Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1895
Page 3
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WH« GOT IHfc CASHI F.W.KINNEY, 5«3 BHOAOWAY. IV c«r *-a-M Hie • Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs ^~^, e ' r and Game, *TWe dre»« our own Poultry an j therefore have everything fresb. "kernaa P'- r " i;l<\ ' "»>• rrum»D fit Spring's FKO.H CHAFF1VG. "%. HOLI> ONL.V BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE l^wir Y 'in'tf I entr m--r. • h- i Pan H-it.d't- rnjjioef-r J ihn 1# nff rimy no n.jroun'. of S.ipwrinii-nrieni, W*lloa rnr-uroed y^ B i.^niMy ''•iim a hu-iinnrtS irip to Plttnhurl'. ThH n-a-"* r mechticics o' 'be Wa'ii-h Hv^ii-tn a i. Siiri"«fi-ln, Tn%- P*n H«r, tbfl ^uiidifB "f giii.ton n. P C)iiK G-.-reral i\, ucrln'p piriv iia<«mi tn-omrn 'h ovt-r tb>- V-.ndalia 'ir a P 10 HmriUi br^lco rit-h'- aTO pio^h^d Tuen- «t. L-tka < i.;oi.t while OR F. M. BOZ R'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State Rational Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! KRAI, ESTATE. Wi'icuil i;ii-i[) JotbiK •» K«r Sulo. W.i itM i,m in ' ,Vur-< "•' ir rfil«. •W.iMtuI -Jiuin Kiiruw for <>iw. Wii'i •-1 B.Hln-M. ftlo:Ks K>r •*;>!". Wniir.».l in Kxctiii'ii!« itr-iis ffi Cit? Property. Wunt-a vt H r«Uiri(tH< n Tr (In tor t'ar.ns, AUD tK-i.-i »I. :«. «;OHIK»V. dprv B nc.k o;i' sp»rt, liidliinft. MNilKEASE VOUK INCOME! • r i (lolnit It why not you? Invust (tin Dnwmber wn«Ht, Our NJHIHIII ln;iiwinito(1 <or tint vv rtuiiltyco try It. Writ* UK tod f for full <Dnformari<>n, PKKKiNy * CO., ffl4 KliiMo BW*. finlrauw. HI- NOTICE FARMERS. Masnen tt;r;iilrt>iV ll-ilv-roi will bo at ,T. W I.e 's (•Wil ' orn on Niirtli srreH; Sii'mdiiys 'o ««xh t) i i Wir I<M» GII»CK Kowft on whlcti Uioy i iiliuwi'd 11 imttMit. H. E. TRIIAX, M. D. SD'olivl ntUTitlmi Rivi<n to Nose, Lung, Llvei •and Chronic ui.sfisH.-i. OftlCHaml Heslilmic* over Sttitfl NatlonnI Bunk. Sours HI t1 K 11 in , a ti> -I p. HI,, and 7 to 8 p, m, All eiills promptly tittonJeJ. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS as KXTIIA KINK. FLU: AND HROAD roiSTS TO siTf ALL HA.MIS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. Undertakers and T«>Oi:itBV»V Grl-vfl not, tlru llflB 'Men's s .ne, jjhf Is rr-o trim -in b«f p *i>i. Hojuico itwt co 'ins w rM ol cure. S!IH'U iiuvur come an !«. WH foliled both Imr i t e liiiriils Uiw . hiii' lllHltj-.s hML-c. And on nor col i mi- um bin brow, Tim la,t t.jnil Uss we've |>res.s«a W« Iiilrt our (1 irliiiK 'I >wn t rest BmiBiiCn tlin cold. U.ui'-n -oil Hut her pure plr.t IN n-t ilmre. It dm>il« U.U 'Vii. Witn IT .U Ch 1st. wi! eil o»r JurHni; buck K> Him. jj'er »h- lni.ll known on- earn, Tornst ivlthln HI- to .(!• farms No pa us, iio.sullurliis; Uiere. On, let in fnllow 'Hire bel >w The proneiiC Ho tins K v«n, Thut wn in iy mmtt imr Ijral ones there, Jii tbiii brlgtii lioin , U\ In view O El'lutt and dav E N. P h-id dn.v Th brtlr. rouie n' 'b- nc* tsrCto Urj" t,. n-i. L' mi'V-ived f^nm Aa. dunlin l.n Ma'lmi 1' !•< 'hfi (olHOtion of i.hH or. j •<!!..>• P to tinve i hn line com- pioii-d li-nfii Marlon ID 1'idianauolis and run i.r.ilii.. over it by Ocinht-r Is'.. Xnc P-nni'vl'tnla c"inu>inv hnr» sent irti clrcu n.r stalinir hai tbe out an name trulns Y'^k h M.i|i.r)n r ' York L Oluk • YlmihtUHn' 1 uL-upeo St. fu 'Sr. Louis iholr n«=iw and New .\ ihiirn In and New unri ba.-t b nn by » .li'-n m T.iwn»tilp Kun-w-y Horn« and IL.lHy Hurt. Jacob Lcffoi'ii BOH of Bbtblebem township was lorriblj "hurl Ooo Eiybi la- 1 week wnlle on the way bume from oDurcn To» borre whi'jh iba b.>y roae beuumt) unmanHgennle, and b™»king Jrom ibe rond, dusnod ihrougn ihe woodd. flually throwing the JOUD^ m»n from bis Beat, titi was found houn nfierwurds where be bid failed i.gittnst a trta Ho rumalcittd In ,10 unconscious condition for two days. Hn was re^io<-u?d imo'-ovwd yesterday, and His thuuSQ 1 b« will recover. DAILY JOURNAL THUIISDAY MORNING. JAN 24 Turn Snuffery la ou the sick list. in all kinds of shuos at t BArif •o*>o The health of ox-Sheriff Jamos Stanley l» rapidly fntliofj John B Smith nod Anole Johnston havn I).'eio lloonstd to >ved Moa'r. >iud bovs' ruboers, boots and shoos cheap, at Brown's tt'C sale. Too ckming oa iho arnticial lake ID R'vuri-ido Park Is reported pood. The Retail Clerks hold a regular business moeltng 1 last night at their hail. An old fashioned sinking- echool olas-i Is being furwod at tho School. Drukenoess h is no comparison in evil fffrtot to trm opium or morphine huiit, when firmly fixed on ih-> hapless vioilm- Mochors ?hould be careful in u*u nf as simple a tbing as acouirn uure WHO tbe .r children M-iay so-ualled Cuutc" cures depend upon thb siuiicf.vins; bush the cough- Brant's B-ilcam Id One which otn Klveyuur children wHh pei fed confidence that U is ontircly frae from opiates, as well as a reliab e uure, not only to atop iho cout^b, but also perfectly heal tbe diseased parts. Largo &5 coal bottles at Baa Fisber'a drug store. , A 8uv«'i-frii« Kfv»v«l. A religious revival ha-< been conducted by the K-v W R. Wones at the Market street M E. church for almost fnur weeks aud the inttresl is rooorted sieaaily growing in power, '['hero have boon a ouraner of ace.es- slons to ihe church. The meeun^s will oontloue until Sunday, and perhaps next week. Ittn-kH'uV A-iiica Sxlvo, The bc-iS'Uvo iu the world fur cuts, brulsos sorus, ulcers, Milt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is pu-irntueed to a V ind all a engineer h 18 ihii-r.y dav-' leave of in" to Andrew* where hf- -d a im-ildrm a-< snzineer on i.he «V-vni-<n If ne Ilk- 1 * his new JDh he will remain on t.h- Waitsh. if not ho will mtu^n io '-he Vmdalia at the exo'ratli'n of his furlouth The nnniTrurjiino (>(, ihe Chicago. IndliriH & K-i"iorn rnjlrond D0« e^emt to b-t >:n a.-atired Uct An engineer- iny corp* arrived n.t Frtirmnunt yesterday, and wlh (immnnce work on the line today, f &. Root, presidentof the road, ea> a that all neoersipy means have b-en provided for tne conHtruC'ti'n of 'he line and that the work would be rapidly pusbei . Several days ago a se.ciioa hind on, th<-Vind»i.lla found a section of a car wbeel tiiaire m a-<ur'.og abnul ten Inches and stjo*ln(j evidence of navlnjf bean lately broken off. F-iramna Tnos. Carson, to whom tbe mailer was reported, ordered all the cars in tba yard InSueC'e I also all cars in transit and nnufirtd the P-tn Hinrtln to have ail curit Insort-'tt-d thai, h.id bof>n dallv- Straiifjn to ^>i.v 'ihrt car from whicn tbe fluiifu h-i.d h-mn broken could not be found, mauieo'f ihe f«ct ibut j^reat oar« wa,-- ifikon to inspect each car Hi- Could i'i p.lx-- l«..ll«. . J>n-in S '-i-z l-I.-.vilid O 110, re lati-a an exuuri^rjce all i.he mure wonderful neu.tuse he is nO-v nmirly Bro.7nVaro Sale of his entire stock (?[ve parfoc t satisfaction or omney re- Of nbotiS and rubbjra, la aitractlop lartre crowds. Tnoolatro of John Hartz agtinat tho estate of Jonn Vn8t has bean dlsmisaed at the plaintiff's cost. A mooting of the Grand Army of the Riputillc cklied for last nlpnt. was posipoued until noxi Tuesday ihe 29tQ. A ;-Qaled verdict In favor of ihe da. fend&nt was returned yesterday morn- Ing la ihe case of Welch <r* Merry man for damages. James Bailey, a Kenneth quarryman, who-»»u locked upon a charge of intosloavion. waa allowed to f n yesterday morning'. funded. Prlcu 25 cants per boy. For aalu by B. F Km^iintr J«-t Ut-c ivod. f«o car load.-, of slr'gh- from the celebrated f'ulldr Bu^sry & S e gh Co.. Jackson, Michigan. Ci>me one, 'come all. come everybody; we have slotetis for the millions. Prices below Ihe lowest. Call HI He ra\-: ' I *ou dn't i«ke $IHO for tbP- good D'- \Vbeeier'e Nerve Vua ix--r hat- done mo. I always. wurkrcJ ti^rd and was careless «b»ut a llltlu ntumicb irouble I Dad and S eep- leijHQess, "Dlcn I ,sup|)0-6 accounts for the narvou. trouble which ctrui;k me about 'oar years HSTO L'mb-, of my Hunt SlUe g-'it so I couldn't control them; at iTiBeo I couldn't hold a cup in ray hand 10 drink from it, aod in a cro*d would unconnoioufly hit people wi'h mv j -rkmjj ritht »rm. Tne doc tors culled it nervous parhlysi.-' nnd s-iid ihat at mv agt-. I couldci 1 . be cured saw Dr Wheeler's Nt'.rve j Vitttliz-r anveriisoil iu tuo R-po.-itur.v j aod u'lii a s impie bo'.i.le of li. which I tnoufjbi- hei in-d me, >o b-msrht a b ittle Trjliik 1 tuve u-ieJ three bjlues and ibev h ivn inide a steady mtn of me. I bive 00', fait as well in four years and ara s ill improving. Way, for two yi-ars (. coulda't Orive a nail-" Mr. (riidiinfr^r. io whO»c S .ore the iui.ervio-v tonK pliic-^. fully corrohota- lod Mr S var'fc' «iat-ti\enti. Siyini.j bis core was a sjrprli-e io nil who knew of the case. VVo are aulhuri'ieJ to say, this medicine for control and cure of riArve ir.iubies, is sold by Ban Flober and,by ail druggists. 6l7 Th- I>iN«iiv<-r3- SUrrd III- Ii'If. • Mr. li UaiiOUctie. Orujjsj.St, Beav- ertville. III., Si.ve: "To Dr. K'n^'a N«~ D'^C'.ivery I owe my life. W»8 taken with la grippe and tried all the Every «lrl in H<-r -TVens' 1 physicians for miles abiut, but o( no Needs a; tlmea a sale and eenue tonic ' &vM aDd wag giveQ up and told j tocoufl'orbilanoe tho esira drains on j could D0l lwe Having Dr. King's the physical and nervous system. Z->a- J jj eiff Dlticowerv ( Q my ator8 £ 8eo c for Phora (Roman's Friend) will P'™ ' a boule aod bjeda to 0at better, and Tbe Journal has a few blrdseye • health and freshness for weakness and a « ier us , n e tbree bottles was up aad views of Logans jort left. They can ' pallor. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and j about ^^^ u is wortn i( wel^st in gold. We won't keen siore or bouse ATbcrmom-ier Thl'-f. It in reported frum vbo East End Int»rn»t!n' '-IU e Puxztn 1, cai Ha MM »ro r y I the TEN TH«CSASI). Woo t?ocihe wnmonii? The braves of ihe Wea Trine NO 170, I 0 R ti- of thio citi. have in vain quefltoned I their mdOioioe men. n.»A end lati-sr- j have made a n.^au 0 g effort to diaoov- er *h^re a |-56 oQecu wnioh was m^ait •or iDem. was really iau«n by the U S mull carrier all wiinoiH bUJCt-ss. I'bey may find out Ortfore long aod when tney ao. tbe man wno rtoured. ci»hfd aud reaprfl tne booefit of ih $56. will toioH i>e has lallr?n into the htnde 0' tno rcven»jeful Auncnea. H« will not be scalpad, but tie will be made io fuel very much emriaras»ed heap much. PbU in tbe *>»y the story runs: A brave from the teeoees of tbe tribe at Anderson *as takeo sick in tbe lodge of i.ba Wea pe iple -vbout three moons ago He was c*red for here and the tribe at Anderson was ca led on to nay tbe expense-* incident to bis sickness A draft for $56 was mailed hy trie w»rjnpUTi keeper at AD derr-on to Wrn Bionmio, "Chief of Records"! O. K. M L'lgansport, Ind William Bur«rm'in in the man wbo was Incendnd but he did not get the wampum. Som^onodid. (or the check, endorsed *ith the al'cged fal^e signature nf William Bingaman, was casned at one of toe locitl h auks. Wm. Binifaman C'aims that he did not tji-t the cnoonv, and ibe Ele 1 Men are anxious to koo* »h'» did Ouie l"'or II -mdH c lie. As a rem->dv for ml forma of headache. Eli-cirlc Bi-terr- has proved io be i-be verv oost ['. i-llucis a permanent uure and ibe most dreaded rmbttuil S'ck hendaunes yield to li.» iofluence. Wnurpeall who are bQl cted to procure a bottle, ar;d give ibis remedy a fair trial. I ca-es of hi 'U.ual corji-ti- patlon Electric Bitters cures bv giving the needed t. ne to i.he bowels, and a few cases lone resist the us* of this medicine. T-y nonce L-irsrebuttles omy 5C cents at B. f. K-esling'c drug store. AD ro-te Suil In Which SIO.OOO arc lit in i^tdrd. !•> C-iu<* "P tl> re Fr a.«y. The d»ni i *e6 ?uu HI wbicti ibo L<J> pan-port Niiurai GIS ('<» is ibe and C.iart«* E H ktij. Hd• of the. e»'ate of J iCob SQhffcr, diO^tiSUQ, i* 1"« plxlnnff, aod in which ibe dem-ind is $Hi 000, will ?o«oe before the. (J-<ts Cir-v-vi't Court looiorruw. Tnr- claim !;• lor the deaiD of Jiuiob Sfiiff.',r, v\nicQ it Is ClsiOJ-d »"h3 cue to an eXi.lO~ioo Of catural K* 4 ®. wbicd txplusiou *vtio caused bv tne i lle^ed cefrcuve pipe aod macQlnery of tb<- drfendnut Tne cate w»s ouce taken io Hn*'t»rd couot-y on a cfiauge of Venu»-. but bas bceu tent buck io ibio court f-ir trial An Old Siiai'in' i*-c..iuiu-iiiUilou Io ibo lato war ( WM,^ a. soiQler in the r irnt M-vry land Vuiuuteei s, C.O01- puD} G. During uiy term of r>erviu- I Contracted oDruuic olnrrios-i. Since: tien i Have u^ed a irrerti. amount of j medicine, out wneu 1 found au_> mai | would tiive me relief H >vouiu iijare) my ttoujat'.L, uulll Coaiuberiti'.LI o Oull i, Cnolera aod DtiritiCEi Remedy was broufjbt to my 01 t;ce. 1 ur-ea it naa will e*y U io tUi- onl.v remedy ihal jjttVH me permanent reilel it d »O b.»d recuiis follow I. lake pieiu-ure 1» recoajmeudioiT l bi. prBtiarnllou i-onll of IB\ olfl cuiijrjii cs. wnu while (,'iv. lui; -ib'-ir t-ervices to 'h-ir country. corjtrnciid ibU drt-MOfu! n\f oia froii] eai.in^ mi w hiiic^oi Vnufirulw \ K. Heitdlnu. Oi.-nnn. For sairt ny U F A Clean Collar Cac Oirit you «« keep clean "'.1 u;o (.;>:.e—a c^.U.,r Ui..t (iocs r.ct -.,'U Y,'.'..a vv '.l ;^."t ovcr-iicotcti; ihatkics ix I I'rsy on tlio iMsjo, <-r t-. ; :r out fit tiic biUWniiolcs, ami c.v.i l.o chuiK J. by siuiply -.vi(,ir;C ou'/with :i wet spoiipa < r •-•loii:. T!ic:;c collars u:;d cu: * ;uc i. ucc by covc.ru:;-: liucii cellars or cui.!i oil Ixjlh sides \ nil \ atcn.TOcf '•'•clliilokl," Ulus;;ivinv; t-:rciii;i!i .tixHhir.'.biiity. They arc i be <v.yy v.-nicrproof jxjods .so i::;!<lo, n::d cvory piece is stamped 23 lollows: Ask for this, ami refuse to take r.nv i::ma:ion if you expect KSl- ii,i3cliou. If your dealer Joes net keep them, send direct to us, cn- ck-L.hj!> nii'.oum, niul wo v.-ill :::eil vi>u »;Myk. Colliirs =5 cts. each. " ll^ 1 fond. collar is wanted. THE CELLULOID CO DIED SOI)I>E>LY. who wa- i- j.Ki- fold iii. l.n i' l-t-i siinm ihn" itr-i. <Tfri to i-Mtn-n miniih. li-il his n-o : hi'r«nri «-i'li him 11'. i a-.'Cident A:il- tii K turn II. •me. r H-u.in. >nii i.u.(' r in « f ai| fmm H. ."uaf | i.- way M R chiiri-.h i ii- ri.Oi -ii-m.ly -e<!ov in i I- horpe Jit Ply^ «'«- »PI-O np*inied by <lpier «ho .have bet-n 'Spital i-ince the : P. J. PITZLIN, of st. Lo .Is. IsoTjuiilzliiR cliis.ses In Pliysical Culture. Ewjronewlslilne to Join cin olnain fu cul rsat i Wril>I/."> <;IH »H ST. iwrU- for V > ou^h Remedy curi-f nl bud cold* 1 . It ** t v iinvf b"en memven Clns^and luuo • tvii w 11 of u>jii-hliiK Plijsloi of p Um. Kmm i Rf-a ••!' til-- South Mdo PHH-I H Aw y. I At 11 ft m ye-ierdny Mrs. Emmi .Reed, wife of Sylvei-tor R-ed. the marble dealer died suddenly at their h me on the Soutn S'de • Her demi-e wnf atiributed u> coc,?ettion of tbe siomach 'Dr Po*ell uttended her. A husband and two dmmhiers are left. Tne time for the fuaeml h-is not been »l<»'» It w • il. #100. The majors nf tins napur will be rilea.'-'d to lc,-ir tlnu tU r- is ;it litstonn ilrw.dral ill tliiir .-sol-Mi:e has neon :iblc t • CU,H In all Its s : anil [li-c -sC.ititi-11. Kim's C.-uarrli Ore In the | nnly inisitlvc! cnri' no* Known in UIH mi*dlCiil jfriiernty Cnuirrli l)-lii^ n can-tlliilloiiiLl j WISH. ivi|iil'«sa uii i-Citiul -a 'I trentnifrr. Hill's 1 Ciitiirrh enrols iflKmi Intcnuil'j', -nitins ii|jon'-tii> iliinlinnl iunni'S,|-f;n:B-iorcli»sr.strtii tiierniiy ili-str yltiit tlw t'.iiiml.-itlon ol' the .IIXW itnn Klvlimtui' pitienc sEr"iii{tli bv linlldl m the onstl ijtuin iiinl u.ssstin^ iLiitiir^ In dulnn >vurk. Tim |jr [)ntft"-n IHiVKS iiiuien filltli m Its cu.-nllV" |iu*'Hr-t. tn^it • ti«i o(I«r . Oat< rtu D"l iirs for.'iny eiiii'iliit It i;ills to euro. Sand for list of tn-tlninril il*. ,\ild'ess K J. CHUN' BY & CO., Toledo his pupil I.- curn-ct y lustructi'd In rverj- ni'.va. hfiirtllyrwcoaii-iiil h in 'Otmj Om> <le- rl«t eivic«>. 8f Is n BHiiU'Wiim m.d and aids nature in retMO'injj ihu B\ s- tera to a ho-il'hy condi-inn. If f'eely used as soon astheco'd has been cun- truct^d. nnd before iihne become t-ein I tied In the Byctem.it f/reauy lefsens uimorstandsuls business. 1 the severity of the attack and baa * *' K often cured in a single day what would have been a severt- cold. For aale by B. F. Keesllnu. druBclct.. Arthur VTCn.se. , )8!H. J iMulin A hiftlc vi «lui in- nieihod Prot Pl>zl » is (i D L ranm Wlnnn.sHD F w hea.h KdSM>.dily ^^had In pasteboard tubas for mailing Coulson &Co. (^^reservation for fifty centa. ' 8. M. Closson baa a few hundred dollars private local funds, also E*»t- that the thermometers on the outside* without U B F K^ t a f'ee trial bottle at drug- store. ern money In any amou otto loan on ! of building* In that section have been Everybody ia attending the fire,sale mortgage security. Office No. 819 i removed by some oo« who failed, to j of shoes and rubbers at Brown 1 * shoe Pearl •treat j replace the instrument*. J store. T,. tied a Bishop. Delegates i.o thn Epis K.ipa! convention which will elect a successor to the late, Bi^bou Knlckt)rbncker have been elected a(> follows by Trioity cbu-ch: Dr. W H BeM, T H. Simpson, C S. V (,'us i»ud Toom-iS Manders Tie eiecilon will b held at Indianapolis, Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt- Eheuni, Saild Head, Sors Nipples, Chnppecl Hands, Ilching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes :md Gmnululed Eye Lids, For sale by druggisis :it 25 cents per bo^. TO HORSE OWNERS. For piUtin.c; :i horse in a fine liealtliy condition try Dr. Cnily'u Condilion Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve- constipation, correot kidney disorders and destroy worms, givinfi new life to an old or over-vrorked horse, 25 cents per package. For sale by druggists. A Ci'y T iei> «>n • Plum. A town in iVlicrji^aa recently put in a municipal telepaofle plant, charg-ing at fir;-l §l"2 u yenr for tne instruments, wltD a provision Caat ihe rate could ne raided if toe cost was found to be more 'than wns anticipated. At presenti.be patrons of tne ay-item are paying $3 a year for each tnst ument. Someiime a»o .Mr. dltnon Goldbautn Of S*n LuU Rjy, Ca!., was, troubled wiih a lame bick aod rheumatism. He prompt cure was effected. Ee eayB be a-§ Btuce advised many of bia friends to try it and all who have done so have epoken highly of it. It la for s*le iy B. F Keeping druggist. Combination Arrangement JOURNAL W ith the Greatest of the Magazines, the Most Widely Circulated Illustrated Monthly Magazine in the World durin-r 1894. AT A MERELY NOMINAL PRICE. N O HOME is complete without the local paper : and one of the great illustrated monthlies representing the thought nnd t.iScnt of the world. During one year the ablest authors, the cleverest artists, Q give you. in TltK COSMOPOLITAN 1536 pagc.s, with over )2oO illustrations. And you can have all v j~ "--. t J*''"----l ••-' """ ' A "*'" • -4Sv~p. tliis, both your local paper and THE COSMOPOLITAN, for only $ a year—much less than )A you formerly paid for THE COSMOPOLITAN O alor.e, when it was not so good a magazine as now. run COSUOPO-JTAS-S M;W HOME. Charles McK.ee and Mi~3 Delia Ohnmberlaln were married Tuesday at the home of Frank Re«l, No. 1510 Sjearatreet. Tbe Ber. W. R. Wooes performt-d the ceremony. Mr. »nd Mrs if cKee will reside la Walton, the groom's Home. See The Specialists For Cnronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. of Women treated by the new electrical method that hag giv*n wonderful resulra. D -n'C former that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles «ets the remedies to ihe dit-eased spots acd cures when everyfbiDB else fail*. Call ac-d investigate anyway. It eonts you nothing for cousultatioo. Drs. Cbrisloplier & Longenecker, At Tbe Medical and Surgical Institute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind.

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