The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, November 6, 1933
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Served by the United Press BIHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSl'AITO OF NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND 6ODTHEAST M1SSOUK1 HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 10'.) iilk. Dull) Newt. Biythcvllle OoortK. lupl Vellty 1«d«r •jj^; m-YTUKVILLK, ARKANSAS, Mu.XlUY, NOVKMiilOU G, I'.IIIH •SINOUO COPIES FIVE OKNTB KLEIBER KILLED Pruiits Plead Guilty to Murder rlrcBP Wields Chair to So!lie Club liout HOLLYWOOD CnL. NOV. C (UP) -•A lirirf [mi furious battle fenlnr- Sallv O'Meil. the actress. 1'cler Arno. Ihe artist. Gordon Butler, tamer NV.ic Dame football plav- er. and Drexcl Blddle Slcele, Philadelphia society man, threw Hollywood nluht club into an uproar earlv today. Accounts of the fight differed somewhat but witnesses agreed Ibat Miss O'Nell was the unquestioned winner. With one swing of a chair she Clashed Steele over the head anc he joined Arno on the floor, wil- Throwinrj; Newly Rovn Infant Into Mississippi River. With whal appeared to be dramatic suddenness to a cro'.srdec courtroom, awaiting Ihe most im- rnrtant trial of Ihe current court lerm. Mr. and Mrs. Rnymont Prnilt. charged with the drowning of an infant girl, changed (hell pu'vioiLs pleas of not guilty t' I'niliv and were sentenced by Circuit Judge G. E. Keck here Ihi: nio.-nlng. Pruitl was sentenced Ic life imprisonment nnd his wife ti i'l years. Pruitt entered a plea of guilty lo first duarcc minder, receiving il•:. only nlternr.lne to the death r.-nollv as rmnfehmi-nt. "«• f™-, „ s , lcross lhe flo „ S[c( , !c ii'.'s plea was lo second degree. f(M ,. H( , ^^ raising a fr|gl)t '""':ler. f,,l rumpus. Gordon Butler, wlv The PrnltLs had been accused of wns wUh my |)arlj . llit Wnl . Tlm the bnbv In the Missis-' said. Arno. Miss O'Neil's companion, had been dropped b! rj"t.!er. Rlrele told the United Press he did not know whv Arno attackct him. The Philatlelphtan furnlshcc a meager account of the sera] which wns witnessed by a nnnibei ot film celebrities. "I wns dancing when Anio came •-mni river less thnn four hours ff'»r it's birth lo Miss Opal Has- Stale Lin<Mip on Liui'-"' If l^rpral (1unn» Today FEOERIIL ftEENTS LDufiL MI. r VT f '»• >-,\,-vV' i 'V '''H .ll^MftSS.? l)isc;in!t'd Toys Will Help Santa Spread Happiness LIQUOK SALE LEGAL UQUOK SALE BARRED COHSiDERlNG CONTBOL PLW Sale of "hard liquor" would be iKrmlllcd in only 13 static stales if rc|>enl became ollccllvc today. Twenty-nine stales still have prohibition laws in force nnd the m.ijorlty ol them arc inking no definilc action lo erase Ihese slnlules. Thc ninp above shows Ibe lineup ns i', exists now. But witnesses claimed that th real punch came later when Miss sister of Mrs. Pruitt. herself, o - Nei | ie. 1])( .d into the bntttle as on e»r.cclnni. mother, at the-,Bly- Arno went down .She picked up a llifvillo '-osnilni Sent. 97. chair-and swung it deftly aeainst Faced Strong C'ase ! Steele's head, they said. The battle i^ccrl bv what had IKCII tie- was [|,e second Arno has fought '-r'iv>il i>v Iho .state ns an "air-! w u], soc j a i fieures. In 1931 he en- iio|,i- C n«e and the rowbilitv of jgapcd in a tilt with Cornelius Vnn- ii'ith senirnces if their fnte rest-1 dmbilt jr. nl with a iurv. the young Armorel I _ fTjnor nnd hi^ wife reversed their, "'^n^ anrl soiifht leniencv from the ro'irt. They stood before the bar,' n "lender blond 30-year-old hus- Kitvi nnd father, and -wife and. ninflicr, while sentence wn.s passed. The state wns prepared to trace .-fen bv strn ^venfs leading in") to *ilie crime and subsequent confes- ""•>•; of Pniill ami his wife on lii'inK confronted with discovery rf tlie babv's IxMly when the de- rnnrlanl.s changed their pleas. Ac- ir'.nl trial or selection of jurors linii nof. betnin. It was the chnr.ce rending of nn r^rco'.mt of the finding of a new liorn infant's Ixxlv in the river by •» olivsininn nt (he local hospital (hat led lo the discovcrv of the ^'-iriif. The bodv. unidentified, had lippn buried in n pauper's crave at. lh° eonntv farm and officers Expect Vote Tomorrow Will End Prohibition llv tlnittd Press Tlie doom of thc 18lh amendment and the experiment of national prohibition Ls expected lo be sealed nt the polls tomorrow. FOR 1SII [, uHURCH iHalt Train and Onen Cat-1 when six stales vote on ratification :Rcv. \V. V. Womacl? \Vil I i /-, r< M i'of the 21st repeal amendment. c i n ri r> • oucceea r. (^. Kone Who Goes to,Fort Smitl tie Cars; Bridge Burned. GILL EDSEL Senators Want His Stoiy of .Rank Failures in Detroit. WASHINGTON. Nov. R CUP) —Edfel Ford, son of the world's richest motor manufacturer and active head of the Ford Motor company, probably will . be subpoenaed to testify in the senate "lock mnrket comniillcc invcslisa- lion of Detroil bank failures, lhe little hoi>e.s of solving the i invsterv of the babv's death. i llenriine the news story In flic fourier Nevs. Ur. W. F .Grinimett. member of the hospital staff, re- nlleri nnusual circumstances nn- which a bnbv. born to Miss O'ial Ha.^ell. 19. had been reinov-. ed from tiie institution over pro- s"mr,«m s ed left. oT liosoilnl authorities. He in- \ T ; el ? re tnc Billed Press learned today. Tlis npiKarnnce will add to (he list of famous persons who have *at in the committee witness chfiir. Among llietn were J. P. Morgan, Percv A. Rockefeller, and John J. Rnskob. Henry Ford probably will not be committee reaches fTornner W. H. Stovall that the Prnilts had taken an hour-old bnbv girl away from the reborn 70 hours before n youthful fisherman found lhe bodv of the unknown infant. Tliev had told iin^nltni officials of plnns to nlace Mi=s fla.wll's bnbv with relalives t:r i 1 ! an ornhanace. Hoiiy Identiflpil A descrintion of Miss Hassell's infant fitted (lie unknown baby find Coroner Stovall and sheriff's deputies, nccnnuinnied by nnr-cs nnd the who attended birth of the Hnssell infant, hur- ri,'d lo Ihe county farm. With the bcdv of the unknown baby disin- Pened. definite identification of the baby as Miss Hasscll's was completed. Hnrryinc back here officers Detroit banks nnd Ford it will be a commanding host to Harry F. Sinclnir, oil executive, who figured in the Harding adinlnistralion oil lease scandals, and Arthur Cutten Chicago wheat pit plunger. They have been subpoenaed for Thursday in connection with one of the spectacularly profitable slock transactions from which Allx>rt IT. Wtir- cin. deposed head of the Chase National bank, made n large sum. DBS MOINKS,' Nov.. 6 (UP)— Mid-western states, torn with agricultural unrest, moved today to deal vigorously with thousands of farm pickets who sought to sinm shut the doors of the granary of Lhe nation. One f.irm picket was killed and our injured, a livestock train halt- d and emptied, highways blocked, and thousands of dollars worth of i iroduct destroyed as striking 'armers renewed violence in many sections. Near Dakota City, Neb., n speed- ng automobile crashed into group of pickets who had hailed a produce (ruck, killing Frank Flelcher. a farmer picket, anrl injuring four others. About 25 pickets were in n group that halted the truck. Fletcher and three olhors hnd gone to the rear to open the end gate to examine the contents. Fletcher walked a few steps down the read and waved a red Inn'.crti lo warn tlie approaching automobile. Tlie driver snw him too late to stop. Violence was reported from points 'in other stales as strikes sought lo slop the flow of food tluffs into market centers. Slate officials watched the latest developments apprehensively. Near Law ton. Iowa. 100 pickets barricaded the Chicago and Northwestern railroad [racks and lurnecl loose eighl car loads of cattle after the train wns forced to halt. r\ "\ ] ol lne ^'si repeal Kailroad j The slates arc North and South Carolina. Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and Utah. Needing only the approval of llirw states to bring the total uP, Tin 1 flev. w. V. WomncX, patio ratifying states un lo the necessary of the Balcsvillc Methodist chnrcl M, repeallsls exptclcd nil six lo «»! be the new pastor al II- BO wel Impartial observers, how- First Melhoillst church, rcplncii ever, believed North Carolina nnJ the Rev. P. Q. Rorle who goes t Ulan should be llsled ns doubtful, the Doclson Avenue church al mr Paul Kliiin, Bill Knox and Winston Smith Jailed at Joncsboro. Two l)!yih-:vll!c men nnd a ML'.- tourl Male Iliif pharmacist were i.< Id In x Junrsboro jail today on chain 1 !; uf vluijilini; Ihc Harrison nuicuiic net niter Investigation;. nl spt-clnl fcdt.".al agents, extending over n period of inunlhs, culminated in arrest of this trio. Thuso held wire Paul Mam, wliu inis be'jn cunvt:tc(l several lline.s lor ll([iior olfcii'-cs In courts hero. Ill Knox. nlsu of Ihls clly. nsinn Hinilli. phnrnulclbl at lhe ureka phiirmr.i'y. localtd In lloilon'i; place, u lull' oiih ol llui Arkaiisa.i-Mlf.soin I n(f line, liliru. alleged to bi 'c key man c-' a "doiw" ring I" as sccflnn. Is eharScd with POH- j'sliij; and piocuilng imrculli. ings. Smllli is licensed of Ucepln;, fraudulent Intrrnnl revcnuu due- tt, nml Knox Is alleged lo II.IVL ijsa':.scd, piocuicd, and ollcrcd foi ale morphine. The Lriu walvid exiinilnallon be ore United Stiites Commissions L. Wcslbioo!!. Unable to mnki ound they weie lodged In tin coiinly jail nt Jones lo awall llvj November a inn of federal court nt Junes •nru. f-'lnm's bnnti wns set at .00, Knox's nnd .Sinllli'.H at SLOG .ncli. Elam'ls .said IT. have been hike into cusludy ns he wnlkcd out < in. express olflc: at Holland, Mo Gnliirday with :. package contain inf; iO.COO {[iia;tcr grains (about six oiincrs) of morphine. Smith Is alleged to have aided 131am t" .secure the nttvt.ollc.s by innXlng fiui;dnlent record entires, wl'illc ?.i ox Ls nccuvjd of selling liior- d through EJarn, it ohl tu» from Ihe aiiic.s nml i!;cts i>t Missls-'-lppI comity lioiu>s ur lt> \i:- mad: new for distribu- ion at ('lulsttua 1 : Ijnir amoni! lln !illc!i\>n of Liu 1 iini'inp!Dyrd upon -•.tin;n S:uit:i Cii'.is cjtherwisc \vniil mi Ix- likely to t-nll. f\h«:;:s ;irc lo IM.' c.'-liiblbilictl in l.lviliivlilr and Ocenla In which liii-n im Hit! fiUTucney rc.'lii'f lolls vill n'pLilr, p'linl nnd olheiwl.'.c •luinlsh uiilworn toys so Unit icy v;lll np]h:.Lr' nt?w and fresh lien .-LVIII on their crrantts ol MEETS DEITH IN UPSET flT LBI_ Sowed Here and at Little l(l | Rock as Aide lo Dwight Blackwood. Da". I'usl <|ii,u:lttk\s- of old toys usl be gulhucd. ni'.sldcnt.s of ilyllieville and of the north end f Hie ruiiiily lire urged (o gnllicr • Iliat havi 1 gone inlo tin' and lej'phonc No, 30! umioni' \\lll u.ll, Residents lit and Hi!- Miuth |.\|L of (hi; il Osa'da, whii'h will .TIK! some- M. to dill for their tuv.s. OSCEOLA. Ark., Nov. 0.—V. A. ly.ilch" Klelbcr. secretary-treasurer of the Osceolu Collon 'Oil Mill and former chief nudlor of (hi' stale highway department, was killed inslnnlly. anil H. C. Shoemaker, oil mill machinist, wns Injured when lliclr car plunged off Highway 01 into 11 ditch and turned over against n telephone pole near Stacy In Crlllimden county about 12 o'clock last, night. Klelbcr wns hurled out of the car and his body pinned between nunly me invik-d to get'ln Imichllhe wrecked machine and the pole. ,'lh Hie riiit!i|«.iicy ivllef olflci.' I Multilists wcr» nimble to pull .the. ear off Klclbcr'a- body until n wrecker hoisted the machine back on the road. Shoemaker, who was .driving Klelber's car, sustained a broken cnllnrbone. Shoemaker was rushed lo a Memphis hospital and Kleibcr's body wns carried to Memphis .but later returned here. " j Lust Ccintrr.} on Curve Shoemaker *->u\ he losl control ol the car when he glanced at n •wrecked car on thc rondside which Maintains Higli Record at Klelbcr had pointed out to Iilm. 0 s c o nla ArhirvMiifMit TlK ' lr '»" c » lne wns founding a ubt-coiti ncmi.\cineiH ^.^ , n t](c nlglunly at „ palllt l);iy 1 rogvani. where the road crosses the frlsco lullroad ' trucks about a mile OSCEOLA. ArX.. Nov. G.-The, ™» ll > o[ ^ w Mississippi county .Stlllmnn 4-II Club nn. Little River, hue. won tin; M award for the best, or- Tlie former U ':HC highway audl- gnnt/ed club In South Mississippi county. nnrrowly escaped dealh In a l<'>r accident near Here In 192' '-•*. Rrv A S 1\LV. n. J. cepts Cal 1 Brownsville, Tenn. The Rev. Alfvci! S. Harwell, pns- lor of the Firsi Eaptis'. church fir lhe past three years, resigned . Smith. The Fiev. W. J. LeRoy re ] turns to the Lake Street Method \ 1st- church for his fifth year. These apiioiutment^ were mat by Bishop H. M. Do : ,i>s. in a | eral "shake-up" in more than lla of thc major churches of tl North Arkansas Methodist conference which closed nt JonesUoro last nlshl. The Rev. Mr. Womnck, who is abut 45 years* old. was pnstor of City church before i 1 : nmlcrstnml. Investigation r' activities nt an alleged tlo[ie ring operating in section started about three ir.intlis ngo. A federal agent hn.s pipce made ^tvvral I rips here working on tin: inv^sligiillon. Loral oflicers say that Ihu ugciit reported a sticcesslul "contnct," with Klein on his flrst trip and has at Elam's house on Highway (II north of hen; since then. several times . The nwnrd wns presented ns aUnffcrcd Injuries which . ~,. 1 I I .«..*-- ~...T s. *... —.*,.„ lnt . ;lmj-um IMlyll^ll alAJIl, IIUU3B Ol Lhui'Ch all going lo Dntesville. He and Mrs. lo [ nc iiomids, has swept Sail part of the Achievement Day program here Saturday when 85 club ioy- <vml slrls, rchresentlnfr clubs al Stlllmnn, Hatch*, Etowah, Kol- ser. Ilurdelte, ShWiKxY'ririil West Ultljtc, gathered ut Osceolii for tin all day niet'lhig. Tlie Slillinan club won lhe nwurd with a score of 04.8 per cent, maintaining their three year record of every member with a completed record book." There arc 10 members in the club, of which Ruby Woodruff is the president. The Hatcher club, with a score of 89.2 per cent, won second place, nnd won $lii for having thc best attendance at the achievement day program. Talks by H. Wren, H. Splcer and E. S. Blglinm. lenchcrs of vocnlion- SALT LAKE U1TY, Ulali (Ul'l— al agriculture nt Wilson, Slmwnec The aye-old English sport, riding Womari: will arrive Thursday or la ke City. Three women's clubs Friday. They, have one son, a hmc .organized weekly riding ev- graduatc of Hendrlx college. - . . The Rev. R. C. Morchead, formerly paslor of tlie church al Russellville. goes lo Osccola, replacing ents, Includine pursuing the elusive ai the morning church service yes- tiie Rev. Eli Meyers, who wns stip- lerday. He has accepted the pas- crannuatcil. tr.rat" of the First Baptist churcK The Rev. Grover Sutherland rent Brownsville. Tcnn. | turns as pastor of the Blylhcville His reslgnnlioi was accepted by;circuit, as does the Rev. J. R. Nel- thc church and lie will preach ills son to Luxora. and Reiser, tlie nntl ICoiser. resiwctlvcly, fealurcd tlie morning program. There wns n basket lunch at noon nnd the club members were guests of the management at an afternoon niat- hlm for several months whph'ffc.V '.r.g in n car Tlth Gene Farley, .. Osccola planter. The accident oCj- turrcd at what later became known t,s "iJutdmiriV Curve. 11 - •-• --- .- • • \Vaj; |)c|>uty Here Klcitcr Hrsl "cnmc to Osceola In 1017 as txjOitkrcpcr for Walter Driver. Mien ill? larncst individ- rnl cctlon planlcr iti tlie country. After sev.-rn; years here \\e \vcjil lo Ulylhevllle In 1923 where he was chief clflcc deputy' for Divlght H. B]nc!:wood during the" 1 liter's third leim as sherill of Mississippi county. When Blaek- vood was elected state treasurer in 1027 Klelbcr went with him to Little Roclc and continued In his- c-niploynicnt. Lalcr when Black- v.ood became, chairman of the i trite highway cnniniiFslon Klsiber I'lkse lo auditor In the highway ('cpartmcnl. a position which..Tie 1 , ticnpied until Biackwood went out' , fox. horscmaiLshlp ventures and I inee at the Gem 'nirnter. County the steeplechase. Closinp Xtoe.k Price* I Agent R. 13. Carpenter wns 1 charge of tlie meeting- In Leader Opens Meetings at Caruthersville CARtiTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov. 6.—The first of a series of special meetings wns held nt the First Baptist Church Saturday night. ...,..., „ ,, i The meetings will continue for a reached thc hospital to find (he veek Dr CourU c ruiford. of Boli- forlv-foot railroad bridge was burned today on (he Great North- farewell sermiir. next Sunday I- ghl. His fomilv will accompany him (o Brownsville Tuesday, No- xeniber IS. Thc Rev. Mr. Harwell tins received approximlcly 400 members into the church since he cnmo here. Before coming here he was p.isto rof (lie Central church at i'ot Splines for five years, during which time he erected and com- Pruitts tliere visiting Miss Hassell. Confronted abruptly with discovers- nnd identification of the baby's bcdv. i'ruilt and his wife reputedly confessed thnt they carried II .* i might from Ihe hospital lo the liver where II was tossed into the alive. Repudiation of the purported ronfe.sslons had been indicated but ne defense to the charges had l*rn outlined by attorneys for tlie Pi-nliis. who had maintained an unbroken silence. Mo., president of Southwest Baptist college, is conducting the meetings. Dr. Hertford will teach a clnss in church methods and work each evening at 1 o'clock, and deliver congregational messages at 7:30. Tlie week's meetings are being conducted for the entire New Mid- rid Baptist Association. Including ^hurdles in Pcmiscot nnd New Madrid counties. rest area. There "wns no direct evidence < l. ?i between OX -ndJOO jnein- that the bridge was burned ns part of the strike activities that pickets in the area hnd been busy halting cattle shipments. Programs This Morning Open Education Week ters. has a nei; building erected three years aco It boasts one of the finest auditwlinns in thnt part i)l Tennessee. Three More Arrested in Golden Lake Killing Jap Planes Fly Over Soviet Russian City PEIPINO. CHina, Nov. G (UP) — High Soviet Russian . officials charged today thai nine Japanese nirpiancs flew over Russian territory near Vladivostok to serve notice lhal Japan would continue its present far eastern policy despite prospective restoration Russian-American relations. of It was to be expected, the offi- cinls said, that there would be demonstrations of this nature during the conversations at Wash- liiKlon ticlwecn President Roosc- Blytheville's nfecrvance of Amer-, OSCEOLA. Ark.. Nov. C—Three Icr.n Education Week opened Ihis; moro Cal i Young. Hen . morning with programs at the Jim- 1 Hunt, and n man known as "Slim." Etowah Barber Held; Victim Near Death OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. S—J. C. Baker, 40, barber and store keeper of Etowah, was placed In county Jail here following his shooting of Homer Waldrcn. 35. farm laborer. Charges have not been preferred against Baker pending the outcome of Waldren's Injuries. Wntdren, shot through the abdomen. Is reported in a serious condition at n Memphis hospital. Baker told officers he shot Waldren In self-defense when the lat ler'tnterferrcd in an argument DC' tween Baker and Bob Lewis, an- were 'added Salurdny night lo the tnken » »'P- Waking nlxiut " nrreitrrl Thurwlnv nHll for; in toe ! murder of I,. «. Uev. J. W. Moore lo Manila and .cachvlllc. and thc Rev. H. . M. Lewis to Wilson. A new circuit of Dell, Half Moon nnd Ciosnell churches wns formed with the Rev. Don C. Holmes as paslor. The Half Moon and Gosnell churches were organized by the Rev. Mr. Roric n short lime ngo. Tiie Rev. J. T. nandlc. formerly of Welncr iioes lo thc Jolner-Turrcll church. The Rev. Paul V. Galloway, formerly pnstor (here, goes (o Clarendon. Tlie Rev. Sam B. Wiggins. Joncs- boro. remains ns presiding elder ot the Junesboro district. Child Throws Kerosene in Fire, Dies of Burns WILSON. Ark. Nov. r.-Jjolin Ed- vnrd Blake. 5-uar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwr.rd Blafce. was in- If.lly burned Saiurtlay evenlnir nnd tiled Sunday moininj at tlie Bap- list hospllal in Memphis. The boy an-1 his molher had S p. while his Mother still slop'.; to kindle A. T. and T Annconda Coppt'i' Uethlchtm Sti-cl Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Oencral Elect lie General Motuis 113 1-8 14 5-8 . 29 1-4 40 3-4 .. 21-4 . 07 1-2 . 20 1-4 . 28 3-8 InUTiinlionnl llnrvn.lcr 37 a-4 Montgomery Ward 183-4 New York Central .... 33 Packard 35-3 Phillips Pelnilomi .... M 7-8 Radio C 7-8 Simmon. 1 ; Beds 16 SI. Louis-Han Frnnrlscn 2 3-8 Standard ot N. J Texas Co U. S. Sleel Service Men Invited to Meet With Legion of the commissioner's office this Klelber returned to OsceJJla il'ont n month ngo nnd accepted Ihc office with the cotton mill here* Funeral arrangements are In*" rnnpl'jle [XMidtnn word from Mrs. K!elbcr. who is visiting her family in Ludlow. Ky. It is understood thai burial will nnt be mndc here. All ex-sevvlcc men are Invited to lhe mectlni; of Ihc meeting of the Amerlenn Legion tonight. 7:30 o'clock :it (he iMinory, when plans for thc closing of (he membcr- :!ii|> drive will 1» mnde. To date the (.roup hns 140 mem- :;crs with ^10 r.s the (niota. This r|i:ota must, lie reached before Snt- f'-day, leaders declare, nnd n spe- i.lal eifort is ',<i be mnde lo tills i nd. 12 7-8 I Former Senath Cashier Organize for Pemiscot *. Red Cross Roll Call 3-H New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nuv. 0. (Ul'l—Cot- closed bap:h steady. 0]KI1 030 CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — The Roll Call committee of thc Penii-' scot county chapter of the AmerJ- Iran Red Cross met iicre to out-'. ' line pLins for thc annual roll call, scheduled to begin on Armistice Day and extend through Thanks,- Bvng. The committee is composed of: James M. Reeves, cliairmanv If. T. Simpson, N. W. Helm. W. M. i a>r n/\«» n IL Crysier nnd Robert Mehrlc. Admits $5,UOO KObbery Mayor W. D. Byrd Is chairman j of tlie county chapter: W. M. KENNETT :>'o.. Nov. G.-rDcl-'cryslcr. vice-chairman: Robert C. mar D 'ooiicrtv former cashier; Mulllnlks. Ireasurer: nnd Mrs. D. it the'defunct Clliyens Bank of P. Rnndolph. executive secretary. S-'iialh accused of embera.lemenl The county quota Is placed at and senior high schools. At Hie fenio.- high school Mrs B. A. Lynch spoke on "Tile Purpose of Anitttcan Education V'cek." Marcus Evrnrd spoke on „ ^ _ MJ .._ 'What the Business and Proles- early Thursday morning on thc coals ignited it. Kerosene splnsh- Ji;ly Oct. 955 071 D32 998 1018 038 rm 935 ODO 035 041 057 070 9SS clo.'C 03C 041 057 070 985 1018 1005 1006 Spots closed ciiiiel at 955. off 20. cuinpiicjuy in tne nuircier 01 i>- n. ......... . ..... ...... ..... Warhtirst, 60-year-old farmer ot [for her lo cook supper. He throw Evadale. whose body was found kerosene Into tr.c stove where hot - Ol'/COHS slonal World Requires of High river bank near Golden Lake veil and Maxim Lltvinoff. Rnss!an|oiher farmer. In Baker's place of foreign mini'lcr, who arrives at | business at Etowah Saturday New York tomorrow, ,,| 8 i,u ; , ;., n score of patient*, School Students." Byron Morse jr.. a student, spoke on "The American School." At the Junior high school J. L. r;hf>n-v sp"ke 01. "What the Community ExpecU of the Public t.-noul." Miss Hi:by Nell O»le gave a. plnno solo nnd Miss Bonnie Jean cliannn a violin solo. Mack Elfr Mvike brlely. Introducing the program. ^ i Thursday Miss Selma Lenlj c-f the high school faculty spoke before the Holary club. landing. Prior to Ihe arrest of the lalter inlo his fnce and over the np- I.CT parl of h:s body and tjiiickly i Might fire. three at Lcpanto Saturday night. I He Is survived by his parents, one of the six, A. L. Jttmes ofi" 1 sister. Ednn. nnd n brother. Golden Lake, was released after, Paul. Fimeial .senIces wen ' " questioning. Officers believe Warhurst was NEW ORLEANS, Nov. G. (UP) —Cotton closed tarely steady. open high low close Iloc 944 944 930 932 Jan 954 951 938 040 052 961 Mnr. | at 10 a.m. Monday. the victim ot a gang who meant i Seven Perish When Plane 952 967 9821) 990 Spots closed j.lcady at 923, otf 17. 965 977 993 967 980 994 987 ol about JlS-OfO from the bank, faced new chaises today with his •oiifesslon lo complicity in tlie $5.- WO robbery of Dee McMunn, Sen- and $2,100 cash, rth money m^Frenger. whleh occurred nbbut n week ago. Tom Kraft anJ Kollcy Nicholson Poplar Bluff were also taken 57CO membershliis and $5.000 In donations, while the Cnruthersvllle area miota Is 600 memberships Little Interest Shown In Levee Election Here Liltle Interesl was being shown Into custody, suspected of being thc tv.o principals in (he robbery who actually held up McMunn.'here l.iday in Ihc election of a Arrest ot Krafl and Nicholson fol-1 -'v^tor for the St. Francis levee lowed detention on suspicion of Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Kraft and Is' :aid to have been made on the ."treiilh ol Kraft. Mississippi county is voting today on the election ot five dlrcc- stalcmenls by Mrs. tors for lhe levee district. I At three o'clock this afternoon I iess than. 90 voters had balloted ; at the election boolh at Ihe court Keeps His Lead ! house here. in Legion Member Race' WEATHER to rob him and killed him only o ro m an killed m ony r> n P , • u after their attempt at robbery was falls, oettintf nOUSe ' frustrated by Warhurst's armed defense. I RED BANK. N. J., Nov. G (UP) The farmer's pistol, with two —A plane crash and fire that took Wheat open high low close Dec. 8C 1-4 S7 3-4 85 1-4 85 5-8 rartridges shot, was found in his seven lives near here last night; May Ismail gasoline boat when the boat was caused by a faulty motor. In-' 89 90 3-4 87 3-4 88 1-4 C J Little o' (his clly contln-i Arkansas— Partly cloudy, frost if nes to hold the lead in the Ar- weather clears tonight. Tuesday, kaiisas department Amerlrnn Lc- 1 partly cloudy, warnier. Clou meniDcrshlu race. Mr. Little. ^"'P™* a " d J™" 1 ^" 1 :?^ J°: STOUGHTON, Mass. (UP)—Dr.! was raised from thc 'bottom of vestlgnllon Indicated ioday. Two of William O. Faxon, for 57 years n the river chule where il bad been the victims were flyers and the Chicago Corn country doctor, celebrated his 80th sunk near the body. Officers be- other five tiled In the ruins of (heir open hhh tow closo birthday anniversary by calling on|lfeve that'a assailants home which was wrecked nnd set Dec. 45 3-4 47 1-2 45 3-5 46 1-2 aink the boiit; _ nl'nc by the falling plane, I May !>1 3-4 52 3-4 51 1-2 52 . . . according to Saturday's issue of! night with light frost. Tuesday the Arkansas Legionnaire, has [fair inn warmer. turned in GO Lesion memberships 1 The niaximuri temi»rat«Te here for 1934. | yesterday was 52, minimum 50. The BlylhevDlc post now hasicloroV with .55 of nn Inch' raln- !iS members paid up for 1031, ajlsll Saturday, according to Sam- Inrger number thnn any Arkan- ras post cxcep; Little Rock, uel F. Norrls, official weather observer.

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