The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1950
Page 13
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TONE I, 1»W BLITHE V1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE 1H1H1EKH OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams vou SHOOLP BE A LITTLE VNO--IT X PON'T AN 1 THEM IWORKTl / HAP TO \PO5HM1He \ ALL TH 1 / /WAY HERE 'ONCE, AN' NOTACAR B4SSEP Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople r UMF - K AC*- K AC* DASH IT AtC. euRt HE'S PIMNIM© YOU DOWM/)?EMeM6£R MV IMSTRUCTIOSSS.' THIWK.MAM THINK GOT HIK FOLDED VJ1TH THe FLAT WORK. THINK POR VOti 10-V BURKE TrUWK.' BUT FIRST WMCT Television on Friday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:40—News a;15—MidSoulh News 0)0—Berle'Olswangpr 2:30—Fashion Parade 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:30—Howily Doocly. 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Hello, Indies S:00—Kukla, Fran * Ollie 5:30—Roberta Quintan 5:45—News Caravan . «:00— Parade of Stars 6:15—What's New 8:30—We the Peoril* 7:00—Versatile Varieties 7:30—Big Story 8:00—Cavalcade of Sports 8:45—Fights of the Century 9:00—Star Spangled Review 10:30—News. We niter complete Television service., supplying .and installing General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE J8E MAINST BIYTHEVILLE ARK Rent A Car ... *rive It Yourself Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anyvvttert Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 4948 - 937 A tractor mower can cut as much hay in 10 minutes as 10 men can in * day. Political Announcement Tht Courier News his been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. rOK COU1STT JUDGE Roland Greea FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H. Aulry Re-election post No. I John J. Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 K. O. "Gene" Pleeman (For re-election Post No. *) W. F. Wells Tor State Senator £', W R. Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally You'll Love Our Flowers! BLTTIIEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Biwaj Phone MOZ FOR SALE C«m*reU ralvcrU. 12 Inch to 48 b, plain *r reenforccd AE»o Concrete Bntldinx Blucki cheaper than lumber for barns chicken *tt», p«mp honscs, tenant h««se*. 1*0) shtds. We delirer Call u f»r free •Kllmale OSCEOLA TILE * CULVERT CO. Fh*n« 991. LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real estate & FIIA United Insurance Agency A. F. (Dec) Dietrich. »|*r. 1st A Main—Rear Citj Drue BIythcYllte, ,\rk. BALONBA By Grace Nies Fletcher I'lIK STORY i KJorla C bride ol tour noalbi., fall* AfdJy HE nirLkliiK npi>lr pi* mrrl» hrr . . ver to Irani Jirtw vim a urinjr. tkr Intirurlliin* r nrrivrn wilt a hxi b T*«nk nhnp »nd wink* tl 10 Mr., llrnnnl. M ot» not •?«• the bux i Ill jyiKS. BENONI'S fingers flew about her own pie as Gloria fumbled beside her at the table. "Watch me anci do exactly as 1 do," the older woman instructed. The apples were ready and she rolled out ner dough with delicate, quick strokes. "Light, light, as II you were stroking silk," she warned. Mrs. .-Benonj sliced her lemon very thin, so that there was merely a suspicion of lovely yellow crescents lying on top of the sliced, cinnamoned apples. "Now dot the top crust with butter," she ordered. "Real butter, mind, not margarine. Then you lay the crust on—so—and dust lightly with melted butter and cinnamon—so." "Ambrosia, fit for Zeus himself," murmured Gloria, awed. Mrs. Benoni eyed her suspiciously. "I thought you said your husband's name was Mil—-" ' "—'tiades," finished Gloria. -He was only a Greek general but Zeus was the Big Sneeze. He liked shoot off lightning bolts and lave ambrosia for breakfast." "Oh, cereal," said Mrs. Benoni. Fust then the phone rang. "Did ever get my hands in dough that hat darn phone didn't ring? Put four pie in the oven, dearie. I'll inish mfne in a minute." She hurried to answer the phone. "Hello, Benny? Yes, it came. I laven't opened it yel because Mrs. 3rown is h'ere making a pie—Mrs. Brown, you know, the blonde from next door—tor heaven's sake, how did I know?" Gloria squirmed uncomfortably, wishing the telephone wasn't in the vestibule right next to the kitchen so she wouldn't have to listen. Was Mr. Banom angry because his wire had Invited her in here? But Gloria couldn't very well leave til! the pie was done. Oh, dear! "No, no, Benny!" Mrs. Benoni screamed into the phone. "lie couldn't for six months et. Page 7. you say? You'd better not come home till after dark. Sure. Sure, I will. Be careful, Uenny." • • • * VERY strange conversation to " have with one's husband over hat, Gloria was thinking when Mrs. Benoni went by the kitchen door like one of Zeus's own thunderbolts, snatched up the newspaper lying on the dining room table, tearing a page in her eagerness. Her hands trembled as she read and her face was very white and Gloria, feeling uncomfortable, opened and closed the oven door to remind her hostess tactfully that she was still there. But when Mrs. Benoni came back into the kitchen she had pulled herself together and there was decision in her eyes and two little red spots in her cheeks. "Why don't you go wash your hands while 1 pop my pie in?" she urged Gloria. "No, not that bathroom. Go through to the lavatory at the far end of the apartment, dearie. It has clean towels." She wants to ge^ rid of me, Gloria knew; well, it's none of my business. The lavatory was done in bright pink tile and the towels so lavish with lace Gloria hated to use them; but she ran the water, obediently rumpled one of the movie prop towels, and started back, but the door wouldn't open. She turned the knob again. It must be stuck; but when slse pulled with all her strength, the door still wouldn't budge. "It's locked on the outside!" A kind of panic came over her and she colled, "Mrs. Benoni! Open the door, please!" and when there was no answer, she pounded on the pink door. It I finally opened so suddenly she almost tell through, "Darn Hint lock," Mrs, Bcnont ejaculated, pushing up the little gadyei so thai Gloria couJd see what had happened. "It (nils down. I forgot to lell you to shut the door easy. You look pale, dearie. You must have a glass of nice wine before you go." She was so concerned, so patently once more Ihe hospitable neighbor that Gloria felt ashamed for getting so childishly hysterical. After all, any lock might gel tern pern menial. The wine in tlun glasses and the crisp iitlle wafers were so delicious, Gloria sipped a disgraceful amount and before she realized it, both pies came out of the oven, browned, heavenly fragrant, delectable; except that Mrs. Dononi's pie was almost twice as big as Gloria's. QLOU1A, Ihrilled. broke oft tiny morsel of her own crust and it melted in her month like a snowflake in July. "You're wonderful! It's marvelous!" she cried and flung her arms impulsively about Mrs. Benoni's neck, murmuring dizzily, "My first pie and my first friend in this great city!" "You're welcome," said Mrs. Benoni, disentangling herself. "I shouldn't have given you that last glass of wine." She propelled Gloria, plus pie, gently toward the front door. She put the pic in the middle o« the living room table where Mil- tiadcs would see it the minute he opened the door and fell across her bed for a little nap, and when she woke up. it was afternoon. She lay there, deliciously drowsy, wondering what it was Mrs. Benoni had found so upsetting on Page 7. Miltiadcs always took.the morning paper with him to read on the subway and anyway she was sure it had not been the big dignified morning paper that Mrs. Benoni had been reading because ol the number of pictures on the back page; when one went out to buy a dinner suitable to go with the magnificent pie, one might get an early edition of an afternoon tabloid. . (To Be Continued} WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 BURY YOUR WORRIES/ commit AUTOMOIILE INSURANCE PKOTICTION FARMERS • UK K»« • P*!Vt OTHIt Ol CCV9AGC W. L. Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Bos. Phone 34!X> Res. Ill We're Proud of Our Work inc work • Woodwork facturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOf 121 W. M « 1 N ST. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Trunks 2.95. Tennis Racjtiels Caps of all kinds Jimmie "B" Boats $50 Baseball & Softball Uniforms, all prices, lettering All types Summer Ath- leic Equipment. "If It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 421 W. Main Ph. 6762 Our Telephone Number 4438 , Shclton Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock • Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "your Friendly Studebaket Dealer" | RAILROADS ASH PHONE 6888 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEi Rumble-Gumption RUMBLE- . GUMPTlOJ/ RLJMeLE- GLJMPTlOW.I INVISIBLE flSK CAPffiL WANT TOGf , fe A GIFTY OKAY, M.L CALL HIM THAT COME ON TCH BOZZARO.' SPEAK somy OP TUB SCOTCH, t-AD/ TOM IS LMCO PATRIOTIC / "An egg timer? Heavens, no! 1 time John s eggs by that traffic light—one green, two reds, and they're clone!" AL VERMEKH 1 SUPPOSE VOU LOST THE *2 I GAVE YOU FOR POKER LAST NIGHT WE WATCHED THE WRESTLING MATCH ON TELEVISION! LUSCIOUS LOUIE BEAT KILLER KELLY! OH, GOOD! THEN VOU CAN GIVE ME BACK MY WELL- NOT EXACTLY. HY MICHAUI, O'ftlALLEY anrl RALPH LAN! fER A FEILEB THAT'S JUST UP HERE ON A VACATION YOU ASK A LOT O' QUESTIONS, MR. TLIMT. r SUPPOSE vou GOT VOUB Klllf E DULL WKlmiNG,EH,JED2 YOU FIGURE MAYBE I'M A COP UNDERNEATH 1HETWEE05,15THAT If: DONT FIGGER ANYWIWG. JUST MIND AW OWN BUSINESS. THAI'S YOtTRE HOT FOOl INS ANYONE.TOU'RE AfPAlO 3F SOMETHING WHAT IS I QUESTIONS. CAH'T YOU IEAVE ME ALONE The Whole Story BY LESLIE TURNER THM"S THE WHOLE STOE.Y, NIK). HE DIED PEACEFULIY. AGILEFT HIM I FOUMD A P1CTUEE THAT HAD FALIEM FROM HIS POCKET,., f LMEK I PUT IT INSIDE THE CUV HEAD I MADE F20,« MBMOKY... TO PROVE THAT I'D BEEN WITH HIM, AMD SUBSTANTIftTE MV WRITTEN ACCOUNT OF WHAT HAPPENED THAT HAS A CLEVER 7 I'M AFRAID life THE SCHEME NIBIIK USED OMLV PRACTICAL USE TO KEEP THE PUQH \ I EUEe MWE OF rw GRATEFUL FOK | tOUti EFFORTS TO. HELP DAM, RE1WUE.. AND I'M SO GLAD TO KWOW TH£ MWls BOVS FKOM HUKDERIMG «!'.\— T»E ONE WITNESS TO THEIE CKIMEl I'M TURWIW OVER A NEW LSAW AFTER ALL, t'V6 GOT A CONSCIENCE... I THINK; WHAT'S TH' USE/ I'LL NEVER BE NOTHIN' BUT A WEAK-WILLED 1 . CARROT-FILCHIN Jicing Followed BY V. T. HAMLIN LUCKS NOT ALL MANA.GED TO THAT CEITTER... HOWM I GONN<\ SNHA.K TH.' 613VM7 WIZER'S B*CK irre> t-m WITH THAT MONSTROSITY DO&6W MY HEELS BOOTS AND HKR RDDDIKS It's Unanimous I5Y EDttAR MARTIN

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