The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on November 3, 1884 · 3
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The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1884
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Monday, November 3, 1884. THE DAILY PACIFIC COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER. BY AUTHORITY. Txxasvkt DiramiicKjrT, Sept. 16, 1M4. During mr abtenco frcra tho Capital, XHa Ex-cCncr Ctau T. Oa-clc, Has fun asttorlty tt act for in t la tfca Ccpartmtnt ot tho Treasury. . . (Signed) J NO. M. KAFENA, S tf Minister of Finance. Cipabtmext or FnrAsrci, Aug. lit, 1814. Ia accordance with an Act to Regulate the Cur rency, approved July 17th,' H4, notlco U hereby given that for sixty days from, thle date, silver coins of aU denominations, excepting silver coins of tie Hawaiian Kingdom and of the United States, will be received at the Treasury at tbelr nominal Talus in exchange for Hawaiian coins at their nominal ralue. Suction S of the Currency Act also provides that from and after December 1st, 1S84, gold and surer colas other than the coins of tho United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom shall bo receired In the Treasury at a rate not exceeding their bullion value for gOTernnaent dues, duties and taxes. JNO. M. KAPENA, Mln later of Finance. aaglrlU. rhawi ofthe SXHn Onrlnx November IS I. From Ban Francisco, per City of Sydney, Nov 1 Mrs Capt Berry and daaghter. For tbe Colonies, 3 H Blair, J 8tel, Mian Campbell (3), A K C Hood, Sir John Hall, F U Michael!, M Dawson, son and daughter, K do Uawea, W K Barratt, A McDonald, wife and daughter, P J Hanles, A V I'hilor II Rait frm Tt Ipta cv rAa.t u T A Jersey, J Forsyth, 8 Kemp, h B Reynolds, Rev C F Knight, E llorilem and wife, Miss Chaplin, Mrs ECCree and 2 children, E CTuttle, a Frearson, F O Or? gory, E F Ross and wife, J Chlaholm, Dr Chl-holui, A F Dacics, Mrs t V Booth and 2 children, R B Bentley, Mrs H i; Merritt, FA uanceclc and wife, J Dawson, Wm Dora, II M Robertson, A A Ferguson and wife, Th Lacaacade. Mrs JCldd and daughter, Dr Rattray and wife, J U Humphries, Mrs Ids, Hayman From Kanal, per Iwalanl, Kot2 His El JM Kapena and lady and servants, itiss Leihulu JEapotia, His Ex Uox F F Kanoa and lady, Mrs M K. Kaprena, 1 W Alapal and wife, Miss Sophie Sheldon, Miss Lily Richards, Mrs Campbell, Chas Gay, Mrs F Peters and son, 1 H Mahoe.Chas Greenfield ana 140 deck From Kahulul. Watluka. Kaunakakai and Nuu. per Llkellke, Not 1 P Norton Makee, W H Corn- wen, capt J Koss, K II Plate and 3 children, A Barnes, Mrs Kelly, M 1'lro, Miss Sawyer, W B Myers, Brother Lambert, D tod Tempsky, J Act and wife, L Ahlo, Ah Nau, Thos S Kay, Mrs J It Taylor and 2 lepers. KPARTCRE8. For San Francisco, per Alameda, Not 1 W O Irwin, Mrs Judge 1111. J R Hneyd-Xynnersley, J K Mackenzie, Mlxs Ida Herrick, B Kuehn, H Cohen, W Austin Whiting, O Anstin Whiting, W It Ilolliflter, Lnra Tong, wife and serqant. Lum Foi, Mrs Moranda and daughter. F W March ant. JBKaeed.Mrs A M Meliis, F J Leahy, C W Brewer, Myron 11 Jones, 8 H Guile, M Curtis, Mrs C O Berger, Judge II A Wldemana, Mrs Jas JCayseiden aad 3 children, C Bolte, K II Plate and 3 children. F Daton. R H Jndah. J W Forh. tt v. Taylor, Mrs 8 Fisher, F M Fisher, Mrs M Tray, F cow, y np.ucrr, r onum, 11 it KOberts, It Roberlcfc, J P Beek. Ah Que. J Fartie. J Enoa.F Frayer, J Mlllikin, F J Fiugerald, J Burrows, F esuya, airs Babylon. H Kroger, wife and daughter, V Schultz, Mrs E Doyle, J Marsden, E Tan uunson, j Lindsay, w S CosUy, J Powers, F Ileffncr, F Buker and G Maynard The Funeral of (be Lute Pauaut JBlsltop 31 r. xieruf ce I I Full Moon... Ijuit Quarter ......... . ...... New Moon..,., First Quarter D. 2 9 17 25 II. 10 3 . 7 a r.u 41 T.M 40 AM 44 AM horses, 31 from Maul and The Itlslns; and Setting f tbe Bun. The sun rUes to-morrow morning at S:04 o'clock. The sun seta this evening at b:zi o'ciock FOItT OF HONOLULU. II. I. AUUIVALS. Satpbday, NoTember 1. pubs cut of 8rdney. Dearborn, lrom San Franclvo, utmr k inni. TCtnir. from Maul and Hawall. fetmr Ukellke, Dorenzen, from Kahulul, Fukoo aad way ports, Molokal ichr Kaplolaul, from Valanao tochr Kob Jtoy, from Koloa Hoar Kawatlaul frura KooUa Wchr Iahl from Kohalalelo Wcbr Mile Morris from Molokal Krht Wnllrla from 1'aukaa HI O M's frigate Prina Adalbert, Menslug, ti days from Yokohama Sunday, NoTember2. tif mr n n. nwhoD. DaTLs. from Tlamakoa. 8tmr Iwalanl, Cameron, from Kauai and Niihau htmr Watmaoaio. Nelson, from aunanaio Hchr Nettle MerrUl from Dahalna Hchr Khukal from Walalua v iScur Manuokawai, from Koolau nEPARTCnia. Katvbday, Noyember 1. s),mf.iiii Alameda. II O Morse, for San Fran clsr-o at noon ' ' ktfamih!p City of Sydney, for tho Colonies ohr Kekauluohl, for Hanalel 8cUr Rainbow, for Koolau. Teasels) IVeavIns Thl Day, Ktmrwo Hall. Bates, for Maalaea, Kona and Van a.t 4 T. T.iUeiik:. Irfirenien. for Kahulul and Mo- lel"' i-w-iit KaptolanI for Ewa chr Waioll, for Mallko Mcbr Rob Roy, for Koolau Wchr Kawallanl for Koolau. inchr Waltete.for Paukaa Nchr Kaplolani for Walanae jschr Catrlna, for lUnalcl bobr Khukal for Walalua Kchr Manuokawai for Koolau bchr DeaUl, for Koholalele NIIIPPIXG SOTES. The Kinau brought 853 bags sugar 2 pkgs hides, and 110 pkgs sundries Hawaii The Am schr Eclipse arrived at Kahnlul last Monday from Humboldt with lumber for Wilder A Co The schr Pauahlrwas reported as being a total wreck at Kohanalki at 2 a,m. on the 29th ultimo, I off the coast of North Kona, Hawaii. The Pauahl Is a very old schooner and leaked badly. She was owned at ono time by Capt Babcock, but at present she is owned by Messrs Allen A Robinson. Khe ia partly insured The Iwalanl bi ought yesterday from Kauai 543 bags sugar, 114 hides, 12 bags rice and 16 bags fish The C R Bishop arrived yesterday from her final trip to Hamakua, Hawaii with 186 bags sugar, 40 hides, and 20 head cattle from Honokaa The Iwalanl will have her engines cleaned be. fere taking the C R Bishop's route for Hamakua The stmr Planter, Capt Cameron, will sail for Nawlliwlli, Koloa; Walmea and Eleele, Kauai, the Iwalani's route, on Wednesday next at 5 p.m. The Leahi brought 1S00 bags sugar from Kaha- lalele The French steamship Bordeaux will sail for ttau Francisco on Wednesday next. She will take freight and passengers if she can secure any The new Hawaiian missionary steam-bark Morning Star, Capt Bray, sailed from Boston for this port on the 22nd October. The will be due here about the 1st February next The steamship Alameda sailed for San Francisco at one o'clock last Saturday alter noon with 71 passengers the following Hawaiian products: 18,053 pkgs sugar, 2,963 bags rice, 2, 960 bchs bananas, 1700 sticks sugar cane, 1311 hides, 3031 pes goat skins, 438 sucks coin containing 3228,822 10. i okeiux vns.srLs IN POUT. Haw stmr W O Hall, Sass, from ban Francisco Haw brig Jiaxard, Tlerney, from jaiuit Am ship EI Dorado, H I Humphreys, from m m ltnnieaux. rhllloot. from London, Tift hrf Tawera. La Guen. put bacK a m hurir fnibarlen. Hubbard, from San Fran ii-i ,arb- nnh.iia. Moddrel. from Liverpool imhuric Nicolas Thayer. Crosby, from New- i,km niaverv. Perrlman. from San Frnclco, due ,.it Ktsirir vmna. Tncratn. from Liverpool Brit bark Paclflc Slope, Barne, from Newcastle, N H W, hitrur Geo S Homer (Am) from New York The bark Martha Davis, Benson, from Boston im hwtna Kiia. Howe, from San Francisco a ,ti hv tn w if bimaniL Ueudlette. from San UIU M's frtgata frlni Adalbert, Menslng.from " Yokohama . Expeeledl lrom rrclsm Prts. si..rmtili rtDos. H M Bywrd, from San t---..ii fin. nav a or bk Centaur from Hongkong, duo Not 20-30 Krit hio Dacca. Perry, from London, via Lis bon and Madeira, due about December. Bark Chasca (Brit), from Liverpool Mr:thvt n&nca from UlaaKOW am bwtne Amelia. Newhall. from Port Towns Aai'blc llop, Penhallow, from Tort Townsend, A,a. Nat 1 11.20 Am schr Rosario, Swift, from San f Kahulul, due now aox bktue Ktuao. D Robinson, from Port TniBMaariii .111. Nut 10-UO un tut KUtltat. Cutler, from Humboldt, duo In Am bark Abbie Carver, Pendleton, from Hong- 4f skn TiUaw st-am-bark Morning Star, Bray, from Bos ton, due Jr eb LOCAL AND GENERAL. The Supreme Court adjourned sine die on Saturday last. Ilia Excellency Governor Dominis will sail for Maui to-morrow per B. S. Sanaa. The brig Tawara sold for $500, and her appurtenances fetched $4.63. Fin weather prevailed during the funeral services of the late Mrs. Bishop. II. I. J. M.'s S. Priz Adalbert, arrived on Saturday night last. List of ofiiceas will be found below. Mr. James G. Swan has been appointed Consul for this Kingdom at Port Townsend, Washington Territory. We acknowledge, with thanks, the receipt ef the Anglican Church Chronicle and the Hawaiian Monthly-. By the S. S. Alameda Messrs. W. G. Irwin & Co shipped 1G24 bags of sugar; T II Daviea Jk Co., 44.C9 bags; C Brewer & Ce., 2011 bags. His Excellency Paul Neumann arrived in San Francisco from Mexico before the steamer City of Sydney left there, and may be expected in Honolulu on Saturday next in the S. S. Mariposa. The renowned trotter, " Joe Dake," is matched to trot a bay horse lately imported by Mr. W. G. Irwin. The latter has a record ot 2 minutes 36 seconds, therefore Joe has bis work cut out to keep up his reputation. Marshal Sopor has discharged Akiona from the police service. Strict discipline and prompt action are the proper and only methods that eught to be adopted by the Ilead ef Police. Yesterday the funeral of the late Mrs . ; Bernice Pauahi Bishop took place. The services were conducted by the Bev. H. II. j Parker, and the order of procession was i under the personal direction of Ilia Excel- j lency Governor Dominis. Long before the stated hour for the opening of the ceremonies, the grounds of Kaakopua were crowded with natives and foreigners. His Majesty the King, II. K. H. Princess Liliuokalani and His Excellency Governor Domini3, H. B. H. Prince 3 3 Like like, Mon. A. S. Cleghorn, and H. E. IL Princess Kaiulani, Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, Their Excellencies Walter M. Gibson, Chas. T. Gulick and John M. Ka-pena, His Honor Chief Jnstiea JuJd and a great many other official personages and friends of the family were assembled to take part in the sad, and solemn ceremonies. The choir of Kawaiahao Church wa3 present, and rendered the funeral hymns with much feeling, and some of our best amateurs sang the beautiful quartette "Paradise" at the close of the service. .In order to facilitate the removal of the ponderous cof&n a wheeled bier had been provided and a eloping platform had been constructed from the front entrance of the house to the hearse. The service being ended, a number of men wearing the ancient native feathered caps, drew the coffin from its resting place in the house, the pall being first removed and carried after the coffin by twelve pall bearers. Mr. Samuel Parker took command of those in charge of the coffin, and Mr. Henry Macfarlane marshalled the pall-bearers. . The scene in front of the house where the hearse stood was a very imposing one. Many old residents declared that never on any similar occasion had so large and so oeautiiul a display of kahilis been seen. Some of these are historical and have special names of their own, as the Malulani (shade of the heavens), a handsome large kahili of black ostrich feathers. The number altogether of various sizes, including those carried by the pall-bearers, could not have been less than a hundred, and they were grouped in a very effective manner. The funeral procession was formed with only very slight delay, Hon, John A. Cummins acting as Marshal. The following is the order of precession, ORDER OF PROCESSION A body of Police Marshal of the Kingdom Reformatory School Band Honolulu Fire Department Independent Order of Oddfellows Knights of Pythias Ahahui Opiopio Puuwai Lokahi Ahahui Poola Ahahui Opiopio Imi Pono Kristiano of Kau- makapili and Kawaiahao Konohikis of Lands of the late Mrs. Bishop Governor of Oahu and Staff Royal Hawaiian Band Mamalahoa King's Own Prince's Own King's Guard Servants of the Deceased ' Members of Kawaiahao and Kaumakapili Church Clergy of the Anglican Church Protestant Clergy Officiating Clergyman Kawaiahao Female Seminary HEARSE On each Bide" were : Escort of Cavalry ; large Kahilis; small Kahilis ; Pall Bearers. Hon. C. R. Bishop, with Her Majesty Queen Dowager Emma J H. R. IT. Princess Liliuokalani Miss Kapoli and Miss Kamae H. R. H. Princess Likelike, Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, and Princess Kaiulani His Majesty's carriage His Majesty's Staff Prince Albert K. Kunuiakea and Miss Stella Keaomailani Chief Justice Judd His Majesty's Ministers Diplomatic Corps Nobles Consular Corps Circuit Judges Clerks of the Government Departments Custom House Officers and Officers of the . Customs . Sheriffs of the different Islands Members of the Bar Foreign Residents Hawaiian Cavalry. The coffin was of a most elaborate character. It was made of koa and kou woods, and was highly polished. It bore a heavy silver plete on which was inscribed the following words: II. I. C. Zt.'m Frigate Prina Adalbert. The Prinz Adalbert arrived off port about 9 p. it. last Saturday, 2S days from Yokohama. She reports having had fine weather the entire pasge. This vessel will remain in port about nve days and then proceed to Callao. The Prinz Adalbert U wooden ship of 338.J lens register. She carries 11 Krnpp guns, .mi! also two of a small size fcr boat service; also four Hotschkiss guns, and six Whit Lead torpedoes. Her engines are 4S0O her power. The Prinz A lalbert was built by the Vulcan SLip bnilding Co., and launched in 1876 at Stettin, Germany. She visited Honolulu in 1879, at which timo Prince Heinrich was on board as naval cadet. There is a band on board thi3 vessel, consisting of 16 musicians. Her complement of men is 3 SO, 33 naval cadet3 and lO warrant officers. The following i3 a list of her officers: Frank Mensing, Captain. ' Geesler, First Lieutenant. , Hessner, Naval Lieutenant. . ,( Grochen, Lieutenant. Truppel, Lieutenant. Coerper, Lieutenant. Weyer, Lieutenant. Wemmer, Sub-Lieutenant. Gerder, Sub-Lieutenant. Dunbar, Sub-Lieutenant. Lender, Sub-Lieutenant. Kraus e, Sub-Lieutenant. Sander, Surgeon. Runkwilz, Assistant Surgeon. Drombronsky, Paymaster. Riemann, Chief Engineer. Heyn. Chaplain. G. Hahn, Bandmaster. Birkenbusch, Gunner. Ractzke, Boatswain. Schmidt, Captain Marines. Bemns, First Assistant Engineer. Liebea, Second Assistant Engineer. ; NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED HAYE SOLD THER entire slock and trade and goodwill of their business to the HAWAIIAN CARRIAGE MAN-UFACTCRIXO COMPANY, to take effect from and after October 1st, 13 84. . AU accounts against the firm of WHITMAN WRIGHT will b settled by J. A. PALMER aU persons owing said firm are -respectfsUy Quested to pay the same to J.-A.Pa1ZjIES Campbell's Block-. (Signed) WHITMAN dt WRIGHT. Js'OTICE. LEWIS fe CO., (SUCCESSORS TO KENNEDY t CO.) FAMILY- GEO CESS, ISTos. 67 and 69 Hotel Street. The undersigned have purchased the enure stock, 'rade and good will of the business of WH11MA5T St WRIGHT, to take effect from and . after October 1, 1884. AU outstanding accounts of said firm will be settled by J. A. PALMER, at Ho. 7 Campbell's Block. ME. S. M. WHITMAN as sumes general management of our manufactory (MB, G- WEST retiring). MR. W. WRIGHT takes charge of the blacksmith and iron work cie- rartmrat. Thanking this community for their patronage in the past, aad soliciting at continuance of tho same, with assurances of our best attention to all business intrusted to our care, We remain, very respectfully, HAWAIIAN CARRIAGE MASFO CO. O. WEST, President. E. G. SUUilAN, Secretary Just BelTeMl ex. S. s. Alameda. . Baldwin Apples, (Signed) NOTICE. - The undersigned, having become identified with the Interests of the HAWAIIAN CARRIAGE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, take this method of expressing our sincere thanks for the Kinoness, good will ana liberal employment re ceived from our many friends and patrons in this community, at our old stand. we now cordially invite you ail to command ourvlces at our new Headquarters,' on Queen street, where, with Improved facilities of steam power and machinery, we expect to turn off more work, with greater ease, promptness and dis patch. Yours, respectfully, (signed) S. M. WHITMAN. W. W. WRIGHT. CREAM BISCUITS, Hams, Smoked Salmca, Smoked Beef, Grcrinea, Tinned Musliroonis, Dutch Uerriuss La Kczh California Rolled Pickled Butter, AND A FULL LINE OF FRESH ST-AJPIjE GrROOEEIES. r" Island Orders- Solicited. Telephone Xo. 940. Utl tfj P. O. Sex 37. NOTICE. Close C'oniiectlous. Saturday last was an unusually busy day in the lowsr part of the city, on account of the arrival and departure ' of several steamers. At 5 o'clock a.m. ' the Likelike arrived from Maui, followed at 10 'clock by the Kinau from Hawaii, and at half-past ten by the City of Sydney with the foreign mails. At one o'clock p.m. the Alameda left for San Francisco, and at 8 p.m. the City of Sydney steamed away for Australia. As may readily be imagined, correspondents had their hands full, with letters received and sent. On inquiry at the postoffice wo learn that 53 mail bags were received and despatched during the day, containing 10,120 letters and about 8000 papers and parcels. At the request of the Postmaster, the agents postponed the sailing of .the Alameda one hour, which enabled correspondents to receive their foreign letters and reply by the outgoing steamer. By this means replies to letters posted in San Francisco on the 25th ef October will be received in that city on the 8th instant fourteen days from the date of the S. F. ietters - the shortest round trip ever made between the two ports. ' i i In retiring from the management of tho HA. WAIIAN V CARRIAGE i MANUFACTURING COMPANY, I wish to express to this community my sincere thanks for the liberal patronage I have onjoyed at their hands, and trust that the Bame encouragement and support will be extended to my successors in all the years to come. . -. ; Very Bespectfully, - 6J novl3 . cSigned) ;; G. WEST. A FEESH LOT OF THAT AIOTHEE EXPLOSION! :o: Mi' WICKER WORK, Etc., Etc., JUST: RECEIVED EX 1 'BORDEAUX." EXTENSION OF PREMISES AT The One Price Mechanic's Corner Fort smel Merchant Street Next Door to the New Bauk Buildlrs. -:o: At! vice to tlie House of lVords. London, Oct. 24th The Times, in a leading article,- advises the Government to proceed with the subject of redistribution as soon as the Franchise bill has been passed by the House of Commons. In that case the Lords would have no pretext for rejecting the Franchise bill. The Timt8 likewise advised the Uouse of Lords to pass the Franchise bill without delay. . - i I '. 3cto SMtrtisiffltnts. M. A; GONSALVES & CO., A GRAND CLEARING OUT 57 HOTEL STREET. OF Om ENTIItE TOCK OF 8S THE PEOPLE'S AGENT J; E. WSEMAN. HOME - AGAIN. ITOTICE. A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE llouolnln 1'avht and Boat Club will be held THIS DAY at noon, at the Club House. By order of the 225-o COMMODORE. Ready; for Active Duty; Ciotlaiii, .Shirts, ISTeckweax, Undemvear, Hose, Handkerchiefs,- Suspenders, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Bas, Valises, Etc5 Etc. NOTICE iTX AND AFTER TniS DATE. THE HONO- lalu Ice Works Co., will deliver ice at as Low Slates b anv othpr Comnanv. I JOHN O. WTLDER. Honolulu, Nov. 1st, 1834. Superintendent. 225-nov7 ; : j. - ; '' li.lCFIXTlCXT AGEST, LlFK INSCBANCK AGENT ' FlBJC LvsrBANCI AOEKT, TtATLBOAB AGENT, ABVKKTXBlXa AGENT, AND GENKRAIi Business Aoent. Auso, CrsTOit Hottbe Broker, Monet Bbokeb akb xol'be brokeb. J IS -;. I t f- i t -: s i J , I 1 ". :' Real Estate Agent.- Campbell's Fireproof Building, At Less than Cost, Prior to tbe refitting or our Estbllahiani from top to bottom, and tbe opening of our New Addition, lately occupied by the Daily Hawaiian. THE ROYAL HOTEL SALOON 28 MERCIIANr street. MEMORANDA. The steamship City ol Sydney, Capt Dearborn, discharged Ban Francisco pilot Oct 25 at 3.50 p. and arrived In port Hov 1st at 10 a.ra .with two cabin passengers and 22 bags ol mall fer Honolulu, ud 59 cabin and 4 steerage passengers, and I860 tons of freight fr Australia. At the S F heads passed a Hawaiian schooner painted white, bound in iTad uieasant weather and light winds the entire paauge CXPORTM. Vot 8au Francisco, per Alameda, Nov 1 W O Irwin A Co, 455 eks coin (12700), 7195 pkgs augar and 3 hides; T H Davies A Co, 4469 bag sifar;F A fcichaefer & Co, 1710 bags sugar; C Rrtswer & Co, 2011 bags sugar, 750 pes hides, and lJf.0 pes skins; T McColgan, 2S8 bags sugar; M Pbtillps fe Co, baits sugar and 60s) bags rice; M 8 lirlubaura A Co. 1200 bags rice; Hyman Bros, 850 bates rice; Castle & Cooke, 100 bags rice and 1 b galvanometer; Concee ifc Abung, 213 bags rieejOW Marfnrtaiio A Co, 100 bags ric. and 3 bs type; Wo Chan, looo sticks sugar cane; Tai teun, 700 stl ki sugar canei M W McChesney A fco,5:5 prs hlJes. 7a p's skins, II cs mtlse. and cs eer; Brown A Co, 302 bchs banana; C E Hen-Bon, i3 bohK bauaaAs; E L Marshall, 413 bchs bananas; M Mclnerny, 431 bchs bananas; S M Carter A Co, 35J bchs bananas; SresoTlcb, Gray A C, 5:0 bchs bananan; Quong Tick Chung A Co, 270 bos banauas; H 11 Hollister A Co, 4 crates soda furniture; A Johnson, 8 bxs empty bottles; C E Williams, 2 cs Jewelry and pkgs basket-work; Wells, iargo A Co, 2 pkgs sundries, bchs bananas anl 1 sack com (SI321.30), L J Levey, 1 bx personal effects; Mrs J M llazelden, 1 bx personal effects; Sundries, 4 bxs betel leaves. Total, 153 tons. Domestic value, S106.596.6l; foreign value, J3l,0CS.80 - , At noon to-day there will be a special meeting of the Honolulu Yacht aad Boat Club. As the business to be transacted ia of importance, a full attendance of members is requested. The tailing of the S. S. Alameda on Saturday created quite a stir. She carried away a large number of passengers, amongst whom were Mrs. Judge Hall, Hon. A. S. Widemann, 2d"rs. C. O. Berger. W. G. Irwin, Ind W. Austin Whiting. Mrs. Hall was literally laden with leis, the weight of which she bore with her usual becoming dignity. The departmre of a steamer for the Coast is always accompanied with affecting scenes, but that -t Saturday last eclipses all pre-Tious departures by the severing ef tender ties. I'ASSEXUERS. ARRIVALS. Yroiu IIIIo and way ports, per Kinau, Nov 1 J O Carter, Hon J L Kaulufcou, Hon I H INahlnu, ' Mls II Klpo, Ahana, F IS. Austin, J N Wright, O Y Wilder, J It Renton, Isaac Thompson, T Welder and sirvant, J li Sneyd-Kynnersley, W J Ban.os, Mrs C tillnan. Miss K StiUanan, MUs Clara Low, Master J e farker and 140 deck From Hamakua, per C R EIshoprNv 2 Dr Herbert and 83 deck An Important Industry Choekod. Last week, owing to the wet weather, the 150 Chinamen employed in the twenty-two wash-houses in Honolulu, could not dry the week's washing by Saturday night, as nsual. Consequently, early yesterday morning, the streets were alive with laundry-men carrying clean clothes to their customers. Some had them irT large baskets on their heads, others wheeled them before them in barrows, and many, delivered them from hacks. To enable people generally to go to church (which they could not do without clean clothes), Section 111 of the Civil Code, which forbids licenses of horses fer hire letting any on Sunday, was temporarily suspended. At least, we take it for granted it was, for no arrests for violation of the section were reported." THE HONOEABLE BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP, Daughter of the Chiefs A. Paki asd L. Eokia, And wife of the Honorable CHARLES P.. BISHOP. Born December 19th, 1831. Died Octoler Uth, 1884. The procession occupied 25 minutes passing a given point, and as it passed along the line of march it presented a solemn and imposing speciacle. The streets were crowded with spectators, the gathering at the corner ef Beretania and Nuuaau streets being unusually large. The kahilis were of a most elaborate description, and as the cortege moved slowly along the whole presented a gorgeous yet solemn appearance. The police arrangements were perfect, and thorough order prevailed throughout. The final services were performed at the Mausoleum where the remains of the late Chief ess were consigned to the vault. The following programme was performed by the bands during the march to the cemetery: 1 "Pauahi " .. ........ Berger 2 "Dead March in Sanl " .Handel 3 "Kamehameha " Berger 4 "Ao Laelae".....;;:.... .... ...... ...... 5 "Keelikolani Ber ON THE Corner . T Xunann and Merchant Streets, having been thoroughly renovated is now prepared to dispense all kinds of XaiqiiorsI and. ; 33eers, Of a Genuine and Superior Quality, under the supervision of the well-known artists in mixing the CHOICEST OF DEINKS! Telepune 172. P. O. Uox 315. Honolulu H. I. 219-tf MR. JAS. lELTMAX. major run. BBArx. WISEMAN WISEMAJT WISEMAN WISEMAN v WISEMAN Buys and Sells Real Estate. Leases and kinds. Collects Rents. Pays and Discharges. Takes Insurances, and attends generally to Property Owners' interests. Is tho only recognized Passenger Agent for the noted Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy Route. Attends to Custom House Business; Enters Goods, Discbarges Freight and Duty Bills, and Delivers same. A RARE BOOK. er Citizens, remember that the polls open to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock. Ail men of sound mind are expected to cast a ballot for the President. Photographers Tattle &. Lee sailed for the Celonies on Saturday last. Their picture waa taken at the "Saratoga" an hour before they left here, free of charge. Tlie Liquor Problem of all Ages.' BY Dr. Dorchester, of Massachusetts. Pastor Crnzan says : I have sufficiently examined Dr. Dobchestkb's Book, "The Liquor Problem of All Ages," to convince myself that it Is of great value. It is packed full of statistics not easily found elsewhere. It is valuable as an educator, and will be of Interest to all who to know tho fact in regard to the Liquor traffic. Pastor Oggel says: I examined the work and take pleasure in recommending it. "i - ' '.v.-. for sale by J. S. CUTLER, next building east of Y.M. C. A. Rooms. The Peoples' Cyclopedia. A Sew Era in Cyclopedias. It came Into existence as the result of public opinion that the masses of the people needed a Cyclopodia better adapted to their wants and means. It has the cream ot all the other Cyclopedias given in a masterly, scholarly manner, not mere skeletons, but the flesh and blood of all the others. It has eighteen thousand topics more than other Cyclopedias, five thousand Illustrations fifty-two double colored maps, one hundred and twenty-five maps and diagrams. The maps are R. R. A County maps of the United States. The work is complete and now ready for delivery, revised and all brought down to 1S34. Prices 17, 819, $20, 22.50 In different bindings. Published by PHILLIPS A HUNT, N. V. For sale by J. S. CUTLER, next building eas? of Y. M. C. A. Rooms. 33-tf WISEMAN WISEMAN S!. tiff WISEMAN WISEMAN WISEMAN WISEMAN WISEMAN 4 J , WISEMAN A Thirty Days' Harvest of Ibona fide Bargains For the People. The question of progression or retrogresslen has long since been Milled by the O. P. U. B ur history has been a steady advance, and w ar still pushing forward to the front. In th course of a few weeks a small army of busy artisans will inrad the O P 21m 33., and a grand re-fittlng of the entire establishment will take place. We must have the room to make these Improvement zor fteu Goods in Transit. And we propose to sell our entire etock of Rents Property of all Finds Employment for all work on the isianas. seeking Attends to Books and Accounts; the Distribution 01 Quarterly Rills and collects the same. Loans Money Security. on good Real Estate Insures your Life and protects you in Losses by irire in ute best , Companies in the World. . Is known to be the osLr standing General Business Agent on the Hawaiian Islands. Answers all Correspondence of every Business nature. Receives orders of every description V from the Various Islands,- and ; attends to Shipments Promptly, "S office Is conducted on Sound Busi ness Principles, and all Patrons find him Energetic and Attentive to their business wants. Give . Wisemau a Call. ,136-tf . ' Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Etc. will offer everything in th store, Suit at the unprecedented At a TREilENDOUS SACRIFICE, and from a ft cent nalr of Socks to a .. . .lit. f reduction of 2 per cent discount lrom our regular ciose-seiung pnc. As we are the acknowledged leaders of Low Prices, a reduction of thia magnitude by the O. P. M. D. means Selling Goods at ahout naif Yalue. We offer this unparalleled discount for 30 Days Only, commencln this day. You will do well to remember the faet and purchase now. t3"Thankingour friends and the public for their generous support heretofore, we respectfully solicit a continuance of their patronage At the One Price COR. FORT AND IIERCHAIIT Opposite Campbell's Block. Bazaar, Honolulu, H. J, -:o:- Ktor opeh from 6 A. 31. to S P. 31. Saturday Evening till 10 o'eloek. e7. X. ROSEXBEItG. C IF. 7",7?7.T77?7T lfrtisvrfM

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