber 24. 1941 at '2 o'clock p.m.. be YOUR PACE IS YOUR In driving your car, the speed at which you travel is highly important. You minimize your chances of injury by driving always at a SAFE speed. But you can completely eliminate your chances of financial loss by taking out the proper insurance.

We write it RIGHT. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT C. BREWER and Company, Ltd. PHONE 6261 NOTICE OF COMPLETION Shanghai (tel) 5.8 fore the Presiding Judge, in Pro rians, specifications and forms contract documents mav be from the said PURCHAS-AGENT, upon deposit of legal wnder or certified check for TEN Shanghai 5.75 Purotant to Section 4366. Re Manila pesos 50.40 Ijiws of 1935.

as amended To Mr. and Mrs. Walter W.l$ Fresh OAHU EgCS ukunaga. 736 Birch Street, at Fukunag ia hprphv civen that the South Downs parish of Streat of a residence Nov. 7:50 p.m (S10.00).

AUTHORITY OF THE 0ARD OF SUPERVISORS. R. SMYTHE, Alexander Ltd. Representing FELT TARRANT COMPTOMETER Phone 1042 1S4 Merchant St. claims to have the highest in England in a prove of 3,000 trees bate, in his courtroom.

Judiciary Building. Honolulu. T.H.. is appointed th? time and place for the hearing of said Petition. Dated: Hor.olulu, T.

October 11; un. Bv the Court JAMES K. TRASK, Clerk. (Adv. Oct.

22. 29; Nov. 5. 12. 1941) Larre Medium Small 71e 64o 47c planted in 1887 to commemorate pounds 3 ounces.

The father is a clerk at the post office. To Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Nobujl, Manoa Valley. Honolulu, war completed on Sept.

25. 1941. Dated: Oct. 29. MRS.

ALICE R. HIND, Owner 5. 12) Qusen Victoria's Jubilee, eac arm of the being 150 yards long 1 1 'ity anc County of Honolulu I 5 67) 23' 29 30 31 Nov' lf 3' 467 Cooke Street, at 3:22 a.m. and 22 yards wide..

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