The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on May 24, 1980 · 15
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 15

London, Greater London, England
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Saturday, May 24, 1980
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LEISURE THE GUARDIAN Saturday May 24 1980 15 TRAVELOG Keep it cheap LONDON Travel Mart is a travel agency with a difference. They specialise in cut-price airline tickets worldwide and offer quite impressive reductions. It would be hard to beat, for example, Amsterdam at 59 return (British Airways Apex fare is currently 71.50), Singapore at 338 return (BA Apex farts is currently 495) or Johannesburg at 385 (BA Apex peak season fare is 480.50 return). LTM claim that people can save up to 60 per cent of normal airline fares to most destinations in the Far East, Asia, Africa, North and South America, the Middle East and Europe. LTM, which has been in operation for two years, has taken a stand at this year's Sunday Times Business to Business Exhibition to be held at Earl's Court Exhibi tion Centre from June 8-11. As air fares rise rapidly and inflation hits 22 per cent, Sales Director, Mr Riaz Dooley feels that now is the time to demonstrate to businessmen how they can get better value for their money. London Travel Mart is able to obtain tickets from virtually every airline, including British Airways. For instance, on their Johannesburg route, they use Sabena, Air Zaire, and TAP (the Portuguese airline). Although ' long-haul " passengers have to put up with a certain amount of inconvenience in that quite a lot of travelling time is spent waiting at airports for a connecting flight, the amount of money saved would seem to make this worthwhile. Flights to most European destinations, however, rarely involve transfers. Airlines are willing to cooperate because they obviously prefer to have their planes filled to capacity rather than fly with empty seats. As Mr Dooley says, "It's just a matter of looking around and finding the right source of supply." This is surely a source worth tapping. London Travel Mart, P.O. Box 101, Paddington Station (Bakerloo Line), London W2 ISA. Tel. 01-723 2524. BEFORE you take your next trip abroad, make sure that you have armed yourself with Form Elll. Under European Community Rules, the United Kingdom has special health care arrangements with all EEC countries should urgent medical treatment become necessary. Treatment is available free, or at a reduced cost, to all short stay visitors who can wave the right form Elll. This is obtained by completing, well in advance of vour visit, Form CM1 (ask for leaflet SA 2830 at your local social security office and you will find CM1 at the back). Form Elll will then be returned to you, validated from the date of issue until one month after your expected date of return. You can discover whether or not you are eligible for Bill, (mosf people are), by reading the information in the leaflet SA 2830. Its worth fighting your way through all this red-tape, as the cost of medical treatment abroad can sometimes be very expensive. A NINE-DAY journey to the Arthurian land of Avalon tis being offered by a company aptly named Runes who have drawn up an interesting tour to re-discover England's venerated and mystical sites. Visits are made to the "Long Man of Wilmington", Ciss-ibury Ring, the Avebury Silbury Complex, the Rollright Stones, Glastonbury Tor, The Cerne Abbas Giant and, of course, Stonehenge. Groups are small and are accompanied by an expert courierdriver. Accommodation (in twin-bedded rooms) is in traditional village inns and country houses and you can bank on a variety of good English cooking en route. The price of the tour is 225 and this includes all transport, accommodation, breakfast and evening meals and all entrance fees. For further information contact Runes Ltd, 21 Little Preston Street, Brighton, Sussex BN1 2HQ (Tel 0273 28357). DANTE'S Down The Hatch-No, it's not an up-beat translation of the "Inferno," but just one of the many clubs with extraordinary names to be found in Richard Wootton's travel guide to American music, Honky Tonkin'. Each chapter is devoted to a brief history of the musical genre to be found in. say, New Orleans, Texas, Cajun Country (Cajun music is the sound of accordions and fiddles and songs sung in a weird patois French), the names of any good record shops, and where to go to hear live music. On a recent visit to Nashville, and without this guide, I luckily managed to find one splendid live music spot which Wootton doesn't mention (The Smoke Room), but I wish I'd known about Dante's Down ths Hatch, or Scarlett O'Hara's while I was in Atlanta. Honky Tonkin' A Travel Guide to American Music is-published by Travelaid on June 2, price 2.95. LINDA CHRISTMAS IT'S SOME YEARS now since Ted Berrigan wrote his wry echo of Ginsberg's Howl: "I have seen tine best minds of my generation and they were just sitting around." And this, in a sense, sitting around, was the Beat Generation's main occupation. The point of riding all those " boxcars boxcars boxcars" was visiting. The vital thing was to set up a network of cognoscenti and then for the members of that cognoscenti to sit around in one another's presence in varying levels of mental health. The tradition continues. Judging by this parcel of goodies from Berkeley the West Coast remains a place where sitting around is the first activity, signifying a certain cultivated state of consciousness. What has happened to the cool mood of yesterday's hipster, which is to say the avoidance of debilitating extremes of emotion, has wed with European absurdism. the bland example of Gertrude Stein illuminating all. If you unlatch your anxiety from day-to-day experiences their very inconsequence makes them odd, funny and malleable. Leslie Scalopino is a throw-away adept in the mode of around-sitting. In her Eating and Walking book a series of non-sequiturs are recounted as simple accounts of causality, usually in five line statements. Each is merely the opportunity to list trivial experience as though it were of consequence without for a minute granting it any real importance. Like this, for instance: ''Unemployed though When I heard someone who used an obscene word theother dayhe didn't look as if he were in George Seddon Gardens THE rise and fall of the British potted palm industry was well illustrated in Mea Allan's Tom's Weeds, the history of Rochfords, the house-plant people. In the 1890s, the first Tom Rochford had more than a hundred green houses filled with palms, among them a palm house 300ft. long. Palms continued to sell well until the First World War, with a thriving export trade to America (although a 1,000 consignment went down with the Titanic). The two wars and many of the years between them were not the best of times for Rochfords, but the palms seem to have survived better than the firm's fortunes. So much so that when Tom Rochford III came back from the Second World War there were a million unsold, and seemingly unsellable, palms to greet him. Mea Allan recounts that most of the small ones were flogged off to Woolworths, while some of the huge specimens found a home at the BBC for television jungle scenes. The palm house was pulled down ; small Kentia palms were still being raised, but Tom III, as late as the early fifties, was thinking of dropping palms altogether. Now they are in favour again, but rather as prestige office plants than as house-plants, since they have not only style but also the virtue of being a legitimate business expense. They are certainly not the easiest of houseplants to keep in good condition, or even alive. But there is a handful to choose from that are tough enough to stay alive for a reasonable Leonard Barden Chess THE British Chess Federa tion plans to put chess tuition on a more formal footing in 1980-81. Groups of schools and teachers will have the opportunity, if the local education authority is willing, to attend one-day seminars with a national coanh. Many of our best young players in the past have emerged into organised chess after picking up the elements in a haphazard way. Their initial coaching was given by a relative or teacher who was often a moderate or weak player. There is no substitute for enthusiasm and dedication. Just as one hears from time to time of nuns being in charge of successful primary school football teams, so junior chess teams of real ability have been produced by a teacher who is a another world and so I'm worried especially in this sultry weather." The " though " in the first line implies that the swearing person who did not look transported makes the poet's unemployed condition remarkable. Why should this be the case ? The posm doesn't say and the point is that there is no connecting reason any more than there is a reason to be worried as a result of this false discrepancy, or even as a result of the " sultrv weather." So the poem is a neat and con-tnvedly casual way of saying " On one sultry day of unemployment I heard a rather mundane person use an obscene word. I am worried. None of these elements is connected. The consequent absurdity is the general tenor of life." Zen is ever with us. Nothing adds up. How joily. Almost all the poems in this book work in this way with "though" and "if" working overtime. A simplistic musi-cality is achieved by repetition 'of images and phrases. In Scalapino's long poem Instead of an Animal bl!ar-i human interconnections, most of them oral, are described in the language of a. zoological textbook. The bizarrity is therefore disarmed and, by implication, rendered oarmis-sible. Tom Clark, who is not to be confused with the Scottish Tom Clark who read so beautifully at Warwick 1he other weekend, has written, in How I Broke In, the soliloquy of a hitch hiker dumped I think symbolically, in the acsert. The ima.a'iiatiuii, when not notating the narrator's examination of himself, drops in and out of a novel in which be is a character relating to the PL AS BRONDANW garden, near Penrhyndeudraeth in Gwynedd, is open to visitors on bank holiday Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. The garden of the seventeenth-century house boasts terracing and topiary and superb mountain views. Admission is 20p for adults, Wp for children. number of years and remain a manageable size. Palms have two contrasting leaf shapes pinnate, with many feathery leaflets, or palmate, with leaves spread out like an open fan. The feathery palms are the mwe popular, notably the fairly wide-leaved Howea fosteriana (or Kentia fosteriana), which should live long enough to grow to about ten feet, at which stage you may not wish to cive it houseroom any longer. It will tolerate a temperature of about 50deg. F. in winter, but does better at 60deg. F., with a summer maximum of 75 d e e. F. Howea belmoreana, which has more arching leaves, needs higher winter temperature ; hence its greater popularity in the United States. Beware that you are not fobbed off with Chrysalido-carpus lutescens, which when youn-j is somewhat similar to the Kentia palm and is much cheaper. The drawback is that it grows up to 20 feet and needs considerable heat poor player or even a non-player. In some inter-school matches the en passant, under -promotion and multiple promotion rules cause heated arguments. The optimum situation for developing young masters occurs when several talented players are contemporaries in the same school. Strength then breeds strength, not only on the chessboard but also academically. The three most successful British chess schools in recent times have been Dulwich with Keene, Bolton with Cordcn, Mark-land and more recently Short, and St Paul's with Hodgson, Watson, and others of international strength. The percentage of chess players from these groups who won Oxbridge places was unusually hieh. This is no accident. The intellectual content of chess and the hard effort to succeed at competitive level put it on a par with A levels and university entrance exams as a mental discipline. On the negative side, there are signs that some schools are less keen on chess than a decade ago. The entry for the Sunday Times national schools tournament has dropped below the peaks of recent years. The comprehensive system, and the increasing reluctance of caretakers and teachers to provide facilities for time-consuming out-of -school activities are factors in this retrenchment. Training colleges stress physical education but have little concept of chess POETRY IN PRINT reviewed by Jeff Nuttall Sitting around THIS EATING AND WALKING AT THE SAME TIME IS ASSOCIATED ALRIGHT : Leslie Scala-pino. Timbouctou Books, 1970 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Ca. 94709. USA. Not priced. INSTEAD OF AN ANIMAL : Leslie Scalapino. Cloud Marauder Books, Timbouctou. $3.50. HOW I BROKE IN & SIX MODERN MASTERS : Tom Clark. Timbouctou Books. $3.00. other characters, Dan, Frank, Maurice, Candy, and so on. " My prose." he says, " I find just as tiresome as my poems for the same reason." You don't get the reason, of course, at least not simply. " My sentences flop through the air like inflated pigskins." Well if you think a minute you realise that inflated pigskins don't flop, they float (the image is out of Breughel) as indeed do Clark's lines, each one buoyed up by the bemusing humour of a new ambiguity. As with Scalapino, phrases are used and re-used musically, finishing with a, cut-up of the earlier poems. His Six Modern Masters are discussed with the same pointed detachment which serves to accentuate an acute insight, particularly into and humidity to keep it in good condition. It can be distinguished from a genuine Kentia by its yellowish stems. Chaeaedora elegans (alias Ncanthe elegans, N. bella, Collinia elagans, or parlour palm) grows slowly and stays small, maybe not more than four feet. This is the palm that carries orange coloured mimosa-type sprays of flowers even when quite young when, indeed, it looks at its best, because it grows coarser as it ages. Give it light shade, soft water, and a winter temperature not above 55deg. F, and it will probably survive up to six years. There are several date palms. If you grow one from an ordinary date stone you will get Phoenix dactylifera. which after three years will look presentable, but after a few more years will be too big. P. canariensis is also over-large for a modern house. That leaves P. roebe-linii, the pygmy date palm, which grows slowly up to as an educational aid. which has been demonstrated in at least two academic studies. In Holland, West Germany, and Denmark junior chess teaching receives state support but competition results compare poorly with Britain, where official backing is minimal. If there is a single reason for this, it is our emphasis on practical play rather than on qualifying for certificates and diplomas. There is a similar approach in the USSR, where Tal recently gave a simul to young Latvians followed by question-and-answer analysis on a demo board. Here is one of the games with extracts from Tal's discussion. Shabalov-Tal, Ruy Lopez (Riga 1979) 1 P-K4 P-K4 2 N-KB3 N-QB3 3 B-N5 P-QR3 4 BR4 N-B3 5 0-0 B-K2 6 R-Kl P-QN4 7 B-N3 P Q3 8 P-B3 0 0 9 P-Q4 B-N5 10 P-Q5 N-OR4 11 B-B2 QB1 T: "What happens to P-B3?" S : " Then 12 P-KR3 B-Q2 (at KR4 the B is nut of play) 13 NxP PxN 14 P-Q6 regaining the piece with a good game." T : " That's why I Dlayed O-Bl." 12 QN-P2 P-B3 13 P-N4 N-N2 14 PxP QxP 15 B-N2 T : " What's your plan ? " S : " R-QB1, B-Q3 and P-B4." T : " Correct, but you shouldn't rule out B-N3 rather than B-Q3 " N-Ql 16 B-Q3 N-K3 17 R-QB1 N-B5 18 B-Bl Q-N2 T: "Why the retreat to QN2-?" S : "To reduce the effect of P-QB4." SUMERIANA: Duncan McNaughton. Timbouctou Booics. $3.00. SHIT ON MY SHOES: Duncan McNaughton. Timbouctou Books. $3.00. THE AIR'S NEARLY PERFECT ELASTICITY : Richard Duerden. Timbouctou Books. $3.50. SHAMELESS : Jim Gustafson. Timbouctou Books. $4.00. LOGBOOK : Tom Raworth. Poltroon Press, PO Box 5476, Berkeley, Ca. 94705, USA. Not 'priced. Vuillard. The empathy with Lennie Bruce is so great, however, that Clark drops his cool in order to adopt a bitter tone at which he is nowhere near as good. The emergence of such a tone is no surprise. The cool mood was ever a shallow stoicism masking a turbulent sensibility. This can provide a drama of contrast or a subtle intensification of the calm as in the poetry of Richard Duerden. Duerden writes about his acquaintances dn language spread and ordered in such a way as to express his rapt pleasure in his day to day relationships' with them. The importance of acquaintanceship continues. Kerouac wrote novels about his circle but circles are maintained in these days by continuous dedications and about five feet in the eight years it is likely to survive. The temperature should not fall below BOdeg. F. The most elegant of the feathery palms is the most difficult, especially when young, the stage at which it often" dies. This is the coconut palm Cocos wed-deliana, Sygarus weddelianus, or Microcoelum mortianum. It needs a minimum winter temperature of 65deg. F and a summer one of 70deg. F. It must also have plenty of light (but not direct sunlight), a humid atmosphere, and watering with soft water. Otherwise forget it. The fan palms are less generally available as house plants. The most likely is Chaemaerops humilis. the European fan palm. This is the only palm growing wild in Europe, mainly in Spain and Italy, but it will grow out of doors, if sheltered, in the warmer parts of Britain. C. elegans is a silvery version and smaller, reaching about four feet. T "But also so that the Q supports P-Q4." 19 P-KR3 B-K3 20 P-B4 PxP 21 NxBP KR-Q1 T: "Why not NxKP?" S: "Because of N-R5." T: "And then if Q-Q4 ? " S : " Because of Q-B2 threatening QxN and B-B4." 22 N.R5 ? T : " That wasn't right. Simply 22 P-R3 consolidates." S : " I was afraid of P-Q4." T: "But then you have N-R5 followed by NxKP." QxNP 23 B-B3 Q-N3 24 Q-R4 S: "I didn't foresee that on move 26 I would be unable to take on K5." T : " Otherwise 24 R-N1Q-B2 25 Q-Q2 was preferable" B-Q2 25 Q-R3 B-N4 S: "Now I noticed 26 NxP PxN 27 QxB BxB 28 KxB Q-N4 ch 29 K-Nl N-K7 ch winning the exchange." 26 R-Nl Q-B2 27 BxB PxB 28 RxP T : " This loses at once. After 28 BN4 it wouldn't be so easy " N-Q6 29 R-K2 P-Q4 30 Q-N3 N-B8 31 Resigns. BAR-B-Q only The Accmark table is superb, lop quality, pine wood artefact, made ssith an ine skins usually associated with products or a lar higher price. The limber is substantial and' is m.idc throughout from y x Hi" nine wood. which combines to produce a table sshose table lop is approximately T 5" by 2' r. whose height is 2' o'. whose scats- are 9" ukle and whose span from side to Six Scater II timber treated with clear wood prricrntlic. sine is A .v. t-'nr In-v brnt httrt anil prict tins nl'nnr ntna la Aremark Jnlner; Ltd., Canal Road. Hereford NICHT WAHR, ROS1E : Tom Raworth. Poltroon Press. Not priced. THE MASK: Tom Raworth. Poltroon Press. Not priced. WILLOW WENTS THIS HAND WRAPPED BENEATH SOME STITCHING WIRE: E. E. Vonna-Michell. Zunne Heft, 4 Bower St., Maidstone, Kent. Not priced. TWO POEMS: Sylvia Plath. Sceptre Press, Knottinq, Bedfordshire. Not priced. Limited and numbered edition. the sprinkling of Christian names throughout many of the poems. A collective tenor of mind is indicated which makes the critic feel rather like a Cook's Guide showing tourists round a group of Dominicans imperviously at prayer. McNaughton, who carries more of the far from cool humour, eroticism, and jazz of his predecessors than many of his contemporaries (his images include an oceanbed blowjob and the ghost of a coloured person minstrel) ds sometimes reduced to lists of names whilst at the end of his second volume, Shit On My Shoes, he makes a formed poem. out of his reading lists. Gustafson ventures to no such extremes, but after all the name sprinkling, the con- Well grown palms are expensive. To bring on young (cheaper) plants to adu'lt-- hood without disfiguring brown leaf tips, you must be able to provide the appropriate temperatures, soft water, and a more humid atmosphere than is found in centrally heated homes. (The answer to the last problem is a humidifier, which will also be good for you and your furniture, as I have found.) Unilever are hard at work cloning palms (to yield more marg). If they stumble on a strain which will unfailingly thrive in the curious domestic conditions in which humans live, our problems will be at an end. But while cloning, as the graffiti in my local declare, may be the sincerest form of flattery, the prospect of millions of identical house-plant palms is frightening. We might as well stick with the plastic ones. Odd jobbing IT SHOULD now be safe, even in a northern frost pocket, to sow sweet corn and other tender vegetables outdoors without protection, and to plant out the least hardy of half-hardy annuals. But keep tomato plant roots confined until the first flower has set, and save half of your runner beans until the first week in June in case of a freak late frost : they will still have plenty of time to produce a full crop. It is not too late to sow winter cauliflowers, cabbages, late sprouting broccoli, carrots, broad 'beans and many other crops. Don't forget to make repeat sowings of lettuce and radishes in good time to provide a continuous supply, bearing in mind that they will mature more quickly than from March or April sowings. Water copiously or not at -all, remembering that fruit trees and lawns (especially if newlv sown) need moisture at the roots no less than flowers and vegetables. If you have plenty of mulching material available, use it generously, both to conserve moisture and to suppress annual weed growth, but only when the soil has been wetted to field capacity: i.e., when it contains as much water as it can hold against the pull of gravity. DEREK SENIOR No. 1601 White mates in three moves, against any defence (by J. Villach). The solution may prove optically difficult to spot. Solution No. 1600 : 1 Q-R2. If KxP 2 B-B8, or if K-K5 2 Q-Nl. or if BxKP 2 Q-Nl. or if B-B6 2 N-Q6, or if BxN (B5) 2 N-Q4. 47.50 This table will enhance vour patio, your dining room, your lawn or your kitchen and in fact is so adaptable that It can be used anywhere, we oner free delivery up to 150 mills radius and we also- ofler a ready assfmbled service at ealra cost. The assembly is simple and there are fully detailed instructions. Bright zinc screws are used throughout, all sou need is a screwdriver and a . measure. This is the huy of the eenfury. M Garden and Constrraaarv fnpsstfuia writ . hbi . wTT 1 trivedly casual mood, the throwing together of coincidences, the unresolved movie scenarios and ticker-tape philosophy, all of which typify the school to which he belongs, he comes up with powerful work, not hampered by a measure of rhetoric, and achieves, in a long poem to the master Frank O'Hara, a lucid statement of the ethic which prevails : " To assert and to seek To propel without fury. To recoil without venom. To make the best mistakes possible under the circumstances. To admit nothing except that humanness required by this situation." Tom Raworth spent a good deal of time in California. Wihether he carried the mode with him or acquired it there, he was one of the first poets to achieve virtuosity in these techniques of writing and thinking. A most purposeful around-sitter. The energy behind Raworth's pokerface is, however, agitated and frustrated, expressed in a busy strafing of wisecracks. The sequences of interconnected humour in Raworth have the same structural importance as the sequences of interconnected arpeggios in Parker and require the same alertness to follow. From the out-of-context pages of his Log, where the leaves, crammed with compulsive facetiousness, imply very little of what has taken place on the missing pages, through the pointed lyrics of Nicht Wahr, Rosie. whose images resemble those of TV commercials with the sound off, to The Mask, which, like his Act. includes passages of hermetic mumblings most of which prove, on closer examination, to be Groucho-like asides. For instance : " Jack Rixi Markus Bridge THE annual bridge battle between the House of Lords and the House of Commons for the Guardian challenge trophy was won by the House of Lords, represented by the Duke of Atholl (captain). Lord Glenkinglas, Lord Lever of Manchester, Lord Smith of Marlow, Lord Grimthorpe, and Lord Paget of Northampton. The final score in the match, which took the form of a rubber-bridge duplicate, was 8440-7400, but the margin was only 140 to the Lords when the last rubber began. The Commons bid a tight slam on the very last hand, but things did not work out as favourably as they might have done. This was the decisive deal : North 109 8 7 K.I52 J 10 K10 9 West East Q5 4.TB432 10 74 3 Q86 A862 Q9 6 87 4 JS2 South AK V A9 K7543 AQ63 The Lords pair who held the North-South cards bid to the best contract with little difficulty : South North (Paget) (Lever) ID INT 3NT NB At the other table the Commons pair realised that they needed a swing in their favour to win the match, and they had a shot at 6C. Things began well The new Allen Golf 14 makes mowing a pleasure Say hello to value with this new 14 in electric rotary mower from Allen. Extra' quiet 900 watt motor drives a 14 in cutting blade, delivering the cut grass into' the hungry rear grass box. l tic Ciolt 14 icatures easy height of cut adjustment, adjustable folding handlebars and comes complete with 30 metres of cable. The cutting deck carries a five year guarantee and the motor two years. Priced .competitively at around 100 tl rt f -nl r 1 A :r n(. . All dealer now, send today for j full details and address of -your nearest stockist. 5yarguarantteondeck Two yar guarantee on motor Altan Pnuuair rnninmant I f Freepost, The Broadway,. Dictcot SAVE 61 ON THIS ALTON I xo apex root model. Normally 213 inc. VAT, now only 15180 inc. VAT. Full range of top quality fully lined Alton sheds all at big reductions, for a limited period only. For special offer details by return ring our 24 hour aiai-a-brochure service 0299 266555 write to Alton Glasshouses Ltd, FO 1212 A. Bawdley. Wares DY12 2UJ. upthe tumbrilhold onto your head." Or "peace and value, comrade." The difference between Raworth and the Americans is the difference between a mind that has been disengaged to achieve simplicity and a simplicity which is maintained to compress and intensify the mind. This makes Raworth's poems some of the most commanding and incendiary artifacts being produced by any artist just now. All these Cajifornian books are marvellously produced with imagination and style. The drawings are always fine, contrasting with the dreadful graphics of most British poetry presses, and there are no misprints. None. E. E, Vonna-Michell has a good deal in common with poets of dissembled mind. " Empty yourselves," said Laing, ten years ago. Vonna-Michell has all but emptied his pages. All that remains is crackling scraps of torn newspaper and manuscript surrounded by vast areas of silent white paper. The effect is that of fragments of distant talk carried on a fitful wind. Come back. Vonn baby, wherever you are. Sceptre Press have published two new poems by Sylvia Plath to whidh the avid will doubtless flock. To my ear the language neither sings nor swings. Her first poem is about a groundhog which did not run " But fatly scuttled into the splayed fern." It seems obvious that " scuttled fatly " would sound better and carry the same rhythm, whilst " the " is too slight a word to carry the strong measure. That's the sort of thing that stops me being as moved by Plath's poetry as perhaps I ought. when the adverse trumps were 3-3 and the diamond finesse succeeded, but the declarer could not cope with the 4-2 diamond break. If the cards had been more favourably placed, 6C would have been made and Tony Berry's Commons team would have retained the trophy. There was one very expensive hand for the Lords earlier in the match : North 43 V A Q 6 A974 A J 10 5 4 West East A 10 2 4S7B5 V KJ 1098 V 742 KQJ5 1062 72 A86 South AKQ J9 53 8 3 KQ93 I would not recommend the bidding sequence by the Commons pair, Kenneth Baker and Sally Oppenheim: South West North East IS Double 2NT(1) NB 3C 3H 3NT NB 4S NB NB Double Redouble NB NB NB (1) 2NT is generally used as a conventional bid after an intervening take-out double, showing a solid raise to three of the opener's suit. The normal action on the North hand would be a strength-showing redouble, but the Commons pair were clearly using 2NT as a completely natural bid. One cannot argue with success, however : 4S doubled and redoubled was made with an overtrick of 730 to the Commons, and their best result of the match. Rixi Markus 1980 cu MANURE IS STILL THE BEST OA CONCENTRATED MANURE FEED vour aarden with 6X CONCEN. TRATED MANURE and it will feed YOU with crisp, tresh secetables. 100 ORGANIC Composted Manure full of HUMUS making organisms. Weed tree : excellent tor vegetables. Ilowers. truit. shrubs, lawns. Many times richer than aserage Farm-sard manure. bX CONCENTRATED MANURE hold mois- lure and improves soil structure ; it keeps iiiuGiiiiiieiy i,u it cfy isppis, handfuls. not barrowruls. Jack tor up to 220 sq. yds. 3.0: 2 to 4 sacus, eacn; and over. i. J each. Includes VAT and carriage in UK Mainland ana tosv only, lsvu please, riegret no collections at this address. ORGANIC CONCENTRATES LTD. Mail Order Dept. GG 1 ALLEN -THE flHOADWAV.OIDCOT.OX1t KB 0X11 8BR or Box 3. ThgntviiivaMmsnt s W l - i t :. .2, 1T ; f 9Mw induction '-iK mo,or l3T' Double .1 VJf Iniulated SHED.

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