The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1933
Page 2
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PAQE tTff.O BLYTKEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, NOVK.MBEU G, 1933 Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Eastern St»r meeting, 1:30 p. m. Mrs. M. A. Jsaacs entertaining Tuesday Contract club. Young Matroi-s Bridge club, Mrs. Murray Smart, hostess. City Council P. T. A. at high school auditorium, 0:30 A. M. Literary department Woman's club, meeting at club '1:30 p. m. W. M. S. First Methodist church prayer meeting at church 3:30 p. m. WEDNESDAYS EVENTS W. M. S. First MclhodW church prayer meeting at church 2:30 p. m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS • Mrs. H. A. Smith, hostess Midweek club. Thursday Contract club, Mrs Eegiir Borum, hostess. U. D. C., Mrs. A. M. llult, hos- Uss Church of Christ Bible study Mrs, C. M. Toombs. of Armorel hostess. W. M. S. First Methodist churcl prayer meeting at church 2:30 m. FHIDAY'S EVENTS Bridge parly at, Woman's club limes. J. Louis Cherry, Baker Wll son, J. H. Elklns, Cecil Shane, A B. Fnirfleld hostesses at 2 p. m. American Legion and auxlliarj joint meeting Woman's club,. 1:3 p. m., Woman's club. Northern- Welfetrr Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Northern of Holland. Mo., have announced the marriage of their daughter, Miss Bernlece, lo Mr. Gene Webslcr, the son of Mrs. Emma Webster. The ceremony wns pcrfromcrt October 11. Mr. and Mrs. Webster are making their home In, the Osk Ridge community, where Mr. Webster Ls engaged in farming. Woman's Club Ilts A Benefit Bridge Party There were 40 guests at the benefit bridge party given Saturday afternoon by the Woman's club. Proceeds from this affair will; be used to repair th'o" 'roof. Autumn ' leaves and garden flowers decorated the large ball room with floor baslrfets ot dahlias ventured in the 'adornments. • A fruit salad wns served with Ice box cookies and coffee. -»'>-Hlgh score prlies were awarded for all tables. To Have ;FUn Button Salt Here. S»lnrdaj Annually the Arkansas department of the American Legion auxiliary, through the Joint Child Welfare committee, conducts a- flag button sate on Armistice Day to raise funds for eaicrgcncy child welfare needs throughout the state. The sale of these Flag Buttons brings in the only .revenue for the state child welfare relief fund and is the major source ot income for the local child welfare work. Of the proceeds 15 per cent is le- talned for work in the local community and 25 per cent goes to the state fund. in discussing the saie Mrs. E. B. Woodson. chairman cf Ihe committee to be In charge of the sale here, says: "This is the fifth winter since the depression started anil so relief needs arc certain to be maximum nnd each community will have its own serious local problems. The coming montlis will be the supreme test as to whether America Is the most generous of all people. The American Legion and auxiliary members arc putting forth a tremendous effort to prove America's supremacy and they hoj>e tire citizens of this city and surrounding territory will help make this sale the most successful ever held." Mrs. Woodson will be assisted bj this committee: Mmes. Loy Welch Edgar Borum, A. M. Washbnrn and Russell Farr, and members o the Drum and Fife corp. which i sponsored by the Legion. Fabric Silk and Wool Mixture Bits oj Netcs Mostly Personal Mrs. Alfred Ulm Is resting very well at her home today following 11 njdous aliuck, of acute indigestion enroiite liumo from Memphis yvstcrdiiy. A Cobb ambulance went, ID I.iixoin for her. Mrs. Ira Lambert, and W. n. Mc- Miillin were called to St. Louis bonus? of ihe serious tllncBi of their slsUir, Mrs. Emery Brewster. Father .1. J. Thompson returned yesterday from a visit In Memphis Hill Lambert motored down foi him. 1m Lambert has returned to St Louis after n brief slay svllli his , Hayti Society —./Personal The newest tiling you can Have, * ' " '"" .. -.ifi. ...^ i'e, for your v. inti'i relume, Ls a scar Mrs. Teddy Argo nnd sou Jim ny, of .Flint, Mich.., were here las wc-c-k .visiting Mrs. Argo's mbUier -lav!-. Mrs. J. M.'. Argo. The ;etl for Arbyrd the latter jiart o the v.-eek whe.-e they will vis Mrs. Arg'o's father. - . Mils Ruth Cunningham, who attending Jonesboro Baptist college ct Jonestoro, Ark., spent the week-end here visiting her par-. e its, Rev. and .Mr.s J. W. Cunningham.- Mrs. Joe Know Your Schools American Education Week, Nov. 6-11 Vtsil Your Schools t\\» *u-Knnle [when greed nnd oppression ruledlotls. A majority nf parents noWjdty school contributed out of their Hie OCIIOOIS ^ 'the world with an Iron lunJ. From'desire their children to have the own nu-aKtr salaries more than SI.- Mft3n to YoUr Child lllu very ^ginning of man's strut'- advances of high sclioul. which 000.000 for the relief of suffering glc for knowledge, self respect, nnd costs ir.oic than the elementary children. Did you ever stop to think what 10 life of your child would bo kc without the common scliool? would he spend the long days, here he would piny, what friend- ilns he would make, what Infhi- ice.s would mold his young per- malily. how his faith in himself id human nature would be af- cctcd by a thoughtless world, how e would make that, Impotent •anslllon from the simple llwe of ;ic family to the more''compllcnt- d life outside, where he would earn out only to read, to write, nd to cipher nut, the thousand ml one other matters that detcr- line his ability to get on in the world? Would you be willing to un- lertake this task by yourself? Your hlld's school represents you. It Is seeking to do tor all the children t the best and wisest parents '.'Oliid do for their children had .hey the time nnd the talent. Take a liille more • interest in your school. Discuss the matter' of your child's growth with your Icacher. It's Just as important as the consultation with.;your doctor when the child Is 111. ' the recognition of his Inalienable school. rights, the school has l»cn his I And yet, American schools a:e greatest ally. We refer to the I r , m so f Con | ca |i y that u lcy fur- school as "common" because lt.,nlsh your child library books, -a belongs to us all; it Ls ourselves classrooi working together- in ihe education (if our children. But it Ls a most •hroiighoul the world, among upward 'struggling people, wherever larcnLs share in the aspirations m, equipment, n ground, nnd a day's Instruction! under n well-prepared lenchcr. for i ncommon Institution. It is rein- die | )r j ce O f n ,, 0 if bail 01 . t j lc levly new. H Ls democracy's cos i O f a box of candy. Tin- aver- rcatcst gift to civilization, i IUJC cos i j or n day's instruction for an American child Ls only forty- nlnc cents. Of the forty-nine cents the teacher receives alwut twenty- if their children, the American • c |g),t cents', suppose you had :ominoii school is bcini; copied. Let us cherish and improve our chools. and glove sol lo nmtch.Thc gloves r jia_ve hands of luilhri and detach able deep cilfis of colorful 'fabric ll!:d your scar I. 1 ' 3Ct is bro»n, yellow rind white, the fabric a En.nn.shy silk nnd woolen mixture. The ciliTs button onto the cloves anil the scprl knots nt '{:••;;-.; ixturo. The. cuffs' button onto the^ gloves . / ' -'-' : ""•. ' .5'buY tlirpAl. , Pre*erapti ve--Bids >Aic W o t Education's Seven Cardinal Objectives HEALTH AND SAFOTY - se your health standards high. and. improve your habits dnllj', Mod- and energy; a sound mind and, a ern life demands reliable strength sound body. WORTHY HOME MEMBER- SHU'—Magnify your name as the center of n life thnt is- happy, useful, and unselfish. Home is the soil in which the spirit, grows.'Glye your best. MASTERY OP THE TOOLS. TECHNIQUES, AND SPIRIT OF LEARNING — Know how to observe, to study, to think, to plnn, to judge, and to act. 'Pie world is run by thinkers nnd doers. VOCATIONAL AND ECONOM.. . .10 EFFECTIVENESS-Find your Mr. nnd -Mrs. W. VI. Laws. Mr. talents and train them. Spend Jnflee and son . re' i timed home Sunday 'rnornlng from Memphis, Tenn., where, they have ticen visiting tlieir husband nncl fi>.ther,' 3: Jne aafTc'e; "ftr-; ' .•'•' Kussell Thornhill, who is attending school here and' living •vltlt .Ills aunt, Jlrsl Carrie Meatle, ;penl,'J!ic, .Point -'Pleiu;- inl, Mo., with. his. irncle'and aunt, To Blytheville Citizens The Blytheviltc cily schools are parllcipalir-? in the observance of the thirteenth animal American Education Week. The purpose ot thle observance is to interpret tin- schcols of the city, stale, nnd na'.ion lu the citizens who support these schools through the medium of taxes. It is strange, when one considers the number of ]>euplc who have, attended school, how lil- lle the average citizen concerns himself -with his school, its reeds, alms, activities and achievements. Comparatively little concern is manifested by the American -people of their most important, if not greatest, institution. Very few people return to visit their school after the completion of tlieir wort: therein. :•' The schools change just as do the otljer. institutions ;!,;d agencies oj' Edcieiy. Thus, in the thoif: space of a few years the idiom "-is, quiii; different fi'oru Ihe'jiiistlUition.-that the citizen j-_---.a_j, »__..: .j..... j, 5 act i v i t j cs lo a tutor to teacli your child in your home 1 . Such service oftrn costs $1 to ?2 per hour. In proportion to the magnitude of us helpfulness—the number of children, the number of hours, the variety of activities, the care of each individual child, the lux'para- tion nccc.ssury for teaching, the high rc.stion.sLbility --the school is relatively inexpensive. Let us all join hands to ijive t° our youiv/ people Hie best pojsibli' picpara- lion for life, bet us keep the chil- [, lvol - s . Luxora Society — Personal Tin- Senior :nii- Junior H. Y. 1'. U.'.-: wen> entertained by llicli 1 irsider.i. Mrs. I). A. Kiuitiougli Mrs. Speiitsv .McHonry. with linllowe'en pailies Tui'.^ciay i-vo- iiiiii;. "Mrs. Kimbrough entciU'.intd tl:i:ti'cn [incuts. Mrs. McHcnvy en- CMliiiued twenty-four guests. • « » Mrs. j. n. Hires entertained the ;wo-tab!c brld'<; c'.nb to which she Lclonsr, and three guests, Mrs. Hay S-K'lton. Mrs. List Kdinonsun :uid Mrs. J. N. Hunt. Mrs. Elliott Will-:i!;is was ;i\v:iuk-d ilie hl^li :;voi-^ prize anil Mr.s. Shrlton nnd Mrs. were presented Riicst dren first. A nation's concern over education mejisuics iwn future. its interest in its Used by Experts at Bridge 1 ', * * • i ' • (~i.'' Tntl:iy's.Con(rnct Problem . South liiis the contract lor foyi 1 SJicilci Y'sst'oppi^s tho ,-ilityfcjf; Ivjiyntno VyiJ of'ilta- iaonit:i. ITWVouhi yo'u. 7n' l!io I-';i:;t, play your halul lo In; sni'o of making tho nio^l possible tricks for.tli."- defense"'. • AQO 7-i' V A K Q t! •[ J3 (llllnd) N \V V. S Healer A J-^ ;Jlk. y to ~, 1 $ .\ .1 :i ~ 5 A A X 5 3 * V To Address P. T. A. Mrs. Larry Akers, chairman Sohuioii in next issue. nicl Mrs. LJUVS dro\'e ..him here I wisely less than you earn. Sunday r iifbhiodn and visited Mrs. FAITHFUL ornZENSHIP Mcatte. . j something daily to make Charles. Edgar Duncan,..son. of .fudge iid Mrs. J.'E. Duncan : of Solution lo Previous Contract Problem I1Y W>I. I-!. MrKKNXLV rcrciary. American IJridsc I.i-a^ue' ^'u^ probably ha" it -. . i. 1 . yjitll ii .finii'-'qml • suli. yoii. shouloV not rcmrt"n 'siiil'of this rV'ngth. A n'.ild shows nt least five cards —a nccond reblil will rr.osv at least sl/i cards,i and ilfiliie'haml Js raMd, n third time, it shows *:t1itr scVfti c:nd.; or. morn l!!;ely. honors. Therefore, do not think that bidding p suit over partner's suit, even thoilgh he has rebld the sctnie suit, is stubbornness. Make your bills intelligently and know when to stop. ,.It is ; s'.iriii'is'.ui; to sec ihe num- i;er"of'l)iaye1 : 3 whir «ot into "trouble on today's luunl. Smith's original hid should be one club—not two or more. North j responds .with a diamond, and j v.' n severi-eard. Full-and .--.100 jhonoi-s. South •.kVJU.-ilified In bid- I dliitj three duos before showin ^ Ihe .spade .suit. i Nortli borts*' tlS'ree ' dMinoiuls j South shows u y/Tand s'.Lli with a l:id of three sp.-idcs and nmv. when North bids four diamonds. South must, .realize that North's hand is of absolutely nu .value to him and hat North needs no diamond snp- ixn't—he lias icbkl them twice. Smith's hand coiilaius ill-cards inl'r cjlK a:sUltieiit In Uic'Univer'-. pier, cleaner, quieter, more beau MW-, ^f.^-Teijnussce.'..'was recently ; lifiil, belter goverr.eit. Ertch for n Elected .'preJ5l.(te:H of." the fir's't" y'fa.t nnd nil .for..each. . •.-. — Do your shcool, y.our community, your state, your coxmtry, nnd your world hap- J beau- nil. class 'of tlic pharmacy - pre.'medi- WISE USE OF LEISURE—'lit :ul stutlenls. He is a .'member your dally play be a source of joy el(a-C)il fraternity. .;#y^'''-. ^'(iS 'Iji^^cttipKi. ment In ' 'JcfTcrsoh - City, * arrfven' hero the latter part of last week to visit with his wife and his fp.Uier, ."Unolc" Bill Fofey,-: , Mrs. George Howard nnd daughter. Ailelta, mill Miss Irene Hagc- mnn of St. Louis spent a few days ere last week visiting their par- its, Mivand Mrs. John,.Hngcman, licy wcri! accompanied honie by iss Edna Ha'jeman. Dr. J v S. Cotnixrc, pastor of Hie npltstj'church, will assist in. a vlval I meeting,.. nt tfip '. Baptist lurch* of 'LilbTurn,. Mq! ; ...,, • Mi-s.^kliirlhi Brbndcir .left - ; J^f City. Mu., Saliirday cve- Ing to,visit with relative!, in- ennitchV ' "^ Contract Is a partnership Rj>mi'.| ,|i am o!u!9. Therefore-. Either you and your parlim- have r.iuhlusr bu thoir.;! {Smith tices not have a iliiuiiond In the Belter Films committee Memphis Parent -Tea che r a.ssocla lions, will address the citv comic In a meeting at the higli school auditorium Tuesday morning. 5:30 o'clock. Slethcdlsi Womtn to Have Prayer Meetings Members of Ihe woman's missionary soclely of the First Methodist church will .have special prayer services "for several days this week. These arc to be M 2:30 o'clock. Tuesday afternoon Paine co'.lczc. Augusta, Ga., will be-the subject taken up. On Wednesday afternoon the Stephen Memorial hospital at Chang Chow, China, is to ot- remembered in the special prayers and the final service Thursday aftenvMn will be an all day retreat program. Artnl'tict n»r Pro|ram Planned hj- l/cjlon AitT-y .The American Legion auxiliary will have a special program Friday evening at the Woman's club when members of the Dud Cason post uf the. American Legion wll be guests. . Armistice'Day will be feature! in a program,, being sponsored b: Mrs. Howard Proctor, which wll consist of "appropriate music and Informal talks, •' followed by refreshments.' y G 1 :\ • AKQ 10 7 5 I A None 0 J100 V () 10 S C 4 S .V : N W E S AS-! V A J 5 7 4 .1 a 0 2 A3 5 2 niid-strength, a balance wheel for vour: >ork. Cultivate growing tnings. fresh air. sunshine, and simplicity. ETHICAL CHARACTER—Search for the highest vnlues and build your life according' to '• the bffet patterns. Rend often the lives of great- men and women. Character is king. The American School The next time you pass a school pause a moment to iluni' what the school means to humanity. Recall the-long dark centuries'-when tho masses v were 'kepi in ignorance— departed' from,'-111111 used'• and 'Hlie 'whole procrrluro shows the effect of progress. As" superihtcrdent of the local school 1 cc-rdially invite every citizen of Biythevillc to visit ihe sShool of tin city during the present week. We want you to see the schools in action. We want .you to ki:ow what we are doing, to undrrstann* oui- purposes! aiid to ccertflin our limitations, .Wcdncrnay. in particular, has' been designated • as "Visit'Your School Day." I.foist, that ! cadi "cill?en will make, nn ccory tp -visit ?t least one school c-n ftna.t day. Mrs. Alvin Wunderlich. Mrs. W. T. Thv.catt. Jii«. Sain Dowra ;n:U Mrs. L. L. McUeannan :-.pent Jhursdav in Memphis. Mr.s. J. N. Hunt nnd her visitor. Mis. Ray fc'hehon of Bcizoni, Miss., .spent Thursday night and Fiiday in Mciinhis. Mrs. Hay Sheitnn and Mro. List Kdmonson left Saturday afur a £l:cri visit, hero. Mrs. Sheiton was li-.e c;:i-st of. Mvt. J. N. .Hunt while Mrs. Eclmonson wns tlie 'guest of Mrs. Elliott Williams. Mrs. Frank Yollmcr and dausli- lei. I-!oy. hnvj returned ntter spending the summer in Cali- fprniu. Some Significant Facts Each year there are roughly 200,000 more children in Ihe ptib- c schools llian the year previous. The increase is about one per cent per year. High Fcliool enrollment has increased from 3,150.000 In 1026 to 6,400.000 in 1933. Since 1!WO. high ' school enrollment has increased I , 15 percent. [ In 1C31-32 there wore 851.018 public .school teachers in the United Suites. The number was re-] duccd to 082,018 in 1032-33. There . ^ J . , ,. are now abmil the same number! '» "ie:uory u: my dailms boy. of teachers as there were in 1930 I •*'' vc11 Stiilling.-!. who passed ;-.v,-:iy when enrollments wc-.-e 'smaller by mnny thousands of pupils. Schools classes have generally bec;i • increased in size to accomo- year 1932. "Though the trouble, Noveinb n r G, worlil is full ot date : fcwer teachers lo more ciiil- rv ±; °( sorrow find _of ^paln, drci). Teachers have linen assigned Crawford Greene Superintendent. Tl.. 1 ne a larger number of classes during the school day. Both changes have tended lo weaken the effectiveness of Rood teaching which resuircs . attention to the individual pupils. .In. 1930 more than 800,000 children- 1 la 13 years of age, inclusive, were not enrolled in any school. Many of -these were not in -school because they were at work. In 1933 many of these 800,000 liavc returned to school because ot utjem- pioymenl conditions. --;- ,.',^ Auxiliary school scrvices'J'wiilch .ire reported carrying heavier loads ''hi: ti the depression include: Yet to me it would -bo heaven If you were ln-n- again. "I fhink of jo:i in silenc:, i\o eyes can fife me weep, But many sihnl tears I nhctl While others aro asleep. "Ti>i! ilov.'ers jjlace uiwii your ^.'ay wither and decay; But my love fur you who slcep beneath Will n-jvcr fade away." —Sadly mlrsed" by' ^Mother. ' tli ' -IV 11 ? ' Mrtiica ' 1 and dental clinics, school | Or tu6 1/OllBr . j nurse services, vocational guidance, I r - ... I libraries, social casework, free text- ] Education costs more, now than. books. • and It did in pioneer days, because. schools arc beller and more children attend them for longer peii- chiUlien. Jn one year the other employes of a supplies for indigent Icaclicrs and f single large HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) cured without the knife. Skin cancer, varicoscd veins, tonsils removed rton-surgicalty. . DKS. MES and N1ES Ollice 511 Slain Phone 3S Our Chrlsiina-i tree, as we know today, cnme trom Germany, br- n'c im-nttoncd !>y CieiVnan writers is early as IriK. but the actual' lu is unknown. Mothers! In treating children's colds, don't take chances.. use PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS UUicii a \j<j*'~m\ WICKS W VAPORUB A K 7 S + Xo:io *AKJ10S(M ':• Duplicate—N. and E. Vur, .' Norll> r,ist :', 1 « 1'ass 3 • I'asj •Pass' I'ats 'I South. I A "A :i * \Vest. Pass < Pass I'rii--s oday do net believe ir. p'.L'-i 1 : 1 '! Ive'blddlns. About a!! thil ','i infllve bidding cic?s Is to :-!v •our partner out. While I have seen :in or:'^:o-land I diamonds. ij Cantthcrsvillc Couple ii Married at Blythevill i CARUTHERSVILLK. Mo. — Al ( ' nounc'cmcnt SiindaN^ c[ the ma 1 r:ir.! j : uf Miss Don)t:iv- C(K>mbs j Mr. Frank Phillips f.-.uir as a sur- I p''Lsc lo frientls. Tin- r. -oaior.y was [ r.r i-ffti-irerl at l?l.v:lic\illp Sunday. Ociobrr 20 l;y tlic li- v. r. q U'jri". p.istor of 111? 1-irst Mcllvid- ir-t rlrmch. They wen- r.tlendert by Miss Riithcl Johii'on •>' Union Ci':y. T.inv. and'ilr. Karl Tinslrt' 1 uf Ibis :!',v. Mi--. Phllllpr. is'V:io c!^ik'ViUr of M:?. X.uln Liirilii', o! ti.i-- city. She i- a ^rnrtualc of tlv-. i'll^li- City high school of Ur.iin'C'rty. Tenn.. • and took work l-.cre. .In a beauty review I'.er-j. ;-lir • crowned '"Miss Canithci.svillc" of '1931. : ^;l•. Phillip 1 ;, il'.r rr-ii nf Mrf. nobei-:. Phiilms. i; .1 ;:i.irtiicUo of th^ Caiuthcrsullc h.iph ,-chool an;l .if C.rr-nthersvlllc Junior college. 1 He is employed by the ll'.uc K'ibbpi rjrocery store here. , Your Overcoat Will Look Like New When Cleaned by iOnly /(. years old, in emergency she turns to the telephone O win with pre-nr.p^vi 1 1: I have seen ll'.on- <:r'.lv loints loci by players w'r.o hti^e' ricd it. Every tin-.e yo-.i rcbid T fail. \KI I 1 - miist rrmembcr that il fhows a.-idl-! ^•"•' rictme.-- .\l;iv,v ti-.i-fi- uis: lional lennii. While you may open i rr.f.i \: ; .i'Jns tlv inf.ii: 1 . Jr;:is. bu j ;:'.-;.• i.: no Ln. 0 ::'n:i in^ik- of tin ! !-.-,in:l;:r In the acman'.v Mask. Glib KntcrUincd Virginia/., and. Rachel werp.hostesses to!.mcmbCTS of the McDowell Music club Saturday afternoon at the studio of Miss Min 1 tile Lee Jones, fose plinu selections: no." was Rosalie Russell. Wanda Smith. 1 Jcr.ncua Jean Scbaush ana liachei Gaines. Alice June Hester nave a sketch of the life nnd v.o;fo of Beethoven also played one nf his selections "Minuet In O". Virginia Oalnes gave ten inks • What '*"• Sli:rtcnt Should Try To A contest of musical tcrn'.s anOtlicr fcaluie of ihn pvojr.i.m.'i In Group one Vtnche! .Oainrs" '• the prize for the ber;mr,rr.s .ar.rt Rosalie Russell won in group- 2. which WAS for the! plls. j Rcfrcslimenls were served in IV." ! social hour when plan.s v.cie for meeting with War.tia next month. discomfort Barnes Ovcrcoal scnsnn is here. Tliis KiirniGnt will lie :i eonspicuoiis part of your wardrobe for several Sjonllis. U will look liel- tur nnd wear longer L"hcii rln.tncd vuKUlarly. WR an: i:(|iii|)|)C(l Id give the hijrl 'jsl <|tialit.v of work. NLY 4 years old, yet she lunis lo the telephone in lime of emergency as instinctively as her mother does. Your telephone is worth the few cents a day it costs in convenience, in lime and steps saved. And, when there is an important call that you must make Hobs is ««/«/ shk." or roce ; vc .; n a | uirry , the value of a telephone often cannot he measured in terms of dollars and cents. Alay we .:•- slatl one? Get in touch with the busines-i office. Sav: "'. want a telephone. ' "Doctor cotnr quid! "Stoddard Solvent i.s kitid to your clothes" Cleaners Photic ISO S & U.T li »'. K S T E R N HKLL COMPANY

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