The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on August 29, 1968 · Page 31
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 31

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1968
Page 31
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ems - M ...By Woody Laughnan . A ' , computer-cannot' make a . cup: of 'coffee : for ;the;bleary- eyed bosa In the morning, sit on his lap during dictation sessions - and may be the sexless flop of the century at the office Chrisl- i mas; party, but it can do just about everything else, its only ." limits being the imagination of .the human.programmer. ; The computer is generally · Considered,to be the darling of tht federal government for extending the interest on the tia- · tibnal' debt and in the race-fof-' 'space; program; by scnoils' as ' classroom teaching aids; or for .the rapid counting of ' votes' (most of the time). 'But, the 'people who know about. such .things say 90 per · cent of the^computers in use · today are actually at work in the private sector, ' In the central San Joaquin: Valley=', for ; Instance, there'· sire · , 40 comput«rs' : and many ·: more .less-sophisticated data'proc.ess- '.ing.machines and czcept for a - . ; handful; they arc";being .used 1 - by businesses, large and .small. · The computer ^maintains ir[-. -ventory' controls "for: trie..'big *, chain store on the Fulton Mall /and the.little: mom .and pop ;' grocery . store, on the. .comer... · : It compiles, a. breakdown of. .·gasoline, . tire, battery . . a n d .. grease job sales for the neighborhood, service station. It- figures teltiess payrolls, sends ' out monthly statements . and ferrets out those who did. not pay-tlreir bills on time;. Based on predetermined pro-. gramming it can tell the businessmen how. much gross profit he, made, yesterday. It can tell himiwhauitems he bought that did not move last month.. · . M. Kellner Son Lumber Co.; THE FRESNO BEE THE REPUBUCAJT Fresno, California, Thursday Evening, August 29, 1968 l-D K I T T E N S A N D C H I L D R E N - T h e s e a r e special interests' o r e Downs, assistant director for education of the church foundation which owns the We'st- galte Gardens development. Holding a book Mrs. Downs uses in Rev. 1 l.-'f. Owens,'the foundation's director of community improvement; looking oh'is Bishop JV A. McFall of Oakland, president of the Western diocese of the Church of the Living- God. Mrs. Downs holds her kitten, Scamper. VISTA Educator, 76, Gets New-Job Honor · · · " . . . By beane Wylie . A:'76 : year-old former VISTA volunteer who "'can't go back" to a jife'of middle-class amenities after working with the poor of America is starting a now job as an educator with a West Fresno low-income housing project. . . · Marie Downs, from Pullman, Wash., explained some of her philosophy yesterday as she was honored by the Church of the Living God Foundation on her affiliation as assistant director for education assigned to the 100-unit Westgate Gardens development at Church and Fig Avenues. -'Can't Go Back' "I'm" going to k e e p this up as 1 can breathe," she declared. "After you have lived with and made friends among the so-called 'disadvantaged,' you can^t go back to ordinary m i d d 1 e-class living --' these people/a r e the most charming I've ever met -- so natural, so much at ease, so poised." Mrs. Downs expressed scorn for what she termed middle- class "false standards." "I mean our wall-to-wall carpet, back-yard-barbecue s y n- drome --. these are false values, superficial values." She-worked in Hanford for three years, tutoring elementary Washington as a social director of women's college dormitories, and her actual "retirement" came several years 'ago when she stepped down from a posi- County Hospital ih Seattle./.'She was widowed in 1936'when her husband, Dr. George'A. Downs, a surgeon, died in.Spokane. P r e s e n.t yesterday for the Clip me out as a reminder! Our "Dog Dax" Furni-. ture Sale «nd« thi Set' urdoy--jo if you'd like to 10ve on the fineut quality home furnishings--do hurry in! Over 1,000 item: reduced.' Furniture, lamps, pictures and decorative*) And we are OPEN TOMORROW HIGHT1 wpws 1028 No. Fulton* Tower Dist. ^^··n»^^«»«»»»^««» !· ·· ceremony honoring Mrs. Downs hands around a tree with som were the Rev. I. E. Owens, a electrical wire. former Fresnan now residing in Los Angeles as director of comm u n i t y improvement of the foundation; Bishop. .T. A. Me-her clothing off .and then wen CutsOffClotlie A .14-year-old northwest Fres no gir^speht'a terri'yuig ho'ur-ir the back yard of'her home tiec schbl pupils'"at Lincoln School to a "?e and blindfolded whi and teaching adults to read Eng- a .burglar, rifled through'. t h lish, -during her service with VISTA (Volunteers In Service · · . - , · to America, the federal "domes- Police reported the girl wa tic Peace Corps"). Before' that, not·· molested' but. the intrude she was a volunteer worker in slashed atfd-removed the;giri inner-city schools of Detroit. n j ght Lc ]rithing' and ' left. he Her volunteer, career ;began after long service in Oregon and injured. lion on the staff of the ..King w l t h 'a knifed. He'forced' her t Fall, president of the Western diocese of the Church of t h e Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, and Delmer Mr- Alister, manager of Westgate f r o m Gardens. Fresno Mayor Pro-T e m Ted C. Wills added greetings from the city and presented Mrs. Downs with'the traditional gold key. The Gardens development was the first built in Fresno:under leg' See Educator Page 54) The |!irj told police-she wa awakened : .at:30 a.m. yesterda by a man-who .wore a while hoc- over his .face and. was..anrie! get;'but of 'bed, she : K\i-, am took her to'the back yard wher he gagged.her, placed the hoc- over her head and then tired he Goes Inside The victim said-the man cu inside to . rummage, through th house. Police said the -thief took $84 purse belonging to th victim's! sister. The girl 'said the burglar le but she was so frightened sh remained tied to the tree unt dawn! She ;then managisd to free three-year-old Westgate herself. The girl .went into ;th house and'toM her family-wha had happened/The others ha slept through the ordeal. : lM»s PMLC6 CLEARANCE SPEOALS - - - ' . REfi, ; S4LE 18 Ft Frewer, ipright ..... . ..... 273* 13 Ft, Refrigerator Freezer ....... 219" tW-2G3ABiMutic Waster ...... .2M" 1 D-E iS3 Electric DOW . . . . ..... W* IPfiilceTilHoKheiiBeKiw . Aatowtie Etectrie R«ne ...... 3B» Slotf.ii Stalls- Dow tote 12-1S-2I laate . . . . ........ ..... Mft* JENSEN PILEGARD - tOet "O" $fc,l r«S 533 CUvii AV*.,C|«T: PriVate : funeral. services ' for Rirtiard' Chartrand, the^ Lake Tahoe' gambling casino owner who was killed Tuesday when a bomb-'exploded under the floor board of his car, will be held al 2 p.m. tomorrow in the Chapel of.Light. . . - : · · ' · . : A service also was held'this afternoon in : Carson City,.Nev. for Chartrand, a 42-yearsUd ex- Fresnani . ' ; ': ' The investigation of i.Char- tra'nd's death is. being continued by Neyada-and^Federal Bureau of Investigation official's after the arrest'and release yester day of a suspect, Donn L e e Caynar. . Dealer Fired Cavnar had been-, a poker dealer and bartender at Barney's Club in..'South°'Lake Tahoe, a casino operated by Chartrand, before C h a r t ran d fired him about a month ago. Chartrand also was an owner of. the South Tahoe Nugget.. In announcing Caynar's: re- ease,.DisL Atty. T e d . S t o ' k e s said: ' . ·" ' · ' " . · " ' "A portion of the. evidence upon which ;the' warrant was ssued was testimony of an in- tormant that Cavnar had on scv- er'al occasions threatened to kill Chartrand. Bomb Planted "He had stated to the inform- ant.that he planned to plant a bomb in Chartrand's automobile.. "Although s u c h statements were admitted;by the suspect, :he other evtdence'developed in :he case doesn't warrant hold- ng Cavriar ,to answer to a charge'of murder:" Cavnar, 25, lives i n . S o u t h Lake Tahoe.. a -. .- . . . Chartrand ;lived . in .Zephyr Cove,. Nev., a neighborhood of expe.nsive homes which w e r e rocked when the bomb exploded as Chartrand started to pull out of his driveway Tuesday afternoon. . i The Lisle Funeral Home is in charge of Local Arrangements. Richard Chartrand of . Fresno; ; has developed a t.aped program .which allows its. computer to. measure' boards arid; studding, 'saw' them, ! fit them into the proper space.and nail them ..together (a lorm interior ^ ami ' exterior walls for 'Homes:'-"-'.'.''''. . . . . · Ray Kellnc'r:' general manag- ier, said the prpgrarnmed con' slruction shortcut helps relieve the skilled labor shortage. ' n,, theory," Keilnsr s a i d . "the computer-guided invention ,.could_; build an unbroken' wall from;Los Angeles .to San Francisco in less.than,three months. The use; of such prefabricated parts will enable contractors to build more homes than ever be- fore.and do it at a lower cost." When the machine . has received instructions from the':paper tape program, it starts constructing the outside tram e of a wall, using building materials feiJ'Into;!! from-hoppar's; A's-the'····; ·i, * ; . - i . ^ ' -.-...' .-·,-1\ : ; V-. - i ' frame'^moves through -the conveyor chain, supporting.devices '' · such as bwqes find stiids auto- ? ·..; matically"are ciit' to':size and nailed into place. "Right now we have to nail " on.the exterior'siding when the' wall is completed," Kellner said, "but we plan eventually to let the machine'do that and also to See Data Page 3-D .RQBDT. CARPENTER-Programmed by a '^computer, this device measures, saws and nails, together walls for more than aOO houses a'week at the M. kellner Son Lumber Co.' of Fre;n=. Minor Gee, head of th9 company's product engineering department, is operating the machine. · · South Angus Bond Payoff Istertaib' : G. Allan/Kingston, lexecutive lirectdr ;: of-'. ! Ore ViR^ifsyelopment Agency of ;ttie" Gity' B df : Fresiio, oday said tiat the South nent Project' a.success id that 'it is "certain si 9" "his morning during which South Angus Redevelop- Mayor Floyd . H. Hyde w a s . the bo rid s · .will be.- p a i d ·-· ' · - nd if. Kingston's comments c a m e tiring, an 'explanation to t h e ouncil of the need for the city o divert $47,'17C/.of its unapprop- iated surplus in' the redevelopment service fund to meet bond aymehts '· which are due Sun- ay and on March 1, 1969. '·" Kingston also said that it may e ; necessary' for the city to ad- ance a like amount of money p make the Sept. 1,- 1969 and 1, ' ISffO bond .payments ut "the: year' following t h a t ber ballot. sharply critical of some of the county's past actions. At issue before the council was a policy decision on whether to support a request-by the Madison Elementary School District to be totally excluded from the Metropolitan Area Recreation District which now is under consideration: The'-Board of Supervisors can'submit the formation of such f. district to. the voters by its own action or the proposal can be put before the electorate hy the petition process. In anyevent, it is too late to get'the matter on the Novem- nere vvill'be ho problem." The bonds which were:issued re redeemable from the in- reased^tax yield from trie-area nd because the South Angus reject did rot develop as ran- dly as anticipated, the higher ax revenues were not-forlhcom' ng- ' - · ' ' - . . ' Kingston said that there are 48 additional. residential units n varying stages of construc- ion now and that of the units ·hich have been completed the acancy ratio is only I to 2 per ent. Bank Teller In The Next y/indpw--A Policeman? yrhat teller cashing your check in a number of Fresno banks could be a policeman. · · · · · · · ' . The police-teller program has been instituted to prevent arid curb holdups and the activities'of bogus check passers..'. Deputy Police Chief L. M. 'Kast. and William Hunter,.area administrative assistant for Bank of America, worked out the rogram ; that has been in effect several months. "Most: robbers like to pick on women tellers," they explain, 'but from now on tie man in tlie next teller's window may be a policeman." .Officers, work a regular shift 'or the police department and as tellers'oh their time off. They do not work in uniforms. "Policemen taking advantage if' ttiis secondary employment lave undergone special training arid are serving on a rotating; schedule," Kast says. So: far, only a mi m her of Bank if America branches have KJlicfrteliers but other banking nstituciors have made inquiries ibout the program. The number of officers and what banks they work in is con- idential.' However, they are as- iigned to high risk hanks, Kast Since December Fresno h-a s had three bank robberies.. B u t from June 1965 to-December 1967 not one bank was robbed in the city. T h e police - teller became a fixture in B a n k of America branches, a year ago. It is also in operation in Los Angeles^ Both have had numerous bank robberies in th« past. "The Fresno Police Department favors this kind of employment because it is a form of law enforcement that should discourage bank holdups,'" Kasl declares. "It will also help the officers develop greater human relation skills." "At the same time the bank has solved a troublesome problem of finding part-time tellers for. its branches," Hunter says. Goedhard Asks Joint Recreation Session City Manager Neil Goedhard will try to arrange, a joint meeting between members of the City Council and the County Board of Supervisors on the subject.of.recreation in the metropolitan area. . This developed from a disciis- .Wiils Objects Councilman Ted C. Wills objected' particularly to excluding those parts of the Madison District" which are wiLhin the Fresno, city limits and whose residents would pay the recreation district 'tax but get no benefit if the school district is .excluded from the recreation setup. Tractor Pins Grass Cutter Paul Deaton, 30, of 3124 W. Swift Ave., a tractor operator for the Fresno Irrigation D i strict, was pinned overturned traclor'fpr about 30 min- uies today in a canal ditch at Brawley and Shaw Avenues. .Heavy equipment was used to right the tractor, Deaton, .who remained con scious during the ordeal, suffered an injured leg. He was taken to Fresno General Hospital. .Irrigation District employes said'Deaton was mowing-grass on the canal bank when the machine overturned. Hyde joined in with the comment: "Why are we wasting time? A couple of years ago the voters of the state approved a i00 million bond issue for parks and recreation which was to be distributed on the basis of so much per person per head with about $650,000 as Fresno County's share. "That entire amount of money--every hickel-of. it--was taken tfy -our supervisors and put into a park on the-Kings River,.the farthest point away from the metropolitan area 'population and where it would .create a beautiful area for the people of Kings County. "It is lime we say. some of these things. , I ( . a resident of this .city who also pays his county taxes gets no more con sideration than that, where can he go?'We may as well get this out on the iable and discuss the whole issue with them. am not prepared to take any action unless there .is some showing of -good faith on the ?art of the supervisors that they recognize we live in the county." Drunk Driving Cases ARRESTS Jho H. McCoy, 43, 01 Z373 H. Mlll- oc* Av«.. il bhW* Avenue a.Kj Norlh First SI., early lod*y. Daniel M. Lucero, 4S, of HfrrxlQn, on srlft Morel Drive early twlay. Joe Janwv Gardd, i5, ol 2!5 W. Allu- idl.Arc., at Clrjrr.!, and Cedar- Avenuei, arJv iodoy. Richard R- Miller Jr., 21, of 243 E. Polaiky Ave., clovls af Shaw jnd Barton Avcrrjes, last rrigtlt.. . Juan a«rneM. 45, of 1122 E. Drxolhv Ave., al Flo ana vise Avenues, fast niunl IN COURT Frank AHITer of 3Q] W. Grove; 10 days - lall. Sentenced bv "Municipal Courl Ji:dge Geortu! W. HuFlman.. CersU Wilson of 8« E. Santa An»; one year orobolloi and 125? line. Sentenced by Municipal C o u r t Judct Jimcs V.' PaTce. John Zsldo ot WH E. I m S U n a o , !wo years nrcbaUcn and 350 {Lie. Sentenced bv JudVf Hulfm^n. Cecil Monroe of 590t E. wil It, one year probation aod 1330 fine. Silenc by Judvc Huffman. Albert Printer of 33» E. Buller, (·.., .fjrs DTObatron a.n 1.330 iln*. Senlenced by Judge Huffman. WfUam Simpson of Goshen, two veais probsfior. antf (330 fine. Sentenced by Judge Kuftman. JOHN R A T A R ' C I DM4.MR 9 F , 6 [( ,j EM V | llJGl Palm and Shaw 9AM 6PM - - F R I D A Y S 'Tll?.lollol EN'D'O?"" tSUMMER SALE! WILD REDUCTIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS POLAROID* .MODEL 210 - REG. 49.95 SAVINGS NOW OTHER MODELS $Q 700 SALE ENDS SATURDAY Mike P. Espinoza Fresnan !s Killed On Viet Patrol Mr. and Mrs. Mike D. Espinoza of 2312 S. East Ave. have seen informed their son, Lance Cpl. Mike P. Espinoza Jr., 27, was killed in action in Vietnam last Friday. Espinoza was a member of headquarters and Service Co., 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. He was killed by a "hostile ex- Jlosiye device" while on patrol in tfie vicinity cf Quang Nam. Espinoza enlisted in the Marines in December. He had lived n Fresno since 1943. and had attended Roosevelt High School. i TAPE RECORDER HEADQUARTERS UHER-PILOT KOREi-CO-TANUBERG WOLLENSAK RECORDING SUPPLIES TAPE mm mis CASSETS HEAD DIMA6. HEAD UfANEIt PLUC^MlKfS SflKI.WTAPC CABLES-ADArTCR WE Will BI CLOSED SAT., AUG. 31st *UIM BAY-SIFT. 3 SOUND JQUiMMNT CO. 2247 Bloclcstone Ont Block South e! Clinton Ph. BA 9-8563

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