The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE Even AVilfi 'Its Daffines? Stengel Has Club Tlial May Go, Places. KniTOR'S NOTE: This Is all- other of a series or articles on (he big league training rainys. It lells of the. prospects 'of Uin Brooklyn BY HARRY QKAYSON Sports Kilifor, NIvA .Service ORLANDO, Pla., March '25-1 landed at Orlando with n great deal of apprehension. . Tliere were immlstaknWfi signs late last season tha't the Brooklyn Dodgers were out. to violate all tlie fine old traditions of Eli- bets Reid In 1035. Wliat would baseball do without Its Dafflness Boys? But Casey Stengel quickly allayed our fears. The Dodgers nre still the Dodgers. Stengel got a new three-year contract and a substantial false for v finishing In sixth pWe. Thnt could happen only In Brooklyn. "Casey Stengel belongs to the Brooklyn fans." said President Mc- Keevcr, like a true Brooklynest 1 . "He may have lo do it without , too much pitching or any other one thing, but he'll manage the ' Dodgers as long as I am president." . Brooklyn won more games in the National League than the |»n- nam-gathei-lng Detroit Tigers grabbed in the American during the last month and n half of the 1934 campaign. The stretch-burning St. Louis Cardinals copped' only. two or three more' engagements than the Dodgers during ; the same period. . . • * * ...Slurs Slud Daffy Roster Tlie Dodgers have one of the .great 'right-hand pitchers of the business in Van Llngle. Mungo. : .They possess one of the game's brilliant young shortstops In Linus . Ercy. Leu Kocnccke eslah- llshed a major league fielding rec- ; ord with only two errors, both debatable,. In center field. Ralph Boyle led senior louu llychasers In .assists,. nllliough limited to mo 'contests. . . With nil this going on there appeared to be reo! danger of the Dodgers sncrlliclng their entertaining qualities for baseball. What would the national gome on'the banks of the Gowanus be • without D*zzy Vance. ClricX- Pew- slers, and Babe Hermans sliding into third base In n body, and ".Hermans, spearing fly balls with their, noggins? • Stengel's cap Was a bird cage during his playing days across the bridge. Casey Is the noblest Dodger of them 'all—lias been on-nnd olT since 1912. it was illfticult'to Mievejhat he would do anything tendjrig to make th,e cltlze'iis of BftfdklS'n take baseball seriously And good old Cnscy has no' Indention of letting his public down ".'The main show may ,nol : bc'iis .sidesplitting as It: has'ibce'n Mn .years gone by,, but fthei'iidcsliows will be ut>--tortile oltf'starida'rd'" explains ^Manager Stengel. "T^fe. French'y Bordagaray, for example.: Bortingaray can out-talk everybody In baseball except Dizzy Dean and myself, ^"Bordagaray has ontnrn race horses at county fairs in California, and is further qualified-to be a Dodger, nor instance ".'(.he last place Chicago White Sox-returned him to the Pacific Const .League last June. beca;iK! 'he 'txns hitting .320,- and because he had never hit; under that figure anywhere. • • • Added Attraction 'We also have-'the smallest outfielder In captivity, and offer him lo the mibllc at,one and the same price He Is Nick - Tremark. 5 feel 6. and, believe it or suspect me of fibbing, too small to be fanned out. "We sent Tremark to Buffalo lost summer, and Hay Schalk who Ian so-large himself, shipped him back Schalk couldn't believe-that Nick was big enough to play ball even after lie hit a home run. : "Then we sent Tremark to a New York-Pennsylvania League outfit managed by Elmer Voter «ho once played third base -for Cleveland. Voter Is a little, bald- headed bloke, but lip wouldn't even give Tremark:^ uniform. "When Tremark' returned to Brooklyn, there was a new cop at the players' gate. The cop mistook Nfc!c for one of the neighbor's children, and refused him admittance. "Tremark rushed vm to Business Manager Bob Qulnn in high dudgeon, and hit the rafters when old Bob failed to recognize him out of^ uniform. ' I may fail to land or develop a pitcher to help Mungo, Emu Leonard, Ray Benge, and Jahnny Bablch, but I'll farm out Tremark If It takes all.summer." Yes sir-ee! The Dodgers are still the Dodgers. BLYfKSVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER Not So Daffy l wl " k '" Mirngo, above, one of the National t.raBiio LS one of the By Harry Grayson WINTEll HAVEN, Flu.. March 29.—nountllnt; the base.s with imi- jor Jtiigiie clubs hi Irainfnif— Bill iianswatiRcr, president of Ihe Pittsburgh PIratc-s, was puzzled when nabe Herman's contract failed to arrh'e. . . . Herman announced at his dlemlalo, Calif., home tlml lie had signed the document, and handed It lo the mall- mini. . . , Cusey Stengel, malinger of tlie Dodgers, who also resides ut Glcridale, clenrs up the mysteiy. . , . Babe mailed the parchment, to Chicago, llilijklni; Ihat hit still was with the Cubs . . . Herman explains his failure lo hit up to form to the Chicago winds, which he assorts caused lumbago. . . . Stengel says that In Pittsburgh ;thc Bubo probably .will explain thai smoke gets In jliis eyes. ... A room was not .available when Outfielder i.en \Koeueeke checked In nt the hotel where the Dodgers, are staying. !- . . so Koenccke donned his pa- Jamas and slcijt in n c i,nir on (lie lawn. . . . InfleMer lilllv nhlel wlio nearly was \i|e<l when hit bv n pitched ball as' a Dodger ni Orlando n year ago, Is there train- inn with tlie Montreal Royals Joe Tinker 1ms left Orlando due 'lo n change, In administration ind has n boqr parlor in Miami, - . . ma sou.,-HoIKo, Is the chief :lerk at the lil-.el where the Dod- :crs are putting up, and,another, Willie, works In Ihe kitchen hi- -nt on learning the hotel busl- .ss from (tie ground up. iomo Inside Dope Those closest .to the situation Icchire thai Hal Schtmmclicr real- y illd shove Bill Terry over u icnch in the clubhouse row of last r all. . . . They.say It was brought in I'ciirs remark, "Five thousand lo.Jms doesn't "mean anything lo <>e." . . . But all the Giants don't :rt $3U,0«j a. year, aiul wnutril whining world serit-s Billy Myers, new uin- clnnatl shortstop, has been a mcui- wr of tlie sill-star team In every engue in which lie 1ms played. • . Tut Stainback married the girl, which Is why National Lca«- iers cxncct.,lilm to star, this sea. . . They say the young outfielder was lovesick in . . Jlmniv Collins of the ^'ardinals Is inulerwcight, due to an attack of- scarlet fever. 3nn Comerford, -.'projicrty , niai'i of .he Dodgers, has held the posi- lon for W years. '. . .He has been in the National League long- OUR BOARDING HOUSE Chinese Movie Fans 'Want Action in Pictures WASHINGTON. <up> -onincse motion picture .fans like films packed,, with, notion, -Jicc Consul John c. Poo! reported to the Commerce Department. Pool ssid -American pictures are Pool said American pictures nre the favorites in Hong Kong. Ap- pioxlmatcly 75 per cent of 'nil films shown ln,:irong- Kong- theaters during 1934 were made in the United States, The type of film most acceptable, to the Chinese, Pool said. Is that with the most action and least dialogue. News reels, musical comedies and animated cartoons are especially popular.' May Ban Denison "Hell Week" After 67 Years QRANVILLE, Q. <UP)-After61 years, Dcnison Unli-ersity's "ifell Week" faces abolition. . ' .. • • ; Estahlishcd- as 'a means of initiating new members "into fraternities., the week'a source of discomfort for Its victims, has-been condemned hy the undergraduate Inter-fralcrnity council. ' Tlie'co'imclir.''c6imioscd'-.ot presidents .of each Iratefli'lty.' voted lo rcrqmmciiu Ifj '. tlieir .'respective chaptcid complete Abolition of all rough pre-InltlationV ceremonies The action followed' faculty coin- plalnts lhat freshmen slept' n classes during. recent Initlaiioiis — '—LI HOT DAWG! Another eccentric Dpnn hits hascbali! No less colorful than Dizzy and Daffy is Oscar "Farm pr" pitcher for Hie -Seattle Indians in the Pacific Coast League Oscar ijoasts a nrodl- . glous appi'ilte. which i s i, r | ng . ing him fame. Two straks for .ire Ms usual ration, and when ii comes to e.iliiiK 3 hoi dog. ••Kann.T" | 3 original. He requires 14 tn'r.hPs of liologna anil a loaf ofhrcad lo make lhi> .saj/J« id-, lie's Ktrown catltiE here. : FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSOKANC* DEPT. , Imt $5U(JO sure. . •layer. Connie than any owner, manager, or ~ - ' ' . Mickey Cochranc'says GET THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE FOft POWER-SPEED AND PICK-UP CONCORD-'N?-Ii: ;(UP)-Jamu Bullie was arrested on a charge of creating: a disturbance In an air plane. Fellow passengers on a. Boston & Maine Central Vermont plane said Bullte Insisted on walking up and doan Ihe aisle of the machine > Until they held hint down ^ ] 1 , i E. M. McCALL Distributor WRESTLING ARMORY MONDAY NIGHT BENNY BOLT vs. | CYCLONE BURNS Bums 2 Out of 3 Falls, 2 Hour Limit BILL RUSH vs. LON CHANEY 2 Out of 3 Falls, 1 Hour Limit E<bAT>, OV- THIS THE _. TH E HdPPLE SILKS' OP GOLD AMt •ROVAL ' 1 HAVE -BEEN CHALLENGED TO A MATCH PiACE WITH ANOTHER HORSE-^1 ^AE^N rAV HORSE HA« TO -RACE A MILfi TOP, A MONTH HENCE HAS BEEN IN STALL AS LON6 AS YOURS MAKE YOU SONNE "PUTTY . SUP-ON NOSTPJLS TORYOUR NACb, JOCKEYS WILL: 6 INCHES TO HELP LAST HALT ' fvMLE MONDAY. MARCH.25. 1935 in making Jimmy Foxx n caieh- er. » • • Third Time's the Cliarm Tony Lazi;erl of the Yankees weighs Just, what he did when he , we first Joined Ihe club In 1S2«. Rogers Hornsby believes he make a major league hitter out of Larry BettencouH, up from the Icsas League for a third trial with the Browns. Jimmy ,. r .. --.".T.I.I. . . , jimmy Wilson was disappointed when the two games the Phils took from lie Cards last September failed to knock the St. Louis club out of the Hag. . . . vfflson ^^ t| t Prank Frlsch made It tough for him after becoming manager of Hie Cards. . . Max Bishop has convmced Joe Crontn'that he Is ra«y to play 154 games at second base for the-Red Sox One of Cronin's headaches' dlsap^ peared with Bishop's stomach aU- menl/s departure Mouse and Caracal Make Friends at Zoo WASHINGTON (UP)—President Roosevelt's East African caracal Isn't lonesome : anymore. The cat, which was presented (o (he President some time ago and now resides at the Washing- Ion Zoo, has made friends with one of his family's -ancient enemies—a mouse. When the caracal arrived here he was too weak and small to be S«m d '" the Zco '" so Director William M. Mann took him home Mann presented the animal with a rubberized mouse for cbmpany Eventually, the cat was established In the Zoo. There, he grew [lonesome. Sensing the cause of the bliies. Dr. Mann reunited the cat and his artificial friend. . The strategy worked. ; Eata At Another Cafe FALL RIVER. M MS Oeordan Tsaflidoglow is as-a cook at a local resta He habitually goes,out t a reaaufant hd. btrys his own last Time Today MAT.—2:00 - 10 C & 2t,c, N1TE—6:45 - lOc & 35c Janet GAYNOR Warner BAXTER Musical—Don.Redman ,an<l His Orchestra Paramount News Cartoon Tuesday - Weds. YOUhfG LOVE ...DUMB LOVE! Grade and Georgie- Porgie ploying Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It to thoss .sweethearts of song, but nst helping muchl JOHN BUCHANAN Wood & Coal • So large Is the mouth of the Amazon river that the Land of ' ,"1 largf> as Be| Concerned. " '"' Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Addln? Machines and Tal- colators^-Repalrtn g — Parts — Ribbons >WELCOME TO NORMALCY THE LITTLE SHOP BL\THEVILLE Located In Hotel Noble Building Off ers LEGAL LIQUOR STATE PERMIT NO. 7 Here you will find the choice Wines, Whiskys and Liqueurs -Imported and America's Finest. PRICES WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL 85 Pint Up i !! ' f'X - PC ramo unt < Pic'l ure - w< ih i' GEORGE BURNS 4 ^RACiEAlUH JOE MORRISON '.•k •''*•/•' ^ ''* • 1 "'m -n' Paramotint News'!' 1 Musical Short Dumbbell Letters ROXY Matinee — Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NIGHT—10c - 25c MR. & MRS. MARTIN JOHNSON'S ' 'BABOONA' An Aerial Epic Over Africa Comedy Screen Snapshots Help.,your State, City and the Morale of the community by Support of this Legally Licensed Shop. TUESDAY ONLY $75 BANK N1TE TUESDAY RENDEZVOOS ^MIDNIGHT • CAffl IAEMMIE PRESENTS RALPH BELLAMY VALERIEHOBSON IRENE WARE CATHARINE DOUCET _• A UNIVERSAL PICTURE ' Fox News Andy Clyde Comedy

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