The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY. NOVEMBER 103 BLYTgEVItLE. PAGE THREE Jilts Science, Relies on Love Mrs. N. B. Menavcl Attends Dislricl Meet ing at Joncsboro. Mrs. N. Ii. Menavd, n member ot tlie stale executive cORimiUcc of! the tuberculosis Ohvhlinas soalj sn!i\ n'lirfn'iilM MisMssinjrt enmity | a: ;i inri-thw of Hie si-al sale work- | en, :,l tl:e Hotel NI>J!<;. Joiysbnro., Friday aflurimiHi. Mure than ;in ri|i.-fsentaltvcs fr<i:-i fix counties ti: uorLhca'-t Arkimsas attended. | 'll;t> jns'iiiuo was conriucicd by; Ml" 1 : Erie Ci'iim'H-l.s. exirillivo . j-n-iitui-y of ihe Arkansas T.ib.-r-| Oi)i;-U :iv~ocia'.ion. I '1 lie all "lay eonfrrenci' wns (!c- ' ui"'J to :i ili"cu::sion tif plans for n-lliiii! !lie Tii'Dei'culo.iis Chi-islmas F>a(s. Mrs. Men;irii slated: "With fn niaiiv people oil the relict rolls the workers realise morn fully than i'vi-r ilu; need of liclicr returns from llic sale of Christma.s Seals. The killer crntcrs where .steady nursini; ;;ivcs particular nlteiiliim lo tuberculosis are alieacly report- i»'{ an increase in Ihe number of tuto'iriilosh '.f's. U cmr ciim- paiijii to .sell Cllrlslmns Seals can only trncii the public the importance of goini; to ihu funiily uhysi- clan ami IctlinR him decide it will lie worth all (he time ami effort put into it. There imisl lie more clinic service, more discovery of -•*!••;. and an extensive use o; the tuberculin test amoni; children of we arc to continue to re- ili:c:c this disease in the face of the present economic obslnclcs. Our criun'y had 52 deaths last year nnrt Him are ai least -1C 8 active cases. "J fee! cnnfiilenl, of the support of this community in the plans for the sale of Hie Seals which will be announced in dclail .shortly." Succeeds First Business Men Plan Exportation Trips PHOENIX. Ariz. lOP)— A thorough exploration of the dread Guperslltlon Mounlnhis, famous jor lost mines and missing men, Is scheduled to lit made by a parly of business me i in January. Already plan; have been pre- nured for location of a base camp from which lo direct Ihe parly's exploration trips, ii was announced. Experienced tU'sort guides will aid In charting a course Ibromjh the wilds. Among the lost mines Is the noled Uisl D:uehman for whicl ten men are bolkvcd lo Imve sac- i.ficcil llii'ii 1 Uvi-.« In hunt for the fabulous told loLtmie. Slcclc Boaufies Will (!om|H'le ;il Play Tomorrow Quincy, Mass., Teachers To Be Payless in Dec QUINCY, Mus*. lUl'l-QuInc: sehcol lenchers are prepared t 1 "do their pail" for Hie NHA ii December. The 1932 b.ii'sscl IIILS fell III ty without funds to finance the cliool system during She lost 'Oiilh of the jear. So tlit teachers have virtually eclik'd lo work thnl month within pay — provided the mayor Hikes aclcquute provision in the burlgrt lo nsloie itie missing omiK'iisailon. Madam* Curie, Court Kcy«rllng, Aldous Huxley nnd Salvador tie Mndnrliign. Tlijs origination ii culled the Institute of IntellecUinl Co-operation, and Ihe delegates from many countries were received by Prcsl-;, voters icccntly voled to siibslltiitc dent Lebrim at Ihe Elw I'nlucc.ti ETKELE, Mo.--The choosing of 'MKs Steele" lo represent, this own in the onauly contest lor .he Armistice Day program . at l)lythi-vll!i! Sutiirday. and a three luiucdy, "O«irk Clnderellu,' will It'atiire an entertainment ut tin sfhoori'nr.sil.iy nlglil, B o'clock Dorothy henger, Mollli. Hales, Imoyctie MlcWe, Dorothy Still, Mnrgiiicl Ozincnt, 1'tvtts .Icrdaii. Ly'lla Crockett. Dorothy Mouiv. Huzcl lircderlck. Olga Kou ly, June l!o«le, Juliet Frank, null Wall. Charlene I.lsiKomb iun Mary Ntwl Corr will I'omjxjie, Til bteele Litters dub Is jpoiuorlnt "Miss Steel*." The play was writton by Alden Barber ol Campbell, Mo., who also composed Ihe songs And designed the costumes. Miss Mary -loldrldge is the director. Pro- 1 cecds from the BfTalr, \Hitch lias dent Lebrini nt Ihe F.lj'w n cast of 20 Bleele people, will] •)->,« "materialistic luvusion" und gu lo the school I"lc..Audi's limiting liberty ot ho-iight" In tho modern world , • t were tin- l\vo chief llirmes dis- Hospital Notes Admiifd to the Hlytheville hospital: Miss Jane Holllpeter, city. ;lyde V. CriilK, Sleele, Mo.; Clyde Finch, Doarnmn; Ms. 0. E. Kelly, c!tv; Mrs, Charles Hull, Svimtli, Mo.; Vnn Youiin. Manila. Dismissed: C. F, Freeman, HrnKg City, Mo.; Miss Miiry Shepherd, city; Hurry Gordon, Del). Arli«n» Battdi Gu Chamber STATE PRISON, Florence, Ariz. (UP)-^Construclion or a lethal gas clmmber, where condemned con- vlcls will bo cxeculed, Is planned by Warden A. Q. Walker, Arizona gas executions for hanging. Intellectuals Discuss World Saving PUns PAH1S (UP)—A meeting to urc serve Intellectual life und the advancement of education in Europe in troubled times, was held here rcenlly ond was ultendcd by Doctor's Drunk Test Freed Inebriate in Court LONDON. tUP>—"Yes. the man was drunk, yon.- honor." said Ihe police phy.siclun. "He .s&uy«l when 1 ijiive him llio U'.sl." Wlnil Is tin.- ti'M?" nskcil the JiulBi'. "You slam! v.-llli your feet lo- celtier und your eyes closixl." Mild the plij'sk-liin. "like this--" Tile dot-tor closed Ills cyi-s. .-wnyi'd and ne:nly fell ovi-r. The prisoner was cILsmlssed. Thedford's Family Laxative rr tt Children like the Syrup ••Esclilkago" was the r.i'inc of ChlcHKO. <;>tii<k> A Haw Milk A I'aslciiri/.ctl Milk I'hnm: 74 CRAIG'S DAIRY Another Active Roosevelt Shf hlamotl ^riGiicc lie-cause il i.nililu'L :ninly7.e tlic.- sliiyliiii itu:tliii<-s of love, wlicn htr HrHl :u;n i Li^i- lasted (Jiily r\ lialf dtJiir. ^o Miss Morc<.lilli Howard. Zi«-uMil bounty, nhnvo, will jiii-t l«-i lior li'jnrl be her uiii'l'- mi her soccjiul voiiun-o. Sim's fiiLM^-il If) Allierl J*. i;v-!:Ui'-, -It 1 ., motor \\YA Kiiato's Ij^i:'. Ijflr.w, nihi llK'y'U \v€d toon. Xuw, hci c's ;i "FulJics" who aliv;idy Itns made joo4 be- fiiro sdiiiu: f'>of In a movie ^^^J^lf|^. Sf:?'s 1'ufcc.y Koars. New York's auly wo mini tliunti Irnl ]in:f!nf -fv. Sbf jnsi lias niiLiuiini'i'(\ ilinr shr Ims si^noil n nmtriKl in iippi-ar in two ^Ictitn-s iHiiiu*. Charges Huge Utility Fraud Bappy^She Has Double Right ARMISTICE CELEBRATION BLYTHEVILLE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Scnsallonal charecs of funii misuse and asset Juggling by directors ot the Inaull-owned Northern-Indiana Public Serflco Company nnd Its holding companies are being prntied by the government and Indiuna officials. The charges were made l»y Howard Duncan, above, former assistant treasurer of the corporation, awaiting sentence for embezzlement ot (132.000 ot the utility'* tands. Tn spf-n'^hijj nE tho active Rouse- veils you've pot to include tbo name of the President's mollior. Klic is shown at her Now York liorac aa she presided at the flrat medium ot the committee formed In raibu funds for the local Visit- iiiK Nurse/ Service. 'Accuses Grid Ace of Attack :i Ames, film licmlUucr, . : , re wiili her new lius- llr'.ltc l!3hot; t--.ri n dnnbli i^> l.w': i.aiuiy. Tivo BifXi :o days :-. divorce dccrew :.iy anJ r. -.v.-diil^s; rinK tho L;I IJais!'-"!. N. S!. —l«m> The Ncllierliii^Js have a popnla lion of I.SOO.OOC. The First Big Celebration Since 1915 BIG LEGION PARADE, 10:30 A. M. SHARP All Ex-Service Men Invited to Participate There will be several National Guard Company* from this section in the parade, as well as School and Civic organizations. : : fnhale an3 Hearty Children's Coughs Need Creomulsion Always get the best, fastest and Mircst trenlinent for your child's congli or cold. Prudent, mothers mere and more are turning to Creomulsion for any coui;li or cold that starts. Creomulsion emulsifies creosote ttitli six oilier Iniiwrtant medicinal Cements which soolhe and lieol [he inflamed membranes. It Is not i cheap remedy, but contains no iicolics and is certain relict. Gel bottle from your druggist right low and liave il ready lor instant — Adv. 11C5 ii-iii. c;i I Knlls. 2S. above, \\ith :L;- r' cm n KUVI-I iiini-i.l r\l Kan Aiilmi.o, U. Muriel, 'roiinor fuulball ct;vr. t.ij.cs bv tha EO? prnniKtit. She's 109 years old. bul Dr. Clinr lotle Dnvennort puessi'S slie be as nonchalant wiili si dj;ari ni many a younRCr nnnrer. Dr. Unvcniiort, wlio Is a former Una- Bian nrlnce-13. is shown SIH»IIIIIB at tbo 100th nnirtveis:iry of Hie Eoard ot Tra«« In I'lilUdelohla Drink Water "With Meals Good For Stomach Water with meals helps stomacl Uiices. nids digestion. If Moate \vilh gas add a spoonful of Adter ika. One dose cleans out poison r-nd washes BOTH upper and lowe bowels. Sold in Bl.vtlievllle by Cit Drug Slore —Adv. J- THE HEST IS THK CHEAPEST COAL SUPREME ^ SUPKR-HEAT That New Wonder Coal ihcrc Is no coal, Wfst J!cnnlslni, is high in heat and as low In ash. that is 3-Military Bands-3 - Clowns and Everything FLYING CICRUS WITH PLENTY OF AIRPLANES Big Carnivl including Rides and Shows Ot All Kinds Armistice Street Dance Saturday Night Congressman W. J. Driver will introduce the speakers of the day, chief of whom being HON. CHAS. H. BROUGH War Time Govej:norof Arkansas HiO« slatcmcl.l. but it s clhlfil, tccaose It's trur. We hav« anthoriUtlvc analysis on nif on all coal .and ran -.rove this claim. SUPREME Super-Heat Is the c.nlv roal cf »s ^l 1 " 1 ana cold only by thh company. If you want a high ceil you v.ill »Kc it. 0x3 Medium Size T-ump Per Ton Half-Ton S4.50 SUPERIOR COAL & MINING CO. 304 W. Walnut - Phone 1M J«7.50 ^ f Cish • Selection and Crowning Of Queen Of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas Come Early and Stay Late-Something Doing Every Minute Greatest Celebration In History of Blytheville

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