The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEYIHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH»A8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HUME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 200 . Umlly Nsw. uiyilwrtUe CoorUc. V»U>» Leader. "ivth*rtll« H«r»ld. BLYTIlKVIl,!,!•;, ARKANSAS, -tUKSDAY. NOVKMHKU 7, .•II SINGLK COPIES FIVB CUNTS ' "'< LANGSTON, AND BYERLEY WIN Fists Fly In New York Election THR[[-(OIILHED FOR F LiiGiiarclia's Campaign Manager Jailed for 'Inciting to Riot.' NEW YORK. Nov. 1 (01') Mob violence. siiiaglng 1 :. wholesale r i rests, and seneiiil disorder in Mew Vork's casl sick- election th-> li'iclt today brought the thrcst o' ii:voklir' Governor Herb.rt •nun's 'liurrven'ion in the ballol 'llnm-bances aid the jios-sibility oi mobilizing the national guard. Volets of the city arc- naming a mayor from :> lield which in- i'i:des tlivte major candidal s rioieilo It. LaGuardia. fusioi i:.ily: Jrcpph V. McKoe. "rec.-oveij l.irly; and John O'Hricn. Tarn r.any Democrat. Tlie bitterest chclion nghl ii :>} ycais was climaxed at noon by the arrest of William Chad- Uurnc. liision campaign manager, in a; charge oi inciting a riot; an attempt by Florello 11. LaGuar- u'ia. fur*-, i candidate tor mayor, >Q whip 20 Tamtnany workers sin- ,;!-j handed; and Ihe charge that repeaters v. ere operating in droves in the notorious "Marinelli" dis- tucl in iho lower island. .May Call on Governor Former Assemblyman F. K llni-kenbirg. in charge of fusion headquarters, announced at noon that unless th-j police • were able :o cope with the Increasing violence he would appeal to the chiei executive of the state to use what- i ver legal means was at his dis- . nasal to- nmlntain order. oTiadfonrne.'^fusloh'.';' fight 1 ii g campaign manager, was calhd to r.uulic school £Jo. 21, where It wa? icported thugs were intimidating voters He charged into the elec- litin room and accused watchers Mid members of the election ol refusing to permit, 'fusionists to vote. In the battle that ensued Chad- knurne was put tinder arrest bj the ijolice and upon his countel clmrgo that members of the boari uerc resiwnsible for the disorde one election judge was carried on" to police headquarters. Meanwhile I,aGuardia, hcadini the fusion ticket for mayor, re reived word at his home [ha inttmulalion was in progress a 113th street. Coalless, he Icapei into Ills car, drove to the pre i-inct, and barged past etcctio workers into Uw school. Challenges Twenty The car.dit'ia'e walked up to large Tammany walchcr, his arm v.L'ving, and with one sweep of h fist lore the watcher's badge fron hii- coat. LaGuardia then advanced upo n group of 20 workers siandii around and defied them to com bat. "Throw them all out,' 1 liidcrcd the police. The police, who had perniilte p large group of hoodlums .-.^Hinulc in the corridors, dro' A . them out of doors and LaGuard * pl.uiled his meek little fusio valcher at a point of vantage i frte the room. By 12:30 r. M., more than 1 cares of assault and slugging h been reixjrted to the |X)li Among them was that of a newspaper photographer trying lo take pictures o! the UaGunrdia incident. At Baxter and Hester streets irpenters compliined loudly ttial they were being paid only 50 cents r.piccc for their votes. "We always fot a buck before," lliey walled. Two deputy attorney generals were slugged at Market and Mon- ror streets and put out of com- minion for the rest of the day. Dniwn Guns Hold Farm Strikers ;ii Hay Hriluin to Make Small PaymeiU on War Debt U.MIKJN, Nov. 'I (Ul'l — Client luliain will imikc u "token" pny- IIICllI ul iV.fiUU.U'X) nn D.MTmbiT IS tn hei- histalltiii nl of [1m war d'jbt Ln 'the Uiihed i-inn-s. Annuiitii'i-iiicnt of the I'omlw: iiiml w.. i i iindi 1 tixlay fij'j Ni 1 k' chainUfilalp in Ihe house of 3'Ncal Urges Cooperation •Roose- vo Farmers 'roijram. in p.. m nuc side of the tree stand deputy sheriffs witn drown rcvohers. On the other side, huddled In rim silence, stand striking farmers. This dramatic scene near WauXesha; Wis, typifies the tense uiation in nudv.estern and northwestern farm regions where farmers thieatened to continue strlk- in» until their demands are met at Woshlnglon. CHICAGO. Nov. 7. ilJIM —Kdward A. O'Neal. president of the Aiuprl- aii F.tini ninviui Federation air.l nuiisnun for an estimated 1,003.- Odl fanner resldcnls, today predicted fallur? of tl'-i' national furm c tnkc ami said Hit 1 average farmi'V was i-i'iuly anil willing lo give 1'resi- -letn Roosevelt's relir-f piugmm a Tiie"|)rngrain of the holiday leader is Impractical." he s,ild. "Yoi lii t tn out :uid license I.TOO.OM) wl:eut fatmei-s and 1,000,090 corn farmer-.!. If ynu Irlcd 1C put It In 0[HTation sonielxwly would be apt to net shot. These violent melhsds are boimd lo fail. They only make conditions sviirsc." O'N'eal, himself the ojjeralor nf a southern cotton ijlantatlon. sp-Jke strongly for Ihc administration's crop cotitro! and stabilisation plan. Recognition of Soviet Union Goal 'of Maxim Litvinoff. iiaymi'iil LIE FfllLS TO W ON Posse Fails to Find Wilbur Underbill ohnson Appeals for United Support of Recovery Program. 'MUSKOGEE, Okla., Nov. 7 (UP) —Wilbur Undeihll), elusive kiljer end escaped convict,- was still free today somewhere tn 'the Codkson hills, hideout for numerous crim- irals. JKIISKY CITY, N. J.. Nov. 7 (UP) —Maxim l.livlnolf, foreign coiiuul. 1 .- •itoner ol till- Soviet Union, arrived lirro lo<lay aboard the S. S. llcrjn- gurlii and boarded n special train lor Washington. Imllcd by Kwisrvrll WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (UP>- dn the IClh anniversary ol Ihe u volution Unit swept communism into powjr in Russia, • Foreign Commissioner Maxim Lllvlnofl- wa.i Mihetluli'd id airke here late today to iH'jjollate with President Reuse-veil (or Ainerlcuu mcojiilllun •u llu- Soviet l.'nlon. l.ltvinciif camr. at tlu- prc'sldiMilV invitation, the representative ol a inline which . In 10 years lur li-cu from diplomatic uull.uvry lo high position in the family of atlons. In tlie scale of fortune during lie conversation-* will lie not only Itvlnolf'.s icp'itallon as a diploma but Sovlid-Aincrlcan (rude, ctaling millions of dollars tnnl he f'/'urc of political relations motiu the I'aiiflc powers Nil Wclriniihiir Hand will be made In ri'liey. \!i?il!y itir- I iicliil.'l! In ti'rilIK nf Illr Jillllsll 1 nutul '.Inc : Ciifal IhlliLln liifidi- I < r last payiiK'nl on ai'counL l.'iiiuni.i-rhihi aiHinunait that I'IIM- ,<'.ent lluiM'vull luis agreed not to innsldi'r (hi 1 lokcn iMiyiiK'nt, \vhlch I 1 ; le.vs Iliun 10 |rjr cent *if the pay- mriil diK 1 , us u "ttcfiiull." Lex Nicholson 'DcfcrUs G. L. Salman in South hiul Courtly. .-.:• ol i Skull Fractured When Car Fifty possenifn, hastily assembled] ir. i1 Rob,, v-hen the slate crime bureau, re- .«"U> n«> l\ d «v C CHICAGO. Nov. 7 (UP)—Ainer- ra is already one fourth of the out of the depression, General lugh Johnson, NRA administrator, j aid here in his initial address of; speaking campaign through the nid-west. President Roosevelt has the un- ,linled support of 90 per cent ot he people in In. national recovery :rogram, the administrator said. The 10 per cent who are opposing re program are "sniping cliisslers," or the most p.'.rt, lie said. Most of the opposition to the NRA. Johnson s.iid. has come from chiselcrs who 3\ave se"t up "hob- r.obllns" and "synthetic dead cats" :nr the "witch doctors to scream .'t." The 10 per cent opposition, he nftcrled. is trying to give the reunify the "jiilers." He urged opponents to "stop sniping" and all pull together In a "great lonvard movement" for complete triumph of tlie recovery pro- when the slate crime bureau. received reports. Underbill had tor-' rc-rlwd • Ihe town of Vian anil threatened to "jet the law," were dijbanded at Marble City, near ii:e Arkansas line. Vernon Pruitt Dies FUTREIL DENIES TOM Two Mississippi County Men .Granted 30-Day Leaves from Prison. Which ,He Was Riding. OSCEOLA. Ark, Nov. T.—Bufprrt | Cole, 20, employe of Buchanan's Dairy, was in a critical condition at "a Memphis hosi>ltal today. His skull was fractured and he sustained other Injuries in. an accident on Highway 40 at Ihe edge of the city limits early : last night. Cole was driving' a hay rakel pulled by a team of mules, when his vehicle was struck from behind by an old model Ford. Cole was thrown into a roadside ditch. The name of the driver of Ihe car could not be learned but officers, after an Investigation, said the motorist was not, responsible. The hay rake was iinllghted but only . one wheel of the rake was on the Anntlirr Brldce Hnriird DRS MOINES, Iowa. Nov. 7 (Ul'l —Embattled mid-western farmer? iliew plckcl Hues tighter about niririrei centers loclav In an clfor! lo force immediate compliance will their demand for increased pricrr of Inrm products. I In many sections strlklm; farmers ruled the highways with vio llcncc. T,VO men have bc«n kllle: ,md more than 30. injured sl»ci> tb strike was initialed two weeks ago Thousands of dollars worth ot prop erty 'has been destroyed. »" The second railroad bridge burn cd in the past 24 hbiirs was Ve ported on the main line of the II lin'ols Central between Clcghon ml Mcriden, lowa, today. Origl I the lire, which destroyed the 00 oot bridge, was not known, ridge on Ihe Great Northern llu ear James, Iowa, was burned yes erday. nan Long Fight The warnings' of. governors an aw enforcement officers and coun- II of farm organization leaders lo void violence has been mel with ddltlonal violence. In many plac- s sheriff's forces have been help- funeral services were held at Sandy Ridge yesterday for Venton Pruitt, 19. who died at the Memphis Baptist hospital Sunday af- L1TTLE ROCK, Nov. 7 CUP)— I pavement when struck. Gov. J. Marlon . Putrell loi'.iy denied clemency lo 20 prisoners at the November hearing of applications. Tv.o furloughs were granted and mother was extended 10 days. William Arnold and Autrey Ferguson. ser\ing two years fallowing conviction in Mississippi county, were grant-\1 30 day leaves. Arnold was convicted of a nian- Maughler ehargn In the death of a negro and Ferguson was scut up as on accessory In the slaying ternoon of typhoid fever. Burial was said: 111 denying f majority of the applications the chief executive Junior High Principal Speaks to Lions Club Today's observance of Americai Education Wei* included a talk at the Lions club luncheon at the Ho- lel Noble by Hunter Stendman principal of tiie junior'high school on "The Financial Support of the The central school celebrated tti- 1 week with a program in honor o former Blythevll'.e students who now have children in school. Tb New York Cotton NEW YORK. NOV. 7 (UP) ' — Cotton closed steady. open high low close 935 937 930 933 043b 941b ' 900 MO 953 908 971 966 931 985 980 Dec .'an IV. arch July Ort Spots closed stead changed. 955 . 967 083 1003 ly at 928, tin Chicago Wheat PfC May o]ien sr, 1-2 88 gh 80 T-8 the Sandy Ridge cemetery. "I have been Imposed upon b/. parents were introduced by the! >. G. Moss was in charge of the .moral arrangements. 17 Beau tics Will ' Tonight At Kit 7, Theater persons I have let go liome for a ew days because of illness tn :ieir families. "When a jury says a man is nilty T have no right to say that low clos 84 3-1 86 3-8 Seventeen beautiful Dlytheville jirls .will compete for the honor of being "Miss Blylheville" at the rcitz theater tonight. "Miss Bly- :hcville" will compete with 16 other girls from towns in this seclion In n beauty contest to be Held here Saturday os a feature of the Ann 1st Ice Day program sponsored by the local American Legion. Tlie girls are: Misses Sara Jean Holloway. Bill Hardln, Jamie Nichols, Helen Laden. Irma Laura Barnes. Julia Summers. Ruth Whitworth. Margaret Cross, Ruth Jenltlns, Frances Evans, Anni Morris, Ottius Brackin, Marjorle Stewart, Virginia Blomeyer, Mary Rhpl Tr.ylor, Louise Dmirtand inrl Grace McFnrlaud. Along with this feature Mis, Chicago Corn open 16 ?-8 84 3-1 86 3-8 Margaret Moffltt will present twi 1-2 87 1-8 88 3-S dance numbers: Belly Jean Wun derlich, of Luxora. In a toe dance and Pearl • Cartwrlght of Osccola and Ruth Turner, of Luxora, in .duo number, with Miss Louis high low close) Turner at the piano. 4S 1-2 44 7-8 45 3-41 R. N. Hill Jr., will play for th V«y 61 5-8 52 1-8 50 3-4 Gl fi-8 beauty contestants. I JJilLUrill-^ WLi U 111 11 !JUIJl_t, (I LJ1, LI 1C I children. Mrs. B. A. Lynch spoke 01 "What I Expect the School to DC for My Child." Russell Phillips' top Ic was "SonrJ of the Things I Find Child IX-arns I" School Beside is not guilty. If I dirt then | the Three RV A. O. Hudson spok ur judicial syslein would be tin-' lecessary." W. F. Sibcck. former Pulaskl ounty Judge, convicied of subor- hnaltcn of perjury, today lost an .(tempt to secure restoration of ulizenship. Gov. J. >fr.r:i.'. Pulrcll denied he request at :' hearing here. "Let him wait awhile longer," te governor s.^.id. The former judge was sentenced o 13 months imprisonment, for a!- !"ged subornation of perjury in an investigation of county affairs. VOTE TODN TD Aiiivlng here in Ihe company ij Jiiiimi C. Uinin, repicsuntntivi 'f the Mate UL-| iirtmi'iit, who met ihn in New Yurk, LitvinotI :o bi: v.'clcuuu.-d by Secretary o to Hull, Uiider-S[M:retavy o State Phllllixs. Marvin Mclntyre eureluty to ihc prc'Sldenl, am u host of other olllcluls. 'Ihe only\ cliiriM'eiiliation iKtwech his welcome and that • usually ac- 1ns welcome and tunt- n>rdcd torfian-> dlanltai be the iiliwncj! of in Ralificalion by at Least 'llii'ce More Slates Appears Certain. lly Unltfd I' Tlie end 'ol the 18lh amendment and one of history's greatest cx- licrlincnls in uiass compulsion by simi-lsL 1 tomnrrnv apixrared UXely | tcday when volers of six slates passed on riitlllciillon ot Uie 2lst ii(:i«'nl! amendincnt. Thirty-three slates already have repudiated Ihe legislation that 111 years ago launched America on an unpreccdcntiMl ]>ollce crusade to end the evil of drink. Only the repudiation o[ three of the six slates voting today was needed to algiml Ihc departure, of prohibition. Tl:c states veiling today are Kentucky. Norlli and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, .Ohio and Utah. The results lit Utah. North Carolina, and South Curpllna were ex- On the tacL> of returns hi yes-' U'i-dny'3 St. 'Francis levee board elecllon J, L. Williams of Oiceoln, presldenl ol the Ward, was defeat- by diaries H. Coieman for- lie dlrt!clari:hl]> from Ihe lliird division In Mississippi county. Olher .successful candidates In Ihl^ coimly- were I.. G. Byerley,-ln Ihr llrsl division, Includlng'the stc- • Him ct the county west ot Big Lake, C. C. lj\ti!jslon. In the second? division, Including Ulytheville., Clm. Loivrnncc jr., In the fourth dlyl- ! Eton and I.ex Nicholson In the fifth strict. Only In the ^third and fifth divisions were tolnl voles available today but big lends assured Lang- .Moii and llyerley of victory. llrfruts .Board Fresident Colcinnn ixilled !59 vote-3 lo 220 lor Williams lo lead the levee board president In n vigorously contested ince in (lie third district. Williams as served as president ot thebsard nltarles was to troops and • u ess. All along the "western fronl" hel- igerent farm forces figuratively dug in" for a long winter's fight. Fiery leaders marshalled a force stimalcd al from 50.000 lo 250,000 iclive pickets In four stales. While deploring destruction of iropcrty and disregard of life. Mio Reno. Farm Holiday Association iresldent, urged the farmers lo continue His strike "'with nil (lie lower you possess." Tlie strike 1 , .neuo said in a statement, "will perhaps be a long and bitter struggle and no man can foretell the end." HT1ET ID FKE 1BII Formcf Convict, Accused of Attack on St. Louis Woman iu This County. Trial of- AnlT^Wngner. former AllFsotiri convict, on n charge of cnmlnal assault wii; open In clr- (lilt court 'liere lomorrow Wagner Is alleged lo have at pooled lo be dose. I If''-the repoallsts 'arc- tlieir oujcclivc cannot- become nn jiclnnllty until December 5 or U. Today's elections arc lo name delegates lo slate conventions whlcl wITr cilher ratify or refuse to ratlfj Ihc repeal ninendment. Not one of the 33 states thai voted previously stood by the dry Admits Defeat WESTERVILLR. O.. Nriv. 1 (UP —Dr. Howard P.ussell, founder o tiie Anti-Saloon League, conccdw Irc'ay that American voters hnd icpenled prohibition. lacked a SI. ilorncrsvllle. woman on a and last spring. He . I'rntfd Milk Trucks SIOUX CITY. Iowa, Nov. 7 (UP) -A law nud order league was rganized today by farmers un- fvmpalliollc vith the national f-.irm strike. said to have served two prison terms in Missouri for criminal as- MtllU. The alleged nilack for which Wagner will face trial here is suld to have occurred the day nfler Wagner was icleased from the Missouri state piLson at Jclicr.son City. Cleo East of Craighrad county. who formerly faiiurcl in thus county. was being Irled today on n charge of dispoMnK of pro;x>rly on which a landlord's lien existed. He was alleged lo have sold several bales of cotton withoul authority from Mrs. M.irv Phll- •ps Robinson, owner of (he land Incorporation of Authorized by Judgi OSCEOLA, Ark.. Nov. 1.— Count Judge Znl B. Harrison in count court here yesterday authorized In corporation of the town of Kelse nine miles west of Osccola. There was no opposition lo the pettfon of residents at Ihe hearing. City officers for Ihe new town will be elected within a short lime. It Is understood. The population of the new lown Is approximately GOO persons. or u number of years, while mem- ers have foicn apjiolntd by llw • ovcrnor. The Iward became elec- ive for the nrst time yesterday. [j.'x Nicholson flnUhcd ahead of i. L. Sulnmn -in a llfth district iicc by a margin of 35 votes. liyerley was assured • of victory DVCV Clinton Caldwell In n spirited onltsl west ot the lake, getting all •oles cust at Leachville, where the nrgisl vote In the entire county v.'a 1 ' lolled. Byerley received 331 volt I L:achvllle which .was certain U . be more than Caldwell could musr t,er at .Manila and Etowah,;. : nlln with Ca'ldweil getting , about-. four out of every live votes. The vote at Eton-all .was small. .Vote Here Is Light Laugston, Number Nhic- farmer, jwamped Joe pride In Ihc voting here at Blythcvllle, although little : Interest was shown by the rank' i .id flic of landowners. Langston ; received 120 votes lo 27 for Pride... T\vo other boxes in the second dl-- 1 vision, both small, had not reported today. Lowrance was unopposed In the fourth district. Mississippi county election commission will meet Friday morn- li»; at Osceoln (o canvass returns. , . The vote by boxes in the thlru- nud (I ttli districts follows: District Three Williams Coieman- Montana Bull Lived Up to Us Name GROID, Mont. (UP)— Very, appropriately named Is Satan, flve- veur-otd. one-ton bull, according to his owner, Sid Hardy. on "How the School Has Improv ed." Mrs. Marcus Evrard on "Mean- ng of American Education Week." Mrs. Russell Parr and Mrs. C. G. Redman sang a duct. "School Days." and Russell Fair Jr. and Ijivann- Redman also sang "School Days." At the Un?e schcol Monday Mary Emily Wilson spoke 0:1 "The Origin of American Education Week," James McMullcn on "Bringing the Home and School Closer Together." and Ralph Washnm on "Tlie Advancement of the School. Naomi Alexander gave n plnuo solo and Frank Ellis recited the poem "Opportunity." Local business men will speak at th« assembly hours at the Siidbury and Lange schools Wednesday. Fined for Disturbance Dcnnk Mluyard and Percy Two Injured in Truck Collision on Road 18 cash rental. Armed with shotjuus, members! he was fanning under contract for o? Mir lr-a»iif escorted two milk' ducks safely throusb picket lines and announced they were willing to help any farmer who wanted :'n escort. • The newly organized league was 'ible lo cha|>eroiio only a small percentage of the normal number ol milk trucks." Britain Serves Notice Tariff Truce Is OH LONDON, Nov. 7. (UP)—Great Britain served notice on the world today that s-lic will abandon the present tariff truce at once. Announcement of the British denunciation of the Irucc. which was made effective In a gesture toward No sentence l'.i:d yet been passed economic stability al Ihe world cco- Box Osccola Luxora . Pace .... Dell .... Totals .. Box Joiner .. Whilton Tiassell Totals . 116 "' 72 'M 5516—- 220 259 District Five Salman Nicholson - 75 1 Bayou... 3 1 20.. 5911. US today on Oscar Stevenson, negro, found guilty of second degree mur- oer by a jury yesterday. The Jury voted to nuke no recommendation to the court as to senl- ci.ce. Paul Smith, local youth, was found guilty yer-.lcrday of Ihe rob- Lery of "Blind Sam" Barnes and t;iven a llnee yenr senlencc with Ihe iTcommcndalicn that U be held up. Hardy attempted to herd Satan t«r were fined five dollars each for home with a ho:se alter Satan disturbing the peace In municipal had wandered away from home court yesterday. Roland Palter fall- uaslures. Satan promptly maimed, ed to appear on a similar civ" the horse. Hardy tackled the job, and his 17.75 cosh bond was for- with a light truck. Satan prompt-' felted. Two men were injured when Iwo trucks collided on near Big Lake bridgi o' this morning. West Genlry of .\5anlla sustained a compound fracture of the right let below the knee and a dislocated left elbow and Thomas Harper of near fiooeland suffered a fractured ighl wrist and a bruised shoulder and wrenched knee. Gentry and Harper were said to Have been rldinj on a truck owned by Ij. L. Hardin of Blythevllle. The other truck was owned by Riles' Duncan of Manila, according to re- >rls. Details of the acr-ldenl v.-ere Incomplete. a B"O! Appeal of Wilson Will Granted at Osceola 'lomlc conference, was made today In the house of commons. It Is effective at once. Compress Receipts Here •Are Continuing Heavy Receipts at the Blythcvllle plant or the Federal Compress aild Warehouse company continued heavy last week, amounting to 12.503 bales, bringing the total for the current season to 81,134. Child Seriously Burned '•'•'• When Clothes Catch Fire ! Anns Coslello. six years old, wss- scriously burned when her clothitig ; caught afire while playing around a stove in a family tent house at Esk- ridgc camp, on N'orth Sixth street, yesterday afternoon. • Members of her family succeeded In smothering the blaze but not • before the little girl's'chest had : been extensively burned. She was resting fairly well at the Blylhevllle hospital today and her condition was not considered critical. Rio Grande Border Patrol Expect Active Smuggling EL PASO, Tex. (OPf—An In- Receipts fcr the entire state last'crease In liquor smuggling along week were 113.549. for a season's]the Rio Or»nde Is expected by OSCEOLA. Art.. Nov. 1.—ComUj Judge Znl B. Harrison in probate court here yesterday granted the appeal to circuit court prayed by heirs of the late R. E. Lee Wilson from the recent order which a«- mittcd to probate Mr. Wilson's will. total ot 638,810 bales. These figures compare with 83.753 bales for the corresponding week a year ago and 738,232 (or last season to the same date. RecelpU last week and for the Thc ord " P resa *es « l hc ^ *'*>' the petitioners, R. E. 1 ^ 6 Wilson r " Marlc Wllson Hardy finally herded home—with a tractor, allege was made when t,lr. Wilson was of unsound mind and as a result ol undue influence of Helen Iris Blooms Make Rainbow [May Vaughan, young Stuttgart dl NEW ORLEANS lUP)—A rain-' vorcce. who shares with the Wilson ' and Luxora high schools the bulk of Mr. Wilson's personal estate under terms of tiie will. The case will come up for hear- S&tan! answer lo charges of public drunk-1 the Louisiana Iris Conservation i Ing at the January term of circuit icnness and ihelr bands forteiled. Society. . I court. ._ ._ boiw of iris plants blooms In tlis Pearl Rivers Memorial Park here. ly rammed the truck, puncturing Seven defendants were either as-1 The group Is pnrl of nearly 800 Its radiator with his horns. |se-ssed fines or failed to appear to . iris plants placed In the part by customs officials when the 18th Amendment Is repealed, according lo George B. Slater, assistant collector. Smugglers will attempt to run contraband across the line to save season ot leading Arkansas and(45 per gallon whisky tariff. Miccrtllt-l n/*r.»l\fac.:or fnllrtu" . '•TWn nlAtl mil «1TTV 90 ?l I .. , "Two men can carry 20 pillons Last For the ; across the river nnd save StOO," Week Season i Slater said. . 12,503 81,134 .. 9,516 86.865 ., 5.417 63.502 .. 7.C76 53.935 .. 6.793 31.327 .. 5,535 55.048 Hope 4.555 34.526 Jonesboro 4.538 14.851 McGehee 4,411 21,650 Leachville 4.284 9,890 Caruthersvllle .. 11.093 34,890 Hayti 7.500 28,690 Maiden 3,191 10,228 Missouri compresses follow: Blylheville .... Pine Bluff ... West Memphis Liltle Rock .. Walnut Ridge Forl Smith WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, cooler, frost tonight. Wednesday fair. Memphis and vicinity—Pair, cooler, frost tonight. Wednesday fair. The maximum temperature here , yesterday was SI, minimum 44, cloudy, according lo Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer, .

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