The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California on August 8, 1965 · Page 54
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The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California · Page 54

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 8, 1965
Page 54
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ran null 7:H HAHOY'l-Tti. Third 0«y, 1:05, 5-« «* n:15 FA*. OCMM 11, l:» Sit 'lS Unclt. I:U It Com- Merculw, jirnwn AM 'ulvwi, lojjj SUNNYSIDE-Soni Of Kill. Eidtr, ** Show Business By Peter Bart NMT York TlBM Newt Swln .HOLLYWOOD -- The mount ing tensions of the cold wa seem to be inducing more and more" Hollywood start to tak a stand on political Issues. In so doing the start are re- [ijecting Hollywood's long stand ing unwritten rule that performers should maintain strict litical neutrality for fear of antagonizing sponsors or pressure || groups. Raymond Burr, star of I Perry Mason television show ha visited, Viet Nam four times recently arid 1 , now is embarking lion a heavy speaking schedule to very active in civil r i g h t s marshal pubH'c support for an causes. Kirk Douglas and Charl"intensified war, against the Viet ton Heston have spent consid- II Cong. Bob Hope, traditionally a Rim Director Is Fined For Plane Bomb Hoax DENVER--AP Conrad Rus jell Rooks, 29, movie director and friend of actor John Barrymore, Jr., was fined $50 in the United;States District Court ant placed on probation for one year on bomb hoax charges. Rooks, Barrymore and a woman companion were taken off a 'Western Airlines night in Den- ver-tlie night of November 27th Stewardess Caroline E. Meyer of Denver said Rooks told her a wooden box he was carrying ;contained a bomb.,An investigation by. the FBI showed the box , contcUnSd'.Indian /artifacts. Share Chess Title - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico--AP --Pal Benko and William Lom- 'bardy, two grandmasters from New York, tied for first place in -the United States Open chess championship tournament end' ing here last night Each fin- -Ished the 12 r o u n d s with 10 p o i n t s and split $1.600 prize money. JACK i BENNY; WAYNE NEWTON: · ' ,. - i , " ,. i, · ' * Harrah's! Sophia Loren arid George Peppard are the love interest in Operation Crossbow, a story of World War II espionage set in Europe, which will begin Wednesday in Hardy'f Theater and on the north screen at, the Starlite Drive-in. fence sitter, f is. so upset over will ambassadors for govern- the Viet Nam situation that he has: fired off telegrams to-Secretary of State i; Dean Rusk am angrily harangue^ friends abou the 'importance of taking a more militant posture toward worlc Communism. \ One long standing Hollywood celebrity, Ronald Reagan, now is considered a leading candi- Burr recently spoke before the Ringo Starr and the rest of the Beatles are featured in Help!, more musical comedy adventures of the rock and roll g r o u p , which will open Wednesday in the Sunnyside Drive - In and the Theater. Wilson Clinic Scheduled McClatchy Newspapers Service MADERA, Madera Co.. -- An minimization clinic will be held rom 10 to 11:30 AM Tuesday in the health department office at 216 West Sixth Street; a 1 PROBABLY iWILU/ -Mr OF THE IIIFFI1S" - ·" - '·«iiritiillMllitl!H" · · · EREST date for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in California. George · Murphy, another veteran Republican, was elected to the senate last fall. Several younger TV stars, among them Dan Blocker of Bonanza and Robert Vaughn of The Man From UNCLE, are active campaigners for the Democrats and are even considering running for public office. Vaughn, a liberal Democrat, already has had several brushes with the John Birch Society in California. Blocker, also a liberal, not long ago committed the ultimate heresy by engaging in a bitter political argument with Hedda Hopper, a Goldwater Republican, at a banquet financed by Blocker's sponsor, General Motors. Richard Wldmark has devoted well over a year to copro^ ducihg and starring in a film ~S!' · · · ·ti.trinK^ {ELIZABETH! ASHLEY Hollywood Stars Set 'Politically Involved 1 The Bedford Incident which h. in, on this pnbltm Md we his Incmued «ctfvity. "Wbw flMarrltm ·· * vluU A*1t ·_.*!,« _.._* A » *i i_ j . . j _ . . . . * THE FRESNO BEE 1M , Sunity, Augux I, im u a vivid delineation of "the reactionaiy milltaiistic Barry GoWwttcr type mind.' The central character in the ened stand in Viet Nam and film is a, naval captain who, in hit zeal to humiliate the Sov- a shield" around all the free lets, precipitates a nuclear accident. The heightened political activ ity it apparent on many levels in Hollywood. Wendell Corey, for example, recently won a seat in the Santa Mo'nica City Council and hai vastly stepped ers,~cOncedes hiV concern'over up his participation in'local af- falh. Such stars as Marlon Brando and Steve Allen are erable time recently as good- ment agencies overseas. Burt Lancaster and his wife have been principal backers of a prt vately supported plan to bus Negro children to the affluent Bel Air section of Los Angeles, to attend schools there. The increased activity has put some stars in difficult positions. Los Angeles World Affairs Council and while his prepared remarks were well received he plainly was not prepared to cope with some of the complex questions put to him. "The government has its best minds work- mutt trust their judgment." be replied to some doubting ques- "T " , , " ""~V"" 1 **' tioV,ers. Burr advocated a tough- ltlcs are " makes " harder * urged the government to "throw nations of southeast Asia. Hope, whose most recent telegram to Rusk urged an immediate end to United States aid to any nation supplying arms or otherwise dealing with the Viet Cong or its allies and support- AZTECA »»i · ttrwt 1PANISH FICIUIIS ONIY Ph. *· 1.M44 ·infer. «···», T.«d« liob»l S*|U - In Colort "LA DIOIA IMNIU" AVjtl A»nt M«iio -1 ANOIUTOS NIOIOI" ·M.«4« r 0-V Jorg* Millrol "DIIICMO 01 NACII" ,. Soro Garcia ' ' "10 aill NO OtllN NACIR" Thwrafe r ,7rid*r, lat*rtf«r ..citing «,ta,l . "All IIA MDIO INFANT!" ' Iln-Ton "KCUItA 01 MODI10S" , ll«riin| N*Kf lM4«r "Atl IS Ml MIXICO"-««l*r the public knows what your pot' At pntent. however. Hop* a c k n o e l e i j g e s that he's "charged up" about the criti- make jokes at the expense of clsm of the Viet Nam war and both sides," he says. "Suddenly your jokes are colored. "Besides, the sponsors don't like it." ^ DRIVE-IN IITES BRIDGE HUGHFS, 2M0401 SHOW AT DUSK NOW THRU TUESDAY A STORY OF LOVE BEFORE MARRIAGE! UNTIL NOW the screen did not dare. UNTIL NOW th* them* ol this picture was talked about only in whispers. UNTIL NOW Nowyoucanseeil-alilm that boldly enplores (be bizarre, twilight world ol abnormal human behavior, BODY OF A FEMALE stirring Anna Riva lint Amtro · Robert Wtll Ixtm Added "THIS IS GIRLESOUE" Absolutely Adults Only 1 HARDY'S IIDJ4INJ44VM NESSl LAST 4 DAYS 6EOMEKPMRD EIIIUETNMMUY ·TtAMt A £% TWO. MEN ARE ONE MAN ON 'THE THIRD. MY" "OCEANs"nr F»«N»SIM»tll»-IIE»NIIHmiN of US Intervention m · Dominican KtpubHe. "People seem to forget we're at war," he states. THI FOX WILSON THtMUl PKttlNTS. ICONIIHUOUS DAILY-OPEN 1J:« NOW--FMlllwly I i Dm queror Of The Worlds Mightiest Empire I MM.. ..... _ IAMB IBM MUCH ronon-iara III BSS3 BIG CONTINENTAL MKT. FREE SHOW WEMKSMr.llMI FOX WILSON THIATRI VINCENT"" PRICE WOttELnATEJCWI FREEMAN | GHOSTS PETER FONDA SHARON HUGUENY : NICK ADAMS DEBORAH WALLEY AND DOORS OPEN NOON DAILY I HOAOKUNHiH C«rt»«il SGWSWHF GENGHIS! jOFIIIOtlUHDi"Clltr] I NOW PLAYING THE DAFFIKTJfm Wacky,cuckoo comedy! PITER SELLIERS TERW-THOMAS IHIM.CY (ATOM, ((ram Goldti TOHIOHT Tin **t i.»i [Al IN I IXTM FLUSH PETER FONDA-SHARON HUGUENY "THE YOUNG LOVERS" A PINK PANTHER COLOR CARTOONJ SMOKINOPMMITTIDIN SIOISICTIONS The Colorful Adventures of THE BEATLES are more Colorful than ever...ln COLOR I ·MTMANCOLOR A UNITED ARTIST* miCAIt STOP WORRYING - YOU CAN BEAT THE CROWDS OIT YOUR TICKITS IN AOVANCI FOR SPECIAL GALA PREMIERE PERFORMANCES WIDNISDAT I tOO »M AND 4:30 PM TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE AT FOX WILSON BOX OFFICE "il THI FIRST TO III TNI lUTUS" -C«,l.dkTR,Wg,r.lUm. MOONGLO^ .OATH OMN7*l DOOM OPIN 11:41 . LAST 3 DAYS AT BOTH THEATRES Annette's got the BEAT! | Berlin's the EGG-head! 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PtPfl r*lwst»ff.rg 1 ' DONALD PLEASENCE BRIAN KEITH MAITO . prM^rti^o-TtcieaujJOHN STURGES- str«noi.,b, JOHN GAY UMO * U --- · HMNlMltv BILL GULICK-HNWSCHKWM HCWt KnatM, UNITED ARTISTS IP*Mull) IIIf«Frill. n«MLi i«n«iiii sinsii. OKHIITM »1.7S..,,.|J. M . i«icwrr'.',.V..'.'.»i:ic.';";{?;JJ [.C.ptif. Bokeny leg** hi nilei h« Hii.-Sit.MrH . 11.Tl 1MB Kill mum- . ma, , mm STMISM -2ND FEATURE IS COMING A COiUUBI* PlCIUHfS IEKASE 71 ^' NOW 1 PTHEATRE _ DOOtf OPIN 1141 »HOW AT DUSK-CHILMIN UNDIIII fill .JOHN ..DEAN WHYNE-inRTIN ^: THE SONS OTldmEItBER T C C M N I C O L O R ANKA MADIA ALBEAGHOTI I Fox Welt Co«lt TH««lr« I DOORS OPEN 12:45 NOW PLAYING! Pt«My*f I The most delightful !* entertainment **f^Pr of your life! ^waS *~ f -^ WfttfD^gg ECHNICOLi sMm JULIE ANDREWS · DICK VAN DYKE T N

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