The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 2
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PAIGE TWO BLYTHRVILLE (ARK.) COUKIJ5R NEWS -•.-, FRIDAY,--NOVKAUJBi! 2(5,- 1037•--. - ., SchboJ* Organization Tpc B, P. P. voted to .become a. school-. Gl'ul). under the- .sponsorship of {.tiss Grace plieljis' at ila rcgi ulau hic'ctihg Wednesday lUtemwn al ' ^1* • home of f Mary Uele'n Mcxjrc- *Tlie\ propose lo perpetu- nteitlic club through the a'dmis- Eioii 1 of treshrc\an girls' < each year. A^ Ihc meeting" Wednesday the. glrlt liad a "lemon .box" into whitlv they put written criticism;; of [each other as a 'means for each member, to improve herself. Refreshments o f sandwiches, cookies, candy and were Has^Paity on Th'ud Birthday Peggy Ruth Zachry, daughter of I Mr £ and Mrs. Raymond Zachry, cele£raled her third" birthday nnni- verstiry with a party Wednesday aftejriioon which 21 of her friend:; attended. The .children played games in whigh Rondal t>een Fisher won •> prise. The gifts were opened and the ^.children, t wearing paper hats, wcreliseivcd dixie cups nntt birthday cake. v. Each child was presented with :•. Galloon and a doll, sucker ioi- favors. Multi-colored hillooiis decorated the house. FLAPPER FANNY .— -@Ok 1 NC* service, i«c, r. M.rco.v.s.rAr. torr, — By Sylvia Bits of News \ * • • -"-Mostly Persoiwl Society — Personal Film Slarlcls Approve 'Sody Discovery' by Straw Vole "I don't suppose you liavc change for .1 dime—you Betty Ann ami Bobby'-Campbell, •who are living with their aunt nnd uncle, Mr. and NSrs. S. A Ar- cling of her sister. Mrs. H. P. Har- i Mrs. Mildred Wells ot 61. Louis, well Jr.. Ihe farmer Miss Elizabeth ; Mrs. William ' Burchcl of Gooi'BO- Crews. |tow;i. TJ.XN.S. anil fin uncle, Judge Miss Z;ld« Ashby ot Chatfielcl, j Charles Itcvcll of Lo:i Angeles, At!;., Is visiting her brother.' Isaac | California. the Mellio;llxl Missionary Society met In the r.omc of Mis Clrov^c Carter Tuesday afternoon H'llh ten members present and one visitor, Mrs. Jimmy Roberts, ol This IJPIIIB n prosram ind social meeting, the president. Mrs. Bob Owen, altu- culling the house to order, turned Ihr program over to the leader. Mrs. Frank ponton. r n:c subject for the n Clef noon's study was en "Pence Lcvcn in Chiistian Missions".; Mrs. Demon was assisted on the program by Mi 1 . 1 ;. J. J. JohnMon. Mr.s. Leila Branlley. Mr.s. James Handle, nnd Mrs. R. W. Thomas. Mrs. Thomas concluded the program with a report on news taken from the | Missionary Bulletin. A .-iocial hour was enjoyed during which Mr.s. Carter, assisted by her (laughter. Mrs. Roberts, ol Crcccla. serve:! a salad plate. Mrs. Russell Bcnveu had twenty- four I'rii'Dds in for an evening ol' bridge Tuesday. The tables were arranged in attractively decorated I rooms tin-own open for the guests. After the games a salad plate car- lying n congealed fwlt salad, .'nndwlches, hot tea. aiidNlndivldunl pumpkin pies topped with whipped cream and marach-no cherries was Ready with straws to joiir- I.ami Turner in llio very soda fountain whore a studio talent were, left lo rtehl. Anne- Shirley, Carol Si cms ttosiin 'Discovery Ecda" ar." five ether smiling beauties of movieland's younger set, gathered at •;eo«t faiiurf Lmia a yo ar ago. ;>nd offered her a film contract. Celebrating the anniversary f.aivrencs, L.ina, Vicki Lesl=r and Natalie Draper. Im a fitmily reunion this week, ilipit brother, J. Avery, Mrs. Rush and children. Avery jr.,] Chandler, and Nancy Lois, of Am-j millo. Texas; .visiers, Mrs. Elmo: Ctmi|:'jell. Mr. Campbell and: diuightt'r. Lourelle, of SL. Lnuis; Mr.". 3 E. Simmiscn. Mr. Simon- sou and children, Everly jr., Vir- JBiivi!i Ann. Delia Sue, flush. Eu- HoriKTsville Society — Personal Mr. an:l Mrs. Bancroft of Flint, Mich., arrived Saturday for a week's visit with Mrs. Bancroft'. 1 ; spend parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Noel. Eleven were present when tftc Woman's Missionary Union of Hie M - r ' alul Mrs ' Doxl S ta s Morris (day hlght to t= the Thanlssglvlns | Amarillo. Texas, and-Miss Louisa ncld,.and goiiK to school in Litll; :A! " ll5 - v - " M Inmu y- I Ml ' 3 - Vnl Campbell and son, Rc<;!tji are ~sp€dirj» tl'e week'end' Mrs ' c - G ' 5 ' cdnlnl1 wns called .James Wallace of McCleansborj, hei&.'wirti their" father H y !t° Kansas City, Mo.. Tuesday night i Illinois, and Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Campbell- - ' '! because of the :lenili of her brolh-' Jordan and -son, Tonnuie, Of Ml. br'Vand Mr^ paui L Tipton at-! er '" lilw ' Charles R. Paye. iVernon. Illinois, arrived Wcdncs- ienrtai Hie-- AlatKana-Vniidtrbllt footfall jganie.:. in -Nashville. - 4%5fAl klncy spent Thanksgiving with her sister. Mrs. O E Latham, and Mr. Latham in Sikc-, stuv Mo. ' -' . j Wednesday Kenneth Quackenmish visited' IU ' D his .parents in Paragould yesterday. High score prize. a~ white card; table, went to Mrs: R. W. Nichols, | second high, a dooming cyclamen, wtnl to Miss Bob Williams, with tul pite, niininlurc Iwok porcelain Kill trays and cigarette holder, going lo Mr.s. S. J.. Smith.- Out ol town gucsls were: Mrs. J. A, Rush, and Lowdeii, ""of Gunters- vllle, Alabama. Mrs. Matlie Pclson will the \vcck end in Tyronza with her friend, Mrs. Joe Stevens. Dr. nil:! Mrs. E. R. Dogan spent ^ Baptist, church met at Thanksgiving d u y in Jackson, Teun.. visiting Mrs. Regan's brother. J. W. Sykcs, and Jack Hall, and Mrs. flail.. lEherley and Mr. and Mrs. Everett, Mare than 3CQI) chiUlren under [LanacJon here this week. i 5 years of age die every year in Byion Rosa relumed Friday from : the Uuitcct Slates :is (he n-suh ol I.-M Anselcs, Calif., where he has \ burns, (been employed for severs! mouths.! I Tamil l.ayhc left Thursday for i I os Ansjclss where he l:as employ- piein. Cecil Hayes returned Thurs:lay from Piltsburg, Calif., where lie lias been employe:) for several the home of Mrs. Arch Ycimg Wed-' years, m'iday afternoon. Devotional was given by^Mrs. S. K. Ruffln. Alter 'refreshments were served, Mrs. Miss Rilth Biillocl! is spending Rlll ,- m c]oscd the tl u , lr.c Thanksgiving holidays wilh - ori! y cr her sister in Blythcville. ,' Ml , m)fl M , 5 Ri , v Kiij ht t j Miss Margaret Moult was ac- Thursday and Fridav m Cape Gi-1 compamed hcme from Newport r!mli , au wi(h Uloh : months. He expects to return there Feb. 1. The average hereditary monarch i of Europe has a life span of 53.15 j iuc to colds..-checked without "dosing". . by mid" their five ciiildren. of Hcnor j guests 2f Mrs. W. Springs, returned lo their home {and Mr. and Mrs, loday after rUilini; Mr. and Mrs. I ringlon. Havvcy Monis iind family since i Dr. an:l Mrs, C, M. Harwell left B. FlBimigiui John W. Ed- Turner, Nev.'port. Ark. -3 • * The Luxora Literary Book club met 'With Miss Margaret Mollil Miss Louise Ttii;ncr, : ' Gcoree McE i ven . who has been visions with Jvar ' sister, Mrs aunt, Mrs. Uob Owen, and friend. 1 !, j The Rev. and Mrs. ir. and Mrs. R. C. Bryirnt had •s. Frcti HiUjKr ( Wednesday from ! "l ,.j their guests Thanksgiving day,,, Mr. ami Mrs. Sullen. Mrs. J. R. I-'- ":' land family arrived Wcdni .. . . .... • Phoenix, Ariz., to make their hon:e He is pastor of tiie First j night. The two men Tuesday for a ten days visit in I'llnirsdny nieht with sixteen mem- New Orleans with their sou, Mai- bcrs present. . Mr': : and Mrs. Frank Wh!tworl'ij of Laui5vilic went: to Baton Rouge, La., Wscl- Mr. and Mrs. W. E, Hood, of!lory Harwell, a senior meilica) 411- Eupoi-a. Miss., nnd Miss Alta Hood, j ciciil in Tulaue University. "Dr. EUCSts - of Uu : lr ^ wcck •and sls- Il2r, Mrs. B. S. I,alnb, and family. .-. -Osccola Society— Personal ncsday .where they -were guests ofi Mr. «VhitKorth's brother, J. B. WJjjil.ffbfffiJV.'and 1 Mrs'.' Whitwortli They "spent^.Thanksgiving in WE* Orleans. "' . ' ajiss Martha :;(tnn- Lynch and her roommate, ^Miss' Louise Bruggerman of Denver, Colo., both of TVlipm are attending Washington University in Et. Louis, and MBS- es'^Sose Stacy,-. Elizabeth Ann Wilson and Man- Elizabeth Bonm. IU)larv c , ub „,,.,,., who are attending Lindemvoodj wilsuii I'-istor college, in SI, Charles, Mo., ar-, Cal|EOS '(or TlianksgivinE were rivfd home Wednesday evening tolemphj.^,! ,-„ ,| lc address of the spend 1 yie holiaays with their par-| Rcv . D . D . Scrar, pastor of Ents. Miss Bruggcrman is visit- wikon Baptlsl Church, before the "f, j Lynch.. 'Osceola Rotary club Tuesday. ' %, \? t rS; W " J " Pollard ' Mr - In aclditiOH to the instrumental 9nd Mrs Favnswortli Black andi milsic rcnd(;1 . w | bv Barbara Banks Cozuic Blackivell attended Iho Harwell lake n short coin-EC of lectures while there. Miss Catherine Harwell and Miss Nell Nell i t lis •noon iRan During the business session, ple- sidcci over Ky the vice-president,, Mrs. T. 'D. Wiiklns. Mrs. 3. O. Wilkius mis clccttd president, tak- the place of Mi's. James T. to Join them for the remainder of the time, Csccolci 1 ' members 'of the'Eastern EUir cUaplcr who allrnderJ 111- mecthigmnd bnnqudt given by the Park Avenue chapter of Meinpnis al .Hotel Pcnbody over the week cud were: Mrs. 11. L. Maxwell. Mrs. W. D. Kelly. Mr.s. Gilbert Mastin, Mrs. Moua Moore, Mr.>. George Raines. Mrs. R. Cl. Bandy. Mrs. Geneva Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Reid, mid Mr, an;l Mis. !! 1C JE. H. S.mllh. The occasion wat> llie 'the official visit .if the Worthy Grand Matron of Tennessee. T4» proginm for the evening cOrisist&d! 1 of a .veiy interesting wpk/jTJFgVt "by.-Miss Lois Hill-piV "The'Years" by Virginis Woolf. 'A sketch of Joseph Pulitzer was given by Mrs. Jiimnic Slack. Announcement inarie Clialirmn and danghler, Mary Methodist church. 1 Miss Blanche Hayes returned 1 Wednesday from Los Angeles, Calif., j of her sister. Mrs. J. G. Sharpe ! ; vherp sl ,l c lia f £pel)t " 10 l" st an;! sen. John, 'of ' U '= monlR5 wllh hel " sister - M '" s ' Ruth, of Earle, Ark. Miss Bob Williams is the puest I' Mr. . Sold in lilyfhcvilic by ewart-Rohinson Drug Co. To IjoncKil.r prove {'.re jri-Ciil value ut 01,1 > KICKATI) I.VUIA.V TUNIC lor 1'cllcvliiK ilvfr trc'nbk'S.r.V will sell until tnrdicr 110- ti'jo lljc r,-yitl:u- ?1XIO «te Memphis, during the Thanksgiving holidays. G. C.v'Drivcr left Sunday Jor : ;ardv,Tll, where she Ls leaching' Mi:s Glytiis Slier ley of Flat River. , T , , , during the luncheon yandcrbilt-Alabaum football E amc ncccrdian jolos were hour, two played by Bryan presided, in the absence of Singing Convention to Be H«W At Dentotl, Mo t | Liquid. Tablets . I Salve. Nose ,.• ' . ; \ — '• Aji.viiu iji^.^ixitii. HI UK nusynce ut the. guest ol his parents here yes- Uie , m ,sidenl. Dr. C. M. Harwell. S? 5 '' \, o • , v -'"° iK i!1 New Orleans. Mr. Bryan : Miss Maiy Spain Usrey, who is. attending the University of Mississippi at Oxford, is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. O. Usrey," over The Pcml.vcnt siiigiu^ lion will be held at Denl convcii-' on. Mo.. Tl '- v repoiicd only S72 lacking in the the December meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. R. C. Lang- Mrs. Delia Spnmi and Missj Florence Rush have as their gucsls ( -' checks COLDS and FEVER lirsl day Headache, :'rt Drups nli "Kiib-M.v-'rism"-H I <irM's !!(••( Liniment Fcrmcuter. studeiits" at" ArkansR.Xl.'I^l'JfJ.'rjl!!^: """_/""• xc " i -;£latc collcijc. • Joncsboro. camej C-:Vitl) OF TlfAX'-iS [ hcme Wednesday to spend the! v.'c wish to thank "our'friends 1 r:lidays .v.-ith horn,-- ton:. j f - r iv.cir ' kindness to us r-t ih; Miss Rosa Ldit Cooke, Mrs. Stella i death of James Fyrcen Matthews Volmcr. and daughter, Ann, of j Faitlcularly do \vc appreciate the: Memphis, spent. Thanksgiving Day i Rev. Alfred Carpenter's services j :« lcir ?••"•«««, «lr. and Mrs.! Mrs. J. S. Matthews Cooke E1 '- I and familv. ^ \V( i oks' for 4!Ft; ii[i ialiua uf l.lrniloi! tuuii-r. >Vy uls nnloo lo rcfiu: Ji> ad, cns- i I Everything for your enter- tiiinmcnl and comfort. Last Time Today live, Love and with Robert Montgomery, Rosilnnd Kussell & ' Uohcit lici-.dily. Alsc tlnss Morgan Muiical and Comerly. not Kuti.sficd tlint llio iiM-ilfL-hio'.'^ not vrorlli'nt IcastV'Icii times wliii't ],<, , J«til mr ii. Wilhlii j-j hours 'Olll- Kk-Ualo Imlinii Tcmii; vill ili-Ui- i.oi- M'lis frmii .votir sr.sic-fn. It I'iiilSpf; n : inori; iialnral :]rtion tljan any otlicr jnefUi-ji),. 1 Vii 1 >;noii" of. It is a £.'<Hfl l-'vcrv -ITS- ' ""- ''''"' ''"''' IP '" ? out of IHeir .^.vslriji.s I l<7 ~i liriic=? yur. This mntcs you less lialiV mill - will holi, a si, k stnin. ai:li—pas, l.lnnliii.c, imligrosllon. hi]. iiisilfSK, sii-k liniHlarlii-, .-mislii ml also regulates (lie buivcls. mission Mrilince ll)c Admission Nighl llic and 2fo & Me ' aturday Only goal Crippled Adull Hospital lu Memphis. This is cx- peeled to be collected by Dec. 1. Mi's. Kirby returned last night and Bftty remained for the week end. JMr. and Mrs. Ivy P. Craw- fcjrd and family visited Mr. Crawford's brother. Dr. W. s. Craiv- for'd, and family in Mariamia, yesterday. Mrs. Ease Kchoc and Mr.s. p. Lehti. of Memphis, spent Wcducs- ,dsly night and yesterday lure »Hh Mr: and "Mrs. John F. LeiUi. ?J r5 - Walton Scott Tcagarden ^ 5 i minrtits and specials arc asked " I to 'lake 'pail in the program. ; A special (iiiartct Is e.X|>Ected lo 1 stpcnr, according to R. E. L-. .. "',. '-'Eniiih. president of the associa- 1 ^'. • iion. v I'alk ; given by a member ol [ While paper is only 80 per cent j It reflects only about 80' W. W. Prewiu. A vocational will bo given by a membc, „. ., the club, niitl vocal music by high 1 > vh llc. scr.ool pupils. Mr. G. Hnrtsill Banks ] I 1 -" 7 c< ' nt of tll(1 ! 'B''t that explained briefly tho program for, 11 ! 1011 '!• Dec. 7. wliich will bi> called a' "~ Fellowship meeting at which each Harvey Stewart Dr. F. A. Robinson KTKWART-ROfllNSON Succeeds City Drug Store We Specialize In I'UKSCUIVTIONS f'lcdicinal Wine ^ Licjuois 2014 VI. Main Phone -0 niw son. Walton- Scott jr.. ofJM Elaine, are visiting rclativts here.. .Mrs. G. W. Dillahunty nndlAtlrnd Visitors were H. C. Unnlqiiisl, Boy Scmit excciaiv; of Joncstoro; E. S. Barreutiiie, Little Kock; tile Rev. s. D. Ecgcr. Wilson; and "r. Maloch of Blythcville. ' Miss Jenny Wren, and grandchilSrcn, Susie and Wayne Taylor, we Vis'iltiVr m Dyer.-,burg. Tciui. Mr. and Mrs. j., A. Leech hAvr; vcturntd home from New Orleans. where Mr. Leech attendrf a na tlonsl bottlers convention. Miss Alta Mac - Garling\on is pending the week end wiih jur mcther. Mrs. R. E. Garlington, Mr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson. Mr. .111.1 Mrs. James Driver. Mr, aud Mrs. lien Butler, and Mr. anil Mrs. Charles Lowrance jr.. vvcnl to NBsIn-ille for the Vantirrbill- Alabama football game Thuralav. Miss Julia IJllai-d Craig attended the annual Girls 1 Cotillion club Hotel Peabody at Memphis, . . who is in Campbell's. Clinic Memphis. ' Roberta Anne, four year old .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ashby, of Yarbro, who has been seriously ill from diphtheria, is Improving. A. P. Burks, wiio has been sick from influenza for the past two weeks', is now better. i Mr.' and Mrs." John • Dungan o; t Charleston. Miss., are v I siting! friends, and relatives here. They were called here because of thi! serious Illness .of their niece, Roberta Anne Ashby. Mr. and Mrs. John Milss Miller visited Mrs Millci 5 mother. Mrs. W. p. Dunavdnt in Meuiphis yesterfav !tfrs I*. E Warren and daughter,' Miss, Marjorie. Warren, left Wedncsda) morning for Atlanta, Ga , where they -are visiling Mrs Warrtn s' niece; Nfrs W.'D. weath- flf*, «ftd family Mr. Wairen will weet \Mfly in Memphij Sunday on U*lrfft«f#H6me3 . ? /• Mr^f.^ftte^.^ Wilson'- relumed home .Wednesday night from Memphis where ihe attended the wed- Mrs. Hale Jncksoii suests last week cud hci as her auuls. DEFINITE BELIEF OR MONEVBACK TflE WILMTib "TRBATMESThM ti?« ^'"'iwr'l. rtcfiniio relief in »uo,^am]s of cruvcs 'or 6tcrt7,7ch and Hy, in<l oihrr_fo'™ ot fill tnrl MR«iiei'" "'sk'to*'"* 1 '' 1 '* M " >S S<> b. KIRBY BROS. -DRUG CO,,} ROBINSON DRUG, CO. Inc Manila: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE [hoe Hcpriiting .thai. Satisfies .:. 'mith Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd MLS! EMM MORE! Increase your iiu-ome In; >\ " \vnlt paid profi'ssion . . . you can lie ;t ^ )\ licensed llenutkiiin with six traininjr . . . curnll n«w in I In Modern Utility Sctionl Eagle Sohool of Beauty Culture OlK'H I Meeting- nil Slate licfniiremcntu fin ? i . Arkansas and ,Mi«Hi)uri. •' '• ,;?! State Appfovcd alnut & 2nd' lilyllievillc \ COMPETEINT NSTKUCPOKS Sjiccial Course for Yininc Men and Ifcirhcrs Write for full details lf> LESTER FISHER GIPSON 515 Krewson Ave. jor.cshoro, Arl, HKXUV 517 W. Ash _ He will appreciate a. t|iulit> g ii t fmm'our whisfccv- s Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials .; CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP ."M.iin nnri Division C'MOH, EVEBYBDDy... SINE WITH GENE! You're oil invited to I (oin Ihe Ion inGene's'y Communily It's a grand fcasl Admission Always JOc & Show every niglH. Matinees t'ay. Saturday * Sumlay Only. Friday K Sunday Matinees star) 4:15 p.m. Saturday Continuous showing from 1 to 11:30 p.m. shows start 7:00 p.m. riday - Saturday Jack Randall in Usu carluun & Serial, "Kndio .1.1 " Also CarlcQu ,v Kpi'iai "Jungle .Menace" with Frank Km-K. nml i:i,is(!(!c. (t made a misl ;1 t c in Saturday's art ivlieii I s,li[l lin- chapter). C'onlinucus slin\viii5. Aamissicn till 5 p . m . i ni . , v ., (!( . Ailmiisinn aflrr 5 p.m. ICc A- use Sunday - Monday < omplvlc with Batteries i AnnU! r m™ r 1 ^ ^ z. ^il—i——_!

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