The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on January 7, 1975 · 22
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 22

London, Greater London, England
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Tuesday, January 7, 1975
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22 - ; -Tuesday ,Jan,ry "T 1975r Ladbrokes get the go? ahead on Lingfield By CHRIS HAWKINS The formal blessing of the flfLA Joint Racing Board has been into the business, and not TEESSIDE '. 12 0 Sfonrusha' '. V I .'0 &dfptto . I 30, Prince Vision . SELECTIONS 9V With the three Peters Peter Rossborough, Peter Preece, and gggreion By DAVID FiSilSk': HOUgn J- wuum ' WaSBinfi to EngUnd again, let ,l0ne this in RftjliM ... "JlVt.; rmi dIi o i -- - t-,Ij - way oacK 10 mness- ana joriu, o-ivhj aimm' tMv-':ro S.i or n added centre-' threequarter, England ha - had a coiwinoing county te?at loose head prop where Frait in tW toalacted asm aaaea havp chosen an-ateressive-loolc- snn for VnrkshirTid has Cotton! the new Eneland catrtaln. incentive and mada me want. .to 2 0 Indian Emperor, nap 2 30 Anglo Scot, nb 3 0 Connecticut icked for the B team ana nas sjpnon. tne new jangianaicapoun, . "i.v"'?' . . -4,ir t, wji. fng set of backs for their .open- proved himself. stUl the best comes in for Stack Stevens-who prove uiat i w5 tu,. ' . u.. the.? Miintm has nil IniiirwT hark Th selec- nOOKer. . me aiaicn oi mc jiuiuc unci- u-i "u -viiuj. r----"',--r-,s--- . nm in tha rtbtinM!.! fhamninnqhin season Whother Ene-lanr) makeY oroner " were onginaity -wortun uu ; jnere, are i y uc " ,.Uvv... .-4 - . . . . . . - t ti j 4BimnftAn tht i nrtnn nj nil GOUyG '. Hurdles ood to Sift; Chase Good TOTI ,DOU(LE: 1.10, 2.30. TREBLE; 1.0, 2.0. 3-D 1 1f HOTTOM XOVICES' SHOTTON XOVICES' HURDLE 306 (IS dtclarod) (Dl. ); 4-t-o) 2m 17Eyd; 03P1Q2 Carn Cm (BC) (G Borry) BMtlman 11-7 .. Olio Grv Aolow (Mrs H Andarson) S Ntsbln 11-7 whether it is more desirable to Bet ' through a machine rather than bookmakers." Bleeders are concerned for their livelihood during a year when costs have risen by 41) per given to the purchase of Lingfield Park by the Lad-broke Group, although there is little indication that the savin? of this imrjortant tent- Yearling prices were down courl is Larded wTtS Slat MY.? eTOffi joy by the authorities. There as an increase prize money; was no congratulatory state- " Otherwise it. will; hecome mpn( and thp board m'erelv impossible tp breed high quality ment ana me Doara merely racenorses in,this country." he " recorded their pleasure bai(i. that racing would continue." Today's racine at Teesside pro- Official reaction following vides Indian Emperor (2 0) with a the news that Ladbrokes were "r,.,ca.?.Hi!I t,a n-onj.pj tn cjuo T innfiVId wk Handicap Hurdle and he looks a maV iT StlI aJii Kood bet with onlv 105t 101b. cool and may be the deal havin finished Uvo short hea(s smacked to the sceptics of the behind Super Nova last time out. tail wagging the dog. Book- That was at Newcastle last month Snakei's have never been the when he blundered badly two most popular people in racing, from home and could possibly but in these impoverished have won but for the error. Super days their sponsorship is vital J;'.0 went on to win the Johnnie ami this latest tpn makp? thiir Walker Hurdle at Ayr last week, a2iLtL It J vtilil so there is nothing wrong with existence of great importance the form. Indlan &Emperor will to the future of racing. be hard to beat this afternoon With support for' a Tote Mono- and is a confident selection, polv beginning to grow again, it js some time since Anglo Ladbrokes are no doubt aware Scot (2.30) twice ran second to that they have dealt a significant Tamalin- but bearing in mind blow for their kind. As a piece those early season efforts, it is of public relations the Lingfield .difficult to look beyond him in deal is a master stroke. Gyril -the Sefeham Novices' Chase. Since Stein, the chairman of the group, finishing within three lengths of promises to make the Course possibly the best novice in train-"one of the finest in the coun- ingi Anglo Scot has been un-try." Certainlv plenty can be placed at Wetherby, but that done to improve the amenities failre can be explained by the but even more needs to be done distance of two miles, which was if the quality of the racing is to obvinusly -too short. Today's trip improve. In recent years Line- 0f two and a half, miles should field has put on very modest fare suit him admirably and tailed to fuitil its potential. jeremy Glover resumes riding The bookmakmg empires are' at Plumpton this 'afternoon, being founded on business sense and none the worse for a fall from shrewdness, it will be interesting Pampered Miss at Sandown on to see the results as such qualities Saturday which forced him to are applied to racecourse give up his two remaining administration. I would bet mounts. Glover rides Telegraphy odds-on that the venture will be (2 45) in the Rottingdean Maiden a success. - chase, for Stan Mellor, whose Supporters of a Tote monopoly young horses are usually well apparently do not include Mr schooled. Telegraphy has not Jakie Astor, who, speaking for shown much ability . in three the Thoroughbred Breeder's' unplaced runs over hurdles- but Association, said yesterday : "The it would be no surprise to '.see real issue is how much of the him perform a lot better today. 2 -3 4 6 7 . B. 10 T1 12 1S ' 14 IS 17 1 ettlni Forocatt: 3 Master scordiln, Milllipoe. 5 Monro ClirWtoi. & Grey Aglow, 10 Came Grey. Montand. 14 Nambour. TOP FORM TIPS: Cray' Allow t, Carna Cray 7, Nambour C. 4Q1 Hinnt Chrlttnt (W FHlllwl Malnh 11.7 OOl Mattar Scorctiln (E-Halmahaw) M H Eaatarby 11-7 "40 lloaan (Mrs D Lalaht) f Wllej 11-0 U44 Bosphorus Queen. (W Burch) T Barnaf 11-0 .00 .Curia Loa ; CM Avison) Bcrrv'11-0 onrojh C Rcaku) F Carr 11-0 Urttana .IG Read) 5 Hall 11-0 UO . Nambpur - (A AHan) W A Stapheiuon 11-0 v4.rniinopr im aaKSROKi l. von ir-u ' Rod Snapper' (G Dawoa) Berry 11-0 P auiis ia anipej m n Easterov n-o 00 Vallty-sioht rj Owen) Fitzgerald 11-0 F Willaik (A Brewster) Brewster 11-0' G Holmes Hans G Grlfftn B Fletcher A Meanav p Broderlck S Wiles (7) M Karnes C Tinkler ...M Blackshaw D Munro .T SUCk 3 Uc? 'iSi T anertfSni u of ihSFiSSJSXEim T in assumpUon that Cotton who jide: Warfield played three times gainst Irelan fiat Lansdowne aetwirIre!,n tto was toiured at-ie time of last for, England two seasons- ago ioad. on January 18, w"1 tOl Pn the oast yearVWW, mafeh would be at when he was at Durham Unlver. rreece ana warnwa were, xo- ne has sometimes kicked exces- sf":nuv:-' "S.sri. iS-ifs. tc Sl,'iVr,tiJr ..ntiT hp suffered gether in the centre " forthe sivelyv but on the Lions' tour he U Engla? y1niJfri and tad to Barbarians when they played the showVd he can be an Imaginatiye AJSS& L,d,l!f hSmeter" UJOU IWT3 ESWa last up when the Barbarians recently unpressive attacking eal the day gd J his swlte h : means ttat Mick dropped half way tg? scored, nine tries In beating theP Lions scored 97 points vat 5MAr. UoM i,Jf XfSSZ 5 J? thTlast Leicester 43-4. &t t jirtr Ptmio onrl War- the Quickness field snowed a nne muiuai unaer- i9ub. Buckley 1 0 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 l 12 13 19 20 LACKHALL SELLING HANDICAP HURDLE ua acciarea) 000-020 Hello (Mrs O Atkinson) Atlnson 7-11-9 00401 ie Clip Joint (E Wright) Meaner S-11-7 032032 Archetto (Mrs I Hardy) J Hardy .5-11-5 000200 Laredo (A Komo) Kemp 7-11-4 .. 0332U-0 Castle Pride (M Ramsden) Norton 6-11-2 -Mr p Oldham (7) '000110 Cloudy Boy (7lb ex) (N Gdulson) Wajrace-B-'IO-IS T.....RWeayer 00-004 . Kunninai Fire (G Dawes) Berrv fi-10-1-1 -.jvj....-.;..i-...-P -Buckley O! 1141 2 Charlie attyea (BF) (G Money) c "Tinkler . C Tinkler 13-1000 Alnmouth (G -Berry) Bastlman S-10-8? i. ... . D Munro 2m 17Gyd; winner 30C ... ..'P Manaan ".'.'.VB"Holland parcival (ai 0O43D1 'UllUl SlrlBt f5lh avl Mr A Thnnntniil ITmm, dn.t A UnlMK 4000-00 Wiian Park (A Parcival) Perclval 14-lgF6 JS?rP04 Nlpht Affair (V Thompson) V Thompson C-10-0 . 3210000 Fair Maid (T Robinson) R E Peacock 7-10-0 J T Bourka fc uuuuuu rcrsian vay ts. topnenson) Teoman 4-10-0 o Gouldlno 23 000300 The Sp(ialltt (P Baoaaiey) Harris 4-10-0 S A Taylor Betting Forecast: 5-2 Charlie Beltyes.. 3 Bnbus Brier. 9-2 Arctietto. 6 Hello, Clmidy Ho, 10 Alnmouth. 14 Clip Jotnl. TOP FORM TIPS- Charlie Bettyes 9, Cloudy' Boy 7, Babus Briar i. itnnriint? ana since rTeecc. xtoss u vui.uix tut uus ayvvaau av vu. vub vuww,. w j , ouuw , o . borough and ttevid DSam all of backsthe selectors, have not Peter Wheeler. At lock- Chris reserve scrum half. The other noiousii, suu "J","' j K- Am.. Tiaictnn hie hn Innliirlod In t.aninc' rnKprves are Tony & shouWbT ra.cV'VnawMW otyS-ulim Jorf(fuff"back); Martin of msUnctive cooperaUwi in Eng- hard, determined tacklers. and Injury and his partner, will be Cooper (utility back ; Peter iandattack Id TaddiUmj -Peter Squiies and Duckham usually are Roger Uttley whose, Te&t position Wheeler (hooker) :Bobm Cowling Sauires has befcn prohimself caWwe of dealing with opponents' on fhe (prop); and BiU Beaumont one of the neatest and cleverest punts aimea w sireicn we iiui wjhto ni ""V" tiocK). firtshers backs, by th could lenge i re .c.u.u ,u v.. -.. , . Tip , ta nothine in position, oi stana-on nur in r-i.s- -cut u- ws the. nast TTZddVfhen occasionany showna .disconcert- near the Severn Bridge, 'said . hm T mnHial lis-ament ug weaKness in mahung cibiubu- yesterday: it noesni oouier me (srougmon ,seknffp whlnate tad&ed S tary and totally unforced errors fn losing the captaincy. This,was a. ?ar!!.wL!Sate..S5SiS of handling. probably the right time to have tertn. m.j. cyop. me uiuiis Sc- v , 1 rft th. rfovf nf a new .,7' LirT,i "w m Tekumont Pnlniirprlsi few People Can nave inn mrwarus, wiul uiw wep- n -""bL . " - , r. nnmir imihh. expected that ne would piay-ior uon, rc uie eigui uu w - 1 30" .HARTLEPOOL HANDICAP CHASE; 2m; winner 40S (S declared) 3F11-13 Prince Vision (D) (BF) (W Wright) A Dickinson ) 8-10-11 4BZ421 Duforae (D) (Gib) (A Snipe) M H Easterbv (-10-9 , , uwr- umniier ba iui iu keamamj ocrry td-iu-o .M Dickinson F0042F Scotia s Boy (J Mccchan) w A stephsnaon 6-10-0 . t suck 320003 Pcanack ID) ,Mr E Dlvonl V ThnauMBTn I.IO.n -. . ' 7 1340-30 Baltliar JO) (Mrs L Carr-Walker) Kern t.-10-O .. .y Perclval. (S) Betting Forecast: 6-4 Prince Vision, 9-4 Duforae. "S Scotia's Boy, Feapaek. fialtlzar, 12 Glenzler Lad. TOP FORM TIPS: Prince-Vision 9, Dutorge 7. Richard laerlein's. selections NAP : Ryarsh, Plumpton, 1 15 NEXT BEST : Nereo, Plumpton, 1 45 2 0 2m 17Gyd; winner C40B EASINCTON HANDICAP HURO (11 declared) I 130000 Wolton Lad (CiO) (J Henderson) T Barnes 3-1 1-S M Barnes 4 20002-0 Poly Boy (Mr A L Blond) W A Stephenson S-11-3 ... 5 420403 Sunotra (M Burkol Collinowond 7.11-1 P Bueklav 6 210023 Dolbcn Lass vCD) (P Day) Harris 6-10-12 S A Taylor ' U-Uiri4 inaian emperor IWWJ ibid exj iivirs r vvaiion) t- vvaiion 0 000141- Fa-e Uu (W A Stephenson) W A Stenhenson G-10-B T stack 9 0-00004 Persian Velvet vMrs D Gordon) T Page 9-10-3 .. . M Blackshaw lO 04O300 Boginish (- Sloan) Yeoman 7-10-1 G Holmes ii uunor- esteroi t-'HJ (L Nicnoison) vviiKinson 5-10-0 D couldlng 15 33-0103 Tanora (J Manners) Denvs Smith 6-10-0 -. i O'Neill 16 004-00F Welshes (K Bownes) Harris 5-10-0 J Beaton (7) Betting Forecast: 5-2 Indian Emperor. 7-2 Fare Up, 5 Tanora. 6 Dolben Lass, iciei. lu vveuun i-uu, j'oi ju. TOP FORM TIPS: Fare bp 9, Tanora 7, Dolbtn Last 6. 2 30 SEAHAM NOVICES' CHASE: 2',m; winner 30G (7 declared). SELECTIONS 12 45 Ozandels 1 15 May Gate 1 45 Redcoat 2 15 Super Trojan 2 45 Telegraphy 3 15 Knight Templar 2 3 4 i a GOING: Soft TOTE DOUBLE: 1 45. 2 45. TREBLE: 1 15, 2 15, 3 IS J 2 5 RINGMER HANDICAP CHASE; 2m 750yd! winner 550 (6 declared). 143-032 Ozandels (C Price) HarweM 9-12-1 .-tL Rlld 1000-B1 The Leap (71b ax) (Mrs J Matthews) Armvuae 10-11-4 'ord Oaksey 122FF1 Gay Kybo (CD) (121k ax) (I Herman) Glflord 7-11-1 R Champion 42240F The Spook (O Henley) W Charles 9-10-7 R R Evans 0PFP01 Prince Twenty (71b ax) (K Ivory) Ivory 7-10-7 ' G Thdrner 201-03F Double Dwelling P Wire) Bloom 9-10-0 R Griffin (3) ' Betting Forecast: 2 The Leap. 5-2 Gay Kybo. 4 Prince Twenty, 6 Ozandels, 10 The spook, 12 Double Dwelling. TOP FORM TIPS: Gay Kves Oiandels 7. - JJ ARDINGLY SELLING HURDLE; 2m; winner 142 (1 declared). 4 P40F42 Uland Chief ( Morgan) M Tate 9-11-T2 DOUBTFUL 6 130-0UP Kelly's Image C1D) IB Brazier) Lone .11-1 1-12 Mr P Haathcote (7) 7 3103-00 May Gate (CD) (W MlllwardJ M Tat -10-11-12 R R Evans 5 100010 Mookalben (CD) (J Clubb) Long G-11-12 J McNaught 9 F21QOS Mv Mate (V1P1 IK -IvorvS-Ivory 711-12 G TtiOrner 10 302100- Prepare (CD) (A Avlatt) , Aylett C-11-12 J Jenkins 11 130-044 Taidor Friendship (D (A Aylett) Aylett B-11-12 . Hvett 14 004- Henry Bruce (n Mannlngr Halt s-ll-l n aiampion ij IK aa.Faae st Mm ra Muvmi Uhvm 9 Eccfea (7) 19 Fair Streak (J Rhlnd-Tutt) Gadd 4-10-9. .John Williams so oo Fan swoops (ft biBDonv) i aensteauo -iu-j n aikiiu 21 o Fort Knox Two (M Cove) Hall am 4-10-9 R Hoad 22 PF lamaal (A Ripley) Ripley 4-10-9 G Gracy (7) 23 Mafic Charm (Mrs V Bartholomew) Gates 4-10-9 R Rowall 24 00 Perfect Harmony (A Bovlngaon) V cross 4-10-9 F McKenna (3) 25 0000 Royal Halo (Mrs L Winton) Bolton 4-10-9 P Wilson (7) 26 o Russalo (G Klndersley) Klnaeraley 4-10-9 .-. Mr J Sutchard (7) 27 2 Ryarah (R Llngham) Suaipla 4-10-9 T Bridge (5) Betting Forecast-. 3 Ryarsh. 7-2 My Mate, 4 Mookalben, 6 May Gate, 8 Henry rule, reu awoop. y& ituseofo, reneci tunnosj. TOP FORM TIPS: May Gata 10, Kelly'slmage 7. Ryarsh . 1 45 -LEWES HANDICAP CHA1E: 1 ,3m; : winner CSBB (B declared). 3OO-30U Nereo (D) (DukiTof Alburauercriie) F Winter 9-11-11 23Fiio Celtic' view (c. Kiogeraiev) Ktsuiarsiav -ip- ..V soane .C Candy J King 2 02U21F Half Hnopy (Mrs S Norton) Nortoh ,8-12-2 S Nattrlss 3 aepasuan v (k jenreysj cross 7-iz-z o Moorneao at 000-220 Anglo Scot (BF) (Mrs D Gordon) T Page 6-11-9 D Munro 6 0070-040 'Don- Rairio ' ( W ' A Staohensan) W A stenhenson 7.11-9 ... S 000 Little St', e (W A Stenhenson) W A Steohenson 6-11-9 T stack 11' F00003 Santa Elalla'(J Elvln) Plaits 6-11-9 P Buckley i ui-r aouira (mrs I t limanj Wilkinson -ll-g o Atkins Betting Forecast: ' 7-4 Sehostlon V, 2 Anglo Scot, 7-2 Half Happy. 6 Soulra. 14 juinie pice. TOP FORM TIPS Anglo Scot B, Sebastian V 7. -3 ft SHOTTON NOVICES' HURDLE (Dlv. II); 4-V-o; 2m 176yd: winner C30S -- ne oeciarcaj 01 Beholden (Lt-cmdr H Wilson) S Hall 11-7 K Goddard (7) 2130 Silver Te?l (CD) (C Kirk) M W Easlerby 11-7 Mr N Tinkler (7) ruat imai a isuoini i rage li-u Autumn Rtf.n I Mrs A Dickinson) A Dlrklnsoci 03 Birthday Pane (H Brown) Colllngwood 11-0 ... Carnival Day iG Halton) A Dickinson 11-0 ugrv .onneciicut tat-) (r l-arni j Haroy ll-o lacxi m vv ..P Buckley D Munro Powell (5) ..P Buckley I Dlrklncan m puimn ia .iifii m ww wawxamw i .... O440 Hopef I Sublect (Mrs J Shaw) Crump 11-0 F Hon D'Otvres (L Balnbridae) R C Ward ll-o OO Pot Black (A Kemp) Kemp 11-0 ...V Perclval (5) OF The Urchin 'R Thomas) 5 Neibln 11-0 D Neieltt (7) 0 Village Light (F Oates) W A Stephenson 11-0 T stack uu rv mining boose its nail) r- wilts ii-d s wiles (7) Bettine Foreeavt. O.X Rriinlitm. X RlrHtrinv P.,rnH. f, r-ni-nlval Tlav fillwwr ledi. a nopciui micji'ci. iu uonneccictH, riaxron, 14 village Ligm TOP FORM TIPS: Beholden 9, Birthday Parade 7. 12 14 IS 16 COURSE POINTERS: Tommy Stack. Pat Buckley end Brian Fletcher era th ton Jockeys at this left-ham' qva rlrrult which is a mile and thrtemiartn-fl. rourul with a finishing straipbt of four furlonos. Arthur btenhensop. Denys Smith and Neville Crump are. the trainers to note. Monrusha (12 30). a useful horse on me x iai, nas nis .nrst run over aurwea. j of 0 wVhsV's TZStaSVrt hooker tor8ons,ln competition with. " a.a 1HQO hnr- rrwa9,3af i allP fMltrhf CrPVA II. . wajs-o aw, aa-o oV--'V'--0'" "'--," . ,.11(o- snutn is. Bi" ,""r""-VC; in the game- . inese '3?" rX..'Sn7. .gland i,. iraiand in mw, on , if given the opportunities me aeienstve quauues in n ukm uic -" JsiiX Jamiary .1). ;,' THSdviaateV eir forwards and T half-backs. Jeeps. There must at. the this may .well be tbe ibest lcvw. Jgg ggg, produce an irresisOblechal. moment, however, a i lffiS2? ttl.JSK S8SSSZ to ireianas aetences. m ; 57 ie SrSiSS'i. "c'. &:gfe2L& fArnrarrl onn IVn. . .rrr,T m.. is?.rirfmtTi. ,R. M. me (Bro-wrmon yarxi. tt A. M. Jerdtn wn- A new image sought for club knockout DAVID IRVINE'S RUGBY VIEW mi t..k.. TTninn fnrnmittBA cashire and Middlesex enjoy this ,c avu6y . privilege while the remainder are gradually coming round to must piay of among themselves ; the idea that tneir ciu'd unocK- wnicn means suu mure maiuics. out competition should be The proposals now being dis- extended to include a hrst cussed by the ttu, as i unaer-exienaea to iiiLiuue r(und rounu uiiu u ""'" i,m A tn mimtv cun of those seekmg tnis cnange -11-- ch iovnty believe it should be made next jn'e championship) with the season; the likelihood is that rernajnng 37 places being split, the entry will not be doubled regionally, and awarded to clubs hpfnre season 1976-7. on merit This sounds simple BADMINTON Odds against win , By CHRISTINA WOOD England play Denmark in the annual badminton international today and two factors make it unlikely that England can end Denmark's run which now .is 18 wins m succession. One is that the match is being played at Herning, Jutland, and more i Wirlnnine the competition is enough but-may ber difficult to now seen Is the best way of rid- worK in Pracu. . 3 11324-R Stadeoat ml (M Matlov) P Ballev 8-10-B 4 324-031 Star Pearl (C) -(D) (7i ex) (V Matthews) Armytaga 6-10-7 5 0-00102 Strong Challenger (M Tate) M Tat 11-10-2 R R Evans 6 00-O0U4 Raich Mark (D (R Dufnn) H O'Neill 11-10-0 L Griffiths (5) 7 01P33P Kalamata (N Lakat W William 9-10-0 H Flanagan (3) 0-OP004 Endlas Folly (CD) (Mrs V Vanden Bereh) A Moore 13-10-O , J Jenkins Betting Forecast: 2 Celtic View. 3 Netvo. 4 Star Pearl. 6 Redcoat. 10 Strong Challenger, Endless Polly. ' TOP FORM TIPS: Redcoat S, Celtic View 7. BUr Pearl 6. HEATHFIELD NOVICES' .HURDLE; (Dlv 1)1 5-V-o: 2m: winner 340 (11 declared). - - 1 Julian Swift (D) (Sir W Pennlngton-Ramtden) Morlev lia aiuo waviss w snoemark .1 McNaught 215' SOO-O Call Me King (M Taylor) Klndersley 11-4 OF Geoffs Choke (W Llpka) BiakarMy.ii-4 00 Good Time Charlie (Mrs C NeUen) H Price 11-4 9 10 11 12 13 14 Kara-Pone (Mlaa ft Chanelle) GHarel .11-4 R-P Lucky Aries tj Clubb) Long 11-4 0042- Old Wd (P Levy) W Stephenson 11-4 000-04 Proud Boy (E Webber) Jermy 11-4 002 suffice (M soamee) r vyintar ii-a P Kallawav R Champion R Atkins ...M Glflord G Old .R Pitman SO Susir Trnljn rMlcs G Elliott) Cam 1 1 .4 ... K G Knlaht f7) F-POO Talsceraae Las (Mrs R Davles) A Moore 11-4 Mr G Moor 17) 10 Betting Forecast: 6-4 Suffice. 5-2 Julian Swift, 4 Old Sid, t Call Mi King Good Time Charlie. TOP FORM TIPS: Suffice 9, Julian Swift 7. 2 45 ROTTINGDEAN MAIDEN. CHASt.v'Jm; winner (342 (10 declared);' 1 2 X 4 S 6 10 11 PFPOO Carsallarl (Mrs S Rand) Long 10-12-0 .. RP-0002 Conned (Mrs L Winton) Bolton 0-12-0 Herbledown (P Robins) Blakeney 6-13-0 BBP Llttletown (R Bias) Mellor 12.12.0 . ... 000 Maggle-Now (R Hayward) BlooaiV 7-12-0 F04-423 Monksgranga (S HorwMd) Woodman 7-12-0 303433- PODDlaton Bov (A Heed) A Head 13-12-0 2-34040 Gunner Smith (G Plowes R;Smyth 5-11-4 OOO Talaaraohv (Lord Laverhulme) Mellor 5-11-4 0000-00 Wild Talk (Mrs J Dent) Vfbart 3-11-4 Betting Forecast: 9-4 Conned. 3 Monksorange. Smith. 8 Tnleoraphy, lO Llttletowp. Bov, TOP-FORM TIPS: Conned S, Monksgrang 7, , R Atkins R Rowall J McNaught '..'.'.'.'.'.V. R ' Griffin (3) C Gotdaworthv Mr T Head (7) C Read J Glover P Blacker 9-2 Poppleton Boy. 6 Gunner 3 15" HEATHFIELD NOVICES'. ;HURDLBr.,-(plv -l: S-7-91 2m; winner E340 (6 aeciareo). '.'-- 4 Knight TempUr (Mr D tUlev-Smlih). H Price 11-4 ... , P Killsway 6 00-0 Noble Token (O Hill) Woodman ir-4 c Oatdtwocthy 7 F040 poor Boy (W Cox) Morlev XT--..U.. .... Bob Davles 9 034 Queen's Treasure -( A-BoVlngten) V Cross 11-4 F McKenna (3) 10 000 Skysall (J Brooks) T M Jones 11-4 ...... T M Jones 11 .0 Whistling Swan (Mlas .A Hall) Klndersley 11-4 W Sheenrark Betting Forecast: 5-4 Knight Templar, 5-2 Queen's Treasure. 4 Poor Boy.' 6 Whisiling Swan. , TOP FORM TIPS: Knight-Templar 9, Queen' Treasure 7. COURSE POINTERS: A left-hand circuit- oT -mile and fin-long with a 200 yard run-In. Paul KMIeway, Ron Atkins and Graham Thorner head the jockey's list, and Josh -Gilford. red Winter and Guy Harwood are the leading trainers with runner. "May Gale (1 IS) won last season's correspoodino aant under 21b less. Knlghi Trmolar (3 IS), a oood slayer on the Tint, makes hie debut under Nattonal .Hunt rule .- - ; -., . Duffle Coat may be good value in Wills TOM KELLY'S Northern Notes If Ladbrokes are correct, the quell the horse's natural exuber- one ingredient that has so far ance Berry used to take him out been missing in the five years with the first second, and third of the biehlv successful Wills lots ln miln8- The treat- Tjif, f'uL ment may have" been unorthodox. Premier . Chase series a bt its success is demonstrated by northern winner may this season's results and Berry emerge in this season's final at is adamant that Duffle Coat will Haydock on January 18,Tfor the win the Wills. "I reckon my fellow bookmakers have Taniahn and sure to win. but if he doesn't Broncho II. both traced in the ttomggtta North, first and second must be tne best novices in the favourites in their ante-post country and my horse has the list. speed to. win over the distance Tamalin is favourite on the and will be suited by the Haydock streneth of his eight lengths vie- course." he says. tory over -croncnu hi vycuieiuy Michael Dickinson has won in wovemDer, Din mat was oyer tjiree races on -Duffle Coat this three miles and the connections term but wiu be. on Broncho of Broncho are confident 0at, he .runs- and Berrv hones that their horse will be better suited jeff-King, who won the 1973 W"l & ,e,,tW(T a,nd a-h??f ,mrJ-est, of Balinese, wiu: take the mount the Wills. Jockey Michael Dickin- on j,uffl , ,., - son feels that Broncho would -Jr. si&at.t. t . iot have won at Wetherby but for One JWgggts of 'st a bad mistake two fences from .JJoro home, so there may not be much STL ?,r?nneriH between the pair, Those who hXacIL F fancy Broncho's chance of revers- WJtyKJ?0IB.-iAmf& ing the form should hold their J" ?J "rtfte,AWHM bets, however, for trainer Tony Jloilfh,A YS" Dickinson has not yet made a b'?fd ijL"1 4 atuiw" definite decision about the 6-vear- castle. Tartan Ace and Barona old's participation in the final. He Sl,,Kcgrwai hTiriw is keen to avoid asking such a iflL r?fw2LriVei Ijhul promising horse to o ,too much Stephenson has dedded . not to too soon in his career; but the JlVi ';?,,!s Jhli probability is that he wiirmn. frt ed One trainer who- would disa- poinUngly in the, SGB Chase at gree with Ladbrokes odds (5-2 Ascot last titne out' ' 1 Tamalin, 4-1 Broncho, 6-1 Royal cti,. 1. i;'i,.i 4 ', Marshal II and Ben More, 8-1 , Stephenson i likely to reW 00 bar) is Jack Berry, who runs ffrrffira in seven Luases utts eusuu auu, is.n T,ni4hoW -0 ij,, Berry reckons, unlucky not to , be :i1Srili One of Duffle Coat's, defeats f &J$V? was inflicted by Broncho in the ifSi KESziS WillB mialifW U Ave hut Rorrsr m'?mum Weight tO.Oe OUtUa Oh considers his. hoarse ..was "given tob Sei5forl isghot ffirS much. to doon thafeoccasion and elf JftK&i is confldentof beating Broncho' SjTSO11.. k?2 o TaSn "whohhada uffl. cE? WjSS fttijor in fif tT nUce when he won e' 5. sa?e'" Det- Tommy Bell's Tee- says that Duffle Coat brought tS?.r,rSorS" BcS?"Vh. Sptintto nTaU Ss wi now seen as tne nest, way m that one Place should go times acute embarrassment oul- since the tournament was intro Merit may be simple enough duced four years ago, to aenne m l"-" "'. "" there nave oeen cases ui tiuua iSnMTand fat ?nnth,west present being beaten in prelJjntoaries and SSbSSTTS nrZ$&Til$Khnto iSStS furtiier clubs in counties tition proper (this happened win ... Yortshire Durham, and Sale ana renrynj . an KArth.imhprlnnrl mM doubtless of a tie tolring. Place twice Wsh torilav in their county com- mHr4kyhMw.ns):in rt tmmSiZi round draw which was in part a- thus pettine two local, in part semmauonai : ana- "r-"- . " -tJSSSF. fSS&PSSSEl ytLUKLi iTneluUon must be.that the r 7t, VrTothnH 7,cZh w, thrNorffi Kugby .Union order all- county of the method used 1 in the Norm co 'ations to b6 cothpleted by for selectmg clubs on'ment iTe&in date say April 1, after One speaker summed up the which merit places could then be general feeling at that meeting decided before the season's end. when he said the competition had How "merit" should be defined been " a complete shambles from should be up to the competition the start," and the Rugby Union subcommittee but it should not are now aware that unless some- be limited to the - gate-taking thing is done to tighten regula- clubs a was the case when the tions and give the event spme northern sides were, ."selected at meaning, there could be -a boy- the end of last season. 7 cott by certain clubs. If that hap- Unhappily -it seems that the pened the competition would be g00d, intentions voiced at the worthless. annual meeting over that matter Whether extending the entry have been dissipated in the inter-nrnnlrl dn anvthinp- to win over venine- months and northern support in certain clubs remains clubs are still in the dark over to be seen pne immediate how they can qualify on merit reaction to the proposals was that, for next season's knockout it would simply encourage a pur- My information is that towards suance of a league system such the . end- of this season when all as they have in Scotland but the county competitions and it would silence the majority play-offs are i over, the: BU.compe- view that the present" system is tition committee will consider, the onfoln on noowvlomnnrMTio- TSUltS Of KOTYIeV 20 Or SO northern In Wales, where the Challenge Sl"7!,f"5 .rD"'i., "'"iHrV Cup competition (they are not "feVr I ShSt2L?M l1h?r. averse to wiling it a cup) begins ffiJJfaff0?, with 64 dubsTsupport Ys strong rtpanrt! toe rlroiTh$?. wStettvely does is to br?- SJffJS?I.K-?: reject the idea of a merit table important Margaret Beck, the world invitation champion, is out of action with a hairline fracture in her left foot. Nevertheless England have been beaten only 4-3 in their last three encounters home and away with Denmark. The side, the strongest available, is:. Men's singles 1, Ray Stevens (Essex); 2, Paul Whetnall (Kent). Women's singles Gillian Gilks (Surrey). Men's doubles 1, Elliott Stuart and Derek Talbot (Northumberland); 2, Stevens and Mike Tred-gett .(Gloucestershire). Women's doubles Mrs Gilks and Sue Whetnall (Kent). Mixed doubles Talbot and Barbara Giles (Essex). The same team then go on to play in Sweden at Ystad on .Tnrmarv fl. This should be an easier match as England have had - nine consecutive wins over Sweden who are sow weakened bv the absence of Eva Stuart CMr Twedberei: the former 'All- England champion. Only minor alterations have been made in the composition of the - side. Whetnall will play- the first singles ; Stevens the '.second, and the women's doubles pair will be Miss Giles and Mrs Whetnall. Mrs Gilks will partner Talbot in the mixed doubles. The England team, with the addition of Nora Gardner (Essex), will stay on to compete m tne sweoisn cnam-pionships at -Karlskrona from January 10 to ' 12. With no time for rest six members of the team, Stevens, Trsvicott. Whp-tnall. Miss Giles. Mrs Gilks, and Mrs Whetnall with the England, selector. Ron Lockwood, as manager, will set nee for a brief tour of Japan. Matches, will be played at UtSUTiomiya on Januaiy -iu. ui Sendai on January 17. and' at Tokyo on January 19. The party are due back .in England two days later. A return match against Japan will be played at Preston. Lancashire, on March' 24 immediately after the All- England cnampionsmps wnicn. end at Wembley on March 22. SQUASH RACKETS Irvine out Of trial particularly if the . RFU and the 5 "ff "'g 'tMrftliS Welsh RFU decided to arranged JwTS iSSLFJsZ. theU- cup games on coiresponclln ZgfogZ ciubs'TiVe'Raundhay; it , , Orrell, Morley, and Wakefield At present, however, club WOuld therefore be recognised ;' fixtures secretaries are, In an inVi- equally clubs like New Brighton dious position for none can say and Northern, both of whom cele- from year to year what dates will brate their centenary about now. be used for knockout ties and, would be . possible , nominations understandably, are loathe to whatever their playing records. UU3CL lUIlK-BUlUmilK wHXUUKC- menis. uoventry,- tor one, are investigating the whole question of nxtures. wot only do tney want to trim the number of games they play but, wherever possible, arrange their hardest fixtures to avoid international, trial, county, Andy Irvine (Heriots FP) Tas " ' witnarawn from sauiraavs nnai Thev believe this would leave Scottish trial because of a somethine like 22 "free" Satur- shoulder inlurv. His place at full days wnen there wouia oe no oacic in tne scouana team, goes demands upon their leading to David Aitchison .(Highland) players and they plan to fill those who' moves up from The Rest witn fixtures against wnat tney and uruce nay. tuorougnmuir) consmer tn ne tne leanine ciuds comes - in. of England and Wales. Douglas Morgan (Stewarts-While the Rugby Union should Melville F.P.) will captain The be aware of such developments Rest;He is recalled in place of thehf chief responsibility is to Un.McCrae (Gordpnians), who clubsa a whole and the move has declined the Invitation to towards extension has been to Play in the trial, some extent influenced, by resrvbsi b, wmte (Hawk), m. demands from county constituent . nr.tir (ghc isi, g. l. bii .nratCS?nce STi&feJ CLUB RUGBY UNION RECORDS Jayne beats Swedish challenger Jayne Ashton, from the Edg-baston Priory Club, Birmingham, won the British girls' squash championship .for the third -successive year tfhen she beat 16-year-old Kattarina Due-Boje, the first Swedish girl to reach the final, by '9-0. 9-3, 9-0 at the Lamlbton Club. London, yesterday. Miss Ashton. who still has another year in the championship. Was altogether too severe for her opponent and much the quicker on the ball. Miss Due-Boje played some excellent shots .but was .outpaced In the third game Miss Ashton- raced to 8-0. match point In one hand, and although Miss Due-Boje put her out twice she was not able to score. Mandy Frew (Kent), who is only 14, won the plate final- by beating 17,year-old Caroline Sharman (Sussex), 9., a-, a-o- Great Britain play Pakistan in the- third' and final Test match at the Wembley Squash Centre this evening (6 30). As Pakistan have won the first two matches, both 3-1, the result cannot affect the outcome 'of the series. The British open championship to be played at the Wemblex Squash Centre from January - 30 to February 7 has the." biggest ever first prize. 1,250,' out of a total prixe money of 4,385. Seventy-eight competitors from 10 countries have entered for the championship of whom . 24 will have to plav for 10 places left for qualifiers in the .64-place. draw., Christina Wood UNIVERSITY SPORT Faith justified By REG KERSLAKE The thirteeath. General Coun- UAU and the SUAU. provide an i uk wiaaivw. . , v income for a third organisation. cil Meeting of the British Uni- Consequently, .he approached versifies Sports Federttio jpt ZfEfiEri2& Aberdeen University today and federation, whose chief func-tomorrow will' foe 'the last over Uon would be to foster British tsrrriwt. r Tiniiclas Toan will university sport internaUqnally, which Sir Douglas slogan ' was-worthy of support. Agree-preside. At the end of the ses- was reached for each sion he will retire both as university to contribute president of the BUSF -and, as-' affiliation fees on a per capita principal of London University, basis and thus was the problem BUSF owes an enormous' debt 10ivea-tn sir nmiorlns for his support The earlv results of Great Bri- and influence in bringing the tain's participation since 1928 in federation into .being- in 1962. the World Student Games empha.. With his guidance and he)p it jjised how lacking in international has developed steadily over , the competition British 'students years. " - were.' The subsequent inprove- It was essential that BUSF, on ment of Great Britain ' in the its formation, be .given a sound World. Student Games , which financial basis. .To ir Douglas it in' certain sports have acqtiired seemed clear that university ' itu- a status little short of the Olym-dents' sports organiutions could pic ' Games themselves -has not, in, addition to financing their folly justified Sir Troua-lasV, own activities and paying initial optimism as to wbati affiliation fees to,, for Instance, BUSF could, in time, aebeve. :;; LANCASKIM a CHB9HIRE- W D I. F '- A ' Alsaaer CoB. 9 2 ,4 S5? 109 Atnton-on-M 7. 2 9 111 316 AsmSn'u-L . 11 1 S 2J7-162 BWlneld. .-.'14 0 5 232 226 Blrxenbd Pk. .9 5 ,12 249 all biW, ',7 1 IIS 117 S14 18 accept for Sedgef ield results . GOING: Good 17 30 2m Nov Hurdle: Guuerana, R Collins (.11-10 f), l: Nautilus u-1). 2;.vmkyn (11-4), 3. Also.- a Klloorls (4i). 9 Ulac WJne, 20 Sky Tudor, Pit Scrirlt (T, ran). .6. 10 (W A rkapfcrnaon). Tole: 2P: Up. 13p. MO: dual romast 2ilP. Nvm-rnnnerw. Sera-vHiUa. WltJuWTO (not under orteri: saw Mow. 1 0 2m Nov Hurdle:- Kerry Bruo, r Urodcrick (2-1). 1: Mr Savle ll-B f). 2: Straight Lemon (U-4i. 5. Also- 14 Machtpe. 20 inglebank (lh); 21 Kelly Home, Wonder Peart n rnsii. 2'a. r (Lady Pitzolan-Hnwanli.' role: 25ps lllp. 14p; dual foraewt JOp, 1 30 3m JSOvd H'cap Chase: Proud King, M Barnes (4-1 1, f. Miles- Apart. (11.10 H. 2: Artlean .(9-2).. J5.: xlsp:. J, 2, Jock Stein h) (a ran) 2. V tT aHrpeal. Tote: fiOp- foreraM tt.16. 'a 0-a'jm H'caa Hurdle:. Red, Earl, lir K tJrgy (7-t. 1: Salmo (widy (5-1). 2i VtKy Vktory (5-1). 5. Also: -5-4 oilman MUD." 6 Rusti Cre-k. 7 Maslw niarnns!. Stane Wlitaoer (ref to ra, t. a. 4 (isrrry). -ole: S5p; dtiail forecast SLntdH (9 ran), 3!p: 2St. J6P, 1 SOV-2'sm Nov Chase: Red Cross Boy, jP. Buc-kifr (12-1). 1. Coxmoor UiM VdO.1V 2; Clarhvo (ll.B fl. .1. Ahoi 5'2'MTSirkl (4th) .mitij) 10 Vsol .nOM.0-i0 niclorrtwrr?! tx))g(9 ran) CI ,&lt' ;f5p Indian RMrl h CaAvom (P1)(9. 15p.,"19p. V: "dual forecai Non-wirmcr' .IrirWlv ,.Ctft. 3, O3-I15 rv .Hurill , CrJCksmans CrotS.r iBroilariolt'Jtail' 1).. V?"Florn Ledy (6-3) 2. Hnry Lady 14-1). 3. Also: ;i5-2 9urni Narrator. 10 Prtendlv .Clial, .14 The' Celestial 24o: lip. lip.' 10'aP: dual forecai,! 46V. r . Treble: 24.1,0 (5 pickets).. tat worked the front running Mr Tipp .in the eany stages ot mat race. Berry bought Duffle Coat from a breeder near Skinton and passed on a half share to Mr Peter Parkinson. n-. T.pprlq -businessman, ; the other . half oeionging-, 10 -uerry and, nve others. Duffle Coat ran well In most of his races last season, but i h irrht hor-t ik havn been on several occasions lost races entered for , the Wills jFremier he looked like winning by putting chase Final at Haydock , on. ,11 uiic uttu jump, "When he stood back from his fences he- just pinged, over themr but if he eot too clo he tried to go through them." He didn't- Moon, Of the 32 horses who1 qualified know how to adjust his stride VBathvilly and I had to 41nd sbfjie way of.'MarehaUlU, HoyjMiJhWr.'Pi"1 teaching, him," said. the lncaster Metepi;, amalinj.a.i,.!popnt ) January vs. i&ey , are : naio Scot. Ben More, Brochp n, CrMtt Ami, Duffle Coat, Gulvaln, ; JAHjr Sailor.' King Flame, wan i on. ! No . , Defence, ppnpoar. . eMbritaiv "Bay; ;vmrk ear Berry's answer was to purchase hrft,flVig some thick wooden beams, from t WMSlPffiiSS an old church- and build them racwWrae: Iknt. foa, kUk : 1 , i 1. - ..1. ' 1 r ,,-nr.t- I'inT,! I 1 Flill UkU ICCl I1IKI1. iuviiik lrieiii UUL uv uwvi,,' wvw.". 11 (TfMino: a stride and a Half apart. Wear- ninar committee;, ,Xiwn mis a koho pair ot doois, DUtt'ie ciuaes a ifra. ; t over inese, anu 10 uon cvtiiaes ,. TtoAvdoo Jsrougbloo 6 15 1 S 331 142. vmm KSJT 7 2 12 149 Oslder vale ,10,? 7 12 06 Cldr.va1. . 10 .5 llUm Sorter 14 o n w ZdZZll- AJI ' Taf ,.-n at CMA' lal' Crowe A Nania-'l 'J! ???,194 Davenport -8 11 5 be U: Salle 9 1 10,3? Fdclee- ...... IT FlewyVood .,20 em i 10,36 3 0 5 393 3 x 1 19!-1 r ::::;:iJ VfA Police.' . 1Q 0 1 963 117 If T.WTTtrn IS rtsttA" ,S .1 15-10-1 14" 0 9 Z02 20B 1 14 X1S 3X11 i ii ass ais Q 14 lift 53B 1 6 114 SOS ' '!'. belMOtld . 3 1 ,15'IH? NeC1a5w )'J 7 2 IB VITTX Ngwtnn.ieAVi i -l- f ML M ; Aldwlnuna, .o r-n it im l-k hriimlan. rQ 1 llrtl KidV-ti .. io n in ;'ft;f OireH 21 0 S 929 14 Preston GH nocttdala . . Rpcbdaliana RuakJa Pk 4 B 19 7 17 Sedaeley Pk. s I 19 140 S7T- 0 12 243 357 2' A 993 147 1 9.212 ltV-i 0' S 474 290 2 B 150 129 t rjeleot ... .9 i ll aiojis BC ManTs OB 5 1 13.211 371 tttStXSn.T. 17 1 2 49S 107 .Toe., H (Mc) 9 0 10 227 253 Tyldeeley .... 14 a- 6 307 2S0 Vale ot Lnne 10 017 321 384 Vfckera SC.. 13 0 9 393 273 Vulcan a 1,7 164 159 Warrington ia o 9 502 23a ta a lu vo 14 12 11 vvaiTiMWiui Watertoo West Park vvidnee . . . .Whean Wllmalow 12 Wlnnlnstn Pk 12 0 S '303 244 0 10 306 224 ? 9 270 316 103t-ai9 1 ' 7'27 203 NORTH AST loft .;. a am CUV B forth . . 14 laisjleoool R 12 MrdfHeebro 14 iaryaero,' ,,,.11 arerv.;. i ind ,. 1 D L F A 3 S 189 244 1 14 39.348, a o oau a, & rnruy ewnoena 1 n 31 3 3 369 ISO 3. 7 937. 232 0 14 182 3S3 2 3 314 145 2 o 337 iU iO 1 13 218 327 CUMBRIA' 8 w r 1. sr- a ,'.,. .71 10,173193. ion .. a i.ta'jos-w" c- .,, in i"jsia iia -12 Lons 4 2 S 291 1S6 2 11,,B1 192 ,1g , , 7 ,T'T,lVlW 4 ' ... 11 .'0 1 483 14 all OB io',2 ,nia fox .- v3 -1 '5 Hi S3 5mj VniptHi lVhU4taiVtn . . S 11 fl .101 4Syv-lI-48jr' W(lMirmre , IS 2 276 224 HOTT.. LlNC.Dai;ftBrA SSS5 if rifllii cnesteefleld.. 3 a JBO 163 Uron&eta ...14 O (308240. E neSrort . . . . 6. O 10 314 232 Grimabj ... 6 OIL 16'216 Laek 11 O 9 162 188 O aUfleane .. 17 1 2.378 104 o Mannrlana 12 o 6 264 '165 iMSthonpe , . 10 O 9 3ia 387 Worksop 6 O 10 136 241 "w r l. p a Adwtdcl.8l 6 1 11 160 27t O . I 7 1B3 ASM 6 173 17 Aitnthoro R SarfUloa 11 -Bawei.y ' 4. 1. 12 144 260 O U, O O.P IUV 7 1. 10 238 '415 Reverter Binoio? Bradford. ... T4-; 0,' .766 a Brantley ...11 0 agfJ Brldon '..,..: 9- V 7 24S DinrUnoto 41 j 14 lt.atfli OB J3' 1 3 325 104 188,9 197 3 137 U l-.nwafi oress , u ' aai.', 411 wan T i Brodleulna 14 0 7 398 219 O CWsgJerao 16 . 0 2 399 113 O Hymenuu. , B 0 11' 203 236 D MWecnlans 12. ,1, 6 968 156 O Rlshvrthn 1 1 O1 7 993.197 u siiraonaaoa la -i o xox ,a. . uzu uv ao i 112 S 312 208 2 2 15 117 343 13 0 5 346 160 1ft 2 3 331 103 19 1 I 444 108 12 3 7 328.3EB Ronrnttagy 17. ,1 .-,S.4? ,162 RoriHlBlll 9' 1 10 161 294 SttOdal , 16 0 5' 403 1 63 Scarborough 5 0 13 228 460 Srttw; ..'. 9. 0 ,B2Q9,197 fmeW;x ... .6 ll'3TS 288 WrWTtger. -10-' I' ft ',941 1 an Bktaroo i...,. S 016,179309 WldceSeld ... 15 o:V,157 202 wath.rm.n 1(1 1 Q OAA axx jJK 'a!... ' 1 11 t73 C2 Otley Ihacsuintrton .PanMract .. Ketscar .... Rxpoa . . RodllliliM .. Kowernnm V oleads ... -8 1 11 173 tt lsWi ,.t 8 , 1 15 181 2 ',' , J) 11 JSM JHS, I'M A o iaK.-lOA, ,yrMrlV i ,,ilwi... , n is nan vm .sL a-;i m Br nun A '-'''-rti' ;- 'jtsWS&f,t4;.i o '4! Ji' .'il. '-'.Jl sjt..r 1 A I. UWeiT aaan iimituj 'STAisiststmi "V It 9 '7-a 111 and. TO I 10 313 275 I'll 16 s Ai'Wi'a;; ;"ii!' jrs jj",tii .'liiif-ffc!; itWWviW : . , Pontypridd . 7 Rbymney ... 13 S vyatea- Pol 16 Swansea ... 17 Tredegar ... 5 2 14-236 424 2 4 36T 138 ' 1 S32 2?1 J. 0 7lt47j433 015" 140388 ' LONDON AND SOUTH JMsr .,. 't VV D L ,f S ,. .... 11 1 9'3li Harleoulns .. 7 I'-s'sai London Irtsti. 5 0 11 us i Rumtnrand ... 16 0 444 T2 Itoealyn Park 10 '5:376 ill Mracaria ...13 0 .4 379 163 0 4 389 1SE 0 10 310 839 US' Portanit'ri in VVaep .. . ,1 Nai,THWDAI,..p ; 247. 1 1 1 i.nmiAt ', ?, 0 -a ivt las -'T Delyn '....) IS 0 8 39 2,2 1 . ' I latrsavavateet . 11 "' rv T3.i7 Jvl Z Til ..-V K SfJoi'i' -f Ebb - Val niuiili VrVV: -J J 3 1 -to. -fl?roTfPyini'fit Podlypooi ... IS 1 3'4t2,100 -1. , 0 7i 37 8-147 ZiU'l 1 Luke's M'' li wS'.i ' .MIDLAND '1 '"' ,W-3l V-.S9 21Y, eovjfltry 11 0,1441 5ao Celcew ' ,1 12 274 347 LotwHbOTo C 8 1 R 1(7 NqliingtUm' 14 2 $343 214 SriiWn!Vm .BS2SSS", " . . -

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