The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LK, (ARKJCOUIUER NEWS SATURDAY, JUARC1I 1-1,_1!>:UJ •<• =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON — I Jesus Among Friends and Foes f/ Society Calendar A. "Flarfi" for tlie Bizarre Monday The Woman's Auxiliary of th;i First Presbyterian church v.hl m:ci • ot the church at 7:iO c'elocl; for i the final meeting of the church i year. . i Circles of the Woman's Minion- J ary Society of the First Molhodisi church will meei at these places: Circle 1, Mrs. W. M. Burns; Circle 2, Mrs. E. D. Oillen; Circle 3, Mrs. A. M. Ii. Brtin'mi; Circle <1, at -the church for n luncheon. Mrs. Nellie Morris will entertain the Missionary Society ol the Second Baptist church. The Plleilui Lutheran church guild is meeting at the home of Mrs. Ford Klechel, COS chlckasaw ba avenue. Tuesday The Langc P. T. A. Is meeting at the school at 3 o'clock The Maple Grove cemetery soclation is meeting at ti:e J,ou:c of Mrs. E. V. B!o:i:e.,a. The altar society of the chinch of the Immaculate Conception is. havliig B benefit bridge and rook patty at the social hall. Mrs. Jess Wlilto and Miss Huth Whitworth are entertaining wlili a bridge parly complimenting Mrs. Thomas W. Miller, of Haltlesburg, Miss. . ; Interesting Parlies Are Planned for lirklc Klcct A series of interesting parlies hare been announced for Miss Margaret Mahan, attractive bride elect, whoso marriage to Mr. James Hickman Bell, will be solemnized Tuesday, March 24. Already two affairs have bc?n given, Mrs. W. J. Pollard having! entertained the Wednesday club and an extra table of guests with u baih room shower and bridge party and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris was hostess last evening at a bridge party and kitchen shower- Mrs. Byron Morse and Mrs, H. F. Kltshner are entertaining with a tea this afternoon at liie Kirdmcr home. • Next week practically ev^ry day is "filled with parlies. Mrs. Farns- WDilli Black will onlerfaln Monday. Cn -Tuesday Miss Mnhan will share honors with Mrs. George E. Calhomi of Nashville, Tcmi-, mother of Mrs. RusseJl Phillips, and Mrs. Josiah Q. Fort of Clarksvill?. Tenn., sister of the bride elect, at a bridge party given by Mesdamcs Otto Kochtitrty. Walker H. Baker and Ross D. Hughes at the Koch litzky home. Miss Grace Webb ts having the WEdnesday"olul>i:r3i»cial!y for tin, bride-to-be. She will also be tlie guest of honor al a parly c'™> Friday by Mrs. Harry Kirby and Mrs. Elton W .Kirby and on Saturday when Mrs. W. H. Minynni and Miss Mary Louise Taylor will be hostesses. • * * Kride Complimented Miss Margaret Mahau. a bride elect who Is being complimented with a number of affairs, was tin 1 guest ot honor al a bridge party last evening given by Mrs. Samuel F. Norris. The three tables fcr bridge were arranged in two rooms which had decorations ol jonquils, tulips and other spring flowers. High Kore prize was won by Mrs. Walker H. Baker and Mrs W. H. Bits of News Mostly Personal I-'IKST I'llKSBVTKKIAN £lli:itL'II| I M.inh II. Callaway, I'.nlrjr ] ''"I" International Uniform Sun- iiumiay school, 9:45 A. M. H:iy' ll:| y School U-HTCII for March 15. Worthmglon. superintendent. The I Jisiis Among rrk-ndv and Foes, contest, which Is lo end Easier,|'• ukc 10:38-«: li:42-4(j, S'i-51. has aroused much intcicsl with HI' WM. K. (1I1.KOV, I), n. Kdllor uf Thu Congrcgallonalfet To speak of a man like Jesus of The Rev. li. A. Works Is in . Memphis today. The Rev. W. J. LcUoy. pastur ol (lie I/.iki: Street Melhuir-'. church, who Is critically ill at [lie Memphis Methodist hospital, n slightly unproved today. Mrs. W. C. Iliyglnson, who has been qulfj i!l several days, !:• beller. l-'lltST CIIHIS'IIAN L'HUItC'II 1C. K. l.Mlnier, Minister ; Sunday .sclicol, 'J:45 A. M. i Ccinuumiun and devotional, ; A. M. Dr. p. I). Robinson attended IT Christian Endeavor societies (j-30 business In Memphis yeslciday. j ;>. M The Rev. E. K. Latlnier, _pns!or| Ti iu -e will be no evening service .cvcral classes In a close race for ir:.t honors. Morning wership, 11 o'clock. Endeavor societies, 0:30 Nazareth as having foes seems r '' M - i strange considering the beauty of livening praise und sermon, 1:30] his character and t;io goodness ^ dock. : manifest in nil his activities . 5£'^mf ^f <5L! „r.lSU-r thf g^n v'lll -ivp 11 'Of ,, uu< * ,1s not free from the malignancy ol ° I the evil, and the lover of tint!: I must ex[»ct the opposition of the j ignorant and the prejudiced. He I said lo his disciples, "Wee unto you when all men si>c:ik welt ol yon." H Is appalling to realize Ihe way in which good and saintly nisn liavj suffcicj throughout hislory from Hi unfriendliness mid persecution. It of tlie Fhsl Christian churcti, who; bu-uusu of ilie Illness of Hie p i >s- |lus 1)Ce " true '" l!le realm ol all • i « n-i , .,:.- collup.sid while prc.ichhu; Sunday morning, l:j slowly Improving. Mrs. J. K. (Jaiwr and daughter, Anne, of Marvel), Aik., arc u 1 - liirning luiHC limsorriw alter hpendlns a week wllh Mrs. fiarner's falhr-r, A. Ci. l.Ullc. at the Hotel Nobel. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Peck motoring lo Commerce. Mo., the week-end. Mrs. I), r. l.ollin, who ho.s been .([Ullc ill lor live weeks, is now much Improved. Mrs. J. V. Rogers, who tor. " I religions. The man whose discern.__ ment of truth has been keen and ST. STKI'IIKX 1-H'lSCOI'Alj [whose life has explored new ariven- CHUrlCIl i ll " es m ucodness and service, sim;j- •liu-re will iic church services and! ly bpca "« th fse Ihlnss have mark- Holy Cuniiiiimlim ai. the St. Siepli- "' llls " fo as dillereiu irom the in Kiii.,i-o[)L'.l church Sunday morn- lives of !lLs fellows. l!H> become an liij. II o' Tlie Rev. C. C. I °bJecl of suspicion or'of |>eiseci!- Hurkc-. cf Marianna, will conduct 1 ''"" Ic Fri< Is known i"' Uie worsliip. All are turdlully Invited. But a man Is knov-n by his i friend.; as well as his enemies. Per- ClIIIIS'dAN SCIICN'Cli iCHUUCIll' !;1 P 5 '"e remarkable ihlnj Is (hat I ".Substance" is the subject ol the J esus had such friends, that in splti ,""'"'I Li Mon-Scrmon to be road In ine, or al1 thai seemed in him so diifcr- very well today. Mrs. Minnie Palmer and Dan Birchel Wed MJXORA, Ark. — Tuesday CM-- ;im i 0 ( ,I.;::d wjih thy substance, and with I the fhs'fruits of al! thine in- j crca;i" (Proverbs 'i:S). Among the citations from the liilil: is Ilic rollo'-vlng: -Ihe Lortl the- portion ol mine inheritance my cup; thou maintainest 10:5, 'tile Le.fbon-SiTincn will also in- Uramalic In their climb lo social success, pajamas" for . lounging and bcacli wear indulge In their flair for the bizarre, Knchantlngly "different" is a black-while, printed and plain suit lrel " Christian ning nl 7 oelock Mis. Minnie P.d-jmy j ot . -U K i m( ,, alc fa |i cll unto i nicr and Dan Birchel were JIM:-- mc [ n ^asam places; yea, I have rled. The ceremony was perfun<:- : , yuodiy lieritare" oil at Ibe home of Ihe bride mill only members of Ihe families m the coiilraclin;; parties were pi. •- cnl. Magistrate Elliot Williams ivr-1 foiincd Ihc ceremony. Tluy -.>::! make tiielr fiiluiv, 1 home on .i::; 1 - Blrchcl faun about two miles cast i ~ . of tow,l HHST JIAl'TIST CHURCH ' *• L. I Corner Walnut and Eighth .Streets Alfred S. Harwell, 1'aslur Sunday school at 0:45 a. m. U. life of his religious environment, there were men and women who perceived his goodness and attached themselves to him with earnest devotion. Here in our lesson we see Jesus in HID home of frii-nds, in a house where he apparently liked lo go and where he was a welcome guest. It is Ihc old story of Martha and Mary representing the Iwo types of womanhood, or (he two types of people—the one careful about the ex- Servlces Held at Luxora for Mrs. Louise Curlis Science textbook "Science and i lc ™ alSl fl!5sy nntl scrupulous, even Ileallli uilh Key lo lire Scripim-ES" i lo ""' 1)Dl!lt ot embarrassing a gussl Ii-' Mary Baker Eddy ' ; wllc " l!lc matters of service did not turn out. just- according lo her ideas anil plans; the other, possibly tOJ neglectful of the mechanical duties, with her eyes full of vision and her heart full, of longing, thinking Mullins, Genera! Superintend- - 1 ' 0 ™ ev 5- v 'liiiig else of the oppor- LUXORA. Ark.—Wednesday crnoou funeral services for Mi-. Lcuiro Curtis a^e 80 years, U( "' 3C 'i ri r- Preaching by pastor at eleven and sc\"?n fony-llve. Mo:ninK subject: "Tlie Untied conducted from ihr- naptisi chur-ii,' with Rev. P. B- Klnsolven oftici:ii-| Ing. Interment was in Calhcim Evening subject: "Make Your Celling and Election Sure.' 1 R. Y. P. u.'s meet Sunday eve from Jay-Thorpe that achieves an entirely ifew spiral elfccl by using g j nn( i c hjidrcn cemelcry. She was a member of I,, ': r \- ?, , „,?,,," the naplbt church, ami she is f x- n!nB iU Glli>1 ' Mlss Luua Wilhclm. vived by sc\^ral chlltlrcn and cun-cd bimds of plain while crepe and printed, black- and white crepe. One shoulder strap only is r.tcilt'd for this unusual suit and there-1 by tl;i) spiral fifed is lieighleiud. They are filled and flare lo widei trouser le;s. The v.-i^'.e jacku th?.t LJCCS over them is lilted and llaredi and has bandings of Ihc prims. I Teacher Called Home by Mother's Death LUXORA. Ark.—Thursday Miss I ' | Wilmolh Tennyson a im-mbp:- nf Arden Gullmvay won Ihe club form Ihe ceremony. The wedding' Hie Luxora high scool facu'.ty was pri;; and Ihe finest prise, powder, is lo bo qiiilo a simple one and]ciii!.:d lo her lioaic in Arkaiiclphta and lipstick, went to -Mrs. Miller. | only (he most intimate friends of by the death of her mother. T!-.c the family will be present.. I news of Mrs. Tentiy.;mi's death In the line of travel—Randolph! came as a great shock, as it was The hosiess served delicious refreshments ol chicken salad, sand- wlclies and pickles with coffee. The Saint Patrick holiday was emphasized in the tallies, decorations and rcfrcslimcnl plate. 1 :. Snn &irn Mr. and Mrs. J. A. James announce (he bhth oi a son last evening Tl:o baby, who weighed sev- jiounds, has be'-'n named Hilly S a trf C Sry" C ML M&.en ,,ames. l^e her nnrria.e Elizabeth Dinning ol Helena.lio'.isc- Mrs. James was Miss Jessie llick- Director. All tile Unio::s bfgin a week of study, cour.-c Monday evening. Lunch will be served nt the (•lun-rh. Midweek prayer service Wcclnc.' day al 1:45 p in. Choir i-elMMiia! T!;;usday a 1 - 7:30 p. ai. f.ii;,. Paul Ti'iitoii, Leader. l-'IKST riHMU'li OF T!Ii: Palton has sailed from New Or-, thought that she was only r'.iifer- leans for n visit In France. Iln rx-i ins from a mild hifluen/a :iifcc.| \iect.s (o be nway three moiilhs. vion. • j Sncoks King Miller of Hatliesbnrg.i alor) is home for her first visit I since her marriage a year ago. Her! husband, Tom Miller, will probably] drop by soon in his new EriRict air- This Afternoon : £„_ UT J " Fum-r services arc iis h?ld guest of Mr;. W. B. Tanner, was Eivcn n handkerchief. An inlcresllng assortment of gifts for the kilcl-on, ail in green, were presented Miss Mahan in a surprise shower. Chicken salad, beaten crackers, pickled peaches, hot rolls and jelly were rervcd with coffee. * • * Ctlchralcs Uirllulay Mary Lynn Jackson, daushlcr o! | Mr. and Mrs. E R. Jackson, celebrated her seventh birthday Thursday afternoon on the eighth wedding anniversary cf her parents. Tlie H friends present er. The mother and baby arc at IVo home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Tucker. Class Wank fiond Attendance The Beta Chi Sunday school class of the First Presbyterian church, u-hich lias boen leading in the contest for several week 1 ;, ir making a siwcial ellort lo have ;i gc-jd attendance lomorrow .10 as to maintain its position at tiic head. , « • . Tu Have Special Music. T. H. Haync.i. supjjrinlcnc'onl of Ihc adult department of the 1'irst Baptist church, has announced played i n, 3 t there will be a feature lo Ihe games and later were served icej cpeinu; exercises program in the cream and a birthday cake which | lucrmnc- A quintet, composed ol had pink candles on it. • Mus Lois Hill, Mrs. Paul on, The Saint Patrirt: c;cc;stlor.s; ]!oy Kogan. H. G. Hunt and T. 11. were used along with favors of thc ,-| ;i yuo.-, will s-iny "I'm A Pilgrim." same design. which has been christened i at th,- first MethodK chim-h here j , )Vcw:ull , u YonngPe BUB." A niimlwr of Inform-i tll1s afteinwMi for \\. t. Crnwdir.j com( . . l]ld c|1 j oy tl ., cu ,,,i ll plane •Grren HUB." A iiumDer ol iniorin-1 . al affairs are being given tor her. Jr.. 11 year old son of Mr. nnu Mrs. Anne Stevens 1'olter nml licr new W. T. Crowder of Armmel. who __ son. who promises to be a hand-'was killed yesterday nicrimh- when ni]1K „, 1!l(1 c \ imf ^ 7:30 p. iv some football player, plan lo return he slipped from the back of a ponyi pollock, will have charge c to their liosv? iu New York In a hi' wns riding. uraver i-enice. to tlicir hosvi iu New York in a few weeks. William Potter II is riding. Rev. 5'. Q. Roiii'. past > Corner in gerund and Vine St. A. T. Mc.Vnally, 1'aslor The pa'.lu-.' will preach both mov- niii^ antl t.'vc!!!iiy. 11 u. in. and T:3t Sumltiy^rhml. n:30 a. m. If you in? nn; attending clnircl: and Sundr.y s:-hoel elsewhere we have a clas^ :uv.l n' teacher thai you will enjoy. Coiiir Sunday am be with us, C. E. Cobb. Supt. N. Y. I'. S., C:30 p .in. People f IB wilh j us. Keinieih M'jAn.illy. president. Prayer meeting, Wednesday ove- of ' II:'? unity of conversing with the Mas- cr and forjetling everything in tlie 'oy of communion with her guest. A Gentle Rebuke It is noteworthy that Jesus co:n- ncndcd Marj- as having chosen the one tiling needful, though his re- to Martha was gentle and <indly. He thought, of Martha as 'anxious and troubled about many things." Perhaps it may be saLil, thai tlie world would be a muc'.i less pleasant place to live in an:l hospitality would be much i more •.•rude and ungratitying if there were net somebody to Icok alter Ihe details. It woi.Ul teem that life requires that a good many people should bo anxious and troubled about many things; yet when cue s2c.s :;ll ihs time in ordinal;.- life how people Text: I.llhp 10:S8-i2; ll:l'i-Jf!. 52-51 Now it came lo pass, as they wont, that he entered into a certah . village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into hei house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Je=ir,' fir-'., ana heard his word. But Maruia cumbered about much solving, ar.d s:ie up to him, and said, Lord, dost tho-.i no: care that my siiier hath ls!t mc to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me. And Jesus ;mswercd, and s.a;d unto her, Martha, Man:;a, U'.o\i art careful and troubled about many ihlngs. But cnc ihing is needful: ;iiij -\'ary IILXS chosen ti:.'.v ?-?j:' part, which shall :iot be taken away from her. But woe unto you, Pharisees; for ye tithe mint aid me :.:ul a!l manner of herbs tcvcry herbi. nnii pasb over judgment :ui;i tl'.j love of Gcd: but these oti^ht ye to have done. :aul not to leave i'.:'_ oL;-i:r Imdone. Wee unto you, Pharisec-s! for ye lev: the uppermost seats synagogues, and greetings in the markets. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: for ye graves which appear not, and ihe men that walk over them ;'.re nut aware ol them. Then answered one of 111'.' lav-yers and said uiuo him. Mazier, saying thou reprG?.cliest us also. And he said. Woe unlo you also, ye lawyers! for ye iadc s:i:n s'ltsi burdens grievous lo be borne, and \e yourselves louch r.o'. l:i-j U::rc'.-:n with one of your nngers. '^A Wee unto you lawyers! for ;.-;• have taken asuy the key cd^e: ye entered not in^ yoiarrives, and ihem thai v.eie i ye hindered. And as lie S'lirt tl'.ese :hinc,s muo thc:n, the scribes and the i'tuuii::;:;; began lo urge him vcluir.cnlly, fir.d to provoke him lo sp:ak of' many things: Laying wait for him, and srrkir.g to cat"!i Eoineiiiina .cui of h:-i mouth, thai tiu'y iiiisht accuse him. spend great p«rt of energy 0:1 externals and i:eiv lit'Je they are really devoted ;o the su- The denmici.itioi! ef U.e PharL-:c:s,mcst vital appiicatir-i: of reiiijia;! iti in Ihe leaching of Jr.""'; should a',- Ipraclke were'.iul cf tl,-j i:n- \vays be ur.ders'.ccd in -.clatio!! n; jor duties of life, makiim n iv.Tteiii'j the facts and circumstances o; f.:c : of prr-.yer withoul pi.ttim th;:: prcme things of iifc—Ihe things of 1 time. It is us i! a great teacher ; prayers im'o ihcir lives, aiu msk- the mind and the spirit, Hie joys | might speak iu the same v.ay i-j-1 ing sacrifices unto G«l \vn-ju; ii^v- that arc ar-socialcd with beauty gcodr.css—can one wonder at IhE scale cf \alucs which Jesus established in his judgment? Can OLU- fail lo place Mary and Manha ir. their relative pr-siii-nis as Jesus did The world has had plenty ti Marthas, but .Marys are rare, .s members. p-.:m-! ins established and r!c;lit in of re'.i'ric:'. j tlie relationships of daily ii'.c. ar;« I ^ Tr " prayer sen ice. BACK Aeaiu ,- Class lias Soml Jlccliiis: ; Members of Ibo Dorcas Sunday: school class of the First Baptist j church were guests of Mrs. Alfred S. Ha.rwc-ll last evening when she. also entertained seven guests I For the devotional Mrs. Fiank Simmons read the 3ith Psalm and prayers were oflcrcd by Mrs. Simmons and Mrs. T. H. Haynes. Foi- j lowing the reading of a litter from I n r-cnsition in the city because Over ine Bridge Table l!y 'Keen The announcement of tlie Mahan-Bell wedding li.u- caused ruine Mrs. W. M. Crow, of Heath, Ark.,! tlierc aic so many nitr-uxing plac- fcrmer teacher o fthc class, a spe- cs lo go for the next ten days. cial prayer was said by Mrs. J- H. tiis will te announced tomorrow Shoemaker for Mrs. Crow, who " ' seriously ill. . .. j lakes p: anxious to see his good looking! the Methodist church, is offieiat- dandy of course. Mrs. Stevens will] ing at (he services- Intcrmini will nccompany them home. Mrs Pearl | b?made at Ma]>lc drove cr-r.'.i'tcry. Smavt. cf New York, mother of j Funeral plans are in charge ct the Mrs. Howard li. Proctor, has ar- Ccbb Undeitaking company. rived lo be wilh her daughler. ]• -' The word "travel" reminds us thai some peo|>lt- :ne talking sun-,-. mev vacations along wllh Hies; ] spring like days which make one | lazy. Minnie Malthews wns ITU, earnestly reading n vivid phauip'.n . which lold of interesting vacation 1 grounds and anoliier youiu: lady was teen buying 'somclhins Hi travel in." ' A certain man who celebrated his bhthday this week dlsp'ayrd colt bails as his bcpl liked piTn-nl. But wlui wouldn'l? Just as ihp time: comes for dad to help wilh the' I sprhin planting the soil reason op-i i ens and lie must- be in trim for all '. ' matches- The country club premises, i to be the ccnlcr ot siwrt.s lhib| I sprint! and summer. Already a' i number are golns out wheii-vrr Ibi-, weather permits fiM- r^iv.e lessons! from the new pro. Jco Halbac!i.;\inl' for some practice. at 7:30 all those wl'.o like to siiu; Mil meet our choir director. Harmon lioli. lor choir practice. If you sine: come o hear thefo new sr::i;s. day about cln:rc'.i ing out that Droiessie-r is not always pOL-i-;sion oi :l. ana We mk.s eiiilidy ihe psin: that the actuaLiii-, ui" spiritual liic tbis nortio:i of ihe le;s.'ii ii •'•'- l^'-<and characicr ,-r,- olicn cTiffercnl! all the teachiri'. nf Jtsa; f-'r ill' from the cxleri:.'.! and er.nvci: !! ancient Pliarisce; ; ; .::c; do uct r.i'.p.y lilorm ol rcliaien. i i'- lo "'•"• ov;n 1; "'- c - ll - is a - { ™ m , I rare that when they appear they become the permanent treasure a; Must 1'r.uliie Itrligitm c.ur ciay us it w As a matter of fact, i: is possible ] who makes a prefe.sxn that some of t!i:se whs were an-1 lie? .ticipating the coaiir.g of -It-sus w It is a strangely contrasted p:r- j among the 1'iurisees. They rcp:v- and allci-iar.c; t:: Jcsir; Christ, but. who neglects the plnin dutiss 0' every day hii — t!ia auty c' pra- lure that we have in the seciii::! I sentcd in Iht'ir own day Ihc strict- mo'.ing kindli::ct.>. justice a-.s^ nie--- por(io:i of our lesson, \vherre tli-j . ly rcliyious parly in Israel. a::d i cy— is ainoni; lhc-=e who v.;rsh:p5 .scale of value sthat Jesus rsiab- j when ,T? reproaches iliem, he !.; with his words but who dcmc: b.i^i lished incomes a measuring rod far i pointing out that those who inl^h'- . G«l and CJln-ist in the ic.ili-.y uf his some of the religious of his day. j be expected lo bo manifesting the ! living. Bach lady represented tl:a month in which she was born by costume or talk and these months were guessed by the others present. Other games and conteTcs added to the social hour. Delicious refreshments were [•erred. This class 1s. anxious that every member attend Sunday school tomorrow. i : >j lor every riay until tl-.e wedding , lakes pi ice a week from Tuesdav. Fio:n the numbfr war.lin; to cn- the cliarmin;: bride elect Infant Daughter Dies j Fmvral services will be lirld tlii.s afternoon for JackL? t.n: ! .mu' Tink-i cr. 10 months old daiKlurr of Mr. there will probably Iv several day iu ; d Mrili H ; E . Tmk.r. li.f lira- r.r.d night. slice!, who succumbed at 1'ac fai:i- Inlcreiliiig \bilors will add lojilv home early this ir.r,: nine, the nf fails. Mary Din-1 ' Hint', ol Helena, who is Brur.o Tanner's nlcc'i il slic :s quite giown. Clob Entertained Members of Ihc Friday- Bridge club were gncsls of Miss Carolyn Prid? last evening when j j. CT Vislcr's v.eddins. also entertained Mrs. Thomas T | )c ,, lnl ;ria?,c a to hr sp!eiiiu!/.ed in the morning cf t!-.e i-ilh at the | is the attracliic 3icus?g-aest of Ruth and Bruno for a w :ek Klu 1 ir, home from r-n Kuro;?e::n travel following her graduation from a New York frhoal. Eii^abetii Mahan Fcrl. ol Cbrks- villc, Tom., wili be here until after The services this alt-rnron will! be held al Maple Gioic iniictery \ wheie interment will be n-.adc. Th: i Ccbb Undertaking rr,-.i«\ l; -,y rnuiccn .1. I,. Xewsom, Taster j Tlir new pastor, lair of Tunica. | Miss, will preach at hmh the : morninc; and evening .services. For .the morning worship, 11 o'clock, Jihe will uv Ihe llifiue "Visions". Sunday .'.cliool. 0:-ti A. M. | All members ami friends uf (he church are invited lo attend. j pastor's home and on Tuesday and • Friday evenings at 1:30 o'clock, j 'lnc public is cordially invited. North Carolina Banker Gets Prison Sentence! II. .1. Sr-rvircs U:TIII:»AN ciii : i KlrintUrnst. Taslor are llr'.d at Ihe SL Stephen Episcoprii church. Sundty school and 0:15 A. M. TMvinr wrr.shlp. If) IlKN'UKiiBONVILLl-:, N. C.. M-'.r., 14 (UP)—J. Mack Rhodes, former president of the closed First Ban); ,u:d Trii>;l company of here, ;i:day ua.; under sentence of 2 to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of S10.CW alter conviction on charter of cnibcz/lemcnt of S'20.000. iic iiv !:I)\V.M;I> r. \vni.n-: i played with Mrinlii-r i.f Ihe X:ilii:nal t'li.iai- tl'.- :idver.-a;- piiin-ship Am-lioti Team duiniond iric 1 •Ihis I-; the I2tii of A n-:-ii:s uf 20 thr-t 'nc <"'.:ir, ;-:i-.-.rr;-iv.:crt hand:; plajtd uy tVcM-lanri's bri:i::i.' cspr-ils to -.l-.eir skill :n tiio piay h.inds. liib'.c class. [ was sentenced to from four to A. M. Svr- j rarE f cr f a ; Ef , entry and asse.-.-ol '•• tnon mbjrrt: "Janu-s baying To iiis Enemies". WEST— 1-IKST METIIWHST C1II : HCII Scvcnlli and .Main Streets 1*. (?. llnrir. I'.istor Worship and sermon. 11 A. M. ar.d 1:.1o" 1\ M. 1 ?.Icru:ng scrv:cc biv-adcast over I KLCN. K;; schot^l. 0:1.1 A. M. Junior. Hy nv.rt Senior Lcaeucs. r,:30 P. M. Huge Earth Slide Wipes ' Out Villages in France' HUGE EATIi SLH1E—M CHAMUUKY. France, y.irch 11 lUP?—The liitlc mountain villau'c ; of Les Ci ranges was crumbling to- : day under the advance ol a yreal glacier of mud and rock which al- DtCLARCR S-A-110-7- C-Z H—X-10 D— 1-3-2 C-A-) NORTH S—t II—C-6-4-2 D-l-10-9-0 C-8-7-6-4 SOUTH S—Q-9-8-3 H—1-5-3 D-H-K-Q C-3-5-Z Uirks if i;-,' e-.'.Ltli inv.iiv:vs uiffiCJit! trirk f,.::r. W. ^; ace. T: ijr.iiis .ILC and .suci'C- r -.-Liii:'v ii v-M'.i t!;.- (I'.'l) at •A-niinn v.'L'r, ;jr- now Iccl l;v Wci-l ne.-M-ci 0:1 ll'.e rc- EAST S—K-V H—,\-0- S-7 D-S4-!' C—X-Q- 10-3 . tuvn, only iu iiiui to !ii^ ih.-::;",wi;t- i :>ient fo:ir tr-jm^o in Sou'.li's iian^. i'lhfre :s cnly one s:ilv:ii:r,;i. Tlie I 1 Thf for loiii:- 1 [\cccdi:i;ly i:ifi'icu:i uy. jio:3ibly tr.e rd, uh:eh W?5t t:mr,-: .The kin'-; ci hi-a:;.; vj lee: anil pv.rtak- en in Kasl's liand. and aviri!-.. .- cliii) ' leillT],i d an:i \Visi ii^.nu s'-.r-lt?ll:; ln;;-.seli iu 'iii;:^]is by v. as'.iij a:i- j other of li:s i:oad Irumjis 0:1 (ir.m- j my's v.-iiur.L; rard. • A r, !-irn is won l.y liumir.y . ar.ii uow \:'.<< c'jno'.uirnn:;!.: 'Wr-t i holds ever ijoulh in truun'.:. [<•:• >'"•; c: ;r;r.- . last two !ric!;s. A chificull >•.''!' ln bri-:hn: • bv.iii; off tucccsotiilly, ruiairin;,- ri.iycr mecti:i.:. Wednesday. 7:30' ready has wiped out the villages toi.p that has yet been disc;\,Tai.> care. MSnn-BACKS TiACK l-.est The deceased liarents, three broil! ;ers U An , ,v l-r :M """' lCV - Al!(! y ' v ' l ' d I'™!"!)* have »,;,".;• S !;; i t;lkr " " AC1 < anyil-.m-: yruA.- M:J -Ihei.- LU-.U one sis- Rboul ,,,,,,. lfim 3 RACK m]int . v If yr.ll'd troll HACK-»av:l M«-B3» W. Miller of llattiesbjrg. Miss.. Mrs. Fred Fowler, Mrs. W. C. Wall. Hospital Notes If yr.u'd fron HACK-»av:l M.irgat iVan niarivm 01 Nov.- York !',AC:-li !at Miami l!,-.ieli. l-l.i.. jus .-. f c -,v | The pho:o;r.l.}!:-,- pot ! P. M. Cho:r rclu-.M-.ii Wctiiusday. 8:15 P. M 1-VllnwMiin t:;:i::rr. Frid.iy evening. ASSKJHU.Y UF <;()•! CiU'KCU Snilii liltv Slvc.-l K. A. Woik, r.ivtor Smy-av -fii,-o!. n:« :V M. MnvLr.n : w.!:-lii;i. n oYIork. m:u i-i.ii.-.' and sermon. 7:-V of Lcs Midland and Les Bcrgc:-. ; I; ••: commonly known as Hi,- 1 Tlie glacier-like adiance which; Giand Coup ar.d consists cf •; i lt:n: was LI'lid <:'. icSunihnl trumps In old' ' [started night before Mra. Hivcs'Alk-n Miss Mary ( ,; flcrs M 00 "- . ,,. ., Mars . In Hie bridgs games MIS.S Maryj. irit Mahan honv> where tl'.e four odirri I days MACK. ;this p'.e('.:ro b'-va;:-e !:e uo-.Uant H:\ ilnnille.' HACK dour, on a nr:iur.ri th\: she Mrs. J. V. Uc-ncrs. ave been inarricd. The liev.' and Walter Maxwell H'.uhpvllo. ad- i turn BACK lo th-- oinvra Marsh M. Callaway. pastor of the I iniuctl lo Ihc Blylhevillp hospital i the dress is for wear urm'• church, will per-1 loday. BACK-t-.i:r,mon! ' th.- Yes. j Work. Th,-rn Monday s will o'clock. H. A. lid r.-: icSuniHnl trur.ii rush of carlii .sliding from lo r.i.ik.- .in trii the mcun'.ain side al the rale of; o;!irrv\i.-e available. :i50 fcrt iKr ln;ur. Ir.habltanls o! Tiv rrdinary bridge playi the vUlates. hi tl:c Saioic valley ll?ri! hn : -(i!j- coneciV:? of br-loie it. driving their livestock! u and carrynir; their household yoo<!--. Tv.o houses on Ihe i!iil;-kiris o! Lr.s CSranqrs. a village of between .in I hi- Ocd<le.-% ol G'iii.1 in-,,, l-.r.o hl:stc:l iv.m with ice : lumps. It is true that Hi: i\iij-; situalicn IdO iind 200 iniiabitanls, were dc-. IHI-.M-IC-I-. thrre arc oc,-.-^-o:i; f.roved shortly after midnight. LIU ULliavorablr tru:-,ip i:liv)Li .ic.iinst von. yo:i . The lo!al pcpnl.Mion of the world ' prr--d by Ihe possession l.<,~7:mv estimated al 1.550.COO.CCO: : -' ; ' ll >' c: '"' s rf ,u tl.o be;^ of t:ie ci^h'ce:iTh li'.'- bifklir,^ rci:tury Ihe estimate was 600,000,-' "i-^e any MOHAL: An overabniician-- 1 : Uump.s is .sometimes a im- -" He-::cc waste thi:ii on ac-^- NEBP.ASKA CITY. Neu.. V iL'I'i—So there would l:e n;i :i i.'.kr .ilioiil Ir.o e-.enls of ! "f '•• :>f,s. Maiy Jarviv SI. a p:::.: : :--:clicn. \-rclc a 1">- v.^--.l • l«Bic^r;iphv abuiit here.!. ^ Jarii" reco'riis lr;:-s fri'-ni Kr- ; ,i: ;,: Xrl;;\'ri-..i. her mr.riia^-e. LI.:.! di lails of jo::iir,i: li 1 ." el-.v,:'c : TOO J.ATE TO Cl.ASS:l- c.iHualc;'. Mov..->.. ;, i al the CCC. agree that the WAS'iVU ;:i- ,>rd Hr.y I'rfi- 1 . p.!; where c;'ii IK seen. t;c Couritr News. H':'-K;T

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