The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on September 28, 1959 · 10
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 10

London, Greater London, England
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Monday, September 28, 1959
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10 THE GUARDIAN MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28 1959 Association Football , . Nottingham Forest just too good for Bolton Lancashire side's weakness forward BY ERIC TODD Nottingham F. 2, Bolton W. 0 did so with scrupulous fairness nt.:u T?mc.f ,HrKi tv.. incidentally the trainers had a restful Nottingham Forest, slightly the afternoon and Iley had no equal at better of two disappointing teams, wirig-half. What a worker was this beat Bolton Wanderers 2-0 m a man ! In addition to his allotted task. Football League match at Notting- he showed his forwards how to forage ham. It was their first Saturday win and shoot They needed such instruc-at home in a league game since tion although Vowdeh. a young o-,r amateur from the Channel Islands did ' . , . . reasonably well in his first League delighted the tide had turned, after iaI ooint. and there was little use vanishing as it aoes irequenuy at their supporters complaining of ba,d Southport yet one suspected their reelings were 01 reiiet ratner man ot satisfaction. " They were splendidly impartial in their observations, at luck when shots went wide. There are no prizes for hard lines in football. Forest began briskly, and efforts by Vowden, Iley, and Quigley suggested leaswn ine immeaiaie vie njiy oi lne bri hter lhings a suggestion that new press box which, while spacious. cou,d have been reality in the tenth is exposed longitudinally to verbal Hopkinson stretched out his hands for the ball when Wilson shot, the scribe to isolate his impressions v.,, ; ;a tv aoai among so many, and less so when he ;t ,, ,.nv,a,. thitr is called upon to satisfy, the natives' Qnly rareiy were Bolton permitted to curiosity regarding the visiting team attack. and when they did. Stevens ui iiuuiuui, aiu. iuc ucwapa missed narrowly- from twenty-live industry m general. Not having seen ,,0,., ,j Tuiv.Trinir,-,, iniornioH Bolton before this season, and being briuiantlv a raid on the right. With unable further to provide a questioner seventeen minutes gone, Bolton were wjui. luiunuauuii auuui aii uiu iiicuu. awarded a free-kick, and riennm who was employed on a journal lone ,,-, , nc tvm p,rm nr.n. since absorbed "'e worked nights on tacted the crossbar from nearly "forty t machines "one's own contribution yards. A few minutes later, Thomson to the symposium was- negligible. tr-nttd r...t nf nnni tr HmI with the Which was as well. It would not- visiting forwards, and Stevens lobbed have been easy to explain adequately the baU over the goalkeeper's head, the cause of Bolton s comparative Alas. Stevens's calculus was frac-decllne- tionally faulty, and the ball, after Not. imnhihinns bouncing - stupendously on the cross es 01 ampniDlOUS bar disappeared into the crowd. . Bolton, of course, are not genuinelv amphibious. They prefer rain and Hit and miss heavy grounds which is offered in Early in the second half Bannister extenuation, and not as an outright fouled Quigley, who contrived to excuse. On Saturday's showing, how- project himself into the penalty area ever their chief requirement is some- wi.Vinnt imnrpssinp thp referee one to harass and hustle,"to-hold the Bannister then was unfortunate to forwards together, and to score goals, miss contact when he ran into position In brief, the sooner Lofthouse returns tsosiirifuiiv fnr -mil's na hwta the better, for Stevens was wasted at yards from goal. In the fifty-seventh i-cuiie iuiwaiu, aim me rest were so minute uray scored an opportunist many clever individuals. But the goal, and Bolton thereafter were too defence was splendid, and Bolton's spasmodic to create a lasting ouiL-iais neeu suner no insomnia on impression. Nevertheless, only a this account. Banks was outstanding, minute rwnninpH when Rnrlritt over. He Played Imlach into Oblivion. llSpr) namo Htrrs Vialf-lienr-tori tar-VL in n the ball shrewdly and methodically, determined run, and made easy and near the end frequently was seen Quigley's task of scoring. Bolton had trying to- force the ball into the no complaints, hut W. Riddine. their Nottingham net. The bonny, bonny manager, will continue to pray for are not tne perquisite of uocrj rain rather than for new players. j-iuiuuiia. Forest, too, were served admirably by their backs. McDonald, like Banks, never faltered, and tried very hard to appear among the scorers. McKinlay Which is a change these days. NOTTINGHAM. FOREST. Thomson: Whsre, McDonald: Iley. McKlnlay. Burlcitt: Imlacb. Vovden, Wilton. Qulnley. Gray. BOLTON WANDERERS. Hrjoklnson: Hard. Hanks: Hennm. tllgtlns. Edwards: Bannistsr. Hill. . , , - - - .in t.i'. imcTf, r i ii 1 1. c 1 1 . dictated matters down the. centre, and Retrm: h. j. Husband (Uondom. MARGIN RATHER THAN VICTORY FLATTERS LIVERPOOL By W. R. Taylor Liverpool 4, Plymouth Argyle 1 the centre well enough, but there T iiwtvini tji,.,u a 1 appeared to be a deflection into the net as , ,LlverP00l beat Plymouth Argyle the ball went one wav and Barnsley the 4-1, although the score flattered them other. somewhat, Plymouth had the better Only a breath-taking dive by Rudham of the game in the first half and did at the feet of Jenkins prevented an not deserve to be a goal down ; after equaliser immediately, while Liverpool the - interval, however, there was escaped when White surprised his -goal-no doubt about the hnmp lirte'-; keeper, with a back pass. Barnsley had nnpSnrifl to dart out against A'Court and Hunt, superiority. . but Liverpool's passing was too strong Waldock, signed by Plymouth from and such tactics played into the hands Scunthorpe United on Friday; combined of their opponents. When a pass from well with his new colleagues, though Bimpson was intercepted by wvatt, he some of his passes were a bit too subtle sent the ball to Williams CJ. S.) who for them at times. The best forward sent a long pass up the middle. For was Hunt, Liverpool's inside right, who some unknown reason the Liverpool crowned an extremely hard working day defenders apoeared to think there was with a goo,d goaL Melia had a curiously no danger, but Jenkins chased the ball patchy time. Looking from a distance and scored splendidlv from a narrow like Stirling Moss, without having the angle after 24 minutes, same speed, he made some delightful A brilliant dribble bv A'Court was passes, i but too often was robbed in mangled bv Bimpson. arid Melia missed possession because of his slowness, and, a chance as the defence dithered,- but in addition, he missed opportunities Plymouth were moving well, pushing the 8aiJel. ,. . - , , , , ball sweetly along the ground, and At the start Liverpool looked pon- letting it do the work. Rudham twice derous and their defence hesitant., for saved at point blank range from Plymouth were much more incisive. Govan if any other Plymouth forward Stacey .. appeared most comfortable had been up. the- must have scored against A Court, positioning and tackling but .White charged across and cleared, well, while Wyatt was equal to Bimpson, and A'Court piled on the agony by especiaUy in the air. which was no mean side-footing a pass from Bimpson into feat, as -the Liverpool centre forward is the Argyle net just before half-time, taller and heavier than anyone m the Argyle side. Bimpson helped to fetter WacfoH onormi himself by charging around with the wasied energy man in possession instead of taking up Plymouth might bemoan the hardness more advantageous positions for a return of their lot. but Liverpool soon set about pass, ana consequently tne i.iverpoai me tasK 01 proving that thev were worthy attack looked congested. Nevertheless, of their lead. Both A'Court and Liverpool took the lead in the twelfth Morrissey missed, but ten mimites after minute.- After a poor, clearance by the resumption. Hunt shot from twenty Bellett, Morrissey passed to Hunt, who yards, and the farther the ball went, the returned the compliment. Melia struck more certain it was to beat the goal- 1 as 11 i.tij rii iwa.y iivill mm. many 01 wiucmsons long throws were being wasted by his big centre forward appearing reluctant to go in the penalty area and use his head, but, after A'Court had hit the crossbar, no forward was needed to score Liverpool's fourth goal. All through the game Barnsley had shown a tendency to hang on to the ball, and at last he carried it outside his area. Melia shaped to take the kick and. amid laughter, failed to connect. Moran then strolled up casually, gave the ball a fearful thump, and it beat all ends up a goalkeeper who then proceeded to point out their shortcoming to his fellow defenders. Before the end Carter also hit the crossbar ; otherwise. Liverpool coasted home comfortably in a pleasant match which was refereed with his usual ability and firmness by A. Holland (Barnsley). There rarely is a murmur when he is around. FA'" a , kvi. .!-? J '-'woe; yt-var) " A. Knan-les (Manchester) kicking for touch when challenged by . Evans during his clubs centenary match Rugby League AUSTRALIANS IMPROVE BUT ARE NOT YET FULLY CONVINCING Salford pack gives an object lesson By Harold Mather Salford 20, Australians 22 enough until (and was it caused by eagerness and excitement?) players The Australian Rugby- League team forgot themselves, advanced, and so chalked up its fourth victory by made the line fiat again. winning 22-20 at Salford. But, as the ment on defence, and although fault may score suggests, it was a near thing. have been found in Chapman's on two All club sides are likely to rise to the instances, he did well otherwise, and occasion when meeting touring teams, cleared his lines on more than one and, in spite of the fact that they were occasion with darling runs up the beaten, Salford were no exception, middle. But the attack again was not all Certainly the result did them less than it might have been. Individually Boden. justice. Banks once again was the hub and Darticularly Burke, had good games, of Salford's attack. On this occasion, but they were not fully effective as a his experience and cunning, of them- pair against some rugged defence, and :b1m often vwri sumcient to test the this reflected on the Dlay in the centre. visitors' defence. As Brennan also was Here, Carlson did all that might have at his best, and the two dovetailed been expected, but Riley's lack of splendidlv. Salford's threequarters sufficient thrust, and his tendency to hardly could have failed to profit watch the oncoming man and therefore accordingly. to snatch at and so drop some passes, Those tfireeauarters did well enough proved costly. n if Hinv uri-n nni nnite cnori enmitrh The Australians efforts to swinz led always to force home promising attacks, to some deplorably bad scrummaging, But it was forward where probably, but they were not the only contributors Salford reallv surprised the Australians, towards this. In the loose Beattie had a Especially was this so in the loose, for, fine game; Walsh also did well, and apart from Parsons, whose legs, at the Mossop, if not as conspicuously active as end ot a cheauered career, still are in earlier matches, never was far from willing but now are slow, the six bent the centre of activity. Clay, as loose their backs to their task with a willing- forward, was an improvement on Clay ness which augurs well. They backed up as stand-off half, and made several splendidly without causing congestion, thrusts up the centre, thrusts which and covered and tackled hard and might have proved tellinB had his relentlessly. Yet at least one of their handling been better. number always was on hand when a Salford's Doints came from tries bv little added punch was needed in mid- Lowdon, Jones, Preece, and Brennan, field. The more unfortunate, therefore, and four goals bv Lowdon. For the that a forward, McGuinness, should Australians Burke, Lumsden, and Carlson throw out the pass which Carlson inter- (two) scored tries and Carlson kicked ceptea ten- iuinuies irom lime, ana so five goals. cnangea tne wnoie course 01 me game. kai.kohd r.rm.v. p.. oioshir.. Before it. Salford led 17-12 : five minutes Lowdon: Brenuan. Banks: Adanuon. Mctiuinnew. after it, they were 17-22 down, but even s"1- """- council. Dniir. . '..,jrfi , aitkthaiaank. niMtnin! f.nmsilcR. R n. Carl- men woum nave guinea tne araw uiey M"- ,f,i;r -60X0, STSt..: biu.. Walsh, r.rc.11. aeservea 11 iiowaon naa oeen ame to m.p, Rtouuts, cia. kick the goal for a fine try scored in the Rtrtrte: e. aay (lm1si. Rugby League WORKINGTON HAVE WORRIES And supporters suffer By a Special Correspondent West Cumberland Rugby League enthusiasts, jealous of the reputation earned by Workington Town only a few seasons age, are unhappy at the state of affairs summarised by Swinton's victory, 18-10, at Workington. The Lancashire side was not out standing, but at least it had thrust and enthusiasm, two qualities lacking in this present Workington .team. Some of the club's difficulties were aooarent from the list of twelve iniui'ed players, and the manager's notes in the frogramme. To make matters worse, den and Roper failed to pass fitness tests shortly belore the KicK-on. inis meant Workington had to piny Smith, a junior scrum half, against the redoubtable Cartwright. Smith's inexperience occasionally was obvious but he was not to blame for Workington s defeat ; indeed Faulder; his partner, more often was at fault. When Workington won possession from set scrums Moss, Eden s deputy, was outhooked 21-13 bv Roberts Faulder showed little inclination to get his three-quarters moving. Swinton, on tne other nano. never, neziected an ounonuniiy 01 orinmiiK their bacts into tne came, ana tneir three-quarters all crossed the Workington imp. The number or tries mitrnt nave been bieaer. for thers was some splendid running oy Mcraanon ana otopiora on the wings. Edgar's mixed fortune Edear. Workington Town's captain, tut his side in front in the seventh minute with an easy penalty goal, but he, was a wrd wide with two other attemnts before Swinton swung into action. McMahon and t-ritchley scored lar out m the nrst period, at tne end 01 wmeft Sjwinton lea 6-2. A smart trv by Bcthwaite reduced Swinton's lead, but Swinton always looked the more comoetent team, auick to "exploit Workington s mistaKes, ana eager to provide whole-hearted suoport for their colleagues Norburn, perhaps, not as fast as when he was a wine, still used his speed to good advantage, and Moses and Blan were ceaseless in their nrobines. The Workin Eton forwards, with Edear straneelv subdued. seldom Dromised to make any rjrogress. and the spectators were moved to sarcasm by the buUocking efforts which" failed to dent tho Swinton defence. The standard ot play improved towards the end of the match, and Stopford and Smethurst scored further tries for Swinton. The (foal-kicking now had been entrusted to O'Boyle, who kicked a penalty goal, and added the extra points to both tries. Leatherbarrow took advantage of a kick ahead by ONeil to score Workington's ' other try. for which Edgar added a goal. WORKINGTON TOWN McAvos: Balhifalla. 0Nsll. Lratbrrnanow. Foord: Faulder. Smith: Edsar. Moss. Marlin. Thompson. McLcod. Dsslln. SWINTON. O'BosIt; McMaboo. Crltchlry, Saisltmrsf, Slopford: Parkinson, Carts,rlBlir, Thompson, Roberts. . mosn Koncru. rt rvonmrn, Ulan. Referee: G. Wilson (Desrsbury. last minute. Although the form of the Australians again was much below that expected of them, they did show signs that some lessons had been' learned from their defeat by Lancashire. Clearly they are SIX CHANGES AGAINST YORKSHIRE Compared with the team which beat aware that their defence, especially Salford. the Australian side to meet too flat and thin because of their tendency SifrLf it f eveIllnS snows to bunch. So, in this match, men were slx coanges. it is . rifnlnvv1 to mnko snmf cpmbmnr-a- nf names: r.unoen, -utrisorj. ntiii. mine iwnra, oeDwjea ra mane some semDiance- or Mlllr. wlOTn. Walats. Deiamere, mop, Palermo. ugiciiu ui ucjii:. iiiii 11. ivuikcq wcil uay. Lawn Tennis PENALTY SAVES TOTTENHAM Tottenham , Hotspur, the only unbeaten team in the First Division, had to fight hard to draw 1-1 with the City at Leicester. - A penalty by Jones enabled Tottenham to keep their lead in this section. A point behind, and sharing second place, are Wolverhampton Wanderers, . Arsenal, and Burnley all of whom won at home, although Everton held their own in the first half at Wolverhampton. Chelsea's several changes resulted in a 3- 1 win at Fulham. while Newcastle United won 3-2 at Leeds after being two down. Manchester United were beaten 4- 0 at Preston where Finney scored twice, and are only three points better off than Birmingham City who are at the bottom. Manchester City maintained their improvement by winning 2-1 against Blackburn Rovers at Moss Side. Luton Town " were beaten a'gain. this time at Sheffield where Curtis and Farltbam each scored a goal for Wednesday without reply. West Bromwich Albion are still seeking their first awav win of the season. They lost 1-4 at West Ham, Musgrove scoring twice for the winners. Aston Villa keep on winning a 1-0 victory at home over Leyton Orient was ' their fifth in succession and they are two points better off than Cardiff City at the head of the Second Division. The biggest score of the afternoon came in this section, Charlton Athletic beating Derby County 6-1. Kiernan scored a hat-trick.- A good win by Bristol City over Middlesbrough lifted some of the tension. from-Ashton Gate. One of -the biggest surprises is the continual failure of Portsmouth. They lost-at home ,0-2 to Ipswich Town, and hare bottom place with Lincoln City who were beaten at home by Cardiff. - Hull City are finding the going harder than in the. Third Division, and they lost by the only goal of the game at Rotherham. Stoke City and Brighton and Hove - Albion also went down on their own grounds. . Norwich City take precedence over Halifax Town at the head of the Third Division -by virtue of a better goal average. Winning 43 at Brentford, they showed all the fighting spirit that gave - them such a splendid run in the F.A. Cup last' season. Millwall, like Tottenham, remain unbeaten. They drew at Barrow in -spijte of an injury to Ackerman. but they takeysecond place to Walsall in the Fourth: Division. - .""Ireland's . team, which was beaten 6-2 at Bournemouth last season, included eight newcomers for the opening amateur international match of the season against England at Cliftonville. Ireland hoped the experience of Forde, Bar, and Clarke :wo'uld steady the new players, but the home team did not impress until late in the second-half. By her spirited play in this period, Ireland just deserved to snatch a draw when Gillespie headed a ' eoalsixteen minutes from the end. This-was in reply to a well-taken goal by Harding near the end of the first half. Trimby,"- England's' inside right repeatedly was applauded for his constructive play. Others who distinguished themselves were Pinner, fn goal, apd Slg, D'Arcy, and Wright, the half LIVERPOOL. Rudham: Mnljneua. Moran: Wilkinson. -While. Twentyman: Morrissrs, Hunt. Blmpaoo. Melia, A'Court. PLYMOUTH ARGYLE. Barnsley: Slacar. Bellett: Williams CJ. S.), Wi-ali. Williams J. L.): Anderson. Carter. Jenkins. Waldock. Govan. ANDERSON BEATS SEGURA M. Anderson (Australia) won ihe singles in the London international professional lawn tennis championships at Wembley on Saturday night. In a thrilling flve-siit final against P. Segura he won by 4-6, fi-4. 3-6, 6-3, 8-6 after two hours 32 minutes. After only ten minutes rest. Anderson was back on court for a doubles match which lasted two hours, but this time he was on the losing side, for he and his partner. A. Cooper, were beaten in the play-off for third place doubles by F. Sedgman and M. Rose by 14-16. 6-2. ti-'J. Anderson's singles final with Segura was a memorable one, and not until the last tew games ot the deciding set did he reallv get on top of an opponent sixteen years older than himself. The match more than made up for some of the week's earlier disappointments, when Hoad and 1 Sedgman, who were seeded to meet in the final, were beaten in the second round, and Rosewall and Trabert were surprised in the semi-finals by Segura and Anderson, respectively. The doubles final was won by Trabert and Hoad, who beat Rosewall and Segura. 11-9, D-7. 6-2, in 100 minutes. MISS HIRD'S TITLES Miss P. Ilird, won three titles in the iniprnntional 'lawn tennis tournament at Barcelona. She beat Miss M. H. Coronado (Spain), 8-6. 6-2 in the women's singles final and. partnered by N. Nette (Australia), won the mixed doubles, beating Miss D. Catt (G.B.) and A. Bailev (Australia!, 6-2, 6-2. In the women's doubles final. Miss Hird and Miss C. Yates-Bell beat Miss Catt and 'Miss J. Treby. 6-0. 8-C. Miss P. Ward won two titles in the Portuguese championships yesterday. In the women's singles final she beat Miss P. Nettleton (New Zealand), 6-1. 6-1, and with D. Rilley (Australia) she defeated Miss Nettleton and P. Rodriguez (Chile). 7-5. 6-4. in the mixed doubles final. Cricket FOUR-DAY TESTS NEXT SEASON? Johannesburg, September 27. Test matches against the touring South African cricket team in England next season may be limited to 24 hours over four days with an extra dav avail able for time lost through rain. The South African Board of Cricket Control decided at the week-end to put this before M.C.C.. who, as hosts, will make the final decision. A. D. Nourse, a former South African captain, will, be manager of the team of fifteen. The names of the team, which leaves here on April 16 and returns on September 15, are expected to be announced in February. South Africa has increased.the number of her selectors from three to live. They are : R. Convenor, A. Melville, L. Tuckettf R. Wooler. and J. D. Lindsay. Nnnr who rpttrps this vnar ns national selector, is considered by many to have been South Africa's greatest batsman He led South Africa in 15 Tests ten against England and five against Australia and in his 23 years of first-class cricket scored 12,472 runs. He was a selector in the last two series against Australia and England and wall bring a wealth of experience to - his onerous job. The South African proposal to limit Tests to four days did not take English authorities by surnnse. The duratuon or Tests eenerally is on the agenda for the Board of Control meetdne in November and it is likely to be discussed also at an earlier meetina of the M.C.C. cricket subcommittee. It is understood, too, that the President of the South African Board of Control. A. Coy. had unofficial discussions with M.C.C. on the duration of nest season's Tests when he wan in England during the summer for the Imnerial Cricket conference- The appointment of Nourse as South Africa's manager Iras been welcomed. "We are deliehted to hear that Dudley Nourse is comim;." said G. C. Griffith, the M.C.C. assistant secretary. Reuter. Chapman cheerfully makes light of the years Manchester win their centenarymatch BY DENTS ROWBOTHAM Manchefter 13, The District 8 them Manchester set sustained and ' . . ; .. . . ... increasingly well-combined drive from There was a disappointingly thin forward. Thompson's mastery in the nrrvurrt tnrlo, honour to the Man- tight and Cooper's, in spite. of every. Chester Football Club's centenary at SB-g JgSSStf moor Lane, is.ersai. on oaiuraay. and lively opportunism if not smoothly The home side did its best by beat- "IfiSi. -h. , ing in workmanlike, if not always neat. usuaiy to misunderstandings, it was fashion a strong but too richly assorted Manchester's bluster and stabbing . and so ill-balanced District side by two thrusts ' which prevailed. So quickly, goals and a try to a goal and a try. L.-.JS' lld 5hs? fsiets-if- nlavpr? whom nnrmallv oniv ""wmusi uispuascas v,uuiiou, wueil P'lSv: n Sv Patriot attempted a line movement SSTSrttSSf pfe'S,? came Yu porters whose loyalty to their own begun. Then! Ifo clubs is no less unwavering and f;,i;tf ' T.r?wf,. a.-.a Swimming Rugby Union traditional. There were distinguished game's best movement and,- thanks to rr tut i Kaiire s guests, xjitiit: were lYiauujjesier 5 own r.,, v, xrn-- it nnnM'nl, Vot ,-,,. two gd conversions, by. Walker, it of the blue sky and balmy sunshine, K wfr -rj 4t, ,wu a scrum on tne left, K. Jones raced ?wUPI .LJSSh, I rnffn P inside W. A. Jones, took his -inside there was scarcely a token. . pass and returned it'and PooIe wasp: . Wanted an audience lJ inside the full-back arid touch, down. ' Not surprisingly the match and the , . ' afternoon fell short of an occasion. Poole again on hand fH21?ntrf "iJSS&i,!? t2SS needed only an. ambitious but. applauds it. It is impossible to be tactically effective kick from a mid- iYnwLWlHitUr,fc &vS?JS field ruck to the untenanted left and L,iJSlJSJA K' Jones had entered, tovm the ftuV. bockers, even a proud erey and dray, baclt: nas,ed insidp tn thf aeain 'nlcrf- Sen-t.JareJy ""a!&ld ?2tu& Poole, and Manchester were home It was the same with what should Itfrvt, Tn 1 , : - v ously hao-fhe XtriSmoaried scratch side without the spur of com- .si-.. ( 1 SJ&n inhrmnni allowed ' powerful . midfield fucking so and some balance and inner harmony, ,,,-,. at least the encouragement accorded wJFtlnAi -Bf the junior side in a trial. Apart from cfe ston and 1 Smith who the occasional strident blasts of a YWb Swffn aa bugle and the fitful, plaintive cries of naenr"sn P; , ,Ad individuals there was not a ripple JgA tlttt. SUCr of noise to disturb the afternoon's surface. Almost inevitably the game fhv e" 1 L q2?!?-J?e'wafs for thp most oart was seranrw tnere .took the pass, broke himself., pattemfess purposeless PW' and Psed- to Redstone, who . put. P No less inevitably tnere were Rood Sver. on left. The years,-- thintrs now and theri. HartlPv madP a indeed, simply slip from Chapman's. longT outswerving run or two and shoulders. One -day he will .play in Eccleston some neat links and changes '.V a a T- of direction which showed not only his "j. eye lor an openina and cleverly 'Once Manchester for MANCHESTER. H. Scott: P. Rau. R. Drrrivihir controlled footwork but his , mindful- ncTr. v. n6c,i,.-o. it, j.' "cSia:. ness always to- straighten .after kri&r CS!'nMsJi?'"M- u Wa""r:' G D: weaving. Northey, too, gave hints of the district. m. c. nbodta cwumsio: k k. such examples of a forward s craft as sail. t.c: a. w. cocbnrt (Broustiioo irirt.E. :. WEEK-END SPORTING RESULTS AND SCORES Association ! FIRST .DIVISION, Arnml . 2. BlacbpiTol 1; Burnlay 3. Blrmlnstum City U Falbun t. Chela 3i Lwli United 2. wdtl United 3: Llctrr City t Tonenbam Houpur 1; Manclmicr City 2, HlMbbuxn Raven 1: Nofilnsliani Farm ! Bolton Wjindrrr 0. Pretton North End 4. Manchester United 0: Shrfflelij Wednesday 2, Luton Town 0: Wm Mum United 4. Wm Brnmwicb Albion 1 ; Wol verbampton Wanderer 2. Everton 0. SECOND DIVISION. Art on Villa 1. Letbn Orient 0; JlTlftluon and Hot Alhlon 1, SwrciMa Town 2: Bristol City 2, Middlehrnuh 0; Charlton Atblcilc 6. Derby County 1; Lincoln CUy 2. Cardlfl City 3: Liverpool 4. Plrmotitb Arnlt 1: PortunouUi 0. Ipswlclt Town 2: Rolberham United J. Bull City 0; Scunthorpe United I, Sheffield United 1; Stoke City 0. Brltfol Rover l; Sunderland 0. HudderEfteld Town- 0. THIRD DIVISION. AccnnBlon Stanley 0, Coventry City 2t Bournemouth and Rmcnmbf Athletic i. Bradford City li Brentford 3. Nonfch City 4: Bury 0. Barntlly 2; Cbeiterfleld 1. Swindon Town 3; Colchetier United 3. Port Vale It Halifax Town 3. Southampton 1: MansBetd Town 4, Readlna 4: Newport County 3, York Oty 2; Southend United 2. Shrewsbury Town 1: Tranmere I(oerj 0. Queen'! Park Ranaetn 3: Wrexham 2. Grim thy Town 1. FOURTH ' DIVISION. A tdenhoi 1, Torquay United 3: Barrow 2. Millwall 2: Bradford 2. Crewe Alexandra 2; Crytttal Palace 3, Chester 4; Darllneton 3. Nonbampton Town 2; Extter CUy I. Walimll 2; Gaiei head S. Do neuter B overa 0: GUIlnsham 4, Soutbport 1; Oidbam AUiIettc O, Carlhle United 1; Rochdale I. Workl niton l; Slocbport County 2 Hartlepool United li Watford 4. Notti County 2. SCOTTISH LEAGUE (DIVISION I). Airdrieontarti I. Aberdeen 0; Ayr United 1. Arbroath o: Celtic 1. Clyde 1; Dundee 1. Motherwell I; Dunfermline Athletic 3. Third Lanark I: Hibernian 4. Kilmarnock 2: Particle Thltila 0, Ranger 3: St Mirren 3. IUIth Rovers 2; Stirling Albion 2. Hearts 2, SCOTTISH LEAGUE (DIVISION II). Berwick Ranter I, Cowdenbeath 0: Brechin CUy 3. Dumbarton I; East Pile 4, Morton Ot EaiC Stlrlinjt-ahrre 3, Albion Roveri 0: Forfar Athletic 2. Oueen of the South 5; Hamilton Academical 2. Falkirk 0; Qneen Park 2. Montrose 1; St Jobntton 5, Alloa Athletic o: Stenhoo&emuir 0. Dundee United 3. AMATEUR INTERNATIONAL. Ireland 1. England 1. at Belfast. LANCASHIRE AMATEUR LEAGUE. Bory Amateur 7, Atfcton G&O.B. 2: Bolton Wyreidale 0. Whalley Ranae St Old Bolton i an, 2. Rochdale ' St Ctementa 4t Old BdlMiunlan 2. Bury G.S.O.B. 7: Old Ilaywardlans 1, Old jVIancunlaiu 3; Southport Amateura 3. Burnley Belvedere It Bolton County GJ5.0J3, 3, Old Blackbumlan It He-keth Casual 2. Brouahton Amateurs 3t Old FaritwortWani 3. Blackburn Technical Collec o: Old Sladlant S, Fulwood 2: Pmlon G.S.O.B. 2, Old RivinslonUni X: Biimage C5.0.B. 4. Old Traffonllani li Chad.1erton G.S.O-B. 4.- Old CTnfl tonlanc 5: North MancfKttter GAO.n. 1 Old Glo-topian 0: Old Mottnniaiu 9. Metrovlck Collets 2: Radcfiffa Amateur 2, Lymm GS.O.B. 4. LIVERPOOL I. ZING ABI LEA GUE. Liverpool Police 4, Wat Totth : Waterloo G-S.O.B. 2. Odyssey 5; Colleeiate O.B. 3. Croaby 3: Florence Albhm 7. Esiemmay O.B. 1: OH Xaverlnns 3. Moshull 5. NORTHERN LEACUE CHALLENGE CUP FIRST ROUND). Evenwood Town 4. Crook Town 2; Ferry. till Albetlc 2. South lank 1: Whitby Tovn 7. Tow Lair Town li WIIMnoton t, BHllniham Syntbord 1. NORTHERN LEVGUE. Durham Oty 3. Wen Ataeldend 3: StanFej United 1. Blibap AncSdcmd tl WMHir Bay AthMtc 2. Shlldon I. association CHESHIRE COUNTY LEAGUE. Allilncham 0, ! Macclesfield I; Buxton 0. Bangor City It Chester 2, 1 Mauley It Ellewncre Port Town 4, St al brill Celtic 2: Oswestry Town 5. Connlelon Town 5; Hyde United 3. Tranmere Rover 3 Northwjcb Victoria 2. Wlgan Rover 2: Rhyl 0. Wilton Alhlon 0: Runcorn 2 Stafford Ranger 1: WfntJord United 2. Wrexham I. LANCASHIRE. COMBINATION. Anhton United 0. South Liverpool 1; Chorley 4, Roncndiil United li Datrwen 3. Morecanibe J; Fleetwood 0. New Brighton 1; Hnrwkh R.M.I. 3. Bnracottgh 1; Lancaster City 2. Wlgnn Athletic 2: Lyrham 1. Earlntown it Nelherfleld 3. Nelun 0: Prescot Cable 5, Uacup Borough 3; Skehneradale 1. Oldham Athletic 0. ' LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE AMATEUR LEAGUE. Old St neon lam 4. Manchester Architect 0; East Dldshcry 4, Old Btdlatls 2: South Manchester 1. Monton 4: Wnt Dklehury 2. Aldermerc 4: Roylon 0. RiMhobna 3; Wythembawe 2, Bradford Parish 2; Old Standtan 5, Old Slietfordian 3t Prestwrch Marg. 1. Old Alhlon Ions 2: Hcwood G.S.O.B. 2. Stockport Georgians 5: Old Xaverlans 7. Cheadle Hulme It Cheadla Heath Nomad 4, Oldham H-S.O.Il. 1; Chapelmoor 5. . M.E.C. 0; Mantaci 6. Manchester Public Health 0: Styal 0. Cepea 2t Bramrtall 1. Davy holme Hartford 5; Ofd Urraslonlann 7, Heald Green 0; North Wllhlngton 2, Haul Grove I. Rugby Union ""Lancashire. Cheshire, and district. Aanionon-Mcrey 9. Sedgley Park 34; Ablonunder-Lyue 27. Thornton Cleveteyi 11; Brouahton Purk 14. Stafford S: Burnage 13. Do n caster 6: Bury 8. Uowdon 11; Colder Vale 37, Manchester Folic 13; Coin and Nelson 12. Old Brodlcian 8 Crewe and Nantnlch'H. Toe H. 13: De La Sallr T-C. lo. MancheMcr Y.M.C.A. 0: DutdnBeld Old Mannerlans 3; Eccle 13. Seflnn 21: Kersal 17. Pmtwlch 11: Maccleilleld' 17. Conglclon 6: Manche1er 13. The District 8; Manchester Unlvcr-idty 3 Glatgow UnLveriliy 6l Mehrovick O, Brouahton Park A 21 1 Newton-Ie-Wi Hows 19. ' OrmsfclTk 6; Old Caldetao O. Wlnnlugton Park 8; Old Hulmelana 0. Old Aldwtnlana 22: Old Saliordlan 6. West Park Bi Old Sandbachians , Old Kalian 6: Old Wlrrallaiis 6t Wldnen ISl Prectoa Giawhoppeni 12, Heatoa Moor 6: St Helen 11. Flde St Sale 9. Coventry 14t Southport 9, Davenport A: TyJdesley 44. Balldon 0i Waterloo A O. Omit 21: Widnea I.C.I. 6. St Helena Rec. 11: Wlgan 47. Blackburn 3; WUmtlow 30. Old Birkonlan 11. NORTH-EAST. Con km t 10. Bed College 9: Dar-Ungton O, Blaydon 16: Darlington G.S.0.B. 8, Durham City 9: Gatethead Fell 8. Slockton S; Goaforth A 21, Darlington R.A. St Hartlepool Rovers 25. Sundjrbind II: Hordirt II. OM Be dam 25: Medical 20, Morpelh O.E. 8i North Durham 6, Middlesbrough 11: Percy Park 5, Northern 9: Redcar 22, RockclllI 6: Ryton 8. Houghton 11: Seghtll 6. Hartlepool Athletic 17; Tyne-dafe 3. Old Novo 16; Vlcker Armstrongs 14. College' of Commeice 6: Weet Hartlepool G.S.O.B. 11, Hartlepool O.B. 3; Weiloe 3. West Hartlepool 8. CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORLAND. Cocker-mouth 9. Hawick V.M. 8: EMmfoot 6, Old Creiah-tonlana 3: Kendal 26. Ktlahllant 0; Keswick 13. Moreaby 6; Penrith 16, Whitehaven fi; StHoih 26. Carlljr A fi; Wintoa 5. Egremont 19; Windermere 14. KeodaJ A 9: Workington 3, Fumcaa 8 LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES. Gia'i HosplUl n. Blackhenlb . 22: Harleaoln IS. Leicexttr i .J"""1 p"i . "in rvjiiujiiuani 3: London Irish 21, St Tbomas'i Hospital 0: London Welsh 41, Catford Bridge 5; Old Blues 9. Old Haherdaabeni 0: Old Merchant Taylors 12. London Scottish 18: Old Paul! Ma 6. Old Gfehac It; Richmond U. Bedford ; Roubnt Park 11. Waterloo 0: Saracao , Llrnpool 3t Waepa - aV Hewdhtgrey . Ruirby Union YORKSHIRE DISTRICT. Bingley 0. Old Lcodlcn-tiaiii lo: Bridlington 6. Leeds Corinthian 15: Cfcck-h eat on 15. Castleford 8; Goole O.B. 3. Headlnglcy Wanderer 11: HaHfax 12. Wakefield 9i Halifax Vandal 14. Cheadle Hulme Ot Harrocaie 0, Vale of Lune 0; Heath O.B. 14 Old Pomtretuina 14: Hcsste 5. Leeds N.AX.G.O. 8: Huddersfleld 12. Roundhay 3; Hull and E.R. Nomad 17. Driffield 17; Hull O.C. 13. York R.I. 6: Lccd Chiron ,19. Rlpon 13: Leeds Y.M.C.A. 5. Huddersneld Y-M.C.A. 42; Mansfteld S, Newark 6: Morfey 28, Carnegie College 9; Old Bailemw 30. Ashbourne 0; Old Crostleyan 35. Bramley O.B. 3: Old Hymcrlans 10, West Leeds H.S.O.B. 10: Old Wathonlann 18. Barnsley 13: Otley 8, New Brighton 13; Pockffngton 6. Hornsea 13i Down trees 3, Burley 31; St John's College 26. Old Otllemlann 6i Sandal 18. Rochdale 19: Scarborough 8. Moo rt own 9; Scuntborpa 11. Lincoln 5; Stlby O.B. 9, Yarnbury 5: Sheffield 3, Old Roundheglan 8: Sheffield Tigers 3. Old Rlsh-v,orthlans 10; ShelReld T.C. 20, Old DranrejiUui fi: Skipton 14. Warrington 23. OTHER DISTRICTS. Ahertlllery 16. Croas Kay fi: ?a,h-2-V,-St.Man,'B Hospital 3; Bridgend U. Newbridge it; Cnrdin II, Aberavon 9: Cliellanham 6, DeTooport Senicea 10; Gloucester II, Bristol 25: Moceley 22, Metropolitan Police 3; Neath 16, Llaneily Hi Newport 6. Swansea 3: Northampton 36, United Service, Porta mouth. 6; Notts U. Old Edwardian 6: Oxford 29. yVlderahot Service 0 Fenarth 5. Ehbw Vale 13: Plymouth Albion 9. Barnttaple 0i Pontypridd 29. Penryn 0: Rugby 8, Nuneaton 6; Taunton 13, Wetton-luper-Mare 8; Torquay Athletic 20. Exelrr 0. Rng:by League AUSTRALIAN TOU R. Salford 20, Austrailso 22. .,NOJfTJmRN RUGBY LEAGUE. Blackpool Borough 13. Oldham 29t Bradford Northern 23, Halifax 13t Bramley 14. Cartieford 10; Dewshory 3. Wakefield rriuJiy 2: roncaer 8, Bsrrow t Feather tone Rovers 37, Warrhigton 19: Haddarcfleld 27, Whllehaen 4i Hull Klngaton Rover 21. Leeds 8: Hunalst 17. Bailey 81 Llvsipool . St Helen. 43: Wldnea 24, LeS S: 8l,.Ro,dJ,.-HInS.18 VYorkingtoo Town 10, Swinton 18; York IB. Hull 26. Lacrosse ..NORTH OF ENGLAND LEAGUE. FIRST DIV1-?i.Hffto? ??,r. 9fc Offerton 0: Old Hulmelan 12, Old Slopfordlans 4i Stockport 2, Old Mancunian 16: South Mambtster and Wythetuhaw. 6. Manchester TJnlverslty 3; Old Waconian 11, Cbeadls It Mollor 9. Boordman and Eccles 7. SECOND DIVISION: Old Grovtan 11. South Marxhecter and Wythembawe A 4: Urnuton 12. OM Waconian A 21 Cbcadla A 7. M lor A 4: Athtoa 0. Old Hubrtelans A 9: Cheadla Hulme 1. Dhley 0: Rochdale 6, Hsaton Mersey A 3. THIRD DIVISION: Ch or I Ion 1. Heaton Merw Gulfd 10: Old Hulmelans Extra A 11, Manchester G3. 17: Offer ton A 4. Urmiton A 3 Old Stopfordlana A 11, Oldham and Werneth 9i Old Maneunuui a 14. South Manchester and Wsthsmhawe B 1: Stockport G.S. 11. Rochdale A 3. FOURTH DIVISION: CheadH B o! Ashton A l: Oldham and Werneth A 1. Cheadle Hulma A ft: Ashton B 1, Urrmton B Qi Heaton Mersey Guild A 0. Stockport A 1: RocfadaJ B 4, Old Grorlami A 6. Cricket MANCHESTER AND DISTRICT ASSOCIATION. Dldsbury 212 for 3 dec. (Gawthrope J6. Jracocka 50 not out). Chectham Hill 188 for 5 (CotHn 51): MacclHfleld 85 for 0 (Lowe 41 not oufc MSIlett 40 not out). Northwkh 82 iHlggbison (S for 111: Urmstori 131 fRuciJey 53y Bartmtt S Ant 35). Aitrron-on-Meney BRITAIN CARELESS OF DETAIL By our Swimming Correspondent Great Britain suffered her second defeat of the season at the .hands of' Holland at Coatbridge at the 'week end. But the margin of 93 to 92 points was a great improvement on the result in Waalwijk in July when Britain was beaten 112 to 89 points. Closer attention to dtail and the result could have been different; However, slow starts, bad turns, and over-confidence all have their price in a close contest. For example, C. Dosden, who was left at the start of the 100 yards butterfly, should have gained the crucial second place behind Voorbij. Instead iageroerg, tne European cnampion. Dear, her by three tenths of a second and so brought Holland maximum points. The hopes of N. Steward's beating Gastelaars, the European record holder, in the 100 yards free-style collapsed at the first turn. Both used somersaults, but the lithe Dutch student was round in a flash while Steward, who is bigger, made a laborious effort of her turn. The timekeepers generously gave both the same time. 5B.76sec although Gastelaars. who broke the Scottish all-comers record, was a clear winner. Miss Steward equalled the British native record ot D. Wilkinson. Over-confidence seems the onlv explanation for the defeat of G. Sykes. who had been beaten only once in .five internationals this year, by Wagner, European bronze medallist of East Germany. Sykes lost the 100 yards backstroke on Saturday to de Jorig, whom in July he defeated by 1.5sec. Sykes aumiuea aiierwaras : x ieit. nne. i didn't look at de Jong. I was concentrating on Jiskoot in the middle lane." This was one event Britain had expected iaj wm anu ine tune oi me winner, 59.7sec., was 2.7sec. outside Sykes's British record. These, moreover, are not the onlv swimmers who need to look to the little things. The British women's 4 x 100 yards tree-style team which lost to Holland threw away its chances on takeovers and turns. Even so. it still achieved a British best time of 3min. 56.59ec., while Holland broke the acouisn an-comers record with a time of 3min. 55.1sec. A. Lonsbrough. the Empire champion, beat Den Haan, the EuroDean chnmnmn in the women's 200 yards breast-stroke in spite ot swallowing water on every lap. Clarke and Kendrew gained Britain s second maximum points of the maxen wnen uiey came nrst and second m the 100 yards free-style. MEN ion yabivs FnFEjervr.r i u j,-. - ... ,. . "'. 1. P. K.ndraw (G.B.). 53a.s 3. li Rltloii (N.l. M.Mec.1 4. R. IMrti N.. S4.Uk. 'JO YARDS HACK-STROKE. 1, J. d. Jon, IN.l. ''.: I. G. sk O.B.. SSiJwc.i 3. bioot l.JJ'vrril1 n. RiaoT,i. sy.yscv, 1.SOO YARDR imKST.KTVT sr i f vJ-i , . I7mln. 11.2c.-. I. R. Campion G.B.). lu. IT.Oac.i l ,w- J. KtniiMly sO.U.1. tTnlri. 3.8s.: 4. A. 4 x ton 'YARDS MEDLEY. 1, Great Britain, WOMEN TOO VARUS BREASTTROKE. I. A. I.onsbrounb Vmx A . vT"" . aEa ""in imin. (N.l. 2m n. 4A.IU 100 YARDS PREE-STYIJE.1, C Gasreliars tN.l. Poiiumui i.). lijaec: 4. B. Noa'ke. G.B.)."lniln. 100 YARDS BUTTERFLY. 1, A. Voorbli (N., nln. 5.6NT.; 1. T. Lagsrber. (.). Imlri. .5stc.: 3, . . w.b.f, mm.; a, i, wail li.FJ.). Imin. 7.Zsc. 4 1O0 YARDS FREE-STYLE RELAY I. Netner. u,iu, .,.-11,1. , . uim uniam. jrrin. SQ.5aec, maturity. But these were sporadic, sreiaw. j. gui vu a ntm. e., H.;Fniek individual thinas which only rarely (g;$Z$-j?: 1?'" aKrilSK'- "' R'd,'" were turned to advantage. Against Rarerw: w. n. ciimoie n.innoit sodetj).; .s WATERLOO OUTPLAYED AT ALL POINTS BY ROSSLYN PARK By a Special Correspondent ,7 " Kosslyn Park 11, Waterloo 0 showed themselves to be the more expert . . , , , , , coverers and tackiers' was little consola- The, importance of fundamental tion to a-crowd which watched a great;, forward play, even in the present deal too much kicking. Waterloo brokeT unseasonable conditions, was stressed away only rarely, and . then only from at Roehampton where Rosslyn Park some, opponents error, and thougn won a mainly dull game against Staines showed as much- thrust as any watorinA bv n poni and twn npnaltv centre, he once might 'have cost his side Waterloo by a goal ana two penalty a gpal because of a palpable obstruction, goals to nothing. Too infrequently did the . ball reach A sufficient covering of grass made the Thompson, who never had room in which surface firm and ideal for running, and to move, and' Swift on the opposite wing u .. woYm onrw.triVt tn ird oil wai not .fflven th. chance - to repeat a but the fittest forward. Yet .it was at promising run made early, in forward, particularly in the loose and in Such, at least,was the, day. On another the lines-out, that the game was won and day" the same two distinguished clubs lost a fact which says little for the back might as. easily have reproduced, the play of either side. Only in the tight, ' form which' produced apparentlyn- where Rosslyn Park had anjnexperienced excellent game at Blundellsands ,'last .- Vistlro,. cnVurtitiitp fnr Warkptt did Season.- ' Waterloo gain an advantage. Elsewhere . Waterloo, after a brisk but disjointed they were generally far enougn Denma start, soon, were icreea oacs m.a-etence, . . for Rosslyn Park fairly to have scored a and .after a scrummage on their ,'25.;".': few more points. naranam KicKeQ a simple penalty, goal. There was. indeed, too little to arrest, In. the forays which followed. Arscott and. entcriam. mougn rvossiyn x-arrt duo ium, uymw wmmi rusi: suuiewnat-.- managed to hold one's interest in the above the general, level, failed- with. . loose play forward. They were the better attempts to drop goals. After half-time, tntfat-hop witVi.'HaT'rihnTTv Hirhnin. Ktlv. Rosslvn- Park attacker? morr ablv and Williams. UOO xuouiiis sulclJulliaT luc FTaiiuu bivaacu luc- mtc uul laucu - lu . . failing attacking power of their bacKs. ground, the ball. Consolation- came. Thuv cnurpn nisn tni rrenter tactical lmmeniaieiv aiierwaros. nowever. r wit, one weira-iooKmg kick ot naranam s tnrougn a penany' goal Dy miner ior-. ; to test Waterloo's uncertain! full-back obstruction. ,It was a forward who . once being several thoughts ahead of the scored Rosslyn Park's try. Thomas crowd. In the lines-out Higham showed breaking away, down the right' wing noise and timing, tnougn ne pattea tne rnotning wmcn touowea -overshadowed ball down In a way which did not serve Hardham's excellent conversion. ' . to maK nie easier lor wintie. an elusive . ... . and SOirited scrum-half. Benloi;oin', K. Maaeta. J. A. Torntn M. P. Arscon Onlv siacK. among tne watenoo lor- '-a- ""'!'.. i't"0?.1-m-; 'vJ11"1...": wards, could produce a comparable ,7 k-.'V.j. rTTS;;. ,""D,- effort, and in general the . visitors - Waterloo.!. Howit: d. j. swift, m. e. Garner. - Straggled. UlSlOe tne scrum 'tnere was ni. samsa, rs. Anorripson: v. as. J-ieircrr. . , . 4V, T,oocc!nn ,.,!, rffn.o tnh Ml ic fnn MiMsasjun. J. a. aanerarrau. iiaca:. sadly familiar, and that Rosslyn Park cosieti. m. w. iamson (cait.. Cricket WORRELL RALLIES TO THE COLOURS F. M. Worrell, the West Indies cricketer who has been contemplating feiuruig, lias aeciuea tnat ne win return home to plav against Eneland this winter. He has advised the West Indies Board of Control of his decision. Worrell said on Saturday : " Because of the death, of Collie Smith and the faeveie mjunea uui matte uarnem Sobers a doubtful starter, there was little else I could do. I am 35 and first-class cricket does not come easy. But the loss of Smith and the doubt about Sobers is a severe handicap to the West Indies and I am going home to do my bit." TO-DAY'S FIXTURES Association THIRD DIVISION. Accrlniton Stanley . Rtadlu (31. Halifax Town v. Brantrnrd 5 IS. Mansfield Town v. Colchester United 5 15). Nesrport Coonly v. Bournemouth and Bcwcombe Athlatlc- (7 151. Queen's Park Ranger, . CoTtntrr CIU 7 30). Shrisrsbunr Town v. Southampton (5 30), Tranmere Rovers . Cbmerfleld .7 30. FOURTH DIVISION, Barrow . Rochdata (S 30). Gatecxiead v. Alder-shot (7 30). Millwall . Northampton Town 7 30). Rugby Union' CLUB MATCH. Dascnport - . Glaliow Unlvsrsro (5 30). Rngby League AUSTRALIAN TOUR. Vrarluhrr. . Australia a., at Yark mm. . SCOTS DESERVE SUCCESS Glasgow University beat Manchester University 6-3 deservedly in the first match of their Lancashire tour at Fallowfield on Saturday. The play at first was fast and keen and brought neither side a decisive advantage Then after half an hour a break down the left wing by Mathieson and a quick heel from a loose scrum Droupnt mamie a try uum a trass Gibson, but Stalker failed to convert it. Still less happily Manchester now lost Eimmer, their left wing, who suffered concussion from a hard tackle and took no further part in the game. The Glasgow three-quarters continued to look dangerous. Wylie was outstanding among the forwards, and at the interval the visitors still led 3-0. Early in the second half Manchester were awarded two penalties, but Parkinson succeeded in kicking a goal only from the second. More Manchester pressure then followed, but after some judicious touch-kicking by the Glasgow half-backs the Glasgow forwards dribbled' over from a line-out and Johnson touched down for the try. Stalker again failed to convert from' near touch. Outstanding players for Manchester were Nelson. Lee. LeCoiL. Bell, and MacCallun. MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY. Htsrltton: Parkinson. Nelson. Let, nimmer; Davie. White: Colsa, LeCosle. Strlnser. Knowlee, Solomon, Thompson, Bell. MacCallmtt. GLASGOW UNIVERSITY. Stalker: Mantle, Gibson, Rlddell. Bellli: Mathieson. Wilson: Anderson. Gillies. Robertson. Watson. Nlcot, Wslle. MacKar. Johnston. ALL-JAPAN ROUTED The Oxford and Cambridge Universities Rugby Union team scored the biegest win of its tour when it beat All-Japan bv 54-6 in Tokio yesterday. In snite of a strong wind, L. D. Watts (Oxford) kicked brilliantly and converted nine of his side's twelve tries. BRITISH LIONS RECOVER The British Isles Rugby Union team beat British Columbia 16-11 at Vancouver after, being 3-8 . down at half-time. What proved to be the winning try" for the Lions, scored by Risrnan ten minutes from the end brought the crowd of 8,000, to its feet. Bisman broke awav at .'the'; halfway line, durninied his way past fours mnn .nit.tnnjiluii A . r i r. Davies converted this try, kicked ttvo'. penalty goals, and also converted the otner try, scored oy Mereditn. uavies excelled with his -Ions touch kicks and one of his penalties was Mcked from 50 1 yards. . : t- ' Blake, British Columbias cajwam, scored his side's -only try. Burgess.-who ' converted - it also kicked two penalty, goals. ' - BRITISH LIONS. T. E. Davits; A. -J. P. O'Reilly. W. M. Patterson.- M.. J. WM. 1. B C Vcniur. A. B. W. Rlaman. A. A. MalUwu H. F. McLeod. B. V. MaradrtD, S. Millar. W. w. A. Motcahy, R. W. D. MaitroOL G. K. Smith. A. Aebcroft, U. J, Morgan. Reuter. . SURREY'S OPPONENTS Surrey meet Devon at Torquay Sn Wednesday and Cornwall- ar. Penzance on Thursday. The teams to -oppose-Surrey in these friendly .-county games., have been chosen as follows: '. . . -" Tl-a Sk.T ' T (Malu 1 kk.lis A -at" niants tucieri. k. k souiiMni trjymout Ainioni. " r. T. 1ren - Thunderer), M. W. Dladdor CBandrtabtalt' M. Hucbu (Barotubl), u iNicb-jlU CTorqTuvi N. Jobnaon ffit Lukti CoHee, G;; Sbttp land (Banutable). 1 G. E. R. RIdd . Tott2Ufty, cxpi.'. -R. L. 1U (PJjTntmth Albion). 1. J. E. Haxrli tfit Luk'i - Col1ec, F. A, - Pnmr r (United SctIc. Portnaouifal, D. C. Mnlty CExter). D. JL. Davie (St Lnk- Colleatl. - - ' CORNWALL. H. Stevaiu tRtdrtrth). G. MunstM (HayU). G. Luke (Ptnnnc and Nwlyo). J. Cobtrr (Pnnu, J. Glow (Pmnnnca aad NwUBS-.R. Sttp (Rdrath. P. Mittbell (PinziDct and NwIro, opt i D. Lawrtnct ' iRcdruth). K. Abranu (Redruth). C R. Jckhiu CRdratb. A. WJlUanu - (Pcnxjuica and N-1yi. G. Uanli (Cmmborai. P. McGovap (Rdrmbt. D. Mann (Paaxaiwa and Nwln). D. C. Sfllrj (Unrtecnlat . and Cambridj tj'nivetalty). SPORTS NEWS IN BRIEF ' Sunuingdale beat Parkstone in a playoff in yesterday's tournament to mark the diamond jubilee of the South Herts Golf Club. P. Thomson, four times British open champion, won the New Zealand open golf tournament by six . strokes from a fellow-Australian. K. Nagle, after a play-off. Thomson had a round of 67 and Nagle took 73. A South African team of E. Jeffreys, G. Evans, G. Day. and M. Spence has beaten the British Empire record' for the 4 x 220 yards relay with a time of lmin. 23.9sec. in Johannesburg. The previous record, also by' a South African team, was lmin. 24.9sec. F. Madel (South Africa), overcame a' handicap of blistered feet and won the London to Brighton road race on Saturday in 5hr. 43min. 5Bsec. Madel lost about two minutes putting on fresh shoes' after 30 miles, but took the lead six and a haW miles from the finish. D Turner (Epsom and Ewell H.) was second in ahr. 46min, 53sec., and F. Steyn (Durban A.C.) third in 5hr. 56min. 51sec Norway beat Switzerland 133-78, France Sweden 109-103, Italy Finland 108-100, and Germany Italy 107i-100 in two-day," week-end athletics matches at Bern. Paris.'and Rome respectively. B. Phelps, Britain's European champion, won,. the men's highboard , event at 'a , diving tournament in Moscow -yesterday. He totalled 153.03 points. G. Mezin (Russia) was second with 137.80 points. In schools international athletic matches .at Battersea Park on Saturday,, the Frankfurt, team, 89. points, won -the' boys', section with, London. 67 points,, .nnrtnJ '..nMj tr,,nnn CO V.tJ London (52) -won the girls' match, beaming Frankfurt (51) and' Vienna (39) " .The final stages of the tour of Europe' nmrpsKiona i mrum Tpnnis rrrann nr v wi4f October:30 and 31. The survivors' of 'the xournament wnicn nas oeen going on -in European capitals since July, are L. A. Hoad, K. R. Rosewall. and F. Sedgman. of Australia, and T. Trabert- (Unitod States).

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