Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 4, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 6
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-i 1r~,S "t ADVICE TO GIRLS. y _e all ye girls who hope to wed, vApd bear a friend's advloo; pfore you leave your fnthor's hona, (Think twico, think tirjco, think twine, i For as ho is before you tic \ That sacred mystic knot, | So ho will bo in years to oomo, I "When the honeymoon's forgot. |ar>e one saia truly long ago: fls a young man treats his mother, |> will be sure to treat his wife ? Wbon i,Uo wedding day is over." For as ho is bafore you tie That sacred myatio Unot, So ho will bo in years to come, When the honeymoon's forgot. Then.i; your loTor nag a .nome, And In that home a mother, And if for her no love he shows Just love him as a brother.. For as he is before you tie ..,, That sacred mystic knot, fig So he wili be In years to come, '• jij; When the honeymoon's forgot. f »nO if he is a littje' wild, v gi) His pledge he does not keep, .CSowiog ivild oats, perhaps he'll say, ' 'i But do not help him reap. For as he is ooforo you tie That sacred mystic knot,. So he will be in years ,to oome. When tuc honeymoon's forgot. ' f?T rust not his promise that he'll be : \f ; An angel for your sake; x^forrpromises aw like pie-crust, -5 Anfl very apt to break. jt And as ho is before you tie p\ £ That sacred mystic knot. V £jl So he will be in years to oome, &\ Wnen tae honeymoon's forgot. ^volution' may create preat things from rough and rude; ht a model husband you'll not get jiFrom a cross-grained, stuok-up dude. _f >; for as he is before you tie t; That sacred mystic knot, I fi So ho will be in years to come, |- | V When the honeymoon's forgot. . j-li,uella M. Stutzman, in Western Rural. AN AVENGER t Punishment for Young Men '"Or Bucleness to "Woraen. Vas a clay of perspiration. Heat • Widity had joined forces early in pming, and before noon humanity fouted, and waved the wilted |v'- •' jf^hicf of capitulation. ;ung man, 1 ' entered a down-town id statical as though he owned it. . £ who watched him would have surprised/had he displayed a Bight, {the ticket-peddler's booth; but jnot He haughtily cast down the |me of passage and joined the limp jagg-led wayfarers without pn(3 not been so aggressive in his •^, he would have been insignifi- ie was very slight; he was short; i marrow-chostad: His shoulders '•^trooping continuations of his ! " Sparse light hair tanned his which was bracketed by a , ; o'us smile. Through gold- j/ I passes his little eyes squinted f; W^- ^' ls . light summer coat '; Stabnttoned in the breeze, as if ig his presence. His waist was jy a broad, black sash. |r Chumpney was his name—Mr. gey of New York City, as he loudly proclaimed it. Time had Yi d not fc>«r years' since, when [--..-^umpnoy. Deacon Cimmpney's ipney's Four Corners, Dela- r , had sufficiently individu- ylfial uncle had wrought a ,'inge. He had transplanted -lash, and behold! a city '*me forth. A real-estate . rrk has to be'spry; and ere the 1 faded from his hands Arthur s»at he "knew it all," No one him; he was play ing ball "Corners" he had been ^'w-e-sperited coot that never ^Ifchin' an' never would." j|f his own shadder; an' if fteart or suddent to him, £ol, he's so .ashamed of \ should so 's nature) And yet, in the trade, a leopard is a leopard ;6rid over, and must be sold for I . • |nr entered aIcar and took tho loccupied seat It was beside a who was nearer to caps than to and who kneiv it. There was ^cial girlishness about-her. She it and dark and sharp-featured, was long and piercing-,'like a irreled probe; Her eyes asked ~* md then' answered it defi- •r arms were anthropoid in f id articulation; her hands, !ttens caressed, made one crawl [at them. la one of them she icule. Eer brow was bownd She alone seemed nix•weather. Heat and hu- ;hey had encountered her, ,their shoulders dubiously, by on the other side. Arthur one penetrating her nose seemed to say / J >% Su fl3cient. "Humph!" she / A£? d lt wrinkled contemptu- ' *v«£0r^ . . p>.«au looked but once to be 'A curious old jay," he mut- iself, as he twirled the sparse ':eleton shape. He lolled as ,. and as indolently as the _ would permit, his back half tinsthers, his legs.outstretched ^isle, his open coat flapping ter side. He -adjusted his id, talring a : newspapal-from , "began to assimilate the gos- " 'T. in rolled, . it rattled, it it stopped. There was an in- femininity, heated, wearied, 'eaaininity, clad in the calico 'fl, bearing the basket of econ"J, swayed and jolted through '"ley Imng on the straps, like 5. Surratts, as the squeak- nl the rolling and rattling Here and; there men,in expression, yet whose business and kindliness mistic, sprang to their , «m^ chivalry. But Arthur '»««/ %orie glance he cast, to detect the bonnet of -lance sufficed. He the more arrogantly ancf 1 continued his educational process ''Mind your eyes!',' he anp,Tily squealed at a \v;in .woman, with a sliawl and a baby mnuiaijy involved, who had stumbled over his feet. "Do you think that patent-leathers prow on trees?" The wan woman clung more closely to the indeterminate bundle, but answered-not a word. She was used to unkind speech; it reminded her of home and husband. But she of the gaunt elbow upon his left.flushcd and bustled as though heat and humidity had regained courage, and had actually attacked her. She prolonged a finger; she tapped Arthur on the shoulder. "Young man," she cried, in buzz-saw tones, "aren't you going to give this poor woman j'our seat?" Ho stared in amazement over his glasses. "I never do," he drawled; "not if I know myself. What do you take me for? Stand yourself, if you want to; you ought to know how by this time. Ah, no; I've cut my 'eye-teeth, old lady." He lolled more extendedly than before; his coat flapped more widely. His eyes and .nose and chin were eagerly engaged with the details of a fashionable, wedding. He saw, he heard nothing. The indignant female gave a snort of defiance, it may be of warning. "He never does!" she muttered. "I couldn't find a better subject if I went to Harlem." , One deft, rapid motion did that spat- ulated hand make from the reticule to the side-pocket of the flapping coat of the unconscious Arthur, who was mentally personating the best man. Then she sprang to her feet and gave her seat to the wan woman, the shawl and the baby. More jostlings, more scrambling^, more rolling's. Heat and humidity re> turned from the pursuit and ravaged the bo lies of the vanquished. - Arthur still stretched himself and read. The keen, alert business men swayed easily with the motion; the -wearied women exhibited the centrifugal force of each curve. The gaunt and angular female,, with one hand upraised grasping the strap, stood as rigid as the Goddess of Liberty enlightening the world., But as the' rolling intermittently slackened and the squeaking increased, she suddenly released her hold and fumbled through her reticule; then she uttered a series of shrill screams, which startled the alert business men, the baby in the shawl, the gyrating women and the locomotive, which hitherto had deemed itself proficient in that line. It recalled Arthur from the wedding breakfast, where he had been doing the elegant to an Ameriean'duchsss. "Oh, I'm robbed, I'm robbed!" she. cried. "And by that bold, bad man." And she pointed full the doubly-articulated finger of accusation at the agitated Mr. Chumpney. Immediately there was a confused din which drowned the squeaking of a stopping at a station. The alert business men, the guards, the station men pressed forward. The debilitated women screamed surprisingly and dropped their baskets. The beshawled bafcy doubled its fists, grew red in the face like the sun and yelled. The angular female .still- vociferated in tin-horn tones: "It's him! Doa 't let him escape '. Catch him, kill him, the rascal, the thief! Oh, my precious earnings'" "What have you lost, madam?" inquired one of the aforesaid representatives of commercial activity. "Myall! My pocket-book! Oh,den't let him escape!" she' incessantly piped, like a siren in a fog. "Come out of this!" shouted the guard, laying a heavy hand on Arthur's shoulder. "Oh, the rascal," "tho blackguard," "the thievish jude!" "Search him!" "Oh, he's a slick article!" resounded upon all sides. Despite heat and humidity the excited crowd surged through the aisles and out upon the platform, -.following, the important guard, the trembling Arthur, the spare, swarthy and sibilant female, and unanimouslv ervinrr: "Searrfi Viiml and unanimously crying: "Search him! Search him!"" The guard plunged Ms grimy -hand into the pocket of the widely-flapping coat and drew forth -a purse. He held it above the pressing throng. "That's mine; my all!" the virgin accuser cried, reaciiing her simian finger an amazing distance toward it. - "Excuse me, madam," interposed the g-uard. "That must.go with this'ere bloke to court, and you with him. There will be a porlice along presently. I seed one come out of tbe saloon be- yant." And. sure enough, a blue-coated refugee from English tyranny now forced his vigorous shoulders through the crowd. , , 'That's this? Thavin', is it? I know .yez well," he ejaculated, grasping the collar 'of the widely-flapping coat. "Come along wid me!" He took the purse in his other hand, which, flourished' the club, of authority. He dragged his victim through the jeering throng, down the stairs, followed by the. angular female, who stalked after them like one of the, Fates released temporarily-from the thread factory. The squeaking- Increased • and dwindled, the rolling began. Attended by heat and humidity, : the alert business men, the wan woman, the baby and the shawl hastened away, as if dreading the vengeance \of a' score of irate 'trains, which had been thus delayed by crime and itS'punishment. . •.•-...' •Iri the meantime, what had become of the arrogance .which had., so completely enveloped Arthur upon his entrance into.the train? At the first- word of accusation it had faded away- batir-bone. Liis broad, bluek sa<h seemed an emblem of mourning fo/hia own demise, lie shrunk in terror from the crowd. Would they kill-bin? Welcome the Tombs, the Island, Sing Sing, electrocution,.if be 'might only escape from those horrible, threatening faces. _ But though he was thus passive, Policeman X ——,, who-lwid him in charge, did not choose that he should appea). so. Jfo! He had a record to make before the pull of his "coozin, th' alderman," could be effective, and here was his opportunity. So once and again he gave him a forward thrust, and then—ejaculating: "Ye wud, wud yez?"—a mighty drag back again, to the admiration of the .passers-by, who afterward astonished dinner-tables by accounts of a terrific struggle which they had witnessed between a burly ruffan and one of our city's defenders. The grim and- gaunt female stalked behind this tableau of justice for several blocks; then she slackened her pace, and-finally she stopped short. But her desertion was unnoticed. She watched the pair as they struggled forward into the distance. A .sardonic smile revealed the artificiality of her teeth as she did so. "A good morning's work!" she exclaimed. "I must go and report progress." • She hailed a .convenient- eab. She gave instructions, in which possibly the word "Sorosis" might have been distinguished. She was rapidly driven away. Arthur and his exultant captor, unsuspicious that this "dea ex macMna" had thus eloped, reached the courthouse. .. A roundsman stood upon, the stoop. "What hev ye there, Mike?" he famil- iarly'asked the officer. "A snake teef. Wan of the wust of 'em. I've been on to. him this twelve- mont'." "He looks it," was the consoling comment. They, went before the committing- magistrate. He was a red-faced, squatty man, seated behind a yellow-grained desk, and enveloped as to the neck with a smudgy handkerchief. Upon the desk, beside his feet, were an ink-stand and a sticky book. "What is it, officer?" he queried, unwinding the handkerchief. "A case of larceny from the pusson, sor." "Kiss the book." . "I wull, sor; :> and he added a little more stickiness to it "Are you the complainant?" "Oi am, sor." "Then you were present at the commission of this offense?" . "Divil a bit, yer ahnor, no more thin yerself. How end I be? 'Twas on the illevated train, yer ahnor, above mo bate. Shure, I'm no thrack-walker." "Silence, sir! Where is the person from whom the property was taken?" "Oh, shure, a long, lane female in black, for all the wurruldlike the Witch of Endy, was folio-wing us but a moment sence. 1 Twas she it was from whom he tukit." "I must discharge this man. There is no evidence on. which to hold him." ' That, yer ahnor! Whin he sazed her by the two wrists and wrastled it from her like the thavin' blaggard that'he is, shure!" "Did you see him do it?" "Av coorse, yer ahnor, I was not there, but I'll swear to it just the same." "Young man," said the magistrate, turning to the stricken Arthur, "what have you got to say for yourself?" "If you please, sir, if you please," he faltered, with trembling lips, "I want to go home.' Do let me. I .know nothing about any 'thing. I was sitting quietly in my seat on the train when a crazy woman yelled at me, and then they all rushed for me, and. -some one pulled a purse from my pocket, and then this officer threw me about .the street as if I were a sponge on a string. Look at my new clothes, sir!" And I'm sore all over." " 'Tis a loy, sor. He was thryin' to escape. I mak' the charge agin' him, sor." "Let me see that purse." Policeman X handed this corpus delicti to the magistrate. He opened it. "Why, there's nothing in it!" he exclaimed, in disappointed tones. But holdl In the innermost compartment he found a roll of paper. He unfolded it and read aloud as follows: "ToWflOM IT MAT CONCEEN; Tnls young man is not a thief, ho's a hog. He did uot take the purse, tie took a seat and kept It. -Ho was thus Rullty of rudeness and laclc of consideration toward frail T.-omanliiad. I have punished him for it as I snail punish others. Hereafter I trust that this experience win teach him that to a true tnan every woman' is a lafly and en- titlefl to Ms chivalrife service. Place a-x damtsl "•(SiEmed) THE AVENGER oir HER SEX." "You are discharged, sir," said the magistrate-to "Arthur. "But .let this be a warning to you." And his feet resumed their extra-judicial position upon the desk. From that day Arthur Chumpney was a changed man. He .was scrupulously polite to wan women with babies and shawls; he was obsequious to females of gaunt visage and long hands. He seldom rides on elevate^ irains. When he does, like a traveled Vunk, he uses a strap. As he says himself standing is good.enough .for him every time.— Frank Leslie's Newspaper. -P7. 7 " ~ is also here, as 'everywhere-, a counterfeit culture which is both sully and contemptible. Why should the man who reads nothing but the daily pape> and the faces of the cards with which he whiles away his evenings at the club lay claim to the reverence of the outside world as belonging to intellectual Boston? Why should the woman of accidental wealth, who has hardly education cnoxigh to write a sentence of her -native tongue correctly indulge in Browning and Ibseii fads and fancy herself "its favored of Heaven in point of literary attainments? jt is this false .assumption of superiority, this hollow' pretense and insufferable counterfeiting of genuine culture • by ignorant people that has brought Boston refinement into undeserved disrepute.—Boston Horny .lor.nial. —A Good I'aste for Tartar,—One and one-half pounds of flour, one-half pound of-butter, one-half pound of lard, one. taiispoonfvil of sodii. Sufficient «.;<:tiT 10 furm ;L stiff donah. IDWAY'S READY RELIEF. Tlie most certain and safe Pain Remedy in tbe world that instantly stops the most excruciating pains. It it is truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good than any known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OR SIDES, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applications rubbed on by tbe hand act like magic, causing the pain to instantly stop. Tor COLDS, BRO]S T CHITIS,PNEU- MONIA CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM/ NEURALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICAS PAINS IN THE SMALL OP BACK etc., more extended applications are necessary to effect a care. ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS IN BOWELS OK STOMACH, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIARRHOEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly and quickly cured by takine internally a half to a teaspoouf ul of Ready Relief in half a tumbler of water. WITH RAD WAY'S PILLS THERE IS NO BETTER CFRE OR PREVENTIVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. Price 5Oc. per bottle. Sold by druggists. Any "R. R. R." or any "READY RELIEF" without the name RAD WAT, is a YOUNG WIVES ! 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He could, not speak; his teeth chattered from trembling; his face flamed as though those fork-like fingers had raked it; tho horns of his immaculate ^gpllar drooped, starchless, like his ISOUNTER'F-EIT- CULTURE. : Some Plain Words About Boston's Fads By a Writer of the Hub. Boston culture has been so g-enerally ridiculed that it is . a question if many intelligent people of, other: cities, have not almost reached the point of' entirely discrediting- 'its existence. If Boston culture is a sham it certainly deserves all the abuse that has been heape'd upon CO M POU ND d of Cotton Boot. Tansy and Pennyroyal—a recent discovery 07 an old physician. Is tuccessfuttu used —Safe, Effectual. Price $1, by mall, sealed. Ladles, ask your druL'Elst for Cook'i Cotton Hoot Compound and take no substitute, or Inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Address POSD UtY COMPANY, No. 3 Block, 131 Woodward SVB., Detroit, Mlei. TtMINS M .CARRVIKC PASS£HGEF~ M:ii.: LOGANSPORT . KiCT BOUND. ' . New York Express, dally..... 2:S5am Ft Wayne (Pae.Hccm., excpt Sunday 8;is a m fun JIty & Toledo Ex., sxeptsundayU:15 a m Atldtillc Express, dally 4-('6pm Accommodation Fit, excpt Sunday., 9:26 D m WK3T BOCNB. eaclflc"Express,dally.-.......' 7:62am Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 12 15pm Kan City Ex., except Sunday 3:45 p m Lafayette (P,i8.l/tpem., exopt Sunday 6:('S p m StLnulsEx.,dally 10:32p m Eel IKIvor DIv., loKJiiiNporc, West Side. Between JJozanKport aud <'Iiiil. EAST BOUND. Aceomndatton,Le:iva, except Sunday.lO:00 a m~" Acoomadatlon, leave " " 4:40 pm" Lake Erie £ Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." Condenset Time Table Is EFFECT MAKCH Jst 1890 Solid Trains . between Sandusks and PeorJa and IndlaiiiipolLi and Michigan Cltv. DIRECT Connections to and from all points In the United States and llaoada. Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the L. K. 4 W. Trains as follows: WABASHE.R- Leave Logansport, J;13p.jn..UiJOa.n]... Arrive Peru .4^6 p.ni.. 11:44a.m." L.E. 4 W.R.S. -,'--.. "'., Leave Pern. /,-• North Bound 4:45p.m 10-lb-a.ir Sooth Bound 11:50 a'p^ir W ABASH B, E. " ?* ~ : Leave Loeansport.SdSp.m.. 7:50a,.«ri- ' Arrive LaTayette. 4:55 p.m.. 9ana.'ic • L. E. & W. B, B. ' "^ •-' Leave LaFayette, • " EastBound l:50p.ia <. v WestBound 5:10p.m - " '' a C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. F. DALY, Oen. Pass. * Ticket Agt '.NDTANAPODS. TNn: A Chicago druseriRt retailed 2000000 of B. F. Keesling and- Cullen &'Co.,s6]« • in. MONEYi o, and ?nj»nniblj% by fhoie of X, VQIIIIF or old, and in their alltlfA.ivliwrcvcrllioj'livt-.An/ --— - —." CBII do ijic work. K»»v ro leftrn. We furniali ovcn-thln(r ( \V4 fltftrt vou. No rink. You cnn devota rour*|jnre mometUK, ornlLjrour lime td th« work. .This In nn entirely n«w Ii'ntl,nnd Mn S a M'Olidurful BUCCCHB tocvcrv worker. Itqtinitw* Ate tfamiiip from *!!5 w *50 per week nnd upwnrdi. nnd mora aftw-n Halo experioticfl. We 0111 fum!«li you llie om- plrtvinetttand teuch you KlIKK. Xo apnccto cxntnin hora. Full IpfonuMlon. FllA. XltTTE «fc <io., AtduSTA, XAIKK. Snuff ]J(tl« forttlnnriiArehcro ma<I0*c work for.qn, by Aniin Pn^c, Auatln, ns, and JitQ. Ijonn, Toledo, Ohio, out. Others nrc doittKiiB wcJl, Why. [not you? Some l-nni over *fi»0.00 * noiithi'. Toil can do the work and llva , t home, whomvLT you nre.- Evon be— tfaticr* *JT #Rtily tf'ntlnp from #5 to *luadny.A!|na;tiB. Wmtiow you how and itnrt you. Can work In ^Rn time cr*ll tin* tlmo.'UlK money Jbrwortc- t *liire.unknown nmonp (h^m, 1 JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTENT Advertising has. always prpyeD succcsslul. Before placln* any •Xcvspapor Advertising- consult LORD & THOMAS, /UVEUTISnO ACH\TS, ir, i« jo lUmloi,,;, «tr«.i. CHICAGO. Accomod.'itlon.Arrlve.except Sunday, 8:10 a m Accotno latlon. Arrive, " " 4:10.pm H I &•*% r 3 ** &*+ • iR£o |25e HIRES' IMPROVED ~Kt ROOT BEER.' I HUDUIO. UOBOIUKCOnsTRAINinc USILTMUr (I THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE r.MLONS. BRiGHTINE Correspondence •olloceil. valuable .nformatioo free; Dsn»I discount to . MJRlKJBirt: POS1TIVB euHBje-or DIABETES, IlItir.lITH S .nrtred alhceatl. co:, Chla<MO. IU, it; but- as it has an existence, and is really a powerful factor in the intellectual development of the Nation, it can afford to smflp at the flat jokes which many papers, of other cities are so prone to publish at its expense. Every intelligent citizen of Boston knows that there is a great deal of, literary, scientific and artistic culture, of which we have a riirht to be nroud, and that thece F ckleliecter 1 ! EnKlIvlt Diamond- Braid*' ENNYROYAL PILLS ^2TX ' Orlclnal and Only Genuine. * — *tt^ QAFE, aJrrafj" rellnbla. LADJCB Mk "nt tvr'CMchMtvr'g En^Ush'Dlti- ,ntJr&nd In K*tl>nd'CoW metallic .«,,[«, icaled with blue ribbon. V Tolce [no other. XtfMt dangerous nrtttttu* , •'twm* antf fmUationt. A t Druggiati, or icttd 4«. la Htunpi for _p*rticuUr» t ccatimonUU «n<T "K«Uef for £*dl(±ft," <i* letter, bjrctwn* BAIL lO.OOOTrt » '. -" RGQTBEfii The most APPBTTZWa and' WBCX iSOMB TEMPERANCE DRINK In tho world. Dellotoua ond Spatkllnff. Ask your Druggist or Grocer for SC: C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA- 2DR Sl<lV2?i'3DX£!lV8 ELECTRIC BELT WITHSUIPENSDIiy JIndc for »i« spcclflc |, Krcclv. Mlhl, Slim B. i. iCeesllng. Drupglst. . , aoftft, ffivfnB Krcclv. Mlhl, Slim Iftictrloitr throuuli nil %VK/ Lm ttut TIfiOltOl S SI KBMJT, . 03C, Cure o; tirncrstlve Wpnka >i», Cnnltoaou* Cnrrrxti at I 'ARTS, a nnrlas ttiMti !o ItKiLm ttu , loetrre Cilri-ent F«Il Inutanllj-, or *o forfeit $5,000 in cu* i »nd liujpTOnorr Coiuplcu •». mid 1111. Worst O«M"II d nimplilotjroe. .[k 1 tHICAQO,IU W. L. DOUGLAS and other special, Ladles, etc., are warranted, and «o stamped on. bottom. Address W. JL. UO UG1.AS9, JUrocktOQ, MH«». .gold by J. a. WINTERS* ;Broao/wav Tfc i tJ

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