The Guardian from London, Greater London, England on April 27, 1865 · 2
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The Guardian from London, Greater London, England · 2

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1865
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2 COMMERCIAL DCxELLIGENCE. " THEMONEY MARKET. London, "Wkdnbbday Evsnxho. . 5 This has been a day of great agitatin ion all classes of securities, the market which were previously strong having been violently influenced by the telegram of the assassination of President Lincoln, whose natural good feeling baa long been considered a strong safeguard as to the general conduct of the foreign relatione of the United States. The first bargain in Consols for money were at yesterday's price 91 to 91 i, and an improvement soon occurred to 91 V The news by tbe Nova Scotian then caused very rapid fall, and 90 j waa at one time touched. From this there waa a rally to 90, and, after other fluctuations, the closing prices were 90 to 90 for money, and 00 to 90g for the account In the market for foreign securities the first effeot of the American intelligence was a fall of about 6 or 7 per cent in Federal bonds, and a rally of 3 per cent Li the Confederate Loan to 17. Subsequently there 'as- a partial reaction to 15 to 17. Other atooto closed at an average of about lower. 100,000 sovereigns were taken from the Bank to-day for Antwerp, 200,000 for Constantinople, and 6,000 worth of gold waa sold. There waa a very good demand at the discount office of the Bank. The com market was firm to-day at the advance of Monday last. . Theauapenaion waa announced this morning in the Stock Exchange of Messrs. Go wan and Marx, the principal dealers in American securities. ' The report of the International Contract Company ior the nine months ended 31st March shows profit of 88,278, and recomrm'nds a dividend at the rate of 10 per oent per annum. The sum of 00,000 ia to be placed to reserve, and 5,000 to the extinction of preliminary expenses; leaving 3,278 to be carried forward. FUNDB. Consols, for money ........ 901 Ml - Cocao Is, for account 001 OUf Exchequer Bills - S Bp BAILWAYB. Am t. .I'd. BtOckJlOO jClug pnos. BwthimB dune. 1lMnki Hmm fVlltnil India, guar, o per emit. 103f iBinningham, Wolvor-I ramp A Blour Valley.' Bristol and Bxeter. 8 '132 103i 103. 8 18.1 All eiocvlioe BR Buck 100 183 list, 2 10 All 100 .Ditto, 10 guar. Mock...' as IDuaoeo, r.iiDer.juiic; io I?... TnHi.n mi.r fi Ti rt. 10&k IT Stock Block 1W, 104, J, i 100 Edinburgh and Glasgow 00 Glasgow and B. WealernlOS 'Great Eastern I T Ditto.BaatAnglian.No.a 7 Grand Truuk of Canada. IS v 108 8 8 IB 61 104 133 148 133 83 in Block Block Block 100 100 100 4T Block 100 19). 81 100 All 68 liotj Stock Stock Stock .Block ICO 100 IG. I. Peniiisulag. S p ct.ilOS LUrtnl moruicru ....... 132 147, 9 too Ditto, A - "I Ti.... n lisi 100 O. SoutliroAW. Irelandl 6 Block! 100 All ureal Western oi uanana r 10, .. 9, J 18 Ditto, new .ou.) u Great Western TSf ml fitocki Block' 100 100 7S, 4i es Ditto Bouth Wolea t Inl.trvW Mid Oxford.' 82 87 84 40 in Btock! Stock 100 100 100 All Ditto, ditto Newport ..I 48 Stock mum. ditto Hereford... 103 100 Wnt...- . i in U1IUIUM ViCUUM .... ... . ,,uf, 71 70, 69,, T1J, 3, 70, Btook Block 108 Laiiculilro A YorkHiure. in 1211 lira, it, a It .......... -..a RI...1W.II ! Ra M I 100 100 108 100 Btock Block Block Btock uxndon,Brii(bton,A8 O.107 108 ICS.. 7 43 42, lt P8 974 63 Mi. 14. 1. 2 luiun, LDiuinii cl ww. l iDitto, per rent prof 100 Block Stock! Block Block 100 100 100 London and M. Western. 131 iM oi 100 ioo aiciroiwiiuu. . Midland Ditto B'liamA Derby.. Nurtli Brltith Tli ttn a iui. Miit raff 1864 18811.171,7, 8 1341 13(1 1301. 105 U7 , Block Btock Btock Btock Btock 100 10U 100 too 100 100 54 66 61, 4 1U 'llOJ, i 89 69J 1031 103 88 lUt Till 01 A V Nr.rtli.'Riuitm-.Bnrwick. 110 Stock Ditto Leedi 6Bi Ditto York 10, Ditto Stockton & Dart. 37 Ditto ditto, lUiHM . pin, t North BtanV;n3hiro I 78 a r... ft 1 'l.ii Btock All M Stock 108 8tock4t00 ILKA lb! .'ft V.M , .ft. BcottifcliN.B. Aberdeen. 49 Stock Stock 100 61 ICQ 100 100 100 Ditto bcouiii aumaua Bhroplilte Union ) fll Boulii Devon .. .....I 84 Boutli-Baiteru 8J Btock Block 66 61 Block 861881 168 I 109 49 ,48 Btock 100 100 100 109 KPafTVuIn . ... io ,..1CT Block Btock Block Stock Tale of Heath .. 48 WMtUartlpl.Har.AK..' T.RlRKt. AT VlZIED KSKTAIJI. 10 100 Hl.lnlul 1 Btock, Cheater and Holyhead... 64 Tl.. T ftlnAft.nt 1 All 68 133 218 S3 92 103 StoclrflCO Btock Stock Btook llAnoaater and Carliale... 313 iniaiana nranioru irei HoUinKharnftOrantliiim M Btock IBoutb York A Kiver Uun iui (By Electrio Telegraph.) Coneols after official hours closed at 00 to 00 Erie, 8 to 41 ; lUinois Central, Gd to 60; United States 5 SO Loan, 68 to 60. ENGLISH FUNDS. BCSIHK33 DONE. London Stock JBxohaiige, April 38. GoramMiuiT Fimus. Three per Cent Conaola Ditto, for account. Three per Cent Reduced Mow Three per Cent - Annuitlea (Ki Sea Telegraph) Aug. 1908 .. Exchequer Bill, 1.000, 4 percent Xxohcquer Bllla, 600, 4 per cent Bacliequer BUIa, 100 and 2n. 4 (lercoot .. Sauk ol Bugland Stock, 6 percent. . 91. 1, 901 . 911. 1, 901 BJj. tf. 81 ,Si, 9,81 20, li . n, 8 , 6, 8 . A, 8 . !U2 INDUIC GOVKBKMKNT HKOUAITIBS. India Btock, lOi per eeut, April, SH 317 India Btook, 6 per cent. July, 1870 107 India Bonds, under 1,000... 15 Z BOBBIGM FUNDS BUSINESS DONB. CtiUIin 4t per cent, 831 UanuMan rriuclpaUUea 7 per cent, IXttti, 18fil, 9J1, J it tuiteb. 8 p- eent, 491 Dltfi., Num Deferred, 401 Hutu faatWe, nil UlttftS account. Mar "S i Dtttn, .uniaiiltea Uart. of Cusp. l lMrkltbS per cent, 1351,901 iiao. ItvM. 711 Ditto, WJ. HI. 1 lHlto, 1U0 bouu. T-Si, i. t D.tto, 4 per cent. Giumateed, loni VanccusU 8 per cant, 1881, 41, 491 a: d Autrlan 5 per cent, fi?4 llutcJi 3) pr cent, (S.'l, 1 Italian per coat, ltmi, 8( fut Tptian T rr cent, Wl IMlio. 1MM. HI x d Greeks per nut, 18-t. x ecaa. cirlBlnallli Httacned. ait. 2Q ItaUaii 6 per cent, kUit-mmana jutuwar, rx Ditto Bcrfu. 43) pd. 4i d X d Uexlran I per ceut, 2ej, 6 Ditto 104,3M Mew UiBnada, 13 Corrusneie 8 per root, 1836, ?, M, on, 63, and 83. 48 BuaaanS per cent, 180,01 ritto.8iwowit.lHW.Sfl Dills b ir cent. 1882. 3, , 1. 1 M1NE3. Bi'Butns Doaa. British: Wheel Beton, 2031. Foreign: Bt. John Dei Bey. Limited, 23. Vallanzawa Gold, JLUniiei. L , aanos uoin, iftiamt-u, a pain. l, g. BAN KB. BuszxBas Dona. Agra and Miaformlo'l, limited, 1141,131.14; Alllanco, Limited, 331 1,3: BritUh and OalUor-niaru Limited. 41; Cturteiwl of India, Auatralla, and China. 381,6; Bindoatan, China, and Japan. Limited, 301, 19; Imperial Ottoman, 161, 1, ; Land MorlgagBof India, Limited, 41; London Joint Stock, 4M. 80; London ami South African, 31. 2; Verohant, Limited, 36; llUUnd. Limited, Id; Oriental Corporation, 631; Bcinde, rwiab, and Delhi. Limited, BJ; Union of Auatralia, 631 : Union of London, 61, i, St, 4k MI8CBLLANHOOS COMPANIB3. BasurMS Dons-Aua-tralian Uortgage, Laad.acd ."mice. Limited, 3; Ceylon, Limited, BJ ; City of Milan Improretneuta, Limited, 11 ; Oommercial Union Xwuranse.BI; Coutraat Oorporatiou, Limited, 11; Credit Fonder 1 . 1" .... ! I : f LftUhil 111 T in Oi. .1 J . ft.. iiw . J nr. -D .1 n . 1 . T I l.-.J mx .n Lim! A Bgyptian OominercUl and Trading, Limited. Si, 3; General Credit and Finance of London, Liiuiled, 8, 31; Hudson' Bay, 151; Hum- Mr Ironworks, UmMed, 41 ; Imperial Keraantila Credit Aaao- clatiou, Limited, 6; International Contract, 8, 7J; Joint-ttock UMCount, uniiteo, : uowa uenerai umnioua, umfted, Sa, ll London and Bt. Eattuuriiw Dock. 83: Kill wall Ironwork, 81 ; Hatioual Discount, LinVWd, 161; North British and Mercantile Iusurance, IF, 1; Oriental Inland Steam, Limited. 3; Peninsular and Orients Steam, M; ditto, new, i paid, 57 , Quebrada Land, Bail, and alining. Limited, 4, 1; Bhyuiuey Iron. 28; ditto, new, all paid, 38.1 oyi AC ail Steam, 1031, 21; Bast aad West India Dorks, 1861. MANCHESTER, Wmhtbbday The following transactions are reported In our Btuure Market. Bolckow, Vaughan, Lim. & p; Confederate Loan, lor acoouut, 17, 1: Brie, 41 tor account, 48, S,3, 4, 31, 3, 1 Great Western, for acconnt, 741; Great Luxembourg, for account, 13 1-16; Great Western of Canada, for account, P: Illinois Central, for account, 77, 6, cVSkSf, 3, 3, 1, 4,31, J, 1,2; Lancashire and Yorkshire, for account, 1211, 3, , If. 1; ditto, new preferenee. 186S. 6d. p; London and Korth-Western, 133 foractxui.t. 1931, 1.3. 11, ; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, for aoeoiuil, 631, 3, 11; ditto, 5 per cent perpetual preference, 9 x n far account, 9J; Metropolitan, for account, 137; ditto, lew extensions, fur account, 1J p; Midland, lSli for account, 136, 1 , United Bute 5 20 Bonds, for account, 651. 1. , 8, Si. 3, 1. L1VBKVOOL, Whphbshat. The following transactions arc reported in the Liverpool Bhara Market: Buffalo and Lake Buron, 4, 4; Confederate Loan, 17; Dutch Khenlsh, paid ud. SI. 3 d: Mersev Sttwl and Irun. LimiiMi. i n: H,i.,n.i a..., haviftation, Limited, fl, A: Queeu lusuranoe, 9-18, i p: Ibamea and Mersey Marine IiiMiranee. Limited, 5 p; United Btatrs 5 20 Bonds, 60 x Coupon ; Illinois Central, 751- IiBBDS, Wmucehday. Tlie fallowing transactions are reported in tlie Leeds Share Market .London and North-Western, 123; Midland, 1331; ditto, new 13, 3 p; North-Bastern Ictds, 69. GLASGOW. WnsHi.-The following transactions are reported in the Glatgow Share Market: Buffalo and Lake Buron, 4); Caledonian, 132), 1: Bdinburghand Glasgow, 91J: Glasgow and Boulh-Weetern, 107, 6i; Great tFestern, 741; Great Western of Canada, 10J. 9, 16-16. 13-16, : London and Northwestern, 123. S, f, 1; Mavehester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 61; Metropolitan, 1S6J, 4, 1, , 1; ditto, extension. 31; Union Backcf Bcotland. 1361. BIKM1NGEAM, WssiniSSAT. The following transictloni are reported in the Birniiugham Share Market: Birmingham. Joint-Mock Bank, Limita-d. 35; Gloucester Waggon. Limited, 11; Uoyds-Bank, Limited, 8 p. ' BAILWAT TBAFFIC EBTUHNS. The foUojiim railway traffic returni have been published for the week ending April 33, 1864: Cambrian, 1,757; increase. 369. Tnneshlra and Yorkshire, ,S80; inereass, 3.3. Kanohester, Sheffield, ana Llnooln. 17,083; increaae, 311. LIVERPOOL SHIPPING NEWS, Arrived on Monday. B Bsrbridgc . AUcia Ann.. Oaras . Palermo Caroline Jans. ... f rincessBojal Alma .....ft, St Pierre Bt. Holland Alert Corunna Ocean Queen Arrived on Tuesday. Manilla I Mary Fomerou I Arrived Yesterday. 6icily I Flodda , Nassau Sailed on Thursday. Havana I B. Austin .... ...Antwerp Bailed on Tuesday. ftDordt I Black Hawk Nante I Bxoelsior Pernau I Tornado iFomcron St. Yller- Moulmein ...Dordt ..Riga .Sew York Melbourne ....Iceland Sailed Yesterday. City of Manchester, .....New York SRCIAL MARKETS. MANCDhSTER, Wkdnksday, April 26. Tim aatonndiug intelligence of tbe awasaiaistija oE rresident Lincoln, and of tbe attempt oa tbe life of Mr. Sewaid, haa giveu. auch a ahock to the feal-infn of all on our Exohaoge that biuiaeaa has been entirely nuflpended to-day. One fentiment aeema to predominate ia the room amongst all parties, viz. thavt of abhorrenoei of the act itself ; and, so strong has bono this, feeliu that moat people have appeared disposed to louve all consideration aa to ita oonaequences for another day. BLACKBURN, Wkdnksdat. The news from America to-day perplexes both buyers and seller In Blackburn. There has u t been much business effecttd, but ui what hsa been done the full price of yesterday were paid, LIVERPOOL C01T0N MARKET, Wbdnbsdat. The market opened with a quiet aspect, but on the receipt of the ahtoundiog newj from Ameriua many holders withdrew their cotton from the market, and business became very unsettled; nnvertheiess there h3 bepn a fair amount of businiwa tranauteJ, the market closing Uightly dearer than yeeterday. The Bales are estimated at 12,000 bales, of which 5,000 are on speculation ana for export. InapoTt. PlWT. Vo-Aay. this Peer, Desertptioa aad c-ttay. 1000 9300 700 150 700 100 150 tela week. rices. KSirw American .........12 to 15 0300 iMid. Bowed 14 f fSuratft Beujal 5 to 13 I 51800 -J Pair DhoUera ... 10$ j (China. & Japan... 8 to rfirn Egyptian 6 tell I ' I Fair 14J roL 14 opent 2100 Bmyniafc Greek. 8 J co 9 8150 Pamam, Bco. 14 to 15 1408 laaranhara 14 to 141 750 Babia&Maosio..l4 to- 13S1 153T 1393 23 HIT 455S 554 787 69T 2148 S338 2148 12000 7500 120C0 87000 Total since last Thursday 12034 Total speculation and export this wak. 39,000 balsa. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET, Wkdhbsdaz Buoab Until receipt of the American news the demand continued active, and extreme prices were paid, but subse-qnencly a quieter feeling appeared, and no u-aniootloni have been ootid urted. The sales reported were chiefly , ffoctud j cster-dy after the close of the market, and cmpnre a. 100 (.unfair native Madras, at Des. 3d. pec owt. 4,600 bags Peraam, at 2.m. floatiog conditions, landing weights, for au outprc, and 840 caatis !60 baga brown ibUiut, at aia. per ewt. from the quay, to arrive. No Rolen to report in molasses. rum,coffre. and rice. Dnwoons. At auction 100 tons St Dnmunrn logwood sold at 1. 7s. 6d. and 2 tons of camwood, at 18 to iriS 10s. per tun; 4 tone of African ebony were passed with 5 15s. per ton hid. DnTBAiTKBits At thu public saleti this murniiig there was little riifpcsitipu shown to operate, and the business coucluded was ouufiued to tlie following:? tons of buffalo horns, at 17s. ed. perewt.; 20 eases castor oil (part of 90 offered), at5d per lb.; and 3 650 buddloi ttaus, at 31 to 31. ISa per ton for sound ; 75 hhds. first Philadelphia bark were pa-so-1 wilh 8. 6d.; 16 cae Sierra Leono gum c pal with vjd. pr)t. : 31S bags myiabolams with Ids.; 170 bale" Bomuay orniieila weel for t(l itb ."5. 10s. per ton; and Bit bags falarm i Mumich Willi Iks. per cwt bid. There was m, bi.l f .r 10 okska nifwd red aryrol, is bafra Persian jellnw berriot, 4 bags Afriuau giaier, SO balm of angola or 4-1 bales Lima orcliella weed, 1,008 Digs of asgo flour, or 1,000 bags saltpetre. Asiiks Mead j, at late ratee, BRiMbTohK steady, at previous prim. Babk ICubsga Baltimore, alea Sd. per cwt. CitsiuB Oil 7uoaeH, etSjd pu-lb. CtiTCIi dhiall sales of Pegu, at 28s. to SSs. 6d. per cwt. GAiunutB Bales of healed at 22s. Bd. per owt.; cubns held for 27h. Nitratk op Soda. Quiet, at 13s. fid. per cwt. lVo fi le iu sufnarh. Imiia KuniiKR. 17 tons Para, at Is. Sid to In 7d. foe-fine, and Is. Id. to ;. ld. for iiegruheads, and 10 tons of damn Guayaquil, at 1U1 per . Laku. The maikct remains very steady, at but rates. Oils, Ac Palm, no further traiiMictiniis notice; olive rather more inquiry, 26 tons of Seville sold at B. lu. with sales of Koario at t.5i iiertnn. Liiibeed. no change; pile rape selling at44s Sd. to 45s per cwt. Petroleum, the market U very qniet, and we dn imt ht-ar of a single trausactiou iu refined. Tallow quiet but steady. Ho lmpiovement in robio and spirits of turpentine. LONDON PRODUCE MARKET, Wkdkrsdat. There weie many private transactions in colonial produce today, and the public sales went with briskness; supplim wcra rmIerste, arrivals light, and in most iimtduors rather higher rate obtained ; exporters and homo dealers were about equal buyers. Xxtr naive parcels of i-ugar and c iff m wilt be brought U auctiou on Friday. Previous terms are fully supported for Chita produce, and there is a further increase la b.iainmn thu hiane and ronlineiital markeb', with some speci.'stion in tea and camphor. Prices are susoained for Amorican goods, aud transactions have again been to a fair extent. Aliuough not mucti sUaxiand for Kutmiau ariicle from the trade or siwculaturi, still firmness iu the markets fur tillow, hump, aud liustx-d. For cotton fully the pievious value obtainefl. with important npra-tious. For jute there ia still an improving market, although a far greater aloek than last ear, and many parcels ou the way. There ia i o new feature in the wool trade. Uuiiuess iu metals haaratlitr decreased, ottll in the value there is scaiceiy any alteratiou. Wilh tho cxcepiiiu of au adrance for ttpsrin oil there is i.o chai ge in I he market for other sort. Buoab. BjHiieiya to a large exteui, price still improving, and are la to la. ed per cwt higher than lust week, itnvately brown Wert India brings 2Ss. to ''Js and yellow, 3a, fid. bi S5i At auction, Minima Hold at 24a. to 27s.; ditto, grocery, 3-ia to 37s.; Cubs. 27s to 41s.; Balila, 2-s fi 95i ; an I grainy Mauritius, SSa. Bd. to 36i. Beliued sugar io active demand, and still on H e S'ivanre, brown lumps helling at 4 Ks cmimnn to Sue grocery, 4o. 0d. to 46s.; aud tittleis, 4Ji. 8d. to 4Ss. por cwt. Coffkk. Several private trausictiona in plantation Ceylon, and t-xtiniie ratea obtained, Kiipply having hfCO'tte moderate. Kalive in auction was, however, bought in at 87h. to 7ls. Tba. Several shipping urdern, with Mgiod Jemaud from thn home trade; rates are tlmily sustaiued, and a little higher for green aud common llnlong. Rice. There were again large transactions, and prices have slill an upward tt-ndeiicy; stock alau reduces, Kaugouu briugs ts. 6d. to It's, and Bawien Pa to Wh Hd. per owt. Spicks realised tlie full value, Ponung pepoer in auction sailing at SJd ; white. Ad to fijd; pimento, 2Jd. to 2jd.; cassia lignea.7tlB bt-2s; African ginger 40a. and J amaica, tt.l. to Boi. Balipki iik Onlj a unall biiauiesa, Calcutta, ns to refraction, at2bs u28g Bd.anri British reSurd, at Sis. to 3ls. Bd. per ewt. Nitkatk of Soda is dealt in with caution, at Us. to 15s oar cwt. Hknp Many pal eel 8 selling: roping Manilla brings 27 to 130, and clean Husnian 23 io HIS. lus per ton. Siiki.lac l'emand (-till on the iuoea.'-e, and prices on the lisr, orange selling at 105. to 115s., liver and garnet, 80s. to 110a. Turmkbio Bale to a fair extent: rates for Bengal, 25s. to 26s ; and Madras, 17a. to 21s per cwt. Outcr. Several parcels selling at 2 Is. 8d. to 25s. Bd. and market Arm Qamdlkr in good demand, at 21s. 8d. to 22s.; and cakes, at 28a. to 27b. per cwt. Cocuwkai. The public sates to-day went off with fair Fpirit. and at full ratea TAiftLOW in firflmand; P. Y.O. brings 41. to 41s. Bd.: and last three mouths, 42a. 3d. to 42s. 6d. per cwt. LONDON HOP MARKET, Wednesday. Tlie market was Arm. GLASGOW IRON MARKET, Wbdnrbday. TS"11" rxolUWo- At the cioae there were buyers atM. ljd. cash, and Ms. 4d. one month; sellers at 61s. 3d. cash, asxl Ma. Bd. one month. 1 CORN MARKETS. BDIlf BURQH, Wkokebdat. Attendance good, and supnlies lxrge. Wheat sold at an advance of Is. per quarter Barier slow ssle, at scarcely last week's prices. Oata depressed br extir of supplies, and Bd. per quarter lower. Beau good sale, at full pi ice. ' ULASGOW, Wbdmksdat. Market well attended. Lsnre business done in wheat during tbe week, at Is. per quarter advance. A fair inquiry to-day at market, but holders aakiug further advance checked sales. Barley firm, and rather de.arer Oats bd. dearer. Beans and peas 6d. dearer. Flour, homemade, fair rale, at la. advance. LB1TH. WuH8DAT. Arrivals of foreign wheat largs hurley aud flour good. Other articles small. Farmers' supplTei tc-day good. Scotch wheat aold well, at full prices. Old foreign good demand, and rather dearer. New generally of inferior quality, and prices irregular. Scotch barley unnlterel. Fureigrj fair sale; price, muoh the same. Siwtoh oats very full, and fully Is. cheaper. Beans unchanged. White peas fair sile. at last week's ratea. Flour nnslteivd, ' LONDON, WKDHseDAr. Biigli.h wheat held for full prices of Monday, but only a small business pasMng. Foreign uu-alten-d. Spring corn firm. Attennance very limited. LYNN, TuasiiAY We had a moderate ahow of wheat at today s market; all fresh-threshed samp'es must be noted fully Is. per quarter dearer; other deccription dd. to ts. per qiurter higher. Spring corn commanded the full rates of this dav week. W hint, white now, 4 V. to 45s.; ditto, re I, 33s. to S9a.; ditto, red old, 38s. ui !-9. : barley, 22s. to 31s. ; oats, 2A. to 2ls.; bcaus. 87a to 43. per quarter. NEWARK. WftiliMCSCAV It hoint. rha lurtrwk r .nl I fair, there w as only a limited alteurunce at our market still a fair quantity of farmers' wheat . fTcring, which realisml la to 2. per quarter more than last week. There were a few samples of barley sold, at late rates. Oats met with a little iuuuirv Beans fully as dar. NEWMARKET, Tuesday. At this market, wheat advanced Is. To . per quai ter. PORTS M OUT 11. Tuesday.-Our markets have been fairly supplied with wheal, and the bu,iuess traiisacwd has been generally at n improvemeut of Is. ier quarter. MANCHESTER HAT MARKET, vVekkiibolx. Hav 7(d stone ' "ln"r' " id. to BJd.; ditto, oat, 5Jd. to Bjil. per E01NBDRGHCATTLBMAKKET,WKUNEaDAr.-3upplieof cattle larger, trade heavier and priw Sd. jKsrstM.e d .wu from last wrrk. with.rniloliiig heep a larger show, rtemau i id, and last week a prices well nniiitained, with a clearance Top price, bet beef. 8s. 6.1 : currvur. a : - .. ' : ,cliV'd h:' 7dt. 1-re M'PPly of tJre lu.get?. which met a fetter trades at higher prices, and a good clearance fctore cattle alo mre easilv sold. LEKL8 CATTLE MARKET, WEn.vKgnAr -There w not an avrrege snpp'y of Mock ar market to-tfay, which caus-d the varket to rule in favour of the seller. Beef, Bid. to 7,d - ahnnn Ed.: in wool. ItM. per r. Lambs, 28s to .vOa. " p' WAKKFiELO CATTLE MaKKBT. WBoitiMDAr. We hai a very dear market to-day for ft stock, and all ws welLnlere l (IT, at the following rnts: Beef mailt from 9s to SsBI ner tnti of 14b: uiulK ii, Bd tn !.d. per t. Pit beasts uumNsred etl'; sheep, 4..0Vi. Lear, cattle, for hich there was a tietter demand, uumtiered SBt. Of pig there were I.30J, siaili sioni making rather leas money, and a clearauoe oju'd not be en ecu d. Llcout Great Forbs Fair -This greit annud horse fair h b.eii held during the t week. a.,d. twth regani, the numlr and the quality of me animals shown, was fiiUv up to previous j e-r-. bealera from all oarraof the kingdom "fnn tlie eminent attended iu Urge numbers. The y,", were the avenge telling fiureB:-Four au i five year oil h trSe?of high onier. emrable f..r breaking to double hiri.e-s for nrw,tt carriage., Ae 8U to 100 guii.easf , ' and soned " pairharie. lObtj, l2l.Ruil,eav p,j of hanrts ,Ve "i( " niieactu.ien well-matched horses. 2-0 to Son gi,X i 11 lmTFi "S' s,rPP"-B ivejonng horses. flir ii$ Kiaaii Ac 40 to SO guineas. hors. of superi .r actfoo. aid l,Sh fal,i..o for phaetons, park nrivlngnnd riding, eo r.?ioo gui, thick-stt string grow,, young cut!-. f..r heavy dru .T'tiu work, andtow., purpoK-a.SNroftOguiu,. liijhVlegged mm ditto, suitable to public: nrejancef and hwkney work. !B tS 80 guineas: heavj-cart hr, f. r brewer and team work Ac 40 to r guineas; seaned ditto. f..r sgricultaral work a'.ifw' sale, at 2v to SO guineas; hors .f high blndS and accurtomed to follow hound made from 100 touine: young blood stk and Irish bred huutera. St to go over " hetVr SSi7 '".n.fn: "or. foe roadsterand "m?noJ C ' i B"u,,u uc,t coos, Mr riding. K to 40 guineas; ditto for harrow, IB to 35 guinen.- ponies from SO to 85 guineas; aud horses suitable for the army made from 20 to 80 guineas. ' exx THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN, THURSDAY. AFBIL 27, 1885. ' PaTtio cnuermg adtettuememU in the Guardian art rtqtttiun u utumd to uufofltming explanation; rv at the printer's mran that penmnal suwlicatioa mrf Wce' it maefe at the Guardian office. tdirta caital letter and number at the vrinter'i meant that mjtpHcatiim moat be made by letter (directed to the letter and number given, at the Guard um ojice), port free, and in no other way. Letter) by poet mutt be directed to'the Guardiaa office, not to the residence of the printer and pnbtiaherr - -Application not in conformity with tiete direction cannot be attended to. tfJi. Person answering advertisement are strongly advised KM' to send oriyinal testimonials. XJOMMSTAO aKBVAJVTB WALBiTHD. BIX HODfFM AIIjB. for sfMe hotels. -tar otHcv,HtranewtTS. AKTtJ), a ttrooc U1HL, for the Xitoutsu. IV, Levor-atoML PLAIN COOK: waaiuug.-vTtuie Uart, CoeaOis. fjfANTED. struns; active UIBL. 7A, Lo iter Hrninjhtua itoatf. HOL'tKilAlL aud WAlTKBSi: woalung. tYntte Hart, ChaaalB. WANTED, a praotlcal OAKDBNBK. Apply to Mr. Murray, ValectlnoO.Ltaga,r)laolcly. V'OCNU Mao, as WAITER and HOOTS Old Boar' Han, Wltay JL urove. Omcd aENSAL8KVftNT,or HLAIN COOK: houtmnsm kept. , Vurk-atrtot, corner ut Park Place, Cheetaana Hill BoaOL Vi rANTED, a atrong active OIRL. In tbe country Apply at vvmram nwiv s, oa, moiwu iwagt aum jaoa vttr. ANfED. iOUNQUIKL, about IT. to tulit to cttua (tod mike W ANIKD. a .-uajle atau. ss fOKruit, to tbe V7iu and Sulr.t Irade: one accutiomed to the counter. Andreas M 148, iirinbsr. W AITU, a raspautabla fKltaUN. to nursa a natty: stua tba lowear. .ernia jvqqresw .it ioj, aii tne pnqws. T, a UKNKRftAl, HlCKVAN T, ur PLAIN CUOK: nuUMiaild aepr. as. xurn-emet. corner or farar f lace, unnnm am Bd. 1ANTK1J, aereial CUUKi), Housemuoi, Nuraes, KiuQen-uuids, TT General jjervainn Mm Barker's offloe, 21. Lowht .Musltv-strest. UuuA. lakftNKUAU. dKi!VNC WAM1K.LI. KugUaB. Apply at AriTJU., respeotawe luigilab Uiri aa UKNI5KAL SKB VANr. apiar no. a, victoria vreKent, iusetuam mil. EitTAINT OI&U about i& who caa Wkui3.i3i, fiaOiad-sCrofifc. w AlSTiilr, m HOUbtUAiU. Apply atS. Yotk FuctOfurd Kuld. WIWPBB urn HIU IiWtH VB O ClOCK w ANTED, ft good UKNKKAb WKKVAN I': go abvuS IS &j 40. Vly Hi w, uraat AiitTcmrai-itrarjc. 7ANTr.l, a VUUTJti, for a Spirit Vaults Apply at 160, Uaius- w AK1KI), GlftNbKAL alii OiULs. Uuuudary- ArTl, a Wa i I'ltKSa Apply at the Coronatlun Ulnliur rouaia, WAIvlti', an acUee lid, a lill-LlAlto MaHKKB Apply at Mr Metcajfe's, 4, Bt Mary-atreat, Mancbewer. tMtJtAl. 8 Kit VAN I', Koglun, who can wash and Iniu well.. Auply at 1, St. Jobu" Place, Iiroughtou Lane. w ANTAD, a recrable GKNEUAL afilt VAN r. Apply at iwiMilWIU W 'TP, uuuxaigm. STKD.abKUVAm' OC ALL WORK. J Groome, 8, Oros- .Hiiiriuink WAMTia,areaiieolnbleVuuuiUftUj I NIX Milt LAUNl)ltK-lS: from tlie counTy preferred Mrs Mulrhea.'l, 20, Victoria-street. Attlti, a Vuiuu vvoaiau, us HtUoKjl41I. Apply at 1. rtrtfi,d ltoart. w Al,ltlv-3 WaN1Ki. -Ap.'ly ar. tho Caie de. 1'Kuroih). 1. Tib- streef , m-irket-iitwet, af ler six o'clwk. ' V '"' Ul" ""e Uis'ner, Btaal experieinx-d X)OK. Apply '.-. ,i.iftJ. kiivu, ft wiuuKAaV ItWWIL'K. f AH I hi), CiOKS, for hotels; also sevaral good Ilalu Conk'. v Klrclien-nialils, liouasnisias, Waitressea, tiurm aud irooJ Otoeral Setvants. Mrs. Watch's, South King-atrsat. VVANTeij. a VOl'NU MAN. canshle of managing- a Wins and T T rvplrir vault: liberal salary given to a compeEeut paraou. Apply at the ifintei's. CilAftUtilt-MAUl -WANIKO. an oc-lv auil thorouirhlv-axpwl-wicee Woman, ahoar. MS voars of ago, as IICAU CUAUUlSlt- l A H Apply at me Queen's Hotel. W AM 1.1 l, h wlmki i WK. iu a KeiiUauiau' family whnrd u kltcnan-T mats Is keit; wage AIM. Apply to Mrs. Muirhead to-day, from tbren to four oVj,icl,. 'aMK.I, tlua uay, M Koud ;UOK.-, 1'j Huuio.iwulo, s Nurss, 3 WaluesbM; at eleven. Also Hotel Cooks. Mrs. Williams, Princess (.trice. 4 Mretford Uosd. Waltiug-roouis. DOMESTIC SERVANTS WANT PLAGES. ASituatlunanftARMAIIi.byarounfrlAdy rhomurnlyezperlsDcel: 2 ycaia' refHrenue trom hut sltuHou.-Ai)ilri-Bs Vt mil, printer's. w AM fe.Ii, hy a resixiuiile Person, n Siiua'lon, aa U iUsbmi U: no watblug: gl rfferonne. K. 7. lirlilu'e-ntrnet. Hrmli'ys. ,'AK1JK1, arJitual mi, as khu 1'1.A1N CtKjK: wiw iS. M. K. ' - p..'wiiwinn , .-..reioru ivnt7. s .TUA'IK'N, bv a Mufily rwueutanle t'erauii. u K-vIlHAIO: max not fjl.Jrx-tid to. Adiirt-M 1) R,2Tl, BraJfonl Boad, Mftuchoater. .8 itARMAiD and IsnOKKEEPKU tn ti flrtt-'-iasi Hotel: good rii-irtiiTj Mmr-ws r-ssV. T il. r4mui'1110q. ItlrK-nDrWl. w AN i Mi, bv a y.-ung ljirty. a Sl'uaclun as U.VOKB uakHaid. ia a nist-ciass uutei. Adaress X. Y z, fost-offlos, saircxua-ou- Type. UAXvir.!, by a reoiitLiauia holms' tertan, a eituatiou as ItALt-MAIU: Bdustouied lo tba tmsiiies. A, IS. LVi, Liuoutar Ibad, Prre ton. VrANTKI. by a Younif Msa, marritxt, a Wtuatl.m asGKOOM nd r COACUMAN: t!oixiuharacter from ureaeut employ er. Address A It. PmNolTlie. Kol'on. IAI.IfcM cau be limmdiaiely suitett wltn SKKVANl'ri of evxryus-J ecrfi'ttoti on npt4lcatloii at Miss Yeoman's regUCrr oQlce, 37. itrowu street. Good General Servants Wanted, Immediately. HOCBEKEEPBBH. COMPANIONS, fto. A 8 WOKKING UOUSKKEEPEK,toatinglegenUemn,widowsr, JTA ortrademiuui: plaiuoaikiHueJi.: good character. ii 16W, prluter'a. f llUliMftKe-hPlcK to a single. Reiitleluou; or CuOK luaaiuall family Address M. sfl, Herkelsy-street, stranKewivs. AII HOUSrUtKKPEK WaM I'lOl, hy a gentleman: she must be a thoroughly rejiiertable person, with vrood roferan(-?a M liw. Albsimetatile Persun wibhea lor a Miuaiiou a HOUrtKK.KKl'Eli to au elderly gentii'uisu; or to assist In tbe bar; good referencsi. Address At B, Pust-offlcc, Uocfailale. TTJTOH8, GOVESNEBHEa, &0. A Fori ign Lady, engaged in education, would wish to spend the next ndneuuimer holitlaya wi:h a lauiily m tho couutry, or at the 18- sldKorHbiiavd: ebewill require no reinunmatiin. Aililrrss Udlle. , caie lr. Crues, foreign book, seller, 0, Hold-street, LlverpouL OLifHRKS. ASSISTANTS, rto. WANTHD 117ATKD,FOUKgwx BKUfH HANI. PAINTERS, Immedlatelv. 22 Ain.i tn John Urtvton, Middlaton. CblN01.USK bTtELtus WAN rail. Usury Hope aud Co i. Churrh-street. aKIAD, u stout at-live KltjvANll ItuY. ilsary Uoun aud Co 111. Church-street. w IAlS1bDrAtlZH TAIN-LIi, tUoroughly fttuatniitja with tla- !. aiiuim ji ij, iL lub iiriniora. fHOfMaN WAN'JKI. tur tna Miw 1'raatj: a cltuktsr aad raiCTHiBii.niiu mi. mimu ui vnirn Aaar9M m iy). at Ens L)rmtsjr. W AMlftl), a uuinber of Kood HOU.ilfi iAINri!fti. Apply to JASTtJj. 'lUKHOVtlt, accustuil to new: pleva-worK: r also a Lithographic Turnover. Guardian offloe, Warrington. XI I GUCCI K-' ASSISTANTS. WANTED, Bil experience! COUN-. iKJfMAN.wnlluplnthpLaiuiiflhinirriirlH P.u-hai Ri-.-, itij.i..i.,, JUNIKU, on experh-uood A.sal.srANT to the Urauerr l'rude. I AtililV IO 1". M.irri. W.lnlm lion,. II. 1.,.; 7 HC bd Oihi, YOUTH, BbovBiW: good panmuatHo. rnxounis mill fhkrvU'tur - Bans lb trlrlaA... AA i ',3 . . Zj .;. jxa 4ii, mu mtj Linuuirs. B IOCTAMJ81IOK iJllWINtorJ -WAN rKW.aiiexlsucedSALB. - IWIUISlUUi OA, rklllg-BIJHWr, G oil MACUINK IIampS and KlNlsamiS for alpaCA coils. T CAlllNEr MAKKKS.-WANTEU, a good 11 AND. Apply to W. IJlinf II (iilifeuor ..m ll - ---a., to i ijuiuuu UaJ- 1 Ifll L. . VPKISATlCtb far Dreei Aud Mantle MaWiix: trie VVnecier aril w AMatisD, a good HALK8MAN, for tha Drapery Countflr.-L. ""o", n", ftJiuuiii BUCTl. AN Crt'ICK liolf WAN I'K1: io write a good hand, ti-ilck at accounts: referenco reoulred Addnwa M ia. e thaUni.,'. vv ANTED, a good MILLINER. Mn. Lawlles, 60, Great Angoata-street. WANTIOJ, TWELVE gooJ illLLlNWtl: salary from AMD to W0 rer annum. Apply Mr. J. Melllng.NutUugbafa Huuse, ealfurd. WANTED. TWO ASSIsrANre, to tbeDrestinaklug: also one to work Thomas's machine. Aimiv at th mSw. T HiNTiv ji,lrvi,u t?. 1 . rw . iBluirT.j rS.r"'?;''" WAN isu; also APl-jtl-M TCW. at Home. SI and its. Dam-irate A,nli., t0.. KKK3.-Aypiy t nur.t ami to. I'brult raanur-uiiun r, s inn... f TAILdllS WANTKU: oounfaut employment for ko.k! sui sttudv w..rnin.-Apply to Alexauder N'elll. t'hauge Aoey. 8 "emeln 1 rpO TAiLpllS -WANThD.a VJUNG MAN: a comfortable home. X. four mile from Mancbester.-AddraM M . attha prlntertT UANTKI, fwo steady Men as CUArona WAIsnxlAT MAKKllA Tt for regular employment Address P. Y. Poatrofflce, Ajntwurna: W1'. WE-UOM TENTER, or OVERLOOKER, accus- ANTE! i, a will-educated Youth, aa au APPKKNnoK to a rE.u"SM Cbsmlst-Addra. Q. Barbor, 81, a&n npGl-APKR srAlM4KS.-WANl'KD, good BLOCK PBlNnSiM-hTMJHTSUn uiTi'aTO a?' -1" bogiren-Aiy full pArtlciilHra. sre, i-aiary. leferen. Marsh and PenulfnuryVwigi" "tm T ANTKIi. a Mrat-cijiss IIaND, for a arat-i-Uas bushiesi -AiUku LlverprJ" " "M"fltt'"1' 'g"t aod Ie, Bold .tres?; TAMrrIi, a JUNlOH CLfcRK, from 16 to & voam of mju- -o,.V Vt ANTED, directly, a steady YOUN J MAN. to osilat In a Whole-WVuUcr WCft,hl''JLOL',i1, 18 y4" ' e: ona accuiiounxl to A",gr.'tita"1"y ftnplod.-r AMtly.a rerpscuihlo V uu l'U, about 16 year or ae wh writ-". trVt-li'frtf n""-''fOTrYme Mercbaurt Omce. AUofress liftl W I'boma.V UaUJlNC uANOil, also unVHral J ,.FIN,'",1.-RS AKJ,ry K- Phillll, iuo? and Qiersll niHi.uiai tmer, 4, fareat Amiata-siJeet. - op, aud T lTUtKU:APliEKi( WANTED, a 1U1.NOYKII AHi-KFWTf.'ir. AIANTicp, mining active LAD: wgft, laj. uer weak.tnni' n-te w,ek ili1res D 3 si ihB prln w c. """" T'iMAv'--h" JAKElto.-WAftS IEU, a slya-uvB T.I-yftaYeoX. to 0nie StoJey. SMteiU&SS? ANTatU-SS-who tin roughly undersuuids the makliur of mill ruiJ!ff. A111ftSa Bitiuaiibnl with all office duties. de?jv? to, enteTa' Jrnfiwh?uU'' Vtv6 chimcters netd apply. Ala Kuod PITnnT ?da. w1to to 12. 4d. LrnstMit work guaraaised. Noii-unlan hUL Til.iiiVl' 7 protection. Good ImltaiwlS !Jfli2" aituauans. if found competent for thra The f orS?.r.l i'f1'''? mers, and api.llcsnta w 11 he allowed toMlwt thsir o?n nim" priority of appllCkUon. TrsvtftUiS peS -1U to paid? "" ,n OXJLXKXB. ABSXBTAjrrB, eta. WABTIO. Wsntod. fl t-ria M llnner. Mrs. Wftllama, 44, Slretfaej Rd. dtla rt it TJI'ANlfcD, a Laoyi for a fn.n0t:raphlo Uausry: aula uruZ Vt Mb. atthpriara. ANTE D, a flrvt-cuut OPKRVTOR fur a PhotoRapbls Oalhur: . state terms. - M 7, at txva rln'er,. TIANIKD, a tunueUwt AS.-vlHrANT, CO uiauage a rauu Dntr f Ruaine-. Apaily A It, Post-oS eouwunrt. rpo ICIlALCOMdTd WANTED,- s auoA aflN.Mtk AAilrass A ; M 44. at ih. prlnte.'s. D1IAPEU1'. WiMtli, JUNIOR: also an APPK UN no Apply to p Turner, Roohdalu. WANTtD, a KVBK51 AN, rur an Irpufounary. Address M 109, at tba printer". AN APPHtNTIl K WANrKK, to Wis DraasBisklna; RuslnsM, Apply, imniedlatelyLat 12. Bury Now Road, dtranaawayS; 4T)Nl!lTION RV. WANTED. n ASSISTANT In the Kaksbwissl one who ibimmKMv undrtanils trie nu'liwa. M W, at prlpfer'f Mr.liftA.. U.AN1KD, a DiapeusuiK and owluual Visiting AISf I'ANT: K'no refrrfWKS rvqulr.d.-M 107, t plntei. HAlSLUtbHEU. ANiKli, a nt.-a M AND Apply to G. Matter, Low Harnarate. WANTED, flni-ilra ftTKAW B' iNN KT TRIM ME Hi; also axpa rleiwyo MH.MNF.Rh Apply at. HB. 8'rn ford Riad fjt'ANTEll, MACUKa.iU UiNH LtPfhrl' MA iiEbM;atBO TWO VT g"od BIX)ND JOINKRS. John Weib. ll, Tib streat. LRAI'Kllel. WAN 1 1 n, a YUUNi iheGeusral Trade. Apply to win am Hea'ou, 73, IMdham-atrjMt. ANTtvD, a lOUTH, to go with a fljur aud braid cart: atsts) particuUni Aitdres M 117, at the printer'. WANTED, a JUNIOR a -via I'ANT to toa Ueaeral Drauary. Apply to J. C Chattrrton. Lower HUUratfl. Stockport. W AKTFD, a nefff MlLL'NKK and SALESWOMAN: WeHuyaa t" crryTj - 9ib mire, Miary. nua rfrorennd j . mb, xqtk. W ANTED, a YuUNU PERSON, to Work Wtuwler and VTilsoa'a awwuiK nmonina. 31. St. Ann' Hguwe EaPKRY WANTED, an ASM IS I'ANT: a Wsaleyan prararrtki. ,'pj aiMLuju ikc, fwary aaa nrerancss, w j. eA-ragg, vina tZHBBKB. ASSISTANTS, cto. WANT FXiAOBS. ANTED, a Bltnailon as LIGHT PORTER, la a Warehouse: good n-ia-cuce aggress as-ias. at iw pnniea. fJX) URK WER8 A UKEWEK, by a toorauirnly practical Man, with eopu njieteiKT. Aooreea si 1T, a mq pngveea. B V a steady respectaUIs Vouug Mau. aa LIGHT PORTiCU, or any uuiw oquii eujpiu, meiit it m. roL-omue. iftOnemau. mo. Alimekeeper WANTS Employment. Address Mr. IS sale, Poit-offlce. rnorne. rjio BKEWKHS.-A uractlcal Brewer, of steady bablcs.ln WANT of a eiiuaunn. Aaares J. T. Post-otnce. wscciesnsia, JART1 AL or Evening Empluymeur, by a Bookkeeper; thorouirlily competentto keep ur reoilfy aifflault oroonfasad aacounta K 45. A Gentleman, age 34, desires an Engagement, as MANAGER of a Cotton-tplnnlug Mill: hsa had eight years' exparlencs In tbe prao- vi. m woraiogot a mio Ancross w. rosiromjo, ijiverpoou 'lATANTED, a hliuatlon a IMPROVER, (u the Drawing OtHue of a v v -neenanicBi nngineer: salary not so moca an ouject as unprove- wwiu-nuinwB . . v,. ruai oinoe-. nHnuDeaier. WANTED, by a Vouug Man, from ibe country, a Situation iu a Warehouse or OfSre: was-ea no object: ten years' OrstrClAM rfl- icrenw rroia iai. employer ag urea ji a. at ma primers. taeuUeman. 211 veara of nam. who has for thn last nlua mouths XX. represented a Manchester bouse fpreviouilr in a depa-tmaut) in Muvnuiru auu par& or surrounaing counties, aeeires a muiation as HA1.EHMAN. or a DOHlticn of trust In a flrst-clsss bouse, or would iteprteem a aianuiaciiirer calling upon mercnancs: rsrareaces unsx- vjg.i..ftftM,Mp. flugrf m ia, a ub prinver s. (TYUlENU INKERS, 1KONKOUNDE1W. AND CONTRACTOR:!. A WANTtD, a Mtuauon as SUPERINTENDENT or tVRBM AN, by a person who bsa had couelderable experience In the coiistrnoUnn nuu oiwuiii nxvuijuii ana cast iroa unages, roois, railway worr, Blld ITarrtdCe faulllMllff: aa alnn Baawnrku. hoc Wftb., niiiKvrao.a. halii hlgti and low preuure; lnclualug general Ironfouuder' wark, from .. iwinu biiuii vimjiidu: can prouur'o nisvais iesi4mouiaii, aaa fl rrfereniw ss to character and ability. Address C. D. 13, London COMMISSIONS. AGENCIES. TBAVE.IaI.BBS. Aa Situation, aa TRAVEL, l.EK, in the Wholesale Tes or Grocery m.iri imb meiruaw i. i . u I -unfrqiaoB, anicauorc. ''ICAVJLLER, for tuwu and i-ountry, for Wholeala duiCiouery. rrvj M a M' rAC run kk a Oroy Clam Commlanion Iluuie, having A a Ant class connection, are open for one or two CONSIGNMENTS. aft rf rl ffVlasax IU VA of IHa na-frvsraW MEXICO. TwsGeutlBuien, proceeding to theci:yabuut 15th My, are open to receive l.'ouuuL&elona from respsctable Hoasas. 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II rI&a.Bartl('l.aijd to Ihirt) nmflta nnm wrinhiiruun am ttAint to traTeJHiiK preferred : a dvpotft or eCLUity trum. 6W to 1,000 4utu uuuiih aa, hi. bira ytiu..TZi m . VITANTED, by an Etigliehmsn, speaklDs; Frenoh, Buss, and Oarmin, . . 11 ' J y a iemoui. ill tvuia.aua now in SC. raters Uinih. ft HltUAtlOn aa TRATRIJ.RRnh tha mvnliriNne tn M.HMan, mn . large wholPaaJe esiabllahment or manufactory: best refurenoes can ue k'ich. Auureaa r. a. rosea iveetaute, at. I'etersourg, Kuasia. PABTNKBSHIPS. i Ji experienced mau of buslueM, mli s,IXO. wlshse to Join soma a hoou concern: mn ingnwi reierences gireu. M ia, at printer s. PAItTMKK, active or sieeplnK: (roo.1 bunlnws, secured by patent f3S0 required. AddrftSa il 1S3, at tbe printer's. A PARTNER, wilh NI0 or 1,000, to Join the Advertiser In an old- -y. . CTinuiftBueu ti aave i raoe. AQQrcss u us, at tne printor . A reiairi. with 100 and competent to manage a lithographic trade. ,j iwd ri,ifluwnii , in a very o.a iusuios. 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Such is the astouuding and shocking news brought by the Nova Scotian, which arrived yesterday at Londonderry from Portland. whence she Bailed on the 15th inst. As the latest New York telegrams are dated at one p.m. on the 15th inst. we have but few details of these horrible crimes, excepting the oflicial despatches in which secretary sstanton announces them. air. o tan- ton states that at half-past ten o'clock in the evening of the 14th inst. while President Lincoln. accompanied by Mrs, Lincoln, Mrs. Harris, anjl Major Bathburn,-was Bitting in a private box ia ford's Theatre, in Washington, a man suddenly entered tne oox, approacnea tne i rksidrnt behind. and shot him in the head with a pistol. The assassin then, brandishing a large knife, and exclaiming "Sic semper tyraimis," leaped upon the Btage and escaped in the rear of the theatre. The President lingered in a state of unconsciousness the pistol ball having passed al most through his head until half-past seven o'clock in tne morning ot tne linn inst. when he exoired. About the hour of the President's murder, an assassin obtained admission, under the pretext of pressing Dusinesa, to secretary ckwabd s sicir. room, attacked and desperately wounded Mr. Frederick Sia wabd and a male nurse, and then instantly rushed to tne oea, ana staDDea secretary Seward twice in the throat and twice in the face. Major Skwabd, bAio jj!jixm.nixM. a oj.VftVv.ov. nun, rTuu was in an ad' joining room, was alarmed by the nurse, and hastened to his father's room door, where tha assassin met him and inflioted upon him and another attendant several dangerous wounds. So far, we derive our information from Secretary Stanton's reports, which add" The murderer of the J-'reBident nas been discovered, and evidence obtained that these horrible crimes were committed in execution of a conspiracy deliberately planned and set on foot by rebels under pretence of avenging the bouth and aiding the rebel but it is hoped that the immediate perpetrators vi ill be caugbr." Unofficial advices add that Mr. Fbkdkrick Skwabd was dead.; that it was aecertainea -witn reasonable certainty" that two assasainB were implicated in these frightful crimes; and that John Wilkes Booth, the one who murdered President Lincoln, had been arrested. This iJooTH, who ia a son of an -hnffliah actor who ami grated to the United States, and brotherof another actor, Edwin Booth, of popularity both in America ana in tnis country, is said to have been known aa a " rabid Secessionist." It is also asserted that a letter found in his trunk showed the assassination to have been planned before the 4th of March, but ft-. -ft' "ft. ,ftUftftt uwauav. ifiirj lauuuuipilGa backed out until Eichmond could be heard from." Both he and his accomplice whose name waa said to be unknown, though his description was so accurately known as to render his apprehension cerauopwere stated to nave ilea immediately after the commission of the murders, horses havim han in waiting for them ; and there ia no account of the time, place, or manner of Uootii 's renorid nnM. hension. At eleven o'clock in the morning of thelSth in.l&nl V,', TlW.c;.?,ft4- A T jftwivuua , ivd i. ivuwutaiiiiaiw Johnson was sworn by Chief Justice Chase into the President's office, vacated by the atrocious crime which terminated President Lincoln's life. In his brief iminh nr. the occasion, the new Pbbsidrnt merely said: - iiie uuuea are be present mine, l shall perform them. The consequences are with God, Gentlemen, I shall lean upon you. I feel I shall need your support I am deeply impressed with the solemnity of the occasion and the responsibility of tl,ft ftft. ...... Xlft.ft I T . . uuvico vi vud uiuco x am assuming. .('resident .Lincoln s as8SAsinfl.tinn hnA rva j - avati-ne, MaVrU UIAO iNorth with sorrow, and had. of pletely absorbed all thoughts on the 15th inst. that u awuiiiB was paia on tnat aay to any other news. President Davis had Dublished at Danville, on the Gth instant which was therefore issued three days before General T. and probably before the disastrous losses previously sustained by Gen. Lbr during his retreat could have been known to Mr. Davis declaring that it is his yuxpuoe mj continue tne war, ana tnat ne will "never Bubmit to the abandonment of one state of the Confederacy." It was asserted hrj- thn IJ n n f a A arafarj tliat General Lbr, who had returned to .Richmond, had been compelled to surrender because his troops had abandoned him wholesale, the Vira fusing to quit their state ; and the correspondent of the New York associated press reported that hia army disbanded itself, only 8.000 nig when he surrendered. General Sherman's army was stated to have marched in three columns from Goldsborough on the 9th instant; but the direction of his march was not inown, or at least stated. The Confederate General Johnston was reported to have abandoned Baleigh, merely leaving there some cavalry under General Wadk Hash-ton, and to have gone to Greensborough, It was asserted in the North that the Governor of Nnrth a. lina was about to convoke the Leislatnm of that state, for the purnoae of reDealino- thn ordinance of secession, and of re-entering the Union. The news of the Federal capture of Selma. in Alabama, had been confirmed by Confederate accounts. There waa no regular quotation of gold in New York on the 15th instant ; and one account represents the informal price on that day to have been about 51 per cent premium, while another aserts that it fluctuated between 60 and 65 per cent. A despatch from Brussek announces that Kin? Leopold was "in a very low state" on Tuesday night, but was "in a more favourable condition" yesterday morning and throughout yesterday. DOMESTIC. In the House of Commons, yesterday. Sir GRonQB IkrwraB's Inns of Court Bill was read a second time, aa was also a bill empowering the Metropolitan Board of Works to treat with the proprietors of certain bridges across the Thames for the abolition of the bridge tolls. Several other measurea having been advanced a stage, the House adjouxnea. It was again rumoured and " very areneraliv . , - i ii i i . r 1 m , - Deueveu, wa cure wiu ui x-auiuuu, ou xuesa&y, i that the Lord Chancellor had resigned. His I LdBDBBJP, however, attended the Cabinet Council I l on Tuesday, and the report may be safely regarded j aa at least premature. Mr. W. H. Glapbtonb, the eldest son of the Chakcrllob. of the Exohrqiibb-, has issued an address to the electors of Cheater, in which he expresses his willingness to stand for that city at the next election if it can be shown to him that he will have a fair chance of sucoess. He states bis political opinions with the modesty which becomes so young a man. He is in favour uf a liberal extension'of the franchise, ia opposed to the ballot, and is prepared to vote for the abolition of church rates if no satisfactory compromise cau be arrived at. General Kbuctx the brave Hungarian officer who was associated with Sir Frnwick Williams iu the memorable defence of Karadied in London, on Tuesday. To-day we publish a full report of the proceedings at Bow-street, on Tuesday, in connection with Miss Constancr Kknt'b startling confession that she, " alone and unaided," murdered her half-brother, Francis Savillb Kknt, at Road Hill Bouse. It will be remembered that sulfas, cion fell upon Miss Kbnt soon after, the discovery of the child's body, and that she waa taken into custody, but afterwards set at liberty. About two years ago, it seems, she was received into St Mary's Hospital, a sort of con-'ventual establishment attached to St. Paul's Church, Prighton, The Bev. A. D. Waqneb, the inoam-bentof St Paul's, informed Sir Ihohas llaNaY, on Tuesday, that the unhappy lady made the disclosure to him about a fortnight ago, and proposed that she ahould be taken before a London Magistrate. All this, he said, she did without any kind of pressure being brought to bear upon her, a statement which ahe herself confirmed ia the presence of Sir Thomab ILbnsy. She .waa removed to Trowbridge, and was examined before the Magistrates at that place yesterday. Only sufficient evidence waa taken, however, to justify a remand. Ahono the constant surprises of which the American struggle has been full none has equalled the shocking intelligence whioh threw the political and commercial world of England into consternation yesterday. A great crime has occurred to upset all calculations and revive the excitement which appeared to be rapidly and unexpectedly subsiding. It has always been one of the weaknesses of absolute monarchies that the success of the policy on which their energies are bent should be perilously dependent on the life of a single individual. We are now probably about to learn that republics, especially when they so far depart from the principles on which they are founded as to become despotisms in practice, are not exempt from the same danger. The murder of the President of the United States, and the simultaneous, or olosely subsequent, attempt, too likely to prove successful, on the life of his principal Minister, are crimes which all upright men, of whatever country or party, will regard with inexpressible regret and indignant reprobation. The humbling and instructive moral to be drawn from tho Budden death of the highly-placed ones of the earth in the plenitude of their power and in the flush of triumph may find more fitting exposition in other quarters than in tha columns of a news paper, itenections appropriate to the occasion crowd on the mind so forcibly in the presence of this event as scarcely to need expression. Our task U eo far as possible to estimate its political signifi cance by inquiring into its true character and guessing at ita effect on the immediate future of the country in whose domestic contentions the whole civilised world is so strangely interested. So short a time had elapsed between the series of acts described and the departure of the mail, that very scanty materials are furnished for this purpose, and no opinion can be pronounced which will not be liable to correction almost as soon as it Is uttered. Weie there any reason to believe that the deeds of blood perpetrated at Washington on the 14th of April could justly be laid to the charge of the political entity call it a nation, a party, or what you will which we have known for the last four years as the Confederates a profound injury would have been doneto their cause. We shall venture to affirm at once that few things could be more improbable than this, and that nothing is at present more destitute of proof. The civil and military leaders of the South have shown throughout the war an elevation of mind and character which, in the absence of positive evidence to the contrary, ought to raise them above the suspicion of instigating or conniving at, private assassination They have fought with undaunted heroism, planned with sleepless perseverance, and suffered with forti tude never surpassed, but neither their acts nor their language have disqualified them for full com parison with the best examples in history and certainly not with their adversary in all the attributes of humane and generous men. If this was acknowledged to be truth when they were strong, hopeful, and victorious, it would be unpardonable that it ehould be forgotten at a moment when their fortunes have declined, and their downfall under any circumstances appears to be not far din taut. We therefore confidently anticipate the ftS:.AI 3 - . - r , . ft ... uiauuui. repudiation oi ail snare in tne crime which will be heard not only from Mr. Jbffebson Davis and his immediate followers, but from the great majority of the Southern people, as soon as the knowledge of it has reached them, and they be come aware of the imputation under which they will inevitably be laid. The drcumstances of the double, or triple, murder, so far aa they are known, are, moreover, altogether in favour of the assump tion that it had not ita source in the design of any political party, but originated with the fanatic or fanatics by whom it was consummated. There is still some reason to believe that the original sur mise according to which the assassin of the Presi dent waa the same person who afterwards pene trated to the chamber of Mr. Skwabd mav have been correct ; but, while unable to say whether or net una was the fact, we can only deal with the in formation which we possess respecting at least i angle criminal. The murderer of Mr. Lincoln was the eon of a once celebrated English actor, nimseir, w is said, a member of the same callins, and not improbably, also, an Englishman by birth, 18 reported, and of course with probability, that be had for some time previously been seeking an opportunity to wreak a wild political Dassion in this areaotui manner, but no suammnn nf h. ,'r. for, -,',. could have been entertained, or he would certainly not cave Deen Buttered to remain at larire. Hi demeanour after the Dernetratinn nf . appears to have indicated that perverted e1Knn of mma, tne symptoms of which in such cases are often to be distinguished with ereat difBanltv. if at all, from those of insanity. If. the statement that ne bad been arrested on the eve of the departure of the mail were authentic, we shall soon have ample ..iiorioauon respecting bis motives, his uromntirnra. and his belongings. In the meantime, we advance no plea in mitigation of the iust iudernent arnlr-ri all right-thinking .men will pronounce udou his crime when we say that it ia the misfortune of the best parties in agitated times to be in danger of apparent oiscreait trom tne guilty excesses of their least worthy members. The Democrats of Eurone. who will be the loudest in lamentations for Mr. Lincoln's death, should need no remindiae of thi obvious dictate of justice aud charity. Had they been told that all Italian revolutionists, not to say a still wider party of the some political leaning, were to oe neia accountable for Oiwini's attempt on the life of Louis Napoleon, or for that of Milano on the Kino of Naples, we know how indignantly they would have repudiated the complicity ascribed to them. There are some, indeed, who. maVim th question entirely a matter of political svmDathv. will boldly assert that different rules are to be applied to ' tyrants" and "nanrnera" whom r.l,ir happen to favour, and to those whom they loathe and dread. .Bat it is not with disputants of a class whose minds are emancipated from the control of all settled principles of morality or reason that any man who is duly conscious of the value of h;a time ill care to bold duiuaion, The bulk of Englis h- men rsurarrl ....ft. -1. ..ft..! i . .. ", vuuar wiiaterr e disguised, ss an instrument for a-duotiou of whioh into political strife th 10tfo" possible jiuUfioatioa, and will insinuate U for the heidotu offence committed bv t.hT &poloSy of Mr. Lincoln. T m xltK It is far more easy to apeak on h.-with a certainty of commandiag -i. , p9l than to predict the effeot of th &33't poUtical catastrophe on the Am Mtouil One consideration of . -5 though possibly not the zTTl: the first to rise in the mind i 1 ? bable tendency of .Uch to JJ. M. embitter what remains of the 11' jugabon of the South be only a nTal . aeems inevitable that the rnni a- lwr 01 t"n,i; process should be Pof relentless than they oZTTT the rage which ti.Q lgUC kva beenhv inspire. Th i..' f the Pr8oID ' win inspire. Th;. :..r ksii8ht tna more ta ;ln had ar,,, or a moderate anri ... . ouown swat iBiH. - 'SU seemed to promise aa enr.... ""Pwoa which a. - . 'UUT Bfttass-l.. - . . . --7u7iililBi :e whiVh can never speak except as a es of a ts Th to every true notion of ccnati tL , ahorrt human liberty; tatt-atf for the sake of his country as weU 1 1 tcntions by his manner of cousohdatina appeared to have gained. JJut .Jfe"' extreme urgency is whether by his d th 0f hichmust have been one oier gtat St"? even for him, has not been doubled fS al'f Bucceaaor. His character, his four yel P ' and his re-election by wriZ" stituted him a tower of strength f JtheT T' party in the United States,8 cause everywhere. If concurrently withhU?! it should MyvronZ ?1 lso lost irretrievably the services of Mr d Z L unquestionably the ablest mind and thei,lt ,I miner! nrririf. nf tV, T?J..i . . . 9 dt- -f - - cucim uaumet, -Wi) conceive it speute confusion may not have wean ODencrt. lA .. apprehension of these evils U creatW h;0i,f . the teflection that hia J " ?,:helgW bT aoucmua inai ins deseasa t . . whichanthebestpofhiacoiiutr, but a few weeks ago, when it appeal oJr . remote contingency, with feelings akm to arid dismay. The new Preset of ft, U, Jd fctates, who waa sworn into office on the ,- ing after the lamentable tragedy at tbe the in Washington, is the coarse and illiterate baf foon who on the 4th of March, exhibited bioiWr ui a Btate ot intoxication before the oyes of tu world and in the face of all the groat difinrlHle, of bis country assembled in the Capitol for tha formance of the mostsolemn'.of national sct-j. Ttul such a person as Mr. Andbuw Jounso.n cm com-mand the confidence which the chief mUtnta should possess at Buch a crisia'as the present awnis impossible, but the law provides no mwuu but bis own act by which he can be remored. laWwl the death of Mr, Lincoln can only heu&i fta South by the mdirect means of iutroducing i marked change into the disposition, tbe couduct, or the power of the-Government of the North, but that result is not impossible. If it be true, as it ha been said, that America is passing through a rerolu. tion rather than a war, these events are calculited greatly to expedite the movement. Ecclksiastical Intklliomncr. At the Diocesan Briery, on Tuesaay.the Bishop of Manche3tr,n the nciiiiiiBtiou of the Ucctor ot Bury, the pairon inn'.i ot Ins reutory, duly licensed the Uov. .'"redenck tt'iliij, M.A. to the incumbency of the new church of the j,t Holy Trinity, Bury. Ilia Lordship also licc-asad tin li-v Jerviise Waibe, M.A. to the stipendiary curacy of Hara-tborne. Fatal Fall from a Laddkr. Yostetdw.Mr. Herford, .city coroner, held an inquest on tlio bily of WilliHm Hartley, arjed 40 year?, of Bauk Greek stw, Cborlton-upon-Medloijlc, whose death occurred on Mos-day from injuries received by a fail from a ladder ou tha 6th ult. at the works of ftfesars. Wliitworth anil Oi. Cborlton-street. Tho Jury returned a verdict of occidental death. Accidhnt to Mb. LvNnK, Citv ScnTKyon We ore eorry to hear that the City Surveyor, Mr. I.jn in met with a somev.h&t serious aa-ident yedtirday. He was riding along l'ortlaud-street, when he fill from hn horfe and injured hi3 right arm. The itnall boiitt, , undt-rsfd, was fracturi-d. The arm w.i drniawd l tin lioval Infirmary, and Mr. Lynda was then taken hoif, where he will probably be detained from buiim)-vi Ik fceveral days. An Old Man Killed. Mr. Herford, city coroanr. held an inquest ypsterday on the bixly of an old mm, named Andrew Watson, an inmate of the workhouse. On Monday morning tha deceid wis leaning against a handrail which has been eraled oa Ducie Bridge, to divide the carriage road from s trns-porary footpath, when the rail give way, anil In u thrown into the road and run over by a pifcini; omnitiu. He died while being taken to the Koyal Infiriniry.-i verdict of accidental death was returned. A Man Fatally Scalded. An inquest was held yesterday, on the body of Joseph Thornber, a labourer in the employ of Messrs. Tennants and Co. manurac'Curia? chemists, Jackeon-street, London Itoad. TUe doal wae enpaced on Sunday night testing the s.treni;tn or a solution of vitriol, when ho fell into a "coon4 i severely scalded. Shortly after the occurrence a feii-iw-labourer found him washing himself in a U'-r 01 water. Ho rendered some assistance to him, and sudh-quently had him taken to the Hoyal 1"?"" died on Tuesday. A verdict ot accidental dtuttt wil returned . Cbtjklty to Hohaks Michael Flanmgan, driver in the employ of the Cbeadle Omnibus C0ft0inr. Limited, appeared at the City Court, J'-' answer to a charge of working two hor. whicfi i not in a fit state for labour. Inspector Chore. tb or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty ;to - in nuL, said that on the previoui evening tlw dehndM " in charge of his omnibus in Brown-street- Ttiare " three horses attached to the vehicle, one of tha lame in the font, and on its shoulder there waj a about the size of a shilling, from which blood and m were ieuing. Another horse hod a wound m iu br'... St s b"g a half crown, and iu rnll wai sstumni with blood.-The dtfendant was fined i. PfUNClPAL AND AGKNT.-In the STsashsi r. . n orlinn ansintt out or county v,ui"i, j."".;. -- --- , ... .... co'-'ftta r -,ri hrou.-ht bv Mess-. I'latt and Bi.cox.c . . of yarn, was brought by Mes. spinners, Oldham, against nr. . r . - , (,,. VM Wall. Mr. P-dward. appeared ftj J (w ti,. .mmmt. nf the claim had been redutaa w theVurofi-C- ait; v. u.i . , i . with on additional i H- t 0n llie 3 srtJfT5a!Kss defendant met Mr. Piatt, ?er 'j, ,1 hit uitpr aa alleged by tbe plaintiffs, ita m it " liVm to forward other yarn in , lieu of W M intention Tr- alsoalleca ",a ""'?." ... . nd that two skips were rorwaraea w - v TI.. Krrrt ftStVlTUT SUjlBiit" t'- navinu "-,k-"-' - '. , .llinr plsmtiffs called upon the de enaanc ...i tbe acaiunt-Pir. , y - - indemnified againft - up ,ltv accounts between , a - ... Ch4t hi.i ih f 11th February. V",. to r,l,r, p..-- originally ocen uriivc. -- M0 0f yi would have bren made before fha-en to Mr. riaiTs Vv raturned. The ju-thf Ulac? of that which bHd n rwmsl K VhaVhe only ouon w i. nam patTvini? out liic uiit,i"' - ..j as ?"r.T li r r nninion that ihe.r w'rrj af. tne two snips. .z. ,ntciii- st gave judgment for tho plaintins ior 6 Swindling in IIioh 1--"' a lady of good family, !. ju.t bse A i. T.ft,- l.f.n niirnRrous charges of fvunann, ,uy. t . ---- . .rrpgted as rup6 .-"'"-" inriui,.ed in w h es i ir. inrvira ma. iud v-v)"1"- ' : , . ,,... ikly ra- "'r- of.or w marnace ttiac - - h4ji runviiiiuft - - --ft-- . . Mir ii11 " v v, fnrtiinn of a million of franrs-. n ' war- obtaiiied . judicial reparation and paid all we , vious-ly contracti-d by her. She then weni . j the country for some years, but Paris, and with the aid of the 'J'the s" in iha muwfl of a few days obtained ? " ,f of above 12,000, for which she e giving also referencos as to her ''''.'Vmr1! Sen with whom she dealt during her former rr ,, Sp.rT. A these nerKmshad all been pi d, .l!t!. nothing of the reparation from ber husbana, - V.. . ...I nncanllpntlV Vina' . fa vourablv J ft ft J l. , nuM wft.ftftft.-fti-- ordered waa supplied without nesiiauun. obtained were immediately pawned or soio. afli ' QDQIincu wno miLuuuuLu; l-. ..cfvlBOft.". ;,V, Iftftft.. .nnnn,r.i;a UvfA III CTen' ". ,.''. . .. f. IWUirsa ft'. ,ft.".-y..ftftft. - , Jin i proceeds, However, as the bills were n ,- when due, complainta were lodged vvitni' r lf, vy t liey were arresrea. i ne two pn.. . uin:iii ipartments. ncniy lumunea; m " udred P ewriicrr, iov:r, nij. v. ir, ativ. . tickets were found in their possession.

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