The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1935
Page 3
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', JfAfiGfi 2$, 1935 ""• "——-r—-,-.^-.-^ FILE^ETITIflNS Ruth Blythe and liarry Atkins to Be On Ballot; Others Expected. Despite the anticipated deluge of candidates (or the vacancy in the city clerk's office, caused by the death of Ross Beavers, only two had filed their petitions with the county election commission at two o'clock this afternoon. Hiith Blythe and Ifnrry Alkla<5 had the required petitions with the requisite number of signers filed with V. O. Flolland, local attorney and inemlw of the election commission, No others had filed petitions and there was sonic indication that al least one candidate may hnve been confused as to procedure to be followed, one petition having been filed In the etty clerk's office, according to reports. Payment of the dollar fil- . - ing fee to (he city treasurer is a prerequisite to Ibc filing of a petition with the election commission. The filing fee is being ac- church Sunday morning and ' evening. Hooper Azblll nnd Nathan Halo were visitors In Wilson, Ark., Saturday night and were accompanied home -by Mr. and, Mrs. Amer Azblll ai|d Iwo children, who spent the week end here with parents. A very Interesting meeting was held In Ihe . lodge hall ol the Eastern star chapter of Steele Thursday night. Mrs.-J. T. Markey of Cnrulhersvillq, field deputy made her official vis|(. She was accompanied by several friends- of Cnruthersi'llle. A picture was presented lo Mrs. Markley by ihe local members. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Overturf have moved back lo Stccle after living in Tennessee the past sis months. They haye opened a studio here. Miss Dorothy Still has returned lo her home In Memphis after u vlsil In steele with frlemls, Charles Howcll has returned to his home at Cooler alier a visit in Memphis with his mother and brother. *• Mr. and Mrs. Tom Waters have returned to their home in • Clifton, Tarn., offer a visit here with their daughter and husband Miami Mrs. John Bishop Tlie condition of Frank Craw- lins been dangerously „ --- ~ n — double pneumonia. Is cepled at ihe clerk's office for somewhat Improved, the treasurer, H is understood. | Miss Frances Oiliiaiid. who Mr. Holland said this afternoon! 'mikes her home with her ,i>jut rtial he would be out of his of- M ". C. D. Marlln, of the Lake lice, In the Suclbiiry building, to- Farm, is guest of Miss Virginia morrow, but added that petitions Carter at. St. Joseph, Mich for of candidates might be left In his two weeks. office ami would be considered as T "e Cooler Alumni association filed, even though he was nol entertained with a lucky party m present to receive (hem personal- (lie "teh school gym Friday nieht )y. His office will be open until 5 Rllcl . Aslicr received a large cake . o'clock in the nflemoon. The lot will be closed at that time a's dressed, the Us tof ca»didat ..... "- vu,,u,i,«Lia uufs toe "• "- " Jlu o|jt.'fK wanictt nave certified for the printers prepar- returned to their home in cooler ing the ballots for the muni nft<i1 ' Mug emloed - g the ballots for the municipal n election April 2. . as een received here of Tlie ballot Is to lie. certified and th ? tieath ° r " ltlc Uauette Perils IU •' . an the election Judges and clerk . named .Wednesday morning when P, iul PartL ' 1 J' r - of Lcpnnlo, Ark. tlie election commission uieels at , S- Pol '" s wns 1)Dr ° 1 'c I'cr mar- Osceola. Election ofliclals for the , gc Mlss Jllllel Jordan, da\igli- feveral town elections tn Missis- . „ Mr - arl(l Mts - A - Vf. Jordan QlnnS i->jMLi>t.< ».- .... . . . Of Sfpnln -_..„ v..v.m.iuji.-j LII IUIMIA* sippi county will be named al the same time. i Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Mrs. Gerald Brooks was hostess to Ihe liook and Study club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. H. G. McDaniel gave a review and discussion on the relation of the bible to modem science. Tlie next meeting will be Wednesday afternoon in the Home of Mrs. Johnson with Mrs. Steele sr. in charge of the program. Mayflower Camp No. 13309 n N A., will meet in the home of Mrs. Lottie Earls Tuesday night Mrs Lucille Stewart Travis is assisting Miss Aline Yeager at tlie Piano- In directing Ihe play Crashing Thru," ( o be given Thursday and Friday evenings of Mrs. Bills Pan-Is ol St. Louis, o . ous. who is visiting in nnytt, was In Cooler over the week end to see Her daughter, Miss Nadine Burns ' , . ' rarrls is best remembered in Cooter as Mrs. Panic '.Burns Rev. Boldcn. who has. accepted tie pastorate of the Cooler Baptist church, will bring his wife and children lierc this week Thev will move into the parsonage which has been occupied by Mr' and Mrs. W. M. Barker and daughter, Miss Rubye, who will move into the. house that is being vacated by Mr. and Mrs. E. M De- Bakey. who are moving into the Charlie Hoskins house next door to tlie Baptist church. Miss Barker has bought tbe home Into which she and licr parents are moving. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Howard returned Saturday from a two months visit. In Oklahoma Texas and California. Dr. O. L. Woods, former state secretary of missions of Missouri, now enlisted evangelist, of Southwest Baptisl college, Bolivar, Mo., preached fit the Stcele Baptist Women 1° Rundown |F your day begins with nerves trayed, backache, or periodic pains, you need a tome such as Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription. Read 'A what Airs. C. A. 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Ark., spent last week end here with Mr. Holmes' mother Mrs. Tollie Holmes. •Icssic McCami hns returned to is home in Cooler after three weeks visit in Tennessee • Koitnd Lake News t; -Hon\c ! '- Demonstrati ! The met with Mrs. w. ation club D, Deason l • '•• "• *-ft:uauil March 5. The president opened the meeting with the poem, "People Will Talk." Response to the roll call was given with current events. M rs . William Chambers garden clmtrmim,.talked on sprln» gardens. Demonstrations on culling liens and planting early flowers were given by Miss Cora Lee Coleman. A plate lunch was served by the . hostess, and the club adjourned to meet with Mrs. W M. Chambers in two weesk. Because of inclement weather, the play to be sponsored by the club, has been postponed Indefinitely and the quilt will be awarded at the next club meeting. Mrs. Howard Uowen attended the Landscape, meeting at M fl . rion Friday. Harry Worsley and S. J. shell- ings attended court at Osceola this week. Mines. Harry Worsley, \V D Deason, W. T. Wagnon, Charles" Billmgsley, and Howard Bowen attended the all day meeting of the Home Demonstration club nt Luxora Wednesday. In the school election Saturday William chambers and Nib Conley were elected to serve on the school board. J. W. Burroughs, of Manila, and Mrs. T. M. Cooper, of Blytheville, have been re-elected to teach. ORDINANCE NO. 3S8 AN ORDINANCE DECIiARINa THE BUSINESS OP BTORrNG, TRANSPORTING AND/OR SEtJjwa OP WQouns AT. RETAIL OR WHOLESALE IN THE CITY OF SLYTHEVIUiE. ARKANSAS, TO BE A PR1VU.EGK; LEVYJNO A TAX THEREFOR; PROVIDING FOB THE ISSUANCE OP PERMITS; riEGU- bATiNO THE SAIjE OF UIQ- UORj FIXING) THE PENALTIES FOR VIOIjA T! O N S HEHF.OF, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF HUYTHEVIU'E, ARKANSAS: Section l. That the business of storing, transporting and/or sell- Ing of spirituous, vinous and/or mall Illinois al wholesale wllliln Uie city of Blytheville, Arkansas, is hereby declared to lie a privilege; an<| for Ihe exercise of such privilege Iherc is hereby levied an annual lax in ihe sum of Three Hundred PKty Dollars ($350.00) for each and every such business concluded, Section 2, Tlie business o! storing, trniuportlng, selling nnd/or dispensing at retail of any and ail vinous, spirituous and/or mall liquors within the city of Bly- thevlllc, Arkansas is hereby declared to bo a privilege, and for ihe exercise of such privilege there , is hereby levied an annual prlv- I liege tax In the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.001 for each such retail store operated within the cily of Blytheviltc by any person, firm or corporation. Section 3. Any person, firm or corporalion engaging In llie business herein declared to be a privilege without first having paid the license fees as provided in Sections 1 and 2 hereof shall be deemed guilty of n misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in any s tun not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and no greater than One Thousand Dollars tSl,000.00)-, ninl each liny o! such operation without llic payment of said license fees slial constitute a separate and dlstlnc offense. Section 4. II is hereby dcclarei to be Hie intent of the city Ii order lo avoid confusion to IESUL such licenses as nre herein pro vided for in such a manner thai they will run for such a lengtl of time as will be concurrent will the licenses issued by the stat< government. It is therefore ordained that Ihe City Collecto: shall have the right lo ucccp: Installment payment. 1 ; of the II- cpiisa fees due the city for siicl periods oi time ns the State Commissioner of Revenues grant, for the payment of State license fees. Section 5. It shall lie unlawfu for uny person, firm or corpora- lion to sell, offer for sale or give away, at wholesale any spkltuous vinous and/or malt liquors be fore'. the hour of 8 A, M. and ..after* the hour of 6 P. M. It -shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation t sell, oiler for. snle, or give away at retail nny spirituous, vlrioiis and/or' malt .liquor before th L hour, of '7. A! M; 'and after the •hour of 12 o'clock midnight. •It shall' 1 also be.' unlawful - foi any person, firm or corporation to sell, offer for sale or give awaj any such liquors on Sunday 01 on any State, County, Munlclpa and/or District primary or general election day. • It shall also be imlawiul for anj person, firm or corporation to sell ofTer for sale or give away any such liquors on Fourth of July and Christmas Day. Ally person, firm or corporation violating any of the provision; of tliis section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not, less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) nor more than Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars (5250.00). For the third offense against any of the provisions of this section the City Council shall have the right to order the permit of such person, firm or cor- jwrotion revoked and cancelled. Section 6. It shall be unlawfu for any person, firm or corporation lo have in. Its possession or control on the premises where liquor is allowed to be sold, anj bottle or container containing es of Smiles^ with HU6BAR.O TIHE Driver: "Hold .vow breath! Hole! your Tho nionoxitlo is very poisonous!" \0ur t>rice for lire and baltery servicing \von't lake your breath away. Our charges are as dependable as the work we do—and that's saying something liquor which hw.been op?nc4. Adjoining piertilsos '< snail bo deemed to cohio within ••• the prohibition of this sect(on- when any person, firm or' corjioin'tlon has any Interest therein and Mn adcll- (Ion has any interest In the regularly licensed retail or wholesale "Tier store, " Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of Ihls section shall be deemed giillly of a misdemeanor nnd • upon orgi- vlctlon thereof shall be fined hi »ny sum not less tlraji Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). And any person, firm or corporation operating a regularly It- ceased liquor sfore, having any Interest in any establishment op- erailnB In adjoining promises where persons are found to be or permitted to drink • liquor shall be subject lo having Us license revoked by the City .council. • Section 7, No person, firm or corporalion shall be granted any permit for the sale within the city either al wholesale or retail of nny liquor where such person, firm or corporation, or any member or stockholder thereof, has any Interest of any kind In a business or club operating In ad- Joining' premises where liquor is kept or permitted to be kept and/or consumed. ... Section 8. It Is hereby declared to be for the best Interest of llic public that liquor dealers be prevented from selling liquor to persons known lo be habitual drunkards and to this end it is hereby ordained that an habitual drunkard within Die meaning of this ordinance shall be "nny person who has been convlcleji of drunkenness Ihree times in nny 12- inontli period," the said 12-rnomh period to begin with the dale upon which Ihe ordinance Is approved. It shnll hereafter be the duty of the Chief of Police of the city of Blylhevllle to keep n separalt register (which shall be nl all reasonable hours subject to public Inspection), of every person 'convicted of drunkenness In the clly of Blytheville (both in the Municipal Court and the Circuit Court). Such register shall show the number of times any person lias been so convicted. A bulletin containing the names of each and even person convicted three limes within a year of drunkenness shall be mailed once each month, If necessary, by Hip Chief of Police lo each liquor dealer licensed bv the. city. •,, , • It shall be unlawful "for any person, firm or corporation to seli or give away any liquor to any person when such person Is In an intoxicated condition. Any person, firm or 'corporalion violating the provisions of lids section shall be deemed guilts of a misdemeanor aiid upon conviction of the first offense . be punishable by. a fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than Three Hundred Dol- lars'f.($300,00) : and for a^seamd offense In addition' to such' fine shall, be.' subject, to ;the revocation of., the, license'.'Ju^ll'fe. .discretion of .the Clly council, r!...-',' ' Sec.'tipnVB. r It,' sJiHll Be-the milj ol tlie .'Chief '6i .. Police.fto 'receive fronir;-the "proper.-county i .official a list; of ,riny, and.' a'll. p£r.w>ns adjudged by proper,'procedure In the County • Courts •' to lie •', guilty of failing. a\id; - refusing'.' to" 'properIs support their.: families,' and such Iht_ as furnished shall be Included by, the: Chief of Police' in' the monthly .report provided for In Section " 8'' herein.. -Any person firm; or corporation selling-, offer- ingtot sivie-or giving'away liquor lo ally person'• In ' violation of this section'shall' be ; deemed' guilty of a mtsdenieanor and upon convlc- This New Cream Separator Bottle Gives You About One-Half Pint of Whipping Cream From Each Quart of Craig Milk. Tonight's Milk Delivered i Time for Your Breakfast. CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 pennUles as provided In Section 8 herein, Section 10. It shnll be unlawful for.any person, firm or rarpora- llon engaged In the sale nt wholesale or retail of any liquor In the clly of Blylhrvllle lo sell, offer for snle or give nwiiy under any conditions any liquor to unv person under tho age of' twenty- one tan years. Tlie ImviUm of determining the ago of any per"in shnll be upon Hie seller. Any person, firm or corporation violating n,e provisions of this section shall be deemed jjull- ty of a misdemeanor am! upon conviction shsll be subject to tVn same punishment us is provided '•i Section 8 hereof. Section II. NO pmon, firm or corporation slmll be cranled a •'Ci-mlt to sell liquor either tit •holMule or retail within llic clly of Ulythevllle lipon or in premises or In connection with any premises wherein Iherc arc located any screened partitions, doors or windows hindering or obstructing the view of the Interior, private alcoves, blind or curtained booths, lockers, or where nny other means or method h used, designed or ndnptcii to Induce or Invite persons to open anil consume liquor upon such premkes. If after a license has been granted the licensee' then changes or allows the premises to be. changed, to violate this section, the City Council shall order such license revoked, if after a five-day notice such licensee falls and refuses lo conform to Ihc provisions of this scclioii. Operation nftcr Ihe revocation of a license shall be punishable as provided In Section 3 hereof. Section 12. in any prosecution or proceedings for any violation of this ordinance in court or before the City Council, llie general reputation of the defendant or defendants, (or in case of an application for u permit or Ihe revocation of a permit, the applicant or the licensee) for moon- shining, boolleBBl'ifc', drinking or being engaged In Ihe unlawful manufacture of, or irade In, intoxicating liquors, shall be allowed to be Introduced In evidence by llic city against said defendant or defendant';, Section 13. ,it shall be unlawful for any person lo drink liquor III any public place, highway or street, or in or upon any passenger coach, street car, etc., ,(sce Section 10, 'page 32, state' 'law). Any person violating provisions of this section deemed guilty of a mtsdemermor and upon co/i- tlon shall be subject to tho enme vlctton slmll be fined in any emn not less (ban fivp dollars ($500) nor mate tlinn one hundred dollar* <$100.00). Section H. Before any person, nrm or coiixmiilon shall PUKUKC In the wholesale or retail liquor business In (he clly «f niythe- vllle, mi application .shall ] K , ,,\«t\ii 'o Urn city collector for the (frntil- 'iig or n penult. Said application shun contain sworn statement of tho mime of the, business sought lo be licensed, the names and addresses of all of Ihe persons owning or holding any Interest in snld business, nnd the proiwsed location of said business, ihe owner or owners of (he building or premises In which said store Is (o be located, and sutd nppileiinls' mate license shall nccoinpnny mid tip- Then the clly clerk shnll Issue such license lifter upproviil by tho City Council, or a. committee solrelcd by n, nnd upon the payment of (be foes herein provided mid (hen notify the chief ol the Issuance of siimc. Section 15. Tlio Cltv CoiineJI shall have the right "to lefuse to gvatit n pel-mil to niiy person or to any firm or corporallon In which a person or persons own an interest where such person or persons have been con- vlclcd of violation of liquor ami /or prohibition laws nfter passage of Ihls ordinance and/or f<>,- wlnira Involving morn! turpitude. Section 10. That It stall j, c unlawful for any person, nrm or corporation having n lleensc l» sell liquor lo sc-ll or olToi- for sale al retail any beer except In the original cxmtiiliwr. snid cnn- laliMjr nol to be opened on the premises, Any person, llrm or cwpouitlon vIolnllDK Dm provisions of (his section shall bu dccim'd u«llty of a mi.sdemnnnoi iiiid Ul , oa convlc- lloh lined In any sum not less Ihnn llfty dollars i$50.0(l) nor mor- •than three hundred dollars i$300- Suction n. a .slmll be unlawful for any person, firm ,„• corporation lo sell liquor in containers "f less than one pint or mote, than ffl/e es!!s:'!. Any piu-soii, nrm or corporation vloUtlmj this section .shall be deemed guilty of n misdemeanor and upon eonvlctinu therefor shnll be lined In any sum not less than fifty dollars 1450.00) nor more than three hun- ilrwl (lolku-s t$:iOQ.llO). Section Ib. H any siccllon or portion of n section of this 01- EAGE THRER dlnnnco Is adjudged to be u n - coiisllliitloiml 4ueh nd^udlcntlon shnll not nffcct the validity and consiliulloimlliy of the remainder of the ordinance. Section IS. )>:xc«pl-' tin may bt> pvohlbH.-.d by "The ArkiiDsn.5 Alcoholic control Act", the City Council Is hereby given the discretion of revoking the license of nny person, firm or corporo- tion convicted under any provision ol Ihls ordinance. Section 30, All onilnancfs ami parts of ordinances In conflict herewith am hereby expressly re- pc-aleil nnd this ordhianco shall bo given fun force iiiul effect over all ordinances mid puns of ordinance's luwlol'ore j)3.v:cil nnd upwovrd. Scciiou ai, Wlwren.';, (hi- state and national. Bovermnents hnvo repeated tlie previous prohibition on the sale oi Intoxicating II- (|UO]-B, niUI licenses an: now bcIni: issued for Ihu innnufneluie mill sale D( siieli liquors, It Is necessary Unit, this city Immediately lake such steps us will enable It in co-operation with other govJ ernmental agencies to properlf e.terelsc Its police power over th )l(l»or tiafllc, on emergency M lliEjefore declaietl to exist and tills ordinance Is dcclartd to b nc.cp.s5i i y for tile Immcdlato lur cr\n(lon of the public peac health nnd safety, and tlic'sntri therefore, shall be in full foreif ami i>ilecl Irom and alter It; passage and approval, Pnwed: Mnrch -23, 1935. Approved: CF.Qll, SHANE, Mayor! Atlcs-t: r,, N. • Matins, filly Olerk. Nem Wnnt Ads Pays KOR LEASE niiek btisliier-s building in best I dlnlilci, ready for occupancy in I May. choice locution. G. G. 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