The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER c, loaa BLYgHEVILUB, (AM.) COURIgt HBWB_ LASSIFIED SECTION • ?{&„,* m CLASSIFIED ADVEUTfSING IiNFOKMATION Dally ra.tu i«r line ior consecu- ll\t> insertions: 100 I'liones 123 No Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot As llio Desert Snnas" L; C. HOlilNSON bUMUEU CO. 30c kii-a to n line) .. 10c .. cac .. OOc .. 050 .. 60c No Eagles, But They've Reason to Be Blue! exclusive agents for uri{-| Genuine Montevalln <'osl (five average, words One time per line Two times per Hue per day •1 nrec times per llni! iwr day faix times per lino per day .. Month rate per line Minimum charge 60c Ada ordered for three or six times and slopped before expiration v.'lll be cluruec'. for the num- tcr of times the ud appeared and udjuitmenl of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy nul-miUed by ix;rsons rcsiditis out- Bids of the city must be nccoui- 1 (allied by cash. Rates may be easily compiiicc from above table. No resixmslbility will be taken for more lliiiii one Incorrect, in st'ilion of anv classified ad. Advcrlislug crdered tor ineeu- Inr insertions take the one Unu. rule. Phone 306 or ,307 We arc hvii Gt 1 ami Sljisy, Arkansas Anthracite and Kentucky Coals. HIUIIC -m K- ''• Jl ' r > \Vouilcr Cily C'ual Company On kll-9 PHONE"~107 BUCHANAN "Our Cool Is Black Bui We Treat You White." 9o kll-u CollegUte Cow Aids Owner Throufh in School Mcl'HERSON, Kan. (UP) — (lharlcs aimer's "COIteKO Cow" In helping him through school. 'Die 20-ycnr-old rtuclonl braugm Ihe Holsteln cow lo collvgu when he came here from Chase Knn. Encli morning nnd evening Huser milk.s Ihe cow, sells the milk, and attends Mel'herson College. He gels l)la board and room by Hork- In I In' y 11 id and doing » few liuuse chores at n 'dwelling ncur the cilnipus. C.C.C. Worker Praised For Yellowstone Efforts YEU-OWbTONE PAIIK, Ws'O. tUI'l-Klglil hundred 0. 0. 0. re- trUls nccumiilMicil n siilenrtlcl Kcoril o( work in Yellowkloue Nu- lloual Turk Ihla summer, Su|X'r- liitcnilciil Kcjjir W. Toll reports. The- woricers hiiilt 32 miles of ;i-«ck trails; 23 miles of liorse (rails; icvcn miles of range fences; Imir corruls; W miles of lilrphonc lines, one tool house; cm' first cache building; nnd one toal dock on Yellonetone Lake. Recent, archcoioglcal discoveries In Utah have devculcd a threc- ilory till! containing hundreds o! moms; Kclenllsls now behove that >:|iurtincnl houses were known tmtt oscd liy the tinu'cnt Indian races. By Ahern FOH SAM; Pay a few cents more and purchase FRESH F.OOS, laid daily. PlClt- AKD's STORK, 1044 CHIC. AVE. o-.- 100 yds olf paveincnl on North ICth Btrcet. 2pk9 AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan. Phone vpli-J 30c kll-2li Pure bred SUmevil'c number 4 Co:- lon Ba:d S2D Ion. See McDormott or Blacv. ai Blylheville Gin. 2ckO FOR RENT UUS1NESS DIKECl'OUY Eee Us for Seller and Ociieiol Blacksmith Work by John Wade, 'loin Howard's Machine Shop. 30c kO ' New and Uteil Furcllure Bought nnd Sold Stoves repaired—Any make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash. 20pkii-ao BRICK STOKE room 25x140, located West, -Main Street. Avail- klili- Jan. 1. Address Box 86, Bly 7 GcklS Ihuvlllc. 2-Room Unfurnished Apartment, 411 Franklin Street-. Inriuirc Rite Price Grocery, Cherry & Franklin. EtPEUT Typewriting nnd Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blnnk- euship, 11U E. Rose. Call 1C5-J. REAL ESTATE Come in, list your real estate Sec what we have to sell E. SI. Terry licensed Dealer Tcrry-Worlhinglon Title Co. Blythcville Phone G17 U G. Moss Blytlic»illc's Cut Hale llnileiiakcr 10p-kii-10 Wagon and Truck Covers made tr> order, any size, 0'4"xl2' $4.10 up 0'4"xl5' S5JO up. Carney Awning Co J13 S. First St. Blyttieville, Ark 23pkll-23 J lnes Cleaned, repaired,,-Inspected Work giiaraulccd. W. W< Book, r, Call 109. ' T3p kll-1 CLEANERS. TAILORS for Quality Cleaning phono 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 12ckll-12 It Pays to Look Nice Send Yoi;r \Vodcn Dresses Unique Cleaning Service to 20c kll-2 AUTOMOTIVE Day & Night Service Station Complete Line filiell Products Repair Work at Any Time Milton Stcrnbcrg I'D one CO 5 ' 19c kll-1 PERSONAL WANTED ^jKTicnced Salesmen and Sales ladies. Apply Thursday,' . Frida r Saturday. Superior Coal au lining Co.," 304 W. Walmil St. 4c k CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY. 3ckl2 M'ALE'HKLI' WANTED Mali Wanted. Supply customers v.ith famous WntkiiK Products in Blythcville. Business established, earnings averaee S25 weekly, pay slarts immediately. Write J. R. Walkins Co:np:i.'>y, 70-90 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tcnn. Opkl POSITION WANTED Call 308-Bed's I'lacc - IIS K. Ma For Auln Painting lirxly arrt Fender Service Formerly with SIiousc-I.HUe Co.^ LAKGEST'liTOCK USF.D "l-AKTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Ph^nc 66 JACKSON AUTO I'AIITS CO. 2ck!2-2 Gicul Colored Man modern ccok. can 75G. wants job, please Call GpklO LOST SHAFFER LIFETIME FOUNTAIN PEN between 100 Ash St. and High School, phone 985-W. Do Ray DDbyns. 3ck7 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install -glass in your car while - ANNOUNCEMRNTS >tt Sewer Tax in District No. : flow due and payable. Delinquent if twiil immediately, will be e install -glass in your car w i — ..... - i--- — ........ --you wait. Call us for better ser- accepted ,v, haul perul.y vice. Plione (j33. Sliouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 Call Us When In Necil Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-Ballcrics - Krplaccmenl Parts Hl'BBAKU HAIimVAKE CO. Aulomoiivc Dcpl. Irkli W. M. WILLIAMS, Collector "" N'orlh Second Street. 2ckO Auto GUss All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. ;0c kll-10 ' WHECKEIl SERVICE Cnll i« when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call G'33. Shotisc-I.ililc Crrvrolct Co. I0ckll-10 NOTICE TO METHODIST CHURCH MEMBERS Help your church by ^aving Criii- ova Coffee Cr.n Keys. Drop Ihem in the l;ox a: McMiillin's Cash Grcccry or Liri."'ity Cash Grocery. LEGAL NOTICES Cold Orl Your :r. WcatlKr. Wmi. Guarantpct RUSSELL ANDERSON DoJi;.: & Pivmoiilh Garnnc I'honc- M3. Gckl2-C HATTHKIES Baltcry &• TtnOistnr Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 033. Shousc-Mttlc Clicvrolcl Co. 10ckll-10 WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, ; corporation. Plaintiff, vs. No. 5564 Harry Taylor, et. al. Defendants. The defendants Andrew Har-inq- ton and Mrs. Andrew Harrington, nro warned t" nnp^ar.within thiriy (lavs in Ihn rourt named in the cai:tion hereof and answer the comnlaint of t v c nlainliff Federal Land Bank of St. Louis. D.Uixl (his Ifi (lav nf Octob n r. 1033. R. L. GAINES. clerk. Oscar t'endler. Atty. ,'ifi-L!tcm. IO-1G-23-30-6 Silk Passes Test as New Fort! liattcrics licnlal - Recharging - Hrpairirc 777 TIRE ft BATTERY STATION noes, PETS Vnr Healthy nnjs feed Miller's Ration Jt Quick Lunch HUIIRAKI) HAHDWAHE CO. llckll-11 Sl'OKTlNG GOODS Airplane De-icer „ You will find a comptcle linr: of M-IW MO1)I-:i. niCVCt.ES al Hubburd Haidwnrc Company. lGckll-16 COAT, K \VOOI) IllilLLTANT fc KENTUCKY COAL Qiwllly fc Qiianlily Guaranteed BAUTNICK'S COAL YARD R. R & As'n Et. Phone nil 3ckl2-3 CHICAGO (UP) — Walloon „.... has COT.C to Ihe aid ol airplane operator lo whin Ihe old enemy. Ice. The original. Hal rubber deicer consisted of nibbcr sheds on the plane's leadir.r edges. When Ice formed on the front of the ving the rubber slicct-s were inuat- eri by air pressure. The system was iiol entirely satisfactory. Now balloon filk has been sub-, .stiluterl for rubber and the de- ircr's weight slashed from 150 to •tt poutitls. Air is |iumi>ed through coiiduils leading to the silk tubes nml inflnles these sleeves to (he removal ol ire by changing the contour of the wins, rq>orts United Air Lines, who has made extensive lesls. I 1 is said thai Be ckphanls are move than motor tr*ctcri OUR BOARDING HOUSE WAS TWRtE. UP ON ME.-I ON A. tcriAV, ECLIPSE ? VSIENT -DOWN UV<E TH OL. Bocv<Et- TrV OTHER WERETUTTV \N r/tt HANDS.' -DCX4T TELV.US I TOL-DED'tM UP L\V<E ,60\ SHINtR TPOtA WHEN BOUNCED UKE WtU.-B'RONNE.U V>ST GUY HVT The Blue Eagle may be getting nil the attention now, but It won't be long before mother bird mv name for himself He's Mr. Turkey Gobbler, who, by Thanksgiving time, will be on the lips of thou ands of folks. D«plt* his preduDtr.cnt, note how proudly, he struts nro'and at the Uhrby turkey to near Bo yds, Md. Prison I'opulation Down the boats past this town at night. Regardless of the weather, Kellam Electricity Ends Life AUBURN, N. Y. (UP)— The nu ber of convicts in Auburn prl. Is lliD lowest tincc the 1029 rl Work of Lamplighter has done the )o'> each evening for ' 25 years trimming 'the wicks of Hit old oil burning lamps, ami Oiling tnc tanks when necessary. Tlic old style lamps were in .u.sp, [•tout 50 years. . ; SOUTH GLASTQNBURY, Conn. Tjl>l—MoitonAclcclric lights have nut an end to the Job which Waller B. Kellam, 1 blind lamplighter ol fills town, hrio held for 25 years. Kellnm has st tended to the \Vnr<lcn Joseph II. Bropby nuimccd: He stild there; were 1 i'mnnles. The prison has 1 2.100 u. Only once have llwy all be filled. That was In 1900 government is ex- lighting or the range lamps along React Coiulcr News burning engine In an army tank. •he Connecticut River which guide GE1T1NG DOWN TO FACTS! HOOTS ANO HKR BUOPIKS V -. • ' — • jf UBCVE MUM'S TH , ;' •OLD o&\ FOR A START; vWHftT I GOT. tea VOU (3N6 ME HOURCLftlM, A.MDT1IE REST IN 30 DAVS, ' ~ ' ~ IT'S AGO. KNOW WOV. TO \ NO BABV1 GET^-JOUR MOMEY. WC SW. M-MlSTER\ -To HECK WITH TV*EM< WE&STER SPENT 3 S«ARS fOR. TH6 GREATEST STRIKE IN htWSKftM H1STORV. , O'BRIEN. WOT'LL I TEU &AIU IS OUT ___ - -fo'j THIS Bigness, AW* CASE GeTTiu 1 SSR. CUCKOO I •FRECKLES AND 'HIS FRIENDS CRASH SCORES REP BOOTS A PERFECT PLACEMENT, ITTIlJG OM THE PVAVERS , 03ACM R06SE HOPES FOR JUST OtJB NWftE TOUMOOW.../...-. TO PUT OVER A TAILV.... SAME, SHAOYSIDE HAS A TOOGil k is ,fl lo e > p»irW Throng 01K«S »l I PR.UfeLES RUSHIW3 is... PSIMGLE 13 SUADYSlDg 7, ILY TWO WIHOTES TO PLAY,.. COME OKI SHADYSIOE 'ffcccoiiKtwywl -...-.. Ctt a U o( fcj Hnvc awi !»»•«, kee^.th* *p« ,wJllicSca<lbxk. In til _ IUP Uc big iHing 1^0 h^ lo tc ;«J - (Km tXt . PUN", PRIM5LI: 50ES f/ER . The Atlcii vSo*s .Ik piopn «j lo ttckle Congo "satisfactory

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