The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1937
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2<i, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS (Once Socialistic Raven Houses Relief Workers • Clients Provide Many Interesting Cases For "Man Hunters" Sleuthing is not always concerned with grim tragedy and crime—it lias its comedy relief, loo. Read about some ol Ihe iimuslns sleuthing episodes in this story taken from Iho real- life Hies of the Skip Tracers Co. ill New York City. By men MCIV.NN NEA Service SljifT Writer "I want yon to shadow me." Daniel Elsenberg, head of the Skip Tracers Co. of New York "Long IT City, wasn't sure he had heard!.,.„ .", ." light. U1C " lsl "Pardon me. sir." the tlapptr little detective asked, "but di.i'you fay. '1 want, you to .shadow me'?" "Precisely." said Ihr handsome •visitor lo Die Skip Tracers Co. '.skyscraper offices. "I want you lo thadow me." "But . . ." "I'll explain, 1 -' the man conlin 1 Man who ucd. "You sec. it's llifs way: I searched for have, 1 don't mind telling you. n Ihe Fountain sivl friend. A dancer. And my of Youth, tvifc suspects it and I'm afraid 10 Above. J-'ho has gotlen a detective agency II To decorate here in New York to follow'me. { 12 Striped fabric. "That's where you come in—I 13 Networks, want you lo follow me to sec that M To stream. I'm not tolowcd!" 1 15 Within. Kimls nogs IGflo good, anil Butlers, Tou 1 17 To "fo." says Mr. Eiscnberg, "you accomplish. can see that «-e aren't always IfiAnd. trailing Iragcdy, or wiping away 20 Hospital (he 'trars of distracted parents. There's a laugh now and then Cncc headquarter, ol our of Amends mo,t ., l , :crsta} fxpwmmls m ccmmiinltv living, (he famous Rllion. Wis., I-, no*' the ho.™ of families en city relief. The Wisconsin Phalanx built nearly ICO years ago. It fell into partial decay, but was remodeled for reliefers. Explorer of Old Answer to Previous Puzzle attendant. •17 Preposition. Once, for Instance. Mr. Eisen-l .crg was ashed to locale a butla 1 . Auctlier lime a fox terrier with a ( Hack spot, on his mck. He «ot a larger fee for this, by the way. 37.>fercValjle' for discovering Uvo oc ; 01 . 25 Uncoiisccvalcd 4870 . SO Blark bird. ;>1 Third-rale 31 Roo.C edges. actor, .i'i'Smell. 52 Place of 34 To compel. 30 Butter lump. been missing for 35 p,.' unit. than he got men who had seven years. , wsa uin Not so long ago Mr. Eiscnberg Amcrir-i was called in by of the larger 41 Deeds " insurance companies to cooperate with llicir own detectives in locating a man who had "walked into the ocean and vanished." Tho insurance company was an interested party because the man was. insured for $18,500 and his wife! wanted the money. The company Hnelled fraud. sure cfiouf;ri Ffsenberg.'.i Skip Tracers Co. ran the -niih down and lie''confessed swimming I from sight'• where'lie 'was : picked! up by h "small' Vowboat, and carried safely back 'lo H" secluded slrip of sandy beach nnd thence! to a hideout lo await his bereaved! "widow." Outwitting Clever Quarry r Then there was the suspicious' wife who wanted her husband fol-! Joived. Another detective agency! had failed to keep the gentleman 1 in sight.- It didn't take the Skip 1 Tracers Co. lonj to find out why.! Their quarry was a cutie. ) He was just as suspicious a.s his wife and knew all Ihc tricks of, . finding out if anybody was on his trail ... he would drive slowly] in -his auto., then race it, then' suddenly slow down. | If he still hadn't satisfied him sr business. 54511 r. S3 Top of the hend. 5G Maker ol tiles, 57 Tills. 09 He was a — by birth. rcw land on Sunday. VERTICAL 1 llalian river. 2 Egg-shnpcd. 3 Cod of wisdom. •'l/inimal':; .stomach. 5 Pastry. K Paradise. 7 Quantity. 8 Ireland. 9 Wilci asses. new laud- . 17 Doctor. 19 Toward. 21 Gypsy. 22 Diamond cutter's cup. 23 To piece out, 24 To bark. 25 House cat, 28 Because. 27 Stir. 28 Name. 29 To rub out. 32 Mover's Iruck. 35 Musical note. 37 Lava. 39 Coaling ot a seed. 40 Cubic motor. 42 A fellow. •1't CJoodby, 44 Last word oC i\ prayer, 46 Ado. 47 Form of "he." 48 Butter lumps. 49 Entrance. 50 Lasso. 53 Ancient. 55 Postscript. The snake-necked terrapin 1ms a neck longer than the rest of its body. Only by looping Use neck sideways can It be withdrawn under the shell. WARNING ORDER fN THE CHANOERy COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Edna Floyd, Plaintiff. Vs. No. 6558 ' John Floyd, Defendant. ' The defendant, John Floyd. Is warned to appear within thirty (lays In Die court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Edna Floyd. Dat:d this 2 day ol November 1937. , ' H. M. CRAIO, Clei'k By A. p. Smith. D. O Claude K Cooper, Attorney Gene E. Bradley, Atty-Ad-Lll •K" 11 ' 4-11-1B-25 Ittttf FlILIES - - ...,v. ..jjvs. *Jii j uaiiti 60 ho sighted » H He called Ihc 58 Senior. C'OAIMtSKIONEft'S SAIK Notice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Occeola District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the' 27 day of September. 1937; wherein H. J. Hale and Ian Hnle Tucker, Executors ct al. was Plaintiff/and James Floyd Hargett ct al were ncfendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bid- rter. for cash, ^on H credit of-three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the i hours rrescrlbpd by law, in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on tli't 2nd day of December,-1937, Uie-fo]]cnr- ing real estate, to-wit: Lot No. 39 of the Original Survey to the Town (now City) of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said EaJe will ba had to satisfy fold decree in the sum of $E2,- 763.60, with 10 per cent interest from September 27th. 1937. The purchaser ai said sale will b3 required'to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase' money and a lien will te retained upon tnlcl property 8s additional security for ths payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 8 day of November. 1837. ADDISON SMITH. Special Commissioner In Chancery i (Sen!> 10-17-21 Historic Home Of Socialistic Community Used By Relief Workers Kf NKA* Service .R1PON. Wis., Nov. 24, - Time tmrt. rham:c play strange Irlcks, *nj one of ttie Klrungcsl Is the one which iiinkes (he famous "Long HOUFO" a refuge for relief families. Thr "Long House" was built by, and licuscd. one of the few suc- ccffful cotniiuiiilsltle cxperlmcnls In the United States. But Unit was nearly 100 years ago. Now MIC fine old building erectoi by the ••Wisconsin Phalanx" | s housing 14 families who find no other place In a syslcin directly opuosltc to that bunt by me Phalanxists, Warren »sccUc, shrewd founder of (he Wisconsin Prmlnnx nnd other disciples of Ihc French socialist Charles Fourier, are pvob- ably turnins over in their graves to see the use to which their bc- icvcd "Long HOUH:" is being put today. 1-ilbs hi Wash Tubs Hlpoii, tradlllanal blrtli])Iacc of the Republican party in ])rc-Clvll War days, has today aboul tsOO people. Of these, 14 families are on relief, 'i'hey needed housing, and E. K Hutz. Poor Ocmmis- doncr. suggesled remodeling the long-abandoned "Long House" of Ihc ncarly-forgollcn Phalanx. The hcuse. fronting on a fine park, had 'jccn In irosscssion of the city for So 52COO of federal money, was sjcnred. anil (he old, well-built house WBS restored tind cut into family apartments of four looms. Each conUiliB u small lavatory, but no bath tub, Relief families 'dke members of (he old Phalanx of nearly lOd years ago, must bathe In H'fish tubs. rchlnd the old house there are still gardens onoc cultivated by Phalanx members Intent on their dream cf collective living. In' the big park before Ihe huiise, relief children play under the big maples exactly where'the children of-tlic Phalaiixlsts played so rtisguise once," says Mr 1 came to (Seal) Read Tlie courier i.-eirs want ada wcnid set about eluding (he shad- ! whcse husband thoiiRh- .she was meeting with othir men. Well ave by Having hoes Repaired at mith Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd _ rrst was simple. The shadow .sometimes IULS -,\- - ••• *' .' : hado-.v himself. Once, after track-! -°. scc Micli cy Mc-us' iiig down a wife do-erler. Mr. Bi- .•cnberg was followed (o his of- lice bv two limps who kindly advised him that if he didn't, miml his own business he would be hit. so many times thai he would »• -•• think he was a baseball in a New El! j,enbcre clocsn't go in York' Yankees' game. Anything KIT( Slt-ry-noci Sleutli ] If. perchance. Mr. Eiscnuci'fj \;\ i.'isricv.-ing you right now. you'd never bo able to tell he^s a d'e.tcc- c's sciibcrr;. "I nas iim.-jinio. as thr case was o.vr I dashed out ^ ... — and a pri/::- i right." i Detective work is lik,-. ihnl. You will fcc in dir(> - dungarec.s on the waterfront in Ihr niorniiv;. nijtl in whilf lie and lails nt flie ')pera t.'ie eRiiing. Incidentally. Mr. fnj- dis- lUiises. as such. No false braiU;, .eyebrows, costumes. "Yen might say 1 used b:cr c es a eec- tive Just by looking at.\iin. He'.' i>cl Hit police type. Ncr does U'uk like he mieht have c rut. of page 147 Ir.icst brsl seller. He's youngish, rfa; 1 !:. short, i getting plump. Ho'.s .1 ccnservn- »,-vf. neat diw.'-.r. doran'i rhtr,- 'f:lack cigars, takes his h.i 1 . off in the house, has small leot with big arches, and looks "like hell in a derby KO I never wear one:' He didn't get any furthj,- Uian P. S. 114. tut he is a SDlf-fxucat- "IVlicrc Hospitality Is a Reality." Why Buy a Photo-Coupon from itinerant crews when THE SOBTinyOKTB STUHW v «| issue yon onV ATtSoHlTEIA' niLL, givms you HITTER 1'HOTOGRAPHS QIIICKFK SEll- ytC!; AMI DELIVERY and an absence of HIGlf-FRfc lo iuricase your orflrr. PATROMZK 1'OHK HOMK INSTlTDTlOiN'S SOl'THWORTH, Maker Of |--i llc Phoiograpbs. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Propriety Alt makes of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines and CalcDlalors—Hcpalrfiiir-i'atts— Ribbons We Close Tomorrow at 10 A,M. (Reopen al 6 P. M.) Bui We'll Be Open All Night Tonight LET US WASH AND LUBRICATE YOUR CAR for THANKSGIVING We'll Call For It Tonight And Deliver It In The Morning. MA GNOJAA LUBRICANTS HYPOIO GEAR SERVICE Prestone — G. M, Anti-fre'eze — Freezone Joyner-Babcock Motor Co. tcilo iiouse. Olitrlt*blo • :tions have dressed the- reliefers fairly well, and food and fuel orders come from UK) city, so' that Ihc net cost for cticlv family of four Is about $35 a month. Each family purl of tlio old gardens lo raise.vegetables, £f nil (he collective.'experiments which .sprang '(in in, the United Slrttcs between 1820 and I860, the Wisconsin Phalanx nnd Brook Furm were the most successful.' The Wisconsin experiment dissolved not because It fulled, but .•came 11 was loo successful. The ontcrpi-Isc brought such good i-elurns (hat the members began lo be imxlpus lo o\vn Individually their shares, when those shares began to be valuable. The :amc thing happened nl Zoai- In Ohio much later. lint mnong hundreds of llttlR collectivism* that were wrecked jy poov mnnaiicmenl. these nt !e»it |)ros|)er«l (oo greatly. CumniunUy Urlinr, Kallnjr The Wisconsin 1'hnlnnx started 1)1 184-1 when Cliase niul 20 Keno- f.oiildn's? The robe fastens on the. Shu fnmlllrs trekked lo ninon by ox-mi. Tlicy built (he commu- nlly house, n ijrlst mill, carpenter shop, uud oilier buildings, 'i»ey tot u stale cliartcf, with properly iTpirscnimg Uock nl (K a slum', All raruliujs over seven' per ecu) wrie la L-O (o Community living and eating (n (h« - : IQO.fopt-kmi community house, ' witiiin a fow y«ar»: then weft 100 people, owning collectively 1700 acres' of cultivated Uwri '• worth Tlicn discontent itoate<( ii> ori Iho tide of Increasing prosperity. Iho colonists b«gan toVwartt to coulrol nil tlicy produced indlvki- imlly. In 185n colony ms dls- tolvcil, each mcmbcv taking Ills wiiirt lo enlei- Hie Indlvldualislte nnd coiiipetlllvc world. Tha "Long Housc," largely atom- doncd, drifted Into neglect, and required conslilemble spi-ucmg up Ueforc -It could enter Its new In- larnallon ns n relief refuge. But w> one can say, Ichst or all the relief (amilies who found eventual shelter in their comniuival house t ml the Phalanxes wrought en. tlrclylu-vnlii, cornplalot or UK piaiatk Burnt, Dated this 2 d«y of 'November, •V3'. H. M. CRAIG, .Clerk _, ... »> A -F. Smith, D. O. Claude F. Copper, Attorney, a«ne E. Bradley, Atty-Ad-Ut 4-U.Jfi.25 WAKNINO ORDER IN THS CHANOERV COURT CHICICAS AWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COU1STY, ARK- Burns, Plaintiff, • i No. U657 Says Noted Authority Oo to Klrbir Bros, uvt let a box of Rock-A. W *tw Tablet.* Reduc* 10 pounds in H days. TTUrty-day treatment only WOO, sad guaran- .h.WBlto you lose M with- (e*,ln<7 . j- . . out dieting. Wanted Pecans Highest Prices Paid WOLF AR1AN 128 E. Main Phone 17B ftJLD MODOC It yu will like Old Mortoc right from Hie start, it's, a straight smoothly mcllofr' 2- ycnr-old bourbon <BC proofl. You will tnjoy It slml K ht-or In--a highball. Old Mncloc—your NEW friend! Ask for " today. *\ AN HONEST WHISKEY •/ /AT A FAIR PRICE Distributor *u nMributlng. <•<•.. 715 K. Markham St.. lllllu llcrk, Ark. , aEFxpcrimcnl Too Successful "EPo of the relief families housed;.;'In Hie "Long House" found work, but continue to live there, piling the city tlO a month rent! preferring not to desert the l\ls- Hemorrhoids-Piles CURBI) WITHOUT* SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, sure nnfl with less discomfort. All diseases anil conditions of nervous drUrjn, f«ot ailments nna shin cancers treated'and cured at our clinic, DRS. NIES & NIES Physicians SH Main Blythevllle, ( Atk. «IK! 1'onlijic Sales and Service lii'n;id\vay ;ind Walnuf 1'honc IUOO STOOP, LOOK* LISTEN DAYS COME FOREVER^ With Philco's ncv Inclined Control Pnael, a slnflo glance shavi Ihc station you want . . , uilh n flick of your finger, Philco Automatic Toning brings it in, tutted with' absolute. precision. Come in Iry a new 1938 Donhk-X I'hilco lodaj! iOO/C AT WHAT YOU G£T W THIS PH/LCO 3XX Philco Inclined Conlrol Pane! Pkileo Automatic Timing ConntcrbaUncct] IMngnclic Tmn Philco Foreign Tuning Svjttm • PhUco Inclined Sounding Board 4-Poinl Tone Control • 3 Spread-Bind TnnJug Ranges 9 Concert Grand EleclroDynamic Speaker • Many olhcr fnnioiu PhSto f«. lures Aubrn , uyn Burnt, l« to apjx» r irilhta thirty *o' namtd'toi the REDUCE. SAFELY _ Adv Everything for your enter- iamment and comfort. ~ TOIIIGHT PAL NIGHT! adults «dmi(C«d for the prico with Leo Currillo &: Jean I'arkcr. t Aha I'ammouul News & . Ooraedy AdmlMlon Matinee l«c A J6c Admiwitn, Nljht I(}c &. 3«c Weds. - Thurs. Laughs! Heart Throbs! Romance! Also Russ Morgan Musical & Comedy x •". Admission Matinee Vic and -Z6o Admission Night l«c & 3«c Coming Soon: LIFE OF KMILE ZOLA ' SECOND HONIETJIOON HIGH, WIDE * HANDSOME. JUDGE FEIEST-mUb ROGERS FIREFLY O X Y OTHER DOUBLE- E.X$TOOc UI .. 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