Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1895
Page 2
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OH! FOR STRENGTH "Weak Serves, i irefi, Bodies. Exhausted KILL LOVES BASEBALL. The Coniolaint L'puii Health and Str- Your r>t Thousands i>£tli arc Within Dr. GrceiH-'ft Nervura Makes You Strong 1 ami Well. It is the Great Kcstorutivo Drains and Xcrvow, of Oh, thofO nervt-H of ourn, how they do hotlirr u.-! Weak, tirtd and nervous i« tin* coiiiplitint evury* litre. We overwork, dis« pat-, w- aUen our bodies, ruin our health, and finnlly bri'jtk down. Slofplensufss tind iudi- g<-sr,ioii are eitrly nyiuptoii>, for the nerves n.n; too t-xluui i< ti-d ami irrilft- bin tit [permit rcsi, mid the btotuuch too wetik to d't'CSt. f> od. Ir, is nc-Tv-e mid bruin exhaustion •whioli MiM.kf.1 the b 1 uiu tired. n.ml the arm nerveIf8-<, tnf limbs trembling, the lU'indfM Wfuk aiid t! e whu'e bo<ly without »Sro i;th, energy or ambition. It is l-»ss of nun.-e* and vital peWBi- which, is slowh bun i>uri-ly HupyiiJK tho v«ry life itwclf. and unless hel|) is sought from the rl.'ht cource, the mid will be mint ered m-rveH, iiisnnity. with softening of the bruin, iiervi-us pi us trillion, hcurt fuilure, paralysis or prciLtiture death. Beware of such symptoms! A well known drutfiS'iV-, Clmrles W. Ef,-sl«- Bton, Ki-q , 320 Park Avenue, Worceg ter, Mat<n., sulTert-d from nervous prntt [ration arid ull its terrible symptoms. He writes the following letter tolling what tie knows is the best way Co <r>-t well. "doiUH f.ln.e iifro I was takfn with nervoin [irostration, I m lie red ti-r- rlbly with m> nerves ami could t:er, DOH|K«[> • t all. I bouuuie feurfully extinusted, my st.MniKill was in a terrib <> condition 1'roiu d\snepsia, and 1 could rut hardly unytiiiiisr. "I used several im-dicim s but without ru'iielif. Hr-in^' in the clriif,- business myself mill luivinj; had many oustoiimrtn-penk in the highest terim- of Dr. 6-reerm's Mervnra blood ai d nerve remedy, 1 determined to try it. After Inking only one-halfi>octlo 1 be^an to feol mutili better. "I sl"jjt soundly at ui^'ht, and my , appe.tite WHS splendid. After taking three bottles, I ate three square meuls a day, and had not the slightest di>tress. My i.erves were yer- feutiy sti'onjL', and I felt lik« anew jnan, beini; comph tely cured of my troubles. "Out ff the respect I bear tho umuufactim rs of Dr. Greene's Ner i- - ura Mood and nt-rvo remedy, and my desire to liiivu the sick and autreriuj; made well a>.d stroup, I lieartily recommend it to people who are siuk. I iiu>>t certainly recom- ineud ir. to people who are tbe same as I wus, nervous and inclii ed toward dyspepsia and indigestion, and SUtTeriui; from not bciuj? uble to aleep well Ht ui^ht." As this letter is from a dealer ia medioiue, his word is authority ou sued matters. Everybody knows that Ur. breone's N«-rvura blood and nerve remedy is the preat lend ing m,'diuiutt of the n^e. Tak" it and you will bo utade s:ronj<, heulihy aud vigorous. Doctors reuouimeud it be- canse it is the prescriptiou of a phy- slr.iau, aud beruubO THKY K> F o\v IT How tbe Sountor JLIelpcii a Small Boy to » Srat la tho Bleacher*. Senator mil's fads are politics and baseball. The national g-ame he loves next to a hot cxtrnpaig-n. Last summer he and Senators Smith and Murphy were frequent visitors at the baseball park and took frequent rank among 1 the "rooters," and at times IJ ill's strong voice could be heard among 1 the cheers that went up in response to some fine work on the diamond. A little thing: came to the notice of a Washing-ton (Star man one afternoon that illustrated better than columns of words one phase of this curious character. The senatorial trio occupied a barouche at tho main gate, and there was a brief wait while the ticket-taker was collecting- his admission cards. A small boy, grimy and ragged, but full ot" the as- VICTIM iNO. 1. Henry Alms, Wounded by a Militiaman's Bullet, Dies, Many B/ooklyn Rioters, Injured by Soldiers, Secreted by Fr.ends— Strikers Use Red Pepper. linooKLY?,-, Jan. 23.— llfiiry Ahns, who was shot by militia Tuesday night, died at St. Mary's hospital Wednesday. one tho con- -iirj- .-om- litia tim. DAVID I). ITIT,L, surancc of extreme youth, saw the three well-dressed men in the carriage, and, following the custom of the crowd outside the gates, pressed forward and sang out, close by the wheel on Senator Hill's side: "Mister, take me in de game!" The other members of the national legislature continued their conversation, but Hill's quick car had caught the cry. He looked over tho side and saw the dirty paw extended and the grinning, roguish face looking up into his. Perhaps the sight touched a thread of memory. Perhaps lie, too, had once been a little fellow outside the gate. But at any rate here wove two baseball enthusiasts, one a senator the other a guttersnipe. The democratic spirit of the former was touched. That anybody should hunger for baseball was to him a most piteous plea. Ho smiled >t the little chap and then asked: "Where do you want to sit?" "Over dere!" answered tho boy, eagerly, indicating by a wave of his grimy hand the famous and much-desired '•bleachers." "IIo\v much docs it cost to got there?" asked the senator. "Only a quarter!" The ragamuffin was by this time almost over the wheel, so great was his excitement. Only a quarter! Thar anyone should be deprived of the delights of the game for a quar— "Here, get a ticket, and get inside quick," The senatorial hand went into the senatorial pocket and brought forth a coin. The grimy hand closed on it, and there was a Hash of bare legs, and in a few minutes there was a happy, proud young man seated high among the "bleachers" yelling like asteam vfhistle for "do senators." HENRY C. HANSBROUGH. Br Gr«em\ the most successful Bpfvualisc in curing nervous and cbroLie d'seafest, discovered it. He can be nouMiiItfd free, per Dually or by lei ter, at his < fllce, 35 West 14th St , JN'ew York C'ty, Cut-crl:iss handU-s for umbrellas are .ncvt", tlioso. too, of tho Uuckwood pottery ;iro soen. (.'orsufre watches arc- shown in the IHHV black prim raetai.and are unobtrusively fastened on the left breast to hook matches of the sar.ie .metal. Cliinchilla h;is suilclcnly boon discovered to bo a very expensive, and. consequently, much-to-lio-desiivd fur. It is used with sumptuous effect on sealskin. A triple ciipc seen the.other dav had er.oii circlo of senl edp-ed with the soft jrruy of chinchilla. A new weave of velvet for furniture covering has n crushed and creased look, like crepon. Skeleton broc.-i.do is a new material intended for portieres that is ji design from the Associated Artists. Oval miniatures on porcelain, or with that .effect, are late French novelties. They come tarjro as belt buckles for house gowns, or smaller in sots 'for buttons to ornament a bodice. New small boxes and baskets in odd shapes are made of, palm leaf laid over a foundation. —Chit-itg-o Tribune. Covvrail Uoth CA40H. Theatrical Manager—I regret, gentlemen, that I cannot put your productions on the stage. First Author—Why not, pray? "Your play, you see, is so awfully j jurople." Jforth Dakota's Senior Sonntor Is a Now«- p:\p?r Man. The senior senator from the state of North Dakota, lion. Henry C. Hansbrough. began his career as a printer, but soon passed into the profession of journalism, from which he graduated as a statesman. lie passed the days of his boyhood in the little town of Prairie chi llochcr, which is situated iu Randolph county. 111. It was here that he was bom on the 30th day of January, IS-lt?, and where lie received his common-school education. From this place he removed, in ISiiT, with his parents to California, in which latter state he picked up the trade of a printer. Two years later lie began the publication of a daily paper at San Jose, and later | been mo connected with the San Francisco Chronicle, with which ho re- SENATOU If. C. IU_XSr.KOUGII mained until the yenr 1S79. Returning east Mr. Llansbroug-h published for two years a paper at Baraboo, \Vis. Removing in 1SS2 to what was then the territory of Dakota, he continued to engage in journalism. It was about this time that he became prominent as an advocate of the republican policy ot dividing the territory and admitting both sections to the union. He was twice elected mayor of Devil's Lake. In ISS'S he was chosen , as a delegate to the republican national convention at Chicago, and was , thare chosec to act as national com- j miueeman for North Dakota. Shortly | after this he was elected by his tiis- • trict as a representative in the Fifty- first congress, and in 1S91 the state legislature sent him to " the United States senate as a republican, to sue- . coed Gilbert A. Pierce. Senator Hans-' KKOOKLY.V, Jan. 2.1.—At least life has been sacrificed in strike of the motormen and ductors of the trolley lines, il Ahns, who, for disregarding a mand to halt, was shot, by the m 1 Tuesday night, being the first vk The injured can be counted by sew:-, but for the mo.it part they have been kept under cover 111 order thnt they may not be prosecuted by tho police for creating disturbances a.t different times at various points. fluvc Only -mo Men. This is the tenth day of the Ing strike and still the result hangs in the balance. The railroad companies can operate their lines so far as the mechanical arrangements go, but they huve secured only about -100 new men to take the places, of the strikers. It is costing them a large amount of money to do this and they have to pay expenses of the men to Lirooklyn and offer large sums of money to hold them here. Trolley Mnes Patrollod by ,SoMJc?r«. Despite the assurances of Mayor Schieren Unit the military force in Brooklyn is sufficient to do all that is required of it. it is believed that he has made a request that additional troops be held in readiness for an emergency. Every part of the city where the trolley cars run is patrolled by the militia. The soldiers are everywhere massed in large numbers in five minutes'notice of an outbreak. The police are thus enabled to attend to their proper duties. More \Vlr*!H Cut. In every quarter of the city wires were cut during the night and the stables and power houses of the companies were subjected to a desultory bum- bardment of stones. Few of tho malefactors were placed under arrest. On uijiny of the lines tho linemen have stopped work, but so f;ir as can be learned they have not been called out as an organization. It is probable that the electricians and expert mechanics employed by the companies may also refuse to continue work. Several new lines will be opened up during the day. The dissatisfaction among the linemen has caused the strikers to cut the wires and ground them by means of. the elevated railroad posts. The. wires are in a worse condition to-day than at any ov.lier time during the strike. There, .seems to be no means of detecting the men in the act and the only way the electricians have of telling is when the cars of the whole lino become stalled. Outbreak Early In tho Morning. Excitement, has begun to run high nt Fifty-eighth street aud Third avenue. At!):JO a wagonload of about a dozen nonunion men arrived there in charge of troop A, of New York, under command of Lieut. Bagley. About a mile below tho depot on Third avenue a large trunk of a tree was taken off the track. At Fifty-first street and Third avenue, the strikers' headquarters, a lot of stones were thrown at the troopers and the •wagon. The troopers charged the rioters nnd drove them back into their headquarters and down the side streets. Until 0 o'clock in the morning' the number of cars in operation was about one-half of that of Tuesdaj'. The Ful ton street and Flatbusb avenue liiijs have succeeded in getting- only one or two cars through to the bridge. The reason was that wires had been cut in the vicinity of Fln.tbii.sli avenue and Fulton street and linemen refused to repair them. The companies are also short of motormen. Rod I'uppor Freely Uoed. Red pepper is freely used by the rioters, and many of the police and soldiers are suffering from, sere e.yos. The stuff, in thin paper clippings, is hurled at the soldiers and if it breaks anywhere about the head the mililiamea suffer excruciating pain for awhile. Fortunately most of ihese parcels hare missed their mark, but the soldiers dread them more than they do bullets. -\rore T.ines Operjitr. The Butler street cars on the Atlantic avenue system were started in the forenoon. This is the. first opening of this line since the strike began. There was no disturbance. Tho Keid avenue of the lirooldyn. Queens countj- and suburban system, was started at noon. This was the third new line opened during the day. At noon on all the lines affected by the strike 220 cars were running. This is,the best show-" ing the companies have yet made. 1.IIM 111'^ GO ClUt- An order was issued at noon by the executive committee of tbe Linemen's association for ail electrical workmen SHE GOT GOOD MONEY. Born a Genius Disease Threatens to Cut Short a Noble Career But Hood's Sarsaparllla Restore* Good Health. Ll!IIe May Bentley Is an accomplished elocn- Honlst and natural born speaker of only 12 yean of »ge. She Is tho only, child lempcranc* lecturer before the public. Her genius. how«»er, did not exempt her from an attack of & dlseaM of Cbo blood. Her own words best tell the story i " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: " I he:irtlly Join with the many thousand! th»l »re recommending Hood's Sursapiirllla. I bad been troubled from Infancy with guthorlngs ID the he:id. 1 was compelled to leave school upon the doctor's advice. Ho thought It was thtonly tiling to save my life, but 1 Continued to Crow Worse. I was persuaded finally by a friend to try Hood'* Sarsaparilla, The use of one bottle acted ef- Hood's s ?>Curcs fectlvely upon the blood and I beg»n to Imprort. Afttr the use of tjireo bottles Kit gathering ceased and I nm cured of my former trouble. I owe my life anil will always remjiln a true friend to Hood's Sarsafarlllit." LILLLK MAY BRNT- LEY.SheDyville, Indiana, Get HOOD'S Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly •flldently, oa the liver aiid be«»u. 2j«. employed oii trolley lines to go out at once. It ^vns reported at noon that t\vu soldiers fired at a house on Myrtle avenue near Knickerbocker. A German \vi-ui:m fniled to (-lose a window when ordered owin;^, if, is said, to her not being 1 able to understand what was said. The soldiers, who belonged to the Seventh regiment, lircd and the woman closed tlie window in liable. • Oirl/vn- Tulcr :i Huii'i A committee of citizens of the Seventeenth ward, appointed at a mass- muetinij '.I'liusihiy niylii, waited upon the mayor \\eilnosiliiy forenoon and asked that immediate relief be alVorded them. llesolutions were presented protesting against the monster monopoly of the railroad system and asking 1 that- they be compelled by tlie eity authorities to run their ears in compliance with their charters, thai in tin: event of their lion- comnlia.nce. Uie eity ;iutlu>viciivs tal-" control of the roads so that the people may have immediate and permanent relief. Mayor Schieren told the committee that he would consider the matter. Another Man Shot. A company of the Fourteenth regiment passing through l ; licks street fired oil some men on a roof of a building 1 . One man fell. lie was taken to Lon<j Island college hospital, lie is not expected to. live. The name of the wounded man is Thomas Connellj". It is said he is a roofer who was at work at the tjmc of the shooting 1 and was not throwing stones. The coroner has been summoned to tako his ante-morteui statement. How * N«at Trick Win Turned on » Street Cur Conductor. A woman gave a conductor on a Eavens'wood electric car a quarter nnd received in change two silver dimes. "Here, here!" said the passcnjrcr. "this coin has been filled and I'd like to have a good one." "That's good money," retorted the nickel snatcher, with a look that showed he had expected just such nn outcome. "I took it for food stuff, and you'll have to do the same." The woman dropped the defective piece of money into her purse, says the Chicago Tribune, muttering 1 something inaudible, but allowing-a look to spread over her countenance that indicated trouble ahead for that conductor. And there was. When he pot of? and ran ahead to see that the Milwaukee track was clear, his victim removed her big 1 woolen fascinator, pulled oil her immense cloak, turned it inside out, made a muff of it, and changed her scat 1 to the other end of the ear. "Fare," said the conductor, opening the door with a bang, lie had failed to see through the transformation and took the passenger with her cloak on her lap as a .sure enough newcomer, liy this time the passengers had all taken in the situation.' Every eye was on the little woman as she fished out the identical silver dime which she had been forced to take. "Can't take that, madam. Company requires me to turn in good money." "0, but you told me only a moment ago that it was good money and now I want you to make it good or I'll undertake to fret you a long 1 lay ofT. I'll take the names of any two of these men who have seen you give that to me as good money and then within five minutes re- .fuse it as bad. Come, now, give me a good coin and do it quick.' 1 The woraa got a good dime. To ^Orvc \VIth Turkoy. Affer boiling half a dozen onions in three quarts of water for one hour pour off the liquor and cut the onions into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper and pour a pint of cream sauce over them. Serve very hot. To make the sauce, first put .1 pint of milk into B. saucepan to boil. Hub toacream two tablespoonfuls of butter and one generous spoonful of Hour, and wlu-n the milk begins to boil stir the cream into it. Continue the stirring until the bailee is smooth. Season with salt timl pepper and boil up at once.—X. Y. •World. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort mid improvement and •«uds to persona! enjnvment when xghtly used. The many, who live Ut- •arthan others and enjoy life tuor c , with expenditure, I; 1 "more promptly n<; the world's best pni«luut» to he ueect:> of physical being, will jutcst he viduc to .health of tho pure lii)iiid ixative principles cmbiaced in the -"irneuy, Syrup ot Figs. Its excellence 5s due to its presenting. o the font mo.st acceptable and pleas- uit to the taste, the refreshing ami truly "eneficial properties of a porfi-c' laxative; e!fectu:U!y demising the system, Impelling colds, headaches and fevers- iiia permanently ctiring constipation. ! has given sati.sf.-iCnioii to millions and ut>t with -the approval of t he medical •rofession, because it acts on the Ivid- icys, Liver and Bowels without we:ik- mug them iiml it is perfectly free from very objectionable substance. Syrup of Fi<*$ is for snle by ah drug- :istiir> 50c ;IM! SI bottles, but it in man- cfautured by the California Fig Syrup •o. only, whose name is printed ou every •iickage, also tht name, Sy.'Up <if Figs, nd '.wing well informed, yon iviJl no», substitute If THE MARKETS. Grill n, rrovimonx, Ktc. CiiiCAiio, .Inn. SS. t— Dull and easy with decline In whcut Quotations runlet] IIH follows: Winier— P:Hents, £!.50,Si75: strulKlHs, S.'.K4f.'.iU; clwn-s, ft:. 1 5,-(Ji:!0: seconds, j-UUiii.'.lX); low 1,'iMc.lcs, Sl.COj4l.S5; SyrliiB — Patents. SR^Oji,;) SO; strain-ins. fi.L'O^itfO; baiters', tl.OO 'J.-J5: low grades, S1.T54J1.W; Red Dos, i8l.C531.TO; Kyo, SJ10KT SPECIALS. The department store of A. Strauss & Co. failed at Anamosa, la., for $20,000. The Presbyterian church atM'ernphis, Mo., was burned Morday night. Loss, S12.00U. John Lcnahan, ayed G7, fell dead while at work in the Alton shops at Bloorainffton, 111. Thomas E. Ilersey. of Newburyport, .Mass., killed his sweetheart Emma Ellery, and himself. A convention of h;iy dealers be^an Tuesday at Cleveland. 0. A national organisation is to be formed A. '!'. Hay, lawyer and inventor, died at llurling'ton. la. He built the first all steel bridis; in the. world. James Koach and Richard Forman were arrested at Mount Sterling 1 , Ky., chargred with aiding 1 in the lynching oJI Thomas Blair. The school board of St. Joseph, Mo., has decided that no pupils using cigarettes will hereafter be admitted or allowed to attend the public schools. An active warajrainst cigarettes-has been waged there for some time past. SAILORS LANDED AT CHEE FOO. \VITKAT — Active ami lower. Xo. :.' b-u53!^o; Juniwry, 5i^53o: .May. 5-1 j; SMS; c. CORN— Modoraiely activo and linn. No. xland No. « VcJlo\\'. *J3c; No. H. !!Di039M'c and No. 3 Yri- low. 88!4ii3fi;ic: January, •ifyie: February, -t'Sc; Miiy, •!5Jiini i <J>'iic: July. •H4i-li?ii«. OATS— Fair iriclln;; nnJ sleady. C'ash No. -', 29c; May, ^O.mfcSlhiC. S,implus hiRUCr. No. .'1, 2»iJ^9;;c: No. a White, :(J!jo30l4c; No. i iS'Mt '.89ic: No. - \\Tiito. 30/.&31WC. KYE— Quiet, but cash Rye steady: speculative m.irkct dull. No. - In store, 50c. .SJLIU- plo lots, 5liaiil'/iC. May delivery, 51 K@j2c. UA«LEY-Vor.v little offered: steady bm dull. Coiir.r.on to food No. 4, 43i$»Uc; Xo. 3, 50a.M'/!C. and .N'o. L', S-ii-ifSi'ic. MKss POKii — Trading was rather active. Prices lower. Quotations ranged at £10,f>0.2 1100 :'or cash rogular: s-lO.SO/flO.75 for January, and $10 704411 --'0 for May. LAKD— Hather active and lower. Quotations ranged ai .iO.-15 ,0.0fl for casli: $0 -ISjii G-GOfOr Jiuiuary, uud 50.OOftO.r7ii for May. LIVB PuUM'iiv— Per r'Oun.l: Turkeys. r,3 5!ic; Cnlckuns, C®?c; Ducl;s, Hi:'Jc; Gec.se, per doz , $.1.00 O.U-J. ISL'TTEii -Creamery, isgiSlSc; Dairy, O.riMo; Packing Stock, 8 9c Oiuj— Ueadllsbt. 175 tost, 8!~c; Gasoline. 87 deg's, 10o: 74 deff's. Ho: N.iphthn, 03 dej^'s. 7c. Wiilsky quoteil sio.idy at tl™ per IMMIMMIIIIIIM PAP CALENDAR r * * » 1895 For * A Desk Calendar is a .necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse (or memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest nnd handsomest of all—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and i sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your-need of one. You won't object to that, of course. ' The Calendar will be mailed for five ' 2-cent stamps. ' i Address Calendar Department, ' POPE MFQ. CO., Mention Ihli piper. Hartford, Conn. »+»4* I-M+I M I H+l 111 * »> I'roximlty or Japunus Cures I Rising Breast J:-^\ . — And mine?" . |f;l',Vbrough's term will expire March S Is simply awful:"—Fliegeude BM:;.> . . 1S97 -MOTHERS' S ^s_ FRIEND "I . . . Is the greotestg blessing ever offered V? child-bearing woman. *3 I havij been a rnid-w wife for many years, J? and la eacli oiscg t where "MOTHERS' FRIEND" wns.used g til accomplished Tfcoders and relieved 0! > much suffering. It Is the best remedy for j? > rising- of tbe Breast Known, and worts tbe J? * price lor that alone. . . " ffl Hits. M. M. BREWSTIR, Montgomery, -Ma Sent by Eiprewi orm^ILon receipt or prie*, (I p*r ImUlfvW^^'-V a.!' Drug-fits*. B<x,t - To JloUit, ">."-^ \ f rw. 'BRADFLELD RZGULX ^ """' • .^A, GA. <„ / . y to the City TiTror- XCft Chlii«:>iO Tro p ;. Jan. 23. —A di.-patch from Chee Foo s;iys thut sailors from all foreign warsbip.i ba,ve been landed to pro- leet the eontiulates of the different countries tbey repri.-st.-nt. Advices to the- rail Mall Gazette under date of December 4. published this afternoon, report that a panic existud then among tbe.inhabitantsof Chte Foe on account of the proxirnit3 r of the Japanese soldiers to that city, and the Chinese troops svere said to be upon the point of mutiny. It is added that owing- to diplomatic objections tbe plan was not to land any blue jackets from the foreign warships u-ithout urgent necessity for so doing-. But the signal .men ashore and afloat •were to remain on ihe lookout day and nigiit so long 1 as the weather was clear acd safe. It is added that frequent gTiles of snow and spray obscured the signals in town. Continuing, the Pall Mall Gazette's correspondent says: "All the male foreigners, numbering about thirty, are armed, and xhey are able to hold the Chinese in check until help arrives. But God help the outlying American missions." NEW YOKK. .)an 21 FLQUit—-Suite aud western. o u 'eL. weal;. -WHEAT—No. - red. less iiciive, weak: March. 59Jiiir>'J?{o: May, fiifiGOl'Wc: July, 003 COric; AUKU.-I. OUS,00'/ic. COrt.N'—.\"o. 2 quiei. easier; May, -WVji-Wi-ic; OATS—No. ^ dull, steady. February, S'J'ic; State. S&ti-JOc; Western. 3-J t-iOc. BEEF—Uull, weak. Extra mess, 5-T.5ftJi8-(X); family. SJ.TftSJIl.io. PORK--.Modara.tely active, steady. Moss, LAUD—Quiet, steady. Stcarn-remlcrcd. SC 30. BL-7Tfc:il — Quiet, weak. Western dairy. 1'Ui 15c: do. creamery. ]4.<^lc; <lo. factory. 5' 2 ftJ l;>c; Kleins. uSc; imitation creamery, l^lTc; June creamery, J5:s,iO^. CHEESE—Moderate demand, easy. Suite lar^L 1 . 9&1I .'4 •", do. fancy colored, lljic: tio. •white, lO'ii-.tllc: do. small, U'/i-ii-c: part skims. 3'/,(ii'Jc: full (Jo., -'fo^Mc. Kous — Qulci. .-teaily. Western. Sl!' ; c: limed. M&lbc. Suifurilul!. steady: crushed, 4 7-lGj,!''»c: iiou'dcrud. -1 I-lC«.-l;iC; granulated, 315-ii/ffi-i^c. JUvc Muck. CHICAGO, Jan. 23 JJOGS—Market moderately active and fcelins firm. Prices were 5c higher, .^ales runted ut &i,G5i£i.£' for Pi(C>: S^8.» ;.4.-^0 for li^hl: 639Jt5 •I. in for rouiih p.K-klni;: t3.'JOi^.-!J for mixed, and ff.15i-l.5J for heavy pacUini: and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market rather active. Feellni; firmer and prices strong. Quotations ran£«'d at ?-i.;*0(£5.UO for choice to extra shipping .S-.eers: fr.y->i<j.4.K .'or Rood to choi-v; do., SlSiS/S-fiO for fair vo good: c3.35 £3.90 for commoa to medium do.; ?3M~f3.W for Butca- ers' Steers. £iUf(£.90 lor Sioc!tsr^: ci'.W-J 3.CO for Feeders; 51.-13 ii'J for Cows'. S^70 } iC3 for Heifers; $^OUii.'i-^3 for Bulls: 5-75 (i4.OD for TVxas Steers, acd Si.SQ'&.tti for Veal Calvts, Cliildnn. If your child is out growing, I« stuoied and unhealthy, the cause IB most likely to be owlcg 10 tbe pres eoce of worme, and uolesa they expelled tte child will not improve, but gradually prow nervous, fretful and pale. Tbe remedy to u^e ia U'ne. bari's Worm Lo?engee. They remove tbe worms and iha worm nest. Sold by B. F. KeeellDg and Keystone druf? store. WTMIO Bobr '^M rfck. ww c»"> hrr OMt/irt». «a» a Chllo. BOO cnea Tor tine, occajdie dli^h. t^nn ciunf; to B^for^ » Kali H*-nd of *l Is gathered bj 1 that tremfninnslj' enulno, malaria, put i n tie brakes »ltb Hos- trtt- r 1 .-, Sio fach oltwrs. which will i-hcrk ILI progress and avert disaster. ChUls find fewr. bl Ions retnuct-n t. dumb WMf and ague cakf are prompt y rclievtyl iind uiamitefy cared- b> this »>enia! spwltlc wb eh Ls also a compre'>enMv- famlij medulns. spe«lllr DS-fu! In ca—of«Jjs- p?p>lB. bnloosnaes, onstlpaUon, sick headache, nervousnrss, rbea rmLtsm ajid ncnralgla. Arainst ihe hurtlol «-ffti«-t pt sodden cbanip-sor t-mperntorc, eipo^nre In wet wwttler. c'oseap- pll^ulun lolaborljos mental pnrsn-ts, and. thcr Influences pr*ji.aldat to he»l k. It 1* Hraost CTiotwortby sa'ega»rd. It fortifies the «ys>m HsJUniit dUeaae. pnrnotas appet te aud »1 ep, and ba5tetx< oonnlawence Ingaud flesti muting dlse-ues. LarJc ofStrpi.tut und Appeit'e. Tnis is the neaton wdeo we ofun e' tired atd we«k, wiib litilo rellth for food. Tbe cau»e is >•- rorpld Hver, owlnrr 10 the vtintfr'ti tffrtcr, on ibe eyiitem. A few doses tf Rinehnrt's L'ver Pilla will toon arouse ibe liver and make vou feel strong and like ft new person. Only one a dnsi-; set pleasactly. Sold by 8. F. KeebllDp and Kejstone drucr siore. Children Cry for Ditcher's If you lack euertr.v. are we»k and tired, take Rinehart's Pills. One a dote. Sold by B. F. Keeiliog and Keystone drug store. Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castoria. If- your cbilu IB oot growing Or thriving 1 , give Rtciehan's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Reeeiing and Kejsume dru? e»o>-ft Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.

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