The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 1
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Served biflhe United Press BLYTHEYILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NSWSPAPKR OF NOUT11KA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL, XXVII—NO. ii BlythevillB Courier, Ulythevllle Daily Ne»,-s, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. .BUYTIIKVIJ.I.K, AllKANSAS, SATURDAY, 1MARC11 H, 1!W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS'. IN OF BOOZE "in Things Happen to Louise ?!-<:-orn'.c D'vrcssion Re- flcclod in Nature of Mal- I»!-F Awaiting Grand Jury OSCKCF..A. Ail:., ^rnreh 14. - A I'otiei-abie clravth of the whiskey vhitallons v:hich ordinarily ccnsumc the greater part of the time of every Grand Jury session and a i | niaikcd increase in burglary and qr.iml larceny - charr?s scheduled fo- iitvnlieatiim by the grand jury which meets hero Monday lefbeli the reaction of at least abortion of I Missi'sinp! county's population to the economic deprersion following lie 1 ' '-ason's drouth. Only uvo charges of whiskey violation.': arc held to the prand jury and court attaches point out that the whisky traffic, not unlike legitimate business, is governed bv Ihe law of siipnlv and demand and (he economic depression has reduced the demand to such an ex- j tent (hat purveyors can't profitably continue manufacture and .sale of the supply. Manv Thefts of Food Tlic marked increase in burglary , and grand larcony charges is altri- | j billed also to the financial depression and based on the economic' law of self preservation. Numbers | of thefts ui hogs and cattle are attributed to actual hunger on tr-t? !:art of the law vio'.atiors, and this deduction is further borne out by the contrast of 35 such cases re- poriccl by one Justice of the Peace i during the month of December i Louise Strother Bunch, and her piowboy Romeo, Felix Bunch; with only one case after the first, t l ie)r 5^000 love nest, of January when Red Cross food '. distribution was commenced in the llu'iir Up, Says Sain I lodges, ll Might Bo Worse Back by '32, Mr. Morrow? I If lirylhevilh runic' cm; on the ' >iim!t end In Mir apportionment of flute highway hinds lat lurm-to-' : nr iri''l wails, dial is no reason * lly ""' 1>co " le of tllls CU - V fl ""'!<' i ( ij s ,, lt Uned with Ms-? record of! j. Y. Turner Plans Tesl of Mulelcss Farming, on llc "' E f • Aiixmuicr or tin.- :tato! I I M ri n ^siinoly in general, ncconllng to Land Near Uell. t'u- Osi.iola Tlaies, Sam I lodges,. . rditov. which sees benefits for Illy-! An experiment that may bad' Uii'vlllc as a lesult of legislative' many other Mississippi 'county I'liaclmenl-. along cither lines which, l.bnlcrs to (croike mule power In 1 It intimates may afford comp?nsa-' favor of tractors is utuler way on tlcn for the lost highway money. ' t the J. Y. Turner farm, ten miles ; "For instance." ."ays the Times,! i we.'.t of here. "the ninety day divorce law re- j Mr. Tiur.?r. for a number of : cc'ntly pawed. Walcli the people' years one ol the leading planla- : fiom Missouri and Kentucky (lock t l".un ov.ner.s ot this section, where to Illvll:cvlllc to get Ihclr divorces ', the mule is still generally used In. and hurry back home'lo get mar-j ! production of the cation crop, has! tied again. This will mean lots of! 'a carefully outlined program tills-mcney lor the'hotels, taxi drivers, I raison for working a 400 acre tract; poolrooms, police and lawyeis in cxcliiLivelv with tractors. ; \ Dhllievillc: but we are not coin- Will Supplant 20 Mules | P i Q i n |,, K because Blythevlllc Is lo- He has purchased two tractors' ca[od ,, enrer tiK Missouri Hue." and their cultivation attachments -T^ p . 01 ,]<, O f the Chlckasawba for 53000. With them and two; nhtr ict." the Times continues.; men, F. Wmford and W. M. Berry,; .. shoulll , lot complain if the land-j who will farm the tract, the Plant-! owners If llu Osceola district dc-1 cr expects to produce a cotton crop | f|vc nlorc benenl bcca nsc ths-y look ! at a cost considerably lower than ,, cnnn( . c nm , ix,,,,^ c rlc j r lnm | S . lie could with the 20 mules and 20. men he says it would take to prop-1 To our Blythevllle friends we would i erly farm that acreage. j The machines are now at work breaking and harrowing the In seeding the tractor will say. be good sports and let's all ,.! join With supiwiters sill! urging his candidacy (or the Republican picsi idemlnl nomination In 1932. Senator Hvlglit W. Morrow of New >c good spons and 101 s an i . * hands fcr the program and Jcrsc - v has tcmj)omrlly deserted the p.llllcol scene lor n European pull If 3 a vvh ' ._! because of : and don't be peevish • pro]>orly owners in the j vacation. He Is shown above, v.illi Mrs. Morrow, as they sailed from New York. cropll, county. The case of Finley W. Cart"•H?ht, 43, wealthy Osceola hardware n:,?rchant, held to the grand jury on a charge of murder for the futai shooting of his 59 year old | r.slghtor. M. L. Crawford, is the only murder case Involving white persons scheduled for grand Juryj investigation, and promises the sensation of a term of court which includes in its docket only one first ciesree murder case, that of Albert Newton, negro janilor for the Bank of Osce^la.. whom Fin- ' similar 1 !!vcs ' " cclv es a slightly greater i benefit than the proirerty owners In "Mr. Turner will plant 335 acres!the Chfckasawba district." of the tract in cotton, CO .acres In corn and five acres in alfalfa. Hisi cation will be planted from April] 15 to May 15. with early com be- i ing planted tllls month and more - in .hme. ^Vill Cut I^ibor Cost • He believes the machinery will more economical, in that one wed by a Justice of the peace. In' -the same building in which I hey. £»™ ™;Y™ can fta tetee ° 5 ' m ° !1 " ""'"vate as much as' 93 acres tieiore. tot , o|i [n R dtty> whereas a man Louise Strother Is Only 1 8- Inhrrlta'nce. back ..they went to their $15,000 birthday nnd comes into her full : tractor. h« believes year Cooler Men Figure in Cases to Be Heard at Ca- ruthersvillc Next Week. COOTER. Mo.—Two Cooler resl- But She's Life. Had Eventful By NBA Son-ice MONROE. Louisiana—Orphaned, ley \V. Carlwrght has engaged sps- cial counsel to prosecute for the ^ mnrdsr of his former chauffeur,! ^.^ # a %A remarrisd Gemmons Scales, also a negro. „ man-nil these things The negro dcfcndnnt has been, in pil since ins case was coiumued , Irom Ihe last term of com He is, JJcr - ^ a!!esrd to have and killed the . tranB( . m i s ,-h q , 1M! = .MI she Canxrisht chauffeur last Septem- ^ st ^« ^anc«^ttol ^e her fc'.lowlng nn argument over a| qu . ctly [n ^^^ slu! , co ; i gambling debt. I bungolow in R | ch i an d. La., which Cart-wright, armed with two pis- ^ ^, y a fo . ctaste Qf ' the , uxur , e3 . armiiid basis-.hc will save ( on feed dents wil face murder charges and ! ccsls. since the machine consumes — —'" •--- - '— 1 - 1 — fuel only when in actual operation. one will face a manslaughter charge In the Mnrch term of court Mr. Turner has 758 acres of his In Pemlscot County, which will be- farming land rented out this year; pin next Monday, March 18. with )ead Man OK. Sidewalk Mistaken for Beggar CHICAGO, Mar. H (OP)— A pitiable figure sat last night on a sidewalk on the west side. The man's boity seemed .distorted. His head drooprd; ills hat In his lap. Passersby dropped money In the hat. Later & woman passed. She dropped a dime In the hat then looked closer at the man. Won- derlngly -she. laid a hand upon his wrist, then fainted A physician revived the woman; the man was dead. His name was August • Eichenberg He was 55 and was not a beggar. He had (alien dead In the odd position while on his wa> home from work. am! ru;<iulres every day laborer on the farm to raise a large garden Judge John E Duncan of Haytl on the bench. E. M. Perry and Odell frr which he gives them seeds and i Wolf, negro, arc charged with mur- Crmmission by Legislature's Failure 1 to Appropriate. j Man" Takes Beating When He Resists Arrest! , , . ! Cumml COOTER. Mo.-Claude IrMler. a ^ physical cio nt. received deep lac- J for der and Miles slaughter. Holly dministratrix of cstaU _ for Brief Illness Ends in Deatl MS SUIT FOR LIBEL ISE BIFLK:' IIISELFOEFtlBE.:. PVKOIICVS Unarmed and Au- thoviiie; Rxnect to Restore Quiet, JOUET. 111., March H tUP)— Pour rmu'lcts were wounded, thua crlllcnlly, by guards In rlotiuj ivhleh broke out during mesa to : -!ay in the old, of Illinois penitentiary.. Twelve hundred men oV part lit the disturbance. E>:lv,'. guards used tear gas to disrfr:? convicts In the cell bbcka. As soon ar, they were driven back guards surrounded the building with machine guns. : •- . Warden Hill's assistant told the United Pr:ss al 1:30 P. M. all prisoners had bcsn driven . bick Inlo Ihclr cells. "They are still . shouting and breaking windov/s," he said. "In addition to the wrecked m:v. hall and kitchen, they broke repair shop equipment, but we've got the building well covered and there Isn't much more they can do." Penitentiary officials said the convicts were not armed nnd they expected to restore onkr wlihbut casualties. Escaping Convicts Slain : Rumblings ol trouble have occurred frequently In recent months. Several weeks ago three convicts were killed by guards as they attempted to escape over the prison walfa. Guards \w:rc forewarned by grumblings of the prison^— ".' laid a trap which prevent, delivery.- . . • ... A week later fires we.—'.'-I-. B.. A.-'Lynch, .,.—,._-— v — — Farmers Bank and Trust company, was limned defendant in a $100,OW libel suit filed in circuit court acre. today by counsel for E. J. Browne of Browne and Bllllngc, feed and coal company, now In receivership. The plalntld alleges that Lynch on ivfarch 7th In this city maliciously made a false statement about him in the presence of a number of parties, The statement, the plaintiff claims, was made with the intent of Impeaching Browne's honesty, integrity, veracity and repu- tatinn, causing the plaintiff loss of business and Injury to his feelings. The statement, made In the presence of a number ol parties, the complaint recites, was as fol- E. J. Bl'OWne f\sks Com-| ln obscurc parts of the fcrlson • J . r »n i P limt but W<3 extinguished be- pensalion tor Alleged fore they gained headway. ' Ql J , k D A 1 U During the early stages of tcday'3 Olander by D. A. Lynctl. rlot warden Kcnry C. Hill aided. '-i\ guards In the . prison . :,-.ed and-;,"! coulu -'iiit^te 'ijac.h?ti j for ; ;us?t!cn->/^ Ing as to the possible cause of (lie outbreak. The warden's niou were held by ' a coroner's Jury to have been justified In.' killing the prisoners who attempted the recent break, but resentment among the convicts over the shooting of three of their fellows was general. Today's trouble started when three prisoners attacked ' Capt. D. A. Davenport in the mess hall: They succeeded In rushing him Into the yard and breaking; his right arm. Gucrds In. the towers fired on the captain's (hrce assailants and wounded all of thein. Two of the prisoners, may dte. .Wreck Kitchen Meanwhile the disturbance the dining hall increased with pris- 14 (Tjp)_ : erations about the head last nigh',] Fish and wh;n he rcsisled arrest by Ni?ht M. (Tcolste) Perry is charged al St. Louis of Mrs. Car oners pcking up steam with the murder cf Clyde White, Oarlv.-rnht is allciied to have made have submitted to cuts 111 their ap- fiom Baxter county, was.Jmproving; that Crawford threatened her life when she refurod his advances. Claims Self Defense Cartwright released unfcr $10,COO tend at a habeas corpus hearing before Circuit Judge Neii Killough at Harrlsbnrg. after he had family of H. P. Warden, Hichland ' pr0 prlatlons without nom Baxter county,. wasomprovmg; j i • n J »«.^ 0 A i IJcsides her two daughters and: ant. twiay after passing through a crisis iP/sniCOeled, Redecorated I son ., vl , 0 n ved here the decrasetl is' and Bllllnes. Inc., was! bullets." The girl was given no In the same location by W. 3. Roscnthal. manager of the store; for "Thrill Thefts" of circuit charge of'the gov^tn^ient rivo;ith h"ro un!il r ~-ef fund In Pemlsrot Ccunty, Crawford's gun was never fired; I Chicago Racketeer died in a Memphis hos- "loped • court will not convcn-: I been convicted In a state court on fl res 13| tv;o attempted suicide-- of ppproxlmatelv S10.000 during the; "»" •••• "• " """"'• "•; ""•• • r ,,,tndnv at New P --- •' "slat; charges! Louise In the parish courthouse. ^.V.^L.; „.? which '. turned to his chores and chickens. | Orleans ' -^vii ^.viiovkvu *«i n w»^.i, • . 1HC9 IP, H'pU tULCIiiLIVCU DU1V1J--'. a murder charge, was returned by I O ., e £U ccessful three persons shoi. erations. i a Jury In Judge Sftbath's court af-1 t ], ree au tomebi!e accidents, ten •'• - r-uJiuni ior crop op- Prison Farm ! tcr alm °st continuous dellbratlon p :rsons received Injuries and ten mr* \TJJCJ? : since 8 p. m. yesterday. r^rt^nc niori : "•Ye,' 1 iiu..r. cashed at (he company's! Meanwhile. Louise started on an • Marked Tree and split aul ° tour o! ih ~ southwest. UlCS ifOm bXCltement I Wcdi Farm Boy Again | . U7 il* HI i L cra! sllcl " of candy. But soon Louise was back In! Hi T/restling Match i town. Efforts to forget her dts-' cU:ces in with Knl?ht. Xumetous Store Robberies and oyster cocktail, thick onion Zal B. Harrison .county Judge,! . soup, broiled steak, toast, buck- and the storm's office here stated [\Je w Athletic Director 1 wheat cakes, bluetorry pie and ssv-! today that no reports had been re- . _ . . celved of a break at the Missis-1 tor UUBCnita ] county prison farm yesterday '• . — alterncon resulting In the escape ; ARKADELPHIA, Ark., March 14 persons died. $40,000 Loss by F!am-is at Junction City, ! ARKANSAS — Fair and co!:ler, : coislbly frcst or frec^.'ns in tho (Continued en Page Three) And so they wore quietly re- , .... . JUNCTION CITY, Ark., Mar. 14 According to the otficbl wea- ; (UP)—John H. "Bo" P.owland will! (UP)—Pirc of undetermined origin t^cr observer. Charles PhllMps. the ' succeed Coach Foy Hammons av \ early today swept througli four minimum temperature here yest^r- icad athletic director ol OuachKa store hulldlr.Rs causing damage fls- day was -!8 iJep-ces ard the max!college here It was announced last: tlmated at $-iO,000. The El Dorv mum, 69 degrees, partly cloudy. On night. Hammons did not reveal his i ;ire dcpiruntnt made the call the same day a year ago tr.fl mini- ; plans for the next football sea- j but arrived too late to save the mum temperature was 46 degrees son. I buildlns*., nnd the maximum, 65 degrws.

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