The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1949' BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams S-H-svrf WELL, I \ WON MY POINT.' THIS ) TIME <y V6AR ^OU X CAM CAUSE ATR^FFIC \ JAM ON AMV COUWTKY ] ROAD BV JUST ^ FOIWTIM.' / YEH, AN' WE'RE f IM A PERFECT I POSITION FORA / SVJIFT HOIST IM \ TH' PANTS IF THEY Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople FACE SEVWf SPARE THE HORSES ON THESe SUMPS -THIS IS^'T A 6£rt HOR CHARIOT RftCE/-"~ IT VJOULD BE A CATASTROPHE JVW SCULPTURE TOPPLED BROK6 HOVJITZER RIDES LIKE A SURF BOARD THE L-ftST FE\M V6MRS—THE Flowers, Sfow-Bafced, /.ait Longer, According To California Woman LOS ANGELES — flF't— Mrs. Mae DeLano slow-bahes her bouquets. The flowers last longer that way. Here's hei recipe for a baked bouquet, auJtable for framing: Cut flowers (preferably flat types). leaves and lacey ferns. Place In sn oven dish, cover with clean white sand, add bake for 10 minutes in a low oven. After baking, Mrs. DeLano removes the posies, cleans them with a cimel's hair brush, and arranges them on a flat backing. She fixes them In position with transparent glue. Then she carefully clamps a ' glass, airtight frame over the design and behold—a beautiful picture, painted in nature's own colors. Mrs. DeLano cautions imitators not to undertake. Then the blooins wither under the glass. And don't overtake. The coloirs fade or turn brown. 'Washington Will Be Port WASHINGTON —yp/— Dredging operation's have begun in the Potomac River that will make Wash• ington accessible to 10,000-ton ocean vessels. The Board of Trade says a steamship line serving the Caribbean area his said It would like to dock, at Washington. RENT A CAR OrlTc Anywhere < • Ton Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 You Can Tell th« Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS 9LITY snoe SHOP WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store FOR SALE CONi:HKTE CULVER!' TILl Com rou it» Irl , a>u itiniel than anj alhcr t>ndc# material S1 I *> 3-10-12-13-18-21-24-27-34-3* inches CONCRETh SEWKR TU.E Sizes i-b_6 mchei CONCRETE SKFTIC TANKS • Btit Pr1c« «»« DCIITCI A. H. WEBB lit;')**? 61 al St.ile Lint Phone 714 ATTENTION EX-G.l.'* To Maintain To«r Benefit* TAV VOUR I.KIilON DUES NOWI DUD CASON POST 24 Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART Copjiijkt, 1W». NEA SEHV1CE, INC. XXXVI JENNY was waiting at the front J gate of the Steuberwnld store at four o'clock and she saw Tod the moment he came out of the building. He walked with his big shoulders hunched,c an absentminded expression on his face. She punched the horn of the car and he looked up. "I wanted to talk to you, Tod." A wary expression crept over hit face, like a mask pulled down. "Who told you I was working here!" "Rick." A sudden thought swmed to strike him. "Nothing's wrong with the kids?" "No. Nothing like that." He stood awkward and uncertain, people streaming past him. some of them looking curious. "Won't you get in. Tod?" He went around and opened the car door and got in beside her. Tod was silent as she turned the car up the hill away from town and toward the river. But after » while he spoke, gruffly. "Exactly what do you want to talk to me about?" An uneasy qualm struck Jenny. "Well, now that you're here," she parried, "it's not going to be as easy as I thought- I—1 heard you'd leit the Conover Agency." "1 left there the first of the year," he said bluntly. "Ricls told me you and Liz—" "Ye«h, we're all washed up. That happened months ago. too." Jenny ran her Index finger back and forth on the steering wheel. Tod's brusque manner chilled her. "Rick said you • were baving a tough time financially, and then this trouble, your mother dying and all—" "Just because I asked your help with Ma, because 1 was in a jam, is no sign 1 need your pity. You don't have to go out of your way \o do anything tor mel" *Tm not offering you anything." "Look, }uat -why did you come by tonight and pick me up? What did you want to talk lo me about?" Jenny threw him a tremulous half-frightened look and her eyes swam with quick tears. "1 may as well come to the point. Tod. 1 want you to—to come home." "You WHAT?" "I love you. Tod. I've never stopped loving you, I need you so!" • • • "YOU need me?" The words had an incredulous ring. His handsome tace twisted. "But you're going to marry Rick: Nina told me so. Rick said so himself. And 1 was glad when 1 heard about iL He's just the sort of a person you ought to be married to. steady, and reliable and good. I've known Rick for a long time. baby, and I know one thing—he'll never let you down." Jenny tried to speak, but he went on rouehly. "You and I didn't make a go ot it once, and we wouldn't again, because we're—we're not cul oin for each other. And besides." he added lamely. "Rick wili take care of you." tie stopped and looked away from her, nibbing his Bst in the palm oi his hand. "Tod,"..she whispered, "look at me. 1 love you. Even if you aren't in love with me. I'd like you to come back and try again [ want you back—on any terms—your terms." He couldn't resist any longer. He found hjmseli with his cheek against hers, all al once, feeling'the wet warmth of her tears. He heard his own voice, babbling almost without volition. "Jenny darling, my darling, 1 am in love with you' more than I'll ever lie able lo let you know." "Tod." He drew back. "How could you come to me .like this, when I've been such a tool! It took me so long to grow up! To Know that I'd been chasing a rainbow thai didn't even exist, following an obsession that was iusl that and nothing else. You can't , imagine i what i| was like lo discove; that • when Liz was planning our wedding, al] I could think of was thai honeymoon ol ours "in that miserable UUJe lourisl cabin. I knew then lhal I loved you. How could you ever take me back after all that's happened?" "Hush." She lifted her lips and the world spun for an instant as he kissed her. "And 1 ruined everything— " "Everything isn't ruined." Jenny said "And we're not alone in making mistakes, you and 1. Everybody makes 'cm." "Do you honestly think we could start all over again. Jenny?" QHE nodded, and he took her hands in his and went-on earnestly. "Ma said to me once no! long ago that having somebody you love, love you In return is the most important thing there Is. And 1 believe it Ma tell sorry tor me—" "Bui we have each other again, Tod." "You wouldn't be able to forget some of the things that have happened," he said doubtfully. "No. I won't target Nor will you. But who cares about, that. We need to remember our" mistakes, to profit by them." "If J could lust be sure that 1 wouldn't fail you ever again, that we could have things right for the children—" "We have each other," Jenny answered, her arms going around his neck once more. "That counts for more than anything. Pop said to me once lhal you have to tight for what you want in this lilc. and after you gel it you have to fight twice as hard to keep it. I'll never. let you go again. Tod." -- . "I won't go again, darling," Tod said. "The last thing Ma said to me before she died was 'Make it up with Jenny.' She'd be pleased now if she could just know. Jenny started the car. Her heart was singing as her thoughts leaped ahead lo that moment when she and Tod should step across the threshold of the house on Riverdale Road once more. The twins, dressed in their best bibs and tuckers, were waiting there. What a homecoming this was going to be! f . THE ENT) COPfL IM> IV «CA M»«C[. l«i T. M. , [a _ u. ». rAr. OfF. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B\ MERRILL BLO&8EB All Over the Place "If they're going to'pass; why don't they put Junior in? Hain't'he told that coach how I caught a pass that beat Clinton High?" PRESIDENT OF NUTS, INC., 1 WANT T£> RETOW THAT 'IW«P SEASON WOVfM Of THE WOULD ARE r>YW6/ , vJ MERRIE ENGmwo.irS «-KUMI PEtS ONTHE CUFF FOR CUTHBERT. PRISCILKA'S POP Charily Begins at Home BY Al. VERMEFR COME DCWN TO TH6 STORE WITH ME, CARLVLE, AND WE'LL HAVE A SODA! I CAN'T, PR.ISCILLA! I HAVEN'T ANY MONEY YOU CAN WATCH VIC FLINT Obscured Operation - RIGHT, FLINT, MARCH BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE 7 The Capitol Building in Washington, D.O., is 751 feet long Rnd U50 feet wide, Including the approaches. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kjrby Drug Stores Painting Interior & Kxtcrior • Expert Paper Hanging • Estimates Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 6560 SHEET METAL WORK. -OF ALL KINDS Custom word fot gins, alfalfa milis, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway -Master Phunber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guaranteed "For 12 Months 531 North 10th Phone 6001 WE INVITE YOU *o drive the 7950 STUDEBAKER, the "next look" and "next nde" in fine automobiles. Come by or phone for our salesmen to demonstrate this fine car for you. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RoilroodS, Ash Blyfheville Call CAPTAIN EASY Careful Keeper BY LESLIE TURNER HMW...THAT GUV'S SO CAUTIOUS ICAH'T- THAT SLIGHT DEPRESSION 111 THE FLOCK NEAR TIT TABLE! JMYBEICAM USE THAT TO HELP SE MOVE! COME TO PICK UP VOUE PEESHES BUGS BUNN1 H«M, GUESS WE'RE OUTA POPPO/ WOW ABOUT FLAKES 7 WHY NOT? THEY'RE FULL ] ^.'CAUSE O' VITAMINES...AN' THEV J • KIND THAT TA5TE GOOP, TOO/ ^ RN. PEA I WANT POPPO OR NOTH1N'... BY V. T. HAMLIN D HER RUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ONW 10 MOWtW ANS TO

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