The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1937
Page 7
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^WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21. 1{)37 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PACK SEVER ntlC * Af.'KTYI.KNK ELDING CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Radio RADIOTSERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 worSuiiausliip. uy. Soles 50c Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: Due time per lino 10c _ Two times pci- line net day ...08c 01 ' !>,,,..,:,.:„„ Three limes per line per day ..OCQ ollOC Ixeurtlllllg Hx times per line per day ...,05c * " Month rale per line 60cl Curds of Thanks SIX; & 15o Mlniiiumt chaise 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before oxpira- Uon will bo charged for the nuni- \vr of times the add appeared nnd e Ijiisliiimt of bill inade. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out-: tide of Uic city must foe accoin-! tmnled by cash. Rales may foe la-sily t'omjjutt'd from above table-. Advertising ordei'cd for irregular , j.sertlons takes the one time rate. No responsibility will foi 1 tnken for inoi-c than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sale ONE SLIGHTLY USED ELKC- TROLUX OIL REFRIGERATOR, Rfc'AL BARGAIN. C1EE SALES CO. SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON SLIGHTLY USED FRIGIDA1RES. STEWART-WARNERS, GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS. Quality Shoe Shop Today Die only bargain In shoe repairing is Quality materials & Rubber Heels, 25e up. Dyes, Polishes, luces. Any slioos dyed black. 3Sc. OEE SALES CO. NEW Olt, BURNER. ROOM Free Deliverv " Phone 120 II." 11. Campbell Announcement Business Directory' TEXACO GAS 131/ic Gal. Nice Fresh HKKLFOOT CRAPl'lli ;)5c and 5<)c ALADDIN [.AMP PARTS CEN S5c 1HSU Hl'KKK 1IIW. CO. We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 • 1'lioiic Modern Beauty Shop Moved from (ilencot; Hotel t« if> W. Main. I'itune 249. COAL Real F.state Delivered in Blythevillc for ?l.75 and up. AH Coal Guaranteed. HARRY BAILEY'S « At the Slate Mne 1'honc 5-F-4 & 878. MODERNIZED COAT Washed. Waxolized. Dust Treated Four Blades: $3.50. $4.00. $5.00 and 55.25 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Tailors TRADE YOUR OLD SUIT IN UN A NEW ONE GEORGE L. MIHR "Blythevillc's Only Tailor" On Railroad south of Main St. Little Money—Large , Value I In- word "bargain" is often uscc and rlGfsn'l n:e:m a tiling. 'i'tnl^K nf whal it means \vlien you appls it to tlic fullowiiij farms. Near Gosncll I'tir Acr 40 A. all in cultivation, uricc SGO.O) 40 A. all. in cultivation, price S50.CO 80 A., 35 acres cleared, 4 houses S42.SO Neat 1 Clrar Lake 1ST A., more than '..; in crop S22.50 40 A. 35 in crop. S. E. Mo. $55.(;0 78 A. near Parma ,in crop $30.tiO For Rent 80 acres land on haul road about 3/4 ml!c east of Promised Land ' Selected Used CAiS SSJAiAKTEEO! .11137 Chcvrolol Dcl.uw Sporl Si'dsin. Ctwin, low School. Mrs. jlm'Uall. 3 room furnished iiimrtiuent. 009 W. Walnut, 24-ck-tf! niiloaKC. radio Ht healer li).'iG Chevrolol Town Sedan 245 room unfurnished nparlincnt, 809 Walnut, Plume 35 or 480, J. W. Shoiisc. 24-ck-:M HEATERS WHILE THI4Y LAST 20'! OFF. GKE SALES CO. ALL NEW IIAUIOS AT A SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE. GKF HALES CO. l WK HAVE A PEW SLKlirn.Y USED MAYTAG WASHING MA- JITINES Ai' A VERY A'lTHACT- IVE I'lilCE. GEE SALES CO. 2 room furnished apartment. 113 Lflkc Slrecl. Reasonable rales. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Good fcalhrr bed at a bargain. Mrs. B. F. Potter, call 246. lloonui adjoining biitli. For couple. Will t?lvc l«-o mcnls n day. Cnil G3fi. 818 Clnekasuwba. '23-fa-tt FuvjiWiod house on Holly. Cull Mrs. S. S. Steinberg at 9(M, 12-ck-tf $r>!)f).i)ii Nicely fmnishrd lx?drooius, SleuiN heat, (ill W. Main, Phone '200. 1-ck-tl Cheap. 1936 l"j ton lone wheel bitse Chevrolet, truck, with his!' stock rack, mil (ar|)auliu cover. A-1 condition. I'lionc 127, Blythu- villc. Small store on Asb, Street near lli-ck-lfi "I'lioail. Reasonable rent. Apply ; Goldstein Hide and Mir Co, 10-ck-U 1935 Chevrolet Cnacli 193-1 Chevrolet Coach I9S5 T'ord V-K Deluxe TtKlor . Ford V-S Deluxe Coupe, ivtdio S:(K>.()(I I'ord V-S Tudor, real clean $125.0(1, I9;)H 1'lymoiilh Coiicll * ill).lit) TRUCKS i Ulllli I ', Ton Chevrolet Truck S;',!)r,.i)0 I9.'li> 1 ! , Ton . Chevrolel 't'riU'U ^ll^fi.llil J!Ki(i Clu'vnild Pick-tin Truck ;j:CiT>.il(] I'J.'iG Ford V-}( Del,live rk'ktip TrucU ¥375.011 193-1 Chevrolet l l ick-ti|> TrwU Open Nights Ai Si I'.'asy (,'.;M.:V.C. Time I'ayment TOM LiTTLE CHEIMLET COMPANY AT BEST I'lilCES I'UOMl'T SKHVICE I'MONK 111 \V. TKANTIIAM COAI, CO. PHONE 964 Wo f-'iiwiali/.i- In tiody ^ iH'ndi'r Ke|wirJ> ('i:tlH' 111 Illltl Sl'i- I ;; I,IT Aloliir 1 KitKv, lilt 1 . !'OU ANY KIND 0*' HIGH GRADE COAL CAM, !•;. I-. F'RY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. n u Well located .sloiif basinr.*:; bnilcl- IIIB. living <|imrteiN Included, on u '.j'£j I highway soutli of Manila. Rent ^-IL^ I reasonable. Sec owner, O. M. Rlsh, ati-cainllnc Manila Star Koulc.. COAL | BuilditiB on Rnllroiul ncai- co»rl- ^ hy 2 cgs SS.0'0 ucr tonl house, suitable Jor warehouse. Junk fiuto Tires Also I'houe Shuts Will \Vear l,o:ij;ev \Vlten Ui'iwircil af Smith Shoe ,Sho[) 115 Soiilli : li by 4 lump $6.25 per ton Kim Tranlham Phone 47 Will remodel for riglit party.] Phone Mrs. S. S. Slci'iiberR at 984, before 10 a.m. SK'k-n-0 WALLPAPER New 193S patterns. Some bargains in 1037 still left, ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 S room mortem house at 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade, See J. \V. ilaloney, Clark and Railroad Sis. Standard Hefcrenco Books. Complete 10 volume set with Loose ,caf Binder. Cnll 239 or 792. 20. ooo Furniture New and Used Furniture at . J?ock Bottom Prices. WE^'BUY, SEI.I. & TKAUL 80 A. gravel road, in crop 160 A. gravel voad in crop S52.50 JGO A. good road. 140 in crop $37.50 Several thousand acres, fine lands well improved, any size tracts dc- .lircd and prices that make "bargain" menu what it says. W. M. Burns Agency Flume 2-13 Gleni-oc itt Furniture Store 1'2B B. Main Phone 176 BARGAINS IN Xcw & Used Furniture We Buy & Kell U'ADE FURNITURE CO. 113 W. Main I'hoiie 155 11 head ot stock. G miles S.E. ol Taken_TJ}) ot stoek. C mile. Bh-,theville ion p^v King • farm, sorrel' MiorSc. 2 iron grey lior: mules, 1_ blue mure mule, 7 head of iiay and Ijrcn-n horse mules. C P. Tucker, Route , Blytlicvllle, Ark Lost One Masonic ring. Liberal reward Burke Hdw. Co. 23-ck-3 0 A near Gasuell school. Also 15 acres adjoining. $80 per A. Goo<i mprovemente. Very easy tcuns Thomas Land Co. 23-ck-30 Batteries SATlKljY SERVICE J. Ben Ciune t'hone 8 nt Tom J»(*MW)'» Hinls For Sale i In WU. a row skylarks imported ; If . frnin Kiiijland iiiuctc an cltoK to j rstui)h:,h IhciiiM-lvc.-; nn l.onu It,-' '.land, in what ninv is tin; city >il i Ilrnoklyn. On:' niv;t icmlaluini; Voinu; na;. louml ihi'nv mul nn- ' jrtVi-r was (oiind uliiuut 10 ycurs • Hater. Drs. Werl & Weil OrTO.MK'l'UIS'J'S Ovrr Joo ba u MA UK f'hOtlt! f)10 2 or 3 furnished apartments rea- Gonablc. 914 Hcariv St. Comfortable bedroom adjoining tath. Gentleman only. 7t:t W Main. Phone 80-W. 2.1-ek-tf 4 room house, until. 009 S. Lake. Call 3Q7-J. 23-fk-tf Full srira-i) canary ^ingcr.s. S5.IW pair. Mrs. .1, K. McPall, I'huin: 2(i9. aa-ek-tf Storrs si;i; u PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! AM. UKADKS DUV JUNDUMi and Board Ronn anil br.ard or intiils. Ml(i \V. Ash. Mrs. R. 1''. Lowery. - SAVE MONEY im 1ISKI) TIHKS and 11ATTKKIKS K. M. LARKIN V'hniic 105 Ladies' & Men's Tailoring Knr Coat AllorulioMs I.ittlios' Custom' Ttiilorod Suits AltcfltlioDS of SSKK oiut WUJK SISM«K:- JTION 01' <-'OOI) TRUCKS X-' CARS RKA- HHUVHIK Personal Found :orner lot. Franklin and .Cherry 2 small houses on it. Also 4 room cottage- near : Rice-Stix Co. S780 each. Terms. Thomas Land Co. , - :!-ck-25 Wantefl Kirliy's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Conlalns HJnre Oninine—More Iron Th6 RfiMmTBBndefl T««*tm«nt fir MALARIAL CHILLS ana FEVER SWAMP FEVER —AGUE FEVEK At All Klrl>j Bnij Storm Girft to distribute advertising matter to homes. Salary.- Apply Miss Jennings. 8;30 a.m. Tuesday, 113 South Second. 22-uk MEN OLD AT-MO! GET PEP. New Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigorators antl other stininlanis. One dosn. start-s new pep. Value Sl.OO. Spcdal price 8Gc. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store. Gray liordc. \vclglil 850 Ibs., in my corn across Ic-vcc near Tomato, ir. Hill Sweat, 805 S. Lilly. a'Jc Male Hel ABLE MAN to distribute samples handle coltw nnnte. , Up to $•!;" first week. Automobile Kivcn bonus. Write Albert Mills, 1231 Monmoiitl). Cincinnall. O. Glass One pood scl of used blacksmith tools. C. G. Alexander, Osceolii. la-pk-aG Ark. Res la u rant CHOP SUEY. Mack's Resljnirunt next to theater, Joiner, Ark. ALLRTTOOP AUTO 1,'LASS Expert Workmanship \\c I)eli\'ct- lilvtheviHc I'.tint & Wallpaper Co. We Cut & Install ['hone 380 111 S. Second, FREE INSTRUCTIONS ' In Latest Styles Knitting "BJJItNAT" KNITTING YABNS x Mrs. l.eslic Hooper JlflS- Chlckasau'ba Phone 792 PARK LOANS " """ t.MO nnd Ur Arkaiis'is and Mlssnurl Linvcst ratM—towent pxpcnsr Also cltv pritp^rtM 1 ^ DON H. KASSEUMAN LmKl Co, OfTldc P. O. Box 470, Phone 527. tnii'li 151" U'.H. siaiir iicdy .............. saar. 1'nnl V-(i t:tl!i W.ll. N'c.w nr til 1 , ,•!<•• ::tl tin-s ... ____ S:ip C.M.V. f.'.l!.," VV. K. c\ . Ark. li We Siicci;ili/.c lit •^ PRESCRIPTIONS if Phone HI FOWLER DRUG STORE Used Trucks &Cars 193li Cbevrol.H pick-up Good Tires. 19M I'O Ion climt KW' W.I). Slu body This ti'tick is u I'ood buy 183-1 I'j Urn Chevrolet m" W. 1!. SHiiki 1 Body $25U.«0 A-I Mechanical condition. AM. TRUCKS OUAIiANTHUU TO t'ASS STA'I'u'lNSI'EC'nON Delta Implements, Snc, OOOI.A MAS HER HANDS I''UU. I'M SORCV, 6UT HEP MIGHMES5 IS IM CONFERENCE AMD WOW'T / '£ AfrL&nO GIVE YOU AM Vov m:iy u;/. 1 oar laiKCiis I'. <'. (.'• Tlnir l':'>ini'nt I'lan. Yom 1 piv-s- rm iar \vill ]'rclf;'Jily make dim n (i:\yiniMit. or cull BERNARD GOOCH Motor Go. IMmue SHI or 811 1LLINGS Tncorp.u r;ilcd / HOWREilVEDOlM' l OOCJLAi' \ WE CAW GIT iV\E invcn 119 ni'AW: FIXED UP OKAV" ?%? (|fF^ ft? '•^eltei For Trade Repairing l tiOV/, HERE'S ENOUGH STUFF TO RIG OUT SIX QUEEUS-SM/1E.U. THDSE IDIOT.TT OUT THERE TTAKE A POWDER, VJ1LLVVJH? WE'RE BY PSCK WHEW i MADE vou wy GRAND WIZE.B,! MADE SOME APPOIMTMEWT.' VOU KNOW VOUR SIUFF.' NOW COME OM AN 1 SEE WHAT KINDA MAGIC 46U CAM PERFORM OM gij rx ME.' -^ '\\Lfc muics, and lann tools. C, G. Al- : Gun repairs. Giuir.imecd work. E. cxander. Osceola. Ark. lO-k-^C' M. Damon. 315 E. Main. . ^£± corrr. i?j; nv UFA ^f.Hvict. i'j(j. T. M src,. u. s. PAT. op BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 5J\y, \O\VA-VE'. FEROY -? MV WORD ,Ht , - TOMNfoW l&OT SUE WP<t> AT W TEFs ROOM KKVK\(;K COMING )VASH TUBES ts~ Lot's Inlk Itirkvy! We an- listing lii'lovt our specials. You will be thankful. Ion, if vou jii(k oii( one of Ihcsc buys. liCIi; CHKVROMiT iMaslcr Coupe ..SIlf..!M) ' lim C1IKVKOI.ET COACH 1<i:<2 CHKVR01.KT Coupe, a j.(iod one 175.0!) ]<i:j| CHKVROl.KT Sedan IMIi FORD Tutlnr. Radio liio.ilfi HISS BUTCK Touring h'crtan l!):io ri.Y.MOUTH Coach SKI.illl li).'!(i NASH . Tmiriii!; Two-door 2i)3.iHI l!):il JNTKKNATION.M, I'ick-up ... l")0.t»l You will lie lliankfnl yon have found our repair shop if VHII try urn- shop work jiisl once. Come in. Let US Care for YOUIl Car t*£3H-E5 SELOW \\HEieE JKS£ WATT- K AWA1TIMG THE ARRIVAL OF CvREEZE- KELTOM'S MWHOSAMV LO&S, PON CAKLOS, WHO KKWEKEP AFTEE BEIM& SHOT &v \A'A.Tt, MEETS CHIEF KYMOOGA AND HIS INDIAM 3OS5 MAM SENf (MPIAM5 TO NEW FOR WORK, esUT BIG- CHIEF NO CC' FIND ir-iti-ic EE5 NO NEW CAMP. WATT L1EP TO S'OU! tiE OCUSLf. CRO&SEP YOU, LAK ME oo WE AM' EVEE 1 WAN ELSE ,_- T!y Crane f j-!M ( B16CHI5F KViViOOSA S6iM& SETTLE LOH& TlM^ } fer*U^'' 'GTr^Vj^? B1& SCORE ' PL&MTY QUICK.' I [ COP». lM7Bl' '.(-I. Ktf,. I: S. PAl. Off.

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