The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on August 31, 1968 · Page 13
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 13

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1968
Page 13
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THE FRESNO BEE ; · THE REPUBLICAN Fresno, California, Saturday Evening, August 3J7l968~ By Karl M. Klduer When deposits in one of Fresno's most unusual banks fell off alarmingly one day recently, the hankers themselves w e r e johnny-on-the-spot to build them up. ·-'·· Tire institution is the Central California Blood Bank, which supplies-more than 40 San Joa- q'uin Valley hospitals and cliniisi with 'some 1,400 pints of blood for patient use every month. On the day when the blood reserves^.fell to a dangerously lOHr.'pointf.'th'e bank's sponsors, the Fresno County Medical -Society,, sent' out urgent notices to its ; physician-members. M o r e t h a n , 100" ; responded, rolled up thcir'sleeyes and lay quietly while the blood so desperately needed by. bank customers was careully,:;sfphoned from t h e i r veins.\ .»,-., · ' The. emergency situation, says Dr. -H. M; Ginsburg, president icians Respond I o Bank's Urgent Gall of.' the, society, happened to be yeats. ' . ' the;wprst; ; since lire bdtik was * "There-'ar organized Mn 1955: It is significant: nvpther ways. short of donors, or that, in effect, we are using up .the avail able supply trying to keep our blood stock at levels high enough to supply all of our customers," Ginsburg savs. . · Ususally, the bank has a list of donors from whom it draws when blood of. all types is needed. Because .this is the vac^i- tion season, many .of these were not available when the shortage occurred. There has been a steady increase in the calls for whole Mood and plasma from three hospitals which rely on the Bank 10 furnish Uiern. More and more, the demands on the bank are becoming in excess of donor blood-available. "This points up the need for more donors," Ginsburg says. "Actually, anyone can volunteer ire several ways th'is can be done, to the 1 donor's ad- vantage.-He.can dictate.its use "It shows that we are running by an .'individual, if he so de- sires, or he can build up credits for himself -and 'his family against the time when tie, or they, may need blood." There are several blood donor by the bank which build up credits for use by their members or members of their families. To Organization It is not unusual for ah individual to appear at the bank, at 2155 Amador St., in Fresno, and say he is volunteering a pint of blood to be credited'to a fraternal or civic organization, or to. a-particular patient who, for example is to undergo open heart surgery in the Valley ChiL- drens Hospital, or another type of surgery in another hospital. The bank's policy provjdes for a'free unit of blood to a,patient iMwo are given in.replacement. to give his blood either once.'pr The first unit takes care of the over a period of months, or even Senatorial hopefuls Max Rat- ferty and Alan Cranston will : be two of the featured speakers at the state convention of the Mexican-American. Political Association next weekend in the Fresno Hacienda Motel. Armando Rodriguez, a mem clubs in "the' valley area served ber "of chapter No 2 of MAPA and the state convention program committee,' said Assem blyma'n William Bagley of San Rafael will represent Republican presidential candidate Richard-Nixon and. Us running mate, Spiro Ag'new. Rafferty, 'who deafeated. Sen. Thomas Kuchel in the June Republican primary, will, speak at 10 a.m. next Saturday. Bagtey is scheduled to speak at 2:30 p.m. and Cranston, a Democrat, at 3p.m. . v Endorsements Due MAPA is expected to endorse candidates the following day. The registration fee, including the' banquet and. dance, is ?10 a person. Registration will be- rep'lacement'oMhat.uTrf by The in.Friday evening and contin- patient, and.the.second pays for the'cost.of processing both units. Donor arrangements -'may be made, by 'calling the "bank- at 485-1281. Dog'Of The Week iWTonhage By Walt Porter - ··The Federal'.Raisin Advisory Board and Raisin Administrative Committee in a preliminary recornmendation . to the U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking that 93,000 tons or no less than 65 per cent, of a .desirable free .tonnage of 162,300 tons, of 1968 crop raisins be made available upon harvest to fill domestic market needs. Both groups reached that decision at meetings yesterday in Fresno. The board reported 143,000 tons of 1968-crop raisins would be needed to supply domestic and government channels. The desirable carry-out Aug. 31, .1969 was placed at 19,000 tons. Approximately 24,000 tons of 1967 crop raisins are listed as in the hands of packers and in channels. The total carry-in of See'Quotas Page J-B USS Fresno's Tour Is Set Special arrangements have been made for Fresnans to at tend.the launching of the USS Fresno in San Diego Sept. 28. R..R! .Baird, chairman of the Chamber at Commerce military affairs committee, announced theVtqtir ,wjll leave Fresno Sept 27."' it wifljincluile hotel accommodation s^ transportation and inspection of a cruiser and a submarine. Reservations can be made by telephoning Park Avenue Tours, 485-6292. The cost is $29.50 a person. Baird noted this is the third navel ship to be named after the city. The latest, a tank-landing ship, will be christened by Mrs. Floyd H. Hyde, wife of Fresno's mayor. NEW PROGRAMS AND CHANGES DAILY 9:30 PM NIGHT WATCH with Bill Pierce pret*nf*d by StephiKs % 3ea Finiral Service 10;00 PM COUNTRY SACRED with Bob Upp SUNDAY 7:30 AM Words of the Gospel '. prcftiiud by Lisle Fistril Hlrl! 4:00 PM FORWARD IN FAITH KRDU 1131 W '1 Odl tUi MMM 4M:113* MM! 5tl-ll» Old Fresno Firm In Bankruptcy J. Cartwright Sons, one of :he oldest manufacturing plants in Fresno, .has filed a modified bankruptcy petition in the U.S. District Court listing debts of 5216,285 and assets of $162,783. : Federal Judge M D, Crocker las signed an order permitting the firm to remain in business and to work out a plan to pay off its debts. The firm was established in 1895 by John M. Cartwright for the manufacture of pruning shears. His grandson, Jack Cartwright, died last June. The,firm make shears ar.d in recent years added production of automotive and agriculture parts. The .bankruptcy petition was signed by Mrs. Thelma H. Cartwright, Jack Carlwright's widow. She is vice prssident ol the firm. The couple's son, John M. Cartwright, Fresno County p u b l i c administrator - public guardian, isa director. The company has about 25 employes. Pepper Has No Plans For Holiday While most Fresnans are pre jaring for the Labor Day week end activities, Pepper, the Dog of the V.'eek, is · concentratini on finding a new home. He is seeking an invitation ti a Fresnan's backyard barbecue Vionday'. He believes once h s in a home the family wil 'all in love with him and reques become a member of tin wusehold. Pepper, a one-year-old poodle terrier mix, can earn his keep He is a qualified watch doi and he loves children. He is one of many animal available for adoption by visi tors to the SPCA Animal Shelte at 103 S. .Hughes Ave.,.fiom a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow anc every day. Drunk Driving Cases ARRESTS Larry P. Lewli, 15, a 5701 E. Briw i*e Or., al BrackiFone Avenue and P ·l\ Way early today. Jchrt F. GirlaiH, a, cl Its E. H. Klnfey Ave., «1 ADfcy Street and NUnd Avenue earf/ today. . ' · RW Heimndei, n, a Llrrftay, a:i .Averse and Freeway 99 car ·I960 FULTON at Cameras Sstiriay Sni'iir U a m,'til 8 p.n. Mortar tkrii Friday ! a.m.'til 9 p.m. DUPONT "501" NYLON CARPETING 95 PADDED I INSTALLED · FHA Approved · 10 Year Guarantee ·14 Decorator Colors · Save $3.00 Per YARD! i«tO«-in«*tf««Pwi e Saturday morning. ·MAPA. chapter 2 last night ecled 12 delegates and aller- ates to the'convention. The delegates are Rodriguez, ack .Ortega, Maria Rodriguez, irginia Sanchez, ..Bernice Rinon; Albert Ramirez, Rupert )smni, Joe .Ceja, Hope Lopez, eo Cayazos, Lea Ybarra and . C. Mendoza. The alternates are Jess Quin- :ro, Lupe Lopez, .Andy Tovar, tidy Savala, 'Pete'Caudillo, Cla- Chapter Bars Parade Entry Chapter No. '2 of the Mexican-American; Political ^Association v.'ill not participate in the annual Mexican Independence Day parade in Fresno .Sept. 16. ' Members of the chapter voted last night 10-8 participate because they do not-- like the way the Independence Day queen is selected and they'feel M/.PA should concentrate on involvement in political affairs.- The celebration queen is chosen on the basis of ticket sales. ; Some members of the chapter feel this is "degrading" lo queen contestants and wjuld prefer that the title be based upon talent, personality and beauty, the standards on which the. selecliim of many queens depends. Youth World ^FESTIVAL QUEEN-^lrma LaJune Jones, left, of 206 W. Atchison Ave., a teacher of Head. Start classes at the Trinity Street Opportunity .Center, has been named "Black Bee photo Festival Queen." Her attendants are, from left, Brenda Greene .of 4698 E. Dwight Way, Johness Fowler of 1157 W. Byrd Ave. and Diana Marie Thomas of 1144 \V. Byrd. Hinton Center ice Parashis, Ignacio Bencomo upe Trujilo, Lupe Silva, Steve antes Jr., Simon Perez a n d Victor Oalge. There was strong support rom the members to support le current boycott of Califor ia table grapes but no-: action ould he taken because the item was not included on the agenda if the special meeting. Predicts HHH Defeat Jack Ortega, an alternate lelegate to the Democratic Na- aional Convention, decried the atrocities of the Democratic party structure and the police and predicted Vice President lubert H. Humphrey .will'not be elected. Ortega, the director of the cen- ral region of the Mexican- American Political Association, old. three dozen members of MAPA Chapter 2 last night: "The · group represented in )hicago was not one that represents the people of thfs coun- See MAPA Page 3-3 Of Furniture The new Cecil C. Hinton Community Center is nearing completion, but unless there is community response to a plea from he center's board of directors, t- will' be, literally, an empty she'll. ''.·· ' ' - The center, under construe- tion intermittently since 1963, will be flnished'by Sept. II, to meet a.'deadline for. federal grant funds. The city, a s ' i t s share of the matching funds, is underwriting the current construction costs. However, the center, located at Church and Fairview Avenues, will be nothing more than an attractive but b a r e building if donated furnishings are not obtained. Mrs. Helen Newton,. chair : man of the furnishings, committee, says the center can use "anything" in furniture dona- Needed Items Among the most needed items are'sofas and chairs, tables, .recreation equipment, desks and-filing cabinets. In addition, a television set, kitchen, equipment, sewing accessories and book shelves would be welcomed. The areas to be furnished include a lobby- with a reception desk, offices for the center director and an assistant, a kitchen, a sewing room, a "quiet room" in which small meetings can' be held and in which patrons may read or participate in some crafts activitjes and a large multi-purpose room which will be used for games dancing, meetings, instruction and meetings. "We have no funds at all," Mrs. Newton said. "We're dependent on friends of the cen ter to furnish it. We will appre See Center Page 3-8 Fresno Visit Caps US Tour Of Kochi Man A tour of the United States, which started last Thursday when le arrived in San Francisco, was scheduled to end today for Yukio Chikamori,'43,'an editor for the Kochi Daily flews in Kochi, "a'pan, one of Fresno's four sister cities. · He was here yesterday louring the city and bf;ing introduced to local officials by John Kubota, cochairman .of Fresno's People to People Council's sis- er city of Kochi, a n d ; Ben N'a amura, past president of the council. His- stop climaxed a week's our during which he visited Los Angeles, Sacramento, Salt Lake :ity and New York City. Newspaper Veteran With Kubola and Nakamura as his interpreters, he explained ne io the financial editor for the Knchi newspaper, a position he has held for the past seven. .0 his 17 years with the paper. .Jlis mission here, he said, wa to get a first-hand look at thi country from the standpoint o a writer in economics and as a goodwill messenger from Kochi In general, he was .impressed by the '.'bigness" of this country and yet how small it seems be cause of our rapid transpoila tion systems. While it takes 3 to 4 hours to travel from Fresno to San 'ranciscp, he noted, the same distance in Japan would take about 7 to -8 hours. Talent Show, Teacher Orientations Will Open Pre-School Week The week before a new school year begins is a time of excitement, resolution, and perhaps the start of flutlerings in the stomach--whether you are a teacher or a student. But for the teachers new to the Fresno City Unified School District, the week is certainly a time for meetings. After a long Labor Day weekend, they will spend Tuesday Taking note of the vast areas of unused land in the Unite States, he said very little land remains in Japan that is no wing put lo'use. Project Interests Of Fresno, he expressed in terest in the redevelop men projects that have been com pleted and those that-are unde way. He said the Japanese people were concerned not only 'about this country's problems abroad (Southeast Asia) but also of our er Group. . Bee Photo Yiikio Chikamori Negro Event ; West Fresno's day : l o n g Black Festival" will wind up onight with a show at Eu'isorr High School from 6 to 7:30 'clock, followed by a talent how and dance at the Fresno Convention Center Exhibit Hall rom 8 o'clock until midnight. The festival,. which aims at. iromoting "black culture" and he study of the history of the s'egro people, is being presented · by "Say BABY" (she Black As-:' 1 sociation for the Betterment of'" Youth) and three West Fresno" 1 community agencies--the Self- · ' Help Coalition, North Avenue ·' Community Center and Trinity Street Multiservice Center. ·'·"' · Last night, Irma L a J u n Jones was picked as festival, queen and will preside over this . evening's activities along with three attendants. ',' Both the dance and the tal- -. ent show, along with the events See Festival Page 4-B : Air Guard In Fresno !s Rated As Outstanding A four-dav tactical evaluatio Hunt For Killer Of Chartrand Goes To Capital ZEPHYR COVE, Nev. (UPI) --The hunt for the bomb-slayer of Lake Tahoe gambler Rich-;' ard Chartrand, 42, lias moved, from the. Alpine Resort, to Fefi-;' :ationjeral Bureau of Investigation ' of the California Air NalionaHaboralories in Washington, D.Cr Guard in Fresno has resulted in an Air Force rating of o u t- standing for the 191th ^K^-: heaa ' quanerSi completed er Interceptor Squadron a n d| ering ev jrt encc f rom the scene' domestic problems. "Japan believes that Americans must first solve their problems at home if we are to have evaluation team, announced (lie any hope of world peace," he said. Douglas County sheriff deny-" ties said two FBI demolition exi perls, down from the bureau's , satisfactory for the M-lth Fight- Col. Jack H. McCreery, senior officer of the 4lh Air Force Fresnan Faces Weapons Count Sheriff's deputies jailed Arthur A. Romero, 25, of 5577 N. Blackstonc Ave. after he was arrested on suspicion of having a concealed weapon. Romero, assistant manager of a Fresno shoe store, was taken! com P lislie 1 numerous intercepts ratings today after inspection of all facets of the guard operation. "Each officer and airman in this outfit should feel highly honored to be a member of one of the most highly trained and professional units I've ever seen," McCreery told (he men. The guard pilots flew i'0 sorties during the exercise and ac- of Tuesday's blast in front u f . Chartrand's plush Skyland area ; lome. ; Chartrand was killed by a t xmb apparently planted beneath the. floorboards of h i s car. The blast rocked neighbor- ' ng homes within a half mile, ncluding the home of Frank Johnson, chairman of the Nevada gaming control board. into custody early yesterday alter a sheriff's unit stopped his car in the 4800 block of North morning in an orientation ses-j" sion, the elementary teachers nonteaching. employes in t h e meeting at the Robinson School district is scheduled for Friday Blackstone Avenue for allegedly space Defense Wing in Fresno. driving 60.miles an hour in a 45-mile zone. High School cafeteria. Second Orientation Wednesday the elementary and the secondary teachers at Hoover High School. After a coffee lime, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the new teachers will be greeted at a Fresno Teachers Association luncheon in the Hoover the new junior high students morning'in the theater. New Student) Friday al 9 a.m. there will be an orientation for new senior high students at all the h i g h schools. A similar meeting for will be held at 10 a.m. at all the junior high schools. The teachers will meet at teachers will return to the Rob-; their assigned schools Friday inson School for another orien-|a'ternoon in a staff session with tation. : the principal. Thursday, starting at 8 a.m., the new teachers will m e e! Admission Day, the day. in 1850 that California became a fellow faculty members at their stale, occurs Sept. 9 and the assigned schools in sessions;Fresno City schools will be conducted by the principals, closed in observance of t h e In the afternoon all teachers state holiday! in the district will meet at the Convention Center Theater. A similar general meeting for all Then comes Sept. -10 when another school year will be u n d e r w a y . ' : . , ' . ' : ' : I during the mock war games. Col. M i l t o n R. Graham is commander of the 14-llh Aero- under a floor mat of the vehicle. The units evaluated were the )44th Fighter Group command. The arresting officer said Ro- ed by Lt. Col. George D. Middle- mero had a .22 caliber revolver ton anc! the 194th Fighter Interceptor Squadron commanded by Maj. Edward R. Aguiar. See us far one day service en: CRANKSHAFT REGRINDING i (run irr-ee«1i4 M*tmf« rf GRINDING BETWEEN CENTERS MAGNAFLUXINQ MICRO-FINISHING i!iiciii{t(iV[nJrrCMMrii;i[ji4nhit)ur. Some location Over 20 Yerrrj ENGINE REBUILDING AND SUPPLY 624-26 Broadway (se habla espanol) 268-5091 CASNER'S BLACKSTONE AT SHAW 'CEDAR AT SHIELDS ClOVIS ftT-SHAW · "YOU MAY NEVER HAVE TO BUY FILM AGAIN OtSNER'S GIVeS YOU FREE FILM KODACOLOR OR BLACK WHITE IHSTAMATU 126 1 2 7 - 6 2 0 - 120 Here's how t't works Bruj T ffln to Casnet's. *e * I 3ro: and print it for you jl pncts in addition *e ft:!.·. G . Y O U * FRESrtRQiL 'RfF 24 HOUR SfRvlEF NO "WILING REQUIRE]

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