Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XX LOGANSPORT, INDIANA THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY'24. IS95. NO 21. Notwithstanding 1 The Unfair Competition We have been compelled to fight. It is with pride that we are able to state that our 15th Annual Remnant and Linen Clearance Sale. IS PROVING A PERFECT INCOME TAX SAFE. SUCCESS. District Equhy Court Refuses to Issue a Writ of Mandamus, Senator Jones Introduces Another Currency Bill Into the Senate— House Proceedings. The Public at large have appreciated our efforts tofuni^h them with clean, re iable merchandise— backed with, a guarantee—at feuch low pr.ces, and to them we return our thanks, We are quite posi'ive that many now purchas ins Shop Worn and Moth Eaten G>o j s will ie°;ret 1 O it deeply when they see our beautiful Spring i s tock 'at the low prices the new tariff will permit us to name THE SALE WILL CONTINUE From.day to day during thid eutire week aod we promise you immense birgains io all short length Lineus, To-velings, Drvss Goods, including Black Goods and all Pattern Lengths in Faecy Silks Busy Bee Hive. 409-411 Broad way. 306 Fourth St. In Begining a Journey we should see thilt we be^in right by eroiacr to the ritfhc plueo to bay our goods uad this is the rignt way to b^fjio tho New Yenr. We expect to reiuitin ur. the old staud aud will be pleased to see you duri^p; tbls year. Wo ill wiiyj have a liu-pe line of Diamonds, Warches nlocks, JVwt-lry, Silverware, Fiuo China etc. at 410 Broad -vay. P. S— \Ve thank you'for your liberal patronage before Ohristiuas. j ijr, Jan. 23.—The petition of John G. Jloore for a writ of mandamus to be issued ugainst Commissioner of Internal Revenue Miller to prevent the collection of the income tux wan overruled Wednesday morning by Judge Hagner in the district equity court. Tho case will now be taken in appeal to the United States .supreme court in order to test, the constitutionality of the income tax law. HAUK. T&e Jeweler and Optician 410 Broadway. Spring Curry Comb Dock Spring Blndc. Snl> as o Brush. Pits f very Curve, fliu Om? Pcrtcci Comb, flscd bv U S Ami-" tnd ny Oaruum *nd Rorcpuugb Circuses, and Lcadinp Hnrxcrocn of the WnnjL Ask youi DcalCi <Oi tt Sainolc mmico posi paid 2s runtx .ii mi- nunrtin. brilLVU CUIJUX CiHLB CO., 102iiftjotto 6U,souUi Head,Indiaa* ew Goods Jauglitered. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear at your own price. We have also between three and four hundred boys' suits in all sizes and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. \ ^ No Fakel Nothing but straight m •**• W goods at^the Broadway Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. ITOS. G. GRACE WASHINGTON, Jan. 1?3.—The credentials of Senator uUcMillin for a new term and those of Mr. Burrows to succeed Senator Pattou (for the unexpircd term of the late Senator Stockbridgc), butli republicans from the slate oi Michigan, were presented, read and placed on (lie. A joint resolution to extend the provisions of the department soldiers pension act of 1SOO, to the officers and privates of the Missouri state militia, and of the provisional Missouri militia and to their widows and minor children, was reported from the committee, on pensions and passed, .Senator Hale (rep., Me.) g-ave notice of au amendment to tho diplomatic and consular appropriation bill appropriating S:">00.000 toward the Construction of u. telegraph cable between the United States and the Hawaiian islands. For in Monetury Coiuminslon. Senator Smith (dem., X. J.) introduced a bill to provide for the appointment of a non-partisan monetary commission and to provide means to meet temporary deficiencies in the revenue of the United States and explained its provisions. It provides for the appointment of a monetary commission of twelve members of which the president of tho United States shall appoint four from civil life; the president of the senate nnd speaker of the house, four each, not more than two of each of these groups of four to belong to the same political party. This commission is directed to investigate the currency question. Another important section authorizes the secretary of tlu- treasury, in order to pay curroni. deficiencies, in the revenue, to issue coupon' or registered bonds to an amount not exceeding 1 SfiOO,- OUO.OCK), at not to exceed 3 per cent., redeemable after ten years in g-old. The bill was referred to the finance committee. Mr, Jones (dom., Ark.) introduced mid explained his bill providing- for the isisue of bonds, the coinage of silver and for other purposes. After some discussion the bill was, referred to the nuance committee. A S3Tiops;s follows: Nynnpsiw tit Sji.jmtor .Joiu't,' Itilj. Section 1. Tho secretary of the treasury is j ph oa a.ithority to Issuo b mis of ilie United ! SliUos to tho uniount or STjtlO 0 '0.000. coupon or rojjtsterod. at tho op:.o.i or the buyor, piyable, princip.il and latorest, in co-.n o.' tho present st.ind.ird vulue. and be-:-,r- Inj; inuii-i'M at the rule of 2 per contuin per nn:ium, payable- Quarterly, :ind • oi t'j be suld in less IU,m par. the bonds to mature iliiriy years from [lain, ami be redeemable at the option of Ih- 1 Koyernmenl after twen'.y yo.irs. free, 2 N:it.onal imaging associations lire hereby authorized and permitted Lo issue cir- culutlr.s.' notes to the pur value of United Suites bonds dopo-iied with the secretary of the irons,.ry. t:ie tux on such circulation is lii-reby reduced to M of 1 per cent, per annum. S :c. V Motion 9 u(:he act; upprovi:d July 12. 15SU, cntilled "An net to enable national b nlc- ln^ p assOL'iations to extend their corpor;ue existence, and for other purposes, 11 be repe-.lud. >ec. -I. ijere:il'ter national banliirig as-ocia- tions ilcslrinc io reiire the whole or any part of tlie.r circulating notes snail, if so required by ilio seere-ary of the treasury, deposit ivitu the treasurer of the United States (,-old coin cqu.il to the amount of notes to be retired. rife. 5 .Xui exceeding o.ie-h.tlf of ihel.\vful n-serrcvi O'l account of deposits now r quired b, lu,v to be Kept, by n.itijuil baii--;,:i£ .isso- c.ations ni.iy cuiiiisl of bond- of the Qnitcd t-laics i-^sjei! under this act. the .--uaiti LO LO estimated al their par value. :-ei:. ti. No national b..ni; note shall bo here- cfl. r is.^uvd o' a denomination kss than ilO b c- ~ ';!ie secreiar,- of thu t:-e .sury is nuihori;ted 10 cancel and destroy all le^al tender notes and ire isur.' notes issee.l under the act 01 July H. iS^O. of denoDiinatioas less than i-IU a 'd io issue u like amount of silver certiiu-ates in denominations of ;?!, ?i' and 5. Me. >. i he secn-mry of the treasury is il to re-Jeem and cancel, and not id United >lales le^ r .il tender ooies ir,- notes wbincveruncl u= .'ast as iho uii.m of rjniied ataie> le),-al leuai r nt;ie.-,, treasury note.-,,slivercertiticaics, and uatio ml b^nk note^ shall be in exccs.> of tho iiKEi-ccata amount of Un.ted Stute.s nute.-, tr nsury notes, D..tiOn il bauit notes, and silver ccrnUiatos in circulation ut tho date of the relating to me condition and prospects •A the Hearing- sea seal herd was laid before the house and led to an extended discussion. Mr. Ding-ley declared that the coiuraunication showed that the l j aris regulations for the pro tection of Alaskan seal fisheries hav proved a flat failure. The house then went into coramittc< of the whole on the sundry civil appro priation bill. An amendment earnestly requestec by the Lake Carriers' association was offered by Mr. Daniels (rep.. N. Y.) ap propriating Sl. r >,000 for a fog signal at the harbor of refuge, Grand Marias Lake Superior, and it was advocated by several members, but was rejected —-4-1 to OS. At tne earnest possiole moment, Air. Fielder (rep., S. D.) got the lloor and delivered an eloquent tribute to the memory of Charles L. Carter, late annexationist commissioner to the United States who wus killed in the recent rebellious uprising in Hawaii, which was received with applause. SNOWED UNDER ! HOOSIEE HAPPENINGS. SENT TO THE SENATE. G'Litlnm Kcolcctud hi JLLlinoiii — ?it>J>*'>ii JCluctcd in MiimpMotii—OUicr St;U«s. Sj'W.NGFiKLB, 111., Jan. a:;.—Jn the joint assembly Wednesday Shelby M. Cullpm was declared elected for the six years, .following March •!, next. A committee presented Senator Cnllom to tlie joint assembly, and he returned thanks ill :L conservative Speech. ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 23.—The house met, in joint session at uoon Wednesday and elected Gov. Nelson on first ballot for United States senator. .Hal- lotas follows: Nelson, 100; Washburn, 30: Comstock, 9; MeCleary. I'; Donnelly, 13; Liiid, 1; Mitchell, -i. A committee of three was appointed to bring the governor to the house, nnd he arrived and made the usual speech. There wa.s , great cheering. ToriiKA, Kan., Jan. 23.—The two houses of the Kansas legislature met in joint session at noon Wednesday and formally elected Lucien Ba.ker United States senator to succeed John Martin. NASHVILLE, Tumi.. .Jan. LIS.—The legislature assembled in joint session at noon Wednesday and elected Hon. 1 sham G. Harris (dem.) to succeed himself in the United States senate. CIIAULKSTO.V, W. Va.. Jan. 23.—At the taking of the joint ballut of the house and senate at noon Wednesday ex-Secretary of War Elkins was elected United States .senator for West Virginia to .succeed J. N. Camden, the j democratic incumbent. Mr. Elkins had a majority of 20 OQ joint ballot. Other states have elected senators as follows: Wyoming, Francis E. Warren (rep., long term) and C. D. Clark (rep., short term); Oregon, J. N. Dolph (rep.); California, George C. 1'erkins (rep.); South Dakota, Richard F. Pettigrew (rep.); North Carolina, Marion . Butler (rep,). A VOTE OF CENSURE. Heavy Storms Seriously Interrupt Railroading in California. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. Floods in Portions of the State Do Much Damage and Endanger Many Lives. Tukcs the rlaco or Ki-solurloin Favoring Rk'kn' InijHfitclitmriit. WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.—The house judiciary committee by a vote of D to 7 decided not to recommend the impeachment of Judge Kicks. This result was reached after two hours spent by the committee in executive session. After discussion the following resolution, offered by Mr. Harrison. Idem., Ala.), was adopted: "Tliiit wlillo tho committee Is not satisfied thin Judge K.cli.s bus boon guilty of ;iny wro.TK couimtf.cU wtilo jud;;u that will justl.'y ll In raportiiis: ;i rcsuluiloii of Impuuclimeni. yet tho coicmiuee c:in"ot, 100 .stroM^ly censure Ilia priiclii'o under which Judge Kicks made up Jus IlCCOUl.t.S." Following is the vote on tho foregoing resolution: Yeas—.Mc-srs. Goodnight CK.V.). T-aytoo (O.), Wolvcrton iPj.j, Harrison (Ala ). Kay ;.N'. Y.), Powers i\'t.). Br,.d«ricl; (Kna.), \\ r llliam A. Stone .Pa.) aad Child* (111.). Na.s—Culberson d'c.x.). Stoekdalo (Miss.), Boalner (la.). Land (lll.i. Bailey (Tea:.), DA.-mo'nd (.Mo ) and UiidofiraiT da.). SAX Fii.tycisco, Jan. 23.—The terrible snowstorm is still raging on tho line of the Central Pacific railroad between Sissons and Dunsmuir, with no signs of an early abatement. Three hundred men are attempting to clear the track assisted by powerful rotary plows, but they make little or no progress. Another- avalanche occurred yesterday at Soda. Springs, aud the work of clearing the track there has for a time been abandoned. Flotnty Cause Duai;ico. Napa City is inundated and neither trains nor boats could reach thoiv V'ednesday morning. The towns of Woodland a.nd Tehama are Hooded i ml trains have stopped running o these places. Yreka is cut if[ from the outside world. Vithin a mile of the town the snow s piled up over u feet high. A large orco of men have left this city for j )unsmuir with steam force pumps to luice off the tracks. The town of uerneville. Sonoma county, is more lian half under water and eommnni- acion by telephone is cut off. ver a dox.en families had to flee to the uplands, saving nothing but their lives. It is reported that a number of bridges are down in the northern part of Sonoma county and railway travel completely iuterrupetd. llcitvlest SnouKtort" *>f .Sfimon. SACRAMB.VI-O, Jan. 23.— The heaviest snowstorm that has prevailed this winter is now raging in the mountains between Shady Run and Emigrant Cap. Drift after drift is piling up on the rajlrond track and the plows are pulling and blowing with might aad main in order to clear a way for the eastern mail, which is slowly and cautiously threading its way over the mountains, JJ-juiry 1'nuvs D4>fl,Ml. Xo soouer is one drift tossed aside by the powerful rotary plows than another forms. Sometimes the snow, lifted by the force of the galu, is carried over the embankments and forms immense drifts between the laboring plow and the struggling train. Then the plow must fight, its way tlirough the snow to where it can turn and then fight its way back again to rescue the train from the increasing drifts. Mr TropK Out of SlKlit. Although the storm is general from Colfax toTruckee, its center is between Blue Canyon and Emigrant Gap. Tho mountains which rise almost perpendicularly on the north side of the track are covered with fir trees, some of which. 00 feet high, barely show their lips protruding through the snow. These mountains in. phices rise precipitously from the road, and the immense body of snow covering them is in constant danger of sliding. Jf it once starts nothing can check its downfall, and a calamity similar to that which happened on the Shasta division Tuesday is momentarily expected on the roads cast of this citv. or A<1dl»tm> DtKfiuci. Ind., Jan. S3.—-Hiram Seibert. an old resident and one of th* best-known contractors in this city, died from Adtlisou's disease, with which he had been confined to his home for several months. The disease is very rare and always fatal though tho patient generally lints-iv- f •.- a lonff time. The disease takes its name after Dr. Addison, who discovered it, nud i» ho rare that but few physicians ever have an opportunity to seu a case of it. Tho case here attracted considerable utter.tion from the. medical profession. si-iiooi* ciohfii ID K;iHt riiioiiro. UAMN IND. hid., Jan. 03.— The authorities at East Chicago ordered the pub| lie schools closed on account of smallpox, which, it is feared, will bccoma I epidemic. The case wa.s discovered in j tile family with which Robert liitrram, who died last 1'Viday, was staying. j Hundreds of people were exposed. Tho | board of health has issued an order compelling all persons in the city to b« vaccinated. M.irrlnl M\ty Yr.irs. COUI.MIIIA CITV, Jnd.. J :ln . J3.—Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mossman, of Coesse, I Ind., commemorated Tuesday in a ; quiet way the sixtieth anniversary of : their wedding day. Notwithstanding j tlicit- Ilium-ore years Mr. and Mrs. Mos-man are enjoying fairly good health and are the oldest married couple living in Whilley county. Suliie; for I)ol!iiiiu«nt Tux Icon. L.v I-'OUTK, Ind., Jan. S3.—Ex-County Treasurer S. S. l!oss.erma.n has COTI- meiiced suit against Treasurer M. A. Schwager for the recovery of some 31,500 in fees alleged to bo due him as treasurer of the county. Suit Tur .Maintenance. COI.KMKUS, Ind., Jan. 23.—Julietto Cro/.ier, of tin's citj', deserted by her husband of ten days. Marry Crozicr, bookbinder, brought suit for maintenance, demanding S-IOO per annum. Arrt-atrd Tor Munlt'r. J.NDIAXAPOUS. Ind., Jan. 23.—Run Kicholsand Tom Keys, murderers ol ]'re:icher Ilinshaw and wife week before last at Clayton, Hendrickis county, were arrested Tuesday. Stoic Her 1'ockt-lhook. WAUASH, Ind., Jan. 23.—Mrs. Clay Powell had her pocketbook, con tain injf a diamond ring, a pearl ring and S35 in currency, stolen from her in a dry goods store in this city. Woniiiii Thief Ciiuclit. BRAZIL, Jnd., Jan. 2:!.—Mrs. Mattio Johnson, who attired in men's clothing- assisted two burglars in robbing a sturo in MacK-sville, was captured in this citv. F«ll Tliirry J ret. HU.VTI.NOTO.N-, Ind.. Jan. 23.—William Kusmaul fell 30 feet from an icehouse here and and was so badly injured that he <"'B'i(.-t 'vcii.vr. FIVE MEN KILLED IN A MINE, UNDER Cruisers Kur»c SEALED ORDERS. to Sen t;r and Alc-rt to Put on Thursday. VALI.EJO, Ca!., Jan. 23.—An order has been received frum the navy department to immediately prepare the cruisers Raiig-er and Alert fur sea, and the coaling- and provisioning of these vessels- is now being- rapidly pushed. It is slated both vessels will put to .sea. on Thursday under sealed orders. The cruiser Uoston is also bein^ r rushed. Llvos I>uHtroyed by the Kxplohlon or Pow- Or-r HE SturclN. Ky. STUIJGIS, Ky., Jan. 23.—About 11:30 Tuesday nig-ht an explosion occurred at the mines of the Tradewatcr Coal company. Five keg's of powder exploded inside the mines, killing- five men and two mules and caving the mines in on them. The dead bodies of Al Hall, Itob Hull, William Felton, Jim Coffee ar.d Miner Fitzg-ibbons were recovered Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock. All have families except one. Two mules were also killed by the explosion. NO TIDINGS OF "CHICORA." KOSTIIX. Jan. L'J!.—The Jlarvard- Prineeton debate, which will be held at I'rineeton, March ~"i. is beginning- to be discussed at Harvard. The trial debate to choose speakers will bo held shortly. The question for tbo Harvard-Princeton debate will be: "Resolved, That, if it were possible, a | reasonable property qualification for ; the c.xerc.se of the municipal franchise in the United Slates would be • desirable.'' Harvard has the negative. Pullman Cur Company isuit, Postponed. CHICAGO, Jan. 23.—The suit of the attorney g-cneral ayainst the Pullman Car company to forfeit the charter of the company, which was set for a hearing- Wednesday, was continued by agreement of counsel until January L"J. The cause of the postponement' wa.s the inability of Attorney Jiunnells, counsel for the company, to attend court owing to the illness of his ron. aiui i . passage or ihl« f . ci. t'to. 9. I rom and after the passage of tils ace tho secretary of ine treasury is authorized to vccch-o silver bullioa o: sta.i rd uneness, ami coin uesaxe into silver u..»ars oi -Hitf trulus each. Sea 10. The secretary of the treasury si..U make si.cn rule.-, and regulations and employ such clerical »cd other furee as may be necessary to carry 'h.s act into effect. Senator Burrows (senator-elect from Michigan) was sworn into office, and took his seat in the senate. At - o'clock the Nicarag-ua canal bill Was taken up and Senator Turpie [dem., lud.) continued his speech aguins't it. 11 0 010. WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. — In the house a communication from the secretary oi ;he treasury Wednesday in reply to the •esolution oi Mr. Diugley (rep-, Me.) 1'iimliie in lrt-Inr:fl, an. 23.—Mr. William O'Brien, M. P., has written a letter to the Freeman's Journal stating- that a famine is threatened in the west of Ireland. Ue declares that the situation there is already more serious than it was in 1S9J, when Chief Secretary b Balfour expended £1,000.000 from the British ueasury to relieve the suffering's of the people of that reg-ion, ExHminpd Lbe Lincoln 31onumcnt~ SPRLNGFIELD, 111., Jan. 23.—The special committee of the house visited the Lincoln monument property. The monument was found in a most dilapidated condition. It is greatly in need of immediate repairs if it is to be preserved. As soon as details are ar- ranped the property will be transferred to the state. Phillip*' Labor Bill Adopted. Jan. 23.—Representative Phillips, of Pennsylvania, reported from the house committee on labor his bill for the appointment of a nonpartisan- commission, consisting of five representatives of lat>or, five agriculturists and five representatives of capital It was unanimously adopted. Missin;: StOiinier linllevccl to IJiivo Gonn to the Ii->ttuQi. SEXTOS HARBOR. Mich.. Jan. 23.—-No news has been received of the mi.ssiug- steamer Chieora up to noon Wednesday, The wind is abating- and the steamer Pctoskej' may be able to start her search for the missing- boat in the evening-. The Duty of a Jury. WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.—Among the important cases decided by the supreme court Monday was one deter mining- the century-old question: "Are juries judges of the law as well as of facts in criminal cases?" It was decided in the negative with two dissenting- opinions. The question came before the court in appeal from the judgment of the United States court for the northern district of California in a murder case. Justices Gray and Shiras were the dissenters. <T II1IJ I'*LHM;H the AHrtembly. X. V., Jan. 2?,.—The Law*son power of removal bill ha.s passed the assembly without nmeudmeDt. 102 ayes, 13 noes. Jt now goes to the senate for concurrence. Under it the mayor has four months from January 1 to remove the heads of New York city departments. PrepAr-intr for \Vnr. CITY Of MKXICO, Jan. 23.— After a 3" stormy cabinet meeting President Diaz notified Guatemala, tbroug-h itg minister, that he would not concede one iota and that Guatemala would have to give in to Mexico's demand or suffer the consequences. GoTernmciit L)ef<?at« the Reh*lff. Eio DE JASTEIBO, Jan. 23.— The gor~ ernment forces have defeated a large force of rebels near Santa Anna. Thei rebels at Montevideo say they hav<| 3,000 men marching on Eio Grande do '" i'oBK, Jan. 23.—Dr. Jtag-Ie. registrar of vital statistics, reported six deaths from grip for the twenty-two hours ending- at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning-. Dtmcnliy In Forming k Cabinet. P-tRifl, Jan. 23.—M. Bourgeois is making little or no progress in the formation of a cabinet. M. Cochery has le- fused to accept the portfolio of finance. Employes of tbe Brittoa Rolling MQl company at Cleveland, O., decline to go to work at the wages offered. Resubmission was carried in th« South Dakota senate by a vote of 26 ta 19.. It had previously passed the hoo French BUhop £>rm<L PAKIS, Jan. 23.—Mgr. Jules bishop of Laval, is dead. He ma 6» years of a^e. -

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