The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY. DECEMBER 10, 1940 BLYTHEVTLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS FUNNY BUSINESS ,15 mm M Country Devastated, Ravaged By Civil N Warfare Doesn't Want More BY HENRY P. Unite*! l*ress Stafl' Correspondent ^ ZURICH, Switzerland (UP) — Kvtryiliing- in Spain looks run down and in disrepair. The ravages of the civil war which ended more U)an 18 months ago are 1 visible on ^11 sides. An en lire .section of ?Aadrid is a were ghost, town without lights and will) few inhabitants for miles. f-.'vpu in mid-town there are buildings .still showing ihe pockmsrks of bullets and shrapnel. i In some of the ruined apart- ^jnent houses poor people Jiang a f 'sheet, or rug over the. holes in their •vails nnd live as though nothing had happened. However, the whole '^astern section of the city came, through the war comparatively unmatched, and the bull-ring was untouched. I arrived when Madrid \va.s ex- riiirly Friends Help 'Uncle Hiram' Cox Cclebraic 81st Birthday at Osceola O6CEOLA. Ark., Dee. 18. —"Undo. Hi" Uiiram; C'ox, one of the most, popular ami well known porsonal- itle.s in Oseeola had u binhday Tuesday and around 30 of his friends came io enjoy a turkey dinner ut his home with his daughter. Emma Cox, while many more came in after dinner ! to offer, eongnitulnUoMS upon his 8) years. Christmas trees on both sides o." the doorway, tmc-ircled in cedar ,1'rom which liny blue light.s glowed. and a large wreath efnterinjs vhe "Jie cioi'.sn'i miml the c«l<l—-he used (o J)c a janitor in an should be. The next day a uixi 1 Wisconsin Cht-.-sc Also tilting over the release of a supply of beer and the reappearance of ra j tuxLs for the first time'in months.' .Spectacle for Himmier The day Heinrich Himmier, Nazi Gestapo chief, departed after charged me a pre-19t>9 price for a| MADISON, Wis! (UP)—Although ( Pll - l» i IA rte»t /A) i v *t t'm >ti si .1 *-! /i^*1 /\sl I : t-.. *•_ ) i .. Dell News ' f conferences with Gen. Francisco Franco, I waited in the rain for live hours to see the military spectacle. Madrid buildings were hung with flags in his honor. Some of the Nazi flags had swastikas printed backwards. At intervals of 100 feet special police guarded the route Himmier was to Uike. At the airport there was unusual bustle. Smartly uniformed German offtcbrs stood talking in " small groups. Spanish officers looked expectantly down the road to Madrid. Civilian plane passengers were^ ignored. Eventually there was a roar of motorcycles, followed by a cavalcade of big American cars. The. officers snapped to attention, .saluted, and Himmier stepped smiling into a lobby that was as quiet as a church. After t-wo or three words with each officer, he passed within a'foot, of me and on to the landing field. There he briefly reviewed a squad of Spanish soldiery, to the accompaniment of a brass band playing the Spanish anthem, then he stepped into one of the Junkers and zoomed off into the east. I was surprised at the lack of precautions taken about strangers. There £were jJic* questioning ofi onlookers? no "rules laid down.-- But the performance went off like clockwork:!--"" Some New Uniforms The soldiers deployed along the way had been dressed in new uniforms of blue with red trimmings. There had not been enough new \ ones to go around, however, so the r last few miles to the airport had been guarded by gendarmes in the old uniform of tricorn hat and cape of dark blue. New uniforms are an. unusual thing for Spain, for everything seems to be old. The hotel where Himmier stayed, for instance, was the Ritz, but the only indication of its name was the weather stains left by a long defunct neon sign removed from its top floor long ago. The overworked trolleys, according to many Madrillenos. should have been junked years ago. Now that there is so little gasoline available for automobile travel, they carry three times the load'for which they were intended. The buildings need paint, and hundreds of them need repairs. It is almost impossible to get eggs in, Madrid. The bread is almost black and you are allowed only one piece at a inert?.! jfiji pier is rationed and .scarce. Often it is rancid when you get it. The coffee is "ersatz" and exceedingly distasteful. Sugar is hard to get. Spaniards are allowed meat three times a week. One day a week is ".set aside as "one dish day 1 ' which means that only one main dish can be served, with the usual supplementary dishes of soup, dessert, fruit and bread. Food Smuggling: Goes On The restrictions on food and cigarettes foster quite a smuggling business in some of these products. If you know the proprietor of a restaurant you can usually get what you like, although with the lack of fate Spanish cooks arc hard put to it to offer much variety. You can still get American cigarettes for about 50 cents a package. Although the food in Spain is not good, the farther north you go the better conditions seem to be. j Barcelona, which was bombed i numerous times, has been repaired j to a large extent and looks more j prosperous than Madrid. Its har-1 bor. however, is crowded with idle Spanish ships. The beggars, so noticeable in Madrid are few in Barcelona, and there are far fewer ragged children picking up cigarette butts for resale, from the streets and cafe floors. Farther north near the French border in a small country town, I found that bombs had left gaunt and bare walls. I was shown the ruins of an air raid shelter, directly hit, where 27 citizens lost their lives. But the strolling hour, from 8 to 9 in the evening just before Spain eats dinner, sees the senoritas and senorS) walking round and round, the main square, or "Rambla," to see and be seen as though things were ail as they Celebrates HirthOuy Gloria Ann Tate celebrated her fifth home She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Tate. Nine friends were present for the party. After games were played, refreshments were served. Balloons and candy were given for favors. residents Germany and Scandinavian counirie.s. Wi.seon.sin produced O.L'(iO.OOO pounds of Italian cheese last year, or more than -17 per cent of the amount produced in the United States. doorway spoke cheer to the guests. Inside the hirjje interior of the C'ox home was a more festive ur- ranyi-jm-ni with two blue and silver Christmas Iree-s on each end of the mantel and a row of blue light;; in the cenlcr. Other greenery and lights wound around the large mirror over the mantel, The Following dinner, the gaged in various card yames or conversation. Tho guest list included Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Shod- dan, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Prrwlli, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bryant, Mr. ami Mrs. Ben Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Green, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Coble, Mr. and Mrs. U, J. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. Hlley, Judge S. L. GladLsh and Mrs. GladLsh. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Green of Blythpvllln, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cox, Walter Cox Jr.. Mrs. Tulmadgo Tonualf', Malcolm Shannon, i,. w. Wallers, i). H. Black wood and j! L. Williams, v:ho could not be present on account of Mrs. Wil- PAGE THREE Mr. Cox and hi.s wife, the lute Mr.s. Hiram Cox, niimti to O.sceoln in 19D1 and engaged in fumiing until his rtMlrement about ten years ' opening between living and dining !l oO. Horn in 1859 in Aurora, room was outlined with cedar and lights; ten potted poin.settia and ornamental peppers went phi'.'ed on other pieces of i'urni- Lure. Beneath a Raphael's yisline large of Madonna over the bookcase, wa.s an arrangement ol 1 the Manger Scene, wise men and shephrrds. Red roses mul red candles in double crystal candelabra were used on the dining It is i-aid human beings are born with the ability to make 500 basic- gestures. An average of one person has been accidentally killed every IB minutes for the past 10 vears. Was Old at 52 NOW PEPPY, FEELS NEW, YOUNGER "I'm only 62 but. foil OLD; nr> weak, e.xhiuwH-il. Tlieu O.itri'x tuUi't.s KHV» IM>. i«?ji. 1-Vi-l youn<<T."—> II. U. Johnson. HiHailolvWiv. O^'V'Kr.X i-onv»lu» tonic*. mlniuULitlH ofii-n lu'iMcil ivficr 41V -bv bodies liicKtiiii Iron, civlcliiiu. yUuijulioriw. Icwllnc, Vltinnlu III. I'or men mul woniixu. A 7-i-y<'»r oW UOOTOU. vvrllod: "It UW so mui'li for patients. 1 look U myself. .Result-* Hue." Oi 'Me OSTKKX today lor i!!>c. If not <IHIghii'<f. umtUT rcnnuls ilils jirli'o. Von don't, risk u iH'iiny. Start gi'tilnz now ni-nTOOM'. ho spent hi.s younger life a.s pilot on steamboats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as the men of his families had done for two generations. Hi.s father, Jacob Cox, wa.s a pilot on boats in the federal .service during the Civil War and a priy.ed .piciuiv in Mr. Cox's room shows his fftlhpr in the uniform of UIP North with the two shoulder bars indicating his rank. An uncle of Mr. Cox served on the .side of the Confederacy and wa.s captured by his own brother in an encounter between two boats on Red Rlvor and sent a.s a prisoner to Ship Island, He WAS never hmd of attain. The hilc Mr.s. Hiram Cox was Mary Feeley of County LeiUmtm In Northern Ireland. Her mother belonged to u family of the wealthy landed gentry but was disinherited by her hither when she eloped with her father's eoacmnn; the young couple immigrated to America, bringing little Mary when she Wfl.s two years old. Michigan Helps Aliens Prepare To Be Citizens LANSING, Mich. (UP) ~ The department of public instruction iias a new program of adult education under way In an oH'ort, to intensify fiti'/.enshlp U-.iininfe. Dr. Eugene B. Elliott, superintendent of public Instruction, issues a buHetln lo nil school administrators to cooperate fully with the education division of the Works Progress Administration in sponsoring citi/enship classes for aliens who would be cut oM" from employment. If they did not- flnnl "Recent developments • excluding nlicns fi-om certain government work and from some private employment, has precipitated a new problem." Dr. Elliott said. "Many aliens have never. 1 been given ,:i chance-, in our educational sys- _ l,em, to become citi/ens, f "In times of emerftpncy, it, is not I'lioiigh that wo become cognizant of a lack of instructional services but rather, that we set inlo motion machinery to discover i lie citi'/.enshlp needs in the com- munlUes and mnke MM of all educational .services available — local, state and national." He. said cooperation of the WPA education division would be soiiRhl, i anil co-sponsorshii> assured to i provide uccommodntlons for the j classes and resources necessary to such a program, i Don*! Nt»jrl<?cl Slipping FALSK TEETH Oo false teeth drop, slip or wab- ble when you tulle, eat, Uuiuh or snee/ev Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps, FAS- TEETH, an :ilkalJw (non-ucld powder to s]>r inkle on your plates, keeps false teeih more (Irmly set. Cilves confident and added comfort. of security No uummv. yooey, pnsly tuste or feellnp,, Gel PASTEKTH si ore, Sweet potatoes were cultivated in ancient china. New Uft^r-arm Creom Deodorant Stops Perspiration 1. Does not rot Presses, does not irritate skin. 2. No wailing to dry.Canbeused right after shaving. : 3. Instantly stops perspiration. lor 1 co 3 tlays. Removes odor from perspiration. Itts _ vanishing cream, 5. Arrid has been awafdcd'rhe '. ApprovalSeal of the American , Insciwrt of Liiuutering for: 1 being harmless ro fabrics. ' 25 MILLION jars of Arrid ' bave boon sold. Try a jar today* ' jj "o««r 40" Utdow* Kirby Bros. I>r»i^ Coin[p:iuj' :nu! tocul i^ stores ovi*ryu'ht>rt». ;v . SHOP AT STOKES OFFER TOtt "fexatC BARGAINS NSQN'S SPECIALS AVID DELIVER PHONE BIG VALUE GIFT WRAPPING BOX ASSORTMENT Contains everything the average family would need for u complete wrapping: 24 sheets assorted wrapping paper. Red cellophane, lining tissue, cellophane ribbon, tissue ribbon, tinsel ribbon, seals, cards, etc. 0 - to RKX RAY WAFFLfcJ IKONS COMPACTS HALF PRICE! REX RAY SANDWICH GRILLS Amity BILL FOLDS ELECTRIC CLOCKS.... GIFT BASKET Beautiful package. Decorated in blue and sil- v e.r . 4 5 $ ^| pieces a*e~.,.. POUND 1 i o i o u s candv. CIGARETTE BOX Especially valuable for- its utility. Finished in walnut. Scroll design. 17 pieces chocolates In 15 varieties. 5 ox/ Cottage CHOCOLATES For the hip; farn- r\"- ily or party. 74 pieces, IG •i eties. value. 2Vs LBS. JEWEL BOX N a t u r a I wood finish. Beautiful grain. 73 pieces. QNE J, POUND STUFFED TOYS FRUIT JUICER ... 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