The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 26, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER VOLUME xxxiv—NO.-215. BlythevlUfe courier Blythevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythcville Dally Nows Mississippi Valley Leader • « Take Over Important Source Of Revenue, Extending Civil Authority SHANGHAI, Nov. 26 (UP)— Administration of the rich port of Shanghai, through which pours the wealth of the far east, was seized today by Japan, supplementing military occupation with civil authority. Maritime customs in Shanghai, one of the greatest 1 sources of revenue for the Chinese government, shortly will pass lo the control of the Japanese, it was indicated. A Japanese 'appraiser and examiners of customs were assigned to duty on the French and other foreign bunds. The Dome! news agency announced that tomorrow morning the Japanese would take over control of all Chinese government communication facilities in Shanghai, including the headquarters or i he telegraph, radio and post- office divisions. The Domel agency said it was informed that the Japanese would lake over the ministry of communication's broadcasting station, XQHC. A Japanese official said Unit "if the necessity arose" the customs jetty would be seized. According to authoritative sources the customs action was taken with the knowledge of foreign customs. authorities, who said that the move was made on the grounds that Chinese examiners and appraisers recently have been Inefficient. H .was believed that Chinese technical and mechanical employ- es will remain in all communications bureaus while the Japanese will take over the responsible positions. It was not disclosed whether radio and telegraphic communications would be interrputed. It- was believed they would continue to function under strict supervision. The MacKay radio and Radio Corporation of America recently negotiated with the Chinese as to the possibility of taking over and .-.maintaining -'the functions of the Chinese, government radio administration. The deal never was com• It was 'understood that Japanese appraisers and examiners who will be assigned to the customs are already employes of the department. ._-„ „ noon at'3 o'clock witiiThe entire For Mrs. Josephine 8arries|i >arl icfpatinJ ! '' '° J " fl " El '' ; ' Sr ^ hco1 'Rev. Salmon Talks To Rotarians And Lions The Rev. s. H. Salmon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church S|»ke to the members of the Lions' and Rotary clubs Wednesday at ineir annual Joint luncheon, which was held at the Hotel Noble He talked on various aspects or Thanksgiving. Eighty one men were present with Dr. Thomas Mahan, William A. Sclmefer of St. Louis, and Ralph McCall of Louisville Kv gues(«. 1 No Highway Accidents On Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving was a "safe and sane" one locally so far as accidents were concerned. No highway accidenls were reported and no one was treated at the hospital for any injuries received over the holiday. 4 I don't believe I was ever so nervous in my life as I was not . long ago when they made me Honorary Chief of Police of Spokane, Washington. I know how easy it is for the public to misjudge a man in public office. I remembered one time when Iny Uncle Htnk was the Deputy Sheriff down home and one day he went to Mulberry to bring back a hoise thief who had been captured down there and then he come ridin' back into Van Buren on his horse, he had a rope tied to one end of the saddle horn and (he thief was (fed to the other end. The people were awfully sore at Uncle Hink. They said "We doirt want a man In office as cruel as you— surely you didn't make that prls- 'oner walk all the way from Mulberry?" uncle Hink says "Why. i didn't make him walk! I wouldn't do a thing like lhat!—I drug him most of the way and when we got to lhe A/Kansas River, he swum I." Babies, Mothers Arc Carried Froir Burning Hospital CLEVELAND. Ohio, Nov. 20 (UP)—Fourteen mothers nnd 12 newborn babies were rescued today from flames which swept St Ann's maternity hospital. Nuns, nurses, firemen and neighbors saved the mothers and Infants. No one was retried Injured [James Nimmo, first assistant "re chief, said "nuns jmd nurses Picked up the babies, one under each arm. and ran through the moke. They showed high heroism going back .into the burning building until every one was saved." Seventeen Infants, all two weeks of age, were' moved to another seclioji of the hospital group """"' "'"•"'"" when firemen M laze might spread lo in sections, first feared the nursery JH.rrHEVir.LE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVKMHHIl 20, 1087 Senate Agriculture Committee Asks Reduction To Help 1'armei's WASHINGTON', Nov. 28 (UP)- Tlie senate agriculture committee today recommended that congress reduce the value of the dollar In n effort to increase farm prices. The committee aski'd that the commodity value of the dollar be i-egiilnted and stabilized nt 100 cents, it was pointed out In the formal report on the administration farm bill that the commodity value of the dollar now is $1.19. Reporting favorably on the farm bill, designed lo Increase the net Income of farmers and stabilize supply, the committee said: "Unless and until the dollar value is regulated and stabilized it will be impossible to regulate production of form commodities in any kind of a satisfactory manner." : Awaits Favorable Sentiment Directors Elected In Federal Loan Bankj LITTLK ROCK, Nov. 20. (UP)r- Allen n. Oeiiarcs of New Orleans and Lewis D. Ross of Covlngton, I.u., have been elected doctors .of the Federal Home Loan bank here, it wns announced today. ; The new directors were named by rote of the member banks In Arkansas. Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DEflTH TOIL1R15B Reports From Rural Districts Expected To Send Fatalities Beyond 200 location Commissinri M 1 C V U ^'° n Awaits Favorable Sentiment ( ul>io > *''"' 14 traffic dca member oays He Can-! A1Ulou B h lilc dollar devaluation slx lluul from misccllanec nnl flnrU-cf,,, I A • klca was iucorporated in Ihe com- lencc - le<1 ""• slatrs and IIUl unflftl Stand Ant miUee vei)orl u ^ nol g> . ^ Jn _ .vH,.ni,, ...m. , 0 ...... ..... the farm bill. Senator i .»..,,., v--viiinji.-viioii ,™" ^V Ills . vlllc ; said today he had "" ' from office by Shuslcr said the LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 0 (UP) —M. I. Sinister, member o fths Arkansas Corporation Commlssio- from Himtsvllle. (•"en dismissed Governor alley. „„,„„.., ,„,„ [llc dismissal was effective December l. He has been a member of the commission since last January' "I have bcfn as loyal to Governor Bailey as a man can be and l do not understand why I nm being fired." sinister said He said bis salary w hile serving on the commission has Just about equalled the expense of moving io little nock and added he had eluded .. „ JtJ , Illu , Elmer Thomas (Dem., okla.) said he will wait until "sufficient sentiment" for the plan develops before he proposes It as an niivnd- inent. • Meanwhile I lie house n'gr'IcuHii- ral committee voted. 10 U. 7, to report favorably on -Hie farm bill. The senate committee report was made public as the .senate resumed debate on the farm measure. The house was in week end recess but. was scheduled to take up Us farm u ill when It meets Monday. The committee reported further value was impossible that unless Ihc dollar it would be a sse contributed almost $800 to nfd! to aU J usl alul regulate taxes, renls Bailey in his campaigns for qov-i wages anc t salaries. ernor and senator sal of other slate office holders ™uld be announced iu the near future. Funtral Services Held Services On Sunday Chanukkoh service will be held at Temple Israel Sunday ofter- STEELE. Mo.—Mrs. JoscnhUic Barnes. 75. died at her home near Steele .Monday aite,- a lingering illrcxs of -a complication jf diseases. She was born at Eva Shad?, . Chanukkoh, Ihc Jewish whiter festivrftl Wliich combines joyous ccleb ™'icm with religious devotion, be 8 ins Sunday and will be cele- *™ te for eight days. Known in English as 'The Pcast of the u eMs" or "The Feast of Dcdi- - - ....... .... .„,„„.-, Ark.. on Feb. n, isej, and ivas C!>tlon "- the holiday commemorates united in marriage to George H 1 the 200-year old story of the de- Barnes in September, 1885. , Tol liverancp of the Jewish people Mils uoion was born 10 children, from lhe oppression of the Syrian- Ity United press At least 152 persons In 27 slates died in Iruffii: accidents, shootings, shootings, drownlngs, murders and freak accidents on Thanksgiving Day. Reports from rural districts and I the other 23 .stales arc expected to boost the final holiday toll well above Ihe 21)0 mark. Ohio, with u traffic deaths and icons vio- sylvanin with 12, was second. Traffic accidents in 27 reporting states reached 123. Funeral Services Held For Keiser Mother, Baby Funeral sen-Ices woro held yesterday at Ktlser for Mrs. Marion Yalta-. 34. and her Infant baby. who died Wednesday at a Mom. five who have preceded death. Her husband died her in 1928 I Greeks. The theme End since that time 'she lias trade! Pollnck 's sermon of Rabbi Herman her home with her sor. Ollic ot • steelo. She Atis httn a nu-mfcer of tin: church of Christ sirc< 1BEO. Pu-eral servvs were Tw-dny afterno'vi at the Chtrch of ChrKi by Elder L S Thurmond an.l interment n-.-is 'nude In the Alt. Zion cemetery. She Is survived by four sons a n 1 r>ie dang.i :. held Kteelc Fire Is Caused By Overheated Stove An overheated stove caused a fire which destroyed the house owned and occupied by Manuel Minor, negro, at 119 West Roosevelt street, at 4:30 o'clock this morning. Only a small part of the furnishings were saved nnd the house was a total loss. TIIFFIN. O. (UP)—Ancient statute books taken from dusty files in city hnll nnd it Illegal la: Have betr in one's possession or drive a train more than four miles an hour within city limits. .-.. be "Tlie Maine of Freedom", An Invltnlion hns been extended to the public to attend this service. Mother And Small Baby Are Removed To Hospital phis hospital, Mrs. Ynrljer.was admitted (o the hospital Wednesday morning, dl<?cl shortly after noon in child birth. The baGy was dfad at blrUi. 225 Licenses Issued To Duck Hunters Here The circuit clerk's office (i a busy place today as sportsmen hurried to get their hunting licenses before the duck season .opens in Arkansas.tomorrow. There, had been 225 Issued u\i u, i lc .-, today. .. The,,duck season will rantlniie _^J • • ^~- • . - f. U. S. Check Dated 1908 Will Not Be Cashed MINERAL WELLS. Tex (UP) — A 23-year-old U. s. government pay cheek to pay for the land upon which Ihc'Mineral Wells post oflice is located, ' has been found here in an old pockclbook - The pockelljook was a «ift from the late Charles Turner to C. I). Tipps of Pen-in. Tipps accepted Ihe pockctbook and put it away as a keepsake. After 29 years, he examined the girt .a»'iin and found the check. H was for 51. payable to Tur- 'lane, With 11 Aboard, I Ins Been Missing Since Wednesday SIOUX LOOKOUT. Ontario, N»v. au iui')-A rift In heavy fog, which blanketed portions of Ontario, wii.s mvnitcd lodny by pilots si-iuilmig lor a Kan-alt airways I'lune, missing for SO hours, with Hvvni persons on board. The plane disappeared Wcdnes- d«y uftcrnoon on a I20-m|le bluhl l:iuvirn l>k'kle and Lake Sioux Lookout. Normally tin; Illght n>- tjuiovl one hour. 'I he pluiip wns piloted by Keni Smith mid carried Kellh <;. Ciraa- son, nirehiniif, and nine |)ns,,<ii- t<Ts. Mild lo be members of the IVkle Crow ami Central Patricia t'.ld mine couipjiiliw. Ki'inch fov (he pinnc wos con- tnifmtcd In (lie route portage PI™, where. 11 MILS "jelievcil, the • s r.ip might hav? bwn fo/n-d down ly fog. Con'.l'i'tcd for giouir.lcd soldi ptnn-j scheduled' (o t:,ke I'll i'.'an 11 i .sen. "The Kid' Takos a Bride Water Pours From Break In Main Near Los Angeles Pack ner, the who had given the Innd post office. Apparently sion Mrs. P. L. Oswell and her ten must days old baby, «ho weighed two' 'ions. and a hnlf pounds at birth, were I H. E. removed from their home to the Blythevllle hospital Wednesday night. r The condition of the mother is very good and the baby i.s rcstln" very well today. payment was to cover the provision that "some consideration" must be made In title transnc- Lightning DALLAS. Tex. Comes Bad(U)—The once _. Dennis, manager of the Turner estate, said that [he check would not be cashed. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20.. (UP) — The Elyslan Park landslide, slipping at an alarming Increase of spcfd, smashed a 40-Inch water main today. A cascade of water pcurcd down the hillside Into riverside drive. Water covered lhe highway, an- ktc deep, as il flowed down Ar'iT old avenue, at Ihe north end of tho b unleaded zone. The watfr broke through the surface of the slipping hill, forcing out a mass of muck and noshing down qrent -nua\itlllcs of, cnrlh, sand nnd rock to the Riverside drive pavement. nbove Just a moment ni'lei- Deity Gmtilr, ingenue uf modern films, bccumr his bride, lictly dubs al u tear ns Ihc couple emerges from SI. Brendan's Catholic church in I.O.H Angeles. Only Slight Damage Caused In Two Fires Two fires during- the Thanksgiving holiday caused only slight damage, A lighted cigarette dropped behind the bootblack stnnd caused a small fire nt Cherry's negro barber shop on Ash slrcel Insl night at sis o'clock. The building. own- Ed by Mrs. J, J. Jolin.-:nn, ad|olns Wnlpole's slorc. The plywood wall near the stove pipe of the -Second Bapllsl clr.ircli K-as slightly burned Wednesday night n few minutes before orayer meeting began. An overheated stove caused the wall board to beco'iu: ignited. Professor Conducts Dust Census in Room Girls Cut College Bill To $14_ For Month , . CANYON. Tex. <UP) ___ Succc-sol staging a 'two coopermive housm* groups' at popular lightning rot comeback under the sponsorship^ West Texas State Teachers Colof the Texas fire insurance co'n-jlcgc here is prompting officials to _- =, .-« .o .;>/, consider expanding the svsli'in well thought of by fire Insurance! next fall. Two groiijis of elrLs—23 in one and 14 In the othrr—found during one moiitii [hat their cost 'or meals and lodging \ v as about $14. The co-oils do all work and .share | the costs when bills arc decided 1 nt the (ml of the month. - o mission. The lightning rod is to' consider expanding the well thought of by fire I companies that they give rcduc- lion in rates on rural hoiius cquipped with approved types. Pocahonlas. of John Smith fame, died on board a ship nt Gravesend, England. Tlie Looked-at Become the Lookers Frankn Uni m i ing In connection with of made a count of the dust particles In a room. He says thai in some places there are from 2.000,000 to 4.000.- MO (lust particle* per cubic foot. And so (he ragged little urchin i;iew up 'In be n mllllohiilre nnd married (he beautiful movie nclrcss. Thai's (he: real Hie jtory it Jackie Coogun, who began a climb to fame nnd fortune ns n •1-ycuv- old plnying imrls wllli Charlie cihaplln, ami who Is shown •City To Aid State Officials, Is Promise Of Mayor Williams .,' A proclamallon Muling that Ihc city of lilythcvlllc will coOiKrilto" with Iho state of Arkansas In a c a 111 p a I g n to reduce fatalities through traffic accidents, hns been Issued by Mayor Mnrlon Williams. All Ira me laws be relent- Icssly enforced through Ihc police department, according to the proclamation, which urges the public to cooperate In lhe effort. Tlie proclamation wns Issued at the request of lhe Arkansas State Highway Commission, which Is 'raging an Intensive drive for solution of the traffic accident problem in Arkansas. Believing that cnch community In Arkansas can assist by an individual campaign, the commission has asked all mayors to cooperate. A slogan of "Avoid accidents— drive with courtesy, intelligence and skill" has be™ adopted by the state for the campaign. The' solution (o the problem of accidents can be reduced by the adoption of the three "E's"—engineering, education and enforce-i British Ship Founders; Skeleton Crew'Of Vcs- . sci Is Saved - ' *! • '. • . .., -,. MIAMI. Fla.,, Nov. 2(i (UP)— 'A""skelylon crew of 17 men wns rescued'when the British freighter Nolllngjon Court foundered off the "norlhvtet coast of Hnytl, nc- cordiiif,' lo'a''relay of radio messages Intercepted today by Tropical Radio. The balance of the crew, numbering 18 men, previously had been rescued by the S. S. Chngrcs ufltr the Wellington Court ripped a hole In her hull on n submerged obstacle. The messages reported the 17 men aboard the sinking vessel had been rescued by the salvage tug Klllcreg, which went from Kingston. Jamaica, to tlie Nolllngtori Court's assistance. WPA Project Improves Sidewalks In City has ell? administration of ha.s been placed in ch third, in lhe plan out. each town rife of the | out by New York Cotton NE\V YORK, Nov. 2G (UP>—Colton closed steady. I open high low close 192 800 189 797 792 802 130 800 Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 795 801 805 311 810 816 818 825 795 801 803 806 804 Oil 814 812 Spots closed steady at 812, up 8. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 20. (UP) —Cotlon futures made gains of cs much as 95 cents a bale In soiiie active months today, then -eased off to close 45 to 85 cents higher, low close Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. open 809 809 810 803 809 813 high 819 814 824 823 827 827 803 807 809 813 815 814 818 822 822 8221) Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 211. (l)P>Stocks and bonds advanced today while commodities ivere mixed and business conltmud to decline. A. T. ,t T Anaconda Cop Assoc. D. G. Beth. Steel '.'. Bceiiig Air Chrysler Coca Cola no 1-2 Gen Elcc 33 5. Gen. Mot fnt. Harvest Montgomery Ward .. N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pel _Radio . ..: 'fchenly Dlst Simmons Eocony Vac Sid. Oil N. J Texas Corp U, S. Smelt U. S. Steel Spots closed steady nt 819. up 13. Dec. May Unaware that the candid camera watches and records their reactions to the performance on the sta?e, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, in the box with the Duke and Duchess of Kent, give free rein to emotion at a command vaudeville performance .U tho Palladium, in London. Queen Elizabeth hand to throat, seems fearful of the acrobats' safety. King George leans forward, hand to chin, frankly enthralled. Pretty Marina, Duchess of Kent, seems Unmoved by th,- act, while her husband sits in jis- imsionate judgment. • rl ec - Chicago Wheat open high loiv close 87 90 5-8 81 90 1-2 871-2 90 3-8 87 3-8 90 1-8 Chicago Corn Blythevlllc's sidewalks will be easier to walk on when a repairing project Is completed by WPA workers. Walks throughout the city, which hnve been pushed out . taken up, the Tools cut' away and it he concrele blocks relalrt properly. The ivork of buUdinc sidewalks is also being continued with the properly owners paying for the materials and the WPA furnishing Iho labor. In several instances walks ore being completed to the curbs, which were made wider 'when the slrcels were paved, leav- linjf several feet of walk' unpaved iln many places. open high 53 1-2 53 7-8 56 1-8 50,5-8 low 53 56 close T>3 3-4 56 1-2' "• Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Nov. 26. (UP)—Hogs: receipts. 5.500. Top, 8.35. Medium weights, 8.20-8..15. Bulk sows. 7.50-7.65. Cattle: receipts, 2,000. •Steers, 8.65-7.85. Slaughter steers, 6.00-15.50, Mixed yearlings and heifcn, 6.00-7.60. Slaughter heifers. 5.50-10.75. Beef cows, 4.50-5.75. 'Cutteis and low cutters 3,25-4.25, On Christmas Eve Iho trees nnd plants,. especially on Iho banks of tho River Jordan, Iww in reverence to the Saviour, according to a superstition be- liaved in Greece. 24 Till SPEED If TH HEIISIItf: Will Also Ask Cut In Feck era! Aid For Slate Highways , ; - WASHINGTON, Nnv. 2(1 (UP)—' 'resident Roosevelt, wants lax revision as soon as congress ~\n ready for H, ho declared at his press conference today. Mr. Ilooscvelt was a.-jkcd concerning his alllluilo on tax revision nl his first general White House press conference since his '" less from an Infected tooth and .{hi stomach upset. The president first referred questioners to his message lo congress, (lien added thai he desired the revision as soon us everything was 'July considered. Outlining his iiosltlon Mr. ROOM-, I'll declared that ho did not de- re lo fly in Die face of editorial opinion which has an still does complain of undigested legislation >nnctcd by n "rubber stamp" congress. To Speed Up Spending At the same time, Mr. Roose- ' veil revealed ho has ordered die speeding up of spending for government supplies lo create an im- nedlate business stimulus. The president declared that .-he will send a siwclal message to t :onijrcs3 Tuesday calling for a. Healthy reduction In federal aid to stato highways now approximating $200,000,000 annually — n move Indicating continuance or his drive to equalize federal expenditures and receipts In an effort lo achieve a balanced budget. The present highway law, the president suld, contains a c«to'i clause which he wants eliminated. Vlie clause, he explained, in reality Is a Icmlcr to states as to their share In highway appropriations. Such tenders do not apply in other" uilliorhallons. Tho $200,000,000 SIUH ought lo be 'substantially reduced;' .Mr. lioosevclt added, pointing out lhal the main roads of the country were In good shape, Ti> Cul All Highway Futktt in normal years the i government's contribution fa' stat** lun 'icen between $80,000,000 and $80 .00,000 annually, since the advent 3f lhe' WoVk-s Progress 'Administration tho original siim has beeji ronsldL'rably boosted through added grnnls for the construction of innn-to-inarket roads. Now tho president said It looks as if the time lia.s- come to cut appropriations for highways of all kinds Ills request- will call for a limit on the highway tenders and leave U up lo tho next congress to determine .the amounts to be •allocated. - * The message on highway appropriations will lie the second in a* many days next week. Mr. Roosevelt will f.end to congress on Monday a message dealing with homing. Mr. Roosevelt will not remain In Washington to observe congressional reaction on his latest moves. Ko leaves on a Florifli fishing (rip tomorrow night. Mrs. Noel Hicks Dies; • Succumbs At Los Angeles Mrs. Noel Hicks, wife of a fcr- mer Blylheville resident, dted^a't Los Angeles, Calif.. Wednesday morning. Funeral services will be held there Saturday afternoon and burial made at the Forest Lawn Memorial park. Mr. Hicks, wlio'leJt liere 26 year's ago, is the son of Mrs. H. H, Hicks and ihe late Mr. Hicks, wlio > resided in this city for a number of years. His sister, Mrs. Harry Patton of Greenwood, Miss., frequently visits here! - ... Besides her husband., Mrs. Hicks Is survived by one son. , Blytheville Trucker Is Sued At Memphis MEMPHIS. 'Tenn., Nov. 26—H. M.-Hnle, of Blylheville. Ark,, whose truck allegedly rammed its way through a building at. 181 South Front street Tuesday, was sued for S2.500 damages by the building's owners in circuit court yesterday. The owners claim lhat the front of the building was caved' in by Ihc crash, that lhe wall pilings H-erc undermined and that the accident was due to the negligence of the truck driver. Plaintiffs are Emmnson and Fontaine Nfeacham, Mrs. Martlia Graham and Mrs. Virginte Kim- trough. WEATHER Arkansas—cloudy, probably rains In east and south portions tonight and Saturday; warmer In south. east, colder In. northwest portions tonight; colder Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—Occasional .rains tonight and Saturday: lowest temperature tonight, « to 50; somewhat colder Saturday? much colder Sunday.

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