The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on April 29, 1947 · 1
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
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TUBULAR CHAIRS 300 IN STOCK n i iitin Yir it hi &3 -Do you ,frifl STMgVg BmSONAGE. MANCHESTER. 3 1be:rt hall, peter street A-ioiY (TUESDAY), 12 45 to 145. : .'i Rev. R. F. V. SCOTT. O D. i tit. Columbd's. London). -rTBERT HALL, PETER STREET. r-jESDAY. APRIL 29, at 7 45 p.m. -. ' Ihe REV. J. RUSSELL POPE on LONDON CHRISTIAN COMMANDO CAMPAIGN." VrTfLBOROUGH COLLEGE. " MEMORIAL SERVICE lor those Aho gave their lives In the -war ' :." -r! el. St. Botolph's Church. Blnhops-. "r f 2. ot Tuesday. May 13, t 12 30. t sr.op o Canterbury will give the . :-om 24. 6t. John's Wood Park, i r . r PR- 1359. -NCHESTER AND SALFORD MISSION. ' hrrt Hall. Peter Street. V,KnN'ESDAY. APRIL 30. BRING AND BUY SALE, j'.. us. Esq (Poynton) will preside -. Ff'eusnn (Wilmslow) will recete L ? and open the Sale. r.mri Concert by the f.-r;:'EaTER WOMEN'S STRING ORCHESTRA - - CLARICE DUNINGTON. Vocalist: noe WHITE Harpist: Nellie AcrompanlBt: Rayson Whalley. ! seati 3s. 6d and 2s. 6d. Plan, I , i. O.dhoin Street. Proceeds In eld ,:ifi; and Shelters and Social Work ol the Mission A NCHESTER SUNDAY MEFENCE COMMITTEE. ul tli Lord's Day are invited to ortEAT RALLY OP WITNESS .i N1HY CINEMAS. .ji.-riHORTK HALL, DEANSGATE. t.-: MAY 1, 1947. T 30 p.m. Speakers: HE if DESMOND K. DEAN. 1!. NOEL KNIGHT. H H MARTIN. i.vYlNE BRIDGE CLUB, 23. i ROAD. WEST DIDSBURY. '3-TEit 20 Newly opened, well .-jslly accessible. Am Hated to .-x 'i"" Contract Bndfie Association. -. t ''s invited London visitors , ,'Ynrne. 'Phone DID 3481. iWCLISH ASSOCIATION !' .MANCHESTER BRANCH). !:tlrt BuUdlrur. Room 7. '.-Oj0't I.. C. MARTIN (Lllerpool): :n trie Making," Illustrated by t. Frlcn is or memaerm 11. oq. MASQUE DRAMATIC SOCIETY "THE APPLE CART," by ncr.',i-'l Sisu. at the CENTRAL , 1SILATKE. St. Peter's Square, r WEDNESDAY. THDRSDAY, it..! SATURDAY. May 7-10. at t f.t mni;. .,. J 'i All stats reserved. Tickets Mamed in advance from N. S. 1 stdmuuth Avenue. FUxton.. 1 ITV OF MANCHESTER. ':AI TRftrf LC ALT. n',srilUCTION AND REPAIR OP KOAD, NORTHEN ETCHELLS. . .jivn'l ol the City of Manchester, betne a tralllc in BROADOAK ROAD. .li'F. hTCHELLS. in the said City, Irom j . n! i H.IhcdKe Road should by ..I K'rAs of repair and reconstruction . .-r-jv-d BE PROHIBITED, hereby Rive ii is their Intention at a meeting 1 1 1 r r 1 to bp held on May 7. 1947. to . an rifj4r. In pursunnce of their powers . t 'i'-n contiimed. In Section 47 ol the i i., illc Act, 1930. prohibiting the use h .mi oit: RiMd. Northcn Etchells. In the t ' txnm Alders Road to Ho.lyhedge Road. ,4 '"ctrs during the period requisite for c .. -tio'i uf the said works of reconstruc-, - ,i i I als hereby given, that an slterna-r(n r,. for all tralflc will, during the :-w il llic said isorlts of reconstruction and 1 1 iw provided alanff the following streets l7 : Benchiil Road. Woodhouse Lane. M i.hfrtgf Road. Nortntn Eichells, in , .t.f s hereby further cHen. that -any .i cr'ecd by tlie proposed prohibition t t-nned may appeal to the Divisional rl i-'iUM't r. Ministry of Transport, Ark-;T.. i;. .r. Parsonage Gatdens. Deanscatc. vt h ' 29th day nf April. 1947. rillWP B. DINGLE. Town CJerk. !!' 31 ill Manchester. I'MVKRSITY OF MANCHESTER. I SESSION 1946-7. I.rinviO , MOND LECTURE. i;-E.s.)Y.' MAY 6, at 5 p.m.: '.X INGOING REALLY NECESSARY ? OR il'V.V A FfFLD GEOLOGIST WORKS. PKOtESSOR O. T. JONES. '! "i DSc. MSc, P.RS., P.GS. ? r , Widwjnltan Proressor of Geology at Cambridge. t'M'n.m- PROf'ESSOR W. J- POOH. ' ;.- .":niiiirJ Admission Free. UAXCHESTER MUNICIPAL .SCHOOL OP ART. i Jfilin M. Holmtrs. D1d. Fine Art (1 .mikI l. N.RD., F.RSA JUNIOR ART SCHOOL, ll!.! v.,..- Etic Mayer. A.T.C.. D.A.Manc). Pie y.hNl provides a two-year lull-time f tniJning for pupils who wish to ; -m-i- fnr employment Sn which a i , ct Prawirur, DcslKn. and Colour Is .iiirrd Krttrance Examination. i,1,', r ("'"Us for admisMon m September are ' '.:' 'rmi bovs and girls who will be not thniii 3i2 paii ot age on Seotember 1, -:7 t""i'as ot application are obtainable it ti 'f ton Officer, Education ji", is. Lf"ij: .Mrichciter 3, and must be i si' ; llr than May 10. A selection ' He sii Aurk of catlt candidate must be v 1 - .t" 3 ul the sune time to the Head '!is r: I,,-, ltr An Sv-hool, Byrom Street. Deans- mi L tudbdaJes ftili be notified1 of the ' rw, and place of the Entrance i the Junor Art School prospectus i ::cd !:om the Rcalstrar. School of Ma. Manchester 15. A DCLIFFE'S EDIBLE a a, i"A ii CTS. LIMITED Notice Is hereby l tile TRANSFER-BOOKS or the ill be CLOSED from May 15 to li7. boih das inclusive. H KRA r. Secretary (pro tern . CONTRACTS UOILKU cc ECONOMISE! FLUE 11 CLEANING, a: p .t o d-tahloned hand method and ! r rfu Ut Cleaned bv our Portable ii'-.-i rMt Cleaner. Also let us quote for 1 i i -.,5 Seattng. Economlser Borlne. .i. Uiju-ral Pneumatic Tool Wort Til K BOILER SCALING CLEANING CO.. A iv, a. Tyson St.. Mc 8- Tel.: i" H I 4 Itk7. Burton-on-Trent 3781-2. FACTORY DECORATIONS. Let 1 s quote yon for a pleasing Colour 'i".e :or juur Factory. We can do this for .'t : arore than !: me-v, ashing cost. Write Tit!t. -sprinp Lane Greetland. fonc is 1 1 v eh ana. I AXC A.SHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL -; lO CONTRACTORS. p.- .a-f .i:rt County " Council INVITE k t i.'c-ir,o:;s to TENDER for the -. 'l ON i ! ihe following: 'i' "F-HOOMNG OF 5 PAIRS OF COT-T .i--!lS at RIGBY'S PARM ESTATE. .- W:-UTOS. NEAR PRESTON ai U'nns. PVTHS. AND SEWERS IN i'NXEXTION WITH NEW HOUSING 1.-. AT WH1TTINGHAM MENTAL ii'.P'TAL. NEAR PRESTON. ' 1 'IsniONS AND ADDITIONS TO - 'I'!!!-. KLD NURSERY SCHOOL. 'MJril.hY. '-' tlilUK OF TWO SOLARIUMS AT - irtK.-IDS INSTITUTION, LAN- ' i'V. JRSION OF SUPEH1NTEN- :-';"rs house into two houses -!'; POLICE CONSTABLES, AT I'rStur. NEAR LIVERPOOL. '' r'jCrON AND COMPLETION OF Ivfr GATED KITCHtN. &c. AT . -'..IJULEION GRAMMAR SCHOOL. ' - I'Mth deposit) to tender must :i t!v county Architect not later ' t. 1H47. c oi.uotis ot conlract and quan- ! obtained from the office of the . ., . -l-;.:e. Mr. G. Noel H11L F.R.I.B-A., " ( Offices, Preston, by payment . , " : 2 for each Job (which will be . ui' receipt of a bona fide tender). . ' "" "e made payable to the .'"iMirer. . . tu-:o- whO!e tender Is accented . L''.y "pd to provide a satisfactory r. '" "-..e due performance ot the , ,."', "ty Council do not bind themselves -t,. "Heat or any tender. ... . " !!1Utt be delivered not later than p": i"1 a date to be fixed later, in ':J , !'1:a envelope addressed to "The County council." and endorsed ,"'. ;' a)- (b), (c). (d), (e), or (f)." --- not bear any name or mark t, i1" ienaer. H. ADCOCK. Cierk of tb i County Council. - --.t-ltlces. Preston. Ltt U-1' PEN I1LERURY PAINT-i7ri"'o. LIMEWASHING CO SPRAY -WRY BRIGHT Decorations to ". cinemas, 3tc. "Phone ' i 'j. t78. Bo'.ton Road. Pendlebury. A1NT1NG and ! IM E W A S H I N G ' .'Vit. t-EAD IN STOCK FOR. -r-ri.On OF MILLS, &c. SKINNER. ."ShHif"' STREET. LONDON ROAD, iiTF5l- ARD. 4303. sour FURS" - , . : -if "tie or our illustrated brochure r ,r -s'est fur stjles. Send lor your as manmactunng furriers we can . sae you money. -7r".r'"?. 'Furriers). LIMITED, ' SQLARE (Next Austin Reed's) Mc. rTT BLA21U6 A' ir,, lhe London Dressmaker's jit i, , ? nea. service besides making ...-"- . "Js from sour material or mine !: .;' tois gorgeous Bridal Gowns, - i oi .,,a!; Funeral Outfits, arc., can now SU if.-- OROSVENOR HOTEL. Deansgate. 'Sie Woman of Discernment, .''oiive n 'ch, aulsltely hand embroider ..... oUtx irouascavix. jy. is p. J : BAYLOR. 40, Kins Street. VU Exclusive Ladles' Tailor and Evrlii.lvj. T..rilM Tllni. anrl 'tomers' own materials made un. IV n T H L E E N I-Sbw -L f ITB1 N C H A M U1H i,, , '-"'UILU., .1UUCUIM1, ra.. TT-iiu tW Road (ALT. 1487). -U L?V R N DRESSMAKING TOv,i&,VcE;.,2eautlful OKY and EVEN1NO Sitm. a "-' .NANCY GLASS. 11. Blackfrlara SifSS"0? Ot-ASS. 11. Blackfrlsn Oi. txrifw u ' Tei bla. saact-j lnt NORTHERN ACADEMY OF NPVtf MODERN CUTTING. s-v. TEiai-EVENING ' CLASSES. ST AUTo MAY 5th. S7i MARKET ST., MANCHESTER. Bfo. 31,371 PERSONAL BAXENDALE & CO., LTD., FOR TILE FIREPLACES. Offices and Showrooms: 10-20. THOMAS ST. 'Phone BLActefrtars 8282. MANCHESTER 4. KEEP SLIM by TAKING BATHS at GASKELL'S. Oxford Rd. Ard. 2452. COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC ELECTRIC FITTINGS FOR LIGHTING AND HEATING Visit our New Showrooms. Pott-war Models Displayed. SAMUEL GRATRIX, LTD., QUAY ST.. MANCHESTER 3. BLA. 6601. FLOORING. Renew your war-worn Boors with " LITHOCRETE " DAMPPROOP AND DtJSTLESS ASPHALT FLOORING THE LIMMER & TRINIDAD LAKE ASPHALT CO.. LTD., 115. PRINCESS STREET. .MANCHESTER Tl CEHtrai 5125 (?lines) J. Rhind & Sons, Ltd., Invite Vmr oners of FURNITURE and CARPETS' Good Quality Only Required write or 'Phone Full Particulars RE-UpHOLSTERY AND RENOVATIONS 131-7. BtretloidRd 'Phone MOSs Side 2256-8 R.A.F. WRIST WATCHES. LIMITED Quantity ot new M-Goyernment stock omeers' Plfteen-Jeweted Lever Movements. Stainless Steel Waterproof Casea Fully guaranteed. Controlled price E12. DAVIDSON'S (Manchester). LTD., 131. Oldham St.. Manchester 4 PEA. 5127. TRIPLEX GRATES. REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE SPARE PARTS SUPPLIED FOR ALL MODELS. TRIPLEX FOUNDRY. LTD.. 39'.JE5INCESS STREET. MANCHESTER 2. NEW ADDRESS (SECOND FLOOR). Tel. CENtral 72 1 1. GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE. ALL-METAL 15 C.F. CABINETS. INCLUDING ICS MAKING. INSTALLED PRICE 147. Prompt dell vary. REFRIGERATION SERVICES LTD., 257. STOCKPORT ROAD. ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Telephone ASH. 2237-9. lla. DEANSGATE, MANCHESTER. BLA. 7011. WE DEAL FIRMLY WITH DUST IN CARDROOMS. An achievement ol the highest lmnortance to the textile Industry Is that which removes much ot the cause ot dust and fly in Cardrooms. Will Managements who are concerned with this serious problem should coosult ATMOSPHERIC CONTROL, LTD. , ('Phone BLA. 0213). 41. JOHN D ALTON ST.. MANCHESTER 2. HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID for OLD GOLD, DIAMONDS. JEWELLERY, ANTIQUE and MODERN - SILVER. G. GLASS, LTD.. THE ANTIQUARY. ST. ANN'S CHURCHYARD. Mc 2. CONTRACTORS ! SHOPF ITTERS ! BUILDERS I A NEW PLASTIC BUILDING BOARD. also FLAT PLASTIC SHEETS, FRKi; OP ALL LICENCE RESTRICTIONS, in various Thicknesses, size 8ft. i 4ft. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Distributors : L KEIZER & CO.. LTD. LIVERPOOL: 66-72. St. Anne Street ( Phone NORth 2343.) LONDON : 150-160. City Road. E.C. 1. (Phone CLErkeneII 5383-5.) LEEDS: 5s. Hunslet Road Phone Leeds 25186.) LBITH : Mitchell Street. CPhnne Lelth 35627.) GLASGOW : 152-8, St Vincent Lane. O. 2. CPhone CITy 0465 ) Also Dlslnbutors ot PLYWOOD and All Types of WALLBOARDS. TERRAZZO AND COMPOSITION FLOORING. TILES and PRECAST PRODUCTS STEFANUTTI TERRAZZO. LTD.. , , FLOORING SPECIALISTS. 141a. WATERLOO ROAD MANCHESTER 8. COUTH AFRICA. Private Charter kJ 'Plane r flying May 7. Seats available. Phone Bramhall 2586. THE A M B A S S AD O R incorporating INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES. The British Export Journal for Textiles and Fashions, assists manufacturers in selling British textiles in over 80 countries. wh,ere It nas a. fully paid circulation. For further details write to I.T. PUBLICATIONS,, LTD., 49. Park Lane. London. W. 1. FORD. First in Value, constant In performance. Whether your choice Is an ' Anglia ' 18 h.p.) or " Prefect " (10 hp) book your order now and avoid disappointment later. NUNN BETTER FOR FORD. 282. Bury New Road. Manchester 7. TelBRO. 2201-6. HARRIS TWEED Sports Jackets and Suits. Ladies' Coats and Costumes In this superlative handwoven Tweed lrom stock or to measure. Also new ranges In other jrood Tweeds. Ac. The famous ' Sartex " (rend ) Raincoats are again available. Full pre-war service. Showroom hours 9 to 5, lncludlne lunch-time. Saturdays until noon. S A R T O R Sartor Bouse, Derby street. Manchester 8. (Near Ice Palace ) Busea 62. 75, or Bl irom town. Id. tare. . 'Phone : BLActfrlars 8871. SUCCESS in EXAMINATIONS. Dar. Evening. Postal Courses for S.C., H.S.C.. Prof. Prelims . Banks, Navy, Army. R.A.P. Cadetshlps, Civil Service (Oped. Limited. Reconstruction), Forces' Prelim. LOREBURN COLLEGE. LTD.. 60-62. Spring Gardens. Manchester 2 Advice free. RADIO REPAIRS. DOMESTIC & CAR RADIO. J. H. BROWN (Mc). LTD., WILMSLOW ROAD, RUSHOLME. SALES. Tel.: rusholme SERVICE. 2205-6-7. SETS COLLECTED AND DELIVERED URGENTLY Required bv the SALVATION ARMY Men's- Women's, and Children's Clothing. Books. Magazines. Toys &c. Kindly send to 9. Hulme Street, ofr Oxford Road. Manchester 1. or we will collect (CEN. 3737) REGULAR SERVICES FROM LANCASHIRE NORWICH, IPSWICH. COLCHESTER. & LONDON. DAWES ROAD TRANSPORT CO., LTD.. 1718, Salisbury Bulldinss. 201. Traftord Road, Saltord 5 TRA. 02189. St. Magnus House. Monument Street, .iLondon. E.C. 3. Telephone: Mansion House 5905. Northern Representative: NATHAN FINE. "T E R S P E X." JL SMALL CONSUMERS. HOBBYISTS. AND PROTOTYPE PLASTIC ENGINEERS. Come to us with your inquiries. WE ARE OFFICIAL STOCKISTS of I.C.I. " PERSPEX " (flat sheet Clear. Coloured, and Opal) and would like the opportunity of satisfying your needs. PLASTICS (MANCHESTER). LTD. lla. WHTWORTH STREET. ,- MANCHESTER 1. Tel. Nos. CENtral 1725 and (1272. NEWER HEAT" EXHIBITION of new methods and appliances lor greater home comfort using solid fuel for heatinff. cookine. and hot water. Open AFrtl 25-May 10. Weekdays 11-6. Tuesdays 11-8. Milton Hall. 244. Deansgate. Manchester. Admission free. IT reaily should be televised how rayins branded TEBELIZED keep the ugly creaaj at bat as wool does in Its natural way Teblllzed " Trad--Mark Users' Association. a. Cooper street. Manchester 2. You Must Visit the . " Newer Heat Exhibition " of new methods and appliance for greater home comfort, using solid fuel for heating, cooklnz md hot water. OPEN APRIL 25 MAY 10. Weekdays 11 6 Tuesdays 11 8. MILTON HALL, 244. Deansgate. Manchester. Aoxmsslon Free Space kindly given by E. & F. BEATTIE. LTD. BEAVER'S Purchasing Department will pay liberal prices lor Modern r Antique Diamond Jewellers, silverware. &c iu nr unH fnr tittnT. Estll. 100 yetTS. H. BEAVER. LTD.. 7-9. St. Ann St.. Mc. LOCAL FIRM GIVES BEST PRICES tor Cameras and Accessories. EnlaKters. Cine Camera and Projector. Iffim. Prisms, Binoculars. Microscopes. Lanterns, Scientific Instrument!, Slide- Rules. Sunray and vi-Kay ttaaiani nwv. ,"stysf Jlrv:., Immediate cash. A. FRANKS. LTD- 95-97, Deansgate. wancr-sver. C1ECOND-I AND JEWELLERY rrtiMwn Ufa ..nwnfrlw Twiiilr. CTAlrt nr Diamo-d Jewellery, antique or moderfl Silverware, c We pay generous cash prices. BEAVERBROOK'S. 70, Market Street. 54. Oldham Street. & 5. Oxford Street. Manchester. NERVES RESTORED by Correct Breathing. There is a vital force In the air you breathe; learn how It will restore your nervous vitality and develop your power of body and mind. Breathe Correctly the Knowlea Way. syllabus 2l2d. Institute of Breathing Postal Course, Dept. ICQ.. 47, Bonier Street, jjonaon. w. i MICROPHONES. Gmophones, and Radio Amplifiers. FOR SALE or on HIRE for Factories (" Music While You Work "), Clubs. Meetings. DemOTltiaOons, &c. HOLIDAY & HEMMERDINGER, LIMITED. 74-78. Hardman St, Tel.: DEAnsgate 4131-2 ,rpHE MEN WHO BROUGHT US FINAL Vavriunz uuy aituw '"- Of the British Lesion to times of lverslty after service. A Leiacy to HAM'S FUND. Kichmonrl. Surrey, will benefit All Banks ot All services: vneir T O L. L S - B O Y C E WAN T.E D JLJ CARS t and J. QUICK. Ulu.. uuaai-ejt. sujnu. OLD TRAP FORD, MANCHESTER 10, TER SrW.Tl .TF".W"TCT..TJERY. KLLiVJUl, It diamonds. PLATINUM. &c. Before : consult the .oldest .esUDUahed Braer in thClty7s. CANS' & CO, 26, UoaitT St., Utu PERSONA!. M ASONS, SHOEMAKERS. Established over a century aero. nana-sewn wane speciality. Acents for the Best Branded Shoes. 96. Mosley St.. Mc 2. CEN. 6665 FACTORY LIMEWASHING. IMMEDIATE CAPACITY. COUNTRY-WIDE SERVICE. GROVE PAINTING CO., LTD.. SALFORD, Mc. BLAcafralrs 6098-9. NEW SHADES RESTAURANT. Comer of Tib street nd Church Street Under New Manatemens. Entirely Re-equipped and Modernised. Fully Licensed Quick Service. A most convenient rendezvous for business men . visltlne the Manchester warehouses. Proprietors : AFFLECK fc BROWN. LIMITED. MOTOR-CAR REPAIRS. Specialist Repairers ot ROLLS-ROYCE BENTLEY MORRIS . M.G. CARS in co-operation with the Manufacturers. JOSEPH COCKS HOOT ii CO.. LTD., 39. GREAT DUCIE STREET, and 297 DISPLAY Equipment. Shop-fittings (Mcr). Ltd.. 41. High St.. MfC 4. BRA1LEY PROCESS CRegd.) of Hard Chromium Deposition on Engraved Textile and Printing Rollers, ex., for increased life and freedom from corrosion. BRAILEY ELECTROPLATERS. LIMITED, CHAPEL STREET, .SALFORD 3. 'Phone BLAckfriars 3541. ' NEW CLEANERS AND REBUILT HOOVER, HOTPOINT, GOBLIN. ELECTROLUX, &c. with 1J Months' Guarantee and Free from Purchase Tax. including HOOVER MINOR, 7 10s, J complete with Accessories. Also NEW 1947 MODEL CLEANERS. 12 GUINEAS. CASH or 20s. MONTHLY. . Generous Part Exchange. We will demonstrate these and other models in your home. 'Phone Blackfrlars 2519. Call or vnte V.E.C.. LTD.. 25. Blacktnars Street. Manchester 3- also at 11, Westeate, Bradford (Tel 11341). AEROW ATA RENOWNED FRUIT DRINKS WHICH CONSIST ONLY OF THE ACTUAL ORANGE. LEMON. 4c LIME JUICES MIXED WITH PURE CANE SUGAR WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE War emergencies demanded that only one STANDARD QUALITY be allowed. The restriction will soon be lifted, and the STANDARD AEROW ATA QUALITY produced to our own formula, known and appreciated since 1910. will be obtainable again AEROW ATA, LIMITED, WARWICK ROAD NORTH. OLD TRAFPORD, Mc 16. 'Phone TRAPKOR.D PARK 2227-8. PRESTCOLD REFRIGERATION ICE-CREAM TRADE 1947. CONSERVATORS. MIX COOLERS, HARDENING ROOMS, FREEZERS. Sales and service: THE PRESSED STEEL CO.. LTD., 44. Canal street, Manchester 1. -j-none cen. 67QZ. SUNRAY (Reg.) MALT WINE COCKTAILS delightful and good for you. In bottles ready for serving. A product of Richard Davis, Ltd., 49, Old Bond Street, London. W. 1. Loral trade Inquiries from REGINALD V. SELF. 95, Oswald Road. Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. PASTE. MARCASITE. WANTED. l.e.. Brooches. Cllns. Banizles. Rincs. Buckles. ARTIFICIAL JEWELLERY, CAMEOS CULTURED and ART PEARLS. COLD. SILVER Articles any condition. GLASSWARE. any quantity KAYiiUKN. 3, Hague Road, off Central Road Withlngtnn. Mc DID. 2587. LESLIE PERCY. LTD.. JEWELLERS. 8. MOULT STREET (Near Evening News " Office), MANCHESTER 2 DIAMONDS, JEWELLERY. SILVER, and OLD GOLD. &c. WANTED FOR CASH. mgnest prices GHert. fEID & TAYLOR, LTD., Lang- Alfiolm. Scotland, makers ot the world's most expensive Twist CHEVIOT CLOTHS, hallmark their c:oths with the name RE1D and TAYLOR. No cloth Is a genuine product without this hall-mark. Supplies can be had from wholesale houses only. IF YOU HAVE BOOKS TO SELL write, call, or 'phone CEN. 7179. GIBBS. Bookshop. 83. Mosley St.. Manchester. FLOORINGS COMPOSITION-TILE-TERRAZZO THE TERRADURA FLOORING CO LTD , NORTON ST . MC. 10. COL. 1 059. FOR ALL TYPES of INDUSTRIAL PAINTING WORK Consult LOMAX BROS., LIMITED, ot Eccles. Est. 1854. HARRY CROWE, Jeweller and Pawnbroker (Mc) LTD . Slodern Jewellers with a Reputation. WE BUY Diamonds, Jewellery. Old Gold. Silver, Electro-plate, Cutlery. Cut. Glaus. China, ic. 22ct. Wedd'ng Rings urgently wanted. Top prices given for goods In first-class condition. No agents or canvassers employed. 131137, Hyde Road, Gorton. EAS. 0073. 2a, Albert street, Eccles. ECC. 1696. 8. Northenden Road. Sale. SAL. 1214. 45. Oarnett Street. Hightown BRO. 1555. PLASTICS (MANCHESTER) LTD. OFFER TO MAKERS-UP AND OTHERS. P.V.C. SHEETING. 361n and 42in. wide, in a range ot 15 colours, in metallic, translucents. and opaques, at 6s. per lb. P.V.C. PRINTED SHEETING, 36ln.-421n. wide, la a range of exclusive designs at 4s. and 4s. fid, per yard. P.V.C. 4-OOLOUR BLOCK PRINTED SHEETING, in 36in. width, at 5s. Cjd nr vard. PLASTICS (MANCHESTER) LTD.. lla. WHIT WORTH STREET, MANCHESTER 1. Tel. Nos CENtral 0272 and 1725 C A RADIO. RADIOMOBILE. Official Retaileis: WILLIAM ARNOLD LTD., Our radio engineers are at your service Any make of radio fitted or serviced on nur oni r,remla3s. Tel. ARD. 43617. Upper Brook Street. Manchester 13. Telegram: " Luxurious." JACQMAR. " Bed Time Story ' a whimsical square that telL the t IS storv at a. Drlncess who lives haDOllv ever after. The Scarf, designed by Jacqmar, is bordered with harlequin colours of fuchsia, Jade anthorlum pink, and startling blue, a gay accessory for summer tirre. In silk, price 95s. and two coupons, at JACQMAR, 16. Grosvenor Street, London. W. 1. and at all Jacqmar Shops. BE Sure to get in touch with JACK BARCLAY. LTD . If you are thinking of Selling your used Bentley or Holls-Soyce. JACK BARCLAY. LTD., the largest official retailers, 12-13, St. George street. Hanover Square. London. W. 1 Mayfalr 7444 RUSTON & HORNSBY, LIMITED, Distributors, Agents, and Service Engineers for Lancashire, Cheshire, and North Wales. MARKLAND-SCOWCROFT, LIMITED, BROMLEY CROSS. BOLTON. Tel. Eagley 600. CARS WANTED FOR IMMEDIATE OASH. We urgently require Saloons and Seven-seater Limousines. Any make or h.p. Including lates. models Distance ho object. Spot cash settlement. GREEN te ZONIS, 246-252. Desnsgate, Manchester 3. 'Phone QEAnstate 3325-6. "VM THERE ARE OUR NEW Our roaffasdnes am full at TT WRITERS? American fiction, while editors look In vain for the home product 1 Have YOU ever thought of writing stories and articles 7 Th's could be your chance to start a fascinating and profitable career. Write for " Prospects for Authorship," tellinc about a NEW Course of Postal Tuition created by 7 specialist authors and editors The Fleet Street School ot Authorship, Desk 120, 45. Chancery Lane. F.eet Street. London. W.C. 2. RHEUMATIC PAINS QUICKLY RELIEVED. BY Kl-CMA OINTMENT. This well-known preparation Is obtainable only from Chemists, S412 per tin. In cases of difficulty. 36 post free from Westminster Laboratories. Ltd.. Chalcot Rd.. London. N.W.I. HAND-MADE or Hand-painted POTTERY or CHINA purchased from Individual , artists. Samples to DELAMERS, 4 Union Street. Torquay TALK DIRECT to ail your departments by our v iDter-Comm. Telephone System, Advice and Estimates Free. YORKSHIRE TELEPHONE SYSTEMS, LTD., 7. Haydn Avenge. Manchester 8. Tel. Col. 1426. CORRECT CLOTHES, Morning Suits. See., for special occasions, can he hired or purchased from MOSS BROS,. 5. St. Ann's Square, Manchester. HUMPHREY REID, -LIMITED, Manufacturers of Plastic Products Inquiries Invited for Home and Export. 11. MARSDEN SQ- MC. BLA- 94134. VICTORIAN GOLD JEWELLERY required at once. Articles set Turquoise, Garnet. Pearl, and Amethyst urgently wanted EXCELLENT PRICES PAID. Cash immediately to callers, or send registered tor our highest otter by return. 100.000 available. LINDEN & CO., LTD. 84 Ss 85. New Bond Street, London. W. l. Telephone MAYPATR 5984 & 5825. The First Jewellers in New Bond Street. GOOD BOOKS are still a necessity. Yon get the best available by Jolrilng 4 THE TIMES BOOK CLUB, at MARSHALL & SNELGROVE. ST. ANN'S PLACE. MANCHESTER. A CCOUNTING. ADDING. AND i. m uALnuuiMLinsj juaenjnes nought and sold. 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MANCHESTER 2 I'Phone: OEN. 6966). London Office: 50. Empire Home. St. Martin's-le-Grand. E.C. 1. FUR RENOVATIONS ? Let tis have the privilege of offerlnc our expert advice recardlnc anv orabletn vou have. Then we can submit a careful eatlmste of the cost. But you will be under no kind of obligation whataotntr Remodelling. Cleaning. Dyeing: our charts arr morfrratf considerlnef 1he htch qiulltj of the work; and our service U quick. v lease pay us a visit we Deiieve we can help you SIMON BROOKS. LTD.. 5. St. Ann Street. Manchester 2. BLAckfriars 4859 OFFICE. HOTEL, WORKS, CANTEEN FURNITURE. NO UNITS OR LICENCE REQUIRED. WELLINGTON STORES. 127. OLDHAM ST., MANCHESTER. FREDERICK HILL. LTD.. PAWNBROKERS I JEWELLERS. 21, MARKET PLACE, MC 4. BLA. 3077. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR DIAMONDS, JEWELLERY, OLD GOLD AND SILVER. Caeh Advanced to Any Amount. THE ARISTOCRAT OF WOOL, WOOLLIES. AND WOOLLENS WINE WISDOM No. 3. CLARET. CLARETS ARE RED TABLE WINES FROM THE DISTRICT OF BORDEAUX. 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TeleDhanes : RnShnlmp 1 484.1 BUILDERS' & CONTRACTORS MERCHANTS. SLATING and TILING CONTRACTORS, ASBESTOS -CEMEN1 ROOFING i SHEETING KLn.t.u wauij ana viajor tiling. LIFE is not very easy for those of gentle upbringing who now find them-j-elies In great need. Many gentlewomen are living in trreat distress, alonn In tlnv nn. roomed homes, with, oniv memories nt t.H. comfortable days. With your help, we can at least mite me eoge oo their suffering, Please send cheques. &c. to Rev. Prebendary HUBERT H. TREACHER, Church Army. 55, Bryanston Street. London. W. 1 "PEN T ECO N " USERS MODERNISE YOUR COOKER with INTERIOR COOKING PANS AND FITTINGS. itw iVAHjrt-BLifi. UN ALUMINIUM to fit No. 8 Size only 45s. SET. Post paid. J. R. BUSS & SONS. LTD., 23. KING ST.. MANCHESTER 2. TTUVENTY Different Styles of Chairs JL for Office and Hnmp tic T m m dr.U-rr CATLING-HADLEY." 47. Cross g . ,f g y anr " ester 2 MOLINEUX'S Offer Pirst-clqss PIANOS. Harcourt, walnut. 59 guineas: wood, S8 guineas; Collard. rka botany. 109 guineas Your present Instrument in exchance. 1(11 TIt-I Art C(-nus T-v . mw .v . .w.ui ajWi,cvfc wuici uriiY;-iie. IiuC O FIGHTING INSTALLATIONS. J For Highest Econora Fit liic; WILUHOBIS PATENT Protectafll Shock Absorbers on all Ilehtiruy nninu your SEND FOR LIST. J E. WILDBORE. 26. MARLBOROUGH ST.. OLDHAM. LANCS, GRIME'S SPECIAL COURSES. UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE. 5CHOOL CERT . H.S.C.. MATRIC PRELIMS. 1st M B 4BDS, 1st & 2nd L D S Conlolnt. WELL-EQUIPPED LABORATORIES Phone ARDwlck 23P7-FftR intfbvtpws Manchester Tutorial College. 537. Oxford Road. THE PALACE HOTEL. BUXTON, remembered bv thousands as one of the most delightful Hotels in Derbyshire, is now bol-ur refitted anti decorated for the summer season The Manaelng Director, Mr. J. J. Hewlett, sends greetings to old friends and looks forward to receiving their inquiries 'Phone 2000. RUBBER Stamps made to your own pattern Catung-Hsdley. 47. Cross Street. Manchester 2. SHIPPING CUNARD WHITE STAR. UNITED STATES AND CANADA. CUNARD WHITE STAR, LTD. CUNARD BUILDING, LIVERPOOL 3, and at 74. CROSS STREET. MANCHESTER. ELLERMAN LINES SERVICES MEDITERRANEAN. EGYPT, INDIA. CEYLON, and SOUTH AFRICA. CITY HALL Cl BUCKNALL LINES. 104-7. Lesdenhall Street. London. EC.3: Tower Buildings Liverpool: 75. Bothwell St. Glasgow, or usual Travel Agents. FYFFES LINE to JAMAICA Apply 7. CAMOMILC STREET. LONDON. E.C. 3; 125. PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W. 1; or Local Agents. GDYNIA AMERICA LINE. Regular Monthly Passenger Service. m-s BATOR if. SOUTHAMPTON NEW YORK. Sail fug May 8. Southampton to Copenhagen and Gdynia.. Sailing May 28. GENERAL AGENTS In the U.K.. STELP & LEIGHTON, LTD.. 9-13. Fenchurch Bolldlngs. London, EC 3 "wjw aim, or frincipai passenger Agencies TAMAICA BANANA PRODUCERS 99 STEAMSHIP COMPANY. LTD Past Direct ' Cargo and Passenger Service. Passages on Priority Only. LONDON to KINGSTON. For fares and rates, ice. apply KAYE, SON. Se OO.. LTD., 9. St. Helens Place. London E.C. 3 (Tel. London Wall 6040); or W. T. MITCHELL & CO., 26. Brown Street. Manchester. ROYAL MAIL LINES. BRAZIL. URUGUAY. AND ARGENTINA, WEST INDIES, AND NORTH PACIFIC For further particulars apply to : ROYAL MAIL LINES. LTD., LONDON : Royal Mall House, Lesdenhall St.. E.C. 3. MANCHESTER : ROYAL MAIL HOOSE, CROSS STREET (2). LIVERPOOL AGENTS : Ihe Pacific Steam Navigation Company. Pacific Bldg.. James St. (2). or Local Aitents. UNION-CASTLE LINE SOUTH AFRICA. WEST AND EAST AFRICA. MAIL ek INTERMEDIATE SERVICES. Head Office: 3. Fenchurch Street, London, E.C 3. (Tel. Mansion House 2550). MANCHESTER OFFICE: 76. Cross Street CTeL Blackfrlars 4243-4). WE can reserve accommodation by U' Air and Steamship Lines. STELP it LEIGHTON. LTD.. 9-10. Fenchurch Buildings. London. E.G. 3. lei Royal 51 11 T TNI TED STATES LINES. J AMERICA-FRANCE LINE, ORIOLE LINE. AMERICAN HAMPTON ROADSYANKEE LINE It. TJ&JL. from UNITED KINGDOM. All principal parts Frequent Passenger Services tsj PAN-AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS, Arlington House, Arlington Street, London. S.W. 1 (Recent 3101). For rates of freight, Ac., apply to: MANdTESTETt- Orrrv- TtnlldUVS. parsonaae. 3. LIVERPOOL: Wellington Bldca.. 7. The Strand. ig. lAjnm-fN: iieacennan atreet, o. AIR, TOURS, CRUISES CTEINEB'S KJ AI A1H and TRAVEL SERVICES LTD. our Aircraft win riix yqu BETWEEN -ANY TWO POINTS IN U.K. FRANCE. EUROPE. ALL AFRICA for Business or Pleasure. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS FOR URGENT FREIGHT. Prices Quoted on Application WHY WAIT?, 'BOOK NOW AT STEINER'S AIR and TRAVEL SERVICES, LTD., Dovedale Road. Liverpool 18. T.lmhnn.1! KKFTON PARK 14112. Telatramj: " STEIN AIR," LIVERPOOL (or at jour TravEfi Agent). 1 OPERA HOUSE. Evenings at 6 30. Mats. Wednesday and Saturday at 2. ROBERT PEGGY ' MORLEY. ASHCROFT. edward1my SON." A NEW PLAY BY ROBERT MORLEY AND NOEL LANQLEY. MONDAY next for six Nights, at 6 30. Matinee Wednesday and Saturday, at 2. BILL PAMELA GATES. MATTHEWS, HUGH HUBERT WAKEFIELD, GREGG. "OFF THE RECOR D." A NEW COMEDY BY IAN HAY Si STEPHEN KINO-BALL. MONDAY, MAY 12. for six Nights, at 6 30. Matinees V'ednesday and Saturday at 2. INTERNATIONAL BALLET. Mon., Thur.. Sat. Mat. & Eve.: Swan Lake. Tues.: Les Sylphldes, Carnival Aurora's wedding. Wed. Mat Eve.: Ooppelia. Fri.: Carnival Aurora's Wedding. Les Sylphldes PALACE THEATRE. 5 45 & 8 0. World Stars to Cheer the Heart I CHARLIE KUNZ, Radio's Wizard of the piano. CHARLIE RIVEL, Greatest Clown of all time. THE CHARLIVELS, Big Hit ol Ohjmpla feircus. DICK HENDERSON. Popular Yorkshire Comedian. LEN & BILL LOWE. From the R.A.P. Gang show. BOBBY WRIGHT & MARION. Always oimp nappy. MANCHESTER HIPPODROME, 6-15. Ardwlck Green. 8-30. Lancashire's Ambassador of Mirth. NORMAN EVANS In the Great Laughter Show "GOOD EVAN S." Vir dc Joe Crastonlan. RndcIifT. Jk Rnv. Jackie Trevor. Three Shstes. Zip Angels. MANCHESTER REPERTORY THEATRE. PRESTON STREET. HULME. 6 30. TWICE NIGHTLY. 8 30. FRANK H. FORTESCUE Presents "TAINTED GOODS," by Clifford Rean. ADULTS ONLY. Book Now. Box Ofllce: Telephone MOS 2888. INTIMATE THEATRE. Central Library, St. Peter's Square. ' THE KIRBY FORTUNE." A New Pray by NEIL GRANT. First time on any stage. Evenings at 6 30. Thurs & Sat.. 4 15 & 7 30. April 15 for three weeks only. ; Box Office: Central 5972. REAL ICE SKATING. TWO EXHILARATING SESSIONS DAILY. AKernodns 2-t p.m. Evenings 7-9 30. Admission 2s. 6d all sessions except Tuesday and Friday evenings, admission 3s 6d. ICE PALACE. DERBY STREET. CHEETHAM. MANCHESTER. RELLE VUE ZOO & GARDENS. NEW EXCITING ATTRACTIONS In the VENUE THAT HAS "EVERYTHING." Sensational Robot Exhibition, Frogmen Divers, Marionettes, Wall of Death, &c. and HUGE AMUSEMENT PARK. 8PEEDWAY: Every Saturday at 7 p.m. FREE-STYLE WRESTLING. Weds tc Sats.. 7. .. V.V: 'MS"w . oaw . o ano o ou. MAY 9, at 7. VICTOR SYLVESTER and his BALLROOM ORCHESTRA. AINU'S HALL, MAY 16. COLOSSAL ATTRACTION: BAND ot the GOLD COAST POLICE, By kind permission of H.:. the Governor. BELLE VUE SPEEDWAY. SATURDAY. May 3, at 7 p.m. t'ATIONAL LEAGUE MATCH: BELLE VUE v NEW CROSS. Admission 3'6 (Resd.), 26, & 16. No half-price. Free admission to Belle Vue after raclnr. OUTCLIFFE AIR- CONDITIONING leather, confectionery, and textiles. SUT-ClilFPE VENTIIjATING & DRYING CO., LTD.. LEGAL NOTICES BERNARD MORLEY EPSTEIN, DECEASED. Pursuant to' the Trustees Act 925 all persons havinc any claims against the estate Of BERNARD MORLEY EPSTEIN, late of 8. Priory Villas. Didsbury. in the city of Manchester, are hereby .required to send particulars thereof In writing1 to the undersigned solicitor to the administratrix on or befoTe the expiration of two calendar months from the date of the publication in which this notice appears, after which date the administratrix will proceed -"to distribute the estate, having regard only to the claims then notified Dated this 24th day of April, 1947. JOHN H. PRANKS, 26, Cms Sreet, Manchester 2, solicitor for tfis said Administratrix. BETSEY LINSKIF- DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1923, all persons hatng any claims against the estate of BETSEY LINSKIE, late of 18, Hartley Avenue, Prestwlch tn the counts ot Lancaster, are hereby required to send particulars thereof in writing to the undersigned soHcltor to the administrators on or before the expiration of two calendar months from the date of the publication in which this notice appears, after which date tlu administrators will proceed to distribute the said estate, having regard only to the claims then notified. Dated this 24th dav ot April, 1947. JOHN H. FRANKS, 26, Cross Street, Manchester, solicitor for the said Administrators. CASPAR' MACABORSKY (otherwise Marks). DECEASED Pursuant to the Trustees Act 1925. all persons having any claims osalnst the estate of CASPAR MACABORSKY (otherwise Marks), late of 62. Brookltinds Road. Prestwlch, in the County of Lancaster, are hereby required to send particulars thereof, in writing to the undersigned solicitor to the administrator on or before the expiration of two calendar months from the date of the publication in which this notice appears, alter wjnen aate the aarnirustraior will proceed to distribute the said estate. having regard only to the claims then notified. Dated this 24th day ot April. JOHN H. FRANKS, 26, Cross Street. Manchester, 2, solicitor for the said Administrator. CIEORGE BRUMSBY TAYLOR. V DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustees Act, 192o, all persons having any claims against the estate of GEORGE BRUMSBY TAYLOR, late of 1, Wellington Court, Lyndon Close. In the city of Birmingham, are hcrebv required to send particulars thereof In writing to the undersigned solicitor to the admln'stra-trlx on or before the expiration of two calendar months from the date of the publication In which this notice appears, after which date the administratrix will proceed to distribute the said estate, having regard only to the claims then notified. Dated this 24th day of April. 1947. JOHN H. FRANKS, 26, Cross Street. Manchester 2, solicitor for the said Administratrix. NATHANIEL WEINBERG. DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act. 1925. all persons having any claims against the estate of NATHANIEL WEINBERG, late of 16, Hanover Gardens, salford. in the county of Lancaster (who died on the 1st day of October. 3 946. and letters of admln'stratlon of his estate were taken out In the Manchester District Probate Registry by Bessie Weinberg and Bernard Welnbergl, are required to send particulars thereof In writing to the undersigned sol.citor to the administrators o:i or before the etp'.ratton of two calendar months from the date of the publ'catlon in which this notice appears, after which date the administrators u.111 proceed to d'strlbute the estate, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice. Dated thl 25th day of April. 1947 JOHN H. FRANKS. 26. Cross St , Manchester 2. Solicitor for the said Administrators NOTICE is hereby given, that Dr. GIDEON ADOLF TOPF, of 1, Sylvan Avenue, Sale. Cheshire, is applying to the Home Secretary for NATURALISATION, and that any person who knows any reason why naturalisation sbould not 3 be granted should send a written and signed statement of the facts to the Under Secretary of State. Home office. London. S.W. 1. NOTICE is hereby given, that MR FRANZ K. KERKgr., of 69a, Birchnelds Road. Manchester 13, is applj-m to the Home Secretary for naturalisation, and that any person who knows any reason why naturalleatlon should not be granted should send a written and signed statement of the tacts to the Under secretary or t&ie. Aliens -Department, uome Office, London, S.W. 1. RE ALICE LEROY, DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act. 1925, notice Is hereby given that all creditors and auiexs nwTinc any cjauns against cne estate of ALICE LEROY, late ot 29, He ton Moor Road, Stockport, in the County of Lancaster, spinster (who died on the 18th day of January, 1927. and letters of administration to whose estate with a will annexed were granted on the 25th day of March. 1947, out of the Manchester District Probate Reeistr to Andon Kalpakdjlan), are hereby rsuuired to send particulars thereof in writing Jto the underslaned' solicitor on or before the 31st day of June. 1947, after which date the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the person entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims ot which he shall then have had notice, and will not be liable for the assets of the deceased or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 22nd day of April. 1947. DAVID BLANK, ALEXANDER and CO., Century House, St. Peter's Square, Manchester 2. Solicitors for the said Actaunistrator. RE SELINA MATILDA BRISTER, r DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act. 1925. notice Is hereby given that all creditors and others having any claims against the estate ol SKLTNA MATILDA BRISTER, late of 416, Barton Road, Stratford, in the County of Lancaster (who died 'on the 27th day ot October. 1946, and whose will was proved in the Manchester District probate Registry on the 11th day ot February, 1947. by Henry Thomas Bt later and Frederick James Brltter, the executors therein named), are hereby required to send particulars thereof In writing to the undersigned solicitors on or before the 31st day of June, 1947, after which date the tald executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the1 claims of which they shall then have had notice, and will not be liable-for lha .Mate rT tli. MtwmarA nt .Vie Ih.nnf I so distributed to any person or persons of Ptfhnt. ,1.1m,,... .I,... .1..II ,t have had notice. Dated this 22nd day of April,' 1947. - ' DAVID BLANK, ALEXANDER and CO., Century House, St. Peter's Square, Manchester 3, Solicitors fQr the said Executors. CINEMAS GAUMONT. TO-DAY. Prom 12 15. LIZABKTK SCOTT. HUMPHREY BOGART. 'DEAD RECKONING' At 1 5. 3 25, 5 55. 8 30. Plus " THIS MODERN AGE. NO. 7." "COAL CRISI S." At 12 25, 2 45. 5 10, 7 40. O D F O N OXFORD STREET. .TtX.i ' Open 11 a m. . AJiTAH. LAUGHTER SHOW BARRY FITZGERALD. DIANA LYNN in "EASY COME, EASY GO." Screenedat 11 35. 2 45. 6 0. and 9 10. plus PAULETTE OODDARD, FRED MACMURRAY. in "SUDDENLY IT'S SPRING." Screened at 1 5. 4 20. 7 30. SUNDAY: Concurrent London World Premiere. " BLACK "NARCISSUS (Technicolor). DEBORAH KERR. SABP. DAVID FARRAR. . GAIETY THEATRE nEA.' 4m continuous Dally from 12 lo THE GREATEST MUSICAL OP ALL TIMES. "TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY." Technicolor. VAN JOHNSON. KATHRYN GRAYSON. I ' VAN HEFLIN. JUDY GARLAND. At 12 50. 5 0. 5 50. 8 0 DEANSGATE. ALL WEEK DANA ANDREWS in 'BOO M E R A N G," with JANS WYATT. LEE J COBB. Times : 12 10, 2 15, A 20, 6 30, and 8 40. Visit our New Cafe-Restaurant. THEATRE ROYAL TO-DAY. "SPRING SON G," wlUl caboiJraye, PETER GRAVES, LENI LYNN. Times: 3 20. 6 0. 8 35. Also "MURDER IS MY BUSINESS," Uh HUGH BEAUMONT. Times : 2 15, 4 50, 1 50. New Oxford and Market St. Open Dally. 12 30. Sunday. 2 ELEANOR PARKER, PAUL HENRE ID, & ALEXIS SMITH In W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM'S "OF HUMAN BONDAGE." At 1 15. 3 45, 6 15, 8 45. Last Complete Show. 8 0. REGAL. Oxford. Road. Cont. from 12 40 CEN.2437. BETTE DAVISv' with GLENN FORD In "A STOLEN LIF E." Sun. Next: Bob Hope. My Favourite Brunette " AD t I I n A.B.C ARD.'1141. 1 U L L U Continuous. 2 10. BETTE DAVIS. GLENN FORD. "A STOLEN LIF E." At 3 5, 5 40. Last Show 7 30. P. Davies at the Organ, 2 30. 5 15, 8 0. Our Matinees growing in popularity dally. Cafe-Rest., 10 do to 8. Sun.. 5 30 to 8. tatn'l'l'a.m. TATLER. 6015. SPECIAL INTEREST PROGRAMME. "TRAFFIC WITH THE DEVIL." a Forceful and Penetrating Film on Road Accidents. And "COAL CRISI S." Britain's Disquieting Fuel Position. NEWS. ELYSIAN. CHEADLE HULME. " THE STRANGER." Loretta Younx. Orson Welles, Ed. G. Robinson. REX, WILMSLOW. " ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM." Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison. Comm. 5 35. LEGAL NOTICES RE ALEXANDER BRAIK PARKES, DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act, lii3. notice is hereoy given mat all persons having any claim against the estate of ALEXANDER BRAIK PARKES. late Of 7. Stanton " Avenue, Didsbury, Manchester, retired cotton meiuuaut (wjid aiea ub .lsi. qua ui March. 1947). are hereby required to send particulars thereof In writing to Martin Bank, Limited, of 43, spring Gardens, Manchester 2, the executor, on or before the 1st day of July, 1947. after -wWcS- date-' the executor will proceed to distribute the efiid estate, having regard only to the claims then notified. Dated this 24th day of April, 1947. GROVER, SMITH, jr. MOSS, 18-22. Lloyd street, Manchester 2, Solicitors tor tfoe Executor. CARAH LEVIEN (otherwise Levlne), DECEASED. Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1925, all persons having any claims against the estate of SARAH LEVIEN, otherwise Levlne, late of 25. Johnson street, Cheetham. in the City of Manchester (who died on the 26tb day of March, 1946. and whose will was proved In the Manchester District Registry on the 18th day ot December, 1946, by Harry Richardson Lever (in the will called Levien) and Philta Radvent. the executors therein named), are required to send particulars tnereoc in writing to me unaer-slsned solicitor to the executors on or before the expiration of two calendar months lrom the date of the publication In which this notice appears. after which date the executors will proceed to distribute the said estate, having regard only to the c'alms of which they shall then hae had notice. Dated this 24th day of April. 1947 JOHN H. FRANKS, 26. Cross St . Manchester 2, solicitor lor the said Executors W1 ILLIAM ERNEST HOLMES. DECEASED. Pursuant to the Tiustpp Act, 1925. All persons having claims gainst the estate of WILLIAM ERNEST HOLMES, late of 12. Denlson Road. Victoria Park. Manchester, in the County of Lancaster, retired accountant (who died on the 22nd day of March. 1947. and whose will dated the 23rd day of March, 1945. appointed National Provincial Bant. Ltd., the sole executor thereof), are required to fend written particulars to National Provincial Bank. Ltd., Trustee Branch. 7, Water street. Liverpool 2. or to the undersigned, by the -30th day of June. 1947, after which date the executor will distribute thi deceased's estate, having regard only to -valid claims then notified. Dated this 24th day of Aprfl. 1947. HARTLEY. COCKS. & BIRDr-17. SweetinK Street. Liverpool 2. Solicitors for the Executors. ' HAULAGE. REMOVALS, &c. DISTANCE REMOVALS and STORAGE. PICKPOBDS country-wide service still available. Branches everywhere. Free estimates and advice. 10-20. Grosrenor Street. Manchester ("Phone Ardwlck 2283-5); Oakfleld Boad. Altrlncham (Alt. 1700); 22, Abergele Road. Colnyn Bay; Msrple; and Son. 55. Wellington Rood North. Stoc&ort (Tel STO 26471. OSBORNES. REMOVERS, ana Storers. Claremont Road. Manchester 14. Tel. Rusholme 1464 and Ostler 2121. Doca and Long-distance Removals REMOVALS TO ALL PARTS. Xosdt or Part Loads. Our vans are everywhere! Bt&ckpQot. MandiesteT, Yorkshire, London, and Siuth Storaee available. BREWER i TURN BULL. LTD., 105a, Hornby Road. Blackpool 'Phone 12331: 240, Bolton Road, Bury (639); H Bardmon and Sons, Ltd., 5. Boston Street, Manchester 15 (MOSs Side 24691: A. Greenup and Son. Ltd.. 34'40, London Road. Hazel Grove. Stockport (Great Moor 3368) IP SE " WARPOOL " TRUNK :ERV1CF: Icr cond between LONDON ana lanuashikk. blorate and redistnoutioo services available Laics il Cumberland area. Tela : LONDON. EAST 1949; WARRINGTON 2625. GARSTASG 1?3 TO BE LET Furnished Houses ANGLESEY: Hear Sea and Menal Straits. 2 entertaining, 3 beds.: rio linen or cutlery: from May 1 to end of Sep.: terms. 7 guineas per -week. Address E 303. Man-cheer Guardian. (RIOCIETH, Nortb Wales. Detached y HOUSE: 8 bedrooms: 3 entertaining rooms: standing in high position wltb splendid views over sea: well lald-out garden:' TO LET lunusnca 3 ens per icees, spni, rosy, june. Address. V 576 Manchester Guardian, HALS. -Bachelor would 3t Fart House Furnished at low rent Is return lor services: child not objected to. B 133. ISLE OP MAN. Fumisned House or Part: sll conven,enc&s (detached). Particulars, 1. Cattle Street. Peel. I.O.M. STRETFORD: Manor Road. 3 bed.. 2 ent.: kitchenette: sep. bath and w c: coal and wash-house: garage. A 296 Manchester Guardian. WANTED FURNISHED Bouse Wanted. St. Annes or Colwyn Bay. for the month of August: fall partlcul-rs. X 400 Manchester Guardian. T AKE DISTRICT. Wanted Furnished House X-i or accommodation on farm: whole of August: family S and maid. Hicham. Saxon Road. Hoyiake. Tel. 4257. TTRGENTLY required by professional client. KJ Small Furnished or Partly Furnished House or Cottage within 20 miles of Manchester, for 12 months or lorMter. with option to purchase. Write G. Rothwell and Son. auctioneers, estate agents, and valuers, 17, Park Avenue, Swlnton. Lancashire. WANTED. Furnished House for family of lour, Whitby area or North Wales, for Aat'jst Address V 556 Manchester onarnian. Huntlne. Short tine. FishlnK. Ac CALUON and TROUT FISHING (rod) for O approx. H2 miles, on River Deveron TO Ui.1 as irom mnrcn: mm oanas lociuueo. tun-venient hotel accommodation; For full particulars apply ROLAND J. PIRN, land agents and surveyor. 73a. Shandwlck Place. Edinburgh. T V) LET. ADOmxlrnatelv 3.0O0 acres of JL. most excellent SHOOTING cn the Norton Estate. Cheshire. Apply The Agent. Norton jsacaces uia. jnoorc, via winimumi Country Houses and Estates -rEAUTIFUI. Period Small COUNTRY HOUSE: X) bus route, 1 mile market town: electric light: 15 acres of laDd, small garden: TO LET, furnished, to good tenant, or might let nntumisneg. X 5Q9 Manchester tiuaroian. Dwelling Houses A COPY FREE ON APPLICATION. A List of Properties when available. State . requirements J. H. NORRIS tc SON, F.A.I., Auctioneers, .Estate Agents, Valuers, Sc.. 9, Albert Square. Mc 2. and at West Didsbury. TJEMOVALS. ROBINSON'S, Knolls House, SX Manchester. Birmingham. London. Harrow: our great organisation enables us to carry, out small or jarge removals emcienuy a. lowest cost. WANTED A rwKFtTfHER will oav maoA rent fn TTnnty J. with 3 ent., 5 bed.: up to16 miles south aide Mc: urgent: exc. refs. Address B 182 -Manchester Guardian. COVENTRY. Business Man desires to rent House in Wilmslow,-'Alderley, or similar district: s ent., a oea wan tea: pay gooa rental on lasse If neces.: no comrr-isslap required. Koeehay Estates. Ltd , 1, Brazcnnose. street. Price Twopence CONCERTS. Ac. TUESDAY MIDDAY CONCERTS TO-DAY HOULDSWORTH HALL. 1 15 till 2 OTO. Doors ones 12 bu rim. KATHLEEN MOORBOUSE. Solo Cello. Works oy rrancceur ana Tchaikovsky. LESLEY DUFF. Soprano. Sonrs by Purceil. wiaries erector, ana HUQert farry. Accompanist : VIOLA TUNNARD. Admission 1 '3. Forces 9d. Children 9d. HOULDSWORTH HALL. MANCHESTER. THURSDAY. MAY 15. at 7 p m. LISZT-CHOPIN PIANOFORTE RECITAL JOAN "BURNS. Llsit : Annies de Pilerinage en Suisse. Chopin : Ballade in Q Minor, Op. 23. Scherzo In C Sharp Minor, Op. 39. Pc'onaise in E Flat Major, Op. 22. Tickets : 5-. 36. 26. res.: 16 unres. Ftorsyth Bros . Ltd . 126. Deansgate. Mc 3. GORS & Kallman Boudoir Grand Piano, rosewood Excel, cond. A 163. MAKE, YOUR OWN RECORDS. RECORDING. EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. By Appointment Only. Manchester Recording Studio FORSYTH BROS.. LTD.. 126. Deansgate. BLA 3281. TO BE LET Flats ATTRACTIVE Modern 4-roomed Furnished FLAT TO LET. West End London. L. A., co 16. New Quebec street. London, W. 1. D PINTO 4: CO. 15. Dover Street, London. W. 1. REGent 2244-7. For all London Flats and Houses TjtUHNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET. Stysl: X? Part of attractive House: sitting-room. 2 or 3 bedrooms, use of kitchen and bathroom: rent 3ffns per week. Apply J. R. BRIDGFORD and SONS, 10, Norfolk Street. Manchester 2 (Bla 2500 and 2509), The Estate Office. Prestbury (8372). and 16. Alderley Rood. Wilmslow 2832). LYTHAM: Promenade, Central. Fully Furnished First-floor FLAT: large front lounge with communicating kitchenette and double bedroom adjoining: Imln. Square and shops: minimum period 12 months. Address R 540 Manchester Guardian MACCLESFIELD DISTRICT. TO BE LET. Furnished. PART of COUNTRY HOUSE. In delightful situation: accommodation sutlog-room. double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, w c . own entrance: self contained. Apply J. R BRIDGFORD Se SONS, the Estate Office. Prestbury (8372): 16. Alderley Rd., Wilmslow (2832): sr 10. Norfolk St . Mc 2 (Bla. 2500 & 2509). SELF-CONTAINED FURNISHED SERVICE SUITES available tor letting by the day. week, or month : two to five Tooms: rent (Including maid and butler-valet service) lrom 1 4 ens per week single, or 22 ens double: no ,:itchens in Cats, but meals served In flat or restaurant as desired: three minutes from Buckingham Palace or St. James' Park Station AppV General Manager. St. James' Court, Buckingham Gate. London. S. W, 1. (Tele : victoria 2360.) SOUTHPORT. For summer season minimum three months). Ground-floor. Private-entrance FLAT: -tastefully furnished: continuance promenade, near golf links and sea' two enterta'ning-rooms. three bedrooms, kitchen, pantrv, A:c. Add.esi D. Manchester Guardian Branch Office. Southport WELL-FURNISHED Mod. FLAT: self-contained: all elect : lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. &c : 5gns. per week. A 283. WANTED FLAT Wanted. W. or N.W. London: could exchange s c. unfum. first-floor large lounge, 2 d. bedrooms, k. and b.: con-it-int h. and c. trator: senarate w.c: oaraee: cejars: garden. Sate 5695. Beales. 39, Moss Lane, Sale, SELF-OONTIUNED Furnished Flat required by young couple: no children: Alderley Edge district preferred but not essential. Address B 60 Manchester Guardian. SINGLE Lady requires small S C. Flat: service if possible South Manchester or Hale preferred Address B 50 Manchester Guardian. TTNPURNISHED Self-contained FLAT or U HOUSE Wanted: Mc suburb. B 226. Offices and Warehouses MARKET ST. Self-contained SUITE ol FKe First-floor OFFICES: floor space approx. 120 s.y.: Immediate possession ALEXANDER WHITWORTH. F.A.I., estate agent. 4, TJpwmflrkfit Plce. Manchester 1. BLA. 72B1. dmall suite or unices rn central, on O Deansgate: preferably profcs.slonai man or Dullness nrm oi repuie: tetepnane; un. ArtrirfitR T 217 Manchester Guardian. THE WHOLE of the FLOOR above the Higher Brouehton Assembly Rooms, corner of Gt. Cheetham Street. Bury New Road. Higher B rough ton: approx. 6700 sd. vds.: two large rooms, sevcruj. mduii uoco. auu i-se Firm reaulrlnz Office Accommodation: no manufacturing. Apply Messrs A. CASS EL, and SONS, JbXJj.. , Tenerme street, .urougnton, saliord. TO LET. One Small Self-contained OFFICE In centre of city. V 23S M.O." rpO LET. 7,900 sq. it. approx. ot Office and J- Warehouse accommodation fn one of the finest situations in Manchester- possession: goods hoist: preference gien to exporters. Apply ISAAC NEILD. SON. & LEES, estate agents. 47. Market Street, Manchester 1. Tel. BLA 9509. TTO LET. 6.500 Sfl. Ft. Clear FLOOR SPACE: X approx. llz miles from town centre: suitable for any trades "xjc offices. H 409 "M.G." WANTED ARCHITECT requires Two or More light Offices: central position. T 293 M G.' BASEMENT Shop Premises or Large Ground-floor Rooms Wanted In centre of city: prepared to pay big lnROtng fee lor suitable premises. Address R 216 Manchester Guardian. BUILDING with approxlmaieiy 2.000 sq. It floor space: height to trusses oat, less than 2ft: suitable for food production. R 464. REQUIRED immediately, modern-type Single-storer Bulldin of about 6.000 square feet for light sewing: south side- of Manchester. Stretford. or Altrlchatn rent or buy: plase send fullest details. Address E 312 Manchester Guardian. SMALL Warehouse required 1n the Manchester district by a London firm anxious to expand northern saies. vox dm. o . co Knights. 20, Blackfralrs Lane, London. E.C. 4. SUITE of 3-4 Offices Wanted in the professional area of Manchester: will buy fittings if necessary. E 548 Manchester Guardian. WANTED. Warehouse Accommodation; area approximately 500 square yards each ot two floors, preferably on ground and first floors: must be in clean and dry ccnditlon and In centre of city. P 138 Manchester Guardian WANTED. Warehouse Rcom. approximately 3.000 sq ft., with good loading facilities: near whttw0rth Street pre ened X 227. WAREHOUSE and OFFICE accommodation Wanted to rent on leae In Manchester: Deansgate area preferred: area 5O0n.,Q00 sq. Factories and Sites ADVICE and Assistance with regard to SITES for Factories and Works can be obtained by Manufacturers and others on application to Industrial Agent (Midlands Representative), Dept. A, L.N.ER.. 3. Upper Parliament Street. Nottingham. Tel.: Nottingham 42348. FOR Works, near Manchester, suit precast or Heavy Goods. 1.000 Square Yard SITE, with 70It. road berth. 126tt. rail berth connecting main line: advertiser consider roofing If required: rent 350 Per annum. Address w 56fl Manchester Guardian. TO LET. For advertising purposes. Gable End in prominent position near to city centre. Address B 54 Manchester Guardian. TO BE LET, 1,000 sq yds. Single Floor, in steel and concrete building: excellent day-lighting, electric, gas, natcr, oods Hit. loadlne way. sx. Installed: 1 mi:e from Manchester centre- suitable for factory: Immediate possess. Address F 411 Manchester Guardian, mo LET on long lease with right to sub-let. X CLOTHING FACTORY. MILES FLATTING opposite one of the city's recently completed housing estates: recently derequlsltcned a we'l-Ughted 3-storey building on Island s'te. with ample ofllce. canteen, lavatory, boiler, and garage accommodation and large enclosed vard- floor area 5,800 sq yds. UNGLEY PROPERTY CO., 53. Dale St., Manchester 1. WANTED FACTORY Wanted, nilhln easy access of Manchester city: approx. 8-15,000 sq. ft., preferably on one floor: would rent or buy. Address v JP3 manencster uuwmm. Rooms With and Without Power WANTED WANTED, Room and electric power for light industry employing mainly female operatives: minimum size 2,400 square feet. .rfrirK. V MtnchMter Guerdi&n. WANTED, on good lease, 10.000 sq. ft. for rental: suitable for office and workshop, in whlcli light electrical equipment will be mstauea. preierauir frouna uwr. .cn-vuum;, in one space, and reaonably near City centre. Address X 402 Mancneste- Guardian. xXTiunjn TjAnt in th. MuifiiMter area. W chemical Laboratory or other premises readily adaptable for use as a laboratory: about 500 sq. ft. in one or two rooms. V 480. Shuns and Showrooms STAMFORD Street. Ashton-under-Lyne. Lockup SHOP and Basement: good frontage: best trading position: lease available. Further details writ: G. Rothwell Si Son, auctioneers. estate agents, ana valuers, ii. ran: Avenue, swincon. mncasmre. SALES BY AUCTION WILMSLOW. Most Attractive. Excellently Planned, and Well-bilt DETACHED RESIDENCE, To be SOLD BY AUCTION, on the Premises, by Messrs. H. THOMPSON & SONS, on WEDNESDAY. MAY 14, 1947. at 2.30 pjxl., subject to conditions of sale. QUEEN' S G ATE, 97. MANCHESTER ROAD. WILMSLOW. containing large tiled porch and verandah opening on to light square-type hall; charm-ing lounge, with artistically designed multicoloured brlcx fireplace; cosy dnawmc room, with modern cream-marbled fireplace: light, well-shaped dining-room, with additional entrance to a .most cheerful kitchen fitted with modem Meridian range and large built-In cupboard; pleasing scullery with white combination sink; small, cosy, snug or study; cloakroom with Shanks washbowl; cool, airy pantry with adequate shelving: spacious .landing with five bedrooms leading off. one bedroom fitted with white pedestal washbowl (one bedroom ideal for small billiards room or games room); light, sunny batnroom with bnmerson heater and airing and linen cupboards, separate w.c; two really useful second floor rooms: two garages (one heated) with double entrance doors, incorporated in an excellent modem ranee of outbuildings of red brick, with loose boxes, dog run, separate Island wash-house and w.c: Pleasantly situated on the wide, main road from Manchester to Wilmslow. tbe house Is set well back from the toad. The electrical installation isi most comprehensive, ana tne dMfir&tuins are wall nleasins. The freehold land .-extend to about 2,750 so. yards, artistically laid out. Chief rent 16 5s. Rateabla- value 70 net. ViOAHT POSSESSION ON COMPLETION. May be viewed from 2 30 p.m. to 4 30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. . Printed particulars with Illustration may be had from the AUCTIONEERS, 65, Mosley Street (CENtral 2731). or the Solicitors, Messrs. JMES CHAPMAN le CO., 23, John Dalton Street (BLAckfriars 4468), both in Manchester 2. MORETONHAMPSTEAD, S. Devon. EL M F I E L D , -Country residence, magnificent views: 3 rec 10 bed., bath, etc.; all services; 2 garages; gardener's cottage: pleasure grounds, tennis lawn, paddock, and walled gardens; 23' acres; for private occupation or as an hotel or nursing home. Auction. May 29 by W A Y C O T'T 5, nest fitreeV-aiWUiJ-tf-jp3. - BLACKFRIARS ST., MANCHESTER 3. SALES BY AUCTION By order of the Ministry ol Supply WITHOUT RESERVE. Depot No. 103-KING'S NEWTON. NEAR MELBOURW DERBYSHIRE (6 miles south of Derby). Messrs. W. S. BAGSHAW & SONS will SELL BY AUCTION on WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, and FRIDAY. MAY 28. 29. and 30. 1947, at 11 aja. each day. (On new Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. May 31. 22. and 23, 1947. between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day). 1,800 LOTS OF INDUSTRIAL. RAILWAY, AND MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT & STORES, Including: 22 Austin and Crossley Marine Encrines and Spares unused: Cochrane Steam Boiler and Spares, Diesel Winch. 16 Mitchell Ropeways Cbnveyors, 2 Priestman Grabs. 3 Black Hank Caterpillar Tool Kits. Metro-Vlckers Electric Motor. Ill Industrial Tractor Trailers. 2-ton. 2 Fordsou Tractors. 6 Circular Tlppirg Skips, 190 Double Purchase Winches. 1-5 ton. 64 Felco Differential Chain Blocks. Hydraulic Traversing Jacks. 2.O0O 5-ton Lifting Jacks. Large Quantity of Tackle Blocks, S.W.R.. and cordage. Steel Wire Rope Slings. 300 Manilla Rope.Nets. 2-ton, Wire Rope Nets. 2.000 Wood Cargo Trays. 2,000 Wood Pallets. Galvanized and Wire Nails, Engineers' Mild Steel Studs. Nuts and Bolts. Rivets. Washers, Oak Wedges, and a large quantity of miscellaneous equipment starry Catalogues on application, cm eacn. irom the Auctioneers, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Tel. 44 g unesi. Suitable for Institution. Hotel, or Guest House. WAWlCTtaHIKi Itvn mile iram uie centre of Coventry). THE FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. COUNDON COURT. NEAR COVENTRY. The imposing residence bunt or brick with tiled roof and pleasantly situated 4UU teet above sea level. Galleried hall. 4 reception-rooms, gunroom, ouu&ras-roooi, a .nri R sermdirv faedrOOmS. 2 dressing-roomi, 4 bathrooms, complete offices viith statt sitting-room. Private water supply. Main electricity, gas and drainage. Fart central heating. Garage and outbuildings, matured grounds -with spreading lawns, specimen trees ana snn.os z nard tennis courts ana suumici-houses. nne range of greenhouses, productive kitchen garden, orchard, laundry, compact fa-mery. Holly Lodge, a secondary residence. containing & reception-rooms. V bedrooms. Damroom. ljocse, & cottages. in au oi acres VACANT POSSESSION OF THE RESIDENCE AN a GROUNDS. FOR SALE BY AUCTION by Messrs. KNIGHT, FRANK. & RUTLEY, in conjunction with Me&rs. GEORGE LOVEITT & SONS, at the OREYFRIARS ROOMS, HERTFORD STREET, COVENTRY, on FRIDAY. Msy 30, 1947. at 4 p.m. (unless previously sold). Solicitors, Messrs. R. A. ROTHERHAM and CO., 8, The Quadrant. Coventry. Auctioneers. Messrs KNIOHT. FRANK & RUTLEY. 20, Hanover Square, London. W. 1. and Messrs. GEORGE LOVEITT it SONS, Oiosvenor House. Orosvenor Road, Coventry. Particulars and plan price Is By Direction ot S. B. Askew, Zsq. WEST SUSSEX COAST. In a beautiful position with frontage to tne sea. THE FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. THATCHINGS. ALDWICK. A delignttul replica of a sixteenth-century Sussex house, built of brick, rendered and partly ha It-timbered, with Norfolk reed-thatched, root A considerable quantity of English oak was used In the construction; It is unusu;lly well fitted and in excellent order throughout. Three reception-rooms, a best bed and dressing rooms, and 3 bathrooms (in suites). 4 servant' rooms and bathroom. Central heating throughout, main services. Garage for 3 large cars and" 3 loose boxei, with chauffeur's rooms. Gardener's cottage. Charming gardens and grounds with lawns, ilofter beds and borders, and hard tennis court li all QDmit 112 acres. VACANT POSSESSION ON COMPLETION. FOR SALE BY AUCTION by Messrs. KNIGHT, FRANK, & RUTLEY. in conjunction v.ith Messrs TREGEAR & SONS. In the HANOVER SQUARE ESTATE ROOM, on THURSDAY. MAY 29. at 2 30 p in. (unless previously sold privntely). Sol'cltors. Messrs. RICHARDS. BUTLER and CO , aa. Leadenhall Street, London, E.C. 3: Auctioneers. Messrs. KNIGHT, FRANK, and RUTLEY, 20, Hanover Square. London, W. 1. and Messrs. TREGEAR & SONS. AtdwlcJc Koad. Wet Bognor Keels. Sussex. WITHOUT RESERVE. By order or the Minister ot Supply. bTOWMARKEt. SUFFOLK. MESSRS. WHEATLEY KIRK, PRK'i. CO. are Instructed to OFFER FOR SALE BY AUCTION In lots at the MINISTRY OF SUPPLY DEPOT. OLD SILK MILLS. STOW-MARKET, Suflolt. on WEDNESDAY, MAY 14. 1947, and da7 fouowing, at 11 o'clock precisely each day. about 250 MODERN MACHINE TOOLS, includlnz Two Bullard-Multaumatic 161n. vertical Autos.; Three Ryder 12 In. Vertical Autos,; No. 12 Hydermattc Auto.: a Bullard 36ln Vertical Boring Mill; 13 P. and J. Auto. Chucking Lathes; 6 Bar Autos., by Gridlcy, New Brittaln &c. 2ti Turret Lathes, by Llbb). Glsholt, and Warner and Swasey; A Lodge and Shipley 27in. Duomatic Lathes; 33 Capstan. T.nch. hv Herbert. Warner and Swasey. Modern, &c.; 12 Engine and Multlcut Lathes; 13 cnurcnhi internal unnoers; .Lo uyununcai aim Suriace Grinders, by Landis. Heald, Bryant, &c : 1 1 Vertical Milling Machines, by Becher, Reed Prentice. C.V.A., &c; 15 Horizontal Milting Machine, by Cincinnati. Brown and Sharps. Edgwlo:. Pa.las, 6a.: 21 Thread and Cam Milling Maculnes. by Mattison. Holroyd. wlLkman, and Sundstrand: 11 Tapping Machines, 10 Drilling Machines, 3 Broaching Machines; Geai Hcbblng, Gear Grinding, Slotting and Eng-aving Machines. Presses. Polishing Heads Ac : MACHINE EQUIPMENT, " lying at MINISTRY OF SUPPLY DEPOT, CHURCH ROAD ERITH. KENT, and Including 20 Red Head Spindles. Drill and Lathe Chucks. Tapping Attachments. Machine vices. Capstan Equipment. &c : also 30 Gear-testing Machines. Catalogues (price Is. each) may be bad when ready from Messrs. WHEATLEY KIRK. PRICE, and CO.. industrial auctioneers. 2. South Audley Street', London W. 1. Tel. No. Regent 7150 By direction of D. F Palmer, Esq. OUTER HEBRIDES. A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. THE Modern Ideal ISLAND RESIDENCE known as SUTDHEACBIN. NORTH BAY. ISLE OF BARB A. WITH VAOAJMT .POCJ5EBS1UW. Superbly situated House, built to Mr. Campion Mackenzie's specifications In 1936. Glorious views of the Atlantic Beaches and the Islands. Bathing, rld'.nt. yachting, wild fowling, coarse and deep sea fishing all available. Good air and ateamer services. Compact and designed on ONE FLOOR, alt principal rooms providing lovely outlooks. Hall, 3 reception-rooms. 5-6 Bedrooms, bathroom (h. and c Convenient and easily managed domestic omces. including breakfast-room and kitchen with Aa cooker. Electric Ifcttt ample water lupp'-y. Telephone. Small garden. In all approximately lLj ACRES Will be offered for SALE BY AUCTION (unless sold previously by private treaty), by JACKSON STOPS & STAFF, on WEDNESDAY. MAY 21. 1947. at the CENTRAL HOTEL, GLASGOW, at 3 P rn Illustrated brochure from the So.lcltor. THOS. J. AiDDLY. 23. Melville Street. EcKn-bu-ttu (Tel. 2613H. or the Auctioneer". JACKSON STOPS & STAFF, 15, Bond Street, Leeds 1 (Tel. 31S41-3K By order of the Minister of Supp.y. AT ROYAL ORDNANCE FACTORY. SELLAFIELD, Near WHITEHAVEN. CUMBERLAND. PENRITH FARMERS & KIDD'S AUCTION COMPANY. LTD.. have received instruot.ons to SELL BY AUCTION, without reserve, on MONDAY, MAY 19. to THURSDAY, MAY 22 (Sale at 11 a.m. each day). Surplus GOVERNMENT STORES, - - PLANT AND EQUIPMENT, comprising Builders' (and Associated Trades) Materials and Fittings. Electrical Piant and Snares. Mechanical Pant and EmllDmer.t. Chemical Plant and Equipment. Miscellaneous Items, Including Office Furniture, Linoleum. Steel Cupboards, Wooden Racks, Structural Steelwork. Electrical Water Pumps, La Bour Pumps, Fans, MB. Tanks, Sackbarrows. Avery Platform Scales, CJ. Water Mains. 2 Term Water and Air Valves. Tools, M.S. Piping, Asbtstos Sheeting. Roof Trusses, jec. On view from Monday, May 12. to Thursday, May 15. from 10 a.m. to 4 pjn. Light refreshments by J. Ratchford, Carlisle. The Sale will be held In the Canteen by courtesy of Messrs, Courtaolds. Catalogues obtainable on application to the above Auctioneers, price 6d. Address; Agricultural Hall. Penrith. Cumber-land. Tel. Penrith 2323-4. BETWEEN MACCLESFIELD & STOCKPORT. A Valuable Small Freehold FARM situate close to the main Stockport-Macclesneld-London road, 312 miles from Macclesfield and 8 treUes from Stockport, known as HOWLANEHEAD FARM. BUTLEY TOWN, near PRESTBURY. with attractive Residence, substantial Farm Premises, Orchard, Garden, and Rich Pasture Lands, occupying in all 14 Acres or thereabouts. WITH VACANT POSSESSION. FREE OF TENANT RIGHT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION by HENRY MANLEY & SONS, LTD., at THE ANGEL HOTEL, MACCLESFIELD, on TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1947, at seven o'clock, in the evening (subject to conditions). Sale particulars and further information from the AUCTIONEERS' OFFICES, at Crewe, and branches, or from the vendors Solicitor, Mr. H. F. LANGSTAFF. 3a. Church Side. Marriesfleid. Preliminary. NEAR KNUTSPORD. CHESHIRE: A distinctive modern residence in picturesque setting. MANOR HOUSE. CHESTER ROAD. MERE. Within easy travelling distance of Manchester. Stockport, Warrington, Northwlch, 5cc. Accommodation: Oak-panelled haU, dining-room, lounge, billiards room, smoke, room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, maid's bed-sitting room, una! domestic omces. Garage lor 2 can. Delightful gardens easy to maintain. vacant Possession on completion. To be SOLD BY AUCTION by mmj E. BRAGG1NS & CO.. at the ANGEL HOTEL, KNUTSFORD, om THURSDAY. MAY 22, 1947. at, 3 30 pjn. (unlets previously disposed of by private treaty). For further particulars apply the AUCTIONEERS, the Estate Omces,- Kmitilord (Tel. 413). .XPXCEPTIONALLY Well Secured . Hi FREEHOLD INVESTMENT TO AUCTION, Pickford's Repository and Nos. 1. 3.';3a, 3b; and 3c. Bexhlll Road. St. LeonardsrOnSea, . excellent main road position." substantial' six-, storey warehouse, 20.000It. super,, an', lockup shops, garage,-&c.. let to' Messrs. Pirkford'cv is tm iMsn tsiririM 1351 at CfiOjIV nrr nnnm exclusive. luciLiiiuN as in. UAria.K ' HOTEL. HAfiTiNGS.' On THURSDAY.-iHiy.27 1947, at p.m. -tPpii;1.-.'':: .-DYER 4 OVERTON?.' : 3 KUSBjOCK KOAD. HJWTJHqn. ,

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