The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 7
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I FRIDAY, NOVEJrtJEK '20,. JDS? 4 (AUK.)' COUIUKU NEWS 1'AGB SEVE* WANTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Baily i ate per line for consecutive insertions: ! "lie lime per line. lOc IVo times per line per day .. .03c Three limes per line pnr-day . ,OGc lix limes per line per day ....C5u Month rate per line (iOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 15c For Sale ONE SLIGHTLY USED ELEC- •TUOIAJX Olb REFKICiERAT'OK,! I IIFAL BARGAIN. GEE SALES CO. SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON SLIGHTLY USED FRIGIDAIRE3, STEWART-WAUNERS, OUNER.U, ELECTRIC REERIGERATORS. CUE SALES CO. NliW OIL BURNER ROOM BANG! Miiilinuin charge 50c Ads ordered for llirce or six limes and slopped before c.ipira- wlll be charged for the iiuni- DOWN (,'0 I'KICKS AG'AlN! A MAI, BUY, SKK TODAY SI Keril V-S Tmlcr CAUS HEATERS WHILE THKV LAS1 1 ! '" Slu(lcll;lkr r Hc'\c C'oll|ie ?(iM.l)0 20'; ow. C;KB SALES co. ALL NEW RADIOS AT A SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE. GBE BALES CO. Ver oi limes the add mincarcd and OdjnstnifDl of toll! made. All Classified Advertising copy, itibmlttcd by person. 1 ; residing out-1 n E tide of Hie clly must bo accom-!' oanled by cash. Rates may be lasily computed fron? above table. Advertising ordered for irregular t:sertions lakes the tine time rate. No responsibility \vill bi- Lakeh for more than one incorrect insertion ot any classified ad. A FEW SLIC.HTLV USED MAYTAC1 WASHING M.\CHINES AT A VERY ATTIIACT- GEE SALES CO. Business Directory TEXACO GAS i:!'//c Gal. Nice Fresh RK12LFOOT CRAl'IMIJ 3S5.c and 50c GOAL Delivered in Ijlythcville , Cor $••1.75 and up. AH Coiif Guaranteed. HARRY BAILEY'S At the Slate Line riibrte s-F-4 A 878. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Good feather bed at a bargain. Mrs. B. P. Potter, call 240. 10-ck-tl Cheap, I93G Pi ton long wheel baKe Chevrolet Uuck, \vilh hlijh slock rack. Full tarpaulin cover. A-l condition. Phone 127, Blylhe- 1 ville. 9-ck-9 MODERNIZED COAL Washed. Wnxolized. Dust Treated Four grade.?: S3..5I), $4.00. $5.00 and $5.25 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Tailors TRADE YOUK OI,D SUIT IN "' \ NEW ONE GEOKGE I,. MUJK "BlyUicville's Only Tailor" On Railroad south of Main St. Furniture New and , Rock Used. Furniture Botto'irt Prices. at 12G K. Main Arian-Morris Furniture Store Phone 17( Streamline COAL 1 by 2 ru'j $u.uo per ton by -t lump S0.2G per ton Kim Tranlbarn Phone 47 WALLPAPER New 193i> patterns. Some bargain.s in 1037 still loft ARK410 LUMBER CO. Phone 40 room modern house nt 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. Bee J. W. Maloney, Clark and Railroad sts. Stanejnrd Reference Books. Com- plEte 10 volume set with Loose Leal Binder. Call 239 or 792.23. ooo For Kent Two Curm'sheil rooms. Green. Phone 814-J. Mrs. Teo 20-ck-tI .Furnished apartment with private \ bath. Also vsoin and board, i W. Kentuckv. 26-»k- CO acres laiul on hard road aboir 3/4 mile east or Promised Lane School. Mrs. Jim Bali. 24-ck-tf Fevcl Tudor S:i!l5.UU !l 1'iril V-X Tudor yj!5.UU <'lu vi old C'uiU'h. V2i)5.lit) {•>, Clicvrolrl fciifh Sllifi.W 35 1''Til V-K Tudor yW5.HI 13 Clirvrolrt l<crd«r Krtimi SIM.OO \Vc Have Mniiy More to Stli'i-l I-'irni. Wf Have Cars Frcm S:e,5,0t) and Hi;. Conic by, We Trade. Phillips Used Car MISSISSIl'I'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice is hereby given pnrsmail to Hie provision oi the deed of Iriisl socnrins these bonds thnl this district, receive sealed Lot \Valnul liny SID Used Car Kooin and Board lenders of Us bonds on or belorc Ilio 15th tiny ,of Deefmber, 1837. The bondholders desiring lo lender their bonds to the district must .submit their offers In duplicate, one cojjy being uddrfsscd to the undersigned, nml one copy mntlcd to (lie Commercial Nn- mcnl nnd riuicrllntion on or b?- fore Jnnunry I. 1933. liemil Bank, of Utlle nock, Ark- ansa;;, Trustee for said bond Issue. S.ilcl Under shall slate the jirlcc at which (he bonds will be sold ami shall eke die number nnd deuomiiiallou of the bonds. All bonds so purchased must, be delivered to the Trustee for pny- The dislricl rcscrve.s the right lo reject nil lenders nt n price not nccci>(riblc to the district. Given this 2nd day oi November. 1937. Lcacnvillc Special School District No. W of Mississippi County, Arkansas. By E. E. liyrd, Secretary. Kocrn and board or ineuls. l-llo' W. Ash. Mrs. R. P. Lowpry. 24-pk-12-24 Selected Used CARS GDARARTEEDi I'J.'IT Chevrolet l)cl,nxe Spoil Svihui. Clojin, low | mileage, radio & lien t IT S.V.Ifi.Uli lit.'Ki Cliovrolet Town St'cliin § |(ir>.li() lil.'iS ('lii'vrolel Coiirli y.m.lld IH.'M ChewoU-i Umdi - *•>!)<•> Ill/ 1M5 !''im| \',s Deluxe Tudor S32!>.WI 1!),if) I'oi^l V-S lleluxi' (Joupi', viiilio ...?.. . s:!ir,im l!t,'!2 Ford V-S Tndui', real rlc;iii '. . 1!*,'!2 I'lymotilh PHONE 244 I,. I. RICE COAL! »1»V KI.XIH.lNll ACKTVi.EN'E AT HKST PRICJKS I'KOJMI''j; SHRVICK I'.'IONK. 19 T1UICKS I {):«> I', 'I 1 ,,,, Chevi-oli'l Trni'lv 1M5 I'/, Ton Chevrolet Truck l!W(i Chevrolet |>k-k-ii|i Truck !!i;t(i I'-unl V-S J)c|,uxo HUM Clii-vi'olcl I'ii'li-iip Tniils Open Nights & Suiulays lOiisy (J.M.A.C. '1'iniL- I'liyinenl I'bu I'lumc NOTIC'K TO HOLDERS OP BONDS OF LEACH V1LLE SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 OF N. W. TRANTHAM COAL CO. COAL PHONE 964 Will Wear Longer When Kepaircd ;it Smith Shoe Shop IIS South 2nd Used Trucks & Cars 1931! Chevrolet, pick-up ..$375.00 Good Tires. 1934 1'.6 ton Chevrolet. 155" W.13. SI (ike body $325.00 This truck is a good buy 1934 IK ton Chevrolet 133" W. 13. Stake Body $250.00 A-l Mechanical condition. ALL, TRUCKS GUARANTEED TO PASS STATE INSPECTION Delta Implements, Inc. e S'|iediili/.e In & Koadt'i- lU'pair iu v in iiiici Set- r's itlntor Hales, Inc. 1 Heaters llcfnist We SiiiM'i;i|I/.e In if PRESCRIPTIONS ^> I'honc lit FOWLER DRUG STORE INC. WANTED Junk Auto Tires Also mans Drs. Worl & Wcrt' Over Joe Isaacs' Store "U'E nIAKE 'EM SHE" Phone 510 FARM LOANS ^"^ J5KI and bp . Arkansas nnd Missouri Lowest rales—lowest c»vnis« - Alsn cliy propcrllr* IKJN H. KASSEIWlAN ilioraas Lnini Co. Olllco P. O. Box 410, I'hohi! 527. SAVE MONEY il ILSlil) TIKI'S unit HATTKIUKS K. M. LAUKIN 1'UOIIl! ll)"l Ladies' & Men's Tailoring; l''nr C(i;il Altcnitions Liiiliu.s' (.'uslimi Tiiilorcd Suits AHci-;\lionH of all types, Phono r>;i HUDSON'S * I''OI! ANY KIN!) <)!•' HIGH GRADli COAI, CAM. 1C. K. I.'.UY AT 477 Wondof City Coal Co, K!•;«•; oifu VviDii; TiON OF COOI) THIICKS 'O.M,MI''KCIAI, CARS RICA;Y '.'OK (!U(M) HKHVlCt iiiak- lirdy SX-15.V) "r t->r:l V-it Kill'. W.i*. New 11: •>:<: sc<d liri. SS.'ii <vllcm cciidillgn. Arli. II "(i < : l»v. 'li '.-,i',| n:V'U-ii|). v-H |...' fcuj Arli. Vin - . niuv I'i.: 1 out 1 fair:cus tl, (/'. C. llnu^ l'a>i tlr nt I'liui. Your pres- i'( cnv will i)rcli;il>l; make </i« l'j\\n iKiyiiicnl. ' ' •See 1 or call BERNARD GOOCH Phillips ^oior Co. Phone 810 nr 811. ALLEY OOP IT'S A (iKKAT TH1COKY, HU'J- -ASI VOUR OFFICIAL ADVISEE,/ RIGHT AHE^D! I HAVE A PEW SU6- /PROUD AN' I'VE GOT GEST1ONS TO LIKE TO / LOTS.OF R.ESPEGTFOR MAKE, WITH VOUR J VOUR OUPOMENTT •' PERMISSION... 3 room furnished apartment, 000 W. Walnut. 24-pk-l BARGAINS IN New & Uscil Furniture \Vc Buy & Sell 1VADK FUKMTUKE CO. 112 W. Main Phone I5ii Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain In shoe repairing is Quality materials & v.-orkmanship. Rubber Heels. 25r up. Solos Site up. Dyes, Polishes laces. Any .shoes dyed black, 35c Tree Delivery Phone 121 H. B. Campbell Announcement ALADDIN I.AMl' TARTS GKN Kr IJINE nuniu; iimv. co. We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 Chlctt.issKlia riionc HTJ Modern Beauty Shop Moved from Glcnaie Holt! lo 1215 W. Main. I'honc 219. .Ke.slaurani CHOP SUEY. Mack's Restaurant next lo thcntei, Joiner, Ark. Glass ' AUTO G'liASS Ex(icrl WnrhmatiKhip We Deliver Hlylhcviilc I'iiinl & \\'iillliapcr Co. \Vc Cut <t Install I'lumc 880 III S. Scconc Batteries BERV1CK J. Ben Clune ntm 8 et Ton) Jaoiaon' Birds For Sale Full gro-.iu pair. Mrs. 260. canary singers. S5.00 J.' E. McFp.ll, Phone 22-ck-tf Rcoim adjoining hath. For couple. Will give t\vo meals a day. Call 036, B18 Chickasawbn. 23-fa-ti Furnished house on Holly, Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg sit 084. 12-ck-lf Nicely itirntshed bcdiooius. Steam heat, lill W. Main, Phone 280. l-ck-tf Small store on Ash Street near railroad. Reasonable rent. Apply Goldstein Hide and Fur Co. 10-ck-tI —NOW, AS RULE;; CF MOO-^U Must ABANDOM VOLI&-E£--AH-- RATHER.-WELL-WHAT t MEAN IS- VOU SIMPLY MUST APOPT A POLICY OF DIGNITY- , AC<3UIEE A POISE-SUCH AS _. */ BEFITS VOLIIS ROVAL STATION-- KmT" ^CL E A R -OUR !'^\f!>^ f ^- AT LAST K l{y Hnhilin £ I (' ATTEMPTO THB { ^•. POSTIM6 OF A i GUARD HEKG'f '• NOW AS TO THAT POISE AW' PISWITY STUFF vou vveee TALKIM' ABOU 1 THINK VOUVE GOT SUMPIN 1 THERE-GO OM-X'M ALL EAES/ /~^* *VT\*. Wejl locnled stone business building, living quarters included, on hichway soulli of Manila. Rent reasonable. Sec miner, O. M. Bish, Manila Star Route. Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable for warehouse. Will rciriode) for right party. Phone Mrs. 3. S. Slcrnberg at 9B4 before 10 a.m. 9-ek-12-0 2 or 3 furnished apartments reasonable. 914 Hcarn St. Comfortable licclrcom Rdjotning bafh. Gentleman only. 713 W Main. Phone COD-W. 23-ck-lf t room I'.ouse, ball]. GOO S. Lake. Call 307-J. 2:i-ck-tt Personal Want lo contact aO giris interested in increasing Iheir incomes ^ixt \villini; (n <!:vot^ six months tinu: to ]ran>inir highly pair! pro- fCE^icn of Beauty Culture. New ffchocl tn open in Blythcvillc Ja.i- uar.v Write for fill! details !o Lester Fisher Gipson. 515 Krcwsan Aye.. Jcnescoro, Ark. Kirby's TasleToss CHILL TONIC Contains STore, Quinine—Mnrc 5ron Tli6 Kecommcndcd Treatment ror MALARIAL cmu.s and FEVER SW.UIP FEVER —AGUE FEVEK At All Kitty DriiB Slor«i MEN Ol,D AT 40! GET PEP. I'civ Ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain 1(17.' oyster invigorates and other stimnlants. One dose starts | Vw psp. Value Sl.OO. Special price I We. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store. Lost Cnc Masonic ring. Liberal reward. Butkc Hdw. Co. 23-ck-30 Wanted Fitly firlp to enroll now for Sta. Aprrovert Beauty School to open! .January 1st. Ccop'.r Bldg., iilvthe- ville. Write Letter Fisher GijiOT'i. 51."> Kicwson Avc.. .lonesboro. Arli.. •Rep — I (cr full riotails. airing Girls lo distribute advertising matter to homes. Salary. Apply . Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E.' Miss jcimings, 8:36 n.m. M. Damon, 315 E. Main. ' 113 South Second. V. CJ).pn. i»i aitir, SERVICE, inc. T. M. ntc. u. r,. PAT, opr. HOOTS ANP HRR StE ,Ou.L^y-..\ on-OtUO LftMB AKiO \ GO-f HOT COSfc'. f OWrtEdTAoRE ,\ ?OONO A RftVi POTMo IM MV SAVAO.AWD MV 6OOP W/v.'b OVS AVREADV '. VAOMEV ... V'0,015 )VASH TUBES WHAT A BKEAXr WE'LL TALK THE R'O'. SKIMS INTO RGH7IN6 FOR U9 AGAIN67 : BREEZE KELTOM! LISTEN,VDU OLD £?A6/ INPIA.N5 WO HELPUM OF BONES, I NEED/BOSS MAM.... LONG TIME SOME HELP! y/BOSS MA.w TREATUM INPiAMS BAP.5EWPUM INP1AN5 DOWN KiVER TELLUM LIB. 6UV I'M LOOWN6 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENTW JUWE \MiVMAM <30T CAUGM-r |ij THAT MOS , PRECK SUE FAIKTTED iYOU CAW T GO [SI THERE! AUKLE WLL HARDLY HOLD EVEM VOU UP ! WELL, IF JUME MUFrr ; I'M GOWMA GET WER.... AHKLE NO OH ,YEAH ? THERE'S A LOT MORE OF TWEH IKJ THERE GO, GET ONE OF YOUR OWM !.'

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