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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 3

London, Greater London, England
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Friday, June 3, 1949
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THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1949 Cricket UNHELPFUL DAY IN TRIAL Wharton Recovers from Bad Start Close, D. B.. t Evans b Young Gladwin. C, lbw b Edrioh Hoies, W. E.. c Ridgway b Jenkins.. Brennan. 1. V.t c Hever b Young ... Jaclcson. I, . .not out Extras (b 5.) 5 10TJTH. First Innlas-i,- 85 Jaclcson. L.. 6 lor 37). NOKia First lnninra crooxes. u., c Edrich b Jenklne 50 "Uowson, p. a., c Hever b Edrlcb. ... 64 K. T. Simpson b , KJdjiray 69 Wharton. A., c Evans Jb Edrich 67 Broderlck, v.. st Brans b Hever 4 P. R. Brown c watkins b Ridgway 1 Total 250 Bowling. First innings: Ridgway 26-4-76-2. Hew 16-2-51-1, Young 20-6-35-2. Jenkins 17.3-3-56-2, Edrlcb 8-2-23-3. Watitfns 4-2-2-0, Jones 1-0-2-0. SOUTH Second Innings Robertson, J. D not out 57 Fletcher, D. o. W.. b Hollies 23 W. J. Edrlcb not out 31 Extras lb 2, ib 4) 6 Total (for 1) 117 From our Cricket Correspondent Edgbaston, Thursday. - To-day's play in the English Test trial here has been about as unhelpful as was yesterday's, and the selectors may be wise to disregard it altogether when they select England's team to-morrow. The North were all out at 3 25 for 250. after they had been 198 for four at 2 30. and in just over 2J hours the South made 117 painstaking runs for one wicket. In the morning neither Ridgway nor Hever provided, Simpson and Lowson with a problem. Both bowled too many balls short of a length off the wicket ; this kept the rate of scoring down, but it held no more of hostility than any average county's medium-pace attack. Jenkins' varied flight and length brought some hint of imagination to this mainly negative procedure and compelled both batsmen to watchful caution, but his pace through the air was so slow that it was always safe to jump to and smother his spin when his length was not short enough for comfortable back play. Lowson, in particular, picked out his changing lengths well and though he was much more restrained than was Simpson it was surprising, indeed, when he misjudged a good-length ball outside his off stump from Edrich and scooped it to mid on instead of driving it through the covers as he clearly intended to do. Lowson, however, showed considerable promise. He plays exceptionally well off his legs to the on-side, and he is cool in temperament and neat and compact in style. Simpson reached his 50 half an hour after Lowson was out. He used his feet well to Jenkins, drove hard and handsomely through the covers, and hooked or swept the' shorter balls well to the leg side, but too often for proper control made his square cut off his back foot, and in defence did not always get his head and body sufficiently over the ball. To-day Simpson looked a sound, forceful, and attractive good-wicket batsman against THE OAKS bowline that is not turning auicklv or swinging late. When Ridgway did pitch a goon lengta outswinger on nis leg stump with the new ball after lunch, he was bowled comDrehensivelv. nor torty minutes wnarion looKea horribly uncomfortable. He did not use his feet to Jenkins and repeatedly played back or stabbed vaguely at well-pitched balls that were spinning in to or away from his bat. He played back, too, with far too much chest to the bowler and often agaonisingly late, and it was by temperament rather than by technique that he survived this first period of uncertainty. Then without warning he twice leapt out ana drove J en Kins nign to the signt-screen. Mann promptly replaced Jenkins by Young, and in a trial match the opportunity of seeing what Wharton might do when a deep field had been set for him or how Jenkins might react to quick footwork was wasted. Until Wharton was caught at bhe wicket nearly an hour after lunch when playing forward to a ball just short of a length from Edrich the other bowlers never troubled iiim, and his driving and hooking of both Ridgway and Hever when they took the new ball were the cleanest, swiftest, and most powerful shots of the day. The rest of the North's batsmen Scarcely offered token resistance to bowling which was neither dangerous nor consistently steady. Young in this match, as with his county, has not flighted the ball nor varied his attack as cleverly as has Roberts with Lancashire, and only Jenkins compelled concentration and thought for the Batsmen. The North's bowling was almost as innocuous on an easy wicket as was the South's. Gladwin lacked pace and control of his direction, and Jackson, whose arm has dropped appreciably since last season, bowled mainly short of a gcod length. Edrich. indeed, has seen the best of two medium-paced attacks which are likely to challenge neither Aspinall nor Bailey for a place in England's team. Hollies is more accurate than Jenkins and his greater speed through the air makes him more difficult for a quick-footed batsman to reach. Close has a high, easy action and will control his length more exactly and vary his straight ball with his off spin better with experience. Broderick gave the ball more air than did Young, but varied his length and pace less and looked no more like an England bowler than he did last year. Fletcher was dismissed early for the second time by Hollies as he played half-cook across the line of a good-length ball He is not basically a sound defensive batsman and in this match has shown few attacking shots. Robertson and Edrich survived without undue difficulty to the close, but the former had to struggle dourly for his 50 and did not judge or time the ball well. So far the selectors can be certain only of whom they may safely leave out of England's side. This knowledge is not perhaps without its value, bleak though it is. DR. ""i " l Lawn Tennis Musidora (second from the rails) winning the Oaks Stakes at Epsom yesterday. BOLD DECLARATION BY DOLLERY lit Innings LANCASHIRE 2nd Innlng Washorool-., 0.. c Townsend t Prltchard 117 not out' 6 Place. W., lbw b Prltchard 43 not out 3 Ikin. J. T.. c Towns-end b Prltchard ... 57 Edrich. G. A., b Prltchard N. D. Howard c Dollery b Prltchard 12 Grlevt-s. K... 0 Prltchard 6 Lomax, G , c Tov,ns-end b Grove 14 pollard. R, b Prltchard 8 Roberts. W B.. b Grove - 5 Hilton, M.. c Spooner b Grove 2 Wilson, A., not out... 0 Extras (b 4. lb 6. w 2, nb 2) 14 Total 581 Total (for OJ 9 Bowling. First Innings: Prltchard 41-14-96-7, Grove 35.5-10-62-3, Flint 13-3-31-0, Marshall 20-5-31-0. Townsend 21-3-46-0. Shortland 3-1-2-0 WARWICKSHIRE First Innings J. M. A. Marshall not out Gwne, C. W., c Grieves b Lomax ... Spooner, R. T , not out KENT v. ESSEX At Gravesend. Essex won by 47 runs. ESSEX. First Innings: S60 (Avery. A.V., 97; J. W. Martin 4 for 631. KENT. Flrt Innlnn: 144 (Pulllnger 8-4-11-1, Smith. R. 12 3-2-23-2. Smith, P. 9-0-28-0. Lavers 11-0-31-1, Price 13-3-34-5). ESSEX Second Innings Dodds. T. C.. c Walker b Martin ... 8 Avery. A. V.. b Crush 6 Mortis. W B., c Fagg b Wright 23 Vigar. F. H-. c Walker b Dovey ... 30 Smith. R.. c Clark b Martin 37 F. St. G. Onwln lbw b Wright B A. B. Lavers lbw b Dovey 0 Bawling. Second innings: Crush 8-1-19-1. Wright KENT Second Innings Smith, T. P. B.. c Clark b Wrlgbt ... 18 Wade, T. H.. run out 7 G. R. Pulllnger c and b Dovey 3 Price. E J., not out 19 Extras (b 17. lb 4, nb 1) 22 Total 181 Martin 11-1-41-2. 16-1-65-3. Doiey rase. A. E.. st Wade b Smith, P 92 Todd, L. 3., c Pulllnger b Latent ... 32 Ames, L. E. G.. e Pulllnger b Lavers.. 33 Phebey. A. H.. c Wade b Vifar 0 Edrich. B.. lbw b Lavers 33 D. G. Clark b Smith. P. 5 1 Total 950 Bowling. Second Innings: Pulllnger 5-2-12-0, Smith, R.. 20-4-59-0, Price 13-1-28-0. Smith, P., 19.1-4-43-5. Lavers 22-5-68-4. Morris 3-1-5-0. Vigar 2-0-19-1. E. Crush b Smith. P J Walker not Cut ... J. W. Maittn c vigar b Lavers Dove. R. R.. c Morris b Smith, P. Wright. D. V. P., st Wade b Smith, P. Extras ib 8, lb 7 w LI 10 16 NEW ZEALANDERS AT TAUNTON SOMERSET First Innings Gimblett, H.. c Hadlee b Burtt 53 Hill, E . c Hadlee b Cowie 5 Angell, F. L , c Cave b Cresswell 45 Coope, M.. c Hadlee b Burtt 6 G: E. S. Wcodhouf c Mooney b Burtt . 1 Buse. H. T. P.. c Smith b Burtt O Tremlett. M. P., c Reld b Sutcllffe ... 8 S. S. Rogers c Burtt b Cave -54 Lawrence. J., lbw b Cressnell 7 Luckcs, W T , not out O We'lard. A. W., c Sutc.iffe b Cave ... 0 Extras (b 6. lb 6) 12 Total 191 - Bowllnr. First Innings: Come 19-8-31-1. Cave 3 5 4-6-35-2. Burtt 32-13-68-4. Cress-veil 13-1-37-2. SutcllOe 4-1-8-1. NEW ZEALANDERS First Innings B Sutrliffe b Buse ... 3 V. J. Scott not out ... 51 3 R. Reld c Lawrence b Buse 4 F. Sm't'i c Hill b Laurence 93 M. P. Donnelly not out 28 Extras (b 11. lb 4) 15 Total (for 3) ...194 sCIIOlIJ. Birkenhead 85. Kinsfs 1 Macclesfield 1 10r: Denstotc College 343 and 99 for 7. Rossall 11 lor 8 dec. (tuo-day matcl-l WOKSLr.Y LLP (Kint Round). Nelson 61 for 3. v. ijoernouse. CENTRAL LANCASHIRE LEVGIE (Hood Cup. First Round). Castle ton Moor 99. Litlleborough 16 for 3. Ail amer maicnes were posiponea owing to rain, and will be continued to-night. GLAMORGAN v. MIDDLESEX At Swansea uun.unwn. rirsi innings: i 'rauncer. JL. B 81, Parkhouse, W. G. A., 53; G. O. ALen 5 for 30). MIDDLESEX First Innings Brown, S. M.. WnoMor 1 o Sharp. H.""B.;""b Wooller 15 H. Bearley c Munoer b Trick .. 1 Q Gray, L.. c Robinson b Wooller 7 Compton, D.. c Eagle- &tone o wooner ... 10 R W. V. Robins c Trick b Wooiler ... 25,1 Tnt.i , 6-4.3.S: Tr:ck 18:1-6-30-2" ' ' ''"' Lavts GLAMORGAN Second Innings G. fY A11T1 n Rat? I. stone b Wooller Ill Thompson, A.. c Parkhouse. b Trick . 1 Compton. L , c and b Wooller 0 E. A. Ingram not out O Sims. J., run out ... 0 Extras (b 4. lb 5) 9 Davles. E.. c Sims b Allen o Cllft. P . lbw b Allen 29 Parkhouse. W. G. A . c Robins b Al'en ... 67 W Wooller c Robins o Gray 21 Muncer. L. B c Thompson b Allen .. 17 . S", S'cornl lnnlnss: Allen 18-3-35-4, Gray Com&tnn TV ct.. o r. - c . 1 . . . . j. tj j 1 ouaiii .-U'X3-i. M. Robinson not out 15 Eaglestone, J., st Compton, L . b Sharp 12 Lavls. G.. run out ... 3 Davies, H . not out 9 Extras (b 5. Ib 4. nb 1) 10 Total (for 7 dec.) 183 MIDDLESEX Second Innlnx Brown, s. M lbw b Wooller H Brearley b Muncer" 14 , 19 u muiter .................. u Compton, D , not out 9 Total (for 2) 44 OXFORD v. THE ARMY At Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY First Innings H. J. Potts hit wkt b Gay 43 M E. A Keeling o Gay b Deighlon ... 1 C E. Winn c Smith b Delghton 0 C. B. Van Fyneveld st Hayles b Gay ... 19 D B. Carr b Gav ... 0 D. Lewis b Gay 14 1. p. uampoeu c Litn gow b Gar 20 R. Divecha c and b Delshton 8 J. N Bartlett b Gay 17 M. H. Wrlgley b Delghton 2 J Iberson not out ... 2 Extras (b 8, lb 11) 19 Total 145 Bowting. First Innings- Delghton 18.3-5-25-4. Symington 8-1-27-0, Gay 17-6-49-6, White 11-3-25-0 THE ARMY First Innings E. N. W Bramall Carr b Wrlgley ... 0 A H. Parnaby bit wicket b Wrig.ey ... 54 B. C. Elgood b Wrtglcy 6 A. Oakman b Divecha 6 A. T Llthgow b Iberson 24 W. M-. E. White c Campbell b Iberson 0 S. J Symington not out 5 R. Smith not out ... 0 Extras b 8. lb 1) 9 T. tal (CT 6) ...102 STArFUKDSHIRE r. YORKSHIRE SECOND ELEVEN. At Bingley. Staffordshire : 249 for 9 dec.) R. Smith 89. B. M. Hainu ?. tint nut n u.i. 51 Yorkshire Second Eleven : 110 (B Shardlow 5 for 43) and 14 for 0. Match drawn. Staffordshire Extras lb 6. nb 41 10 Total (for 7 dec.) 136 Pollard 25-8-37-4. Lomax Hilton 13-4-za-l, H. A. Shortland c Lomax b Grieves ... 21 Gardner, F. C , lbw b Pollard 11 Ord. J. S.. st Wilson b Hdton 10 Dollery, H. E., b Pollard 35 Wolton. A. V , b pollard 36 Townsend, A., c Wil son 0 pollard z Bowling. First innings: 16-4-25-1. Roberts 21-14-15-0. Grieves 9-4-20-1. What to all appearances was a drawn game at Aigburth was brought back to life by a bold and sporting declaration by Dollery, the Warwickshire captain. When he declared, at o 10 p.m., tne w arwicKsnire total of 13b for seven wickets was still uti runs behind Lancashire's first innings aggregate. ilis decision was undoubedtly influenced by the fact that Pollard, of Lancashire, had tatten three auick wickets in a soell of 4.3 overs, three of which were maidens, for only two runs. Pollard, too, had got lift from a black and lively looking pitch. This all followed a shower of rain, shortly aiier me tea interval, wnicn, as it did to Pritchard the previous evening when he captured five Lancashire wirkpts in a short time, assisted Pollard considerably. 1 r 1 . , , ., " ""cu ivatwiun Began tneir repiy xney were faced with few difficulties, for Pollarrl and Lomax rarely made the ball rise stump lugii. ine steadiness ot length was their greatest asset, with an occasional late swing into the batsmen. Runs were scarce, how ever, and the opening batsmen, Shortland and Gardner, spent fifty minutes over 22 runs before Pollard pierced the latter's defence. Ord was out at 44. stumped smartiy Dy wuson on Hilton, and Short- land was tnird to go at 62 after spending 115 minutes over his 21. The best feature of Warwick's innings was the fourth wicket stand between Dollery and Wolton, which produced 54 runs in eighty minutes. The shower after tea had long threatened, for thunder had been rumbling in the distance throughout the afternoon. Dollery, uuwicu hi no, was quicKiy loiiowed Dy ms partner, and half the side was out for 123, with ten needed to save the follow-on. and the terrors of a pitch now revealing itself as a most lively assistant to pace men. The sixth wicket felt at 125, Towns-end being caught at the wicket, the seventh at 128 with still a further 4 runs required but the situation was saved by Marshall DERBYSHIRE v. SUSSEX At Ilkeston SUSSEX First Innings Lawn Tennis NORTHERN CLUB'S MEETING From our Special Correspondent The sun was shining at the Northern Lawn Tennis Club "when the annual open lawn tennis tournament was continued yesterday and so good progress was possible in' much more attractive conditions. In the men's singles semi-finals this afternoon A. J. Mottram will meet E. L. Mandelbaum. and N. Kumar D. H. Shaw. of Lancashire. Mottram yesterday beat A., ts.aiman Dy poweriui serving and good driving on both wings ; he was particu late strong on me Dacunana, nuting deep cross-court drives, following them to the net, and putting away his volleys neatly. In the second set his volleys were especially crisp and well angled. Kaiman was net afraid to go for his shots and made a good game of it although he was outclassed. Mandelbaum beat J. W. Hughes, tne junior cnampion ot .Bermuda, b-l, 6-u, being far too consistent and experienced for his young opponent. Kumar beat W. J. Sherwell 6-2, 6-3. Sherwell started off well, winning the first two games but he was unable to maintain his lead. Kumar served well, went in right on top of the net, and found the gaps with his volleys. In the second set he continued this policy, and in spite of being two down after dropping his service he went to 4-2, 5- 3, and 6-3 with some well-angled volleys and smashes. Sherwell had not the passing shots to make any impression. Shaw was just too good for G. J. Chibbett. Mrs. P. C. Todd reached the final of the women's singles by beating Miss N. C. Potts 6-4, 6-0. Miss Potts made a good fight of the first set although she never led. She was quick to,see that Mrs. Todd's great strength is her backhand and kept off it as much as she could. She went for her shots and well deserved the four games she won. It was her own backhand that betrayed her. Mrs. Todd came to the net whenever she could and made some glorious volleys. Miss Potts scored many points in this set with her lob when Mrs Todd was at the net. In the second set Mrs. Todd was right on top and won quickly, dominating the court with her fast and beautifully angled shots to the corners. Her short-angled, backhand shots across the court also gave her many points. Details : RESULTS. Men's Singles Third Round: A J. Mottram beat A. Kaiman 6-0. 6-1: E. J Maundlebaum beat J. W. Hughes 6-1. 6-0: N. Kumar beat W Y. Sherwe.l 6- 2, 6-3; D H Shaw beat G J. Chibbett 6-0. 6-8. 6-4. Women's Singles Third Round Mrs. P. C. Todd beat Miss N. C. Potts 6-4. 6-0. women a Doubles second Round: Mrs. Todd and Mrs Fulton beat Miss P. Fakes and Mrs. Hodson 6-0. 6-4: Miss Woodbridge and Miss Layneld beat Mrs. Touatt and Mies Walthew 6-3. 6-0, Miss D. Henshall and Miss Potts btat Miss N Feethain and Mrs. Mitchell 6-4, 6-1. Cricket SEGURA'S GALLANT FIGHT Kramer Almost Beaten From our Lawn Tennis Correspondent London, Thursday. J. Kramer (United States), the world's professional lawn tennis champion, has only once been beaten in an amateur or professional championship since the war, but he came near defeat in the semifinal of the world's indoor professional championships at Wembley to-night. That he beat P. Segura (Ecuador) 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 was due more to the growing fatigue of bis remarkably energetic and live-wire opponent than anything else. Kramer was not that impeccable, powerful machine of a player' that 'one had known as an amateur or in his earlier days as a professional, when one considered him the only great player that the game has nroaucea since tne war. rnrousncm tne match, and especially in the fourth and early part of tne filth sets, he repeatedly failed to win games from 40-love or 40-15. He. lost them with a series of two or three bad shots a sign that his nerve was not as strong and his temperament not so keen as it was before he became an exhibition player. None of this, however, must detract from the merits of Segura, a double-handed player on both wings Segura set and maintained a terrifically high pressure for three parts of the match. He was at his best in the first and fourth sets, especially the first, when his return, his angling of difficult shots, and his pace were remarkable. He beat Kramer in those sets in every possible way from service to passing shot, and Kramer was made to look almost dull. It was not until the third game of the second set that Kramer managed to raise his game sufficiently to compete against and pass the quality of his opponent. Then we saw Kramer going forward, and Segura, who was taking a great deal out of himself by his relentless energy, becoming a little slower. Segura brought out reserves and Kramer relaxed in the fourth set. When Kramer made a lot of bad shots at the beginning of the fifth set and Segura reached 3-1, it appeared as if the champion was facing a defeat. Yet it was the gallant nine segura who taltered and allowed the champion to crawl home. Golf BRITISH DELEGATES TO THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE Liberals Protest that Party Has Been Ignored The names of the members of the: British representation to the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe were announced yesterday in the House of Commons by the Prime Minister. A similar announcement was made by Lord Addison in the House of Lords. In both Houses there -were protests from the Liberals that the party had not been consulted on the question of Lord Layton's nomination as a delegate and that the party's position as a recognised Opposition had been ignored. Government and Opposition members of the delegation are : Representatives from the Government Beaches: Mr. Herbert Morrison (Lord President of the Council), Mr. Hugh Da It on (Chancellor of the DOchy of Lancaster), Mr. William Whiteley (Government Chief Whip), Mr. Seymour Cocks (Broxtowe), Mr. A. M. Crawley (Buckingham). Mr. M. Edelman (Coventry W.), Miss M. Herbison (Lanark N.), Mr. F. Lee (Hulme). Mr. R. W. G. McKay (Hull N.W.), Mr. W. Nally (Bilston), and Mr. Ungoed-Thomas (Llandaff and Barry). Opposition representatives : Mr. Winston Churchill, Mr. Harold Macmillan (Bromley), Sir David Maxwell Fyfe (West Derby), Mr. Robert Boothby (Aberdeen E.). Mr. D. M. Eccles (Chippenham), and Sir Ronald Ross 'Londcnderry) The remaining member of the delegation who was not a member either of the Government or Conservative Opposition parties, said the Prime Minister, would be from the House of Lords. Lord Layton. The appointments were for the first session of the assembly which was expected to be held in Strasbourg in August. Mr. Clement Davies (L. Montgomery) asked the Prime Minister if it was not a fact that the Government had refused to accept anv nomination from the Liberal party. Why had a distinction been drawn in regard to this matter ? Mr. Attlee replied : " I am sure he will realise that this is a difficult and Oakes. J., c Smith b Slcinner S. C. Griffith c Rovill b Rlmmer Langridge, Jas., not out Extras (b 6. lb 2) Langridge. John, not out 234 Smith. D. v., b Rhodes 43 Oakes, C c Marsh b Copson 0 H. T Bartlett c Revlll b Rhodes 11 Cox. G.. o Smith b Rhodes 16 Bnmllnr. First mn:nss. Copson 19-4-48-1. Rlmmer 22-2-S5-1. Marsh 12-2-50-0. Rhodes 28-4-102-3. Skinner 10-1-60-1. DERBYSHIRE First Innings Elliott. C S . c Oidces. J., b Wood 9 Smith, D.. b Langridge. Jas 70 : Revlll, A. not out ... 30 6 29 16 B Total (for 6 dec 1363 Marsb, E., not out ... 5 Extras (b 4) 4 Total (for 2) ...118 ASPINALL'S INJURY Any chance that R. Aspinall, the Yorkshire bowler, possessed of playing in the first Test match faded yesterday. His injured ankle is proving more serious than was at first thought, and he is to consult a Leeds specialist. He will not be considered for Yorkshire's team for the match against Lancashire. J. H. Wardle is also omitted from the Yorkshire team, which will be selected from : N. W. D. Yardley. D. V. Brennan, Hutton, L . Lester. E., Close, D. B . Halliday, H , Coxon. A., Watson, W.. Mason, A., Robinson, E. P.. Trueman. F.. and Lowson. F. A. YORKSHIRE v. SCOTLAND At Hall SCOTLAND. First Innings: 170 (Robinson, E P.. 5 for 31) YORKSHIRE. First Innings: 287 for 1 dee. (Hutton, L.. 146 not out. Wilson. J. V . 110 not out). SCOTLAND. Second Innings: 58 for D. In retatning the Welsh professional golf title at Radr yesterday H Gould (Royal Forthcawl) returned 0.7R. the lowest 72-hole aggregate ever made In a Welsh championship, and his 66 broke the course record by three strokes He won by 13 strokes from I. Roberts Port Talbot). invidious task. The constitution lays down that there shall be 18 representations. This gives a quota for this House of one to 35 or 36 members. The right hon. gentleman's party ana the other groups do not amount altogether to one complete quota and I had to look around and see what was the best thing to do, and I think I have done the best I can." Mr. Clement Davtes said the Liberal party seemed tobe ignored on a matter in which Liberal members, not only here but in every country in Europe, had taken a rery prominent part. He added that they had the very highest regard for Lord Lsyton, who, however, had been appointed not as a Liberal but because he was chairman of the British group or council for a United Europe. Lady Megan Lloyd George (L. ' Anglesey). Mr. R. Hopkin Morris (L. Carmarthen), and Mr. F. C. Byers (L. Dorset N.)- also spoke in protest. "COMPLETELY IGNORED" In the House of Lords, Lord Reading said the House would rejoice at the fact that Lord Layton would be a member of the delegation and that the Whole assembly would have the benefit of his immense experience acquired as chairman of the United Europe movement in this country. Lord Layton, however, was nominated by the Government without consultation with , the Liberal party in either House. That was the first time that the position of the Liberal party as a recognised opposition had been completely ignored. We are surprised, dismayed, and indignant at the treatment we have received," he' concluded. T.nrrl Addison (Leader of the House). who promised that he would inform the Prime Minister of Lord Reading's remarks, said : " I can quite well think that a more suitable and representative Liberal could not very well have been chosen." Lord Reading : If that had been the view, would it not have been at least courteous to consult the Liberal party in advance as to whether they thought he was the right representative ? Lord Addison said he could assure Lord Reading hat there was no intention, of departing from the normal fneticulous courtesies between the parties. Boxing WOODCOCK BEATS MILLS GOOD SrORFS AT I WORTHING There were many low scores and much fine golf yesterday in the Spalding tournament at Worthing, and at the end of two rounds only one sUoke separated the leading ten players. Qualifiers : 136 J. Knlpe (Royal Vtid-Surrey). 69. 69; P. van Donck (Belgium). 66, 72; C. H. Ward (Little Aston). 70. 68: I B. Ayton (Worthing). 71. 67. 139 E W. H. Kenyon (Worsley). 71. 68; R. Burton ICbombe Hill), 68. 71: J. Adams tWentworth). 67. 72. P. Daly (Balmoral). 71. 68: A. Lea (Dore and Totley) 69. 70; C. S. Denny (Thorpe Hall). 69. 70. 140 T. M Turner (Guildford). 72. 68; A. S. Tibbies (Tamwortb). 74. 66. 141 A. M. Dalley (Wanstead). 68. 73; M. Faulkner (Royal Mid-Surrey), 71. 70; P. Alllas, jun. (Farndown), 74, 67. 142 D J. Rees (South Hertfordshire). 6B, 74: R. W. Home (Hendon). 73. 69: A. H Padgbam (Sundridge Part). 71. 71. 143 F Bullock (Royal Lvtham and St. Annes). 74 69; E. B. Williamson (Wollaton Park). 73. 70: R. A. Knight (Felixstowe). 71. 72; A PeUssler 'France). 73. 70; S. S. Field (Dunstable Downs). 73, 70; R Rossi (Argentine). 74, 69: R. A. Whitcombe (Parkstone). 75, 68. A. G Harrison (Hill Barn). 72. 71. 144 W. D. Smlthers (Long Ashton), 74. 70: A. E Clark (United States). 73. 71 145 R de Vlcenzo (Argentine). 75. 70: L. V. Baker (Arkley), 71. 74: H. E. Osborne (Newquay). 73 73, W Anderson (Ryt). 68, 77: T. Allen (Rlchon). 71. 74: A. Cerda (Antentlnel. 75. 70: K. Bousfleld (Coombe gill) 74, 71; R. A King (Brookmans Park). 74 71. 146 A. J Lscey (Berkshire). 73, 73: A. O. Havers (Moor Park). 73. 73: T. E. Odams (Grims Dyke). 74. 72. 147 E. E. Whitcombe (Porters Park). 76, 71: N. ubiuu iBn. vx, vo; r.. w. wens Bruce Woodcock, the British, European, and Empire heavyweight boxing champion, knocked out iredme Mills, tne world s light-heavyweight champion, in the fourteenth round before 50,000 people at the White City Stadium, London, last night, after showing a remarkable return to form. In a, tremendous battle, in which no quarter was given or asked. Woodcock gradually wore his plucky challenger down until, in the fojrteenth round. Mills sank to his knees under a flurry of blows, exhausted and beaten. Although dazed, and holding the back of his neck- with his left glove, he made a valiant effort to rise, and was in the act of so doing when the referee called "out." Any doubts that might have been held about Woodcock's confidence or his ability to take punches were dispelled. His jaw, broken by Joe Baksi when he suffered a crushing defeat two years ago. stood the test. Mills's left hooks and right swings, many of which landed full on the point, had little or no effect It was only Mills's courage and his remarkable recuperative powers which enabled him to stay in the ring for so long and withstand, such devastating punches. He" took counts for two in the first round, four in the third, two in the eighth, nine in the tenth, three in the twelfth, and three and one in the thirteenth. His courage was. superb, and he was always in the contest, always hoping to lartH a finishing blow. Instructor Rear-Admiral Sir Arthur Hall, Director of Studies at the Roya Naval College, Greenwich, has been appointed chairman of the British Society for International Understanding. (unattached). 72. 75: T. B. Hallburton (North Middlesex). 77, 70: W. J Branch (Berkbam-tead). 75, 72. CHESHIRE WOMEN'S WINS Cheshire women yesterday defeated Durham 5-2 and 6-1 at Prenton. Details (Cheshire names and morning scores first) : , Trs- Ravenscrolt (Mere) beat Mr. J. Carter (Chter-Ie-SrTet)f 3 and 2 and 4 and 3: Mrs. G. M Lancashire (Mere) beat Mrs C. . H. WrUrht fBran:epeth). 5 and 3 and 6 and 4: Miss D. Hall Hazel Grove) lost to Mrs. H Blrkbect (Barnard Castle). S and 2, and Mrs. G. Brown- (Heswall) loat to Miss SineW,n. 1 down, Miss Sheila McNicoll (Sandlway beat Mrs. VL Leech (Dimsdale), 7 and 5 and 6 and 5. Mrs C. Horabln (Sandlwiy) beat Mrs. J. Dovnlne (South Shields). 6 and 4 and 4 and a: Mrs. P. E. Dennis (Hazel Grove) beat Mre. K Lowery (Chester-le-Street), 1 up. and beat Mrs. Downing 4 and 3; Mrs 1 J. P. Sinclair fBeswalli lost re'i E. M. Singleton (EaelescllnD . 2 and 1 fnd beat Mrs. Lower?. 3 and 1. An Italian Universities Association Football eleven beat England's amateur touring side 3-1 at Venice yesterday. While batting Just over four hours for 234 not out for Sussex against Derbyshire at Ukestone yesterday John Langridge scored his sixth century pf the season and became the first batsman to score a thousand run this season. The Billiards Association and Control Council has decided to moie the final of next year's world's professional snooker championship from London to the Tower Circus, Blackpool, to be played from March 10 to March 18 Preston Cricket OZub la arranging, as usual, three matches for schoolboys, to be ployed on the Preston ground on August 9, 10, find 11. Boys who wish to play should send full particulars to J. C. Maltby, 13, Etferton Road, Ash ton, Preston. If On the Tafaet. . Lillywhites of Piccadilly Circus have everything for Archery; from up-to-date equipment for the experienced archer, to practice bowi and arrows for the beginner. In particular, we welcome enquiries from enthusiasts starting their own Archery Clubs and our specialised staff will be pleased to send them a list of essentials and any other advice required. A selection from our equipment in stock is given below. BOWS PRACTICE BOWS in self Dagame. Men's Flat j ft. 9 ini., 18 in. draw, weight 30-45 lbs. pull 2.6.9 Womens' 5 ft. 3 ins., 26 in. draw, 20-35 'bs. pull 2.2.0 LAMINATED BOWS in Dagame and Hickory. Men's 2.i;.o; Womens 2 . 10 . 6 Lemonwood, greenheart and lemonwood. Men's j . 3 . 1 1 ; Womens' 4.17.4 Lemonwood, greenheart and yew. Men's 6 . 2 . 2 ; Womens' ; . 1 C . 1 STEEL BOWS Take-down, two-section steel bows, straight limbed. 8.19.0 ARROWS PRACTICE ARROWS, first quality. Men's 28 in. Dozen 478 Womens' 2 j in. Dozen 44-TOURNAMENT ARROWS, hardwood footings. Crested to order if required. I J in. -29 in. Dozen 6.12.0 FLIGHT ARROWS made to order at the same price. JUNIOR BOWS AND ARROWS FLAT BOWS, jft., 24m. draw, 23-; 4ft. 6 in., 22in. draw, 186 ARROWS, self Rocks, brass tips, 24 in., dozen 202 ; 21 in., dozen 166 Over 6 arrows sent post free. PLEASE WRITE FOR ILIUSTRATED SUMMER CATALOGUE ' PICCADILLY CIRCUS TEL: WHITEHALL 311 CONTROL OF ENGAGEMENT ORDER, 1947 Nona 01 thft vaeancits in thtss columns rolatss to a man bitwetn tht axes 01 18 and 50. InclusiYi, or a woman Ottwttn the un 01 18 and 40. Inclusive, unless he or she Is excepted from the orovislons ol the Com'Ol ol Enlistment Order 1947. or the vacancy Is lor employmtnt excepted Irom tht provisions of that order. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Educational WANTED, for Sept , espinenced M:siresses ! teach Geography. History, French. Latin, and English o School Cerurliite; also a Jun.or Mistress Please apply PenBwern Collese. Trefnant. Denbighshire. North Wales UNIVERSITY OP ABERDEEN. LECTURESHIP IN ENGLISH LITERATURE App: cauons arc .uvited lor the Lectureship In English Literature. Sa.ary 600-750. placing acc:rdinR to qualifications and experience ftlth F.S.SU. and Children's Allowances App Icat.ons to be lodged by June 30. 1949 Form of aDplicat.on and conditions of ac-po.m-ment may be obtained Irom the undersigned H. J. BUTCHART. Secrelarj The Unuerslty ot Aberdeen IRKENHEAD EDUCATION COMMITTEE. PARK HIGH SCHOOL 315 Bovi) Head Master: H T King, M.a". Required, September, 1949. Master for Chemistr to H.S C and scholarship standard Th.s is a post ot special responsibility (allowance 135) tor a master with the necessary qualifications and experience. For form of application, wtoch should be v, . s ii. law, sena suunpea addressed foolscap envelope to the Director of hvuw uy. nauiimui oijubic. jiirKenneaa DON LD P MEATH. Town Clerk to-gn tiau. mrcenneao. May. 1.349 T UUDERSFIELD EDUCATION COMMITTEE. J-i GREENHEAD HIOH SCHOOL (500 Oirlsl. Required in September, a vell-qualined Graduate with several rears exnerienee. cnrtabTr of Teachlnr Enelish to university scholarship oiiuaiu una 01 acting as ueaa 01 tne sngusn department. Interest In Dramatic work an asset. Application forms obtainable from the unoersignea istampea addressed envelope! should be returned without delay. H. KAY. Director of Education. Education offices Feel Street. HuddersSeld KIPON TRAINING COLLEGE (POP WOMEN TEACHERS). PrittClDSl: Miss V. N HAt.T. M A Applications are Invited for the post ot Tutor in History The vacancy Is for September, but applications Irom candidates ho are not free to tak up the post until Janusry will be considered The post can be resident or nonresident. Salary scale 400 by 20 to 625 p a., tu position In tne scale heme determined b9 lenCth Ot machine Sorvl tnnlratnnt with copies of testimonials and names of two reTerees. soouid be sent to the principal a LEEDS GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL. (Grammar School Foundation). Headlnxley Hill. Leeds ft- Wanted In September (II Senior History Mistress to organise the subject up to university scholarship standard Good experience essential. eajary: Buraoam scale plus special responsibility allowance. Government suneranruiatlon. (2) Fxoebel-trained Junior Form Mistress to teach children from 7 to 9 years. Middle echool geography a recommendation 8on experience desirable. Salary: Burnham Scale witn government superannuation. flpaiy immeqjateiy to the Head Mistress. SHROPSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. DOMESTIC SUBJECTS STAFF. Applications are Invited from qualified -Teachers of Domestic Subjects for the follow- lng posts : Madeley Modem School, Wellington Modem School; Wrockwardlne Wood Modern School: and at Centres at Bishop's Castle and la the Wellington area Forma ot application may be obtained from the undersigned 00 receipt ot a Hunpeu auoresaea envelope. H. MARTIN WILSON, Secretary lor Education. County Buildings, Shrewsbury. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Educational COUNTY BOROUGH OF WALLASEY OLDERSHAW HIGH SCHOOL, Required for Seutember nTt. rcrojtuaf Mistress, to share in the teaching of French and History. Experience desirable Sa'ai7 In inni3nr. n.fth nitmh.m Scale Forms of application may be obtained from the Director of Education, Town Hall Wallasey, on of a stamped addressed foolscap euielope. to a bom they should be returned tmmediately fc-MRYS EVANS Town Cleric COUNTY BOROUGH OF BOLTON EDUCATION raVlfWlTTli'l- MUNICIPAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE Principal: J W. Slmpltin. M.Sc .i.,wia lutuea ior tne appomt- h full-tlmi- .Iss'stant. well qualified to u llu xtnicuiiics m tne xujauiR nfrflrtin.tlt,, t t . o-il , ,j, J Juu ur lecpnicai School (Building) oaiary in accordance with the Burnham scale Allowances w 11 be made for approved ndustrlal and teaching experience Appl'cation forms and further particulars .. t Uau uuiu tne uuaersigneo, to wnotn completed applications should be returned as W. a. HAYWARD, chlet Education Officer. Educat.on Offlcej, Nelson Square. Boiton. DENBIGH HOWELL'S SCHOOL. INDEPENDENT SCHOOL. (Truatees: The Drapers' Company.) Wamea In September: 1. Senior English Mistress and Librarian. Post of special responsibility with an additional allowance Department of three full-time and one half-time mistresses Post ot particular interest as new Library to be constructed next year as War Memorial 2 Hlstorv MiKtrias tn tfh tn nurhxr School Certificate and CnlverslW Scholarship jiauumu experience aesirauie dui nai essential. 5 Chemist rr Mixrrcs to toeh m Hirhr School Certificate and University Scholarship standard and share junior general science itutm w-ui iuux ainer science ipeoausu Excellent laboratories 4. Art Mistress to teach the subject throughout the school up to Higher School Certificate standard Revised Burnham Scale. Government superannuation scheme. Resident or nonresident posts Applr to the Head Mistress. TTNIVERSITY OP NATAL Appl'ca.tlons are Invited Tor two appointments at Durban: Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Aud'ting in the Faculty of Commerce and Admln'stration. The duUes coraprse lecturing under the airccLioa 01 me tro lessor ui Accounting ana Auditing to degree students and Drofeeslonal Accountant students in some or all of the io:.owing suDjects: Accounting, auditing, costing. income tax. executorshio. and insolvency. Staff may be required to lecture also to non -European students Applicants should preferably possess i a umTcrs.i.T acKrce. u prujejs.onai qu&nnoaxiOa, and practical as well as lecturlrur exnerlence. A sociable an. co-operative personality Is a desirable attribute A provisional application may be made by a candidate expecting shortly 10 complete a final academic or professional examinaifan Salary scales for men are: Senior Leoturer, C6O0 x 25 12900: Lecturer. 550 x 25 725. A cost-of-living allowance, at present amounting to 200 per annum for a married man and 50 pe annum for s single person. Is paid in addition. The Initial salary will be determined In accordance with the qualifications and experience of the successful The appointment will be. in toe first place, for a nrobationarv- rjeuiod of two vwk Successful aDDllcanta must commence dutiM not later than February, 1950. Membership of the University Teachers- Provident Fund is compulsory. Further particulars and Information as to the method of application may be obtained from the Secretary. Association ot Universities oi ine urjtisn cwnmoTureaim . 5, Gordon Square, London, W.C. 1. The closing date for in receipt oi appiicatiozts is dtuy ii lysy PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Educational REQUIRED Immediately. Qualified Resident Machirje-rniLLlruc Instructress, nr one rlth good all rou: d experience, prepared to take College o Teachers of the Blind certificate: salarr according to experience Applications should glv full details and be accompanied by oi inree reierences Address super intendent School fnr Bttnd. FJardman Street. Liverpool CITY OP LEICESTER EDUCATION COMMITTEE. THE NEWARKE GIRLS GRAMMAR SCHOOL. FOSSE ROAD SOUTH. LEICESTER. Head M.stress' Miss K. M. Stanton. M.A Wanted "n September. 1949, a Mistress to share in the teaching of French throughout the school to H'gher School Certlficat e standard. Salary In accordance wUh the Bum-ham scale. Applications, accompanied by copies of- recent testimonials, should be sent to the Head M stress of the school immediately. ELFETJ THOMAS, Director of Education Education Department Newarke Street, Leicester Medical and Nursing BOLTON MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE. Physiotherapist, female (sole charge) required. Two vans m service Able to drive or willing to learn Plat accommodation Provided Sllarv an J.N.C. Rta! fltiner. annuatlon. Further particulars from Miss vlaaj. muu c j. oi Awm Koaa. tioiton, Lancashire. EDGWARE GENERAL HOSPITAL. EDGWARE. MIDDLESEX. There are a few vacancies for Pupil Mid-wives for Part I Training, commencing August 1. 1949, and November 1 1949. Applicants must be S.R.N. Training allowance in accordance with the Nurses' and Midwlves' Whitley Council recommendations Applications to the Acting Matron. -CLEVELAND HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE WEST LANE ISOLATION HOSPITAL. MIDDLESBROUGH (203 beds). Resident or Non-resident Ward Sister required: candidates must be S R N. and S R.F.N. Salary Is in accordance with RushcllSe recommendations; the post Is superannuable, and subject to one month's notice on either side. Applications should be sent to Matron. West Lane Hospital. Middlesbrough. SALFORD ROYAL HOSPITAL. Saltanl HasnlLal Mnntrrmnt rvtmmiitM Applications are 'nvited rm- fhe rozinwlnt ousts : ' Theatre eKstei Orthopaedic Waro. tfistei Surgical Ward Sister Holiday Slater (resident or nnn.rMnonri Particulars of training and subsequent experience, together with twa mtmn- nam Cur relerenc purposes, should be sent to the uauj oupermieuuexit or worses saitorn Rnya DOm ALBERT HOSPITAL. LANCASTER we rcuuic-uimuco UI we nOTTOSrD Counties) APPOINTM NT Oi' HEAD MISTRESS AnnilAalinnt . ti mritA r - Teachers for the post ot Head Mlstres or the aKr"uiunwj auvi i re oi e-trunded ripiis under the age of 16. Mistresses V Special ' Schools. Previous experience in teaching infants andor simple quatLfliaticr and experience to the Medical "V9 AliCH ESITTTt NOK1HEKN HOSPITAL. (NORTH MANCHESTER HOSPITAL IIANAGS- aasni' cummfixek.) APPOINTMENT OP PHYSIOTHERAPIST. Applications are united for tbe post ol Ptua-Gtheraplis at this botpital. Salary ia la accordance with tbe J.N.C. (Hocpitai Stafii) and the. post la subject to the Rational Health Service (Superannuation) Regnlat.ani. 1947. Applications, stating name, age, address, qrraltlVattoas, experience and present appoint, ment (it any), and tbe names of two referees, are to be addressed to tbe Hospital anmminmwr urn swu u puaaiDic PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Medical and Nursing STRATFORD-ON-AVON HOSPITAL. COMPLETE TRAINING SCHOOL. Asstam Nurses required, resident or nonresident. Bu&hcllfle conditions of service. Apply lor full particulars to the Matron, Stratford-un-Avon Hosuital Arden Street. Stratford-on-Avon. Telephone STRattord 5288 ROYAL MANCHESTER CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. PENDLEBURY. ISALFOKO HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Applications are invited ior the appointment of tull-time Fh;s.otherapist. CSJP. L.E.T. Salaiy in accordance with J.N.C. (Hospital Starts). The appointment la subject to a; factory medical examination. Applications, stating age and experience and accompanied by ccples of three testimonials, to he sent to H. HEARDMAN. Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury. as soon as possib.e. SODTHPORT AND DISTRICT HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. Applications are invited (or the following appointment at tbe Promenade Hospital, South-port : Physiotherapist Salary In accordance with the recommendations ol the J N.C. commencing at 340 per annum. Candidates must possess the Certificate of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. Applications, stating age, experience, and qualifications, must be forwarded Immediately to the undersigned. T. CROOK, Secretary. Promenade Hospital, Southport. OLDHAM AND DISTRICT HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. BOUNDARY PARK GENERAL HOSPITAL. APPOINTMENT OP SISTER TUTOR (Resident or non-resident.) Applications are invited from State Registered Nurses holding tbe recognised Sister Tutor's certificate, for the post of Sister Tutor at the above Ujspluu, which Is recognised as a Training school for Student Nurses. There Is a Central Preliminary Training School In a house situated away from the hospital. Salary and conditions of service will be In accordance with the RushcIIfle Scale and the commencing, salary will be fixed having regard to the service and experience of tbe selected candidate. . Applications gtvtng full details ot experience, age, itc, together with the names of two persons to whom reference may be made, should be sent to tbe Matron at tbe above hospital. TWTORTH AND MID-CHESHIRE HOSPITAL XI MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. Applications are lnv"ted for tbe following posts : ALTRINCHAM GENERAL HOSPITAL. ALTRIKCHAM, CHESHIRE 1. Staff Nurses. 2. Assistant Nurses (non-resident) 3. Female Student Nnrses from IB years Ior entering tbe PrellnVnary Training School for three months prior to ward duty. U.TRI1CHA&! GENERAL HOSPITAL fDENZELL ANNEX). Junior Ward Sister lor day duty Jun'OT- Ward sister for night duty. ALBERT -INFIRMARY WINSFORD. ' CHESHIRE One Assistant Nurse SOOTHFIELD MATERNITY. HOME. ' LANQHAM ROAD, BOWDON, CHESHIRE. State Certified Midwife with Gas and Air Analgesia Certificate- preferred. State Registered, Nurse. E.CJA. ALTRINCHAM MATERNITY HOSPITAL. SDiDERLAND ROAD. ALTRINCHAM, Resident Midwifery Sister, able to deputise. VICTORIA INFIRMARY. NORTH WICH. CHESHIRE ' 1. "Two Night Sisters. 2. Junior Ward Bister. 3. Resident KnmHwi Assistant Norses 4. Resident Probationer Nurses. TABPORLEY- WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. TARPORLKy; CHESHIRE. Sister. SRJI with theatre experience, able to take charge during ttatron'a absence. One Enrolled assistant Nurse, salaries and conditions m accordance with the Nurses' Salaries Committee recommenda tions. Applications should be made to the Matrons at the respective hospitals. E. A. BIDEN, Secretary. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Medical and Nursing flRMSKlRK. AMD DISTRICT HOSPITAL KJ MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. OOUNTS HOSPITAL, Wlaan Road. Ormsttrk (413 Beds), Applications are Invited for tbe following appointment: Junior House Physle'an (A). The appointment will be for six months in tbe first instance, and the salary ts . at the rate of 330 per annum, plus full residential emoluments, subject to any revision of salary at present the subject of negotiation Applications, together with two names for reference, should be sent to the undersigned as soon as possible H E. BECK. Secretary. County Hospital. Ormsklrk Public Offices and Institutions NUFFIELD BUREAU OF HEALTH AND SICKNESS RECORDS OXFORD (Regional Records Unit.) Applications are invited for the post ol Assistant Records Officer (Statistics! Age-lim.ts 25-40. Grade A P.T VA: salary 550 x 20 610, commencing at 5 so p a Candidates must hold a university degree In mathematics and be interested In medical statistics, but previous experience of medical statistical work not essential. Applications (In writing), stating: age, education, qualifications, and experience (it any), with names o! two referees, to be sent within 14 days to n. vwwn, j, faiKs tujma, uxiorq LONG-ESTABLISHED Contractors require eXDenenced Civil Rnfflnperlner AEWnt fnr duties initially in the United Kingdom, and subsequently overseas Applicants should be of good education and technical ability and have had regular and progressive experience on a wide range of civil engineering works. In view ol the nature of the post envisaged It Is essential for the successful applicant to possess a sound knowledge of estimating and considerable administrative ability. Applications, which will be treated to complete confidence, should be In writing giving fullest particulars including details of experience positions held, and salaries earned to Managing IKrector. Box No. U 4183. A.K. Advg., 212a. Shaftesbury Avenue, London. W.C. 2. HCDDERSFIELD HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. HUDDERSFTELD ROYAL INFIRMARY , (321 Beds) Applications are invited for tbe post of Pood Supervisor to take charge of tbe whole of the catering for approximately 4S0 persons dfliiy. The post Is a resident one with commencing salary of 250 to 300 per annum, according to qualifications and experience, and the appointment Is superannuable under tbe N.H.S. Superannuation Regulat'ons. App!icattons. together with copies of three recent testimonials, should be submitted to tne undersigned as soon as possible H. J JOHNSON. Secretary to the Management Qir.niUtee. anaaersneiq Koyal innrmry "COLONIAL rNSErrrrnmra pps t?iu V MOSQUITO ERADICATION EXPERIMENT 1M UAUHJTIOS. Appjcatlons ire invited" for the post of Entomologist tmale) for service mf.tb a research unit which ia undertaking a large-scale mosquito eradi'atlon experiment using DD.T. and B HC. insecticides. Applicants must hold a university degree in an appropriate scientific subject with first -class or second-class honours, or an 'equivalent Qualification. Salary scale 650 x 25 850 per annum plus an allowance of 83 per annum and a cost-of-living allowance at the rate of 20 p.c of salary subject to a maximum of 180 per annum Free quarters, and passages at tbe beginning and end ot service, will be provided. The appointment will be on agreement for "2 years on the first InBUnfy but when the Colonial Research Service la sstabtlshed absorption into that service may be offered. Arrangements may be made, for the maintenance of exlsxrn PAS.U. policies; otherwise a gratuity ot p-c. or LutRj nnc sa-ary armwa may oe pain on completion of agreement. Selected candidate will be required to contribute 4 p.c ot salary to the Mauritius Widows' and Orphans Pensions Pond Forms of appUcatUrn may be obtained from the Under. Secretary of State. Colonial Office (Research Department). Sanctuary Buildings. Great Smith Street. London. S.W. 1. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Public Offices and Institutions WAR OFFICE. Male Shorthand-writer required for the Directorate of Army Legal Services, under the War Office. London. The post is on a temporary basis, with s salary range up to 700 per year, starting pay being fixed according to age, qualifications, arm experience. Applicants should have a shorthand speed of at least 170 words a minute and be able to type at not less than 3 words per minute. Practical experience in verbatim reporting of legal proceedings .is desirable but not essential. Written applications, giving date ol birth. fuQ details ot qualifications and experience. Including dates, should be addressed to London Appointments Office. 1-6. Tavistock Square. London, W.C. 1. quoting relerence No. K.T.224. Original references must not be forwarded. Only candidates selected for interview will be advised. SOUTHER!. RHODESIA BTAPI CORfS AIR UNIT. RECRUITS WANTED. 1. Vacancies exist in fua-time service in the following trades ot the Soutnern Rhodesia total! Corps Air Unit: F.tter ha (and Flight Mechanic Airframe). Fitter HE (and F.tcbt Mechanic Engine). Electrician 1 and II. Wireless and E.ectrica! Mechanic. Instrument Repairer I and U. Instrument Maker. Photographer, Safety Equipment Worker. Carpenter 1 and II. 2. Aoi initial appointments tn the above trades win be In tbe rank ol Corporai. 3. Oommencing rates 'of pay for Corporals are 300 x 10 to 360 pet annum. 4. Selected applicants most be medlcaily and dentally fit and will be required to undergo an examination by an approved medical officer. 5. Applicants most have attained a satisfactory standard ot education and also hold satisfactory references 6. quarters wild be provided or an allowance paid in lieu 7. Coxnmiajioos are obtainable from tbs ranks. 8. Members are required to pay pension contributions. Pun particulars In respect of " Conditions of Service " and application forms may be obtained from the Office of the High Commissioner ior Southern Rhodesia. 429, Strand, London, W C. 2 Ojmpfcted app'icat'on forms must be retumeo not later than June 22. 1949 THE MINISTRY OF SUPPLY invites appil-jl cations for unestabllshed appointments as Engineer n at an establishment near London: Applicants, who must be ol British rionallty. born of British parents (See Jetalled Nationality Regulatons. a copy ot which can be obtained on application to Ministry of Supply. Room 432, Adelphi, John Adam Street, strand London. W C 3), should have served a rrwilar engineering apprenticeship and either be corporate members of one of the Institutions of civil, mechanical, or electrical engineers or have passed examinations recognised by any ol these Institutions as granting exemption from sections A and B of their associate membership examination. Post 1. (Design) Duties. (Ret C&4149A.) To be responsible for 'mechanical and electrical design throughout the establishment aod. Ln particular for design and development In full detail of - pilot plants and equipment for the manufacture or testing ot chemicals and explosives. . Experience: Wide experience in the duties set out above and knowledge ot tbs sources ot supply cu tuant and equipment is essential, f Post 2 (Plant and Services). IC 34249A.J Duties: To be respondb - tor installation ana maintenance of all mechanical, and electrical plant and machinery and for- the services mrlnrllng - operation ot bouer-houfcea, compressed-air and refrigeration plants and to organise and control the -section dealing with this work. Experience- Applicants should haver had experience uf the duties set out above and in connection with explosives or flameproof aaiiOXon, together with TOperruDon of industrial staff Salary range 720-960 per annum - Write, quoting appropriate reference number above, to the utnistr. ol Labour and National Service. Technical and scientific Register. York House, Klngxway. London. W.C. 2, tor application forms which most be completed by July 7. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS Public Offices and Institutions MINISTRY OF WORKS, MANCHESTER. There are vacancies tor Architectural Draughtsmen with recognised training and fair experience, Candidates will be employed on a wide variety ot design. Salary 282-510: slightly less for women Starting pay will be assessed in accordance wltb age, sex, qualifications, and experience. Appointments will in the first Instance be non-pensionable, but there will shortly be an open competition for established pensionable posts , App.y tn writing stating age nationality, full details of experience,, &c. to Ministry of Works. Government Buildings, Warwick Rood South, Old Trarford, Manchester 16 EAST AFRICAN LITERATURE BUREAU. A Technical Editor is required for the Periodicals Section ot the East African Literature Bureau in Nairobi. H.s duties would be to take charge of the production work involved in tbe publication of four editions of a popular magazine for Africans. This will inrcive responsiollity (or tbe layout, procedure for translation and Inclusion or matter appearing in each edition, and seeing th magaaine through the press. Candidates may be ot either sex, out married candidates may find accommodation difficulties since quarters are not provided. (There ts a housing allowance ot V5 in lieu.) Salary: 750 per annum on contract for three years. Outfit allowance: 30. Passages. Free return passages for omcer, wife, and one child, as app,icabie QualJIcatlons: Journalistic experience in an editorial or sub-editorial capacity, including Its commercial aspects-Good general education. Age limits: 35 to 45, Write for application form to Director ot Recruitment (Colonial Service). Sanctuary Buildings. Great Smith Street, London, S. W. 1, within two weeks of the appearance of this advertisement. GENERAL SERVICE AND DEPARTMENTAL CLASSES OF MECHANICAL : ' AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. The Civil Service Commissioners announce Open Competitions to be held during 1949 far permanent appointments in the basic grade of Mechanical and electrical Engineers in tbe General Service Class (Admiralty. Air Ministry. Prison Commission, Mln-sirj ot Transport, and Ministry ot Works) and Departmental Class (Post Office and Ministry of Supply) for a wide variety of professional engineering duties General Service Class candidates must be at least 25 and under 35 years of age oo August 1. 1949. They must be either Corporate Members of one of tbe following Institutions: Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. the Institution of Electrical Engineers, or have a University Engineering degree or other examination pass required by these institutions as granting exemption from Sections A and B of their examinations for associate membership Candidates taking thenecessary examinations before August 1, 1949. will be admitted All candidates must produce evidence that the examination, subjects included In their quaLncaticns and their practical experience are appropriate to tbe specific requirements of the relevsot Government Department. Departmental Class candidates must be at least 23 and under 35 years or age on August 1. 1949. and must possess the same minimum qualifications as for the General Class, except that for the Ministry of Supply Associate Fellowship ot the Royal Aeronautical Society or a quallOcatlon equivalent to Sections A and B or the ' Society's examination for Associate Fellowship win be accepted as alternative cms iifi cations. Candidates tor this Department must also produce evidence of appropriate training and practical experience In the Post Office candidates are normally required to have, ln addition, an honours clecree id enslneerrcg or physics. Startirur salary for all classes - will be fixed accordlnic to age, tbe Inclusive salary for men aged 26 ln London posts being 500 rising by annual Incretnenta of 25 to 750 Salaries for won? en and for' posta outside London am a little lower Posts In higher grades on scales (for men in London) of 750 to- 1.000, 1.050 to 1,270; atrt higher scales, are normally filled bv -i-nmottt-n rrcm the hasle grade - - ' Further particulars and application forma from the Secretary. Civil Service Commission, Scientific Branch, 27 Grosr-nor So.are. Ixmdon. W 1 citotlnK No. 2587 Octuple ted application forma most ba it tamed by Jane 30; 1949 (for civilian candidates in the United Kingdom) or July 31. 1949 f for members of BU. forces or candidates from overseas). PUBLIC APP0INTMENT8 Publio Offices and Institutions NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY COUNCIL. APPOINTMENT OF CHIEF ASSISTANT MECHANICAL ENGINEER. Applications are Invited lor tbe appointment ot Chief Assistant Mechanical Engineer In the County Surveyor's Department. Tbe salary will be at the rata of 760 per annum, rising by (our annual increments of 25 to 860 per annum (Inclusive of cost-of-living bonus). The appointment will ba subject to the Local Government Superannuation Act, 1937. to tbe National Joint OoonoU'a Conditions ot Service as adopted by the County Council, aod to one month'e notice on either side, and the successful candidate will be required to pass a medical examination. Applicants must have had experience in tbe operation and control of ah plant usually operated by a county counoil, lncUidins; lorries, rollers ot all types- excavating machinery, and road and quarry plant. Tbe person appointed will be responsible to tbe County surveyor for the maintenance ol all tbe transport and Plant ot the His-bwaya lpartment, and also tor tbe operation of the Council's Central Workshops, where repairs are carried out to plant, vehicles, and cars of all departments. Preference wlH be given to applicants wbo are Corporate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, or who bold a similar quauncabon. Applications, which should ba endorsed ' Obtet AasistaiK Mechanical Rasincer," atatlnc axe, present and previous appointments, qualifications, and experience, and accompanied by copies ot Aree recent testimonials, must be delivered to the rmdetctcned not liter than June 11, 1949. a P. "HARVEY. Clerk ot to County Council, i (PWJUNTT OF CARDIGAN. V APPOINTMENT OF CLERK OF THE COUNTY COUNCIL AND CLERK OF THE .PEACE. Applications are invited for the appointment ? Clerk of the County Council and Clerk of the Peace for the County ot Cardigan from duly admitted solicitors with eomSderabS experience of (ar the administrative and legal workof a county council or of aeounty torongh council, and (b) tbe duties of s clerk pK-?! Preparation tor ih APifcitraS, 01 QUn Stlm' whTnl SOnumfSsgr-? gZ by annual instalments ot 50Tln addition per SnStf CI"k of U,e Pt! 350 The appointments co mimed are whole-tune ones, and the person appointed will tie required to perform ail the statutory and other duties devolving on or a-.i-rn to him aa Clerk and Solicitor to the council (Ixtctnuing those of umy Return tog ("racer It appointed). Tod ax period of bis appointment be aaslsned Co him by the Council or Quarter sessions. Be will not j,JfSnltJK,J0 -""a-ate. either directly or mdirectly. in private practice or basin ess of any kind. He will be required to. carry out all legal and other duties which may be required on behalf of the County Education Oc-mmltteV. the County Planning Committee, and any other committees approved by tne Comxa. , All' fees, emoluments, and paymenta whatsoever which may be received in connection with tbe aforesaid appointments or duties devclvina upon the Clerk of the Council or thi Clerk at 'hePeace In respect ot any office' which may be held by reason of or In consequence ot the said appointments shall be paid over to the ' CoundL Tbe appointment is subject to the provisions " ot tbe Local (Government Stmerannttatlon Act, r 1937. and to the passing of a medical examlnm.vf tlotu The appointment will ba subject to three months notice on either side. Knowledge ot Welsh Is not- essential, tmtv. may be deemed an additional cnialineatiop. vy The selected applicant will be expected to take up .the duties ot tbe offices on September- 1. next c- Applications, statins; age. full particulars ot qualifications, - experience, -part and present appolnttntnlav and .giving tht names and addresses of three persons to whom refeitiKS can . ba . made, must ba delivered- to,--ma -.In envelopes - endorsed1 " Apr-ctatjM-trt.'.of iCIerk " not later f"- Jtri 8. 1949. . n. IVOR EVANS. 'Clerk el ghe.Feaea: -ani clert of the CTmty Council. ' County OfB-es, Aberystwyth. j -May 5,-1943. .. .. . , ...

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