The Fresno Bee The Republican from ,  on December 4, 1952 · Page 47
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The Fresno Bee The Republican from , · Page 47

Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1952
Page 47
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THE FRESNO BEE . . . 22-B 5 : Fresno, California, Thursday, December 4,1952 os--ni;n.»i.\G MATERIALS ,«»--HOUSEHOLD GOODS. CUSTOM MADE WROUGHT IRON ff) PORCH RAILINGS (il PORCK POSTS fsi GATES _ m MAILBOX STANDS Write lor free booklet* of illustrations, prices and evcrythlrra neces- ·ary to order by mall. Discount to contractors, dealers. I n q u i r i e s 'ARTCRAFT IRON WORKS I 4V04i Lewis. Fresno 2. Call!.. 5-2.729 j THRIFTY BUYS New and Used Furniture 7 PC. DINING SET S25.00- 3 PC. OAK DINETTE . . . . . . ..W5.00 3 PC. BED. SET. new $99.50 2 PC. CHESTERFIELD SET S15.OO Good DIVAN, used S15.00 ··ELECT." RANGE. Frigldalre S75.00 New RANGE, apt. stee 589.50 Slater's THRIFT FURNITURE STORE 924 BROADWAY HEX SHINGLES S5.95 PER S3. 1/2 In. Sheet Rock, 4x8 S53 PER M FREE DELIVERY IN CITY RUSH-MORE LUMBER CO. 3C23 ircKlnley 6-1S1T. 6-3234 SAVE! Za4 and 1x8 S S3 M 1x6 aedwood V..Rustic ....$100 M TERMS SHELTON Roofing and Lumber Co. 1711 Blackstone SPECIAL PURCHASE Bos spring and mattress. Full or twin size. Ptayon. Damask Covers. ReKular price 590 per set While They Last--559.50 Valley Furniture'Co, S63 Broadway Ph. 4-338! Famous Dep*t..Store IMS PLENTY OF USED. WASHERS . $29.95 up. . FAMOUS Ird Floor 926 Fulton St. 43,000 Used Brick SPECIAL! Must Go Riechel Lumber Co. BlackBtone and Herndon ·COP.RUGATED GALVANIZED SHEETS 8-ft. S2.2B each 10.ft,, S2.83 each 12-ft.. .S3.29 each . CORRUGATED ALUMINUM nn.ft., S3.i, r i 12-ft.. :sn.8i ABCO MFC. CO. 2410 McKlnley Ph. 2-722S Thick Butt Shingles $7.10 Sq. BO Ib. roll roo.'lns S2.05 J)t8 Vj" plaster ho.ird . . . .549.05 il Open 7 Days A · Week noncEs Er.Dc. MATERI.VLS co. 1S74 £»!« SI. Ph. 4-4415 CORRUGATED ROOFING Imported Plywood · »' Steel Ofu-ace Oonrs "-- Trvscon Steel XVlndov.'fl CrtOW-HARR LUMBER COMPANY firn "B" st. Hi^^jH NATIONAL LUMBER co. . Open 7 Days a Week HERNDON nnrt P.LACKSTONE - - 7-OS53 SAVE 535.60 SAVE On this 19S2 mode! \Ve3ticKhousc ciotncs dryor. A tioor sanu'te. Reg w;t.00 -- .Sale rice 5109.95 1SGO Fulton DON'T. WASH . THE HARD WAY Reconditioned and KUaranteed Bendlx, either agitator or tumble action raod- els, at oarKain prices. Terms. RUSCHHAUl'T'S. 1470 N. Van Ness FUR-VACES--HEATER^ Of All Kinds CAS--BUTANE--OIL--ELECTRJC We Do Our Own Instal;:nc Get Our Free Estimate First BUFORD'S 002 Van Phone 3-5203 MATCHING sola ch'atr, 5150. Jincl Whirlpool ma^-ic, practically new, SlfiO. Complete bed witn matching cheat, S50.. Like new. JE'agkarct Belt Console Record and radm. Regular $250. £c!i for SlfiU. "'21) \Vitaon Ph. 4-tiiKi5 -1 BURNER WestlnKhoiiHe apt. cicc. ranse, practically new. S02.^0. Easy '"WALTER BYDE co. 1331 FULTON ST. WHITE FIR, 2x4. SDi: 1x4, 2 and better, 5S5; 1x6 shc-athinK. S55. Also 2 and better crades of lumber. NEW AUTO. BENDIX 3US0.95 Almost new Bendls ¥ U9.95 New WestmghousD DRIER. . S19U.95 Good THOR Washer.-. 71*. .S 23.95 GOTTSCHALK'S vDownstaira Store" OAK FLOORING Common and better shorts (cradci up to clear). 2n/32xlVi'. S140 per If. Fresno Floor Co., 1501 Black- Htono. Phono 4"t671. CUSTO1E MADE CABINETS SCRKE.N DOORS. ALT., SIZES WEST FRESNO LUMBER CO. 1 0 Fresno St. ___ Phone 'i-2917 tTo I^B. ROLL Kootlns ...... S.1.10 Tnlrk lutts ................ S7.10 PIPtiS L U M B E R 2762 South Kim . SUPPLY Ph. Mfill _ CRAPK STAKES. nc«ts. No. 1 picket* and rustic lumber. G-16 Weoer. PHONE 2-0895 _ S.nno P'enestra Sf.col Windows KK.NDALL-ADDINOTON CO 265 Dlvlsadcro Ph. 4-.10G3 NO. 1 Common oak flooring. S16S.50 No. 2 Common oaU S140.00 Fresno Floor Co. inOl Blackstone MAIUON 1MNE LC/AIBKR CO. Clovia and Ventura Ph. 5-0421 4«xS CLEAR bungalow sldtns SU5 M. No. 1 cedar shakes and slita- Klea. Ffirmer'a^Lumber. ^·3-S^.'i^_^^ j Tof: HAM*:--o. P. USED .LUMBER! S35 to S5C Ter IT. Pb. 2vl'*50 after 5:30 PM week cluys. ^AK flooring. No. 12, common. $135 rier M. California Flooring Supply. %S11 McKinley. Phone 3-1705. 95- . vSports and J i .22 cal. Marlln lever action 39 A r l f l o and 9 shot' 1ER revolver. Excel, cond., reasonable. 3074 Anicn Dr. No. in Mayfnlr. ,;in.:io--SAVAGK smcio shot, very pood brush pun. like new. Very nccurate. S20. F'h. 6-3053, lit;--ijuajs-iKsnnjs coons, APPI.IAACBS Pre-Inventory CLEARANCE Kany Erladrler MS Model, perfect condlton 535 Barton Washer. MG mode! 515 Jinny .More ta Chooao From Western Auto Supply Co. 9 CU. FT. ilotpoint nifriRcraior, Com- purallveiy ^iew. A-l Hlv-ape. S110. BELL HUGHES, IJN 7 C. 1-197 Blackstono Ph. 3-7371 2 DRESSKKS, buffet, 3 small table;:. rr.aKU.2int) rack, washing nutclilne · v/itti Ironcr attached. WasSHnp machine with wringer. Floor -famp. 5-tOi Belmont. $29.95 MODERN WALNUT DRESSER Sun Maid Furniture Co. 1027 Broadway Ph. 4-4001 j TILLING OUT all rebuilt vacuum cleaners. · Klectrolux XII. GB. and Hoover. 510.95. Money back suar- antec. 21U2 Tulare St. Ph. 6-0469 Dlr. P/ecise Qrder-Ad : s far Sunday IN: THE WEEK: ;: II, you are planning ;to place a classified/ad .in the Sunday Bee, you will obtain best service by placing well in advance of publication. While late ; 'ads "are accepted until 5 PM Friday for Sunday, adtakers can be more helpful during the less busy, early days of the week. Phone ads for Sunday on Wednesday or . Thursday, if possible. , ' · . · · ' * . PHONE £5221, ASK FOR CLASSIFIED 90--HOUSEHOLD GOOBS, 11-2--FAIM PRODUCTS BKNDIX at;d Launder:?!.! automatic washers. Both are In excellent coud. 580.50 ca. SPJVEY'S HOME APPLIANCES, .2005 Bdwy. 2-14B9. MAPLE DINETTE SET Table and 4 chairs £59.50 BARKERS FURNITURE CO. 1001 Broadway Phone 8-1107 JU.SIBO NUTS '52 CHOP · . Gov't: Inspected 'Walnuts, 2Sc ' Almonds, dare shell, 20c; soft shell, J5C,, Deliveries only. S4 oruer delivered free. 6-1294. 7-767S eves. FRESH MILK at the dairy, w, gal. 37c, thick cream. 71c qu. cottage cheese. 2 Ibs, 51c. Fresh ergs, ft mile north of Shields on Barton. DINING SET. Buffet, walnut.. $120 2 PC. BED divan set 130 2 pc. chesterfield sets ......525 up French Furn. Co. 1436 Blackftone WALNUT. FLOYD I F.I. 1. Box 15 any ajuount, NUT CO. Fowlftr Ph. 4171 LARGE stove oil lleater. $13.50. Large wood healers as lo\v as S20. New bdrm. seta as low as S105.95 H. O. Furniture Co.. 2546 Ventura. KOI: SALE--1952 model General Eiectrio ctove for taking oyer payments or 511.98 month. 134 Sunnyside Ave.. Clovls. Calif. 113--XUJISEUY STOCK- ar«Icn Supplies, . Fertilizer £JRAis't new Alcnset bieached oak dresser with cedar drawer. 550. 2145 NORMAL · · Apex Washer For Sale Good condition. Ph. 3-694ii 97--Radio, Television, I'ianos, -Musical In.stramiMits Reconditioned Piano ' $149.95 . $15 Down. $7 Month-' Free Delivery Vi'lthln 100 Miles. Gospel Music-and Supply ' .Phone 2-27-1: TOP CASH PRICE FOR USED PIANOS : Uprights, spinets. bunKalows or-crands . Ph. 2-^7 l.'l. 2-7114 6 Rent a Spinet Piano $5 MONTHLY, Sherman, Clay -Co. 1133 Fulton Phone 2-3151 JANZEN PIANO CO. 1536 Fulton SCOTT RADIO PilONOGRAPK With space for 17" TV ' t h a t can be added later. Ri!Z. S375 -- Now $295 -- Terms KOCKETT-COVVAN MUSIC CO l;54 Fulton at. ROTO-HOE Amrica's finest garden cultivator. 5134.- Ask -for tlemocstratlon. Jensen ann.Pilecartl. 106S G St. Ph. 3-723S: 2510 Blacl'.stone. Ph. 7-0435 DAIRY FERTILIZER 5 cu. yd. dump truck load. S15 del. ZEPHYR FARMS, Phone 2-2395. BARNYARD cow fertilizer, well piu- ,, verized. Specially prepared for gardening. 5 sacks S3.25. also by load. Free del. 7-67SC. 7-5573 ' FERTILIZER Dry pulverized steer manure. Ey ton, sack, or load. 7-7124. STEER fertilize.-, 75c sack Tractor rentals. Saw Illinsr. 4239 Blackstone ar AshJan 7-2269 DARK RED ONION ' 'PLANTS Silva's Nursery Fruit and Nicison .Aves. illLLBROOK FARJI-NURSBRr 10 kinds, tub adapted Xmas trees. " ':. north of Shields. J1«--1.1 vf!«t«ck. Supplies, SatoV and. .Wanted: . Black Saddle'urjsd Mare . 3 year*. old. 1 : Good disposition. .Very reasonable. 1 ml. north. San Joaqnin ·WMS-.Ph? 7*3513. TO3r - ^* m *~ L25 CHOICE yearllnps. W. F. steera; Wt. 650. Reallj- lops in catUe, sold . . a by. the pound. PERRT EROS. Cbowchilla 'HHONES 5-3461 ·!·'. _ 95 ' LIVESTOCK BOUGHT FRESNO MEAT PACKING. CO. Fig and North Aves. Ph. 2-61.95 HAVE CARLOAD of 2 and" 3 vr. old. regis. Hereford .homed bulls. Sell any amount. Priced reasonable. Call days 4-3031. eves. 3-6645. PROVED SIRE Fe.e. 57 no charce ior-repeat. Ph. 4-1111.- VaUey Artificial Breeders WANTED.-- OLD HOUSES.. COWS, ilULES. Id to 6c Ib PH. 4-SSfiO. 3.916 Orange. DON'T WASTE HAY! Feed racks on- .skids. N.W..cor. Cherry and Central. Phone 2-9185 WANTED--Butcher cows, hops and calves, feeder and dairy stock. Ph. eves. 2-7809 or 2-7606. \VEITE FACE weaker calves, el-eers and heifers. Wt. 200 to 350. priced" reaa. Fa. dr.ys 4-3031 eves. 3-6645: BULL SERVICE ' OSCAP- HAYES 4-7678 or 4-S051 COMPLETE AUCTION SERVICE Dairy beeC cows, hOKS, horses , Farm Sales OVERLAND STOCK YARDS Fn 132S HANFORD. Calif. AUCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY Dairy cows, all kinds livestock. OTIS SALES YARDS. HANFORD Phone 857 Res. 1502-3 KAN'FORD DOS- PALOS Y AUCTION YARD Livestock Auction every MON. Puone Dos Palos 5433 We specialize in farm dairy auctions. CHERRY AVE. AUOXICN YAHD iVi miles south of Fresno, on Cherry. Sale every Tuesday. Phone AUCTION EVERY THURSDAY Dairy beef cows. hogs, horses I. M SALES YARD Ph. 4-T166 AUCTION SALES PHONE 6-4131 TULARE SALES YARD. INC. TULARE ', · -- Poultry, .FoWl, Rabbits, Turkeys' and Supplies 1J»--May. G.rnin, Pasture j for Rent, Sale and Wanted Chick Clearance" Sale Nearly 3,000 - chh;ka must- be sold,' 5 week old New Hamps . . . . . . ,2Sc .'1 week "otd New Hamps i!4c 2 week old New Hainps 21c 1 week otd New 3 OBAN'S HATCHERY 1343 Soujh Van Neiis Ph. 3-6558! ALFALFA HAY i 1.400 TONS--1 SALE -.Call 4^8856 or write to Rt. S; 1 321. Fresno. GOOD feed for cattle. Take small or large bunches. 2 miles South -Tipton and 5 miles West on Casa Blanca F.oafl. Joe Rocha. ' BALING WIRE J. B. HILL COl PH. 6-8371 2:50 TONS haled dry stock hay. I ·(covered). S30 in stack. Ph. 6-6520 or P. O. Box 817. Tulare. · Ca'.lf. Lester Spinet, Dlond ivood, like [:cw. JANZEN PIANO CO. 1S36 Fulton FANCY Young Turkeys Dressed clean, ready ior your oven. We invite you to see ours first. BARON POULTRY FARM ,3892 Butler ' 2-2862 BALED BARLE7 STRAW Delivered Phone 3-553'i Used Pianos Wanted Sherman, Clay Co. Fhone 2-31S1 1133 Fulton PIANOS WANTED Any style, size or condition. Kucttel Piano House Fn. 2-5342 WB WANT WHITE HENS, FRY- J3RS. COLORED HENS. -Highest prices. paid. Contact Mr. Hill, ! UNITED POULTRY CO. of BAKERSFIELD (merger ol .Sea Breeze. Inc., and AA Poultry Co. 1. Phone Bakcrsl'leld 3-7936 or 5-554.1. JANZEN PIANO CO.. 35^6 Fulton HIi OUT on floor furnaces, absolutely bo-low cost. See these sensational buys! FURNITURE WAREHOUSE 1015 Kern I ACCORDION for sale by owner-i Italian - Soprani - AmpHphonic. new. Sacrifice prica. Phone 4-4703 off., 7-23S8 home. * EASY WMIRLDRV WASHER APT SIZI£. GOOD COND. Uued 1 Year. Name your price. Ph. 7-9162 - Crucianilli Accordion ! S20 Phone 5-4547 COMPLETE set of 'LIFETIME and ALSO LO HEET steel waterless .cook, ware, Lg. discount. Ph. 3-1347--4-2G18. ItKPOSSESSED Keivmator washer. Excel, cond. SQ0.30 bal. Takp over pynits. oC SS per mo. if credit is 825 Broadway, Ph. .'2-4143. u u b r SELL equity in practically new 8 cu, ft. iTrE retriKerator and bloncic ash bookshelf hedroom sulie. com- nlp!f. 617 N. Jackson. GOOD REFRIGERATORS Used, at the price you want to pay. RUSCHHAUPT'S. 1-170 No. Van Ness RENT A PIANO, $4 UP KUETTEL'S. 23-1 W. Olive at Arthur FENDER GUITAR AND AMPLIFIES PH. 5-4369 2 PIANOS--Sacrificed from sloracc house. No reasonable offer refused. See at 700 Van NC3S. Good Upright Piano .·5125. 1055 ,K St. A1AJBSTIC radio, excellent condition. Very cheap. Phona 6-6954 aCter 5 PM. NOnMANDY cabinet cranct playei . piano. S125. 4307 Belmont. Rollaway becv'. all sizes and i Btyles. £13.70 up. .-yaJTh'S FUK.UTL'RE .lOUStl 4HG7 V t i i t u r a P;l. S-USi-B WEDGEWOOD GAS RANGE NorKe retrigerator 2705 McRenzle WASHING MACIUNE; Horton. Perf, conn 1 ., s:J5. Baby buggy, deluxe type, sn.50. B-asil. 7-oi)13. Dlr. ELECTRIC Spanish guitar, with air.- plifier. like new. Phono 6-3714. TELEVISION--See It every evenlnc. · PARK TELEVISION SERVICE 2110 W. Belmont at Hughes. 6-0755 »»--MACIUNEIIY LOVES1UAT BEDTNew SSQ.OO | 2 PC. oak sectional SJSO.OO KIRKWOOD'S S02 Fulton ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaner. Com*, pletely rebuilt. Only S14.95. 825 sroamva.v. Ph. 2-1143. 1251 Van Ne Ph. d-317C Open Dally 9 :o 0. Kun., Noon to D SPECIAL ALL NEW- FURNITURE 3 ROOM GROUP » ROOMS OF NE',V FURNITURE. S A V E ALMOST HALF. IN- LUDK3 P.OOKSE1ELF. rtEAD- BOAUD. DOUBLE pRKSSER SlATTKKSS. PLASTIC A R M BED DIVAN" AND MATCHING LOUNGE CHAIR, TWO TABLES. COCKTAi: " JENTS S20 MONTHLY. AMERICAN FURNITURE CO. 846 BROADWAY PH. 4-3257 WAREHOUSE SPECIALS Vatont slanclg. salem and maple finish. Ideal for men's Christmas Klft. priced at $14.95. Mahopnny ·tand cabinets, excellent lor a " 1 Only S29.50. JCfifil tables, metal a.nd wood, Price from S'.O.'i to 527.50. 1--2-pc. Hollywood bedroom act. , New 5160.50. 1--Blench blond record cabinet. Prtced now to S29.50. 1--Used 5 piece mahogany bedroom · set. In cooU condittoo, now priced AS S149.50. TURPIN'S WAREHOUSE STORE 1S16 Tulare ,Ph. 4-1701 CLEARANCE Used Refrigerators - Used Stoves Used Washers · FINK " ' FURNITURE CO. 1134 Broadway " · GAS AND BUTANE HEATERS s S4.95 and up ACME FURNITURE CO _84P Broadway Ph. 3-1447 Clarified Display UPHOLSTERING--Reasonable. Large selecilon of fabrics. Ella's Upb., 356S Butler, Ph. 6-4771. ELECTKOL'JX vacuum cleaner. Good condition. S12.50. . Phone 4-1697 Dlr. AIRWAY Sanltizer vacuum. Practically new. S3U.50. Phone 4-1C97 Dlr. DEEP FREEZE llfce new. Assume pymts. at bank. No dwn. -pymt. Phone 2-2365. BENDIX gas dryer. Brantl new. In crate. Save S50. Terms. 937 Blackstone, 2-13S3, Dlr. THOR Automagic washer. .New washing unit installed 6 mo. ago. Price S75. Ph. 5-5578. 40Q5 Raco, USED FrigldaLre automatic washer in excellent condition for only S100 RUSCHHAUPT'S, 1470 N. Van Ness Small Floor Furnace Good cond. Ph. 2-0961 1371 Del liar DIVAN, special Christmas offer. FRESNO UPHOLSTERY CO., 880 North First St. Pnone 2-SmS. DEW ALT SAWS % H.P. to 7Vj H.P. Immediate delivery. "If it's an electric tool-Haven has it." HAVEN SAW AND TOOL 1150 It Street Ph. 4-5009 USED HAND SAWS, 4 In., G in.. 7 in., S in. ami D :n. Porter cable and Mali. $30 and up. A. L. YOUNG MACH. CO. 53S_Blackstor.o Fh. 3-3392 FOR SALE or trade--Oil well drilling rlK, complete Cardwell mast. Gardner-Denver pump, steel dog house, -Hi in. drill pipe. OH bath, table, roller blocks. 820,000. 614 Buchanan. Pli S-42BO. Taf.. COME AND SEE our bargain bins. Items 5c to $5. Fresno Machinery Co. 759 M Street -Ph. 4-3844 K1MBEB Strain White Leghorn chicks, Nichols New Hampsnires, and Crosses. California Pullorum Clean. Write.or cul 1 for prices, literature, and open dates. Ripon Hatchery. Ripon. California." TURKEYS Corn and rice fed broad breasted bronze. .Collet Turkey Farrr., corner American and Fowler Aves.. Friday and Sat, mornings, from S to 12. JACKSON'S HATCHERY FOR QUALITY BRED CHICKS Phone 242K Kerman BEAVERS HATCHERY GOLDEN NEW HAMP. CHICKS Church and Hughes. JPll. All Kinds of Poultry Bought .NEGUS POULTRY . PHONE 2-7 SI 9 NEED YOUR GOOD EGGS! . Top Fresno prices. Egg Dept. Topper Feed Mill. SOO G St. 2-3101 POULTRY--If you have poultry to sell see Joe Burgiii, Route 1, Eos ·31. REEDLEY. Phone 629.- PAUL'S TURKEY FARM. B r o a d breasted bronze cornfed turkeys. Cor. Winery . and Dakota. Ph.. 5-1911. SEVERAL thousand white Lee. Pullets in · full production. McCocn's, 2-7295. Corner Ma'rks and Dudley. N. Z. WHITES and Calll'ornians, all ages. Fudges Rabbitry, Manning and ' Acacja. Ph. 704-M.. Rcedley. FRESH TURKEYS PETERSEN'S. Wo deliver. 3-7741 RED FHYERE 40c LB. 3948 Olive Ph.' 6-6563 115--Pets, Supplies, Sale . hud Wanted TROPICAL S'lSH as a CHRISTMAS GIFT. Place your order today. 3 uai. tank set-up for oniy $13.35; 5. 7.. 10 gal, tanks and up priced respectively. - . . _MUNGEK-HANSON SEED STORK G a O O j I v e A v e . (Tower 'District) PARAKEET and PLAY PEN SPECIAL, S6.95 - · RENE'S PET SHOP 1940 Echo (Across from. Fresno HO WANTED -- Ararox. 100 ton dried baled hav Phone Se^ma 520, ask for Mr. Ferry Root. 200 ACRE PASTURE Lots dry feed mixed flth Mllo. An- iilv 3232 E. Tulare' Ph. 6-6161. WILL BUILD grade A barn 'anil furnish feed on- share basis. Lone rm- lease. Bee Box S 65376. SEVEN TONS ALFALFA HAY --Baled, S30 per ton. On Hughes, 3rd house Southeast of Kamm. i WANTED--300 TONS Of*No. !·· Alfalfa. Hay. Phone 2-2395 ALFALFA--30 Tons. $36 ton. Corner South and East Ave. PH.'- 4-8767 ALFALFA hay standing for sheep feed. Southwest corner of Fruit and Annadale. ALFALFA HAY S25, S35 TON 726S N. Peach. Clevis. 3SS-Y-2. 120--TRACTORS. FARM EQUIPMENT 1951 TO-30 Ferguson Tractor With Wagoner Loader . Used Very Little Like New . New Tractor Guarantee FARM MACHINERY CENTER Used Lot Nd 1 Hwy, 41 So. o£ Fresr.o at Annadale Nortii of Hess Used Car Lot) Fresno Phone 3-S001 AKC res. Boxers. 4 mo., eani' cropped. Ch. background, fawn with blk. msk. Beauties! Ph. 4-S768 ·]· EOXER pup. 10 mos. old. A.K.C. regia. Reasonable. Phone 7-SS47 FARM MACHINERY . ALL MAKES AND KINDS ·'NEW AND'USED No 60 John-Deere tractors fully equipped, new, $2,700. A. Joim- D.eere tractors brand new,, f u l l y equipped S2.200. G. John-Deere tractors brand new, fully equip., S2.4QU. New Mo. 30 Ferguson Tractors, 31,645.- 4 row John-beere cultivators with rubber gauge wheels, $450. No. 80 New Holland balers with starter- Hydraulic tension. S3.GOO. No 77 new Holland balers, full equipt, $2,550. New G.M.C. - pickups, Vfe ton, Jonp wneersase, $1,535. We buy und sell a.H kinds and makes of equip:. Wo save you money. If we dor.' t have what you u-ant we win get it. RICHARD MOTOR EQUIP. CO, Frank Richards-, ilanager Call · Kinggburg 28S4 120-- TRACTORS, FARM CASE .VA. 1941?" 4 -wheel -vrtth side mount mower, ijood condition, '$500 ^"·wheeU'tranLer 1 on heavy duty rub- .3er. TacSl'lfbed. 5250. 4 horse iFresno ·ficrapttr S25. 7 it. . tractor sprint: toots. S50. Ph. 3-7 47S or 2-4S53.. . · ' - LANDPLANE New 10'x40* on rubber..'a steal at 51.200. Semi carryall scrapers " and ditchers. ' · . . · PRICE MRG. CO- Ph; · 2-5591 FOR SALE--R.D.. . 6 Caterpillar Diesel eqpt- with dozer blade in excellent shape; $3,600. Contact Anevedo Hardware- 1 at Gustine or John T. Lawrence on. Cotl.onwood Road. Gusttne. FOR - SALE--1 L A Case Tractor. One 5 yd. Ateco scraper. 1- Marvin land plane. SE corner W.. Belmont and'LaHey Phone 5665. Kerman. FOR SALE OR TRADE '52 A. C. Cotton Picker. -Make otler. Ph. Coalinga. 13S7 after 6 FM; IF YOU are KoinK to need a cotton trailer or vineyard truck see them at Dutch Sates on Elm Avi. -4798. WILLYS Jeep tractors. Hydraulic lift. SLAVICH BROS. STANISLAUS ' M STS.. Fresno"' VINE DIGGING John D. Pahcholan. Fowler 5570 121--PUMPS-EQUIPMENT PUMPS, Pressure Systems, DEEP WELL TURBINES HI CAPACITY CENTRIFUGALS Mew and used. 2 yr. terms. Fiese Firstenberger Ph. 3-5186 29SO. Railroad Aye. Gordon Pressure Systems Repair Service - All Makes O. W. WILLHOITE 440 No. H St. Ph. 3-0543 DORWAKD PUirpS Sales and Service KLEINHANS and SOUZA. 317. Broadway Fh. 2-4537 1 H.P. JET pump with SO gallon task ana JEJ^SJ.^ PUMPS. NEW AND USED--GUAR. - SIEBERT PUMP CO. ' 2132 Elm Ave. Ph. 3-6625 127--MOTORCYCLES, SCOOTERS-Sale and Wanted ·SPECIAL All Used Motors Reduced CUSHTllAN MOTOR SALES 4!S3 Broamvay Ph. 6-2591 1 .naj. B.S.A. 30.50 slncie. Just overhauled. Terms to right parly. 3129 T^ewis. 6-GGS3. CUSHMAN scooter. -IS. Very Eood mechanical condition. S85. 3115 E. Tuiare. 6-28SO or 5-3665 after 6 PM. 128--TRAILER HOMES, SUPPLIES-Sale and' Wanted TRAVELON TRAILER SALES The 'valley's Only Wholesale Lot OVER 50 USED TRAILERS From 10 Ft. to 35 Ft. FROM $150 UP Arrange Tour Own Term! We Take Anything pi Vah:e As Down' Payment ·· ASK FOR "HORSE TRADER" HAZER. HE WILL HELP YOU SELECT THE RIGHT HOUS3 TRAILER He Will Even .Loan You The Down Payment! 2216 RAILROAD AVE. PHONE 4-4996 WATCH OUR LOT FOP. THE Beautiful '53 Andersen DEALERS FOR: ' PAN AMERICAN TERRA CRUISER , AMD 'A NEW ONE ' , "The Happy Home'-' Many Used Trailers To Choose From Low Down Payments--LovA Interest , Complete Trailer Supplies FRANKLIN TRAILER SALES 3017 Ventura Ph. 4-1547 Open Eves, and Sundays VENTURA HOUSE TRAILER SALES [Loot: for the Orange Fence) 2996 Ventura Ave. JUST ARRIVED - ". 2 BedrocrusA and Dinette, Also Complete , With Shower and Bath. S3.095 SEE THESE 1053 BEAUTIES' As Lonff As *5 Years To Pay 5 To Annual Interest AUTHORIZSD DEALERS FOR SPA RTAN-KIT-EHA STA BOLES-AERO, ALJOA The Valley's Most Hcllabl» Trailer Home Dealer · Complete Trailer Accessory Stors 130--Trneb*. Trailers, Auto-Trailers. Plck-np« FRANK J. SANDERS CO. Pickup Dept, '50 CHEV. $1395 ,A TON PICKUP. Has 4 speed transmission, radio, heater, -- wooden canopy, ideal for hunting, fishing, etc. Low mileage. Shows excellent care by previous owner. GUARANTEED! MANY, MANY OTHERS 3000 E. TULARE ST. PHONE 6-8101 YOUR 3 BEST BUYS IN TOWN '49 CMC % Ton Pickup ;5l CMC 2 Ton '48'DIAMOND T Tractor Good Condition Many More to Choose From GETCHELL TRUCK SALES Cor. Railroad and Jensen Ave. Fresno ' -Ph. G-9531 26 Ft. - ' Single Axle Semi Trailer With Van Body, 0.00-20 Tires, Vacuum Brakes : . $695 -BLACKBURN AUTO PARTS So. Hwy. "99" at Overpass Phone 4-2817 CMC Vz Ton Pickup. ...$1295 CMC % Ton Pickup. Dlx. cab and d? 1 AQ£ stock rack... M IU" J A*J CHEV. 1% * "/ Ton Flatbed 4 2Q FORD % d«- 1QC JJ Ton Pickup P I 'J $ Jack $ Auto Sales 428 "Whites .-Bridge Rd. Ph. 4-379S . '51 FORD ."V-8" . J / 2 TON PICKUP 4 speed transmission, deluxe cab, heater, heavy duty wheels and tires in rear. $1395 LOTZ AUTO SALES WhHes Bridge and Hughes Pii. 4-2114 Diesel Trdcks and Tractors Flat and Van k Serqis .All' Sizes RELIABLE Automotive Co. MACK TRUCKS -ACE TRAILERS H anci San Joaquin Sis.. Fresno TANK TRUCK Two 500 heavy steel. Mounted on Ford "VS", new S ply Ures. Timken rear end. CHEAP Will trade for Hcht car or pickup. 2440 Inyo 1--8 IK. TABLE SAW. motor Like new, $75 Phone 3-3301 h.p. FOR SAI*B--Blond Cocker Spanle and 2 luilbved puppies. - PHONE 5-5962 WANTED--PARAKEETS Top prices paid 10 INCH Craftsman UlinK arbor saw I Harvey's Pet Shop Ph. 3-64S Llka new. PEONB 5-0057 102--TYPEWRITERS. OFFICE EQUIPT. STUDIO CO\jCH, $12.50. Norton Washing machine, pert, cond., 535. Ph. 6-S611, 7-5S13. Dlr USED desks, chairs, filing cabinets, Ftifes, etc.. . . EON FORTUNE OFFICE EQUIP. 1231 Broadway Ph. 6-9764 VVESTLNGIIOUEE electric sewlnc ma- f chine, 2 yrs . old. Good condition. Reasonable. 2947 Lamona. 3-2380. 1O3--Scwintf Machines, Service SMALL 'COUCH. 2 occasional .chairs, tnble lamp, dinlnc table. 1276 Poplar. 2-3772 after 6' PM. SEWING MACHINE--Electric portable round bobbin, fine condition, S25. 625- South First Street. STURDY DARK OAK dining table find 6 chairs with tapestry seats, S95. 4105 Balch. Phone 5-3600. SALE VACUUM SALEt £5 up. No dealers, please. "ELECTROLUX. HOOVERS, i:TC." Ph. 6-0487. Dealer. SPECIAL! New sas heaters. 12.000 ETU-S-i: 15.00CT BTU SB. BL/VCK- KTONE gURN.. 452 BlacK.ltone. UHKSTEHFIELD and chair. KOOd condition. Highest offer talces It. Ph 7-2264. PORTABLE ELECTRIC. NEW WAS 598--NOW S79.50 DOMESTIC PORTABLE. NEW WAS $144.95--NOW. SS4.50 DOMESTIC DESK. NEW WAS S224--NOW S149.50 FREE WESTINGHOUSE, Portable WAS S119--NOW S89.50 FREE WEST1NGHOUSE Cabinet WAS S224--NOW S149.50 WESTERN ELECTRIC Portabl* USED $24.50 · Treadles, Used S12.50 and up Fresno Sewing Machine Co. 3222 Tulare ·· Ph. 4-4831 OPP. NKVV FARMERS MARKET FOR SAliI-3--Bed dlvano and. chair. Reasonable. Phono 3-5611. ilorn- inBS. evenings. MAHOCANi" table with 2 leaves and ·t chairs in good cond. 545. S37 Dudley. Ph. 3-2403. FK.IGIDAIRE, S cu. ft. Less than IS months old, like new. Sacrifice for cash. Ph. 4-2163. . · TABLETOP TAPPAN . Gas "Range. 525 PHONE -1-2432 'Gas Circulating Heater 2 BURNER..' 727 O St. SMALL electric heater With fan, nearly new, S10. 1515 M -St. Ph. fi-6219 CHILD'S WAGON. AND CHILD'S 2 WHEEL BIKE. : PHONE 3-6014 ANTIQUES. Bristol class, and early American, amber, ruby, cranberry, vaselenc; and overi.iy. Early. China and Ironstone. Ph. 3-6627. AMANA freezer. 18 or 25 cu. Jt. at retail prices, includes 597.25 free meats and frozen ioods. 24 mo. to pay Phone 2-37S2. , PC. CHESTERFIELD set. sood cond.. red and prey. S75: bed davenport and chair. V.ue frieze, Rood cond., S60. Ph. 3-747S. Classified Display Galvanized Smooth "Wire Ideal for Vineyards--Single Strand 25 Ibs., 9 gauge. Reg. 2.80--Sale 2.37 100 Ibs., 9 gauge. Reg. 10.50--Sale 8.77 100 Ibs., 11 gauge. Reg. 10.75--Sale 8.77 100. Ibs., 13 gauge. Reg. 12.00--Sale 9.77. 25 Ibs., 14 gauge. Reg. 3.00--Sale 2.47 100 Ibs., 14 gauge. Reg.* 10.75--Sale 8.77 1560 "H" St. FARM STORE Ph. 4-5681 ANKER ZIGZAG ASK ABOUT OUR XMAS . SPECIALS See this beautiful ANKER MACHINE THAT AMAZED THOUSANDS AT THE FRESNO DISTRICT FAIR. Only Anker gives you this extra feature oE two Needle Multi-Color without any mechanical change. Alro automatic dial control. GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME Fresno Sewing Machine Co. 3222 Tulare . Ph. 4-4S31 OPP. NEW FARMERS" MARKET . _ Thfi Miracle Machine with magi'r. dial. Needs no attachments. Bargains in 'late 'model' trade ins: Singer, White, WcstinEhouse r ' New Home Consoles from 'S65, S5 dn,, PFAFF'SEWING CENTER 310 No. Fresno Ph. 2-8779 REPOSSESSED SINGER. Round bobbin, sews backward and forward. Fully GUARANTEED. Take over payments If credit is~ Rood. iPhone 6-04S7. Dealer. r HOLLISTER'S KENNELS The home uf tiny AKC Chihuahu^. 159 N. Fresno PH. 3-0939 FOR TALKING PARROTS see us'lsi WHITIES. PET SHOP. 2968 Ventura Pin 4-241S ! Int. T. D. 9 tractor . . . . ' . . . . . $2850 | Mori. M. A. C. 51500 CAT. R-5 tractor $3750 A.C. Mod. HD7 w/hyd. dozer and new 650 BG pump S7150 Int. TD6 tKAClor- S2250 a ft. 9 in, Goble disc S 195 4 ft. G in. Goble disc... S V2 r 10 ft. 6 in A.C. Uod. H disc. .S 10; Case 6 bottom heavy duty disc. plow, nearly new : $ 4,95 Ph. 3-1241 BOXER PUPPIES. 10 weeks. John Bell; 1027 E. Pulnain. Porterville, Ph: 1665-M. , BONNET (India) monkey, IS months old. Partially trained. Makes good pet. S100. Ph. 2-7443. 116--Livestock, Supplies, Snio nnd Vi'nnscrt HORSES BOUGHT Top Grade--3J/7C Lb. . DELIVERED ' Ph. Fresno' 2-4320 DEAD STOCK WANTED Will give prompt efficient service with clean truck. Call day or nlte. No dead stock pickup on Sunday and on'.y tit noon on Saturday. Fresno By-Products Works Chutch and Fruit Avenues Call collect Fresno 4-6358 SLAUGHTERING Selma Dressed Beef Co.. Inc.,' will buy your cattle. Phone 520 SELMA. 4 miles south of Selma corner South . McCall and Clark. YOU BULL SERVICE White Face -- Holstefns -- Guernsey! Your place or mine. i BOB DILLARD Ph. 2-1590 DEAD STOCK wanted. Prompt, reliable service. Weekdays and Suns, KERMAN TALLOW WORKS . Ph. 2-4320 or KERMAN 6109 collect WHY . BUY a new sewing machine when I can-ilx.your old one? Any make or model. Singers my spe- clalty. Call 2-4144, ask for Mac. NEW SEWING MACHINE. S34.SO Sews BACKWARD and FORWARD. 10 year GUARANTEE. E-Z terms. Phone 6-04S7. Dealer. REPOSSESSED sewing machines. Singer, Whites' and other famous brands Must be sold this week for unpaid balance. ~ · Terms arranged. S25 Broadway.- Phone 2-4143. Dlr. LIVB and dead stock wanted. Open every day. · Prompt service. McCart- pcy's. · Phone 2-2633. 10 LGt. springing .Hoisteln heifers. S250. Ph. 6-3992, On Walnut, 3rd house K.-of American. E. side road.. 6 LARGE S of Central on west side o£ Hughes. 41 RANCH Guaranteed dairy family cows, breed- THE NEW SENSATIONAL! 1 2 bdrm. "Roll-Away" with, dinette i "Bas everything" -from soup to nuts MID-VALLEY- TRAILER SALES "AnRelua" "Ideal" "Terry" Terms. 5 % Bank Interest 3 0 Do ^Ventura Ph Ji-033f .1776 H Street ROT OTILLERS For Rent ., Also Ccmpieto Parts and Service ., KalKer, Used -. , Rototiller For sale UNITED. Bldg. and Farm Equip.' 505 Van Ness Ph. 4-2891 WE HAVE MANY ' TRACTOR TIRES AT' BARGAIN PRICES MANY GOOD CSED ALL SIZES AVAILABLE · ACE SERVICE, INC.' . Broadway and .Ventura!. Ph. 4-3087 BUDD QUINN, INC. Fresno's Pioneer Tractor Firm Super "C" Tournapul '. .56,500 D-2 Cut 50". Tractor $2,250 AO- J. D. Tractor $ 795 C Farmall $1,475 Manure Loader for John Deer "M" - $ 200 1645 H St.- . .'Ph. 3-6261 1--JOHN DEERE "H" 1 S375 A Rood buy for an extra tractor. Excellent for mow- p^SCHWAMNLAND 1940 K Street Ph. 4-4673 D. CASE 1950 MODEL 1950 FERGUSON 1949 FORD TRACTOR 1946 MILITARY JEEP · ALL LN GOOD-CONDITION PRIVATE OWNER · Fh. Sanger.8721-or K724 INVESTIGATE- the new Oliver Tractor mounted hydraulic plow. .* '-JIM .INGLE CO'. 99 Highway and Jensen in Fresno Ha.nford and Tulare . 1G51 ROYAL Gust6m Kit,- 30 Complete bath,-built in G13 TV, ,,. ranue, elec. refrip;... deep freeze .Many extras, awning 8' ·. by 24' *Slimp dolly. 3 butane tanks,' one ' 25 -fiar Lite new. Miilbrook Trailer "Park'.-L: E.,-White. . ._. . '52. TERRY RAMBLER 20 ft,-house .trailer fully equip, with elec. brakes. Used 3 mo. See at Service Station, cor. Elm Ave. and -Tensen or PJr. 6-0175. Eves. 6-6711 . TRAILER .hitches installed 'by et- perts while you wait. ..Tru Trailers, 5114 Vnntura./Ph. 5-3401. WESTCRAFT- House Trailer. Well built, clean. Reasonable price. 1248 North Hughes. PRTV. party needs trailer house about S1QO fuli price Or what have you? Will repair. Y-9041. 22 FT. TRAILER house. $4.80, on '41 Hhvy. 2 miles North ot Hubbs. Rt. 1. Bex 249 C. Laton. FOR SALE--'41 National Trailer. 22 ft, New refrlp. and paint. S600. 5775 -East Messa. Clovis. 53 KIT TRA'ILER. 26%. ft. 'equity. Back of HALT WAY COURT in Kingsburg. Ph. 2SI43. Aluminum Trailer House For sale. Ph. 4-8877 129--AUTOS FOK ' EXCHANGE TRADE nearly new T,V. P.adioPhon. Combination, cost S800. for used car or equity, Ph. -5-1695. 13O--Tracks, Trailer*, Auto-Trailers, . Pick-up* '52 FORD VS. % ton heavy duty. Radio, spotlight, nearly new. Sell or trade for '4.6 or '48 Fleetllne Chev. Make offer. 2065S;. Hanford. FOR SALE-^1949 Chevrolet 2 ton trucks with 30 ft. Fruehauf trailer. In good condition, ready, for the road. Phone 3-7475. Pacific Truck Wrecking Co. Used truck and trailers. -2S89 Jensen Ave. bet%. East and Cherry. · 4-3023 WANTED -to '.rent, Miller .3 yard scraper for about 6 iveeks, 1 Phone 2043 Klngsburg or write 15397 South Del Rey.'Ave.. Kingsburg. - USED TRUCK TRAILERS All types including low beds, flats, vans, etc LAURITZEN MFG. -CO \ Cherry Ave. bet. Jensen .and Church WANTED 50 OR MORE -HOTBED GLASSES ~ Phone Merced 25SO-M collect ; . RENTALS Cotton stalk cutter witb or without Ford Tractor. Also-Case with mower. Decker. -2602 Bennont - 3-6320. UALIT.Y TtEBUILT _._-3D FORD TRACTOR .CORNFORTH TRACTOR CO. · · REEDLl 1120 F Street ·TRUCKS FOR SALE BY OWNER ·47 Hi ton Int'l abort W. B. · '47 ly, . ton Slude., good cond. Priced right. 350 Santa Fe. 4-01SO WAR SURPLUS truck tires, all sizes. £6.95 and up. Reliable Auto Parts. 608 Broadway. Fresno. Pb. 2-3615 QUALITY SERVICE AJMD PARTS. ·Open day and night. No premium 25g "M'.' St . Pb. 3-7346 Clean Prewar Pickups oth.and Ventura'; -,Ph. Sr39!M YOUR BEST BUYS : IN TRUCKS Vz Tons. 1 Tona. Etc. New or Used "There's a Diamond In Your Future" "See Us First" DIAMOND T SALES So. Railroad Ave.v ' Ph. 3-1126 134--AUTOMOBILES FOK SALE '50 OEDSMOBILE CLUB COUPE Radio, heater.-Tiydramatlc, new plastic covers.' Good tires, sharp ear. $1895 MAINLINE MOTORS . JlOSl'BIackstone '49 NASH 4 DOOR AMBASSAI3OH $1450 Original owner selling to fcuy a new, car. O. D. Rad., htr., Weatherey*. seat covers and almost new tires. Used, us 2nd car in family Excellent condition. Rapainted last yeaA ! two tone pray. . SEE AT 4SH4 NORTH \YISHON '50 NASH 4 DOOR, Statesman Super with OVERDRIVE. Bright blue. A. 'low mileage, one owner car! 1 Hurry!! . P. J. EADS Used.Cars 3159 E. Tulare. past 1st 3-G447 · Shop Blackstone · For Best Buys PIONEER AUTO SALES 743 Blackstona Ph. 3-1 '51 Plymouth 4 Dr.. Sedan 32,000 actual mileage. Very clean. One car owner. Low down payment. Must Sell! . 4736 Simpson ·47 CHEV. FleetUne «cro. Fully enuippccl. Tutone belce and crccn. Only 5995. Takes S332 as down payment or your car. EZ terms. TOWER C-\R SALES 1349 Blacl:- stonc. Fh. 2-4539. '50 FORD '6' Dlx.-2 dr. Has overdrive, radio^ heater. Very low mlic- nKe, Only 51.495, Takes S447 ns down pavment or your car. EZ terms TOWER CAR SALES. 1349 Biackstonp. Ph. 2-4539. PRIVATE owner. 3950 Ford "VS" ·2 dr. sedan. Overdrive, radio, lleater. Very clean. MecJ. perfect. Want older car in trade, sacrifice See it at 'J379 So. "G" St., Fresno. Ph. 3-S001. '40 PACKARD, club sedan. Radio, heater, spotliBht. $325 down. 539.25 a month ROSENBERG BROWNS 2SOO Tulare Ph. 3-1361 800 Blackstone Ph. 2-2329 FOR A LATE model car or cheap transportation at the lowest terms, "'LOTZ AUTO SALES .Whites Bridge Hughes.' Ph. 4-2114 TOWER CAR SALES, 1292 BlacK- ytune.. Ph. 2-4539. LATE '50- DODGE Coronet sedan. Private party. 20,000 mllss. Gyro- mat ic 1 trans, original custom bronze finish. Perfect cond. Inside And out. Terms. Ph. 9-0647. 115 W. Garland Ave: 134--AUTOMOBILES · FOIll SALE EXTRA SPECIAL!! '40 MDRD convert., 15 Inch wheels. spot?, hlr. See Uta. tar only $250! KELLER'S* Fourth and- Belmont FRESNO MOTOR SALES CADILLAC-OLDSMOBILE V-tn Ness at Ventura Ph. 6-5141 BY OWNER. 1951 Pontlac Chleltaia 1 dr. deluxe. R. and K.. hydr.. undercoated. many otner .extraa. £xtr clean. 122S P St..- Apt i. CLEAN iAlE MODEL CARS Priced to ilt your pocketbook GOSSMAN MOTOR SALES - 61S Fulton Ph. 2-S550 '49 FORD Convert. R. and H. Black and white Interior, plus many extras. Very clean. 200 Vi So. J Street. Madera. Calif... ·50 TWO TONE BU1CSC Roadmaster. 4 Dr. Riviera. R. and H. W.W. tires. MLako offer. 1139 Valentin* after 5 nnd Sun. '50 PLYMOUTH Deluxe, Gray suburban. Good rubber,' low mileage. Priv. owner. Will sell less than celllns. Ph. 4-2S63 or 3-S005. MUST SELL S350 Buys equity in '4S Plym Clb. Cpe., radio, neater, good tires, overhauled Motor. Ph. 49-J-3. Selma. ilG CONVERTIBLE Ivory color. Lts« than 4.000 miles. Tha hottest car In town. Loaded with, extras, 51,- 9a5. Phone 3-KS55. JEEP--Willys '42. mechanically perfect. Top. ct-;rtalns, 6 ply new recaps. S600. Ph. 6-6551. See at 613 North Fifth St. TODAY'S SPECIAL Ml BU1CK SEDA-NTSTTE. Engine perfect S425 SRITTSAN MOTORS 731 Fulton '48 PLYMOUTH 4 dr.. like new. Ra^ dio und Heater, 5750. 1304 Mlchl- can. i 1935 FORD, for stale, cheap. Call 3-06S4, or see at 125 DtANA '41 FORD 2 door. Nice. Runs good. S34C-. On MarKs, to mile south of Conejo, Caruthern. Gattenby. 1950 CA.D1LSSC CLUB COUPE, Just like new. Call 6-9193. 3303 Lowe. Reasonable. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Chambers. Hoffpaulr Reyburn 24!i8 Blacks'.one Ph. 7-2916 '41 Chev. 5 Pass. Coupe 914 W. Michigan FOR SALE--Mv equity In' 1943 DeSoto 2 door, ail extras, cood condl- tion. Reasonable. 617 N. Jackson. 1951 FORDOMATIC Custom Club Coupe, radio, heater, ona owner car, Sl.SOO. 923 S. Second St. 1934 FORD PANKL. Good cond. Good rubber. SdSO. PHONE 2-377S GAD. '51 Fleetwood. W.W. tires. and radio. Clean thruouu Excellent condition. Will accept late model car in trade. Private party. C U t !i473 Harvey St. eves. 4 '33 FORD V-S coupe. Has overdrive. radio, heater. A jewel! S100 down payment, S30 .mo. TOWER CAR SALES, 1202 Blackstone. Ph. 2-4539. '51 ETUDE VS starlight cpe. Radio, ucater, automatic trans $1995 ARROW AUTO SALES 022 Blackstona Ph. 4-U228 '38 BUICK SEDAN Special--S300 as is 1556 Vagedes LATE 1946 Ford 2 dr. sedan. New motor In 1952. Excellent mechanical condtion, S795. Ph. 6-0641 or PRIVATE PARTY JjrUST SELL, 50 FORD "6" 2 dr. Radio, heater, very nsce cond. SI,350. Ph. 7-0590 after 6 Fat. OWNER. Equity In '52 De Soto 6, 4 dr. Lota or extras, perfect cond. Sell or trade lor cheaper cir. Ph. '46 Buick Super 4 Dr. All extras, new tires. A-l cond. 5995. 6-6844 or 3-2835. '50 FORD custom VS club cpe. Pully equipped. Real nice. Only SI,495.. Takes S447 as down payment or your car as down payment. 1950 STUDEBAKER. Champion 2 dr. secian. O. D., now paint and seat covers. Good tires, motor recently overhauled. 2619 van NCS.S...Blvd. 1946 BUICK super sedanette. Reduced to $805. Excel, .condition thru- out. May be seen at Subway Garage, and Fresno Streets. 194S DODB club coupe. Very clean. All accessories. Overhauled engine, new tires. Phone 7-0767. 2516 sar Terrace. S1LVRP '39 Chev. 4 dr.. radio, er, other extras. Good running cond. Almo land. , . . Almost new paint. 843 W Corl- Ph. 0-0270. '48 PACKARD 4 dr. sedan. RadloT 'heater, plastic seat covers, $1.095. WILSON BROS. 1504 B roadway Ph. 3-3550 FOR SALE or trade--1340 Pontlac 8, 4 dr. sedan. Good shape. For equity In '50 or '51 Hudson preferred. Phone 2-3379 GOOD, clean, '39 Chevy, club coupe. Good tires, good motor. Route 3, Box 454-A, Fresno. Phone 4-7958 between 4-7 PM. '40 OLDS. 6 sedan, r., h. defroster, overhauled ensine, excellent tires. 1 Downer. Original inside. Will trade. 617 W. Cambridge. 2-6216. '51 VS FORD, dark tfJue, 2-dr., deluxe, heat, and defroster, like new. 5.000 actual miles. 4151 Keniuore Drive South. LV YOU NEED any or all of the purchase price ot anv car, phone aiil-Qwen. 4-354S. Bkr '52 DESOTO Flre-Dorae 8--Radio and htr., power steering, undersea). seat covers. Excel, cond. Ph. 2-0521. .. · NEED A TRUCK BEST BARGAIN IN TOWN 1947 Int. K. B. 5 cab and chassis, 2 speed axle. Radio and heater. Booster brakes. .'; Ph. 6-2282 FOR THE BEST. In late model used cars See CADILLAC PETE, Dlnuba -· New And Used Tarps All sizes at lowest prices. See us be, fore you buy. . -RELIABLE AUTO PART3 602 Broadway ' Ph. 2-3f '46 FORD- PICKUP--Vfe ton. Excel cond. Small equity and take over payments. 3865 Maywood Dr. South; '41 DODGE PICKUP Good . comm. transportation. Cheap. 626 Broad- ·way.- (Dlr.) · ' "- . . 131--VKHICLK RENTALS JL«»l»VKiJHLftV^MjKi **«ii^ JL J»«j3 HEAVY equipment for rent "bV th hour. Also . contract work. Ph, 3-7281-days; 4-1111 nights. 132--AUTO, TRUCK, Supplies and Servfoft --HEATERS- 54.35 ' · {And Up) Large Selection * CALIFORNIA AUTO WRECKING 626 Broadway _ AUTO REPAIRS ALL MAKES OF CAKS EASY TERMS CROCKET BROS. 1501 Broadway Phono 4--35S6 USED MOTORS End transmission! for all cars. California. Auto Wrecking. 626 Broadway. 13:1--AVTTOMOIEH.ES. TRUCKS, PICKUPS WANTED WANTED CLEAN CARS OPEN EVES. AND SUNDAYS "HESS" USED CARS Cor. Elm and Annadale Ph. 4-0114 HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOB 1ATE MODEL CARS · TEX HODGE FRESNO'S STUDEBAKBR DEALER Stanislaus and N Ph. 6-S343 JSS -- WANTED -- SSS CLEAN, PREWAR CARS! CHECKERBOARD MOTORS 53 Belmcnt at 9th 2-84 .NTED--Clecn latf model BLACKSTONE MOTORS 124, Blackstone Fh 2-OS27 LOCAL CARS Use Result Gettlnr BEE WANT ADS HE HASN'T M£N ' \T-''HE 5EU3HG5 TO THE HOM£ FROM -SCHOOL \ UTTLE HOCKEY UNTIL'PiNNSER TIME- j ...t£ASUE..SO MAYBE THIS -ENTIRE-.WEEK.., ^ HE'S PRACTICJNei. MM..IP PETJER HAVE A MASJ-TO-MAN CHAT WITH HIM. . OF.COUSSB, KOT. ;«£' A TEUE OUMZ · WHY? CHESTER'S BEHAVING STRANGELY LATELY. . ' HAVE YOU NOTICE;? IT ANTYf HEAP'LAMP TO PLAY HOCKEY AT THI* TIME .OF PAY. FOR SALE « 1920 model A roadster See at 220 Orchard '*0 FORD SEDAN--Clean, radio, heater. $1.035; terms. Cal 3-3975 after 6 PM. · ·50 NASH custom 4 dr. Etd., radio. heater, overdrive. 214 So. F Street. Madera. Ph. 1404. '37 CHEV. cpe.. radio, heater, skirt*. A-3 body and motor, best offer. 1933 Fulton. Frank. '·11 CHEV clb. cpe. New paint., sharp car. 626 Broadway D1r. '40 CHEVROLET COUPE Good transmission. Reasonable. 625 Broadway (Dlr.) Lt.N'COLN-MERCIjRY J5ALES AND SERVICE PRIOR £ SH ELTON. 150] FULTON. PII. 3-5207. BEFORE YOU SELL, or befor« you buy. seo Via Kadanovleh. " 1032 Blckstons Ph. 3-0779 '50 OLDSMOBILE "88" Sacrifice. Phone 4-2125 '48 -CHEV. Fleetmastcr a dr Excfl. cond. Gray paint extras, new tires. Private party. Phone 5-5148. FOR SALE by owner--1349 Dodge. Gyromatlc drive and heater Good condition. Phone 5-4S39 WILL, TRADE EQUITY IN . ·48 Nash Super 4 dr. for older model car. Ph. 6-8994. '49 CHEV. Stylellne 4 door deluxe. R.. H. SI.395. RIPP M. RUSSELL, 3091 Ventura. Ph. 3-2342. 1949 Ford Club Coupe 'For S1150. Sec nt 267 ThesU. COMPLETE '39 Fora cnclne. Gen. § nd starter. Runs Rood. 2718 . So. III. 3-4521. 1941 OLDSMOBILE convertible, new tqn and seat covers. 5285. See at 290 Cherry Lane. Clovjs, PH. 27S-W. '52 CHEV. Bclalre 2 dr. Powerellde. all accessories. Must sell. Gnlns la Army. Ph. 5-0319 t.fter 4 PM. ·38 BUICK sedan. Excellent cond. 40.000 actual miles. Original throughout. Ph. 7-4122. '40 FORD COUPE--ONLY S295 CLIFF SMITH USED CARS 3427 Belmont (Corner 4 t h ) . fi-4743 RUNNING- chassis for sport car. Motor 270 GMC. Phone 6-3389 after 5 PM. '40 CHEV. 2 Dr. Sharpest car at the year in town. 626 BROADWAY (Dlr.) VERY GOOD transportation, '35 Ply. sedan, $95. 330 BLACKSTONE '50 BUICK--LOW MI. Excel,*cond. 4877 Washlnston '42 DODOE club cnc. MUST SEU $295 taltes iti 1OSLI.ER'S, Four and Belmont. SELL! ~ rth, '36 FORD 4 DR. Heater, good running cqnd. 6 : S7KO. ; 0'.MERC. CONV. GOOD CONDITION Ph. H-65(M PASSENGER C A R tubes. 50c e . Smith, 99 Highway and Clinton. 2 miles north of Belmont Circle. 1037 CHRYSLER. Motor and tiro f ood. Radio and heater. SOO. Ph. -0800. ·42 PLYMOUTH 4 dr. sedan. Sncc. dlx. Radio and heater Very clean Inside and out. S445. th. 5-1590. 31 MOD A Ford + dr. sed. Fender ·wells. 2 spare tires. Huns goo-J. Ph. 6-1729. 3-3419. 3939 DODGE 4 dnor. Good motor, tires and body. Bargain at S200. · Phf 7-9147 '47 CHBV, Club Counc. R and W, New rebuilt motor and tires, S875. See at 4.622 Washington 1946 BUICK BEDANET Radio, heater. $800. J.43D pllvo Pliony 3-J1048 100% GUARANTEED s USED CARS il Broadway Ph. 6-8125 Classified Display Classified Display T R U C K , S P E C I A L 1947-DODGE I TON PANEL Newly refinished light gray, motor rebuilt. A very "good truck for cleaners, television repair, groceries, etc. Sold on the very low as is price Lie. D7863 $ 695 C H E V R O L CO. TRUCK S P E C I A L 1947 FORD "V-8" li TON . . Chassis and Cab . 700x20 Tires Formerly Used as a. Beverage Truck Carrying Light Loads. No. 251-T $ 695 C H E.VR.O L.ET GO.

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