The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1935
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ServeU by We. United Press BIMHEmCE COURIER __^^ niE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AH1CANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST Mmqrmnr VOL/ XXXII—NO. 1 Blj'lheville Courier niylhevllle Dally Newa Blythcville Herald Mississippi Valley leader ., BIATHRVILI.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH 25 1930 ~~~ ' INGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Sebaugli • Assures the Cily Council Aclion Will Be Taken Soon. A revised and lowered schedule of electric power rates in Blytheville by May 1 wns promised Ihe city council this morning by C. V. Sebausjh, sales manager of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company, appearing before Ihe body in response to an order lo show cause why electric rates should not lie reduced. Mr. Sebaugh said that rates over the Arkansas-Missouri Power company's entire system, in southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas, would be lowered by May 1 lo conform with mi order of Ihe Missouri Public Service commission. While the commission's order wll be effective only as to Missouri properties of the company, Mr. Sebaugh said that similar reductions would be made In Arkansas communities served by the company. He. said that cilies and towns served by the company will be divided into Ihrec groups, with the group containing the larger cities and towns securing the biggest reduction and the other groups accordingly. As Blythe- vllle is the biggest city in the company's territory, it follows that the largest cul will be made in the group of cities Including Blytheville. Says' Rales Here Law Mayor Cecil Shane and the council agreed that In view of the anticipated rale reduction It was best for the city to adopt a policy of "watchful waiting" before proceeding further .with' any attempt to "force lowering- of rales ..Mr. sebaugh sidled Unit he had -no-authority to glve'any-estimate of the rate reduction that would ^ROPPERUpSE EVICTIONlfiifl Another Rival Posl G ™. rjs to protect for Shirley?^ ... i^uu^kiuu LI lit L Vr UUtU be forthcoming but that he be- n 'I ~rT - , . .w«n i .t,.T°" ld be s , om ™here be- Decides on Florida Cruise . ; - as-Doctors Report Howe tween "six per cent and 12 per eenl, possibly 15 per cent." Before Informing ihe council of his company's intention of reducing rates here, Mr. Sebaugli with the aid of graphs and drawings, went into some detail, to compare rales now in effect here with rates in other cities and drew from his comparison a favorable picture of the rale situation here, of which lie said his company felt "justlv proud," Points to Previous Cuts Mr. Sebaugh reviewed for Ihe council rate cats made by Ihe power company within : the past two years. He referred ' to the cut of June, 1933, a compromise result of litigation ...over rate re- oucllon, and the "strictly voluntary, cut of September, 1934 He said that as a result of the two cuts city consumers using 20 KWH (kilowatt hours) now pay $i 7o n s compared to $2.20 prior to the reductions; 30 KWH, $2.30 compared (o $3.15; 40 KWH, $280 compared o $3.9s; 60 KWH, $5.15 compared to $3.50; 100 KWH, $4.70 compared lo $6.15 and 200 KWH $770 compared lo $10.73. The council approved by unanimous vole the issuance of a permit for the sale of intoxicating , liquor lo Crawford Noble, operator ,of the Hotel Noble, A petition was received by tlie council asking that steps be taken 10 have n tin shop on North Sixth street, owned by Enoch Snydcr, declared a public nuisance. The SK" H "war*"* 1 '° '" C ° m k - ' . vr ',, " ''• H -' Crockett, S. ' 1 ' Mrs ' Wllma Cr f/nvi i £"' "" s - wma uraw.- Ware, Virginia Ha"^' 1 ' Roy L ' and L. L. ward. ""' L ° WC The question of the cnlarsp ment of the police force to cmr- with conditions which mav r>vit with the legalization or ilaior sales was not raised at this morn Ing's session, it was Injected In" to Saturday afternoon's session comnanv v when a liquor license ordinance angements was adopted, by Alderman Harold anEeracnls Sternberg. At the time other ai- dcrmen agreed that such aciirm r i r> i m n i might be necessary 6tit sold i" t<at ^Ot New Deal could be taken later. attorney. —Experiments Rivals for Shirley Temple's fame arc appearing so fast la Hollywood, it is hard to dis- tiuguish those having any prospects of success. But here's one wlto's halted aa a winner. She's Joan Gay. of Dallas, Te.v., pictured in a scene from Kay Fran- els' latest picture, "Stranded," ( Joan Is 4 years old and is B i niece ot Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dinehart. .".' ~ —- -, Improved. ; ( -__ : , WASHraaTON, March 25 imp) -Assured by medical experts thnt Ihe crisis in Secretary Louts McHenry Howe's illness had passed President Roosevelt today deckled to leave late tonleht - for a cruise In Florida waters. Howe, who waged a valiant light against heart and bronchial disorders that amazed phsicians, was so much better this "morning that he called for a cigarette Encouraged by the favetable turn of the last 24 hours. Commander Ross T. itclnltre. who has been allcnding Howe, summon,' a consultation of navy doclots and Ilicy reached the opinion lhat while the ultimate prognosis was noi. so good there was . indication of steady improvement to come for a month or more. The president has so rearranged his itinerary that lie will be for the next several days, within an hour's cruising distance of the Florida coast. He will board Ihe destroyer Forragut at Jacksonville. Fla., late tomormw and proceed southward, where the yacUt Nourmaha] will be met. From the Nourmahal Mr. Roosevelt plans lo fish in Bahamas waters. ratlleships" designed to form .. "irst line defense were surrounded with strlcl secrecy today by he navy. One of ihe giant planes Is bong given a final test by naval of- ieers on tlie west coast to deter- ninc Its potential fighting ability. A 'similar ship al Norfolk, Va., loon will be ready for trial Mights. The navy, if satisfied' with the esls, may purchase 30 such planes at 5150,000 each. It would take a •ear to build them. They would carry both . bombs and machine :uns and would be among the nost deadly Instruments of war ever conslmcted. Navy officers vision a Heel of 30 uch planes ns a first line of- de- cnse against a naval altack. The est planes carry six machine guns, wo tons of bombs, and have n, cruising range of 3.000 miles. - '( Tentative plans provided' thy hips are constructed, are to dis- ribute them on both coasts and isslgn some of them to Pearl Har)or, Hawaii. They would. It was lelleved, go far toward giving the Jnited Slates domination of the 1 acllic. Funeral Services Held For. Mrs. Maggie McGill Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon, at the family residence, for Mrs. Maggie McGill,: 55 year old resident of the Half Moon community, who: died Saturday afternoon, she liad.;b.een 111 from indigestion and complications for a month. She is survived by four sons, Henry, William, Homer and Edgar, and one daughter, Mrs. Goldlc Strop. Tlie L. G. fifoss Undertaking company was in charge ot ar- Manila Is Debt Frc P _ TL »AMBRA. cai. <UP>-"NCW "•t"iiiu i!) ueui rree Deal." a pet cat of Mrs. John B. MANTT A i I—T7 ,1 Elliott, gol a "new deal" in color- *t n A i Al t'-' Ma ?!' a ls o«t of "ig recently during a 25-day Irlp ^Ol. ann IIQC Vica>^ r^i. ...A..- n. hn A u. . . . . __ .. , rtn»,t „ j i . """.'! 1IV '» ""i- i" •"» icceiiuy aiiring a 25-aay trip ,, , acot and has been lor more than he decided to moke to Hollsivood „ nope " W 2 h low clos one year c. W. Tlpton is Ihe may- Mrs. Eillott brought the cat toe ^ y " 1 ' 8 " 7 ' 8 ~ " 6- nm a a t^ T S ," T1 ' e °'" y ™* to f™" Laurel Canyon and kept It July " ^ 1S ^ " =-" « »• run a town Is to keeo It out. nf In the hr,,i™ e n ~ „ „.„.!. n.,.T ^«,, rim i >«- , . * ""' lu "nurei uanyon and Kept « dbt" m« . l ke ?, P ll out of " n , le housc f0r a TO *' 0»e day tote- oL » ,5° ard U as M - C Uccit!ed to 8° slglitseclng. IOW5. UUV MrMmiru t-nj-,^*-,!^-. ..*.. ^ . ° " . ••--•-»* i iv kUliJCU HU lit JJJ dly rel Canyon 2G days he was pale cream Dionne Quintuplds TORONTO, Ont,, March. 25. lUP)—A |X))icc guard lias been stationed ill Dufoe hospital at Cal- Ifinder luptcls te- nder lo siuu'd the Dionne quln- "cls, it wns uiinomiced todn> Wtfure Minlslcr David Croll Croll Is chief guardian of the famous quintuplets under the recently approved bill which make; (hem wards of ihe king. The posslbillly Unit fear of a kidnaplni; plot had caused the "i.aids lo be poslcd was rumored "The guards have been ordered lit " ' the . . __ ^ to enlarge on the statement •ed todn> Q, ... . vui croii oliop in Hold Noble Drnvvs the hospital for protection of N,f , n 'f. le babies," Croll said. He declin- Ncrblc rbul ll »'B to Pnlni-P0 nn Ilin rh^ln,, ln ,,t ^laWlOl'tl Not >i n t ""--v >,L-iuin. »yti.-> 'm; Biuumuii win remciin unng 'Flvino RiHlpclimc" M->,, !, , " ed lo " local "tal'w erous «"«' Hie lake is down con D n» f 3 ! 165 "'!^ May and he was also the first sldt-rnbly from ll« present sin, Be Made New First 1 inr> , y llccnsc ' u b lm(ter J! new I 11 SI LIllC! stood, howevpr ihm ,„„„,.„, „,!,„>. of Defense. WASHINGTON, March 25. (UP) huge "flying New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 25 (OP) — totton closed steady. - open high low elouo Vfay. 1093 1117 1083 HOB July . 1098 H23 1093 1111 Oct 1060 1082 1053 1072 Dec J072 1090 1062 IOSO Jan 1072 1090 1066 1085 March 1594 20. Spots closed steady al )14D, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 25 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1087 1087 1011 1017 1090 1116 1087 1104 1095 1122 1091 1110 1057 1081 1053 1070 lOBB 1085 1002 1079 108(1 JOBS 1086 108G March May July Ocl Dec Jan Spots closed al 113-1, up 20. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 102 1-2 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Sleel „. „.. Chrysler 33 1-2 Cities Service 1 5-10 Coca cola IBS General American Tank General Elcclric General Molors '.'. International Harvester McKejion-Robbins Montgomery Ward ...... New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp 4 3 St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed 7 34 1-2 22 1-4 2734 37 1-4 65-8 23 7-8 33-4 15 1-2 -8 37 5-3 . , U. S. Steel 29 1- Zonilo 33- Chicago Wheat i r, r. i • 0 P C11 'Ugh low In hir Coloring May 331-2 94 93 July 90 1-2 91 314 90 1-2 91 1-2 Chicago Com Steady Sirenm lomers. Ciis- Liquor wns legally sold here today for the first time ill tlie II "lly's history with the openlni! b ,>r 'ri, T m ci ujii-miiB. w " wmc or more bffor l,i" e ,..1 '>'""' "' '.''« "&<* "f..« levee break l.s over. oble, hotel owner am --•-• "uuil., iUJltl UVVIICI 1UJU IJ _ onerutor of The Little Shop. sAld dmrii a Wth "oVT^'Troiii'Th the distinction of Vwlng the rfrsl crest. «t whk'l, ( |7 lev" li d ciis onier wenl to Jesse H, Webb, regained virtually slalio.ia y fo well known local lumber dealer, two days, singe, ,u ||,, n ,orsvllle who made a purchase early loday. quo further north are falling very He was followed throughout he slowly. Indicating 'ihat n win ic (lay by a steady stream of c is- some time before nny very subr lomers and visitors lo the ifcw slimtlnl drop can be expected at shop. Mr. Noble's slate permit Highway IB. The situation will rernnln dnngl ous until the lukc is down considerably from Us present slnlu, J. W. Meyer, engineer for Dialn- igc District 17, said Ihls morning, pointed out that levees Were ioftening as n result of the prolonged high wilier, creating n -r -••* "'nit .j.imi (i situation fuvoi-ftble to u sudden ™i. ""^Broadway near : lnc break. Full crews are being nmln- Inliieil ulonif the levees nntl will DC mull nil (longer Is passed. ' The brenk In Ihe west levee of (be Little Hiver Jlooiiwnv below stood, however, that several others n 0 . ~» u .^ ,,, „,„„ lms morning, have filed applications with the He pointed out that levees were state revenue department for re- - ' ... '.nil permits. Entrance to The Little Shop ts scaled on Broadway near 'ihc ,. corner of -Walnut street In the I ground floor of the hole!. The shop is attractively finished in silver and black. It Is under tlie - -- .,••-._ lull, VJ1 WMlrcj, whiskies, and other liquors, both of American manufacture and imported. "V ^J , I, jnl;l LJIW M«l- UILLII- liJVUI JlOUUWaV UCIOVV ilmrge of Pat HargcU and will Iliyervnle has failed to rel'lcvc the "?, 'f on col >>Plete line of wine's, situation north of fflvcrvala to On«i, s siore al Leachville LEACHVILLR, Ark.', Mar. 25— Bob Eblen, mayor of Leachville, and manager and owner of the Corner Drug store, opened up a liquor store in connection with ills drug store Ihls morning with sixteen cases of whisky on the shelves. ; Many persons have paid Ihe slore a visit. Many had never seen Ihe legal sale of liquor, while olhers seemed reminded of oilier days. This morning,-.was the, fl'rht :line in nineteen-years that .whisky has been sold legally In Leachville. any material degree. A six-foot head of wuter, flowing through a gap about 150 feet wide, is gradually tilling the southern part of Ihc area between tlie floodway and 'St. Francis lake. How far the water will back up lo the norlh ts still uncertain. Thousands of motorists drove to Big Lake yesterday lo see the high. wnier, which Is within a , tew Inches of the highway bridge and is over the road for a considerable distance between the west end of the bridge and Ihc-Dtaiu- age District, 1C levee. IffHEMI CJTT CLERK \Vest Find Groceryman Announces His Candidacy for Municipal Office. L M. Bcntley, well known Bly- Iftville citizen, today authorized he Courier News to make formal innounccment of his candidacy for he office of city clerk at the municipal election, April 2. Mr. Bentley has made his home i Blythcville for 14 years. He vas a resident of this county for mny years before moving to this Mr. Bentley has been in the grocery business in the west end, or "Ird ward, for several years and prior to that time he wns in the cotton ginning business. He enjoys a wide acquaintance among residents of Blytheville. "I am asking all my friends to support me and promise to devote my full time to the office and be courteous to one and all alike In Ihe performance of my duties,, if elected," Mr. Bentley stated. Gangsters' Women Friends Get Five Year Sentences MIAMI, Pla., March'25. (UP) — ^ .-„ Dolores Delaney and Wynona Bur- 13 5-8 "Me, alleged members of the - - -' sang of Atvin Karpls, were scn- ;enced to five; years Imprisonment today on charges of harboring Karpls. The two were captured several months ago when, federal officers Must Die For Murder 'J'. of Little Grace Budd WHITE PLAINS. N. Y,, Mar. 25 (UP)f-Albert II.• Fish', 05-year-old confessed, slayer: of Grace -Budd, 10, must die In Ihe electric choir at Sing Sing prison during Ihe week of April 20, Supreme Court Justice Frederick P. Close ruled loday. Standard of N J ' U. S. Smelting ...'"..'. 1181-4 routed Karpis artd'T' h'enc'h'ma " ° "'"' " ' -8 from a hotel. The two women •8 were left behind In a hotel room Solores Delaney sustaining a bul- et wound when Karpls nred into their quarters in an attempt to awaken them. Karpls fs still at close liberty. 93 3-4 Leachville Justice Marries Rector Couples _„ LEACHVILLE, Ark.-Roy Cnaf- j-S fin and Miss Laura* Bell Evans 1-4 and Hubert Phillips and Miss Foustin Robinson, all of Rector, Look at this new threat against lows: Quy Mclieny, recorder" «^n^ SS '» ° f 37 cllcmlcal engineering stu- ding ceremony Saturdav nteht at ?h r. ^nP 051 "^! Sliorte and evangelist, Is conducting an cyan- da! motor-coach services will K «£«?,;& £*? sSLS==s5..?=«/KT its « s?«ASfti sa tfutsavs Situation Will Remain Senous While Water Level Slowly Falls. Hlg Luke was rnlllng loday but e drop wius so slow that It may 1 n wcok or more before danger bridge ni the Highway morning wns 18 Bin IN FiCLEl Member of Pioneer Blyihe-' ville Family Announces Candidacy. • Shorts Are Just Matter of Course RALEIGH, N. C. <UP)-A group were married In « dn»W, «£' ^ ? l th ' S nCW " Ueat agal " St Blsh °P A D ' Hankins . Chlc9 B° of 37 chemical engineering Tu- dins reremo^y LlSrdav ^ tah? ?." g |° f" composures! Shorte and evangelist, Is conducting an evan- rtMii. 1,0™ „!,!„,.'!.,I,".? ,._ .... .,.. ... mo . ny _ fai (wday night at slilrls were banned last fall—now ei-HsUr mpcttno at ih. n»»»i i a mlie Inspecflon '^"Sf che'S RobS Mr ^^i, K? ESS & T^ «» lh. c^-rw The £aslor, the Rev. E. C. Ma- Ku be'^"^ ?^ ^ P ! 8 n« ihroughout the .ut«. rison, and Mrs WE mil ° rtS "^haHer no C K^m?™^ ™ DlvlUtl<>n Vlcnnft passl ^ ^ AbtaSTftS His Bonus.iBll) Up to Senate ihe When clip Homo nn I'm inn n soldier hoinis Mil by tin.' scum mnririii »f u.ree voles. It <vas (ho ihir.,| n mo i( 01 ,,.<,. soiilnllv-u Wtlgl,, Pnltuan 'Dem Te.v i had seen lib IIICM.SIIrc »|>|l|-OVf(l 1)J- 111* COl- lonpiic-K In .Bliuiuij. Jiifurcni form. IIM li| II (Hissed ife Hoiiso in IW2 und |'I;M 0 ,,iy ,„ [,„ killed in HK> Spume Merc la Congressman I'atiinin ni a new plcluro. WASHINOTON, March 25. (UP) —New 1 legislation giving Iho scc- relnry of treasury wide powers to prolccl billions of dollars In fed- eraUrccovcry loans and lax claims on private Industry was being :hafled loday by the admlnlslra- tlon. The proposed measures would prevent any company from scaling down Its federal obligations through reorganization plans without first obtaining approval from the secretary of treasury. Tills, officials said, would rc- t|utrtF companies, to obtain official sanction from the treasury before they could submit their reorganization plans lo federal courts for acllon. It would serve also lo prevent settlement of private claims before the government agreed on Us share, Ihcy saicj.^ Decision'to llghlen Ihe govern- ment's' 'supervision 'of Its claims followed discovery of loopholes by the Internal revenue bureau In corporate: reorganization provisions of the- federal. bankruptcy, act -o! June,- 1934. ••- '•• -- x •Miss, Ruth,, Blythe -has announced that -she will be a candidate for Ihe office of city clerk, a place lo be filled al the election Tuesday of next week. Miss Blythe, who tluu far is tlie only woman In Ihe race, is widely known. A member of the family of the late Rev. Jr. T. Blythe, for whom Dlythevllle wns named, she Is nlso a member of a pioneer local family on her maternal side. She is the eldest . daughter of Mrs. John and the lale Mr. Blyihe. Blythe She was educated in the city schools where she was an oul- slondlng student and received c number of honord before she graduated. For a number of year! she has been cashier at Borum'£ Drug store. Miss Blythe decided, lo become o candidate after a number of leading men of the city liad iirgec her to do so and these are cooperating with her In making Uu race. private line telegraph service. Testifying before a crowded hearing room, C. P. Craig, general manager of the long lines department of the American Telephone and Telegraph company, said thai Ihe United Press, the Associated Press, Ihe International News Service and similar organl/altons distribute news to about 1,200 newspapers In 800 cities with a com WEST ORANGE, N. J,, Mar. 25 (UP)—G. A. Jordan, of Nashville, Tenn., a traveling salesman, shot and killed his 3',4 year old Chicago Bishop Holds n^ny « Revival at Negro Church at $5 ' 000 ^: I to the public. Income Will Match Expenses for March WASHINGTON, Miir. 25 IUP)_ The government. during Mnrcli Pi-obitbly will "live within Us In" the first 31-day period In two years, tvcnsury figures .showed lodny. )» till' Ill'M. 22 (lily;; of month revenue. Increiiscd Inrgi) Income ninoiinlc-d ,,. - (\st of nny depression period, Al the same lime expendUm-i's hi Ihls -rlod were Mlill,-lliO,U2. Jt'iiviiitf n ,,. surplus of $71,152,7(13. evenuc, increiised by! ^;» -time tax collections, in ' • f x/i , . , ,'i- 10 $537 I C32,»05, (ho i,igii- Decision Is Made in Action. Administration Plans to Close Loopholes in Bank-: niptcy Act. Press Associations Biggest Wire Customers WASHINGTON, Mar. 25 <UP) — Testimony at Ihe federal communications . commission's all inclusive telegraph inquiry today revealed C" ,. ur i nu t t that American press associations rive "CCRS UlQ Intant, ore the largest Individual users of WhoonW f rmrh Virlim private line telegranh service. uiiuujjiiig uuugn VlClim Territory Lost" to Lithuania May Be Issue in Talk With Simon. BERLIN, Mar. 25 (UP)—Tlie return lo Germany of her lost territory of Meiucl arose as a possible issue lotlny when nelchs- fuehrer Adolf Hiller and Foreign Secretary Sir John Simon of Greal Britain starlet! their momenlous conversations on peace and security in Europe. An Issue such ns Mcmel might well prove to be the key point of the entire negotlalions leading lo an agreement which would bring act-monk back Into the family of nations. Tlie Memel territory has an area of 943 square miles and a population of 150,000. It lies on the Baltic between East Prsuula and Lithuania. H was taken from Germany by the treaty of Versailles and was first made League territory and then turned over to Lithuania. Upha D. Cook, five weeks old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cook, of Gosncll, died today from a week's Illness- from whooping cough. Funeral services ' will be held from the home Tuesday morning, 10 o'clock, witli the Rev. Harmon Holt officiating and burial will be made at the Nortl. Sawba cemetery. The L. G. Moss Undertaking coin] of arrangements. The baby Is survived by her parents, 11 brolhers and sisters. Thousands Reported Dead in Chinese Flood »S = aF 1 "* raws s^n,,; bined daily circulation of more f, a "i ba1 cemetery. The L. O. Moss than 35.000,000. Undertaking company Is iti charge Salesman Kills Daughter, Then Turns Gun on Self have caused at least 2,000 deaths, according to semi-official information here today. Property damage was estimated Italy Gels Tourist Busses TRIESTE Italy. (UP)— Two spe- - ist officials have announced. A nciv tumla. and Qratz. Brought by 23 Poinselt, Cotinly Tenants. LITTLE ROCK Mar 23 (UP)ij' mirccroppers or lenanU; have-no asls for sulls against landowners'* or eviction undei the AAA cot-* on rediicllon contracts, the >Af- nlisas supreme court held today ecause they ire not parties to ho couliact.5 botiiecn the land-' wnei's aifd Ihc seoretaiy of agrl-~ ulturc. . o Tlie high court upheld the Poln^ clt county chancery court in ustalning a demurroi to n pctl- lon for ah Injunction to prevent landowner .from evicting teh.'- nls. „ Wlnburh West and 22 other: mrecroppers brought the .suit gainst HlvMn Norcross, Poinsetb ounty plantation bwner. \Vcst claimed (hat under Sec- Ion 7i of the AAA contiact the ;o\Vernment intended to secure enant.s In possession and ocstt- lancy of houses He quoted a Kirllon of the sccllon which says': ....the producer shall permit all ennuis to. continue In occupancy >f.their houses on this farm, rent rce, for. Ihe years 1934-35 n- peellvely " The supreme court hetd that eimnti! were not bound by the :ontracts, that they were free ti slay or leave Therefore, the iplnlon siild, "no consideration In lie contracts moves on them"— hat tenants, are not parties to he conlraols maue between'the loverimient and 'the landowner'. < Vew Yorker, Accused as 3py,^ Being Tried in Paris [ ': PARIS,' M ar. 26 (UP)—Rpbert] Qovdon Swltz, of Ne\v Yorlt, on Irlal with his !\lfe and 21 others I on • espionage - charg^ was -.uhder- I .stood io iiave-Hestined" todaT'that 1 he Joined'the huge spy'tfnVonTy In order to expose Its secret* to France. , ' ' ' ^J .Tlie long awaited trial of the spies .opened In the 13th correctional court and was secret Strong guards were posted at the court i room. It wa«r Expected that Switz arid his wife, lifarjorie, would be freed and deported after Ihe irliir*^ Changes in Relief Bill ':: Are Declared Essential WASHINGTON, I,5ar 25 (UP>^, Speaker of the House Josep!> W. • 3yrns said today after conferring ' vlth Presldnet Roosevelt that it I vas "absolutely essential' to send f he $4,880,000,000 work relief blll~" o conference wllh Ihe senate >-' Byrns said that there were var-' [ 'ous administrative provisions In S he senate bill which were "ab- - :ol»teiy unworkable." ' He declined to Indicate whether '.he president was opposed to re- cnlion of the billion dollar Thomas inflation amendment. > -. 'Hubby' (Returns to 'Make' Up/ Finds_My'of Wlfel CINCINNATI. (UP)-Harold Q": " Sleeves walked the streets all night •' rfter he quarreled with his wife. ; Then, after thinking It all over, ! he went home to seek a reconciliation. , !' There he found the body of-Us wife, Thelma, hanging from a I beam in the cellar of their home, i Radio Workers Strike "~ CINCINNATI, O.. Mar. 25 (UP) . —Approximately 2,800 employes ~o£ ! the Crosley Radio corporation went on strike here today. Officials of the Radio and Refrigerator Workers union said that the company had met the demands j of the employes but refused to! put them in the form of a signed letter or contract. ^__ f WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight 1 nd Tuesday, preceded by thun- ' ershowers In north and east por- ! ions tonight. Cooler In north nd east portions Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—cloudy anight. Tuesday fair and slightly ooler. «^ The maximum temperature here esterday \as 71, minimum 59, loudy with 16 of an Inch rain- all, according to Samuel P. Net- Is, official weaih« observer,'

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