The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1983 BLYTHEVILLB. (ABK-KCOUMEB flOTI PAGE THREE His Beard Her Hope 'Monsieur F.milc' ihc Year's; fcst lokc in French i Capital. BV MORRIS OII.UERT | NKA Service Staff C'nrresponilMil j PARIS. Nov. G.-Anybndy called | "Kmilc" In or near Paris these | days h bitterly curslnv the cvucl j f;ii" thai 'jave him that name. [f he Is a well-to-do, elderly, punnchv suhiirbaniir 1 with n loving wife and family, liis i>oM- llcm is terrible. All over the suburb. 1 : wives are looking tearfully, furiously, or suspiciously al their Emites. according to thUr natures. Divorces are being threatened, homes are In danger of breakage, children are twlng rude, and the neighbors ait- laughing their heads off! "Monsieur Eniilc" is the liest. the rnidest. the shaipcst jest of the yfnr. For it vas n mysterious "Mon» suburb Hayti Society —Personal sieur Emile." living lo ilie cast of Paris, mnderalelv wealthy, hiqhly respectable, own- Ing n motor car. who was the •ntotector"—the "sugar daddy,"— of Violeltc Nozleres. the wanton 18-ynav-old i;irl who is now be- in? helil for trial liere in tlie most .sensational crime in a lonE time. It v.-as Violclte who. It is charged, poisoned her father, and tried to poison her mother. A Biz Laugh for Parh Vlolelic .has told the r*> llc e a " ahoia "Monsieur Emile." and tl'.e. police have told the press. Ihrouchoul the whnle Inriiitsilton Die prisoner has maintained that .<!'•• did not know—never kncw- "Monsieur Einile's last name. ' So Paris has a mystery which, drsnile the revolting nature of tile rrime with which it is connected, lias given this hard-headed and Vloit-Ua \omri cs, IH-yciir-olrt French sir), charged with having pol- scneil her lather and attempting to poison her mother, pictured at the Palais de Justice in Paris, France, with her lawyer, Maitre Henri Gcraud, famous tor huving Ihe most dignified and patriarchal beard of the Paris bench. His beard is reputed lo have s-wfrd more tlinn one client from severe penalties. B. H. De*e«se, who is working near Osceola on -Hie towrrtment fleet, spent Saturday here • visiting his family. " , Mrs. Dorothy Brpndell le(t Saturday evening for' Jefferson City (o visit her pareufs. Miss Ruth Cunningham, who Is attending tlie Baptist college at Jonesboro, spent thv weekend here visiting her parents', Rev. and Mrs J. W. Cunningham. Rev. Cunningham, accompanied ,by Wilbur Silt- Ion, drove his daughter buck to school Monday morning. v Mrs. A. H. Hnm'ra and 1 daughter, Miss Sally, and Mrs. Wude Hamra were the guests of Mr,i. Wolfe Khourle and 1 daughter, Miss Edna, Sunday afternoon. -Mrs. E. Eachus ; H dndaughters niunt tlie weekend in ..Morley visiting with relatives and friends. 1 Mrs. H. G. Hnrnion and daughter, Miss Orada Mai, spent Saturday In Memphis. Miss Harmon took a music lesson and Mrs. Harmon shopped. Louis S'.ialnberg of Slkeslon attended to business here Saturday evening and visited Ills brother, Mendel Shainberg.. , Mrs. A. Finnigun of Tulsa, .Okla, s here visiting her sister. Mrs..B. H. Dewecse. Mrs. Finnlgaii's son Billy, has been here for the p»st had been in Swift risltlnf her parents, Mr, ind MM. Tom Outri- •rth. Orlffln .Wttvcr of Amotr, M^-' Is liert vitltlag with relmtlvM.' W. N. lUnkln is 111 wth the flu. Mr., and Urs. T, if. Rof»x Kited with friends in HotnersvUle Saturday. . Miss Lcls. Rank In 'of Boston, Miss,, who has been here' visiting her brother and wife, Mr. and Mis. W. N. Hunkln, and dauiih- teis, returned to her home Prl- day. Overtaking Partner's Trick Often Necessary at Bridge Famoui Hotel Sold By Auctioneer VERSAILLES (UP)—Tlie htator- Ic now ites Heservots, nour tlie Palace of Versailles, was sold «l imbllc auction here for 689,000 francs. The building was a present from Louis XV to Madame de 1'oinpa- duiir. it served is a City Hull und a luw court under the Revolullot and was the seat of the Seine-el Olse prefecture during UK firs hnlf of last century. As a hotel 1 was visited by the late Tsar' 0 Russia and Emperor Francis Jos eph of Austria-Hungary. The Qer man plenipotentiaries who slgno tlie Treaty of Versailles staye there in 1919. cvnieal population about. law to laush Margaret Shaver Is Most Popular High School Girl Miss Margaret Shaver was voted the most popular pirl in the local high school In the annual Who's WTO conltsl sponsored by the Junior class. She was also honored by receiving first place as the most dignified senior girl, most courteous girl, sweetest girl, friendliest fur having the. "million dollar' smile aivl for meaning the most to Blj'lhovilio high school, and for be- llon Dollar smile, Dick Tipton, second, and M. P. Brownlee, third Means most to B. H. S.—second, M P. Brownlee and Byron Morse, third Vioiette "took" Monsieur Emile ling the most versatile and best al Wilson Society — Personal month visiting with hts aunt. Mesdames Ear) Davis and children, Ola Marselt; and p.'Madden, all of Jonesljoro, Ark., were the guests of Mrs; Alke B. Davis, Monday morn ing.-.Mrs. Earl Dayls! his hoofs. • Horse Killed Kaltkr CRESWELL, Ore. (UP) — Da; 14-year-old horse, owned by Ja Joiinnsen, was observed cutth strange antics in tlie. pasture it cently, leaping high in the air ai coming down with feet bundle like a rodeo bucking bronco. Ir vestlgatlori showed sections of, large rattlesnake, cut to pieces b TUk^t CMtnrt Frobkm Rut bM lh» coulmrt it »lt |«*4M. H« b»» Milxd hli *«• ot i«rl>, kit «cu of «ct, kl»i ot cl«b». wtti (wo luw i-lubii tu , and luat a ipul* trick South'* klu«. lUm'i hnw and duuunr'k liahd* look. (Blind) *!• W ' K 8 (Bllort) V Nun* *K j JO S ( *» South I* In the lek^>> What c»rd ib«uld tie (play (lid whyt Boluttou tu urit i**ui. (our spades, East should pass. The Pl»y West opens the king of diamonds Before playing to the trick, East must give some thought to the hand. If he allows the king to hold, undoubtedly Wcst will continue with another diamond which mast likely, East reasons, will be ruffed by South. With the "solid set-up hearl Eult In dummy, tire declarer will pick ii]i the trump and discard loslni; club:! on the hearts. Therefore, Host's projxir play Is to overtake Ills partner's good king of dt:i- momls with the ace and lay down Ihfi ace and king of clubs. After cashliyj these two tricks, lie cun try to make n diamond Irlck, but of course it will be ruf- ftd yb the declarer. This holds Iho contract lo Jour- odd. If Kusl had failed to over- Inko ihc king, three losing clubs would l» discarded on three of dummy's hearts and the declarer would make n .small shim, nit him in hold [ho trick. If there .s uny danKi'r (hat the next move lie mukrs .will bo detrimental to the hiiiul. It limy puy you to take the li'iu! away from him, to make a dcslmblo jrtuy.. Solution to Previous Contract Problem HY WM. E. MrKENNEY rcrttarj, Amerkan BrUfe L«»»« Just because your partner lius While Souln.lms seven spades to the aoe-kiiiB, he does nol have the required slivnijtli to make an orl- Bliuil Wd of (me, and • Ills proper declaration h lo )».«. Whlk; North can make • tilt: .bid of one heart In third position, if he held Oils hand In first or .second position lie should pass. . i Over a third hand, one bid East. UaUlnc of v.O'ins for fish bull LI major Industry In Kansas, 666 played a high card— that iii, high eno,,,h that you know H .,), W ^™ the trick -does not necenarllj' \ t i loug |, . Wcst tfpt;s suvvml l)w t || U . mean that you should always per- mond bid, wiien . Norlh IJOTS to Liquid, Tablets. Salve, Nose Drop* Check* Malaria in 3 days, Colds, flrsl day, Ifcadirhrs or Neuralgia fn 30 mlnutn. Klne Lnxniivu and Tonic Most Sprtdy Kenxdlci Known Gi!ade A Raw Milk Grade A I'iWtcurued Milk I' 74 CRAIG'S DAIRY One of the prettiest parties of the fall season was given Saturday afternoon at the Teacherage when Mrs. MaurJe Steele Hul- :ith luxuriant even oromisc to for ulcntv. Dinners in expensive restaurants, ritlfs in his comfortable limousine, bank- notes galore. BanV--not.-s eiioueli for Vioiette to be able to entertain her ynnn«er student friends and swer-lhrartK jcncropitv. nnd lake three of tlwm for a long holidiiv in a high- priced sports-car which she was pbnnins to buy. "Monsieur Emile" has become the symbol, for Paris, of all lliat Is fatuous and blind when aged resncctahllltv MP!S enmeshed in an niiUidc love affair. He stands, in the eves nf Palis, for Heaven's around girl. Among ihe boys Marshall Blackard received the following honors: most popular, most versatile, best dressed, best al! around, most courteous, nicest, 'friendliest, neatest, "million dollar" smile, and means most to Blytheville high school. were bestowed as pift to the 'maouercaux"— the sentlemen who live by the profits of their lariv-frinnds. "Where Is Emile'.'" Meanwhile, the search for ••Monsieur Emile" conlinues. in the popular press. Probably the police have already established relations with him. One or two papers, Indeed, have gone so far ns to assert they know his last name —and to print But for the most part. Paris has been content to continue t.he quest as a rtb- crnrklire. snirkcrlng mystery. "MONSIEUR EMTI.E IS HERE" - so reads a big si»n on the awn- Ins of a Paris cafe. "COME AND SEE HIM." This Kmilc is the pro- but fren7ied and prlolor. An innocent desolate Monsieur Emite—fulfiUin-j all the general requirements except thai he was not the man— slormcrt into the Palais tie Justice the other day. demanding retribution. His wife was divorcing him after thirty years of happy mar- ri«l life! "Bonjour. Monsieur Erotic!" the shoo Sirls in a big Paris depart- Other honors follows: Most popular—Ruth Jenkins, second, and Sara Jo Llltle, third. Prettiest—Virginia Martin, first; Anna Mae Jones, second, and Lucille Bourland. 'third. Freshest Frosh —Nancy Kirshner. first; Evelyn Smart, second, and Estelle Hawks, third: Self Satisfied Soph—first, Martha Ann Lynch, second, Virginia Cutler, and Nancy McCauly, third. Wisest Junior—first. Patty Shane; second, Mary Spain.Usrey; third. Frances Holland and Lucille Bmirland. tied. Most dignified Senior—Anna Mae Jones, second, and Jane Kochtitzky and Sara Jo Ut- tle. tied for third. Most versatile— second, Sara Jo Little, Ruth Jenkins and Anna Mae Jones tied for third. Cutst girl—Anna Mae Jones, first; Jenny Wren pillahunty. second, and Mary Alice Freman and Virginia Martin, tied for third. Best dressed-first. Virginia Martin; second, Jane Hollipclcr, and Emma Jo Hess, Uiird. Most studious - I'nlty Shane, first; Eflie Moore, second, ami Melba Alexander, third Wittiest -first, Ruth Jenkins; second. Lucile Bourland, and Melba Foster." third. Best athlele—Lucile Boiirland. first; Ruth Jenkins, second, and Juanita Perry, third. Best all around—Maryaret Shaver, first; Ruth Jenkins, second, and Margaret Crincr, third. Biggest Flirt- Mary Virginia Cutler, first; Ruth burt. Ark., and Miss Emma Clolrs Hairston entertained 24 guests at bridge, honoring Mrs. ' Wallace Thompson, ,who before her recent marriage was Miss Eleanor Cole. Mrs. 8. A. Regenold won high score and received linen towels. Mrs. Thompson was presented wilh a linen luncheon set. Miss Marj- Louise Gregson won n desk pencil set in a floral contest. • 'I The P. T. A. will meet Thursday night for the following program: group study, Mrs. Hudson Wrenn: devotional, Rev. H. M. Lewis: national president's message, Mrs. W. J. Ludwig; trio. Bul- erfly. Mary Hill, Jean Greer, Eu- enla Douglas; introduction ' to. ear's program, Supt. C. L. Bird; ducfitlwml.' three reel . picture, 'wo Bachelors. • • • -..-.. '• '-''.' * " '- •." : Trie. Woman's ' Missionary socv ely is observing a weelc-of'prayer Zen'Sta "o"™ Chl ^ ?««<"»: |*cond. »•* Geneva Car- self-lmporlant youns floor- _"._ third. Most courteous-Mary very walker strides in. wiggling Bloves on. He turns scarlet and the early shoppers titter. And just as amtismi; to Part- Mans me irrepressible cartoons on the subject which fill the press. his local Society Lnxora — Pr.rson;il Spain Usrey. second; Sara Jo Lit- .ic. third. Sweetest—Anna Ma" Jows, second, and Mabel Wilsan hirrt. Friendliest—Mary Spain Us •ey. second, and Sara Jo Little hird. Neatest—first. Virginia Mar :in; second. Anna Mae Jones, a». Sara Jo Little, third. Million Dol hr Smile—second, Sara Jo Little t- the MetrtOjdis,t' Heelings Monday, "churcti.''' Tuesday ' Wednesday. -.Mrs:. C. O. .Will tarn-. wn. Mrs. Waller-.Card.'and .Mrs. Carl Bird are. leaders. .- •• i : ' • ;•*•* ;•'.'.-.' ' • ; ; 'The Woman's Missionary'.. Vnlon] mel at Ihe Baptist Mon-) day afternoon with .14 .members- n attendance. Mrs. Ed Beall gave.- 1 he Bible study. 'Stewardship' ahd ; Missions was discussed 1 by"' Mrs; Robert Roach. ' : '. . '•" •''• ; • J. C. Culium : left'Monday ; for Chicago where "he will spend sev-t| cral days on business' for Ihe ,Kan:as City Shook company. Mrsfl Maude Steelc of Hulbert, Ark., was the week end guest of her sister. Miss Emma Claire Hairston. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Liggett of Kennelt. Mo., were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mis. C. W. Ferguson. Mrs. John Fisher of Marie Is critically ill with malaria. J. R. Whitney of Little Rock is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson ths week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cross and small son. Joe Earl, left Saturday far Hulbert, Ark., where they wil moke their home. Anna Mae Jones, third. Ruth Jen-' Among those who attended the received second place for the I Methodist conference at Jonesboro !iir] that means most to B H S Sunday were Mrs. R. E. Lee Wilson, Mrs. J. A. Merrill, Mrs. H. M. I,ewis. and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mrs. Charles A. Perry of Blythe- and Sara Jo Little was third. Results among the boys are: Mcst popular—M. p. Brownlee second. Byron Morse, third. Most! Mrs. Sam Uowen entertainer! Friday evening with n dinner party complimenting Mrs. Hay She! ton. who was the guesl of Mrs J. N. Hunt last week, and Mrs List Edinonson. who was the gues of her sister. Mrs. Elliott Wil Hams. Those enjoying Mrs. Bow en's hospitality were: Mesdame Shcllon. Edmonton. Hunt. Jesse Brmvn. Russell Bowen, and Mrs. I., f,. McDcarman. E. R. Bogan is in Little Rock where he Is attending a Masonic •nrcling. He will return Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Ysinccy and daughter, Mary Bliss, of Hughes. were the guests of Mrs. Yancey's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spann, Sunday. Mrs. Elizabeth Slllcrmnn returned Saturday from Nashville. Messrs. Carl and Urcee Young nf Hcth and Tom Harrow of For- handsome—first. Clyde Wilson- sec- ville visited friends here Mon- ond. M. F. Brownlee: Ray 'fleck. J ~" est City were the Biipst ' Marine Brown Sunday. of Miss Star Heat Greater Than Su« LONDON (UP) — A twinkling ftar may be leu times as hot as the sun. says Sir James Jeans, famous ostronomer. Each square Inch on some of them pours out energy amounting to 50,000 horsepower. . , third. Freshest Frosh—L. T. Moore] Dick Burns and George Greer. Self Satisfied Soph—first. Dan Hamner, Dan Boone. second, and McLean, third. Wisest Junior—N. B. Menard, first: John Burns, second, and Joe Suras, third. Most dignified Senior—Ralph Farrar. first- John McDowell and Byron Morse, tied for second. Most versatile- Byron Morse, second, and N B Menard, third. Cutest—Newell Brigham, first; M. F. Brownlee, second nnd Emmrtt Colvin. third. Best drefsed—James Guard, second, and John McDowell, third. Most studious—Mitchell Johns, first;.William Faught. second, and Hlllard Bunch, third. Wittiest—John Burns, first; Joe Burns, second, and N. B Menard. third. Bi-st Atlilete—J. Purlle, first; Herschel Moscley, second, and Kay Beck, third. Best all arounrt-j. w. Purtic, second, and Charley Brogdon, tliird. Biggest Flirt—Olto Scrape, first; Dan Hamner, second, and Russell Gill, third. Most Courteous—M. F. Brownlee, second, and Bud Wilson, third. Nicest—Bud Wilson, second, and Ray Beck, third. Friendliest—M. p. Brownlee, second, and J. W. Pur- lle. Neatest—John McDowell, «»(•. ond, and James Guard, third. Mtl- <(ay. Miss Alice Georue spent the week end in Blythevllle as the w-st of Miss Selma Saliba. African ptgmler have no language of their own, but borrow the dlalecls ol the neighboring negro tribes. MENTHOLATUM HEMORRHOIDS (Pllwl c»r- rd without Ute knife. Skis t»neer, «lt« DR8. N1E8 Office-IM «•!• nv* •» •<Ttirn ME *> «' n ' art?' - know, ;V Biit ili ably a few- of }(6u \v )i o may not have discovered \vliat ajl these others know - - that my want-ad section is filled with bargains and opportunities." Turn to them now . . . "And don't forget to u s e c this valuable section when YOU have something to sell or have Ipst something or for any of a hundred Other purposes, ^hen you want to place an ad just phone 306 and iny ad-taker will give you expert help." CQUKIKK NEWS WANT-ADS

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