The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1933
Page 6
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six BLYTHEVLUE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1033 George Herman Hits Homer For Honolulu Finds Union led As Well! As Touted I'laycrs Pain To His Boys. BY JOCK f.llTl!i:ill,AXI) ' Coach, rim-crsily of rllMmrcli prrrsuuHGii—in HI fu.-t inv games of llu- rc:iM»i 1'iti p!i:yi''i npaiii-St some •*.! !]:<' (, T foo 1 - tali players in llic country. Theiv if milt iloubt In iny niiiul rcvcr:il of lliw* dex-rvc AIl-Ami'r- ira comklcrnilon. In Uic first siimr against \V. & J., wh'ii ilic 1 iiuiiilic-il I'li'.si- rtcnts gave us 11 kid M.-.irc sinil O'.temled us 10 win S-0, wr IK;1 plenty of trouble from Kin^. pictulily the ix 1 *'. ([i-fc'iistvc bark Oi' (he your. 'Him- iifl<-r Him' fuii- 1113 the infrequent Intervals IM't b.ick-s were able lo pin-ce that tuiijli W. & J. line. Km* wild £,vMirm into that fut\v;int uall find Ijlug the "dyki' in a hurry. We saw plenty of li?imy in our second game ol Hie yo-u 1 with West Virginia. Whrn Thomas wasn't currying the ball and vj.r- ryjng our ends, lie \VLIS doin^ a Eccd job of bloi'l'-Lii; for Eck Allon. When you (jol a buck who on carry the ball mid blocK equally well, yui; have a valuable mail. * + * The Nnvy siicvvert us Ihrce ball r.laycrs whose excellent fiijhl on the Held was courageous In the face of a 34-G score wo ran up Gordon Cluiiif-Houn, (he Hawaiian, nnd "Hi!//"," Horrir-s arc two of Hie best torks In (lie cast, while "Butch" Karbclii is (lie best center I've seen this year-ana v.'c've bc-en up against u lot ol illEll. Bcrnle rtaimn has n surprls:. Irani nt Minno.ola—as \ve found ryt to our sonov, 1 . And the two sparkplugs who ran that nmchlne nre "Punu" Lund and Frank Lir- Hooks and Slides Braucher BRUSHING UP SPOKTS By Lauter WALLACE \MADE- Eleven thousand rabid Honolulu baseball Inns packed the Honolulu stadium to net an eyeful ol the "Cheat Mnn" of the United Statcs'-UcorKC Herman Ruth.. The "Babe" Illled their eyes plenty when IK clouted one far over the wall. The caUher, nnd the .spectators In the iiiLstd stands bu- liind Ibu plate, are watching the [Unlit of the ball. ; t.on If lie were plalne for Army, Yale, Colgate (•;• .sonic oilier large i astern .schcol Kcporls Incllciitc he is haid to slop when ho .starts oil oi' » long jaunt. : We haci plen'.v of trouble with George Saner at Nebrnsk'u last year, and we expect to have more when Hi; CornV.uskers come CILM for the Pitt gnme Nov. It). \Vrcsll«:rs Mix In Batllo Royal On Armory Card In . Ihe first bailie royal ever presented unit fans here five wrestlers, all of whom have appeared here, will mix at the armory tonight. Charles Sinkey. Mike Meronoy. David Dooley. Roy Welch mid Rough House Siilllvtin nrc the ear twisters slnled lo rrawl Into the rin;; al the same time. Arch Ltndsey, local deputy sheriff, hns accepted an invilalioii to referee the frcc-for-all tussle and plans to Bet into the ring with the big boys according to reports. After ihrce have been disposed of In the owning scramble the two remaining wrestlers will_< toll I to n two out of three fall decision it is stated. fl NSWERS The rinlrch slir,\vn Is nt KIRTLAND. (). In JAPAN tin- months are numlieifil Insleail of having (iiiines. IIAHKY KII'KK h fuoi- lull I'oiii-ti »(. tlie Unlvcralty of Michigan. Luxora Panthers Defeat Wilson Bulldogs, 20 to 6 LUXOIiA. Aik.—The Goldei Panthers of L'lxora defeated tlir ] Wil.son Uulldogs by n score of 20 d In a game played here yesterday afternoon. Touchdowns for Lux or.i were made Pcott and Odoin. FOLLOW IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES The length of the truriK in ma: ia more' lhaii onc-lhlrd and less t]:on two-Jlfths of his height. Jack Smolherman Runs 102 Yards For Touchdown EAliLE, Ark, Nov. 6.—Jack motlienimn. Shnwnce back and csident of the Armoicl section .car Blyllievllle, made his Uld foi lie longest run of the year on an irkansas hlnli tcliool gridiron here Vldny. ' Smothcrinan, first ycr.;- 'jack Shawnec, Inlerci-piod an Earle pass Lehlnd his own goal line to nn IC2 yards for a Shawnec touchdown, ao far as known Smolh crman's run .stands us. the long i'tt made by n state high schoo reck IhLs year and one' of Ih longest in any grid, gauie. Shawnec won the gaum by score of 2C to 0. Ail I.111. Tlie other foiltall clubs in thi- Coast Conli'icncv setm to huve v.niulcd the Trojans doxn lo their t\/t Hits venr . . . tut M-asun almost over, there was Liy lillli' dilfennce in scor'.'S be- s'lTH iviniU'1'.s i'lid losers . . . lert 1 me four sample games: 'oiithern r.'ullfc.inlu 0, California ; Washington ii, Stanford C: On; t:n 7. U. C. I,. A. 0; Oregon 2, Washington 0. ... In fuiir yamc'S n ixjlnt was Mired I'vi-ry 10 mlnulc-.s. Tlucky Harris :liinks. fcldiu Mor;an and Hill C'Kwll will iinuruvi- he Hcci Sux dc-lcnse c(in!;i . . il heonis bolli Ihi'se i iv chin for n good year I here has Ijson some i;uud kickiii: tills year. but. until u belt ne comes alo.rj this corner will nivc lo Hick tc nocketlng Rulpli ^i-relu'Val of Kentucky. lull Clli.'.sitis J'his will l:e known a. 1 ; Ih^ Year ul Ihe Awful Olficiatins; . ^implaints on Ihe refi-ree.s' hollers U'tning from a:i sectors. . . . Joe SHivcldl will be Ihe big shot ot •aisling this year . . . Colonel j Kilpatrlck of Me.ciLson K(|iiare CJnr- i?i-ii Is optimistic . . . having Lcosted thci [irif.'e of hockey tick- j its from $220 (o $2.50, and Ihe 51.05 seats lo two bills. . . A certain tjuy named Prafulla Kti- 'iiar staved in the water TO hours ami 2-1 minutes al Han- i;oon, nurina, ftiid claims a rec- cid . . . which probably will exceeded rjy Manager Donie Ii of the- Cicici riecls, a young man ivlici iirobably will IK> in hoi •.'.•iiier :ill diirirV; tlie liiunnicr ol \\l-6 HOPES OP DOING FOR DUKe. 6LIJF, C OF WRUAM ToR A, RiD£ \ M AS A (."OAOl — eoi" GUARp W nib 8ficw) ~m\ Grid Guessers Take Drubbing From "Losers' Old John W. U)Mel and Henry II. Toss-up continued Ihelr offensive atom. 1 Ihe entire football front hi n fashion unprecedented tlnr- ng previoits srnsons nnd gave the bold pi'lcl pickers another hard wwk-eml. filll Braucher. NKA s|H)rts editor, iintl Hie Cornier S)>ort editor, who have bei'ii so bold as lo predict ic-stills In weekly forecasts had their usual rough going. lirnitcher giu-ssi'd 11 winners out (if 24 picks, losing 9 predictions while 4 resulted in ties. The Courier writer had 12 winners, 9 losers and lour tics. As a result the Courier picker recorded nnolluT slixht gain on Branchev and i Mm NBA editor is now lending by a margin of one winner for the sea- ton. - Aiiion;,' the teams who took a full out of Hie two Biiesseis by winning when dojird lo lose were": riilane by winning over Colgate, Temple by taking Drake, Princeton by trouncing Urown, Oklahom:i by wallojilni! Kansas anil Yule by shading Uarlmoulh. IraiiL-her oulfiiicssed the Courier ]>ieki'r when he iiuniiiiatc-il SI. Mary's to beat Foidham but the local ynesscr turnetl the lublos when he named Columbia to whip Mornell and Texa.s to take S. M. 0. Sits al Home and nags Ucrr EMMETT, Idaho (Ul>) — Olive Howcr literally sits at dinner t hunt deer, and yets his bag. A two-year-old deer came to Ihe Hower home recently and he shoi it without moving from his chair. No Jiislicel Howard Joi:e c , whose Trojans v.i'ie lied by Oregon Slate, gels -,!'ore for coachjii; per game than Coach Ian Still": of Oregon Stale iwives per season ... Not of- ii'n is a slur'.- succes;;or better lli:sn Ihe sl::r . . . lint this may :'io\'e Ihr- ens: 1 in Ihe pro league cue! bel-weeti Harry Newman and Hc-niiy Friedman. Michigan grads . . Newman has been showing p'orc stuff with the tcolball so far thh, season . . . which has Liiirsd up cji'ite an argument :imong Michitjanders . . . Hennyj Oostcrbaan figuring in ... Newman's follower:; say. "Aw. Pried- mr.n had tiiat All-America end Offii:erbaan on Ihe other end of his passes and he co'jldn't miss!" tered in the National Football league avei'age more than yOi ptiunds. Read Courier News Want Ads. Ov Krpku-ed Saddle Horse SUDAN. Kan. iUPj—"Breaking" horses is much loo tame for Ralph Howcll, of Monetl, who has an ox lie lias broken and uses to take tlie place ol a saddle hoisc. G. G. Caudill General Insurance IM N. Hroadway Phone 797 Drink Henly I'ouiKluge i cry one of the 10 teams en- BY ART Kit KM Z NKA Service Sports' Writer Coach llownid Harpsier. In hfs rsl year us mentor of Carnegie cell's surprise learn, has imcprk- some foole:.> designed for his ght nnd sjHiedy backlleld. One of these plays is an end in use dagainst. a 6-2-2-1 dc:mc. This play, as diagramed irewith. Is er«:r.ted as follows: With a balanced line, the back- eld shifts to the right. The [urar- crback, who Is in motion at the This fellow. Lund, one of th rest backs Minnesota ever has pro duced. was the thorn in the sid cf .Jock SulherMid when the Go phcrs beat his rill 1'anthcrs. Joe ll:Snks Lund Is tlie sparkplug hind the powernil attack ot Min iK'SOta this year. for. The former, one of the great IT I backs produced in Ihc U 'feu Echcol. \YUS widely hcrnldc Before \ve invar.rd Minnesota. Bi cvc-n with otir defense again him planned in advance, he loose time and aeain. An exec lent triple-threat back it the ever \vas one. Larson is an Ideal end. Belt 1'ian C feet tail, and weighing 1 ptunds, he car. down the fie last on passes tnd to cover pun iind is strong on defense. Nptre Dame showed flashes of . its old form in our panic against Ihe i Irish. Those who displayed lhat form were lour—Don Elscr. , the big fullback: Andy Pilney. .'ophomore halfback; Hu^hey DL-- vore. end, and Ed Krause. tackle. In my opin'":!. Elser, wilh another year's experience, will b- 1 * teller than Joe Savoldi was—and that's saying something. Pilney ivas one of tin: best backs we've seen so far, and Dcvorc's all- round playing should bring him All-America honors. Krause was food last year, but he Is even better this season. • • * Pitt scouts have brought back word of other fine players we wll hr.TC to meet before the season is over. Three stand out in thi. broup — Burzio. Carnegie guard • Strntl. DtiQuesne back, and Sauer Nebraska back. Burzio, In his pcrformanc f.ealust Notre Dame alone, rate as the best guard the Plaid eve had. He van In nearly every pla run Irom the dne of scrimmage and he can pull out of the lln exceptionally fait lo run Interfer tree for Tech's light backs. Coach Layden has an open flcl' runner at Duquesne In Strult wh itould rnte All-America men ROXY Last Time Today Mat. 2::iO, 10-25c Nile;6:45, l»-25e KILL HOYD, MAE CLARK and PAT O'BRIEN in 'FLAMING GOLD' TRAVEL KK'KL-COMKDY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Mat. 2:30, 10-2-ic Nile G:.!f>, 10-2. r ic WHO SHALL BLAME HER? LAST TIME TODAY Mat. 2::10, 10-2ric -Nile (<-A5, 10-S5f MAU'RICK CHEVALIER and ANN DVORAK in THE WAY TO LOVE' Paramount News Our GMIIR Comedy EMD RUN ii:ie Ihe tall ;s snapped, cuts oui n the righl opposite Ihe oppos- ns end and ttwn cnU hi to take fie wingman o\;l of Ihe play. Thc ball, mewHvhile. Li snapped lo a halfback v,ho. with thc ftill- Uck as Interference to lake ou tt-.e mnn bachir.g up the ttrong !'<le ol thc line, cuts out ob rlgh end. and then shifts to his left. Thc right guf.rd cuts out of thi line to cut down the opposing halfback, the right half aids th light end in-fcixking out Ihe op posing left tackle, thc center lake care or Ihe mar. backing up th weak side, and thc left end and inckle go through to mop up on the secondary. Bound to old loyalties- caught up in, a new love — who shr.IV blaniD: this wife for \\tiad her heart made her decide? ' V Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-2ac Nile G:-15, 10-IJac SELECTION OK "MISS HI/YTHEVILI.E" Tuesday niylit for Avniislicc Day Hcaji'y Contest ^ON^THE SCREEN UP TO HIS NECK m th* market . . . and head over h«*lt Inlov* A Parcnounl I* Wllh • i c a r d « CORTEZ R i < h o r d BENNETT YOUNG AYFPANCIS There arc more than B.OCO closed theaters In the United states. with WALTER HUSTON PHILLIPS HOLMES Fox News Taxi Bovs Comedy Both Old and New Subscribers May Get WITH WOMAN'S WORLD 1 YEAR EACH GREAT AMERICAN ui HCI*C S tJOTJV Y ° 11 simply ? rder thc Courier News and both magnxincs delivered lie one of 01 1 • ~* W *° y ° Ur nolne for lw <>lve months—or, if you are tucky enough to already in comlmnli rca .""'^ lmpl - v alllhorizc »s to continue delivery of the Courier News for another 12 months •mrl fift ,,.,',< " ll V nc •"Raines. For thc 2 maga/incs and the Courier News vou pav GO cents down and GO ,,nt, a month to the carrier boy for 12 month Sl simple, isn't it? Here's What You Get Liberty (Weekly) - - - n Months ALL THREE Woman's World - - - 12 Months ONLY feoc BIG EXECUTIVE Paramount News Comedy Welcome I^slonn.ilrrs tn Rlytlir- Mile! And The Courier News For Further Information Phone 306 and We Will Have n Carrier Hoy Pick Up Yonr offer or K You Prefer— Use This' Coupon 12 Months Down payment, plus monthly payments ol Cftc lo tlie carrier for 12 months. B«iid Courier N«wj Wort Ad*. Drop In Mall Em losing 60c, or Give Ttilj Order to Your Carrier. TUB COURIER NEWS, Bljthevillc, Ark. I hereby agree to subscribe to, or extend my present subscription for the Courier News for twelve months from this date, and nlso for the following 2 magazines: LIBERTY (Weekly) 1 }'faf WOMAN'S WORLD • >«<• . I am now paying 60 cent's nnd agree lo i«iy your regular rarrli-r .GO cents per month for twelve months. I fully understand thai this contract cnntiot be cancelled without Immediate discontinuance of Uie magazine subscriptions. Signed Address Town Stntc

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