The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1935
Page 2
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FAG* (ABljt,) COURIER crctexu ^r- Social Calendar •- SUNDAY'S EVENTS ruilm celebration nt Temple Israel, a:JG p m. of First Baptist church at church, 11 a. in. ' MONDAY'S liVfcuTb Choir oi' First tapust church having supper meeting, '' p.m. Woman's Cmiricif, First Christian church, meeting wlch Mrs. J. 'u. Smith. G. A.'s First Baptist church, nic'eiing' at church, 4 p. in. Circivs 1, a and 4 of -woman's missionary union oi First Uaptisi church niectlne at church, a:3u p. m. Circle 2 meeting witn Mrs, rferman Walpole, Ash nnd Krniik- Im Sis. , i;4 Woman's missionary society' oi the tirsi Methodist church meeting at church. Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian church, having insinuation service, 1:3u p. in., at churcn. 'i'Ufr^Urt ^'ij E'vrim'b Mrs, W. Leon Smith having Tuesday Contract club. Young Matrons Bridge club meeting .witn Mrs. Riley u. Jones. •Mis. W. J, 1'ollard entertaining \vtanesday Bridge club, Mrs. W. L. Homer entertaining Mld-Week Bridge club. Thursday Bridge cmb meeting witn Mrs. Charles Wyllc. 'Mrs. John P. Lcnit noslfss lo 'Thursday Contract club. • Mrs. iiyron, Morse having Thursday Luncheon club. Woman's Aux'y Presbyterian Cliurch Plans iUcctiiiR :The final iheeung of the ciufrch- year for the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian churcn wjll be- a specially arranged pro- grain. Monday evening, l:'iu o'ciocsi at the church. ;In addition to the installation'of ofncefs, an interesting progiam la being arranged lo which the public is /invited. Class, to Conduct ,. • •• .opening Exercises ^ ''jf'fi The Kings ubughters ." Sunday Ecnopl class at the First Bnptisi church will conduct the opening exercise in the Junior Department, Sunday morning. The subject is '•Chooslrij Friends." Special inu- sic will be given." . j .^ Kiddy Party Fpi tj. E. Society ':.The c: E. Society of tlie First Christian cnurch was entertained with a Kiddy party last night ui the church naif wifli Miss Marie Riggins in charge. Prizes were . given for the, boy and girl who looked the most' "kiddish." Miss Pauline Russell and Robert Ware ,were the; winners. Rrefre'shments were served and Easter chickens were given as favors. " i., Has Brldjc Luncheon - Mrs. James H;il was hostera to 32 guests Friday lor n uridge luncnebn. at the country club. Trie Kaster color, yellou', was .effectively used in the decorations Of the cocktail table, with jon- qiiiis as the centerpiece, in place corcis and in the menu. Potted plants, in various shades, were centerpieces for (he small tables arranged tor lunclii • Mrs. Meyer araber and Mrs. Outhrie King served cocKtalls bc- Jore a two course menu wns served. In the .card game.,Mrs. George Pollock won high score prize, a meat dish in Kensington ware, nnci ri pair of prints ivent to Mrs. O, U. paufllil for (he cut pria. Tht potted plants were awarded the nigh scorers at me tables with these winning: Mines. C. W. At- niCK, K. D. Carpenter, Joel Chandler, Roland Green, Edith McCool Outline King, L. H. Moore aim Meyer Graber The low score prizes for the individual tables, "coio- plxs'* In various shades, went to Mmes A K ?,lieno<a, Paul C3rccn- weil, J. W. f'arker, a. .A. Taylor .C. U. Redman, ! Hatty W. Humes It. S. isrlscoe and George M: Lee ..Yarbro Teams Glren Baniiucl, • Members oi ihe girls' and boys basketball teams ol the Vat school w»re guests of honor ul t banquet last evening also attended .by their parent's and memocrs o: ^ne school board. - The B5 present heard a program composed of these numbers: t!o!o •MlgfiljTLEik'a Kose" Miss Trtcj Sanders; talk, '-Recreational Value J5f Athletics,' Miss Pauline Htl btah;'• talk, '"Wiiat Atlileltcs Mc_ to Me," J. W. Widiier;:violin 'solo "Sourenir," Miss Ruby Grimes {aik, ."Tlic" Higher .Side, of Ath ielics,"' Miss Vefa Lee Pickett; vo cal duet, ' Cradle Song." Mlsse. _Eldora'Neal.and Kadlnc Willis. iThe ;decorations were In '.. th school colors, maroon ana biu and the three trophies won by IV. teams this year were the center piece of .the. long table. Farmers War on Slasplcs SPAtDINO, Neb IUP)—Farmc: of this region are organizing hun to eradicate magries. The bird uncommon in Nebraska, have a taclterf cattle heids in lecei weeks > •> ! ' - ' ' The American .Peace Bociely iva organized Jn'New Yqrk .City b William, Ladd of i Maine in 182 *nd now has a membership of ap yroxUnately 1000. Hanging Crepe on Winter .Ithough it looks much like a coat, this adaptation of the Russian nfluence is actually, a sports dress for town oi 1 country wear. Pnsh- oned of a new corded riiyon crepe, H Is in n deep peacock sjifuie •immed with while pique and self-material buttons. arly Elienation of Entry „ v Cards Vital at No Trump ,= Solution to Previous Contract Problem r,Y WAI. E. McKEtfNEY ccrctary, American iirlfl fi c League Our old friend, n. R. Richards f Detroit, is back In toui-iinr lent play. I recently learned that e won both (he cily pnir nnd enm-of-four chnniplcnshlps I n Detroit, which means thai, wltli mprovcd health, he will to back Ihc national tournaments this car. It wns in 1027 that Richards iganizcd the American Bridge sue. He was recognized as 113 of Ihc greatest at auction ridge and, it was my pleasure to • m the national contract pair haiimidnsliip in 1029 with him. I remember the first bridge tcs- 011 (lint Richards always gave a cglnncr. "cnsh your aces nnd B, don't revoke, and you \vill o pretty well.' 1 he would say. Icre's a hand he sent me the ther day which well brings out his point. The Play West's opening lend WHS the iicfii of spades and Uic declarer n c .i 7.1 A Q:; J i n n i id K < M \V V A 10 B » in 7 s i * A 7 2 * A K :i V K Q 5 + K .1 S 2 * Q 3 5 Duplicate—All vul. South West jforlh Bir-l IK. T, Pass 2N. T. Pa«s 3N.T. Pass > Pass Pas,, Opening lead—^ Q. jj Today's Contract Problem Tlie bidding Is South, 6H9 cluli: Weal, one diamond; North, one heart; Soiitli. Ilireo hearts; N'orlh, four liearlR. East leads tlie, king of diai?.(U\dB, which holds, and continues with tlio three- of lUunionds Cau the contract bo defeiite,], even lliough North plays Uii> hand perfectly? " - - - - • : AQJ 9 V KQ J 10 S 2 # JS 2 .f 10 ,A. Bits oj Mostly Personal Miss Orine llutchlns who Is at- .cndlng the State Teacher's col- Jcgc ai CCnway Is spending the week end as the guest of her sister, Miss Clarice Kennedy, and her parents, Dr. and Mrs. W, P. lUtcnlns of Manila. Robert E. Lee King, who. has wen 111 several months, was removed from his home rieav Pace, vliss., to the Memphis Barrtlst hospital yesterday, it will be decided omorrow whether or not an operation will be performed. Jtfiss Jane (Josnel), who' is in .raining at the Gartley-Ranisoy lospilai of Memphis, is at, home or a brief visit. Her sister, Mrs. Sam Thomas, went down for .her. Miss Katherlnc benton, who at- ends the University of Mississippi at Oxford, Is spending tne vecKena at home. Fred Ruthenord and son, rred, will spend tomorrow in Memphis vlih Mrs. ; Rutherford who underwent an operation at the Baptist lospilal. Her condition Is very tooa. Miss Martha Lyn Morris, who ns been finite 111 several days r rom mlhicnza. Is now improving. Mrs. L. E. Hayncs is ntiltc ill nt he family residence. Mr. nna Mrs. W. A. Black have as their guests Mr. nnd Mrs. Karl Kroger, uf Oklahoma City, pklii., and Dr. and Mrs. Guy C. Jarrctt and sons, oi Vlcksburg, Miss, Tuey arc In Memphis today and will spend the weekend here before returning home the first of the v/ecK. Mrs. Kroger and Mrs. Jur- •ett lire daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Black. Tom Mahan, who attends the University df Tenheisee School ot Medicine at Memphis, is at ' home ior the weekend. Ray Jackson Is spending the wcckntl In Memphis. Lloyd V. wise is a putieiil at the Memphis Methodist Hospital A Daring Sport t .This Skiing! This reveallnc scene, snapped during tlie spring ski ing at Arosa, n popular Swiss resort, 13 unusual, In tliat it shows a youiis ayorlswoinan both before and after tho take-off. Tbe bandanna was a bare concession U> * hot sun. gATOftpAY, MARCH 23, 1935 LAKE STREET METHODISE CHUJfCIJ * Vcrnon K. Chalfanl, Pastor t\ scries of sermons dealing with ihe cross of Christ, w|l) be,' gin at the evening seiylcp at 7 o'clock, with the sublet, "s«iis|. live to the Cross,' Sunday school, p:45 a.m. iverson Morris, general superintendent church, 10:50: a.m. Subject, '"rlio Secret of Stability ' Young People's service, C:« p.m. A real opportunity of training ami fellowship Is to be hud by intermediates, ages 12-15, at the First Methodist church, beginning March 29, in the Christian Adventure Institute. PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Klelndlenst, Pastor Sunday school and Bible class, 9 a.m. Divine worship, 10 a.m. Theme of sermon:' "O Lord, I Trust In Thee; I Walt on Thee." "The Lutheran Hour" over WX- YZ or WLW Sunday 12-12:30 p.m, Lenten Devotion''over KLCN 3 p. in. Subject: j'Whal Is Truth?" Special Lenten services Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Subject: "The Collapse." • '. : Bible Fundamentals Friday i p. m. 'We preach Christ Crucified. 1 ' You 'are Invited to attend tlicse'i services. '. . :•. Mrs. .Minnie Bell Scot is-n pa- MemphL ' i Mr. aim Mrs. Oliver W. Coii- pedge ami Mrs. S. J. Cohen are in Memphis today. Wilson Crane has recovered trom a serious illness. . V A J) G 4 « 10 7 4 ' + A Q J S Solutlou In next issue. 2,1 Osceola Society — Personal club. Most players In East's position will play low. knock out West's kinf. which takes out his re-entry, and now, if he does establish the spade suit, lie cannot get it. If, however. East goes up with (ho ace of clubs on (he first club Jeu<! uiul returns a fpade. the contract will bn defeated one trick. (Copyright, 1035, NEA Service, Inc.) Mrs. Hale Jackson has gone to Chicago, III., to spend n month as guest of her sister and her mother, Mis. Vandecoort, Mi', and Mrs. H. A. Little and -Mrs. Aline Cobb Owens of Miledge- vlllc, <ja.. have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Diokerson ' for several days. Mr. Little and Mrs. Owens arc returning to their hbrue May and Mrs. Little will remain here for a week or so. Marcus Feltz and Denver Dudley relumed to their homes in Joncsboro Friday. They will return here Monday to continue with division of circuit Mrs. Ben Butler went lo Memphis loday to sec Mrs. Clyde Cros- ".OC. !r Fred Taylor jr., was n Memphis visitor today. Mr. and Mrs. Joe" Young were Blylhevllle visitors todav. Mrs. A. w. Young 'entertained her two table bridge club Fridav ifternoon at two thirty o'clock at V. Bowen won high 'score prize. Mrs. Fred Taylor jr.. was a guest. A chocolate parfait and French pastry were served. the criminal iotirt. Pneumonia Fata! to A. J. Sigman i<-tu:til to win (ho first trick, continual villi the Jack of spades, South winning with ths iing. Tho declarer can • .-ce that, he lias Ixo fpatlc tricks, Uo heart lric!:s, and four diamond trickc-. Ihal's only eight, wiill? niii- arc needed for the contract, which tncau:, thai, a club trick lia-3 to he fcveloprd. If (Irs tliib can te develop?..), then a heart tiick " not needed. Itavei-rr. tefore blindly starting out on tii?. club suit. let's consider our problem. As toon 3-3 we leid a club, we j;.ow a Epactc will tc lelumed, which will knock out the ace. Now if West has a high club honor, he will -get m on the next club lea'l and defeat the contract. So the safety of Uic hand depends upon how the dub suit is played. The safest thing to do Is to lead a small diamond, win to dummy A. J. Signinn of the community died at two Rhodes o'clock Charles H. Rcvelfc Dies at Paragoiild Charles H. RcvclW 18, formerly of here and late of Parngouicl. died Tuesday at his home in that city, t-oras supper win i>c aammisti His uncle, w. M. McFarland. and!at the 11 o'clock hour service. Mrs. McFarland went over for life' yesterday afternoon after three weeks illness O f pneumonia. Funeral services wll be held nt the home tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock with the Rev. iMr. Ncwsom officiating. The L. G. Moss Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangement. 'Hie deceased is survived by his widow, Mrs. Lllllc Slgiiian. six sons, Eugene, Tom, Eavi, Ernest Woodrow and Uttstcr. and .two (tnuRhtcrs, Mrs. Eva Bell and Edna Sleelc Ciub Elects STEELE, Mo.—The Sunny bus-.m club, recently organized i» this city, ha; elected the following officers: Mrs. Louise Earls, president; Mrs. Ins Fielder, vice-presldelil; Mrs. Gladys Prenttss, secretary and treasurer; Mrs.'Rubye Brown, corresponding' secretary; 1 Mrs: Dovle Ur^comb, reporter; Mrs. Mars MackJin, decoiator; Mrs. Edith Hcmdon, chairman of refreshments; Mrs. Laura Buchanan, en... • .— — -»•—"j tertalnmenl; and Mts. Eva Hag- vuth the ace, aua play a aiisli gard, needy and UcU committee Leacliville Society — Personal FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sixth and Main V. Emmetl Bntterworth, Minister Bible school, 8:45 a.m. M. T. Moon, superintendent. Worship, 11; sermon, "Where Faith Comes In." C. E. at 5 p.m. Alt-youth program. Vesper sat 0 p.m. Pantomime of hymn "Near the Cross" and Baptismal service. Church-night program, Wednesday. 6:45 p.m. "Small in Blytheville but big in purpose/' , . ->^!»^. Todays Puzzle ~-- "'By Helen Welsh!,?:?.I \VISH! knew just what it was TJiat could have made me think Tliat if you ever went away The very sun would sink; '""PHAT leaves would fade to lettuce green, 4- Pho dandelion crop iliat nourishes its yellow flags On iwonlc's gra^ would stop. FOR though you went away fast night. * Ami went away to stay. To my surprise, my great surprise, Its been a pleasant day) funeral. The deceased, who was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rcvellc vas burled Thursday afternoon at Sikeston, Mo. The Rev. H. A. Cos, of the Church of God Assembly of Parag&uld, officiated and members of his Sunday . school class were •pallbearers/ Pemiscot Singers Will Meet at Denton Sunday STEELE, Mo.-thc Pemiscot county singing convention will hold its first singing Oils season at tlie Denlon Baptist church sun- day tiftcrnoon, Lasl season this convention was attended by people from nil over southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas and a large crony is expected at this meeting Sunday, Cscil Sherwood was brought home from the Blytbeville hospi- al where he underwent a tonsil •peration. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kennctt innounce the arrival of a oaoy jirl lost Sunday evening. They lave named the baby Doris Janice. ReV. Ira Brumley, of Comvay, who has been teaching in uic Leachvllle and Manila standard :hool' this wfcek, returned homo oday. • ,, . Tiie Woman's' Missionary of the •lethodist church met We<lriesday afternoon in the home oi Mrs. S. {. Gibbins, for a birthday dinner. The program wns led by Mrs. W. }. Wilklns. There were several vis- tors, Including Rev. Ira Brumley, Conway, Rev. J. W. Moore, S. K, Gibbins, and others. The society will meet at tho church next Wetl- lesday in a Blbls study. The Woman's Missionary society of the Baptist church met Wednesday afternoon in the home of Jtfrs. F. p. Fisher to fiuilt and for i social with twenty-one present. The next meeting will be Ule reg- ilar monthly meeting, which will be next Wednesday, with Mrs. Al- uu Johnson. The P.-T. A. will hold its regu- nr bi-monthly meeting in the high school building Tuesday evening? March 26. Mr.-Schne'e was nanicd chairman of the committee to arrange for this meeting a program vhlcli will tc a rehearsal ol the debate, "Resolved: That the Federal government should adopt the policy of equalizing education by means of- annual grants to the several stales for public elementary and secondary education." The affirmative speakers are Friedman Welnbcrg and Mary Mae Hitt, The negative speakers arc Bcrncda Watkins and Ruby Cutrcll. . > * * i LEACIIV1L1.E CHURCHES BAPTIST CHURCH. Sundaj school at 9:45 o'clock. F. P. Fisher general superintendent, ftcv.' Sled of Block Oak, will preach fcolli morning and evening. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. THE CHURCH' OF CHIUST Rev. Curtis Porter is the pastor. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Tho Lord's Supper will !>c administered THE METHODIST CHURCH. Rev. J. W. Mcorc is,.the pastor. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Mrs, A. A. Anderson, general su|>crln- tendent. The theme for the evening hour will be "A Man After God's Own Heart." The pastor will preach at'Manila at II o'clock. PENTECOST .HOLINESS CHURCH. Rev. Lowcry is the pastor, and will preach both morning and evening. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Lee Franks, general superintendent. • . FIRST METHODIST CHURCH W. JJaln and .Seventh W. V. Woniack, Pastor Church school, D:45 a.m. Morning worship, 10.55 a.m. Sermon subject, "Winning Sheep, Losing a Kingdom." Young People's evening worship at 0:30 p.m. Evening church worship, 7:30 p. m. "Walking With Qod" will be the scrinon subject. Visitors Invited and welcome. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut at Eighth Alfred Carpenter, Pasfar Sunday school , at 9:30 and church service at 10:30. The change to an earlier hour is to i enable church goers, to "be home by noon hour. iyiornlng sermon topic, "The Midnight. Cry." Evening subject, "Tlie Triumph of Christianity." Our special niusic is a part of our worship. ; The Young Peoples training department meets promptly at 8:30. SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 1800 W. Bfain Sunday school, 10 a. m. Church, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., by the Rev. Cecil Meadows. B. T. U., 6:30 p. m. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Sunday schoo\, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all. Preaching service, II a.m. The Rev. N. H. Rhodes. Junior C. A. service, 5:45 p.m., 5 to 15 years. Senior C. A. service (i:45 p.m., 15 to 35 years. Evangelistic service,' 7:45 p.m. The Rev. Guy Walsh, singer anil evangelist ol Paragould, is speaking each evening, and will be throughout the coming week. He anhohnce's a special subject for Sunday evening, March 24, "Who Kidnaped the Lindbergh Baby?" Everyone is invited to attend these services. him that saith unto' the weed, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach; Behold, it is laid over -with gold ami silver, and there is no-breath at all in the midst of it"' (Habakkuk 2:19). Amo«g the c it a I ions which comprise the-Lesson-Sermon Is the following from the Bible: "That which is born of the fleshes flesh; and that which is-born? of the Spirit is' Spirit. Marvel iiol' that I said unto you, Ye must be bom again" (John 3:6, 7). The Lesson-Sermon also Includes the following passage from the tiristian Science textbook, "Science: and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, 'Jesus taught but'one God, one 3pirit, who makes man : In the mage and likeness of Himself,—of Spirit, not ol matter" (page 04). A Christian .Science message is iroadcast every .Wednesday at 10:30 o'clock over KLCN. don, William Khourie, Gerald and Essie Brooks,- Mable Smith, Wallace McCollum, Russell Frakes, Lorena Reno, • Conrad Frame, Rubye Les Williams, A. D. Abernathy. • Btylhflville School of Beauty Culture Open soon 1st Nal'l.'Bank Bldg. For Details-see Mrs. Berrjman At Elaine Beauty Shop CALVARV BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Scripture, 1 Peter 3:8-18. Golden text: I Peter 3:15. Church, 3 p. in., by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First fiaplist church." FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH S. If. Salmon, Pastor 9:45 n. m., Sunday Church school, S. E. Vail, Supl. 11:00 a. m,, Morning Worship. Explanation by the Pastor of "The Bclmont Covenant Plan." 6:45 p. m., Young-I'eople-of-tlie- Church Meeting. 7:30 p. m.. Evening Worship. Sermon topic, "The Second Word From the Cross." FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fupha I). Bcaslcy, paslor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m., B. I/, Evans. Sup't. / Morning worship, 11 a. m. Sermon subject "Life's Opportunities." N. Y. P. S., 6:45 p. in. Evening service. 7:30 p. m . sermon subject, "Preparedness to Meet God." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Hotel Koblc "MATTER" ii the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all .Churches of Christ, Sdient- 1st. Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Tlie Golden Text Is: "Woe unto Steele Veterans Will Give "Crashing Thru" STEELE, Mo., Mar. 23.—"Crash- ng Thru," directed by Miss Aline Yeagcr and sponsored by Goft- Southern Post 3189, Veterans of 'oreign Wars, given in.the ligh school auditorium March 28 arid 29. There are 19 speaking parts in ;h'e comedy drama that spans eras from 18D8 to 1058. Special numbers will be given by the Boy Scouts, home talent from Cooler, Holland, and Stecle, and many more. The main parts are taken by Marshall Spencer, Mrs. Grace Frame, Earlinc Burroughs, Marshall Burroughs, Flora Lee Graham, Juanila ant) Robert Steels Clarence McCollum, Aubrey Hig- Courlcr News Want Ads i'a'ys Serrlce SPECIAL MEXICAN DINNER Sunday 6 to 8:30 p. m. H€TEL NCLBC James adison Hasson Miss. James Madison Jfasson, 13, of Meridian, Miss., father of J. Ernest Hasson of this city, died at a Meridian hospital Thursday night following a brief illness during which an operation was performed. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon and burial was made at Northport, Ala., his former home. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ernest Hasson hod been with' their father since he became quite ill two weeks ago. A prominent Meridian business man, Mr. Hasson was a member of the cotton firm of Friedman and Husjon. He.'was a native of Alabama, where he was also widely known, and was in the cotton business at Texarkana for a number of years. , ife is survived, by "his |wlfe, Hu'ue. ions, Mr. Hasson of "here,"and' VJt M. and W. P., of Meridian, atKj two daughters, Mrs. E. D. Self and Mrs. C. E. Lutcr, of Meridian. . Memory of Vet, 92, Keen On Civil War Incidents GALION, o. (UP)—Johnson Taylor is one Civil War veteran who doesn't mind reminiscing .about the old war days. He's 92 now. "Why, man, I was shot at-more times close up than i got fingers and toes, and yet I escaped with only a bullet hole in the nnn and a little seal]) wound," he said, with a twinkle. "I often wondered how those 'Rcbs 1 missed me so often when they 'had a bead 1 on me. It-must have been Providence." Jolmson can rattle off names dates, generals and minute details of every major engagement ho participated in during the war I\K If they happened only yesterday. He fought in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. STAK BARBER' First Clas s Work Just back of KirbyY, On Sou tli Second St. »IUS. H. C. HALSELL, Prop. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY Phone 327 for Details •;

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