The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1933
Page 2
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PAGB two BLYTgEVlLLE, (ARK.^ COURIER NEWS Social Calendar .WEDNESDAYS EVENTS ' W. M. S. First Methodist chiirch prayer meeting at church, 3:30 p. m. Junior High T. T. A. executive beard meeting, 2:45 P. M., followed by meeting of P. T. A. at 3:15 P. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, H. A. Smith, hostess Mld- Weck club. •Thursday Contract club, Mrs. Edg«r Borum, hostess. U. D. C., Mrs, A. M. Butt, hostess. Church of Christ Bible study, itrs. c. M. Tooinbs, of Annorcl, hostess. W. M. S. First Methodist church praye rmeeting at church, 2:30 p.m Open Door Srinday school class First Methodist church banquet a churchj 7 P. M. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Bridge party at Woman's club Mmes. J. Louis Cherry, Baker Wilson. J. H. Elklns, Cecil Shane, A B. Fairneld hostesses at 2 p.m. American Legion and auxtllnr Joint msollng Woman's club, 7:3 p.m.. Woman's club. the Etude Music club will mee with Winifred ami Eugenia Craw lord, 301 E. Missouri. ie marriacc of Miss Liicilc Aconcy and Geiald Young. Ixith of osncll. The Hcv. 3. M. Wal.son crformcd Ilic ceremony. » * * hilsllan CJiurrli , V. M. S. Has >krlln s . Mrs. M. H. Cr.mcion WHS leail- r of the program nl the inrvlltiB . . .. .... .... .... \ the Womnn'f MtasUmnry society <nl1i"il UIIHM of- ilielr fnllier, atlnidinc; (lie coiifncnrj' at | Joel ardiiud which a program of .loncskora. inhere He oixmcd the Interest lias liceii.arranged for the tonfcri'iur \\llh a devotional :uul IUL:- til hiivr the nu'dlnij. hut. illness prtmiti'd ' liL'-'i^ Unproved iirtiiy. ' ' '•; ';•' . • Mr.s. Z;il 1!. Harrison and Mrs. A. B. Holland ^ere cnlT.'d, to llec- :iged for the mccllng of the Osceola Womcns ternoon. c Club here Tuesday af- i Members will 'aiiita'cY to roll 'with' n discussion- of .• fav^rjtc hobbles there will be u rounil table dls- 'u\ Ark.. Uiis uflcinoon- by the ciiwloi) of cpiiimunlty protects I •-' '" "'• '- -' f the First ChriMlan church Mon- 1 ludfe J! ny afternoon when Mrs, Edith I McCool and Mis. I. O. Weslbrook nterlaincd the members at Ihc .0111= of Dr. F. A. Hoblnson. Her nbject was "The Crowded Places America". For the prccinm Mrs. W. T. Earned led the devutloiinl of the l-.eme "The Oilier Cities Also". Mrs. John c. McHaney, Jr., spoke on "Pages from a Texan Diary", he life of a Mexican citizen wus ;iven by Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe nn<l Vrs. J. A. Puckrll s]K>ke on "Across the Western HCP" Mrs. M. Fllzslmmons presiilcd 111 ll.e business se>sion In which plans were made for attending Ihe one • conference at Joncsboro Thursday. An Ice course was served. Cte Mrete.' . The-eight nvJTibcrs of Ihc Bet Chi;. Sunday stViobl class of th Kril Presbyterian'church who a tended the meeting lost cvcnlr at the home of Mrs. F. B. Joj ner ''made plans for a rummage sale .Saturday, November 18, to ccnd ia Thanksgiving basket to a needy; family end to give gifts u- the box for the orphanage. Ice kreani, nut sticks mid coffee \VH> sirvcd In Hie social hour. F. E. 0- Will Ha« A Luncheon Far Guests. The '.local P. Is. O. chapter will hme aj.luncheon Wednesday at Ihc home of Mrs. J. A. Leech especially ccmpllriienling members of Ihe Caruthcrsvllle and Kcnnclt, Mo chapters who will be guests. Following the luncheon there 's to l)c a program. ( • • Methodfct Mbskm Society Mrtllng . Tile Woman's Missionary society met yesterday at tire First Melh- pdist ,church .with 23 members present,.'-Mrs. B. A, Lynch gave the devotional, taking American Education Week as her topic. Mrs. V. p. 'Holland spoke'on steward-' Bits oj Ncics Mostly Personal Ilolllield. who has Mr. and Mrs. H, C. Holder and daughter, Mrs. Fred Sanclclur, Wt lodny for Ottwell, Ind., wlurj. Ulcy will allcnd the f'Blh weddlns I anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Holder, parents of Mr. 1 holder. They plan to be away I (en days, i Mrs. Herman Beahcars and Iwo children have returned to their home In Oklahuna Clly. Okln.. at- trjr spurting three months, ivllh Mrs. Ucsheai-s' parents; Mr.' imrt Mrs. 11. C. Holder, ruul other relatives. Mrs. P. N. Liilrcli rcliirne'd, ycs'^ lerday from Memphis wheru 'sho nntterwcnt a major operation jaC the Baptist hospilal live weeks'jigo. She' Is now convalescing. Mr. LiiV- rell went down for \\tf. •'' .•• ., Miss June llolllpctc'r is recovering from n lonsllcctomy. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. 'Floyd 'wiilte ii'iW lemlly spent'Sunday r lti Mr, and Mrs. Frank 1 r Mrs. H. HlghiUl siie'iit:' ycsltrday Mr. nmj Mra. J, A. Lecoli haw tien in ill health for BOIIN.' llmu. Miss Vivian .Holland, who has •LVII visiting i!i ,Jonesboro since iVrdnesday, hiis iclqrnctr home. Mr. ami Mrsf r. R. G'ofiley. were 'ifilors in Jurk^lwro (luring the I'.tekend where they. attrAdcd the Philip Kaslej', \vj(o alUnds Ar- l:i'HEa» State college at. Jsncsbuio, spent Ihe weekend ul home.. : Dr. mid Mr.s. M. '6. Usrey'h'ave 115 Ihelr giirsl Mrs.' Usrc'y's' auul, Mrs. John Dix, of Cleveland. 6.' Dr. M. O. U.-icy returned Sunday from Aiiiiliilon, Ala., n|ier,c ! ^ van with hi:, b.-other who'Is'HI.'' Miss IIHKI j.'.ura. Barnes • s|£ml ll'c weekend Ir. Jpncsboro or, the L'ucst of Mls.s Opris Hccoy. .,| Mary Louis: Waters . UIQ M'l-keml In Memphis "wilh her Mher, IctiV W:.tors'. Mrs. Waters! accompanied by Mrsl'tj. R. Waters'; iiui'urcd then- for her'Sunday. - v Mr. and Mi-;.: Jim Ei.rard and kiby left M on rlay, ; nf tern oon for" New York city after having come down for (he. I'-iiwal .of-Miv>M$ ' i.Td's mothtr, Mrs. C. J. Evrard'. training M|-s. 0. "lime, led bj Segravcs, a "lalk on TUESDAY, NOVM.MBER 7, 1933 (J Know You SchiMli American Education Week, Nov. 6-11 Visit Your Schools .lie choice of friends by Mrs. C. M. Harwell, and on the use of leisure time by Mrs. J. B. Bunn, and mus- ' »«w,S'fs' will 1 liiclude scle'c- ."HarLsel ''and Orctchel" •it's from many' lands, are Mcsdames W. J. Di^ver V,':w. J. Driver Jr.; p .W Hwgg, A. 'd. Brlckcy, .Hugri 'Craig and Stanley Carpenter: . ' •• Mrs. • J. H. Hook • entertained twelve friends at bridge Friday' at-' ternoon complimenting. Mrs. List Edmon.-on of Louise, Miss., wiio Is visiting her sister, Mrs. •" Elliott Williams, In Luxorn. Miss Emma 'tox was 'winner of hlBli score prize and the M>oorcb : was presciiled n• dalnly fiivor. •Mr.?. A. W. 'Bowcn v-'as Ijo'stets Friday 'afternoon to . members of her lv;o tablc'-HM-ldge 1 club Mr.s. E^R. Srtifth'.Jr., and Mi's. P. J. Semmes jr., as extra 'guests'. Mrs'.' Seinmes was' high 'score prizc' 1 wir\- ner. .* * *. . - lit''j. ; L. 'wVlinihs •courtt^ S hoine north of Osceola was the scene of Osceola So ciely.-^. Personal. An- all day meetlni., for'^Thursday. starting m: : Each mernbcr U asked'''to bring a dish for lunch. i' Mrs. J. E. Crits prtsj'ded at, the business session, nf which plans for the coming of the mew minister were made. The Williani StroiiB'ICWiplcr, D. A. n... will eijtc.ilaln FiMny, Nov. . bencjit bridge ;)uhchcon ' Tp ' Gcoifelai 10, wit.i In the Pen body, be. served lit I c by- (he r. nmnVjcr of hi bo.-n.svardcd for a^jscoro ^H•i^c.s .•''An American doorway will d liiii room and.? ilrovldetl. for Help Your Child Succeed in School ARRANGE,the breakfast and lunch hours so that there us no rushing at home or to'school. ENCOURAGE punctuality and regular attendance, nut |x>riiillllng Irillf's lo Interfere. 'See that the chlldrci aru'.'drca>iil tiiuply, n«it- ly, iriodestly, unct suitably In accor<l»nce with the weather. INSIST upon children under iourtecu having at li-asl ten hours' sleep. FIND OUT how much lime should be dcvotoil lo home work, and see that it Is done. PROVIDE- a quiet place for home study, with good light and ventilation. Prevent interruptions as for as possible. SHOW an irjlerest in the children's school; work, athletics, and other activities.'; '• '!."*•" VISIT'the classroom during American Education Week, and at other times, 'for a better understanding'of cojiailions. DO NOT criticize the teachers or school at all wlihin the children's hearim;. Always hear both sides of eveiy question and ask the teacher about it. INSTILL In the children habits of obedience and resiwct for authority.' „ PICTURE the school as a happy, desirable JUBL-C, rather than as one children should dread. KEEP In mind that the school 'oITirs uiilln.iUJ opportuiiliies to those who take advantage of thc-rn, parents as well as pupils. PLAN to meet other parents In the school. It will help you understand your children' belter. Mothers slrouU! arouse the Interest of fathers lii/fhe school activities and get their co-opcra- liou. If'thare-is' a .parent-teacher association in your children's Khool, Join/It. If there Is none, whjr not form one? Intelligent co-pj:cratlbl! brings splendid results to all. ancc of uilutatian in a dsmorracy,. ln\\tK spend DO cents a day on each and the unimportance of many .pupil' poorer LOWJIS siwiul as liUlu Ililiigs to, which we siisiid 10 or! ,„ , wealthy sclic-31 dlslri«s 5 cents;, day H B astonhhing how; , u ... t „,„„.. o , Jllollal . s fol . inexpensive education really is. > L .'. ]nr<immn Uul 0 ,, u . ' We spen« live times as m.di 01. i ^U"di"uict conlJl »S 'un- ' pleasure- cars as we do on cdue.i- . (|ci . the ,. uv to , U|1 schoo]s Jo .. ., : ' «...ii /i ii ui j < i year \va.s 514. No teacher is ln«li- Million t.«l egc Sludcnts ]v ,„ imm . h , c low M jiv umdn-js of leathers will - !<-:« than $25 pc i ii ui j < .«l egc Sludcnts Ihere me l.tCo colics ami «ni- vmHles in i:ic Unttod versltles in liic Untced st-ilH , JV. ,;",.„ v i riles? instiliitioiiii o! higher leain- ,',3,,,;, ng enroll more Hum a millio:i s'.u- dcnls. Colleges and universities have suffered i!i (his eccnomic crisis. The average colteze which had 100 on its faculty two years ago now has only D4. A college lhal haJ $100,000 to spend [our yi-ar.s ago f/lrs. Myrtle Johnson Dies at Baptist Hospital Mi.;. Myrllr- Johnson. 41. «-|to r. C. Johnson, who died late yes- will have to get alona on about $71,- '"day at the UaptUt hospilal in 000 this year. Memphis following a five days II!In the United Slates ihore arci'' css : *' as lj , l "' leU I(xla 5' ^ «^ 1 " 241,283 schODl buildings. Of tlitsc.! ? aft 'f f " u ' t " 5 .'' ,* ul1 Uw Rcv - c approximately 145,000 are 1-rosin L . " f ,° ? "?' S " C ' S """ rural schools '"' by liei ' Illl5l >aml an:i two Enrollment' in small cilv sclioDl | "";f c ' : '' L ' "• Mcss lv:ls '» charge systems increased 1.000.009" in , ht .:°' '"<> funeral arrangcmcnls. past two years, while Income tie- cressrcl $34.COfl.OI». One-fourtli ol citic-3 rcpDi'tin-^ to he Federal Oltlce of Education dc- ( . .'RC5ei 1 viiiloHj\ v ' v 'flV.if.'filni;c. i i '' be limdo.a-j' '*itllpli' two wi-cks. Mrr .Leech nccou-i- paii'ed her giiesis to ; Memphis- to• • •• - day. . . ljlil McVlckcrs.'of Camp-, cell, Mo., v.ill arrive tomorrow to te the housciiuenl of Mr. and Mrs.: . v ..'{ : pj)i%Jn'ni«y Jatp.'jS 'riui)-5dat.i#lth' • D.- M... Blirgsr Kev'eut, .e.t Proctor, \W 'with Mrs. M. C. Pen'rqe at Hul- b', and guests attending (he luncheon who do. not: remain for the nflcruoon at cards will be eligible for the nltenriance" ]^rl7es ns well i\s the players. - Plans for the luncheon .were iwr- /eclcrt at a luncheon meeting of ' dclichtful party when Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. R. S.,, Wilson Jr., entertained seventy friends with a Buffet, snp- pcr pjfrf evening at cards last week . t - * • * "c-MomlxM-s - of.Vthp, First'-.'Brtptfst Church congregation showered the Rev. an;l Mrs. E. L. Cole with mis- cellanemis gills at a surprise parly on (he occasion of their twenty- flflh wedding anntversni-y btl week and presented them ulso with n pair of silver candle slicks. • » 4 Alfred Earl Waycoster and Miss Willie May Haskett, bolli of Bas- Edt, were married here Friday. The ceremonv was said by -Magistrate W. P. Hale. Wylcss Ryburn and Mlw Zclina SaviiRC. both of Wliitton, were mauled thci-u hy the Rev. Wm ir Ilay. Facts 0n ;American Education « Birthd«jr. • Charles Leggett, son of Mr. And Mrs. W. C. Leggett. celcbralcd 'his fourth birthday at his lioine. yesterday with a bridge party for twenty guesis. Several interesting games were played after which refreshments of sandR'ichs and cocoa were served.- Candy whistles were given each guest as souvenirs. • i * Key. And Mrs. Rorie Glvitn Farewell AfTairs. The Rev. and Mrs. P. Q. Roiie, iho v.ill leave Thursday noon for ' Fort Smith where they arc lo make their hoir.?, arc .being shown numerous couftrsies prior lo Ihcir (•eparlure. Mrs. Rortc Is guest of honor at a party this afteinoon at the home of Mrs. Fred . Warren. Thursday niglil the Open Door Sunday school c'nss of the First Methodist church Is cntentalnlng with a banquet at the church. Members of the choir preserved a silver basket to Mrs. Horie. a leader in music in the church during the four vcars she has been. here. The aduit department of the Sunday school presented their paslor and Mrs. Rorle a lamp. They arc also being entertained informally at a number of inler- (ftliig affairs. A. Couwny. :rs with P. Curillli'irsvlllc and Slit is to shnru •hoii- E, O. members from Mo., at a luncheon meeting tomorrow. Mrs. .John n. ncll, of I'ensficola, Via., Is the gik'St of Mr. and Mi^. C. ;H. Hull f 0; - .,cvcr:il days 6n rnulc home from the Chicago f.iii 1 . Miss Bcll= Whltsitt, who •ecu 111 for w.'cks. is convalescing has Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. J. Lowrance Jr., «-ill attend the debutante at With a million teachers to take the lead, and thirty'million young people to form a daily contact be- tv,ten home and school, American Education Week beginning November 6, is being observed by parents and educators all over the country. Attention Is concentrated this year on muling miians to ke«p the schools open, on cutting down overcrowded clashes, on saving 100,000 children from total deprivation of schooling, and .on Spaying )40.tH>0,- back salary to teachers. While industry {"and trade are emerging [rom the .'crisis, America's biggest "industry" is suffering from its most serious degression,"accord- ing to Dr. George jF. Zook, United States conimissionei- of Education. He recently snid.'^'The conflition facing education ;is certainly as dark as 11 is paintfd- It is wide- 500.MO p'.i'ptls. An 'additional two cents' would finance education (or 3^500,000 students now under private control. When we consider the import- Hospital Notux ArlmUleil to Ihc Ulytlicvlllc hospital: West Qeiury. Manila; Mrs. F. Clare, Marble Hill; A. 1). from 12.G p:r cent lo 43 par cent | zcinnr. Steele, Afo.; Anne Costello In Ihe past two years. ' city. Education in t;ie United Stairs is a study in extremes. Wealthy Ingredients of Vicks VapoRub in Convenient Candy Form VICKS COUGH DROP lo the Sliver Slipper in Memphis Friday night included Mr. and tlto chapter here Friday "when "Mrs. | Mrs - Hnl ° Jackson. ;Mr.kaiui nira. —' "'— " '-us IjtrAan^ Mrrf p. '•Mn jfild Mrs. Cnas. . W.-'J. Driver -and. Mrs. J. W. Ed- rlii'gton enterlained at Mrs. Ed- rlngton's home. Chas. Colcm'auj D. Driver mid'-' Hose, in I. E. Parkhunt Is en a buying trip. .Mrs. Bill Trotter ir, visiting relatives in Campbell. Mo. George W. DUlahunty spent Iho ucekcnd lit Divisburg. Tenn. Mrs. Fred Warren and daui;h- Irr, Marjorlc. linve vcliirncd from dat;s, Tenn., ivhcrc they the week-end wilh her mother. crt papers by Miss A. L. Golightly ator HaUiej Caraway of. Joncsjwvo Iri^McinphU Fridaj eveping.f.golhg on'to Uniftsboro wltfi'"Tier'for' n ., An autumn motif In aiiproprlalej Mi;s Hlanchc Olccre -jpiucd Sen- colors created a .selling for tlw"*~ •"-•>•-•" -• !-•-•beautifully uppoliilcd luncheon table on which i hi' centerpiece was designed to reproduce In miniature, Forl Dearborn, with its block house, soldier guards, and forest trees. The afternoon's procram includ- week-end visit. £.Mrs.i-b. 'if. .Taj-lor vjf.'.rsaijjrf WBCk-ciid -in jfeai-ftd v.Trc&rfisi her Mrs.'L. D. Masscy returhccl Sunday from Uvalrie. Texas, where SI. Lonlsl 6 '. Tlirrc " on Ulc oriyin of Thanks- jslie spent scvcrnl ' days with her Mrs. Jim .Watson Dies To a Wild Rose. I'u a Water Lily" anS "From an Indian Ventig-Mooney. Annom-ccmcnl has bccri d^ of Icr. Suslr Cainthcrsvillc. Mo., Mr. and Mrs. John Marg.trcl have returned from The Rev. P. Q. Horie is ill al !•!' home on Wcsl Main slrcel. He became ill liom the influenza Riving and by Mr.s. p. I'. Jacobs on ] sister. Mrs. t>. p. Browstcr who the proposed restoration of Ark- I imdcnvcnl an operation. ansas Post. I . Other numbers included n violin ! 'olo hy n. IV McDowell of Blythe- I ville. accompanied by Mrs. Win. I Trotter of IJlyllievillc; (hive piano I Rmcral wore held yes- snlrcllons from Eilward McDowell, ] leixhiy for. Mrs. Hand Wnl.v>n. 22, wife of Jim Watson, who died Sat- untay nlghl at the family home rtear Huffman. Inlerment was made at Sawyers cemetery here. Tlic Cobb Uncieirliik- ing company was in charge 61 funeral arrangements. Virgil Calverf Dies I-"u«cral scrVfCes were licit) t'oilay for Virsil Calvert. 34-year-olil resident of the Uurrtctte cnraimmity, wlm dieri yesterday after a montn's illucss. He is survived by a wife ami lour children. Services were conducted at the Calverl home and intcimcnt was madr at clear Lake cemetery. 1 L. O. Moss w,is 111 spread, and it shows no -signs of immediate Improvement." From Commissioner Zook's head- iJt(aHer6,--thc federal ofllce of cdu- cattoii, ccihie' significant statenrents abcjijt our American schools: 1 nf 4 irt School One-fourlh of t.hc total population is engaged cither in getting or giving an education. •^Education employe more than 1,000,000 teachers, yi addllion to a large number of janitors, carpenters., electricians, .anrt .persons engaged .In" m liuuf ict u ring . and selling al- <fcllpl s'upplies. ' Iri cily schools there was an increase of about, 'two piipi!^ per teacher between 1930 aiid 1933. In Jbno-sjale-Jhc average si« class to- (liy |s rf pupils 'City' schools cut their costs 22 per cent between 1930 and 1D33. facts from a group of typical cities 3how. In 1930-the average daily cx- s .- - Martin of 111 :Memphis, formerly of Or,ceola. was! as KUD.S'.S ofi ]ncl(lc n ]if c ti mc honorary member Sawyer Jr. (of the chapter. Mnllntl and, 1 out ...,^. L .. ...,.. & .ti^t i.iinuin auu, out of town nir-mbers atlcutilng Malbellc Cookc. of Lnxora, were'| hc meeting were Mrs. D M lllgijs M C i y . S '" lda . y - Ri-gcnt. and Mrs. C. G. Young, of Air. and Mrs. \\. E. Glllcspie j Prootor: Mr.s. M. C. I'rarcc of Hula visil in ; l>crl: Mrs. Harold Mrx E „ Crawlor<1 ' Weaver and of Wcsl Mcm . MARGARET MOFFITT School of : Dancing and Dramatics For Int'ormiitioii Call nL Studio ; (First House West, of Central School) , Monday and Thursday •• 2:30 to 4:30 P. M. Watch!' Don't Be Flim Flitmmed on Price or Weight! |jer child was 54 cents; in 1933 it was 42 cents. Compare 42 :enls with some common dally expenditures for services and supplies—lunch, eoH. hair dresser, gas. ollnc. Ten ccnls a day paid by eacli person of voting age in the Unit- Jd Stales would pay the entire bill for public education of nearly 20.- CASH GROCES Specialsjpr Wednesday - Thursday RED SALMON TURNIPS \Villi THUS l.iii'Kc Ruiu-li "Parent Education" is- the. sub-1 clmrge of fiineral arrangements. Stop Getting Up Nights !.ax the B'.idclcr With Juniper ,, ' Oil. Rucliu, Drive oul Ihc Impurities anrt ex:(vs adds that cause Irrllation, turning and frequent tlcsirc. Junl- .wr oil is plca'if.nt. to take in the form of BUKETS. the bladder lax- alive, also, containing Buchu leaves, ;tc. Works on Ihe bladder similar lo castor oil on the bowels. Get a 'iSc bos from any drUB store. After ivmr days if not relieved of "getting i;p nights" go tnck and get your inon^.y. If you arc bothered with bcckaclic or Ir-p pnlns caused from cladder ilhorrier* .you arc bound 'o feel better nflcr this cleansing! And you get your regular sleep. I Clly DniR Slav and Ktrby Ding' Co.. say BUK^ETS Ij a best seller. •i ' —Adv. B85R EGGS I r resh Dir/.en BLACK EYE PEAS Olnc IJnmd No. 1 !•'- Can ORANGES' 'loridii. l.;irj{c and -Inicy PORK STEAK Nict and Lean I'ininri liar SWEET POTATOES Nancy Halls Pound f ... .and when cotflo to Used C«r« the w»nl-ad columns of the Courier Ntw* can't be bent. If you want prompt results phone Nice I'niiiul SUGAR 1(1 Pimwls FLOUR Mary ,lano Sai-ls BACON Swifl's Orioli.- or SOAP CHIPS Crystal White STARCH In Hulk. All Yon Want I'liund PUMPKIN Happy Vak Nn. 2'/2 Curt SPAGHETTI Otorj NCI. r/i C-m 7c PORK SAISAGE 10 "''^.r Tic COFFEE Hrnok Pound ,Iar 26c COFFEE Ariosa or Morning liraccr 2 Pounds SALT MEAT Hi-st Grade Pound PURE LARD Kimit Pound Heinz. Asparagus, C'n;olc Gi'tnbo Noodle. CHcrv. Pint Can COFFEE Kiimor I.anc 1'nunrl 23c ALMO i. topcoats 25 S OU K d all thus;; (k'.siriilili! quulil- ii-s • at a moderate price in Almo overt-cats. In (ultiilion you gut the assni'iincL' o!' line u o r k 111 a n ship (hat gees wilh ihu Marl Sch;iffns;i- & | Marx label — knowledge thai your coat will br u c-cdit to you any\vh»iv in any weather. ' MiWMKAI) (NOTHING CO.

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