The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 10-10 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Rejection by Girl Is Key to Slaying Detective Gives His Version of Shooting At Ohio University COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 14. W)— An argument with Ills girl friend and a. reprimand from fraternity brothers angered James D. Heel prior to the fatal shooting of a fraternity brother, Detective Sgt. Lowell V. Sheets said today. The officer, after questioning the 20-year-old Ohio State University freshman, reported Hccr said hi was "going to set a gun and star out on a criminal orgy," James T. McKeown. 21. a senlo and managing editor of the university's student daily, was shot to death early Saturday when he tried to take a ".45 caliber automatic pls- ^Jpl from Heer. Jr'The shooting, which occurred In front of the Delta Tail Delta fraternity house, followed a fraternity cocktail party and dance. Detective Sheets described Hcer's argument with 22-year-old Joyce Crafton of Cleveland as a possible "key" to developments in culminating in the slaying. Sheets' account of the events follows: "After the homecoming dance of the fraternity, Heer took his 'date' to the home of his aunt and uncle. "They were driven there by John W. Johnson, 20 of Shaker Heights, another fraternity brother, and his 'date.' "En route to Ms aunt and uncles home, Heer argued with Miss Crafton and when they arrived at the home he refused at first to leave the car and accompany her to the door. Stayer Was Rejected "Johnson censured him and told him that if he didn't take the girl up to the house, he (Johnson) would not drive Heer back to the fraternity house. "Heer then took the girl to the house and went with her to her room. '•There he attempted to make improper advances, but Miss Crafton resisted. "Heer stomped from the room, stating Miss Crafton would read plenty about him in tlie newspapers. " . Detective Sheets added that Heer fciniimUed lie was "mad at a group of HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Despite All Her Other Titles, This Gal Considers Herself 'Miss Wolf Expert' Harry A. .McDonald GOP MAN HEADS SKC—Harr A. McDonald, above took over a the first Republican chairman the Securities and Exchange Com mission, leaving many Democrat mystified about how lie got the job McDonald, a former Detroit brok er, was appointed to the commls sion b y President Truman 1 March. 1947. The commission composed of three Democrats an two Republicans, and elects i' own chairman, but usually ,;it presidential approval, political ob .servers say. Cops Are Surprised At How Right They Are DETROIT, Nov. 14. M'J— The Co] were right when they told a coup of young lovers it's dangerous to park in lonely spots. '• But Patrolmen John Major and Roland Knight were as surprised as the boy and girl to find out Just Vew Interior Secretary Likes b Coo/c, Save Paper Weights NEW YORK — <Sf>— Democratic merica has a passion for c'onfer- i>g titles on pretty girls. One who has practically been omlnalcd "Miss Everything" Is largaret phelan, an ex-choir slng- r and star songbird of the na- on's supper club circuit. So far Miss Phelan, a Texas I'ish lass with dark red hair and yes like firetlies, has been chosen: "The girl with the most perfect, houlders in the world"—By the \rtists Lengiie of America. "Miss GUIIB Ho"—by the Marines ;orps' First Division. "One of the ten best tailored wo- •ncn In America"—by the Custom rallors Guild- The suburban Ferudale policemen noticed the ear in a wooded area early Sunday. "Don't yon know this is dangerous? 11 they asked its occupants. "There might be men lurking around here with guns."; Then Major flashed his light around in a grand gesture, and the beam showed a mnn crouclied near the car. Sure enough, he was carrying a revolver. 'The prowler was held for Investigation. Complaint on Steak or eight fraternity brothers who had criticized him for dancing with . j . <••/•, other girls," and thut he intended j Leads to bpllt to get a pistol and "start on a criminal orgy." McKeown had just arrived at the fraternity house when he saw Heer running from the place, pursued by fraternity brothers. McKeown joined the chase and was shoved away by Heer. McKeown was circling behind Heer, awaiting an opportunity to grab the pistol, when he was shot. A first degree murder charge was to be filed against Heer today. Miss Crafton has been detained as a material, witness. Mylin H. Ross, assistant dean of men at Ohio State, promised an official report on circumstances of the shooting. Runneiup In the "Ten best drcss- d women In America"—by the Fashion Academy. "Miss Sharp Look of 1949"—bj he Associated Cutlery Jndustrles. "One of the tcn v best non-professional dancers in America"—by the Dance Educators of America. "Miss ambassador of Naliona Flower Week"— by the America! Society of Florists"The girl we'd most like to regi inent"—by an Army regiment. These honors rest lightly on Miss Thelan's beautiful shoulders which unfortunately were covered by a throat-high green dress the afternoon I talked to her in the Peacock Alley nl the Waldorf. <Ir/:i- dentally. you see more quail in that alley than peacocks.) "I thought that 'Miss Guiig Ho' business lopped them all," said Maggie. "I understand It's sort of a Marine invasion cry." The title she herself feels she has most earned, however, is "Miss Wolf Expert." Her throaty soprano and intimate songs n;ake many a lonely night club patron want to howl his woes into her ears at a post-supper table, for two. Margaret has found the average American wolf about as subtle in his approach as a circus parade—or a horse on tiptoe. "Men arc the same everywheri or out of a night club," she aid. "There are no unusual ap- roachcs. "Of course, some say they •ant to put you In a moving pic- ure—or something. Bvit that's no' .nusual." As a matter of policy, Miss Phelan urns down all invitations. She said he nicest man she never met was fellow who heard her sing in Chicago and set a bottle of chain agne to her room. "And only a single glass came vlth the champagne, she laughed. She thinks It an odd coincidence hat the name Plielan itself originally meant "wolf." In ' old Ireland, the wolf was ilghly regarded and respected, oo," she said. "Something like the cow Is today In India." Margalet is the daughter ot Art Phelan, a former big league ball player. She studied to be an opera singer. In 1941, she married a young naval flyer. Three months later, he was killed on a battle mission in the Pacific. The young widow came to Man haltan to try to resume the career she had given up at Her marriage "I worked as a secretary and Rot a Job in a clnivch choir," she said Margaret didn't get a chince a opera, but an "agent did set-he a week's booking at a Buffalo nighj club. "1 had only been in a night clul twice in my life -before," she said "I knew nothing about singing in one. That was the most miserabl week I 'ever spent in show busl ness-" ' In the years since then, Magg! is worked herself Into a »1.000-a cek-and-up bracket. But there " nc situation in night clubs si ill can't adjust to. s . "That's when a customer at ingsitle table begins eating lobsl 1st as you start sing a low, so ong." she smiled. "H goes cra-a- k, cra-a-ack, cra-a-ack." Nervy Clerk Out-Bluffs Gun-Wielding Robber LITTLE ROCK, Ark-, Nov. W <AP)—A man walked into a licjuoi store here, pointed a gun at the clerk and ordered him to sack up the money and hand it over. When the clerk, Lyn Cornish, replied "To hell with you; you've go' ^t gun, go ahead and shoot," the IKian stared-In disbelief. Then lie said, "You've got more nerve than I have," and fled, almos' bowling over an incoming customer. "I wasn't a bit nervous," Cornisl reported, "that is until after he left. NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Nov. 14. W) Hoy Dawson, 30, ordered a well- one steak at a Nashville grill Insl ight. It was served up rare. Protesting that it was too raw, -awson demanded another steak nd a word with the manager. The manager appeared. He hnp- ened to be the cook, too. Upset at what he called "nasty nd insulting" language, the cook- innagcr, 44-year-old John Haynes lid a butcher's steel—a piece for Mrjiening knives- -across Dawson's knll. Haynes went to jail on a charoe f assault. Dawson went to City Hospita vith a split scaip Hint' required 10 titchos. Kciser Man Promoted Lyndon w. Cummings of Keiser ;on of Mrs. Ira H. Cummings, has been promoted to the grade 0 corporal, nnd is assigned to th< Sighth Army Special Troops sta tioneil at Yokohama, Japan. / Oil refineries in the United State- refine 37 billion gallons of moto fuel annually. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ^ By Yrrn HaugUnd WASHINGTON, . .ov. U. </P) — scar L. Chapman 1 , a mlld-man- red man who likes to cook and ollect puper weights, is due to be- ome secretary of Interior today In verythin* but n»me. President Truman Friday chose hapman, the present undersccre- ary, to become secretary effective lecember 1. The present secretary, Julius A. Cap) Krug, 41, suddenly annotinc- d Thursday that he Is quilting elective the end of this month. A top-ranking Interior Depart- uent official told a reporter It was mderstood in talks with the White louse .that Chapman would as- ume his new duties, .In effect, a he start of next week. This would cave Krug free to depart as early as he wishes. King's letter of resignation, madi public Friday, asked Preside!! Truman to let him go "December lame n successor." King's successor, the 53-yenr-old 3hapman, became assistant sec're- aiy of Interior In May, 1033. under Secretary Harold li. Ickes. He became undersecretary In 1946 when King look office. Chapman said the Interior Department will continue to favor Western reclamation development and resource conservation generally. He said It will continue' to for federal ownership of submerged land, for irrigation and power development of tlie WesU—he especially mentioned California's Central Valley—for establishment ol a Columbia Valley Authority ill tin Pacific Northwest and for the. prin ciplc of regional development — wlK'llin under nn authority or soin other method — In the Mlssom River Basin. Chapman, five feet eight and half inches tall nnd wrighiiiK Serves on Destroyer John B. Williams, sou of Mr. aiul Mrs. Robert L. Williams of Dyess and an electronic technician in he United States Navy, Li serving >s n crew member abot.rd the dcs- royer u.SS Thompson, engaged H't-'nently in sea-air maneuvers near he Hawaiian Islands. or at of any earlier date you may solid 175 pounds. Is a smiling, sel Approximately 91 per cenl of Austria's population Is Roman Catholics The others sue Lutherans, Ciilvlnlsts and Jews. effacing man who talks little—with .1 somewhat Southern rtraiVI dating back to his origin in Virginia—and neither smokes nor drinks. He Is a Methodist, and a charter member of the American Legion. His first wife died in I9:il am In February. lOiO, he married th< scvvetury he hart hired three year: curlier. An aide tolil how Chapman like lo rook for his guests—"especially chili and Brunswick slew and think like lhat." A bloRtaphy mentions that Chap man "collects paper weights an cisjuys movir thrillers." empcrafures Drop n East Halt of U.S. CHICAGO, Nov. 14. OT —Tem- erattircs dropped from their mild cadings of last week over the cast- half of the country today but hey still were above seasonal levels. There were only a few points re- lotting below freezing temperatures, he U. S. Weather Bureau said. The ncrcury was below 32 degrees In he Northern Rockies and in some loithcrn Now England areas. Cool ilr from the Pacific moved from the Rockies to the Atlantic Coast, moderating as it reached the seaboard. New York's early morning reading was 59. Rain fell In parts of the New England states nnd there were showers In the South Atlantic states and the lower lakes region. Fair wealher was reported over most of the area from the lower Ohio Valley and the West Gulf states to the Southern Rockies nnd central and South Pacific states. Skies were cloudy In the Great Lakes region and the northern plains. There ore about 250,000 roadside service stations In the United States. French Argument with a Duel PARIS. Nov. 14> (IP> — Two French awycrs fought a due) with swords Saturday In the suburbs of Paris. Jean Tixiev-Vignancour was the Ictor, wounding Roger Nordimin slightly on the- arm. The due! stemmed from a bitter exchange of words between the two awyers during a recent trial. The duel was fought in the ham- ct of Marnes-la-Coquette, on private property. Duelling is illegal, but French police usually wink at such affairs. ~n Life spans of between 200 and 300 years are normal for the elder duck, giant tortoise, goose, parrot and raven. WE INVITE YOU TO SEE OUR GIFT SLIPS SLIPS FOR THE N E W Box Opens Week Days 7:0fl p.m Matinee Saturday i Sundays Mal.-Sun. t p.m. Cont. Shovrinj Manila, Ark. Shows EVER* NIGHT Monday & Tuesday "THE BiG STEAL" with Knticrl Mifchum, William ncwtix, and .lane Greer Warner News & Short TUESDAY NIGHT l.ATK SHOW 8:30 P.M. "AH IJ ADO DE LA MUERTE" . 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