The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on July 6, 1903 · 5
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The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 5

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1903
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BHB RLCLFIO COMMERCIAL ADVEETISEB, HONOLULU, JULY 6, 1903L A HONOLULU MAN KNOWS WHERE JESSE MOORE A. A. WHISKY BY AUTHORITY. MUCH SILVER HAS BEEN BURIED POUND NOTICE. In accordance with the provision f Section 436, Chapter 3, of the Laws of BEOT OM EARTH 1S97, I have this day set apart a suitable enclosure for the impounding cf 4 estrays at Waianae-uka, Pound being situated on the mauka side of Old Aged the new road leading to the WahUwa 4 9 Colony where the said new road intersects the lands of said Colony at W-hiawa. Waianae-uka, Island of Oaha. HENRY E. COOPER. Superintendent of Public Work. r ,. -a I T - ; " , - """ I V :" " f- PAIMYRA ISLAND' Pure In - El r. Wood HilflPfl & CO, bsp! General Export Arts, SpreckeU Bid j. Hcnclala, H, L Jesse nacre-Hunt Co. DUtrltratora tor.. Baa Francisco, Cal. and Louisville, ly. TO HAIiEAKAIiA BY MOONLIGHT Party forming to sail Tuesday, July 7th Inquire of Richard H. Trent. Corner Fort and Merchant Sts Always In The Lead Going to Housekeeping? Don't go to the Shoemaker for Crockery or Tinware. Go direct to Headquarters. We hare a complete and up-to-date assortment of Housef urnlshing Goods." In our window we display: Complete kitchen outfit for . . . ......$20.00 Complete table set for..... 15.00 Refrigerator for 10.00 To start off right you need. 1 45.00 17.17, Dimoiid & Co. LIMITED. DEALERS IX HOUSEHOLD NECESSITIES. ' 13-67 King street, Honolulu, T.H. NEW DINNER CARDS A beautiful assortment of dinner cards and tally cards now in stock. Bishop street store. HAWAIIAN NEWS CO., LTD. Pleasant Smiles Always follows perfect health perfect health follows the daily drinking of a good beer. People who drink Are enthusit3tic over it. It is a pure, wholesome, line Savored beer. Rainier Bottling Works, S1 Phone White 1331. P. O. Box 517. NOTICE. l Daring my absence on the Island of aul J. C. Fitzgerald, M. K. C. V. S.. will hare charge of my practice. A. R. ROWAT, D. V. S. 520 - Office Club Stables Palatable 3 i 4 f 4 4 4 4 4 4 (By Captain F. D. Walker,) I In the year of 1816 the Spanish ship I Esperanza sailed from Peru with valuable cargo of bullion and other merchandise. The value of the silver alone was above one million and a half pesos, with gold of about the same amount. The vessel was bound for the Spanish East Indies. On the fourth day after leaving Peru, she was captured by an Independent cruiser; the engagement was severe on both sides; so bad for the cruiser that she was abandoned; the captors boarding the Esperanza, and shaping her course for Macao. The crew of the Esperanza Joined their captors and were to have their share of the prize. . TREASURE VESSEL SINKS. On the forty-third day after leaving the South American coast, it was blowing fresh with constant rain. At two a. m. the vessel struck on sunken coral, the sudden stoppage of the ship causing the mainmast to break, thus rend- ering it helpless. At daybreak the ship was found to be in the center of a reef some three miles in diameter, with hillocks of land about one mile to the eastward. On clearing away the wreck it was found possible to haul her off, but the crew found it impracticable to continue the voyage owing to the several leaks which she had sprung. So after some four days of incessant toil she was warped close to the beach of one small Island and then dismantled. I.-.: TREASURE IS DIVIDED, The treasure was taken out and fairly divided; the silver was burled in a se cure place, but the gold was apportioned to each man. The men then built a small vessel from the wreck, and on the ninetieth day, they launched their craft. Their provisions had been scarcely touched, as fish on the island was so abundant and of good quality. The total number of men was ninety on landing, (the losses during the engagement being very heavy). Of this number eighty embarked, having provisioned their craft, and each man taking his share of gold with him. They sailed on the one hundred-twentieth day from the date of the wreck, leaving ten men behind to be eventually taken off when a suit able vessel ould be found to remove them and the burled silver. THEY WERE NEVER HEARD OF AFTERWARDS. Atcut one year from the date of the Oil MAN OPERA BOUSE A MEMORABLE EVENT FOR SEX NIGHTS ONLY CQMMEHOIHQ SATURDAY, JULY II chas.j. stlnc and Evans on AMERICAN COMEDY COMPANY. A COTERIE OF COMEDY CATERERS Specially selected for a 52-week tour of the Australasian colonies and consisting of the following well known artists: Mr. Charles J. Stine-.Miss Olive Evans Mr. Charles Bates.. Margaret Marshall Mr. Ralph Bicknell.Miss Claire Canfieid Mr. Win Douglas.. Miss Margaret Ford Mr. N. C. Hunt Miss Reba Haight Mr. Ralph Bell Miss Jenunie Roscoe Mr. Herman Slott..Mlss Fannette Kohl Mr. C. P. Hyndon...MIss Merte Stanton and THE BICKNELS, Whom Alan Dale called "The Dresden China Dancers." Arrangements for the season SATURDAY and TUESDAY, July 11 and 14. The funniest of all farce comedies, MAMA'S NEW HUSBAND. THURSDAY and SATURDAY. July 16 and 13, the bright breezy bustling comedy, BROWN'S IN TOWN. MONDAY and TUESDAY, July 20 and 21. the laugh-loosening farce comedy, WHERE 13 COBB. The comedies freely interspersed with specialties, refined, elegant, brilliant. Magnificent stage investiture. Prices, $1.00, 75c and 50c Sale of seats will commence Wednesday, July S, at Wall. Nichols Co. FRED W. DUVAL, Business Manager. VIEW OF PALMYRA ISLAND. departure of the main body from the islan. the remainder of the men. who had built themselves comfortable quar ters from the wreck, became so tired of waiting that they resolved to build another small craft, which they did. It took them three months, and drawing lots as to who should go, having previously arranged that four should remain on the island they 'sailed away. On the thirteenth day after leaving, a storm arose and four were washed overboard, the mast was blown away, and they drifted, they knew not wh re. As their stock of provision were spoil ed they became 111, but by the will of providence, an American whaler picked them up, where after a few das' from the time of their rescue, one died, the other lingered till the arrival of the shipT at Mission City (now San Francisco) at which place he was given in charge of the Mission hospital. He died on the thirtieth day after his admittance. - TELLS THE SECRET. Previous to his death, he confided to his attendant the particulars of the loss of the Esperanza, giving the latitude and longtituda of thi place, and a description of the spot where the silver was buried, imploring him to endeavor to rescue the men on the island. He was an Englishman and wrli ei-ucated and had not been home for many years. The name given "to the Hospital on his admittance was Ed wards. WALKER'S PART IN IT. In the year 18S3 there lay In Boque-ron, off Callao, Peru, an Italian man-of-war called Archimede.. Being considered obsolete for modem warfare, she was sold out of the service and was purchased by Capt. F. D. Walker, who was engaged in collecting cargoes of Iron for the Japanese market. By the kindness of the captain of the Port and incidentally an occasional payment to him of one hundred silver soles the frigate was allowed to remain in the Boqueron instead of the merchant ship harbor. This was most pleasant as that anchorage (for men-of-war only) Is free from the nauseous fumes which periodically visit Callao, called IocalJ? the "Painter owing to all white paint being quickly turned to a dirty Elite color. Some months after the acquisition of the Archimede I purchased from the United States government the store ship Onward. THE MAN WITH THE SECRET. On taking possession of the- Onward I took over her caretaker, an old man named Conner, whom I transferred eventually to the Archimede. His age was uncertain; he said he was about seventy, but to form an opinion from his personal appearance, I should say he was close to eighty or ninety. Still he was lively and his life must have been very adverVresome, he had been every thing you could Imagine, though he never quitted the Pacific coast. He served the Peruvians, Chilenos, Bolivians, whenever there was war either as gunner In their navy or sergeant In the field, with equal fidelity. There was nothing he did not know from Magel lan straits to Panama. It was my invariable custom (it is now) to get up at night, go on deck. perhaps light a pipe, and feel the invigorating influence of the cool night air, and on those occasions I had many conversations with the old man who though loquacious was Interesting. TELLS HIS SECRET TO WALKER. When young he had served In nearly every service, whether In the regular; navy or disguised pirating. One starlight night, after a slight conversation, i he told me of a secret which he possessed and said that if I would assist him we could both be rich. "CAPTAIN," SAID HE, "I CAN TELL YOU WHERE YOU CAN FILL THE GUN ROOM WITH BAR SILVER AND; GOLD." He then related to me the foregoing account of the Esperanza. he having been Edwards's attendant. He had gone to Mission hospital with a broken arm and collar bone. He care fully wrote down Edwards's statement of the latitude and longitude of the ; place of ship wreck together with a ; map of the buried treasure. After re-! maining In the country till 1S19 he ! joined the service of the Argentines, first in one ship under Corney and lastly under the famous Bouchard. He spoke so highly of the latter that I was convinced that if Nelson ever had a superior, his name was Bouchard. CONNOR'S DEATH. I promised due secrecy as a matter of course and studied the diagram of the location, but alas! poor Conner went to his future home, without the treasure. Let us hope that a kindly Providence would, not permit him to be burdened with riches which we are in formed the . possessor of cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. I was deeply grieved at Connor's death. On hearing of his illness,. I went to his house not far from Jib-boom street, from whence I sent him to the hospital at Belle-a-VIsta where he died after a short illness. The doctor who at my request attended him. told me he died of old age accelerated by pneumonia. He was a Chileno (Chilian), born in Derry, Ireland, a country from which the most prominent Chilenos come. WALKER'S ARRIVAL LULU. IN HONO- In the year 1SS9, I arrived in Heno-lulu after an unpleasant picnic of fourteen months duration. Shortly after my arrival I had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of "the late Hon. J. L Dowsett, with whom I had many a long conversation about Hawaii, both ancient and modern, principally the former. I do not think that there are many who possessed such a fund of knowledge of old Hawaii, or who could tell about it, in such a perspicuous and interesting manner. THE KING'S FINANCIAL DEALS. Kamehameha's financial transaction wi h the crew of the Santa Rosa was particularly amusing (full particulars of this pirate vessel are to be found in a neat volume published by Thrum & Co. entitled "Early Northern Pacific Voyages' by Peter Corney). It seems by a fortunate coincidence the king had a cargo of rum just arrived which he carefully bottled off. On the arrival of the pirate ship rum being evidently In . demand, his price was one coin per bottle. As soon as all their silver coin was expended, they produced five peso gold pieces and clearly explained that the gold piece was worth five times as much as one silver piece, and therefore demanded five bottles of rum. This the king would not assent to; one coin one bot tie, he said. They therefore thought that they would submit but cut the gold piece in five. This the king would not accept, he replied that he could not cut his bottle In five, so as there was no alternative, they had to give way. - Soon there was nothing but dou blooms siHl one coin one bottle then came the bar silver. IS TREASURE ' STILL THERE? During a visit to Victoria, B. C. I picked up an old London Magazine which contained the account of the visit to Hawaii of the Santa Rosa, and later the Argentina. I was so much interested in the account that at my request Mr. Thrum published the said volume; it called to mind Mr. Dowsett's amusing tale of one coin one bottle of rum, and also old man Conner and his treasure secret, and I still wonder whether it would be considered insan ity to go and see if the treasure is there. The Esperanza was wrecked evident ly on the Scarborough shoals now identified as Palmyra Island. See Find-lay's North Pacific Pilot. Palmyra has been often visited and even people have resided there for various periods of time, but no one Imagined that a vast amount of -wealth was buried there. Connor's account of the place exactly tallies with the latest survey of the Island; the time occupied In get ting there, this direct track to Macao, all seem to give a certain amount of credence to his romantic tale- Even had it been known, it would have been useless to search without a key to the place of cachement. Palmyra and Its outlaying shoals resembles the pearl fishing grounds on the north coast of Australia, Thursday Island being the Entrepot for the pearl fishing fleet, which is prac tically or was la the hands of Japanese. There are a few cocoanut treest but as for fish $ 4 T a deckload of the finest description can be caught In an hour. Here I think is fair chance for a private few to enter Into an enterprise; should no treasure be found, by taking a good diver along, a most profitable business In other ways could be inaugurated. LAWMAKERS UPON THEIR LAST WEEK. (Continued from page U bill as first passed, but the arguments of those who want to see work progress may have the desired effect and the report may be agreed to without unnecessary delay. There remain only two small bills which are easily handled and these can readily finished by Wednesday, so that If there develops a real desire to get through work and adjourn quickly the middle of the week may see the end of the special session, w-ith the passage of all the measures for which the body was called into existence. The sessions have now lasted, counting the two together, for 114 days, and everyone is ready and anxious to quit. THE NEW FRENCH REMEDY. TUCDADIrtM Thu nucoourful and popular ra- - madf. uaed u the Coubotuul Uoapitala by Riourd, ' raun, jooen, telpeau, and otnera, combine ail th desiderata to b aougbt in a median of the fc ind . and surpasses verrthing hitherto employed. THERAPION NO. I maintain it worid-reovwaed aud weil-tnented reputation for deraag. menu of the kidney, paina in the back, and kindred ailment, affording prompt relief where (ttber well-tried remedies have been powerless. THERAPION NO. 2 for impuntj of toe blood, curvy, punpies, spots, blotches, pams and swelling of Joints, gout, rheumatism, A all diseases for which it has been too muci a fashion to employ mercury, arsapanlla Ac. to the destruction of sufferers' teeth and ruin of health. This preparation purines the whole eystem through the bloud. and thoroughly eliminates all rmisonous matter from the body. THERAPION NO 3 for exhaustion, sleep. tenesa, and all distressing consequences of dissipation, worry, overwork, && it poseeaaea surprising power in restoring strength ana vigor to tboes suffering from the enervsting influences of long i evidence in hot. unhealthy climates, THERAPION U sold by th principal Cheaiuu and Mcrcliaots throughout the world. Price in England. 3a. 91. and 4s. 6d. In ordering state which of the three numbera is re o,uu-ed. and observe that the word " Thkrapio appears on the British Government Stamp (tfl white letters on a red ground) affixed to every ceouine package by order of Ilia Majesty's Hoik. Lonumssiooera, and without which it is a forgery: LODGE NOTICES HAWAIIAN LODGE NO. 21, F. & A. M. THERE WILX. BE A STATED meeting of Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., at its hall, ffdasonie Temple, corner of Hotel and Alakea streets. THIS (Monday) EVENING, July 6, at 7:30 o'clock. TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS. Members of Pacific Lodge, Lodge la Progres, and all visiting brethren, ara fraternally invited to attend. By order of the W. M. K. R. G. WALLACE, Secretary. EXCELSIOR LODGL NO. 1, I. O. O.F. There will be regular meeting ml Excelsior Lodge No. 1, L O. O. F, a4 ELKS HALL, Beretania and Miller street, every Tuesday evening aX 7:11 o'clock. WORK IN THE FIRST DEGREE AND ELECTION OF NOBLE GRAND. Members of Harmony Lodge and aT visiting brethren are cordially invite to attend. L. PETRIE, N. G. L. L. LA PIERRE, Secretary. CAPT. COOK LODUE. SONS OF ST. GEORGE, NO. ZZZ. THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE above Lodge will be held in San Antonio Hall, Vineyard street, on Mon day July 13th, at 7:30 o'clock. Br order. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS. GEO. W. HATSELDEN. Secretary. MEETING NOTICE. STOCKHOLDERS KAMALO SUGAR CO. There will be a meeting of all stockholders of the Kamalo Sugar Co. at Elks Hall, corner of Miller and Beretania streets, on Wednesday evening, July 13. at 7:30 o'clock prompt. Matters of general business. L. H. DEE, Auditor. 6;:4 July 6, 10, 13. B. O. Clark, Esq.. has this day bee. appointed Pound Master for the above mentioned Pound. HENRT E. COOPER. Superintendent of Public Works. Department of Public Works, Hono lulu, July 3rd, 1903. IRRIGATION NOTICE, Holders of water privileges, or those paying water rates, are hereby notified that the hours for irrigation purposes are from e to 8 o'clock a, m. and from 4 to 6 o'clock p. m. Violation of this notice shall termi nate the privilege and the same will not be renewed until payment of all costs and expenses shall have first beeK paid. Honolulu, July L 1903. ANDREW BROWN. Supt. Honolulu Water Works. Approved by: HENRY E. COOPJERj Supt. Public Works. S22 NOTICE. It is requested that all current biUs to June 30th, 1903. against the Department of Public Works, should be presented on or before July 6th, 1903. C. M. WHITE, Chief Clerk. Department of Public Works, Hono lulu, T. II., July 3, 1903. 522 COURT NOTICES PECK ESTATE. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT, TERRITORY OP HAWAII AT CHAMBERS IN PROBATE. In the Matter of the Estate of Ely Peck, Deceased Order for Notice o! Hearing Petition for Probate of Will. A document purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Ely Peck, deceased, having on the 27th day of June. A. D. 1903, been presented to said Probate Court, and a Petition for the Pro bate thereof, and for the Issuance of Letters Testamentary to Philip Peck and Solomon Peck having been filed by said Philip Peck and said Solomot Peck; It is hereby ordered, that Monday, the 3rd day of August. A. D. 1903, at 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, at the Court Room of said Court, at Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, be and the same hereby is appointed the time and place for proving said Will and hearing said application. It Is further ordered, that notice thereof be given, by publication, once a week for three successive weeks, in The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, a newspaper published" in Honolulu, the last publication to be not less than ten days previous to the time therein ap pointed for hearing. Dated at Honolulu, Territory of Ha waii, June 27, 1903. J. T. DE BOLT. First Judge, Circuit Court, First Circuit. Smith & Lewis, attorneys for th Estate. 6318 June 29, July 6. 13. 20. DIVIDEND NOTICE. CALIFORNIA SAFE DEPOSIT AND TRUST COMPANY Corner California and Montgomery Streets. . For the six months ending June 30. 1903, dividends have been declared on deposits In the savings department of this Company, as follows: On term deposits at the rate of t 6-19 per cent, per annum, and on ordinary deposits at the rate of 3 per cent, per annum, free of taxes, and payable on and after Wednesday. July L 1903. Dividends uncalled for are added to the principal after July 1. 1903. J. DALZELL BROWN, 6316 Manager. NOTICE. TO ALL HOLDERS" OF THE JAPANESE FIRE CLAIMS AWARDS. The holders of Japanese Fire Claims Award 3 up to No. 1905, inclusive, will be paid at the Japanese Fire Claims office. No. 115 North King street, Honolulu-All claimants must present the declaration of trust signed In their favor by S. Ozakl and the receipt from the Japanese Committee. ' S. OZAKL 6320 Assignee. DIVIDEND NOTICE. THE GERMAN SAVINGS AND LOAIf SOCIETY. 526 California Street. For the half-year ending with June 20, 1903. & dividend has been declared at the rate of three and one-eighta. (3) per cent, per annum, on all deposits, free of taxes, payable on and after Wednesday, July L 1901 GEORGE TOURNT, 6S1C Secretary. .

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