The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California on June 12, 1965 · Page 22
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The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California · Page 22

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1965
Page 22
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2-C Saturday, June 12, 1965 THE FRESNO BEE Business Briefs Vote On Foremost is Scheduled NEW YORK--Strong Cobb Arncr Inc. has called a specia meeting of shareholders for July 1st in New York to vote'on the proposed acquisition by Foremost Dairies, Inc., for approxi mately S14 million in 5'/ 2 per cent debentures and cash. The ac -|i an 7 ticker tape parade here to quisition has been approved by the boards of directors of "·"' respective corporations. Firms Buy Lumber Corporation Protesters May Picket Parade For Astronauts C H I C A G O - AP - A jubi SAN FRANC1SCO--AP--Fibreboard Paptr Products Corporation and Yuba River Lumber Company announced they have purchased assets of the Pickering Lumber Corporation in Tuolumne County for more than $15 million. The purchases include 65,000 acres o( timber-land, a saw mill and a plywood plant at Standard. "Holiday Week Reflects Sales Dip WASHINGTON --AP-- The commerce department estimates retail sales in the week ended June 5th declined 8 per cent to $5.2 billion, reflecting the short sales week in many lines of business because of Memorial Day. Volume was 1 per cent higher than the corresponding week. For the past four weeks, sales were 6 per cent above the comparable 1964 petiod. Livestock Market CALIFORNIA FEEOLOT AND RANGE S A L E S REPORT SAM FRANC irad*I was modoralelv active early In w«k but closed slow, vvilh *omc bt resistance lo present prices noie»-ja action to (he lower dressed prices In the mldwesl. considerable interest '· sleeri info September movci Stocks In Spotlight HEW YORK -- AP -- Sales, closing price and ncr change of Itic 15 mosl ac- Ike slocks Frldav. !77^00 n('t + V* .71,600 62V'a .54,600 33Vi .tt,900 48 NEWS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY By McClatchy Newspapers Service Morro Bars Entry To A+ascadero Park Kay From Page 1-C [her last hit record but if the praise of critics during her re- cent cross country tour means anything, Miss Starr has been MORRO BAY, San Luis Obispo Co.-The City of f a r from ^S °n the vine in Morro Bay has closed the controversial entrance to the! the interim. Common Mart Political Talks Will Be Urged BONN, Germany -- AP -- A Poverty From Page 1-C signed by four leaders of poverty fighter organizations In Flrebaugh and Mendota was sent to the national economic opportunity director, Sargent Shriver, asking that approval of nearly m i l l i o n in poverty be V-lProcI G vc E«l Air L Th a ^ «,;, -.inrRCA in "SntrartlTM .! Ch'v«er F ''« re ^i»- ··"-"-: -i ...52.500 2 , .50.500 3ty« showed a slower movcrnenl aner i '« G Mo , ors 48.100 » week Comoard lo a week ago. 5l " u *' cr \Tm Tel Tel 42,500 csu steers were sleady lo 50 cents nlrtMr., Fa)r Carn 40,300 2 hellers steady and feeder cattle slror.Q, M M m to 50 cenls higher. Slaughlcr slcers: Mostly cr,olcc_ onrt in'Sperrv Rd 35.300 "*l '°ui-.t~ m 1C rNYl n « » i inlioTldJ.lvroood- and choice 1.025 pound slock sold at S27@2«. choice 1,000 lo 1.100 pounders at 521 50. delivery August-September. Good and, choice 900 lo 1,150 °»»" d "» = tld , ,f!l S2«@27 and mostly choice 1,050 lo 1,125 Pound slock al S2..SO for September-a*, uyery Standard l.OSO pounders sold al 522.SO@23.50. 35.200 35.000 Fresno Cotton Exchange The Fresno CoHon Exchanoe Frlrja 1 for Gemini spaces twin: James A. McDivitl and Edward H. White 11 may be picketed b demonstrators protesting allegei de facto segregation in the Chi :ago schools. The possibility of demonstrators arose yesterday after more than 200 civil rights marchers were arrested at a mass sit- down on a busy roadway on Chicago's lake front. Pickets "would not be permitted to interfere with the astronauts' line of march," Mayor Richard J. Daley said. Albert Raby, a public high school teacher who led the lakefront protest, t o l d newsmen demonstrations w i l l continue through the weekend. Efforts Futile Daley had moved up a meet- ng with the protestors from Monday lo yesterday in an ef- ort to halt demonstrations w h i c h included an unofficial school boycott Thursday V- The protests stem from the rehiring of schools Superintendent Benjamin C. Willis, described by civil rights leaders as the man responsible for what they called de facto school seg murru OHy nas ClUSCU Hie l A l i m u v c i a i a i c i i u a n v - c AJ u i c , ,-.,,..,,,,,,, c «r,i,o:man tmlav , i , 17 Atascadero Beach State Park by erecting a barricade She has worked at her self-! West German spokesman today| war (umls , Fresno at the intersection of Beachcomber Drive and Hatteras;styled "folksy, openface sand-]said President Charles de Gaulle |wi ,hheld until the organizations stre et Iwich" personality until - as !0 f France and Chancellor Lud-jare convinced the poor are ade- Ralph F. Roark, cochairmanlone reviewer puts it -- "she' ,;,, Er h ar( i have agreed lo pro-jquately represented m the re- ! . , - i , " !,,,,,,., r-iK1 a nfonniva tinns Cling Crop Is Estimated At SAN FRANCISCO -AP -The California cling peach crop will run between 884,000 and 951,000 tons this year, according to estimates given to (he producers and canners cling peach advis-i of the Morro Beach Preservation] possesses showmanship and 1 Association, said closing of the| sta g e P° ise ' hat make most fTM. ! ' , . . . temporary female singers look road resulted from a resolution!,^ knockkneed teenagers." adopted by the city council! The voice that someone once finding the access route through the narrow streets in the residential area and hazard. described as a mixture of wild honey and sandpaper has mel- public m7isancei lowed until she sings blues and " +nmU r~t\t\nf l i r i t V * t V l A C Q m O fT\ri. . -o---- . ible organizations. nose a summit conference of the *PTM ^ ^^ munity council, and not the county economic opportunity commission, is running the war ory boards. Last year's crop totaled 922,000 tons, of which 854,000 tons[ torch songs with the same confidence she performed hillbilly songs at 15, on her own show back in Memphis, Tenn. such as House trailers ana camp- Mjss starr sees her come . ers ' back as "rediscovering the pub- As the facilities in the P ar!i jlic," and unlike some of her are scheduled to open July 1st,!f e || 0 w pop singers, seems un- A resolution also prohibits the use of residential streets by any sleeping vehicle, such as house trailers and camp- European Common Market by year's end lo discuss a political organization. The proposal will have to be accepted by the other members -- Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg -- before the meeting can take place. There is wide disagreement a m o n g the six countries about the kind of organization to be set up. on poverty here, and asks that funds be held up until the commission is separated entirely from the council and more low income representatives are included on the policy making board. During two days of confer- The signers of the letter are ences Erhard lias been pressing President George Barrios and for a conference to start work Mrs. Mendozia Murphy of the suit m the state's providing a were delivered to processors.j Green dropping of immature| regation. Among those arrested were James Farmer, head of the Con oress of Racial Equality; Syd . _.. . _ r c : - : ~ 1 ~f *U., Mi ruit under the marketing order etla OI " 1L irogram accounted for the dif- suggested, erence. The boards will meet again ointly in the near future. The date is dependent on the signup Roard said this action may re-| concerner j about the effect ofj° n rock and roll on her plans for the more conventional field. "My heart goes out lo a lot of those kids," she says. "We've been lucky enough to have a few years to build up a fan club. But everybody has his imore suitable access route. He said an entrance at the north end of the beach tract has been of the proposed new joint order low being voted on by the industry. Representatives of the department of agriculture report that through yesterday 51.3 per cent of the growers producing 55 per cent of the crop have voted for organization. De Firebaugh P o v e r t y Fighters agreed to go along onjand Chairman John Trujillo and the conference idea but France still holds strong reservations about a political union. late Issl week brought S26 lor s f c c r s and. heifers 52!. with a 3 per cenl shrink' after sorling, delivery currcnl to lale June on calves. Mostly choice 6CO lo 7CO pound belfcrs al 170.50ls22.25. Sheen: Choice and prime 104 pound slaughter spring lambs brought S27 and choice 90 lo 100 Bounders S2S.50g26.50, wilh shorn lambs a! 525.75 and wooled al S26..W. Cull and utility slaughter ewes wilh No 2 and 3 pells sold al $J@6 Obituaries Philip Kaiser nley, an official of the Na Association for the Ad vancement of Colored People ,ro comedian Dick Oregon,' Raby. Raby was released on S100 bond. Mendota Baby Dies In Collision PALMDAL.E -- UPI -- Three month old Laura Valiz, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Valiz of Mendota, was the new proposed marketing or- kille( j jn a tw o car collision on der program. Fifty one per c e n t , H i hway m east of here of the growers representing 65 Thg highway patro | say s Ihe niche. Mine is partly singing the songs people are familiar with whether I have made them famous or someone else." Audience Role per cent of the tonnage is re- bgby George Gonzales of the Mendota Poverty Fighters. Mrs. Murphy and Trujillo are members of the The spokesman, government: county commission. press chief Karl-Guenther von Hase, said there also was a broad measure of agreement on the difficult question of financing Common Market farm subsidies. The present arrangement comes to an end June 30th. Mrs. Report Read William G. Hyberg, The audience controls your yi////affl/////IH//nmr/iaf/ninff/m//WI//lW'^ show if you're smart; you build!^ it around requests b e c a u s e they're what keep you alive. don't sing Wheel Of Fortune,^ i _ _ i. __ * _ i _ u 1^ quired. Eleven of : have voted .short of the approval. was in a car driven by her] f t lhe wor(ls [father, Benito Valiz-Diaz,! p e0 ple don't c grandfather, 16 :ly, five necessary for She was thrown Qf {he car I I don't get a job. "Even now, though I've sung! it so often it's the national an-! them to me, sometimes I still I make (hem : care. They just and Weather ( Report | United Slalei Weattier Bureau Fresno, Calil., 7:30 AM Foremt Saturday, June 12, l?6 Fresno and sricinilv--Fair and coole mrouoh tomorrow. Windy «1 limes. To Rally Funeral services for Philip; | Kaiser, ST., 79, of 3344 East From Page 1-C WEEKLY REVIEW SOUTHERN [Madison Avenue will be held at director of the national organiza- , , p y P^DLOT, RANGE 5A^S a | ^ ^ ^^ jn ^ T jnkler U,,. sl8?gh'fer^ieCT a 5 U *d 0 heiiers le mosiiV er st! S S.' Mission Chapel. Burial will be He pointed with pride to the i.arge share " nis "« ( ' l "^fj^jjljj",^ 1 ;;in the Belmont Memorial Park.Council's record in Jackson, main" fimmna'^cfor"o^irsde' act'iviiv. Kaiser died yesterday in aiMiss. where, he said, 6,000 coun- ^a^'^Wr'Kiiocal hospital following a short ! cU members "control the town" or^^ ri f^\if^ 5 1Sr%i^!illness. He was a native of Rus-! by representing more than 6fl,-|Mrs Ola B. Graham, so, irjr^.r" ir^^^Smb'r-.isia and had lived in Fresno 45j 00 o votes. He said all the pohti-j'«·" ---·.Yrmitv st He had moved here from cians in the city are members of'Amador ana irinuy ai Boys Snatch Purse, $235; Suspect Held Robbery From Page 1-C pulled out a chrome plated re- to nave a thing that pleases them." In style, Miss Starr is one of the original belters. But she has more going for her than president of the community council, read a report by Erwin Lehmann, acting chairman, in which he sharply took the critics to task for their actions. Lehmann was absent from the board meeting because of illness. His report says: . It should be pointed out ... that Trujillo has attended very few meetings (of the commission), tio committee meetings and has contributed nothing in activity to Ihe work of the commission." Lehmann's report deals with a meeting of the economic op- day's" highs 85-M, Fresno 89; lonighl's lows 52-57. Fresno 54. Norlhwesl «/inds 15-25 miles Per hour alternoons ana definite feelin' for any: !PiS v 1f.«^ lh 3Sd h uir l 'l!.Si;lporlunity commission June 2nd portion wilh cnanre of thunderstorms; m pj r ebaU£h. It Continues: "Ian Francisco Bav area--Mosllv (air except lor some Jijght and morning high ...nail c r a f l west winds warnings for west ID norlh- miles an hour al limes. - - iic.3 ,iiui= 5u ... b ·-- ·-- ···-·· ,,,,,-,,,,,,-caniornla-Mosll iust a voice that reaches to the sundav except tor coastal i r .. " _ L , _ _ ., i,,..,.. ,,. widely scattered Ihundersl volver, he said. "Give me the money; all of it," the armed man said. · , i ,,,,!.,,, =tr,ir! When McCrain handed him ^ ^ ^ r ^ ^ l S ^ J r o m ^ e ^ s h ^ t r a y t h e I a purse O f-armed man warned, "You bet- Conlirmed Iceder callle sales not sufllclcnl y e a r s "siaughier 65 steers: i.TM mostiv choice i vjsalia He was a retired serv- 900-1.100 Ibs S?aSi38.50. mosllv SOT; 2,050 ·"="* mosiiy choice 900-1,075 ibs. s27.5osOT. ice station owner. July delivery; 345 moslly choice 1,100-1,050 ite S27 50 August delivery; 1,025 moslly choice 1,050-1,125 Ibs. S2S.50, September .. delivery 600 good and choice 850-1,025 [VI Ibi S27'S?a,- 80 oood 1.000 Ibs. «6, 40! 1 r standard 1,050 Ibs 522.50. a l ' t e r come up I'll shoot you.' back tables over the clatter of silver and glass. She describes it as a "brash, forward" quality ... sort of why don't we all get in this thing together." Magnetism Whatever it is, it is infectious itli S100 more orUnd it carries through off stagelj. Northern Calilornla--Mostly lair through · - · cloudiness and · i Ihe high dely afternoon over exlremp rmmnlains; cooler Inland lodav. Sacramento Vallcv-- Fair. Cooler. Hloh bolh days 75-85; lows tonight 5060; nr-"- west winds 10-20 miles an hour. Monterey Bay area--High log ntghl and mornina and mostly sunnv in Ihe afternoons Little temperature change; highs both days 60 65; lows lonloht 5055; west crlv winds 10-20 Knots. Santa Maria - San Luis Obispo coaslal ea--Night and morning Cloudiness jind "A Rev. Sample also spoke, again making a great deal of the relationship between the council and the-EOC. This was an obvious attempt at self aggrandizement, since not one word was said about the enormous volunteer and professional work done so far by the commission and by Ihe organized poor themselves in the propo- I h e allernoons. High sa | s a , L a Colonia, Three Rocks Surviving are two daughters, drs. Anna Leisle of Glendale, '°iLos Angeles County, and Mrs. ''"lEmma Spomer of Fresno; seven 0 Ibs 525^75 5U Mauomer came net[ ' . ... .. s i O h l ' F O B leedlol aflcr 4-5 per cenl| s ons, Jack Of CllOWChllla, Ma- heifers: 360 good and chol ~ Slaughter callle shrink, current lo June 30lh delivery less otherwise stated. Feeders: 150 good and choice 775 Ib. steers 523.50, 655 Ib. heifers 521 current delivery, 3 per cent shrink, FOB ranch. Tolal sales (or Ihe wefk confirmed on 5,260 slaughter steers; 360 slaughter heifers; and 150 feeder cattle, compared to 6,500--320--535 last week. . SF Produce STRAWBERRIES-- trvs Monlercy-Sanla Cruz Co S3.: Santa Clara Co S3.?5@3.50 SL Obispo and Sanla Barbara Co CA NTALOUP E S-- Slio ' crts Imperial Vlv SS.25 the council. In answer to a question, Hollis| said the council has a plan to prevent "Communists" and others from infiltrating the leadership of the organization. "If they infiltrate the general meet- not active, it does dera County, August of Marys- ij n g but are ville, Yuba County, Philip, Jr., not matter too much," he said. Ted,' George, Henry and Otto The infiltrators in Ihe audience all of Fresno; 15 grandchildren ' and 10 great grandchildren Funerals GLASPEY, Norma 1., Mrs., of ,938 North Wilson Avenue, tiv" iowe"1umbolMonday, Tinkler Mission Chap- ?» Ari2ona 34x455!^ ij ur i a i Belmont Memorial PFACHES- Lower, S Joao. Vlv 2 Iv luos | p ar k C 0 a b r l dTnaJs^Ro"i 2S r?ays°ana )S Bla $ !ln S S e Goiai HILL, Sporty, of 134 West * CA S BBAG! "^ slightV iwcr. an caiirLorena Avenue, 1 PM Monday, d 'cELERY-s e iigtmv higter i! 1i'i S caiif'disis i Sterling Funeral Home; burial, cr coR h K-s°IU'iiy^fgh d eV "rfs'fd: coach 'Golden Gate National Cemetery, Vly K Blvlhe dlsl «25S4.50, SQUASH--Slighllv higher llaltan-Tul. «nd Fresrfo Co LA lugs Italian and iuni- mer S4@i4.50. snickered at that comment. 'Open' Council Answering another question, Hollis said the council and the ,ted Klans of America both in racial separation. Bui said the Klans are secre is "open and time later the police arrested Ray Thomas Robinson, .0, of 288 West North Avenue as a suspect. Mrs. Graham told the police tie youths approached her at 12:45 AM. One snatched her nirse and Ihey ran in separate directions. She said she had just left the clubhouse of Post 511 of the American Legion near the in- he The attendant then was forced to open the safe, which contained an additional $175. As the men left the station on foot, the one with the gun turned aroung and said to McCrain, "1 should shoot you," but did not. j The station was the scene of :with unaffected exuberance and \ winds12-25 i that indefinable s o m e t h i n g! through " 45 52. North Mostly esl that tersection and ran back there after she was robbed to telephone the police. Within minutes Sergeant Salvador G. Mosqueda and Patrolman Joseph Ybanez arrested Robinson at Snow Avenue did not have the purse j money holdups on May 13th and 17th and June 4lh, In those robberies the bandits escaped with a total of $210. Sunday but nigh - - Js coastal sections. Guslv winds L a n d others. Nor was there any and morn!TM reply from him to our continued niee ,j n g s w jth [he lalled magnetism. Conversation! d n s erl v a l l e y s . UHIc temperalure change. ' ' -- Angeles and v i c i n i t y -- N l corning low clouds but sunnv Liltle temperature 'The technique being used to Normal maxirnl S m 0 and A mfnirnum 91, 57. | further the ReV. Sample's per- and minimum Ihis dale Ust] ,,,,,,,,, _ imi! io rat h er OBVIOUS: comes in a drawl she says "early everything" -- befittii residences in Dougherty, Okla., Dallas, Tex., and Memphis, Tenn., a vital, often earthy torrent accompanied by healthy guffaws that burst up unexpectedly from down deep. She may be a dark, sophis- and ,,. .' alter. change. High request Firebaugh-Mendota group tu help them detail t h e i r proposals. IS Attack in the press a day or '"ff 1 "! two before the meetings in order I1 ?! lrn }}'f, ._ _ ,, _ : _ .,._ _« :,,,, ; ,,,,,._ Seasonal preclnl Normal orecipllation l'-U Precipitation lo Ihls date last year 6.76 Relative humidily at 4 PM yesterday to attain the offensive if possible; write all kinds of letters Budget Poultry Market FRESNO--Friday: Frvers- lo'^lSViC Liohl Kens--4@ic, mosllv @; . Heavy hens--No price. Broilers--32C. Roasters-- 24@25c. Sauatjs--«JC (dfl in SF 65cl T u r k e v s -- Yearling htns l»,.S»18vsc, Vearlino loms 19@19Vjc; voung hens 25c. SAII FRANCISCO - UPI - Friday: Dressed poullrv ready to COOK prices to retailers: Fryers -33@'39C. Roasters--15a48c. ,_,,,, Hens under 4 Ibs.--17@?5c. Hen! Ibs and over-32@40c. TURKEYS F r ye r-Roaste rs~-40 ® 45c. Young hens--39SJ3c Young- hens under 22 Ibs.--M@ Youno loins 22-26 ltj.-37®«c. . Young toms 26 Ibs. and over--, I San Bruno. KAISER, Philip, Sr., of 3344 East Madison Avenue, 9:30 AM ! Monday, Tinkler Mission Chapel, burial Belmont Memorial Park. PAOLILLO, Frank, of 3358 North Millbrook Avenue, rosary, 8 PM Monday, Sacred Heart Church, Fresno; requiem mass, Monday, Holy Cross Springfield, Mass.; burial, --|, ution to {Michael's Cemetery, Spring- 1 field; Sullivan, Burns Blaii made the local arrangements. RANDOLPH, C l a r e n c e , of 1041 T Street, 10 AM Monday, Orr's Colonial Chapel; burial,; Belmont Memorial Park. In the letter of invitation, Mrs. Toner, who listed herself as temporary secretary, declared "it is now plain that the nationwide drive of the race mixers threatens every California commun- From Page 1-C and Trinity Street. He| as unnecessary on the last of the hearings. These were $28,070 for Mrs. Graham identified Rob-'pjeces of X ray equipment, , |25 per cent; hlohest Ihls mornino 70 PCri . 1V ',, , : nrrlpr In rrpatr ticated beauty, but when she cent. I with threats in order to crtau, . - - - ,' Sea level pressure al 4 IVA vesnrdoV ri nn ,| 0r i /\f nnnnvnncp (0 wear talks as when she sings it is not 2 ?.Eo inches,- ai 4 AM loday WAI inches, enougn ot annoyance lu 1 others down with frustration un- Kinos River Pine Flat Reservoir slor- til the takeover COmCS by de- aoe al midnight 730,293 a c r e feel. Calcu-j incongruous just plain to picture her as Catherine Starks, whose folks s t i l l live in Sulfur, where they still call Oklahoma aoe a mng , a c r e e e . acu- , . M laled natural flow al ' J tedra 10,676 second ' laUlt. f_eet. The actual the Indian Territory; or c !diversion by units Of|2.215 second feel. Ho,, at that :conri feel. Released fo below Highway 99 wa two inson as one of the pursei 2 03 for duplicating equipment| HD Honmc trip t h p f t i ,,.,,! M con tn r^jw fnr travpl P V - ' ' snatchers. He denies the theft. j a n f j $1,620 to pay for travel ex. penses of hospital personnel to conferences and training ses- Falk Will Attend Tax Conference her Miss Starr sang for "low budget grand ole opry . . . the ; ' they'd come to from miles! brought the kids and stomped." I figured if 1 was a stylist it was because I started out - , ., - She said a group of civic leaders" concerned about the menace of racial integration" An item of $9,650 for medical i Dr. Karl L. Falk, a Fresno and surgical itensive care units Stale College professor of eco-Svas tentatively approved, nomics, will participate in a| Whether it will stay in the conference of tax experts al the budget will depend on a report "'·'have been meeting to find a so- University of ' ·al, St. ... ,, ,,, ,,,,,,, _ rr ,hipm ·· waukee next v Wisconsin in Mil- week. .vhich County Administrative Officer Phillip V. Sanchez 1 staff f l i p nrnhlpm " jwaui«;G I I C A I nct^. | L , ^ . . ,. · · me pruu . ^ conference of lhe natjon . was directed to prepare on the wealth we! 3 ' committee on taxation, re- effect of the units in increasing italents, efforts and .can be prepared to meet any situation which may arise in our sources and economic develop- the efficient use of hospital per- ment, sponsored by the Robert'sonnel Shalkenbach Foundation, will be a ^ r inS following -d Mondayjhrough Wednes- R E S N O - A P - Friday: E 0!1 s, V °Lanfe° r «^".27Vjc. fAcOium 15@?2c, Small l?@15c. Butter Eqqs, Cheese ] YAMAGUCHI, Aiiecn shigeko, ' ^ O ua,i,y of 1417 South Marks Avenue, 8 a j a yca , PM Sunday, Christ Methodist, c|aw ° ,, Church, formerly J a p a n e s e M e l h o d i s l Church; private . graveside services M o n d a y , . /.*A A »I4 C: Medium A 3 Mountain View Cemetery, Eas-j AA s3S«'c; sm.n A : ley . s F ime ral Service in charge.j From Page 1-C . .--_;-- f . ~~ i placed on a special call of the Air Force Seeks [day. The topic will be Property Coast Tides Pismo Beach low tides, tomor- ow, 4:56 AM, --0.7; 3:50 PM, singin' hillbilly," she s a y s, "Anybody who's never played in a hillbilly band doesn't realize they're singin' some of the most difficult intervals in the ; world. Its difficult to yodel, too.] Those who say it isn't don't gargle all that good." ! She kept the intriguing hillbilly's rough edge through six years on the road with the Joe Venuti and Charlie Barnett bands; nn records, television and even in the "class spots C A L I F O R N I A REPORTS For 2J hours ended al 4:30 FRESNO I os Angeles Merrcd Oakland Paso ftobles Red Blulf . San Diego San Francisco Thermal 55 61 5! Mtwday, 5:32 AM, -- 0.7; j' - UPI " '"'" Atkins as f r ; 0 v, t jTaxes--USA. |«"» w i t h o t 1 Dr- Falk is president of the 2.2. :First Federal Savings and Loani4:22 AM. 2.3. For Morro Bay Association of Fresno. land Cayucos, add 10 minutes. where the college crowd can't afford lo go." 30@36Ci- small "ifu'a'id (armcrs-Larac AA lc; mediui A 36c: small AA »c. Male or Female and A 1 Ib print oV'/i?73c. int 71V;c: '.' Ib FSMNi-- Singles daisies «®SCcr rroc- «sed American i Ib loaf «S»c; chcddir 40 Ib, block jlJi@J7Vac, Western Grain STOCKTON --UPI-FSMNS--Friday: Barlev-Ho 2 ^esterr ·- ·"=" 1 ""· V;HEAT--rjo. i s o f t v Applicants For Anesthetists supplies insuHicienr lo quote. GRAIN SORGHUMS--Ho. t yellow. Kansas-NcbrasVa o r i g i n s S?.71@2 truck, local, California supplies clem to ouote. legislature next year. Atkins said lhat anyone wish-| l i n g to serve on the committee should get in touch with him. i I Atkins long has been active' The air force says its anes- J n comrm i nil y affairs. j thetist program has been re-, He t, as serv ed as president' opened lo qualified applicants. | of ttie Fresno city and County: ; rrn ° a '; Sergeant Milliard S. Shipley,'chamber of Commerce, chair-j r a i l '.lr., air force recruiter in Fresno,! m , ln o r me Fresno Diamond] '*;!«.said Ihe program is open to both|j UD j] ee committee, chairman of ACROSS 1 Diminutive of Thomas 4 Feminine appellation 8 Kirsl king of Israel (Bib.) 12 American humorist fi Rumored 7 Art (Latin) 8 Pollutes 0 Tropical plant 10 Arm bone 11 Endure i 7 Disagreeable predicament 19 Oust 23 Pauses LOS ANGELES-- UPl-' : l/o 2 western barley SJ.e NO. 1 TC corn J2.955?.*e No, ? TC sorptium S2.M 1 'No ? TC vellow srain tr^nsil from the easl SJ.A day: Alfalfa Report US No. 1 *33@34 US No 2 leafY S30333 US No. 1. green, Ji9@31 US No. 2 12729 SPIRITUAL READERS AND ADVISER CHURCH Advise on all matters Prayers ond help No appointment ntcesiary Phone 237-9562 548 E.Olive Tower Ditt, FRESNO men and women between the|, n e p resno Public Appeals R e - j 22strays ages of 20 and 35 who are gradu-j v i e w Board, chairman of the' ?1S'"^ ales of nursing schools accept-, industrial committee of Ihe able to the surgeon general and chamber and president of the joBrm^ioliglil can meet other requirements. North Fresno Lions Club. " Additional information may be n e , s v j ce president and gen- obtained at Ihe recruiting office county operations 7890$.. 7890. at 1225 Broadway, or by tele- era | manager of the Fresno phoning 264-3637. ' County operations of the Sccur- _ i ( y Tj( | e ] nsurance Company. Rre Ca " S ' Ge7s"Chiir7i77ost SACRAMENTO - UPI-Alan Sieroty, 34, of Los Angeles has been appointed by Governor F.d- 13 Can be male or 24 faltier (Fr.) female 25Masculine name H P a l m l e a f 26 Passages in lhe 15 Mastcrscm brajn 16 Deleted items 27 Transform 18 Parts of shirts 2 8 Rave 20 Nautical gadget 39 Canadian province lab.) . , 31 Philippine 24 Raw silk weight municipality 26 Notion 33 Characterless 27 Musical continue to keep the; suggestion of down home in a parcel of upcoming television j [appearances and new record-! ings (or a very elementary reason. "Whatever happens to rock and roll and Ihe rest of it," she says, "you're gonna always and Dixie music. It's what peo-| pie can listen lo and pat their toot to." ! 38 Monster (comb, forml 44 Gaelic 4fi Summers (Fr.) 40 Speed contests 47Europe»n. 4t Genus ot stream grasses 48 Sounded 42 Eject violent!!' resonantly, as 43 Knd (comb. a bell form I 50 Gibbon TT ihe following rails between noon vcslcr. i d a v ar,d II AM today: 1 l:M PM -- I'M SouHl Tiwman Sired, j p/X -- World Fresno Street and "- """ "'"'"""" AvtnuC ' mund G. Brown as deputy di- ( 7 :J5 PW, - »i66 Tupm.n iirnt, orass rector o{ ())C chile-California t TM 6 ' ' ' Av """'' profiram. Sieroty, since 1062 executive secretary to Lieu-' M. An- 0 , , ne ' E "' """I Democratic State Central Corn- sue r i i . « d » n *"" Merccd imittee and a director of the i io;» AM - «j soutii chKinut A»« n "«'!ralifornia Democratic Council. Istiorl In stove. I ( P«-- l ".Mh S1r F e ir 1 i.%«i c -»ni haw Avenue, slump (ire. tenant Governor Glenn P* - mvo ,nd E Sl«es, " *" iK" ° °'"" 32 Helix (geom.) 34 Baby's toy 35 Occupant 36 Mariner's X7Table leavings 39 Brazilian tapir 40 Miss Stevens 41 Reply lab.) 42 Pilfer ·15 Carouser 49 Permeate 51 Girl's na.-n« 52 Olherwise 53 Solar disk 54 Number 55 Ailmcnls 56 Miss Bonheur 57 Unit of energy DOWN l l . i l l l e flaps 2 East I n d i a n woody vine 3 Aerolite 4 Over community Two Are Hurt In 3 Car Crash Mrs. Alicia Leon of 3807 East Mono Street and her daughter, Jj Sylvia, 15, were treated in theje county hospital yesterday forjmiddie Aitan minor injuries they suffered m\ D S'f"~'" a three car traffic accident at TM !t ^ South Tenth Street and East «n co Lyell Avenue. Mrs. Leon's sedan and a car driven by Henry E. Celis, Jr., of 3891 East Dwight Way collided. Then her car careened Council board member Roberl Moore, chairman of a nomi- 6,8*0 second icct; nating committee appointed to Mn joagum Kiver'W^cconrf feet; I f ill three vacancies on the board, Ma*^ cSnai an 6? s scc 7 ond c ie ei d ROW!said he has received no reply ?oht' lrc avcraM "" " h ° m a la "|to requests that members in the S Firebaugh and Mendota poverty ghlers organizations r e c o m end poor persons for the osts. "I'm told to appoint three oor people to these vacancies," e said. "But we don't wam ust names. We want somebody ho can and will attend meet- ngs and take a part in what 'e're doing. "We don't want all three rom Kirebaugh-Mendota, but so ar the people out there haven't ;iven me even one name, or ;iven me a reply to my request for suggestions." Mrs. Hyberg commented that he Rev. Sample and the signers of the letter to Shriver "are not ;oing to be satisfied with just hose three members." Want Poor On Board "They want this whole board to be made up of the poor," she said. "They are trying to make this board conform lo what Ihe commission should be. I've explained that this organization (the c o m m u n council) is involved in a great many more things than the poverty fight, that that is just one of the projects we oversee, but I don't know if that got through or not." Details of the proposed meet- 58 31 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Prec. Albany, clear 79 4? Albuouerflue, clear w 44 ,05 Anchorage 58 50 M Atlanta, cloudy 74 68 .84 Bismarck, ctoudy 77 tA .04 Boise, cloudy 95 54 Boston, cfear 77 59 ... Buffalo, clear 72 54 Chicago, cfear 78 58 Cincinnati, cloudy 69 63 .01 Cleveland, clear 76 53 Denver, cloudy f.7 si 90 DCS Moines, cloudy . Delroit. clear Fairbanks, ctoudy Fort Worth, clear Helena, clear Honolulu, cloudv Indianapolis, clear ... Jacksonville, rain Juneau. ctoudy Kansas Cilv, cloudy .. Las Vegas Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy .... Miami, cloudv Milwaukee, clear Wipls..SI. Paul, cloudv New r ,-ans, clear ... New York, clear Okla. Cilv. clear Omaha, cloudy Phlladerohia. ctouctv .. Phoenix, clear Pillsburgh, clear Pllnd, Me., clear Pllnd, Ore., clear Rapid Cily, cloudy .. 65 56 52 St. Louis, clear .... Salt Lfc. City, clear Seattle, cloudv TamoA. cloudv W-ishinpton, rloudv . Winnioco, clear .... 75 83 83 82 56 . 16 Si 75 37 5.21 NATIONAL SUMMARY I Rain continued in sections of Ihe nouthcasf and showers dampened areas i in the eas! and from 1he Rocktes to Ihe lower Misslsslooi Valley lodav bul generally dry wealhcr prevailed in mosl other pans of Ihe nation. The rain bell In the southeast extended from 1he central and eastern ouK coast Carollnas. wim (airly heavy Va|lcy mic coast. m the Rockies across lower MISSISSIPOI vaiiov ing in Mendota will be worked out by community council representatives and residents of the Firebaugh and Mendota areas. r Lu Sd"acro'ss The date, time and place will be [confirmed next week. into a power pole. Celis' vehicle glanced off a parked car belonging to Dennis Rossi of 3950 JEast Lyell. Aid For Student Mrt'lal.-hy N o w s i n p r r s Si-nlro TAFT, Kern Co.--Joe Sword, Fresno Boy, 6, Is Hurt By Car Traffic Mishap Injures Two I Sammy Lee Adams of 4580 i North Blackslone Avenue and I Willie Griffith of 1112 East San- David Alquizon, 6, of 4662 Eastlta Ana Avenue suffered minor Turner Avenue suffered minor cuts and bruises yesterday when injuries last night in a traffic accident at North Blackstone he ran into the side of a moving] and East Shields Avenues. car at East Oilve and North The police reported Adams' Chestnut Avenues. sporls car collided with a sedan The police reported the boy driven by Earl C. Griffith who was running south in a cross-; also lives at the East Santa Ana 'walk when he hit a car driven , . i a sophomore liberal arts major i by Robert Ricca of 359 0 Street ' ws w t b o u n d on Olive. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASStf. at the Taft College, is the 1965 i recipient of the Sarah L. Denton 1 Memorial Scholarship. who was westbound on Olive. The boy was treated in the county hospital. address. W i l l i e G r i f f i t riding w i t h Earl G r i f f i was treated in the county hospital and G r i f f i t h went to a private doctor.

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