The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on December 22, 1944 · Page 22
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · Page 22

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1944
Page 22
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SP.ORTS THE FRESNO BEE, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1944 P«g« 3--B iaona Thumps [Sanders Five Jim Black "topped all American I League scorers in municipal basketball last night by turn-ing in 20 points to lead his Club Gaona team to a 55 to 19 victory over I Sanders Brothers, new entry replacing Pinedale, in the Frank H. I Ball court. -His effort was closely, followed by E Page, who looper in 14. Club Rolinda defeated Fresno I Building. 21 to 18. while Blue Devils were drubbing Rohr, 37 to 9. W. Shane was tops for the winners with nine points, closely followed by C. Brumfield and G. Rice, both of whom counted eight. Richard Grill of the Fresno High School Golds topped all scoring in the National League in municipal basketball play last night by looping in 17 points while his team was running to a wild 61 to 22 victory over Holmes in the Fresno High School Gymnasium. Bob Borello and Bill Hanson followed Grill closely with 16 points. Warner's romped to an easy 3S to 15 victory over Schmendrick's in another game of the triple header with R. Kapigian high for the ·winners with 11 points. Pinedale Aces managed a 40 to 5 victory over Later Day Saints in tilt which featured high individual scoring. H. Jarvis hit the hoop winners while W. for the losers. Sanders Urns. U f l ) McsenliKlan 10 F .. F. ... .. O. . . . . G. ... . . . G . . Club Gaona Kohr ' Floras. 0 for 16 for the Pogue dittoed Scores: Club r.anna (55) 20 Black 2 RodriRues .... 14 Pace. S Kinc . . .'. ."."' Substitutions: Blue Devils 5 M n h n f f y . . . 9 Siiane 5 Brumfield .. 3 Henderson .. 5 Rico j .. Substitutions: Blue Rices L Moore 1: Rofor Cluli RollndH (21.) Fresno BIdit (18) 6 Schmidt F Berg 2 8 Jessen F. : Steilz -1 2 LunK C A f f e r i n d 0 3 A r a k a l i a n O. 0 Arrnctt G Substitutions: Chili Rolinda--Wulf 2; Fresno Buildinp--Rirnjo. Areure. FHS Colds ( f i t ) rw. 17 Grill F. . 0 G r i f f i n F. . 16 Borclln C. . ·12 Ribera G. , 16 Hanson G .. Schmcndrlrks (15) 3 Borclli F. . 2 Bernard ?. . 2 Spickler ;. . 0 Kellas. . j . 6 A v a k i a n News Of The San Joaquin Valley By McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS SERVICE Kidnaped Girl Is Found In Cabin Near Stockton .BAKERSFIELD (Kern Co.), Dec. 22.--A 17 year old Arvin girl, as- sertedly kidnaped by seven Filipinos Monday night, was found late yesterday in a cabin near Stockton. Emedio Rocerio, 44, said to be her former sweetheart, who was with her,-was arrested and is being held in the Kern County Jail. ·Chief Overton Deputy said the Sheriff Arthur girl. Miss Rose Alvarado, told him she had been raped. ' Four alleged memoers of the gang, Gelazio Ronato, Andres Ril- zeria, Jose Ramos and Riberao Timoteo, were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Visalia, and two others still are .being sought. Charges Are Filed Overton said kidnaping charges have been filed against all "seven men. Miss Alvarado told Overton the seven Filipinos forced her into a One Valley Soldier Is Killed, .5 Are Wounded In War One San Joaquin Valley service man was listed as dead and five were reported wounded. Killed: Second Sayre, 25, Wounded: Marine Corporal Scheld of Merced. ·Lieutenant Glenn of Porterville. W. Theodore L. Private William S. Easter of the Merced district. Private First Class Ausencio Valdez of Livingston. Private Ralph C. Moreno of Wasco. Private First Class Claude H. Napier of Sanger. Drive Opens For ervice Nurses Mrs. Mary M. Ehlert of San Francisco, state executive officer of the War Manpower Commission's committee for the procure' Sergeant Forgets Danger In Air (Continued From race 1-B) Financial News Business Marked in that city before he entered the! ment" anTassignment of"nurses"" is service December 16, 1942. conferring in Fresno today with! officials of the Fresno area pro-i curement and assignment commit-1 _ Bay Stocks Spurt With Optimism SAX FRANCISCO, Dec. 22.-! ^_ Select Stocks Go Forward In N. Y. Cotton Is Quiet NEW YORK, Dec. 22.--(IP)-Trading in cotton futures was extremely quiet today due to the! approach of the extended holiday weekend. Small mill buying and i . coverina held the market steady.! NEW YORK, Dec. 22.--'J?!--Se- BROTHERS ENJOY R E U N I O N ! , ( O p t i m i s m returned to the stock!A good" part of the activity con-jlected stocks, paced by rails, re- markpt today, l i f t i n g Aviation Cor-!sisted of switching from near t o i t u r n e d to the forward .- . . .- - Tw o Fresno brothers who en- nn .= Q i n H n i r nil Vira North !distant deliveries. | today's market and favorites ral- tee to assist them m their program | u t d Ioc , ether in December 1942 ! p a " .' f - * , T , r . i Late afternoon prices were un-Mied a s much as 2 or more points, a cooU-ino tr, «t Civilian nurses, both I ^ l e u lu o^-nt;r u«.iiinu«, i.,., ern p aclflc and international fete-'., J tQ 1Q cen , ls a ba , e higher.! few to seven i" ear to P s seeking to get civilian nurses, both, ,, -- -- , . . -i » : m£»f in tno Mniinmnoc roi^on 1 Iv T AT* * « - t i « r n * ^ v \ * * . M j k v ' v . % * - . ^ « j , v M , * \ , i 4 i p , i i i active and retired, into the lAj m e t m i n e i mnppines retentij ior| phone IQ new highs t h c ]ast three.March ''194 Mav n 86 Julv ^148 classification from which the nursesjthe first time since entering t h e l . , _ o r m l n r i n ,,, o nnimc r«iavprn«! NEW YORK COTTON FRIDAY of the armed forces are obtained, (service. With only. 220 nurses obtained j for the military to date in the present recruitment campaign, California is likely to fall far short of its quota of 526, the deadline j being January 1st. Mrs. Ehlert also is helping the · local officials, headed by Miss Esther Roach, in their program to stabilize the civilian nursing serv- !ice. j u p around 1 to 2 points. Calaveras ; i p f d , Southern Pacific and New'aoc lower. They are Private Patrick *I.iYork Central gained 1 or more, andi.March ... Criesi of 434 Stanislaus Street snA^ *,,,,,,,,-,,, ed Emporium and dipped 1. VORK COTTON FRIDAY I5c a bale lusher car Monday night, took her to pan. Dies Of Wounds PORTERVILLE (Tulare. Co.), Dec. 21.--Second Lieutenant Glenn W. Sayre, 25, one of four sons of Mr. and Mrs. William Sayre of the Porterville district who are in the armed forces, died as a result of wounds suffered in action on Sai- · E dc°S '^Stockton. Menzoian fi| She said Woorjlake, where Rocerio and two companions separated from the others, changed to another automobile and then drove her to she was held prisoner in the farm house, guarded alternately by the. three Filipinos. Yesterday, she said, she was able ! .' ." iiombanfi t^jto attract the attention of a woman 1 " Tl'lBSCU I I I jonibanli (i| Lacerda. 2| w h o ] j v e d Sayre worked his way up to a commission from the ranks. He enlisted before Pearl Hai'bor. He was born in Casper, Wyo., ibut the parents moved here when he was a baby. He was graduated from the Porterville Union High School and attended-the Porterville Junior College one term. The throe brothers in the service are Staff Serjeant Albert Sayre, She is reemphasizing the needs of the armed forces and of civilian hospitals. She came to Fresno after conferences with procurement and assignment officials in Modesto. She expects to go to Hanford tonight for meetings with the Kings Coun- tv workers. "Mrs. EKlert also is state man of her agency's staff section and president of the San County Nurses Associa-l Francisco tion. sea up H to lOH.ijuiv ._.. Pacific Telephone;Dumber 119451 ·-·1.95 21.S9 21.49 20.63 20.47 21.9:5 21.S5 -l.-t 6 20.5S 20.47 I . . . . . lir.K spot 22,32. nominal. B --B:rt. j The comeback started in the i second hour, after a sluggish open- l i n e , as buyers converged on the i^f: 'carrier? and other issue? that stand oj'f* : t o benefit by the whipping up or 2L49 [armameju output to stem the Nazi T»Q .5*^ tice in i.urope. ""; Railways bonds held the cejiter i of the loans section. CLOSING 1'IUCKS TIU'KSDAY chair- nurse Sam Criesi £, C A l t i L j L a . l l . fcJCl JS-,T;CI I 1 L ^Vi M C I L ·JCLJ L C, ,,,,,,-,,,,-,,, , , next door - a n d lhe ^ a . n Lieutenant Earl Sayre and Private nei-iis--otto 2, ] Joaquin County sheriff was rroti- Robert Sayre. lie also leaves a [ied. Deputies Find Girl MeanwhileA Deputy Sheriffs Tom i - z i O u i n n and Emmett Smith of Kern CooVlati -' - - - - Cold Wave Holds On East Coast (By The Associated Press) Numbing cold gripped eastern sister, Mrs. Thelma Duncan, of this and New England states and portions of the Middlewest today while j northernmost tier of the central 3 Are Injured AAC M f K CO . Atlas Diesel .. BiM-.on Oil Ci a Kurvka . .. Crown Zellcr . . Pi Giorgio pf . Genl Motors . . . Ger.l Paint Gland McBean . Golden Stale . . Honolulu Oil . . Li'nhv McNesll . Lockheed .vrc . ii March Calou .'" No Amer Oil . i! Oliver Fi! B . IPGE . . PGE 6 pf . . ,,Pac Lipht . . .. !I Finn \vhis Pf . i R E R Co pf . P.ii hfielrt Oil . . ! Ryan Aero . . . Of i Shell Union Oil . i Sound Puly pf *v South Pac . . . iSprins Valley . Hich 11 'i 15Vi si"' 2H- -, fi ^ 35 1.01V . 3 3 ! 1.9(1 i NK\V OKI.KANS C'OTTOX F I 5 I H A Y Close N E W ORI.KANS. De-. 22. -- Cottr.p ::.- 1 7 " s ' U : r e s closeri u n r h a n c e d to 5c a b?.i» hic'ner. 12 'k : March 21.9S. ilav 21.90. Ji:!v 21.51 hlrt.i 3-, ( Oc',oht-r 20. SI. ; 00 ' Ncxv Orleans spo* C'-'.:^.^ "'"5f i vr.- ' C'J !chan~pd Palps 2.050: m!rirt!ir:i; 21.40. ' Dow-Jones Averages Closins . . 10'i . S i* . 25k .103 i Corporal Sam A. Criesi. a son (Mrs. Elizabeth Criesi of 1438 Street, a four star mother. Word of the reunion was re- JTransamerira'."..' i 10 ceived by the private's wife, Mrs.|Union on c.i: . . . . 20 Lorraine" Criesi. Earlier he h a d i V l c t o r K "" u ' ' ' ' ' V n i i s £ written her he was certain he'Arcnnaut _ M i n _ .. . . ^ would meet his brother again day w h i l e in the service. jMntson Nav Sch Wall Bd 4 H 3! 1'ROMOTKl) William G. Golladay, of who enlis'ted as a private has been promoted to major. Word o£ the 26 year old Fresnan's promotion was received by his parents, Eresnoj^'est Coast Life in 1941, .35 I f i .1 5 l-j 24 -n 31 20 9-S 21 "s 3S i,i 4 7 H 19 1 5 SS 10 S'i 25 i. t 103 40 20 6 l . J i . 16 Grain Prices Rise . . Utilities "5.30. crk-cs Fndav: a.-, ioO.43. up .15. f.; 45.01. up so. " UP .OS. KR1OAVS CLOSING PRICES iJ-urnished By Bean Winer A; Co.) 25 10.". 4 O 10" 20 6 · 16 · l i g h t . i At the finish wheat was iVs . ;lTs higher, corn was up : - to ' ; o a t s were 1 to l :i s higher, rye w 1 to 2"s higher, barley was up .'· to 2-V IATSF , i Ber.riix Av;a . . , tOjBethlehjrr. Steel 1 iBoeinc A i r c r a f t 64-.^ r K l C E K A N r . K FH111AY CHICAGO. Dec. 22. L. A. Stocks Holm.-s (22) .Montgomery 2 .. Burnbam 6 Welsh 10 . . .. Chileotc .. . . Bainter Warner's CIS) Keber . .. Crawford Colver Kaniaian 11. ,, ,. " . . . Hercenrarier 9 SuhRtitiitionp: Schmendriftlts--Schreiber 2. Warner's--Enns 6. Adams, R. Kerbcr 'l,DS Ctn 0 Parkcs 6 Lamoreoux. . 16 PoRue 13 Hardy , 0 P e t e r s o n . . . . Substitutions: Aces--Taylor. Boucher 2. Mnedalc Ace« (40) F Raymond \ . F 'Jarvis 10 C . . . . . . Newton 7 . G Allen 7 . .G Fcicha. 4 LDS--Welion. Pinedale fowling News Fred Zwptzig clicked off a 614 series which proved high count for individuals competing in the Major League at the Rialto Recreation last night. Zwetzig opened with 186, scored 225 in the middle and closed with 203. A score of 2,644 proved high team total and was scored by Ray Snow 550, Dick Wells 51.8, Cliff Barnes 456, Ben Secara 565 and Fred Lisle 565. Leading series also included Rov Leavltt 577, Ellsworth Weber 572, Tom Bonnet 571, Steve Olmstead 562, Roy Sprowls 555, John Roscoe 553, Paul Gatewood 542, George Bechtold 541,.-Harry Weigandt 536, jjan ^anovicn uotj, oeurge um :i.5.L, Tom Aaron 530, Charlie Walker 526, Mike Avakian 515, John Kirste 514, Walt Wilde 532, Bob Percival 511, Claire Gilmore 511, Bill Bopp 501. Betty Lou Stumph 486, Rae Engle 379, Margaret Sullivan 413, K a t i e Lee 487 and Joan Dresby 319 scored 2,143 to top teams in the Womenii League at, the Playditim last night. Claire Lytle with 494 shot high series, i n c l u d i n g top game of 199. Charles Safforrl 462, Leo Pernan 412, .Lou Dubois 415, Johnny Lawlor 310 and Jim Ross 402 rolled 2,254 for best score for teams in the Playdium 725 League last night. Gene Ellis with 54.0 and Dom Slia with 500 were top individuals, "ft'alt Collins shot high game of 206. A Holiday Doubles Classic is under way on the Playdium lanes with a hig field competing. The event .will run until January 15th. It is a h a n d i c a p affair with 70 per cent of the handicap from 200 scratch. Leaders to date include Orville Smith and Frank Piccolo 1,267, Gene Ellis and Tony Sansovich 1.257, Boh King and Dom Elia 1,21-7, Ellsworth Weber and Sansovich 1,193 and Leon Gensler and Ellis 1,177. "· The T . i c h t n i n e s heat: 1hc Soater Girls, 2-1; the White Collar Gals won from the 2-1; the Lucky Strokes trimmed the Lock- ettes, 2-1; anrl the Strikers- took three from the Lockheed Ladies Five .Curves in League competition in the Fresno Bowling Palace last night. The Strikers had high team score of 1,916 as follows: Betty Stannarcl 374, Mariorie Cook 462. Ruth Ha- popian 322, Mary Schmidt 349 and Doris Hagopian '409. Nevers Becomes Major SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22,-'(INS)--Ernie Nevers, former Stanford University all American fullback, has been promoted fro_m the |ank of captain to major in the Jnited States Marine Corps. Nevers. a veteran of two Southwest Pacific battles, is stationed at Treasure Island. Advertisement To an experienced Railroad Carman in this area Your experience is something few men have . . . and something Southern Pacific needs. To be able to repair or rebuild railroad equipment Is today a skill of greater importance t h a n ever. Because S.P. must keep the war trains rolling . . . the railroad must bring the jeeps and tanks and guns and troops to the West Coast ports of embarkation. At S.P, ihere is a line opening: for you . . . a vital 1ob, a good-paying job. You'll " be working -with folks you'll like ,., . and with first-class equipment. Railroad pass privileges. Medical services. A fine pension plan. Join the Southern Pacific family .'. . cet hack -into railroading whore your skill and experience are really appreciated. You.are urgently needled. Liberal age limits. Apply S. P. Employment Offiet s See or Write D.T. TOWLES Merced and n St*., Fresno, or Your Nearest S.F. Agent County had traced Rocerio s car to Stockton. They were notified by radio of the girl's hereabouts and drove immediately to the house where she was found. They arrested Rocerio, but were unable to locale the other two men who, the- deputies believe, fled in an nutomobi-le when the officers approached. Overton said he believes Rocerio i n s t i g a t e d the k i d n a p i n g because Miss Alvarado assertedly refused to many him. Champion Pro League Elevens Will Clash LOS ANGELES, De.c. .22.-- Iff) -The champions of * two Pacific Coast Professional Football Leagues will collide here Sunday afternoon. The San Diego Bombers, undefeated and winners of the Pacific Coast League, will be out to keep their record i n t a c t when they w'.Il meet, the Hollywood Rangers, American League champjons. Sugar Bowl Sellout Is Early Prospect NEW 'ORLEANS. Dec. 22.-- (-Pi- President A. B.' Nicholas of the New Orleans Midwinter Sports Association says a complete sellout- of: the 72,000 seats at the Sugar Bowl football game appears likely before Christmas, i An original allotment ot 2U,UUU special rate tickets for servicemen and women has 'already been sold out. and an additional 3,000, priced at ,$3 each, have been ordered sold at $1.20 and turned over to the Young Men's Business Club for free distribution to servicemen. Basketball Results USC 50. Uh FcrryinR Broup 22. Camp Ross 5S. Caltecli 51. ReikllnR Collegians 45. Clilco State 36. Gnllaudct 27. Maryland 26. - , Baldwin Wallace 75. Case. 34. Kirtlaml Field 39. New Mexico HT. Blaclcland Army Air Field 63. Baylor 22. Fort Lewis (Wash.) Warriors 52. Ore- "orcRon State CollcRe 47, Tillamook Naval Air Station 27. Fight Results Fall River (Mass; 1-- Benny SinFleton. l.Tfi Waterburv. Conn., outpointed Cocky havl« 137. Worcester. Mass.. 10. Al Pjnel. 153. New Bedford. Mass.. out- pointed Ernie Dundee, 133. Brockton. Mass., 6. FOOTBATH PLAYER IS KT1XEH . MUNCIE (Ind.), Dec. 22.-- (INS) --Private Donald J. Heistand, former varsity football player at Indiana University, has been killed, in action in the Philippines. The widow, Mrs. Ruth McCormick Heistand, was notified by the war department that Heistand died November 16th. GOLF PRO BECOMES GOB SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22.-(INS)-- Art Bell, former professional at the San Francisco' Golf Club, was being fitted for. a navy uniform today. Bell, one of the longest hitters in the game and former state open and Northern California PGA champion, was inducted yesterday. He is married and has one child. CHICO STATE IXSES CHICO, Dec.. 22.-- W-- Sparked by Jim. Richert, former University of Santa Clara forward, the Redding Collegians last night overcame a seven point'deficit to defeat th'e Chico State varsity basketball five, 45 to 36. Richert was' high scorer with 25 points. HUSKIES IROP GAME PORTLAND. Dec. 22.-- (INS)-Fee's Music Makers rolled over the University of Washington basketball team in Portland last night, 60 to 40, to extend their string of victories against northern division college teams. SIX DUCKS, ONE SHOT SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 22.-- V?) -- Al Ball was there as a witness when his brother, Tom, raised his shotgun and pulled the trigger once. Six ducks tumbled earthward. CAMP ROSS FIVE WINS P.ASADENA, Dec. 22.-- (/H-- Corporal Don Barksdale · bagged 26 points to lead his Camp Ross team to a 58 to 51 victory last night over the Cal Tech quintet, here. Lane's ; Waffle Inn SELMA, CALIF. Will Be Closed Dec. 23, 24, 25 26 WILL RE-OPEN ON Wed., Dec. 27fh We Whh Our Friendt and Customers A Joyful Christmas WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. -- The war Department today a n n o u n c e d the names of 1.714 United States soldiers wounded in action. The announcement said in case of any divergence between the list and information sent to next of kin, the next of kin message is the final authority on the status of an i n d i v i d u a l . The list of those wounded In action in the European area included: Private First Class Ausencio Valdez, son of Mrs. Inez A. Valdez, Box C, Livingston, Calif. Wounded in action in Mediterranean area: Private Ralph C. Moreno, son of Mrs. Paula H. Moreno. N i n t h and F Streets, 'Wasco, Kern County, Calif. Private First Class Claude H. Napier, son of Mrs. Louella . Napier. Trimmer Route, Box 17, Sanger, Calif. Marine Is Wounded WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.-- U.R-- The navy department today announced the names of 176 casualties of the United States naval forces, including among the wounded Marine Corpora] Theodore L. Scheldt,! son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scheld, 806 Eighteenth Street, Merced. Injury Is Not Serious · MERCED (Merced Co.), 'Dec: 22. -- "VTri .Tp::ip .Tnhnsnn nf thp Farmdale district has been notified he.r son, Private William S. Easter, 19, suffered a minor wound in action. Young Easter is with the American Army somewhere in western Europe. Crop Approaches All Time Record PORTERVILLE (Tulare Co.), Dec. 22.: -- Unofficial estimates place the present Central California Navel orange crop at 15,500 carloads, as compared to an early season prediction of 15,000 cars'. Last, year, lo,200 · cars were shipped from Central California, the largest crop on record. The Orange Administrative Committee, the prorate body,' is operating on a 15,000 car estimate. This week, packing plants of the area are operating on a 1,500 car prorate, up 100 cars from the previous week's quota. Last -week about 1,700 cars were shipped. This week all shipments are expected to total 1,800 cars. - 4,4fiO Cars Shipped Up to December 16th, 4,469 cars had been shipped to all markets. If shipments keep up to expectations this week and next week, the district w i l l come to, the first o£ the year with only a little more than half of the crop gone. Ordinarily, by the first of January,, the crop is pretty well cleaned up. Southern California; is reported to be having the same maturity difficulty that held up the movement of fruit, nere. Estimates are for only 25 or less cars to go this week. Arizon.i may ship 60 cars. _ Oranges have grown rapidly the past two weeks. The rapid growth has added a, size and the picking, delayed by unfavorable weather, has added another size, so the entire crop has increased about a fifth by growth of the fruit alone. The fruit is of good quality now and the markets are absorbing .the shipments at the ceiling price. Dos Palos Rancher Is Named Marketing Association Director HANFORD (Kings Co.), Dec. 22. -- Henry Wolfsen, Dos Palos, has been named by the Merced County- Farm Bureau as its director on, the board of the California Farm Bureau Marketing Association. .Wolfsen succeeds R. L. Castile of: Le- Grand, who resigned. Other directors on the .board are Herman Colpein, Tulare, president: J. E. Bigelow, O'Neals, vice president; Wendell G. Travioli, Orosi; Richard H. Berry, Cutler; E, G. Buerkle, Bakersfield; Frank M. Lander, Modesto; L. J. Severson, Madera; J. B. Freeman, Three Rivers; T. P. Koller, Fresno; Frank Long, Dunlap; K. E. Fratis, Lemoore, and A. J. Semple, Helm. F E R T I L I Z E R S TAYLOR'S FERTILIZERS FOR AIX CROPS WONDER-GRO For Ijiim* Victory Gurrirni FRESNO FEED SERVICE (FORMEKLT HANSEV £ REC^t) 2122ElmAvt. Ph.4-6573 states had some general cold wave. mr^ Mr. ancl Mr, G. M. of The- lowest reported to the Chicago Weather Bureau was 25 below the region ot that state. Lows of 3 -to IT degrees below zero were recorded in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. New York City shivered in zero at Kylertown. Penn., in central Appalachian Mountain Golladav went overseas in FltlDAVS I'RICKS Bid _ . Douslas A i r c r a f t 6~ ^ Sep-ISoulhern Calif Edison . . . . :R 0;,en ! W H E A T : i M a y .St.fi2 s s i-'iiiy . . l.5ri I Sep. . . l.?2 CORN: i.Vay . . 1.10-% i OATS: I Mav . . I J u l y .. i.Sflt. . . i R Y E : May .. I J u l v . . ·7:Caterr-ihar Trac ... 46 J ~ : . Chrvsier 90 ! j Columbia. Gas . . . . 4: j C o l u m b i a Broadcast 35 ' jCorr.mer Soiv 16" 47 li 635-i 26 »i 4,51* 90-H 4 H 3o : is 31.S2V; 1.53 1.10--S 1 111 .fin's .59 ·« .5S '.i ' M a y 6.Vs J.11 l.OS-H l.OBVi 1.04'x 99 v^ 26 V^ . l.Oo i.o ·$ 1.0.1 .951.. tember, 1943, and is in the signal corps. He attended the F r e s n o j State College and the Oregon State j Bulletin VaVs of the Boston wool market: College, and was commissioned aL Goort - demilml for wonl p " sists m - wha - ! WOOL M A U K F . T BOSTON'. Dec. 22.--The Commercial Close' Loi'Klas A i r o r a f j Iu?ont 51 B; } .-"i ;C,enl Klec l'5-t i._.! i.lenl Motors ; Great N o n h . .. . 1.11 jGreyluv.imi l . l O V i 1 I n t e r n s - Hiirv . . . * i I n t e r n a t Parer ".'. .n5 : ii I J_ohns .Man nO-% - Ke"necoti Copper .55-5 :Lockhee,i A i r c r a f t ; Loews Inc l.lO's'Mai-'i! Truck ... 1. OS ii . M a r t i n Gleor. I. i.06V t i-Montsom Ward . :· N a s h Kelvin . .. , 1 04 "-s ! N a t I Biscuit . . . .99!.-; Nat! Casn Res . ' ! N'.ill Distil . . ' . . . usually a quiet week. m u n i . -IM.-W i u i i v oitj a i n v c i c n "'hp p ,.i rt a r K n r f l r i ,-i 13 above zero weather, a drop Of 19 £ eail .. ilarb ° r an /- 1 degrees from yesterday's minimum | there. The e n t i r e Great Lakes, region , ,, - -- result l i e u t e n a n t a f t e r officer's t r a i l l i n g i t l i e new requirements ahead of mills o n ' jsovernmfmt account. In domestic '.vool: the prinri^s'. new interest is in h a l f ; toSblood, the Ion? forcorien crnde. now a l - j tflMou-ahle in series as well as flannels. Some] i buyers are a n t i c i p a t i n s tlmir wants by a c - i a t - j t u a l purchases sncl others are c o n t e n t ) v,(vto m n k e i n q u i r i e s acainst expected goods! CASH P K I C K S K K I P A V C H I C A G O . Pec. 22.--WHEAT---None. J i Central . C O R N - - N o n e I No A m e r Co . OATS--Nor.e. i No Amer Avia B A R L E Y -- Nominal makinK. S1.1S ff . 6" ···- lori"- · ; i?. .' 5cN s . 4 S - x . 20-V . 10," '.i . 3T . 20- s 33 36 -Vs 6b Vi _ 35 ^5 15 »s · 69 63 '.4. 50 103 t,. 36^B 20 Vi 74 24 -H 51 U 15-V in Fort Monmouth, N. J. The Fresnan enlisted prior of! 1.37'.^: feed. SSr.'f/SL n F 1 % L A J ! ^ | ^ p e r , " V 1 - - no TM" a ]: T TM- S'v 2 . 3 .^ ' S.oO; red clover. S31.DO; Al- s2S.r0. Packard .. Hawaii when the^ Japanese ! tacked the island. The s h i p was aboard put. about and returned S. F. Produce e t r o { R a d i o C( ;Ricii'fiplfi ,,,__, ,, marine. Master ASSIGN'ED Sergeant James Powell! Pulled wools nf Frp^nn ·: hangar r h i p f in r h a r o - p ' a n d apparentlv ..._ OL r i e M i o .5, .idn^cu Liiiei m L i i d i ^ e , f e r p d f r o m _ R ,. d p w n (0 ,,,,. Som( , new Of e n g i n e m a i n t e n a n c e at an airlinteresi. is found in BOs pulled, with s a r o - l ^ p d i,a depot in England. His wife, the nlc, lots Ukcn. and fine 64s have had f(J'3.jO, former Carrie Adele, resides at 188 North Fresno Street. Powell has been overseas for 18 months. The e n t i r e Great Lakes, region was aooain pi... aooui a no i euitnec, i and northern portions of Illinois,! ^£ ann *rancisco, eluding a sub- Indiana and Ohio also had subzero'"""""" weather as the cold wave, which entered the central border states from Canada yesterday, spread eastward and southward. U. S. Farmer Loan Cancellation Is Okehed WASHINGTON, Dec.. 22.--OT-President Roosevelt today signed legislation authorizing cancellation or adjustment of various five year or older crop, feed, drought relief and other loans to farmers. The secretarj' of agriculture is authorized to compromise or cancel such loans provided: The indebtedness has been due Columbia University, or five years or more, the dector Fischer is a graduate of the 5 unable to pav in full and has no Roosevelt .High School and at- ARTICHOKER -- Local and Monterey . C o n n t v tioxcs 4S.«. S3.75'J? 4: few hicher Otherwise the market for domestic wool and lower fiOs. S-l ffi 4.2.V. snme S4.50. has continued nlonR remit lines. Pur-. A\ OCAPOs"--Mienes, ,'i3 ft 35c Ib.; No. chasing r-f f i n e is runninc: consistently: -s. -'*" In. w i t h need fur 5i:r[Tlies. M e d i u m wools; APPJ^fc-b--Per cwt.. u'.isliinjtrm Jor.a- are steadily wanted, with 3 « bloort taken thans. ST. SOW S.50: Idaho standard. De- conservatively in lieu of the scarce Vi | L 1 "TM 5 ^ S' -50: Watsonville Pioains. 4 Uer. bl0 ° d ' remain popular with mills! *'BEAXS--Conchella. Valley Kcntuckys! § crvn ! °i!.'°TCa'l. not enouch can be of-i R nO__\_alcnUn!!. JS.PeJb. Sears Roebuck .Simmons Co ;Socony V a c u u n I So Par. ' a . ; '.'. ! So Ry I Sperry Corp . (Stand Brands "\ Stand Oil of N Motors . 5-i's t Pic ... 29'i 25 i 44 U 4S-H rp of Am icii,j ee! IP's Oil . . .Stores a. fair turnover. COMMISSIONED Frederick N. Fischer, 20, a sc of Mr. and Mrs. G.Fred Fischer of 3303 Balch Avenue, was commissioned an ensign last week in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, following an in- I tensive course of study in the BANK C L E A R I N G S ! 4 Fresno (debits.! S_5.149.S.?7i San Francisco Los Anceles ( debi.. - - . Oakland ( d e b i t s ) 2.SR2.7QO BROCCOLI--Kern Coimtv. Santa Maria ' Studebaker Corp Santa Clara County iced crates. S5:.i!-v as L -°''p . . * i Tidewater Asso . CARROTS--Iced crates. Kern County. 6!l imken Ra . n Bsar dozen, .$:?.75®3.95 i Transamenca ... C VBBAGE--Cannonbati. crates. S3.SO Ql | J:JJ{°^ yf r oi dl Cai i Union ~ , . 10 . . 54 . .104 .. 3,'i . . 13 -i . . 2fi V . . 2S i.« . . 3SU J 5S . 19 491-ti 10'i 47-% 10V-5 IS 13 10 54 103 H 33 2S 37 55 » t ! 23 '.. 103'*. 06 -'·li 25 Vi 51 u 151*3 23% 32 U 3S-H 10 H 23 \i 18 JO is 29V- 25 Vi 475? i64 19 VS 10 54 ins »i 33 13-% m i53*t 27 4 2SH 3S'| Oil 4S M! 4S'Vj 49 A. Berkeley . . . . . . . . . . . . . CAULIFLOWER-- Local L . . ............ §3- 2 ?0- 000; Snowball iintrimmeri. SI. 50 Ti 1.75: its) ........'fi.-) broccoli tvpe SI fa 1 25 C E L E R Y --" Local Pascal 20-22 crates . few S 2 : i H n ! e l A i r c r a f t . . 2.150.065 crates^ SI. 50 Si 1.75. Dicn r^nnpl and dis- indebtedness "at his reasonable prospects of doing so, the debtor has acted in good faith" in an effort to meet his obligation, and the principal is not in excess of 51,000. charge such disci:et.ion"'when the amount is less than $lt} or if the debtor is deceased and there is no reasonable chance of recovering from his estate. The house agriculture committee said in its report that more than 1,100.000 separate accounts totaling about $165,000,000 are involved. Bill Extending Tax Filing Time Is Closed WASHINGTON, "Dec. 22.--OT-President Roosevelt today signed a measure extending the time for filing claims of war. losses for computing income tax deductions. The time for filing claims for credit or refund based on overpayment because of failure to take a deduction for a war loss for a taxable year b e g i n n i n g in =1941 was extended from March 15, 1945, to December 31, 1945. The grace period for releasing the power of appointment of administrators to manage estate and gift taxes without incurring any, tax liability was extended from January 1, 1945, to July 15,-1945. Changed from December 31, 1944, to March 15, 1945, was the deadline for adjusting pension, stock bonus, profit sharing and a n n u i t y plans to meet requirements of the internal revenue code. Divine Demotions PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 22.--(INS) --Father Divine, Negro cultist who has been known as God to his fql-j lowers for years, today traded in his title for that o£ the Great Physician.. Similarly, his meetine places, or "heavens," are now called Unity Missions, and his devout and faith- tended the University o£ California before entering the naval reserve in the V12 training program in July, 1943. Obituaries , Reds See No Cause For Allied Worry MOSCOW, Dec. 22.--I/PI--Colonel Piotr Kilom'eitzev, writing in Red! Hay And Grain Airlines uea Corp . . S Rubber . . CORN--Field, .ocal. lugs. SO©SSc. |U s S'" 1 .; · · CUCUMBERS--Imperial Vallev L. A. ,?" admr " --'eel 1UK5. S5.7i3-u6.nO; poorer and small. 1ow!S.?J. n J|. r _ P ros as 5 4 ; Panta Cruz County hothouse pounn. 2Sc: small, 'JOc. EGGPLANT--Coacnella. Vallev. lugs. 1S-24S. S2.75 Iff3. GRAPES--Pan J o a q u i n ' V a l l e y 2S pound lues from cold storage. Emperors best. I S4.rJOfn'4 75 | SQUASH---White Summer all districts Hiss. S4.75''i5: yellow crookneck Imperial I Valley luss. S3.75 W 4.25. 79 Vi 20 316 30-"i 34 U. U n i t e d i n c h j , , c, ^.. wv .,_ *-Oj.. 60 21 ticr'jX f s t e r n t'liion .'.'.' 4411 \\esiinphoiise Else .ll^iA White Motors . . . . 26-%i Ybunestown S K T 39 U MRS. WIKFREU E. LYOX Mrs. Winfred E. Lyon, 65, of Figarden, the widow of J. Franklin Lyon, a rancher, a n d ' f o r 35 years a resident of the Fresno'area, died last n i g h t in a local hospital after an illness of two weeks. She was a n a t i v e of Idaho. Final rites will be under 1he direction of the Tinkler Mission Chapel. ROBERT H. CA1XISON DINUBA (Tulare Co.), Dec. 22.-Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Dopkins Chapel for Robert H. Callison, 84, who died yesterday in his home here following a long illness. Entombment will be in the Smith Mountain Cemetery, where SAN FRANCISCO rillCES Star, the R.ed Army's newspaper, told the Russian miblic todav thei GRAIN--in car Tots: per cwt. sack r-^^^o., T,^ = ,I.»,,,^;,^ ,,,, i h = \ , , = 0 t . unless otherwise specified. F. p. B. tra German breakthrough on the west-jet san Francisco.-' nrn f r n n t "cannot rndicallv a l t P f i h a r i e y tesiinc 44 the situation." The comnientator attributed the enemy's initial territorial gains to the suddenness of the .offensive in a sector to which, he said, the Allies "obviously did not pay much sacked, cks N'o. 2 bright western pounds, choice h'ard"\vhit'»"wheat". S2.S3«"'2.p'o";"No'.' i'soft white wheat. S2.S5W-2.90; No. 2 yellow corn. bulk. S2.-I4: No. 2 California milo. S2.12 1 ,4 a 2.15 (discolored!; California red 49 10-H 79 20 115VJ 34 51 £ 59 Vi 20V; 13 U 44 Vs 112^4 2S 49 10% "PVi 20 116 29 V f 34V5 ' . 59 Vi 21 13% 44-lJ . 112« 264 : 39 Vs Fresno Produce · urnl.^hpd By Produre And firou'er» .Market OY Central feed oats. S2.50!i! 1 2.60. ALFALFA--Baled, per ton. U, i?. No. L without certifi n car lots: ' . _^, ^ ,....-- California) APPLEfr -- Box California loose New- tow "|i,-;2-95: Rome extra fancv. all Si. .^ARTICHOKES--Castro and Savenport AVOCADOS--Xo. 1. S4.30 « 4.70. BEANS -- Pound. Florida. 15316c: Limas. 17c. BUNCH VEGETABLES--Dozen, carrots. i"'gJ5 e: E ree . n onlpns.__TO©-75c,: turnips. -toe: radishes. "35@4Sc.'"" """""··" wo BANANAS--Cut.' Re Ib. BROCCOLI.--Local, pound, loose, 13c: coast. 15c. BRUSSELS SPROUTS--12fi13c Ib. CABBAGE--Crate, local. S2W2.25. ' CELERY -- Crate, Utah type, coast. attention and which was protected ij;, by limited forces." Swiss Press comment on t h e i German offensive- reflects a belief [ C ar_iots only: in Bern the drive is a last c" perate gamble by the Germans stave off i m p e n d i n g defeat. :12: U. S. No.' 2 leafy." wiYhouVcehincate, ! 53 ^.'P,'?TM, ,,,,.__ -. U. S. No. 2. without certificate. L .CAULIFLOWER--Dozen, I.O.* AXGKLKS I'RICKS Prices quoted are c\vt., field run, In Tighter Controls Over Lumber Are Visioned WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.--W-Tighter controls over lumber distribution were envisaged today by the War Production Board. The agency predicted production --. ^_._..,, -. ,, from December to mid March will the'locaTMasoni'c LodgeTwill 'be"inl"be substantially below" that of last _, -c ,.:.. :-- Winter, with the greatest drop ex- pected'in the Pacific Northwest. J. P h i l i p Boyd, director of WPB's lumber and lumber products division, said lack of manpower--with men leaving the woods and mills for work in other war industries- is the chief factor curtailing production. Scarcity of heavy duty tires, he added, is a contributing factor. Quartermaster Gets Term !h Sales Frauc! d r i v e is a last d e s - j B . AR ^ I ?,lT- c , a JJ fi ?TM! a smcling 46 pounds hv thp Gpi-mans to bU ji.hx) 2 -- Califor^nuT Sb. 2 yellow sacked. 52.07% iff 2.12'A. WHEAT--California hulk No. 1 hard or soft white, S2.SOS2.S5. OATS--No. 2, 35 pounds bulk. $2.67^ charge of the services. Callison, a native of Missouri and a resid'ent of the Dinuba district for the last 40 years, received his 50 year pin from the Masonic Lodge last year. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Lena Callison, Dinuba; two sons, Richard and Walter Callison, also o£ Dinuba; a brother, Elmer Callison, Fresno, and two brothers in the East. MRS. VESTA THOMPSON CLOVIS (Fresno Co.), Der. 22. --Funeral services for Mrs. Vesta) Thompson, 63, who died yesterday in a Fresno hospital, will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock here i n ' the Boic-i Chapel. A native of Kansas, she lived in the Clovis district 30 years. Surviving are a nephew, Cecil Ellis, Los Banos, and two aunts. Mrs. Annie Jo'.mson, Fresno, and ©2.72 Vj. CORN--No. S2.-15W2.4S. 2 yellow (domestic) bulk. Livestock Markets CHlCAf.O I.1VKSTOCK CHICAGO. Dec. 22.-- ( \VFAl-- HOGS-Salable S.OOO. total 13.500; market opened slow with few early sales barrows and Kilts inn pounds and over about steady at S14.BOW14.65: with a top of S14.75 paid sparingly, but later trade and close " 15c to 40c lower, with bulk day 25c however, the full decline: weichts , to -10c off at markets closed ..,,.. ~~~ t .., local, 52.25® ""CUCUMBERS--Imnerial. 55.25 lug. · CITRUS FRUIT--Box oranges. Sunkist. S-t.Sa: lemons. Sunkist. S6.20: erapefruit, Sunkist. southern. S3.7S: local, S2.50: tar." Bcrlnes, SI.75 ©2. EGGPLANT--Imperial. S3.75 box. LETTUCE--Crate dry. loose. 3-4 doiea local. S2.50: Imperial. S4.25. brown. S2. PEAS--imperial. 155?16c Ib. ^PEPPERS--Pound crate. Imperial. 19 PERSBrMONS--SI.50*31.75 lug. PARS-NIPS--S2.25 hlE. POTATOES -- Per 100 pound sack, Idaho Xo. 1. S3.70: No. 2. S2.95: Ore-' Eon Klammath No. 1. S3.70' N r o 2 S2.fl5: Stockton No. 1. S3.70; choice, S3.15. R U T A B A G A S -- 6 c Ib. SPINACH--Per crate local. S2.50. SQUASH--Per lue. Summer. 54.501? 4.75^ Italian. S4.5004.75; crookneckV WEET POTATOES--Per lue Msrced, S2.25; local. S2: yams. Merced. J2.25: · local. S2. paid spat unevenly sales I'nr t.he S14.35ift-14.50: fairly active a u n d e r 100 pounds scarce and 25c lower TOM".\TOV^--Per nntmri \f. T f^=n is,, with ISO-ISO pounds. SJ3.75W14.35: sows all sizVV 18S?19e Mexican. 19c. steady ar Sl-t ceilinp: complete clearance. " ' CATTLE--Salable 2.000: total 2.500: .salable calves total 700: verv lim- itefi supplv medium to choice crarie steers steady with Thursday's late declines; top, S17.25: bulk. SlS'ilS: heifers carrying flesh steady: best 515.40: all t h i n fleshed cattle unreliably w a n t e d due mostly to zero weather conditions: beef cows steady but canners and cutters 2oc or more lower; bulls and vealers weak; stockers and steer trade at standstill folowinc verv draspy week at S10fi-12.50 mostv. SHEEP -- Salable 2.000: total H.500: steady: part load sood and choice 304 TMv d . n .f.v. v ;, "^SSM 5 ; .'^ m ^ m ^f on lic'ht weight. SJ L5o" down: about % 00 i -- ·· -- L. A. Produce APPLES--Per cwt.. -Washington combination extra fancy and fancy Jonathans. ·-. ' ARTICHOKES--Per box. Castrovilla 48*. S4.oO ft'4.75. AVOCADOSS--Fuertes. 33©35e Ib. : BEANS -- Kentuckys Coachella Valley and Santa Clara County iced crates. S5 ©5.50. . n C - Sai ' a [ I M ' I I I l i ^ M L «ei;ru. . , J 1 . D U llOWn: aOulH *H'l" Q n J c^«.^, r.l« r. j j ~'~""~ *^2-r£n LOS A.NGELES Dec 22 -- (U.F9 i Head good and choice fed wonleci western! ^5 ha ma Clara County Iced crates. so.oO ' ;lamhs held a r o u n d .-515.10: common a n d i r'.pom-o -n t, A i - j * -Colonel J, J". Canella, f o r m e r i m e d i u m slaughter cwcs. S5.5Hfi-fi.5n: Eoodi^iVi'^f;^',?. ~s=if^r c J rf °t-?§7i e o-" , a n H ^Vini/n n rf, .., ir. ^ I I ,· l'r\t-nr*r V i , , T ._ n , , « . aA I _ l _- -- 'J '.r -L- OU . O UO7.en. iO.yU'(a' and , ..eld aro Canella, f o r m e r i m e d i u m siaush . .. . ' a n d choice p r a c t i c a l l y absent hut- quoted I T riS" quartermaster at the S a n t a Ana S7'ff7.;5: late Thursday two loads medium- Air Base, 1oday was sentenced in . and good 67 pounii feeding lambs. S11.75. near Antioch, which delayed the southbound Golden Gate Streamliner for two hours yesterday. Three cars, two box cars and a tank car. were derailed. No one was injured. WRESTLER TALUN WEDS RENO, Dec. 22.---(/H--Wladyslow F. Talun, giant Polish wrestler, was married here yesterday -to Edith . w r oman Cemetery. ful followers have been demoted (Mrs. Sadie Arnott, Los Angeles, from angels to lust plain members. | Burial will be in the Clovis Streamliner Is Delayed SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22.--UI.R) --Santa Fe officials today are investigating a freight car collision CUSS JOHNSTON CARUTHERS (Fresno Co.), Dec. 22.--Guss Johnston, 65. a rancher of Caruthers and early day Californian, died this morning in Fresno hospilal a f t e r a lingering LOS .\xf;KLi-:s LIVESTOCK LOS ANfiKLES. Dec. 22.-- (FSM.V* -CATTLE---Salable -100: slow | t.he federal court, to two years I imprisonment on his conviction of charges to defraud the govern- ^VyV-VoTsleers. 'ji^is!25: odd'heart ment. in the sale of concessions and jobs at t h e base. Federal Judge Leon R. wich also sentenced two codefendants--Raymond M. to a year imprisonment and McCprmac to six months. Both officials of the Excelsior Creamery Company of Santa Ana. A stay of execution g, 4 g i f. J n r, n ^h,n **,* l Cannoaball crates. CAULIFLOWEF -- Local Snowball l?t- tuce crates untrtrntnefl. 52 W2.25. CELERT -- Local Pascal 20-22 inch choice. $16.25: common. SI 2 and under: .common to m e d i u m heifers. 510.50* 1S12.50; common ranpe cows. Sio down: Yank- canners and cutlers. 5^.50-99.50 Civilian i sl ^ALVES-S_aJaWo , 20q:_ s teady L _ 5 oon [EmperorsT ©5.50: Mexico 3 i lups. 55. "" " ·" EGGPLANT--Coachella Valley 9-12 topi. GRAPES--Storage San Joaquin Valley """ '~ff'19c lb.:_Cprnichons._ ISifi, quo. .. _ M a r k e t will be closed until ber 25tn - Monday, Becem- Wednesday was granted 1.0 permit defense attorneys time to file a p - j peals. illness. He was a n a t i v e of Kingston, his mother being a member of the Donner party which wandered i n t o t h i s seclion of t h e San Joaquin Valley. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Zena J o h n s t o n : twoi£X|.f-J- e p n r F ^ m i U children, Mrs. John de Vines of V=7ITTS r o r " d m i l i Hardwick and Gerald Johnston of R.AV LIVESTOCK SOUTH S A N FRANCISCO. Pec. 22.-- ('WFA i --CATTLE--75: steady: cood Father Provides Will Probate Is Asked--Frank J. Scares-has filed a petition in the superior court asking the probate Maria Scares, who died December 17th. The estate includes real -and personal property not exceeding $10,000 in value. children. Funeral conducted in the Chapel ing: at Fresno o'clock. services Tinkler will be Mission Fresno; a sister, Mrs. Frank J. J 1 V H l«.?t 4.-T, J_J V.( I * C* I 1,1, .1. ' . J_ ., (V V V V I 1 U I I T T - l l f Y - J 1 · 1 wrestler, shortly a f t e r o h l a i n i n g a ^f,'?. e . r .. ofT , Llndsi ? 5 "'_ an f S1!C . g TM n .*divorce from Stefanie Talun. Asks Estate Probate--Edward J. Sharon -has filed a petition for probate of the will of Mrs. Millie Sharon who died December 16th. He sets forth she left money in excess of $10,000. Tuesday rnorn- Interment will follow in the Lemoore Cemetery. MRS. 1OX.TINA MKNDO/A Final rites for Mrs. Lon.i'ina Men- d'oza,.42, of Firebaugh, will be hold tomorrow at 10 A. M, in the St. JACKSONVILLE (111.1, Dec. 22. j(U.R)_Oti.: SurraU's last t h o u g h t was of Christmas --for his loved a wife and 12 children. Surra! , 46, was struck Alton Railroad passenger Snanish~local7"s"i."l5^T.25T Wnite Gi'bbei Idaho. S2.6602.69: boilers Idaho, S3.36 ! PEAS--San Joaquin Valley bushel tub*. - -. . - - ' S 2 * 2.50. s l a u g h t e r steers absent: two loads f e e d e r ; PEARS--Per box. Anious steers and h e i f e r s o f f e r e d ; one n a c k a t e i Washington fancv. S4."6';3:5.0-t; medium 950-1.000 pound steers. SIS.50: Orecon loose. Sffl'nr Ib few m e d i u m to coon ranee cows. 512.50:1 PERSIMMONS--Local, San Joaquin weichty dairv cows salable 510.25 ft 11 : j Icy S / r f l i c Ib common. SP.50-'n-10: cutters. SS.50 Hi-S.75:1 "pp;PPERS--Bells Texas. 20t?21c!b. ,' cauners. SB 1 *!,: medium sausage hulls; POTATOES--Street sales 100 Dound ouoted S10W10.50: for week receipts [sacks lor.E whites San Joaquin Valley sad 1.500. steady iClivama U S. t A. S3.40 K 3.BS, CALvKS--^one. nominal: for weeK re-j RUTABAGAS--SO pound sacks San ceims 110. steady. |Joaouln Vallt-v S 2 i f f 2 2 5 HOOS---120: steady: cood to choice 200-| SQUASH--ta.He Queen San Joaqula i 2 . 0 round barrows and silts. $15.75: odd i Vallev lues S175^' -25 irnod sows. S14: for week receipts 1.900:! SWEFT POTATOES--Local and San Jo*- j^Oi^-i fi,- 1 ;;!Alice. i q i n n Vaiiev Key Wests, 5-'ii'7.7c Ib. anj PHt.S.P- - I t n ; one short deck medium i TOMATOES--Local, San Diepo County · ; t o C "ort full wooled lambs offered: l a t e ; a n d V e n t u r a County lues 4xos to i T h u r s d n v . iwo decks common ewes N'o. 2 I S 3 5 0 S 4 5 0 late yesterday. Both his legs wernjpeit. $2. sow 3.50 : for -week receipts 2.5B5. severed, but as an ambulance took! him lo a hospital he turned to his 12 year old son r i d i n g beside him Genevicve's Church. Burial will be; present." and said: "Here is $30. I want you to buy everyone in the family a Christmas Poultry Markets Payinc Francisco: BAY r prices (live. F. 0. B.). San Butter, Eggs, Cheese SAX FRA'CISCO TKICES BUTTER--93 score. 43c; 92 42W. score. in the Holy' Cross Cemeiery u n d e r ! was dead before the the direction nf t h e 'Yost £- Webb! bulance reached the hospital. BROILER?--I.echorn under 1 ?i ·pound,':. . _ ., i '"' r :- c \ "* A° 5o^-? ounds ' 3 0 s ' 3 2 c : i EGGS--L'arcf prade A. 55He: aietiiura' to 3 Tiounrts. 2fi'T.,lc. j erarie A. SO'-,: .-mall prado A. "' . to 4 oounds, 2v**."lc. ~raHp "=t 4.j:-,V ROASTERS--4 to 5V4 pounds. 2 9 f f | " a a - * ^_ I ·"4 tn 3 noi FRIERS--r i R ' .11 r. WANT RELIEF FROM "S" PIMPLES? Try tiiit slmpl* mtthftd. Remits may surprise you! If pimples or blemishes are exteinally caused, try this proved way. Cleanse with m i l d l y medicated Cuticura Soap as directed, then apply Cuticura Ointment. Preferred fay many nurses! At druggists everywhere. Mrs. her home yesterday after an illness of several months. Olive Workers Vote Down AFL - LINDSAY (Tulare Co.), Dec. 22., --Production and maintenance em-[ Ja , nIua _ 1 J r _ ployes of the Lindsay Ripe Company turned down by Southern Pacific Appoints Official SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22-Howard R. Hughes, who started a 26'' 9 ... Lechorn.ihenn under 4 Winds. | EGag !l oi \ v ^;^ Es £*1TM S ro!nred' C Vhens^° 4°to .^""pounds! °2"s'ffi ! E r a d .f-. I A r ^, e ,. A - , 5Sc: -^'^^t 27',-c: 5V, pounds and over. 26.1?27',ic. jsmall A. 4 3 ® 4 4 c : large. B. 45® SQt'ABS--Country rnce all wfichts. rer Pound. 70c RABBITS--Domestic, tinder 5 pound*. 22 3 24c. TURKEYS---Dressed^ vounR. . und_er 16 Slc ? career with the Southern Pacific 31 years ago as a stenographer i n | Sacramento, will become general manager of. the pounds, ·4t??42c: U. S. price (crade A . tfi to 20 pound.i. -tlS;42c; 2C pounds land over. 410 42c. voles a proposal I h e v be repre.- sented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America, AFL Local ST. Voting was by secret ballot. The vote was yes 68, no 70. Miss Bessie Creamer appeared for the union. Kirkman Hosteller represented the company, and a National Relations Board official was present. of the western division. O. I.OS ANftKI.KS POCLTRT a s Q U t i i n t i (Tayinc PrUvs Live. F. O. B. Los Ansoles) assistant BROILERS -- Leghorn, under 1 railroad|ponr,d«. rtoeriac: 2'i-i noutirts. 29®3lc. I FRIKRS--.''-4 pounds, 2931c. . , , _ i nOASTKUS.--All weisb'^ ^nfi!3]c. Succeeded by Ell-' FOWI^--Colored, all welRl-.ts. 2 5 H ® as s u p p r i n t e n d p p i "J',^L^' ecr J!4 r V- V -!'" U! '' ; - 5 ,''"«" 0 7 V ".- * 4 , RABSiTS -- p'o;r.csl:c. ~ ar.tler 5 " poumis UK. 0. B. ranch) colored. 22c: white. |2-tc ' _ . TURKEYS--TounK. I!o,),!.16.3c. L. Thomas, A. Van Citrus Market LOS ANGELES. Dec. . . 22.-- (FSMN)-^ Oranges and lemons were steady today in local sales of leas than car lots. ORANGES -- Per box. Navels Sap. Jo*i' oiiin Valley packed. 54.40^4.52: 2SS» ana smaller. S4 Jf 4.52: loose orchard run small to medium. $3?3.50. l-EMONS -- Per box. local loose. S4.5f) "S-l.75; fancv wrapped srd packed. S5.S5 W 6 . l l . ' Auction sales of California oranges Included: Clm-ar.n - Sfifl boxe;. J5.2S. New York -- S.Srtft hoNe.1. S5..T.1. U i t e r t and R. Hadon of Fresno have purchased the Porierville B a k i n g Company. 322 North Main Street, and the former Dainty Maid Bakery, 305 N o r t h Main. The latter hns been renamed the Dutch Maid Bakery, I Pat O'Brien Is Home HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 22.--W--Pat O'Brien and Jinx Falkenburg hnve arrived home with their USO camp show group from the China-India- Burma theater. CHANCE-HALL -CO. ;: Investment Securiiiet !· Helm Bldg. Phona 2-6174

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