The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on August 28, 1968 · Page 1
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 1

Fresno, California
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Wednesday, August 28, 1968
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THE FRESNO BEE 1 THE JUCPUBIJCAN VOL'. 90, NO. 16521 ** * Phone 26W221 .-. . FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1968--106 PAGES-- EIGHT SECTIONS Founded 1922 Per cecv, D*Hy l*c; 5im«y He «i Cairlcr, DcllwM W.M M0n*)y. Ex-Fresnan At Home Vium AP. UPI and McClaiuhy Newspapers Service-reports Police today arrested,, then released, a suspect, in the car- bomb death of Richard.L. Chartrand, 42, a'former Kresnan who operated a South Lake Tahoe gambling casino. Chartrand was killed yesterday when a bomb exploded beneath' the front seat of his car as he shifted gears to drive away from his home in the plush Lake Tahoe shoreline community of Zephyr Cove. · --'South Lake Tahoe police said they arrested Donu Lee Cavnar, 24, a poker'dealer in.Barney's Club ai- Stateline, Nev., oh a warrant charging first-degree murder. ' He was released later because of lack of evidence. The deputies said the -bomb was triggered by wire devices connected to "taped coils underneath 'the car.- The coils were hooked to a lead sinker which anchored the device. It was rigged to explode as the car began to move forward. Chartrand, a bachelor, had backed out of lillS Backer's Son BEVERLY HILLS (AP)-The 4-year-old son of -a B e v e r l y Hills banker was kidnaped from his home ^at midmorning today, his home and started to go forward, when the blast shattered the car, blew a hole in the street and shook the expensive homes of the south shore subdivision. The explosion in Chartrand's car scattered parts of it over his front lawn and those of adjacent' $40,008 to $70,000 homes. No one else was injured. Charlrand formerly operated a used-car business and dealt in real estate in Fresno."" He operated a charter air service in Fresno immediately before buying stock in Barney's' Club in 1961. He later bought a 46 per cent interest in the South Tahoe Hugget at Stateline and. operated a slot machine'Business. · Frank Johnson; . Chartrand's neighbor and chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said he was in bed recovering See Bomb Page 4-A at * « Czechs Ask Deadline On Riiss Pullout PRAGUE (AP) -- The Czechoslovak" National Assembly to day adopted a resolution demanding a firm deadline for the withdrawal of Soviet-led occupation troops and condemning the occupation as illegal. Informants said the National Assembly also declared it could not' ratify the Moscow agreement because it was reached under pressure. There was no immediate report from a secret meeting "of the Communist party Central Committee of its position on the Moscow .accord that continues the occupation and has forced the Czechoslovak regime fo rein up "oh" its liberalizing program. Opposition Grows But sources indicated that opposition to the terms of the settlement was hardening rapidly despite appeals by 'Alexander Dubcek, the party leader, and The red-haired son of Stanley President Liidvik Svoboda Tubs- Stotford was, abducted by a man day for Czechoslovak under- police said. Cadillac, officers sai Police Chief. Clinton Anderson said the child's father -suspects ransom as a rnotive, though he did hot say whether a ransom note. was left. v The boy, described as 3- feet tall with curly re'd hair, was reported wearing a blue and white bathing suit. Anderson said the abductor, HH's Vote Total Soars Toward First-Ballot Win d- white standing while they work to end the occupation.' Dubcek was expected-to address the Central Committee meeting at the clandestine Communist headquarters. "The National Assembly continues to regard the occupation of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic by forces of five'states of the Warsaw Pact as illegal and as violating 'international treaties, the "U.K. "charter arid a man, stole the family car to the Warsaw Pact," said a Free make: his escape. He was de-Prague'radio broadcast, scribed as between 35 and 40 "The National Assembly is years old, wearing dark blue convinced .that our armed forces work clothes. The boy.also is named Stan-, ley, like -his father. Stolford is r chairman-of t he board of 'Fidelity Bank of Beverly Hills. His home is on one of the quiet, palm-lined streets of this plush Los Angeles suburb.' j are capable of security of ouV western frontier and calls on the government to insist the fixing of arid' adherence to concrete dates for the withdrawal of foreign troops. : "At the same time we maintain fhat all our citizens who See Czechs Page 4-A UtA'l H b O b N b --This is the interior of the car in which Richard L. Char- tranri, a former Fresnan, was killed when a bomb exploded beneath the front seat. He · . was the operator of a I,ake Tahoe casino. Custody Of 10 Morris Orphans Is Granted To Aunt In Concord Newspapers service grante d to a paternal, aunt and .MADERA-- Custody of the 10 her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Morris children, orphaned, by tlie traffic ueaths of their parents -last July 2, today |n The Bee Today Amusements, Theaters 18-B, 19-B Bridge : 8-F itanley Graves -of Concord, :ori'tra Co-;ta County. ' · Mrs. Graves and . the chH- dren's maternal" grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Bolls lachawicz of Fresno, originally had petitioned for custody of the children Checking Up 12-A City News In Brief 17-B Classified .'. 11-C To 15-C Comics '... 7-F Crossword Puzzle ,;..'... 10-C. Editorials .16-C Financial ; -.....". 16-B Helen Help Us 2-F Hints,From Heloise .... 3-F Katherine Kitchen..B Section Letters 16-C Nason On'Education ... 10-A News Behind News 16-C Obituaries 3-C Politics By Rodda ,1-A Radio ; 6-F Sports 2-C To -C Stop Killing Yourself ....17-B 3ut withdrew their petitions last There is a married daughter Friday . after Superior Judge Jack L. Hammerberg asked.the families to get together and-determine what would be best for the children. In granting custody to the Graves this morning Judge sf,e said she wa"s not worrier Sylvia Porter-.. Television .16-B 8-F Valley. News 8-C Weather 10-C What's fn Your Name.?- 14-A Women's ' ; ' Ac I ivitics 1-F To 3-F mendation of the probation of ficer, the judge said. Graves is a machine opera tor for the Moore Business Forms Co. The family has a five-bedroom home at Concord with a swimming pool and a 15-year-old son lives at home Hammerberg said they are to be 'commended for their generosity in sharing their home and love. Judge Hammerberg added that the. grandparents "are a little elderly to care for also. Kathleen Morris, 17, the eldes of t!ie children, sai-J that movinj from Madera does not bothe her because the family ha moved 'all their lives anyway about the children being allowec to stay together because they were assured of this by tin judge. The children's parents wer L '.'_;-- Homemade signs- calling on the Democratic National Convention .to draft" Sen. Edward M. Kennedy "as 'its' presidential candidate-'are raised by members of the California delegation in Chicago's International Amphitheatre. Kennedy has stated he will · not accept the nomination. Race* Plans To Rght Nominee C$$AG'P:J AP 4v; Per Gov. Lester Maddox abandoned oday his brief bid for th6'Dem- ocratic presidential nomination [enounced the party and said he would' campaign, against .its iprriihe'e for president. He P.lso said he was quitting ire'convention city-and invited the -state's regular delegation to o with him. Maddox's action followed a decision of'the national conven- ion Tuesday night to seat both le regular delegation and a ri- al, integrated slate, dividing eorgia's 43 voles between hem. . ' The governor, who had hand- icked the regular delegation with state chairman James ray, resigned as a delegate imself Monday to protest the Credentials Committee's deci- ion not to seat his slate alone. He left open the possibility hat he might support the third- larty candidacy of former Ala- iama Gov. George C. Wallace, jut said he would remain a Democrat and would not back Richard M. Nixon, the Republican: nominee. Maddox, who closed his Atlan- a restaurant rather than-serve Negroes, told a news conference lis conscience would not allow lim to aid "any liberal candi date, any liberal party, parlicu- arly the Democratic Socialist Party." "In obedience to God and loyally to my country I denounce them," he said as he stood beneath seven American flags in the ornate grand ballroom of the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Over Viet Opens After Wild Demo Session : v.; ?y Richard Rodda.-,"... : ·' McClatchy 'newspapers'Xf : * . political editor · ''' CHICAGO ---The Democratic National Convention began its bitter. Debate" on Vietnam 'this -^The California-delegation too a'fte'rnoon-'^er^w'inding up 'a a'iead'ing'role'-in'cuttinioff th stormy session early, today anc a noisy display of anger. 'Final, Firm No 1 Kennedy Demands End To Draft Effort WASHINGTON (UPl)-Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., firmly declared today he is not a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and asked his supporters to cease all convention activity on his behalf. Kennedy's disavowal of his candidacy was made in a statement issued .from his office. He recalled that a month ago IB had announced he would not accept the vice presidential nomination if offered him for the children for the number of Robert and J °y ce Morris years" t'.iat will be required. · · Clifford Salmon, 61, of Porter- Judge Hammerberg added ville, the driver o! one o! four the children wijl be able to follow the religion of their mother vehicles involved in the accident in which they died, has and father, and the children will been charged with be . able to attend parochial drunken driving a n d schools. He said the welfare of the children is the only guiding the probation officer's repo/t arid he is following the recom- felony manslaughter. A trust fund for the orphans principle in the matter. A great has increased to nearly $50,000 deal o f : consideration went-into with contributions received (rom as fa.r away as West Ger many and South Vietnam. Weather OFFICIAL FORECAST Fair through tomorrow. High temperatures today, 92-99. Lows tonight, 60-67. Little change in temperatures tomorrow. Light winds. FRESNO FACTS Yesterday's high--93 Today's low--60. Joday's forecast--97, 61. Today's normals--96, 59. Details on Page 10-C "personal and family reasons." The senator spoke out as a groundswell of support to nominate him for president persisted at the Chicago conven- ion. The younger brother of the late President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy noted that his decision was 'final, firm and not subject to urther consideration." Kennedy then said: 'The same decision and the :ame reason apply in the case if the presidential nomination. "I appreciate the confidence and the spontaneous support of my friends in various parts of he country. But I ask them now to cease all activity on my behalf so that Ihe convention can choose its nominee from among the capable and dedicated candidates already in contention." Gerald Doherly of Boston tho managed Kennedy's firsl :enate campaign in IS62, said Kennedy would have to recon ;ider his position if a genuine draft developed. Doherty said 'I think it would be extremely difficult for him to say no." M i n n e s o t a and Missour sources said Humphrey slil hadn't given up hope for Kenne dy: as 'a running mate despite .he senator's stalement that he would hot accept cuch a post. Humphrey lieutenants insists no decision has been made: Stil 1968 TRAFFIC RECORD 19 79 City County Deaths Deaths This Year This Year 20 72 A Year Ago A Year Ago Ckaclt your tif«l. Really Big Chicago Show Yippies Protest Everything ' ' By C. K. McClatchy Executive Editor. McClatchy Newspapers ' CHICAGO--The biggest show yet for the delegates to thi )emocratic National Convention was put on early this morning yy a crowd of 4,000 howling yippies, thousands of tired and irri ated police, a contingent of fresh Illinois National Guardsmei and Peter, Paul and Mary. 'igured f on the list of ponsi convention - proceedings arriun today as' weary/ del gales chanted "let's go home.' Convention leaders tried de perately to resfore drder an complete action on the platform but finally yielded to the shoui "ng crowds. At one point Mayor Richard J Daley of the host city took th microphone and accused th ;allery crowd pf trying to fak over the convention. He" wa booed. And it was obvious the chant ng was coming from the floor vith the California, New. Yorl See Demos Page 4-A' Massed acros the street from the Conrad Hilton Hotel, 1: (rant Park, a very mixed group vith .equally mixed purposes made its presence felt in protest against everything from the Vietnam war to the way Chicago Mayor Richard Daley dresses. No one was spared. Sen. Eu- gene McCarthy of;-Minnesota the demigod of many of the pro testers, was denounced as 'sell-out link" by some. Mayo See Yippies Page 4-A Daley Takes; Illinois Bloc · To Hubert By Jack Bell and Barry Schweid CHICAGO (AP) -- Vice Presi- «l Hubert H. Humphrey ar teared .certain Wednesday of nning the Democratic norrtf- - ation for president on Uie first allot. " ' ' . . . ' Humphrey's expected vote t I began to climb after Sen. dward M. Kennedy of Massa: husetts pleaded with the dele- ates to give- up an idea of a raft and -to' choose, instead;, 'rom among the capable and ' edicated candidates' already in ontention." . ' In quick succession, Gov. ichard .J. Hughes of New Jerey endorsed Humphrey, Govs. ohn J. McKeithen of Louisiana nd Mills E. Godwin Jr. of Virnia dropped out .as favorite ins and Illinois' powerful polii- al boss, .Mayor Richard J. aley.of Chicago, turned a mas- ve 112 votes over to the vice resident. Daley had held out for days. hough he had been expected to for Humphrey eventually, he mayor listened to pleas in jehalf of other possible nomi- ees, particularly the last of. the Kennedy, brothers. . But with Kennedy's don't- Iraft-me statement, Daley leaded Illinois into Humphrey's mounting vote column. Over The Top Shortly after the Democrats convened their third session, an Associated Press poll of solid, first-ballot .strengthgave Hum- Jhrey I,4l8 l / t votes--more tfian [00 above the 1,312 he will need 'or nomination Wednesday night. His closest tiiallenger, Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota, trailed with 491^, while See HHH Page 4-A Top News inside World Y a n k s , reds tangle; rockets hit Saigon, !2-'A. Troops rout students in Mexico City pla^a, 10-A. U.S. again asks private Viet talks, 12-A. Nation Eisenhower's doctors 1 are optimistic, 4-A. Slate And Local Visalia's Maid of California surveys the California Stair Fair, 2-A. City wins delay in PUC hearings on rail crossings, 1-C. Assemblyman sees h i g h post for Finch if Nixon wins, 1-C. FSC marching band is no more, 1-C. Officials Conflict Clegg Raps 2 Welfare 'Versions' County Welfare Direclori *eed K. Clegg wishes Gov. R o n a l d Reagan and his ap- winled state welfare director ivould g e t , together when preaching about social pro;rams. "The governor has announced on several occasions that ,welfare is being reduced and in Director says some farm worker families on welfare earn $1,000 a month. Story on Page l-C. lilities were McCarthy, Hughes Sens.' Fred Harris of Oklahom arid ' Edmund ' S. ' Muskie o Maine,., and Ambassador to France -Sargent Shriver, a Ken-! ncdy brother-in-law. Another brother-in-law, Stephen Smith, paid, a call on McCarthy (hat encouraged the thi's situation'." speeches in ' other stales has indicated that he 'has the solution to the welfare problem in Fresno County, Calif.' "At the same time his appointed state director of social welfare (John C. Montgomery) is issuing · literal regulations, some of which are over and aBbve federal requirements . .. "It doesn't lake too much ir the way of imagination to iden tify the man in the middle o: Kennedy speculation, but ·. a McCarthy aide said the talk involved the Vietnam, plank. Clegg makes the comments in a report to County Adminis trative Officer Phillip V. San :hez on current welfare rules. The local welfare director redicts. "accelerated increases n the welfare caseloads and expenditures" resulting from new cderal legislation and regula- ions set by Montgomery. He also.points out the county las approved 155 application! or nonresidents since residency aws were tossed out by the State Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court has y e t - t o rule on residency laws, iut in the meantime all applications are being processed. Clegg s a y s the applications approved represent recipients 'rom 33 of the 50 slates/and 'Texas, with a total of 39 applicants, leads all other slates.' He says applicants with foreign countries listed as "slate of origin" represent Egypt, Lebanon, France, Romania Puerto Rico, Portugal, I r a n and Cuba. Each of these cases can ex pect to receive $1,500 a yea in welfare (unJs, says Clegg. "Thus, if no additional non resident cases were approved ve would have a total expendi- ure during the year of $232,500 or aid to nonresidenls," he re- xirts. "As you will recall, we did not take Ihe nonresident.silua- ion into consideration in estimating our budget for the current fiscal year." Clegg also complains about a social worker-supervisor ratio iet by Montgomery which is ligher than one set by the federal government. "At the present time it is not possible to make accurate predictions on residence, the full effects of income exemption and other liberalizing measures," says Clegg. "I am positive, however, ihat expenditures will ncrease and that the utilization of reserve funds earmarked for welfare will be necessary before the end of Ihe fiscal year." I Today't Chuckle | Don't tell that tired-looking guy in the office he needs.a vacation. Chances are he just had one. ·J?

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